From Ontario Repository 8 April 1840

At the Whig Convention, held at the Town House, on Saturday the 4th inst., the following persons were appointed Delegates to represent the Town of Canandaigua in county Convention of the Whig Young Men of the county of Ontario, to be held at the Court House in the village of Canandaigua, on Saturday the 11th inst.

John S. Bates
Geo. W. Bemis
A. G. Murray
Geo. L. Whitney
Harvey Stone
S. S. Lampman
Charles Coy
Hiram Bisbey
Joel H. Poor
George Drew
Samuel B. Brocklebank
LeDran Brown
J. L. Woodruff
Francis J. Castle
Wm. B. Hawley
John B. Cooley
Wm. B. Gould
Wm. Stedd
Marnlo Warner
E. W. Jones
Thaddeus Chapin
Wm. McClure, 1st
Wm. McClure, 2d
Luther Hammond
Marvin Power
John P. Akin
Henry Taylor
Jacob Corson
John Reznor
Thomas Van Buren
John Mosher
Theodore Hale
E. R. Northrop
E. P. Parrish
M. Munger
L. Tisdale
F. A. Sackett
J. K. Babcock
John Perhamus
S. C. White
A. Nash
Albert Granger
Charles Johnson
Onier Thomas
George Hickcox, Jr.
Seymour N. Gillit
Joel Howey
Wm. Cheney
James Adams
Robert W. Salisbury
Lacy Munson
Lester Nulce
Burit Durand
Elisha P. Beebe
Charles Hall
Merit Malory
Wm. Martin
Robert J. Martin
Elias Huntley
Zopher H. Hickox
Geo. Johnson
John Penoyer
Alvin Penoyer
Nelson Martin
Wm. Sanford
Amasa Salisbury
Elisha Hulce
D. L. Baker
Ansel Debow
J. B. Hayes
James Conklin
Darwin Cheney

At a meeting of the Whig Young Men of the Town of Bristol, the following persons were delegated to attend the Convention to be held in this place, on Saturday, the 11th inst., viz:

Marshal Finey
Richmond Simmons, 3d
Martin Goff
Solomon Goodale
John S. Crooker
Seth Francis, Jr.
Wm. G. Packard
Stephen Francis
Emery Cobb
Seymour Reed
Henry Ansenbury
Elisha R. Mather
Stephen C. Hicks
Edward Olmsted
Ephraim Jones, Jr.
Robert Pinley
Moses Pomeroy
Wm. Thomas
Phineas Kent
John Phillips
Carlos A. Bissell
Arunah Jones
Hiram Phelps
Hiram Persons
Charles Warrallow
Stephen Beach
Benj. Hicks
Alphanso G. Fisher
Wm. J. Canfield
Collins Wilder

From Geneva Courier 30 August 1842


In pursuance of the call of the Whig Central Committee, the delegates from the different towns in the county of Ontario assembled at the Court House in the village of Canandaigua, on Saturday, the 27th inst., for the purpose of choosing three delegates to the State Nominating Convention, to be held at Syracuse, on the 7th day of September next, and nine delegates to the Senatorial Convention of the 7th Senatorial District, whenever it shall be called.

The following persons presented their credentials and took their seats as members of the Convention:
Seneca - Thomas Ottley, Charles S. Brother, Abraham A. Post, James H. Woods, John M. Bradford

Hopewell - Stephen Bates, Joel S. Hart, John Freshour

Gorham - Hiram Harkness, Samuel McPherson, David Pickett

Phelps - Owen Edmonston, Calvin Flower, Stephen O. Day, Robert W. Lansing, Francis Root 2d

Canandaigua - Charles Coy, Russell B. Johnson, Charles Shepard, Edward P. Parrish, Myron H. Clark

Manchester - Ezra Pierce, John Wells, Stephen Alling, Jedediah Dewey, Jr.

Canadice - Robert Armstrong, Jocob F. Sisco

Victor - William Brace, Samuel Rawson, Orrin Miller

East Bloomfield - Alfred Goold, Edwin W. Fairchild, Jonathan Buel

West Bloomfield - Lodowick C. Fitch, Hiland B. Hall, Reynold Peck

Naples - Raymond Mills, M. O. Clark, A. A. Brown

Richmond - Z. Barton Stout, Tillness Bentley, Joseph Garlinghouse

Bristol - Francis Mason, Nat'n Canfield, Phineas Kent

Farmington - Daniel A. Robinson, Z. Brown, Wilmarth Smith

Abraham A. Post
of Seneca, was appointed Chairman, and Myron H. Clark, of Canandaigua, and John M. Bradford, of Seneca, Secretaries.

Jas. H. Woods, Russell B. Johnson and Lodowick C. Fitch, were elected delegates to represent the county of Ontario in the State Convention, to be held at Syracuse, on the 7th day of September next -- and Z. Barton Stout, B. Slosson, Henry Pardee, Alex'r H. Howell, Stephen O. Day, James L. Monier, John Dickson, Francis Mason and Amos Jones, were appointed delegates to the Senatorial Convention.

On motion, the County Central Committee were empowered to correspond with the proper persons in the territory which, with the county of Ontario, shall be formed into a Congressional District, respecting the time and place of holding a Convention to nominate a member of Congress from such district.

Myron H. Clark, George L. Whitney, Alexander H. Howell, Thomas Hall, and George W. Bemis were duly elected the County Central Committee for the ensuing year.

Z. Barton Stout, John M. Bradford, Stephen Bates, George L. Whitney and Alvah Worden were appointed a committee to prepare resolutions and report the same to the next meeting of the Convention.

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