One of the best resources for documenting our ancestors and relationships are the Wills and ProbateRecords that are filed and kept at the county level in Ontario County.  Donations of the records you have would be appreciated.  Please email me if you have any records you would like to share.

Newspaper Notices of Surrogate Court Proceedings

Will of Ephriam Wilder - Town of Bristol
Will of Jane Wilson Bryan - Village of Geneva
Will of John W. "Smith" Brock - Town of Farmington
Wills and Surrogate records - Fulton of Ontario County
Surrogate Court information - Fulton records
Jonas Wilder - Surrogate Records
Will of Franklin Rowley
Will of Gamaliel Wilder
Will of Joseph Wilder
Will of Bethel Benton
Administration of estate of Francis S. McCormick
Will of John Russell
Will of John Sayles
Surrogate Records - Estate of Thomas Miles
Will of Jacob Isenhour
Will of Albert Fuller
Will and Estate Appraisal of Arthur Clark
Will of Jacob Windnagle and of Sylvanus Barden
Estate Administration of Abraham Burkholder
Estate of Abraham Garrison
Will of Abraham Francisco
Will of Christian Fisher, Jr.
Will of Samuel E. Rood
Will of John B. Travis
Will of Ruhama T. Hicks
Will of Washington L. Hicks
Will of Levi Francisco
Will of David Smith
Will of Peter John DePung
Will of Peter Baggerly and Everett Baggerly
Will of John A. Reed - Town of Richmond
Wills and Surrogate Records - George W. Means, John Reed Means, James Means, Wallace G. Means, Margaret K. Means
Wills and Surrogate Records - W. V. B. Newkirk, Jane Halstead Newkirk, Aaron John Mosey, John Freleigh, Caroline Newkirk Mosey
Wills of Thomas Kerr, Mary Kerr and Harriet B. Means
Will of Charles Roszell and Hannah L. Roszell
Will of Esther Greene
Will of George Lefever
Will of Daniel Lefever
Will of David Knapp
Will of Joseph Thatcher
Will of Jacob Reed
Will of Ebenezer Hoyt

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