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From Ontario County Times 11 October 1882

Henry W. Taylor
and Martha C. Masters were united in holy bonds of wedlock, October 4, 1832, and their whole subsequent life, with the exception of a few years spent at the West, has been passed in Canandaigua. The reception at their home on Wednesday afternoon and evening was entirely informal, no invitations other than a general one having been given out, and a large number of their friends took the opportunity to call upon them and extend congratulations. Although it had been expressly announced that no presents would be received, the beautiful floral decorations of the rooms bore evidence that friends had insisted upon giving at least this token of their regard. Some of the more intimate friends of the family also ventured to overstep the rule far enough to present a handsome writing desk, gold pen, album, and other appropriate mementoes.

From Geneva Daily Times 5 January 1911

Seneca Castle, N. Y. -  Mr. and Mrs. William Thacher
celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage last week Friday night. About sixty of their friends and relatives assembled to help make the evening one of the pleasantest in their lives. Their beautiful home was more so by many palms, ferns and potted plants and the red and green Christmas colors. A dash of holly here and there made the guests mindful that the Christmas season was not quite over. Gifts of esteem and friendship consisted of many beautiful pieces of silver, money and one handsome piece of furniture. The out-of-town  guests were from Newark, N. J., Rochester, Canandaigua, Gorham, Stanley and Geneva. An elaborate four-course dinner was served by a caterer from Stanley, and an after-dinner speech was given by Rev. B. D. Showers, Seneca Castle. The bride of twenty-five years was handsomely gowned in pale lavender sunsveiling trimmed with white lace and silver braid.

From Geneva Daily Times 10 October 1922

Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Thayer
of West Washington street have today reached their fiftieth wedding anniversary. On account of Mrs. Thayer's health, nothing is being done to celebrate the event, but on Sunday next their children will be with them. Mr. and Mrs. Thayer began their romance when they were Sunday School children together at the South Barrington church. Mrs. Thayer was born in Canada. She was later adopted by Loren Black of East Bloomfield. Her maiden name was Mary Trotter. Mr. Thayer was born in Columbus, Chenango County, and at the age of 7 years moved to South Barrington. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Giles G. Thayer, his father being a noted singer at that time. On October 10th, 1872, Mr. and Mrs. Thayer were united in marriage at East Bloomfield by Rev. Mr. Wilkens, then the Baptist minister at Canandaigua. To them were born four girls and one boy, all living but their daughter, Lottie, who died at the age of four years. The children are Mrs. A. G. Carman of Syracuse, Mrs. I. J. Furman of New York City, Mrs. Paul Baldridge of Kendaia and Ray Thayer of Geneva. The only person alive who attended their wedding fifty years ago is Mr. Thayer's sister, Mrs. L. H. McLouth of Clifton Springs.

Mr. and Mrs. Thayer and family came to Geneva about thirteen years ago from Fairport, first living on a farm on the Slosson Road and then in Geneva, building their present home a few years ago. Their guests on Sunday next will be Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Carman of Syracuse, Dr. and Mrs. I. J. Furman, Manhattan State Hospital, New York, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Baldridge of Kendaia and Mr. and Mrs. L. H. McLouth of Clifton Springs. Mrs. Thayer received a number of remembrances of the day.

From Geneva Daily Times 8 December 1904

Clifton Springs, N. Y. -
The golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Thompson of Plainsville was celebrated Tuesday. The guests were entertained at the home of their son, Charles Thompson, on Pleasant street, this village. The house was prettily decorated throughout with chrysanthemums, ribbons and smilax, the color scheme being yellow and green. The esteem in which Mr. and Mrs. Thompson are held by their friends was shown by the beautiful gifts which they received, among them being several gold pieces. The clergyman, J. J. Brayton, who performed the wedding ceremony fifty years ago, was present on the occasion. The guests from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Pickett and daughter of Rochester, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Cobb of Victor; Mr. and Mrs. John Cobb and daughter of Rochester; Stephen Crocker and two daughters, Miss Gertrude Crocker and Mrs. Lee J. Wilbur, of Victor; Mr. and Mrs. Allen Cobb and their son and daughter of Newark; Mr. and Mrs. Aldrich of Canandaigua; Mrs. Edward Forster of Halls Corners; Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Edmonston of Phelps, and Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Brown of Phelps.

From Ontario County Journal 4 December 1885

Seneca Castle, N. Y. -
Although the evening of Nov. 18 was very unpleasant, quite a number of the friends of Mr. and Mrs. S. Thompson met at their house, it being the tenth anniversary of their marriage. It was a complete surprise to Mrs. Thompson. A very pleasant time is reported.

From Shortsville Enterprise 10 February 1916

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver S. Titus,
of Grove street, have issued invitations to an "at home" in honor of their golden wedding anniversary, which will be celebrated at their home on the afternoon and evening of Feb. 14, the hours being from 2 to 5 and from 8 to 10 o'clock.

From Geneva Gazette 17 March 1882

Silver Wedding - Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Townsend,
living three miles and a half west of Geneva, celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary last Friday evening, March 10th, a number of their relatives and friends from Geneva being present.  All united in pronouncing it a very delightful affair -- music and dancing being among the pleasant features of the evening.  The bride and groom were somewhat surprised at the plate of silver presented them by the gentlemen present, as no presents were expected.

From Ontario County Journal 24 Apr 1896

Bristol Springs, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Trembly
will celebrate the 60th anniversary of their marriage on April 28, by entertaining their nearest relatives.

From Ontario County Journal 1 May 1896

Bristol Springs, N. Y. -
Friends and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Trembley were invited to celebrate the 60th anniversary of their marriage on April 28, and about 35 were present. Many of the near relatives live in distant states, so the attendance was impracticable. The occasion was enjoyed by all who honored the aged couple. The gifts were good and appropriate. The dinner was enjoyed by all, but it is too early to report the result of the photographic efforts by C. A. Pierce of Naples, as the plates are probably undeveloped as yet.

Academy, N. Y. - K. W. Green, Mr. and Mrs. Salem Haskell, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Green, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Green, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Mather
and Misses Ethel and Theodosia Mather attended the 60th marriage anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Trembley, at Bristol Springs, on Tuesday.

From Ontario County Journal 17 November 1893

About one hundred invited guests assembled at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. E. Tuttle, of this village, on Thursday evening, November 9, to celebrate the twenty-third anniversary of their wedding. A number of friends from Syracuse, Auburn, Middlesex and Gorham were in attendance. Mr. and Mrs. Tuttle were the recipients of many handsome presents, and the festivities were continued until a late hour.

From Ontario County Journal 10 June 1898

Phelps, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Amos Underwood,
of this village, passed their 50th wedding anniversary last Tuesday. As a token of esteem in which this worthy couple is held in the village, a few of their many friends made up a purse and presented Mr. Underwood with a gold-headed ebony cane, and Mrs. Underwood with a gold-headed silk umbrella. Mr. Underwood is cashier in Roy's bank.

From Geneva Daily Times 23 June 1908

About sixty of the friends and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. A. R. VanArsdale gave them a very pleasant surprise last evening at their summer home, Glenwood Farm, the event being the 10th anniversary of their marriage. A bountiful supper was served on the lawn, which was well-lighted by the many Japanese lanterns hung about in the trees. The evening was delightfully spent in music and games and the fact that nearly all those present last evening were present ten years ago that evening, added much to the enjoyment of all. Mr. and Mrs. VanArsdale were presented some very handsome pieces of cut glass. Guests were present from Geneva, Waterloo, Seneca Falls, Syracuse, Dresden, Romulus and Fayette. Owing to the careful preparation of Mrs. Jas. K. Brown, the whole affair was a great surprise and success.

From Ontario County Times 1 December 1869

The Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Peter VanDenberg was celebrated on Wednesday, the 24th ult., attended by numerous relatives and friends, the Rev. Mr. Wohlgemuth, of Victor, officiating as clergyman on the occasion. A bounteous repast was spread of numerous goodies, which please the eye and tempt the palate, consisting of roast turkey, ducks, chicken pies, cakes and sweetmeats almost without end, and everything "went merry as a marriage bell." After the feast was over, the company repaired to the drawing room and listened to an excellent address by the Rev. Mr. Wohlgemuth. He spoke of the length of time they had been permitted to enjoy the married life together, the cares and responsibilities they had experienced, the large family they had reared, consisting of five girls and two boys, the family circle being once broken by death, one of the girls having died a number of years ago after a lingering illness of several months. He made some further remarks, concluding with a prayer. A few remarks were also made by Mr. Lewis H. Fort, Mr. Abram Fort, of Michigan, and Mr. Stephen Tallmadge, of Victor. Various presents were received by the happy aged bride and bridegroom, with expressions of love and good will on the part of the donors, and of thankfulness and appreciation of their kind intentions by the recipients.

Mr. and Mrs. VanDenberg moved from near Eagle Bridge, Rensselaer county, of this State, in the Spring of 1835, to their present home, in the west part of the town of Farmington, coming by the overland route. Railroads were then unknown in this region, and they moved in the old primitive style of a covered wagon, drawn by three horses, through mud, about as deep as it usually is in the spring of the year, taking about two weeks to complete their journey. Their family is now somewhat scattered, two daughters living in Michigan, their oldest son in South Bristol, two daughters and the youngest son at home.

Mrs. VanDenberg is the youngest of three sisters, all of whom have now passed their fiftieth wedding anniversary, and all have their husbands still living. She is still in the enjoyment of good health although passed the allotted age of three score and ten; Mr. VanDenberg was seventy-seven years old the Sunday following the golden wedding, and is still a healthy, active man for one of his advanced years.

From Geneva Gazette 3 January 1868

Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Van Epps
of North Main street celebrated their silver anniversary on the 28th ult., on which occasion they received the congratulations of their numerous friends.

From Geneva Gazette 3 January 1868

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Van Lew
celebrated their golden wedding on the 27 ult.  Time has dealt gently by and fortune smiled benignly on the venerable couple.  They have health and a flow of spirits peculiar to the meridian of life, and but seldom found in people who have exceeded their three score and ten.  May the years of happiness be multiplied unto them.

From Ontario County Journal 28 January 1910

Rushville, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Belmont Voorhees
entertained a company of about 18 young people Wednesday evening. The occasion was in commemoration of their twelfth wedding anniversary.

From Shortsville Enterprise 24 February 1911

Manchester, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Revillo VanVoorst
were given a surprise reception on Friday evening at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Frank Fish, of Palmyra, the occasion being their 30th wedding anniversary. Many useful and beautiful gifts of silver were presented to the couple.

From Geneva Gazette 20 May 1881

Mr. and Mrs. L. Vosburgh, a venerable and worthy couple of our adjoining town of Seneca, will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage on Thursday, the 26th inst.  Their beautiful home will be thronged with congratulating neighbors and friends.

From Shortsville Enterprise 19 April 1912

Manchester, N. Y. -
A pleasant surprise party was given Mr. and Mrs. George Warner by about 50 of their friends last Monday evening in honor of the 26th anniversary of their marriage. Delectable refreshments were served, and an enjoyable time was had.

From Geneva Daily Times 27 July 1904

Canandaigua, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Watson
of 158 Pearl street have issued at home cards for the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage which took place in 1854. The occasion will be one of great pleasure to their many friends in Canandaigua, where they have resided for many years, Mr. Watson having been at one time an efficient member of the Canandaigua police force. The reception will be held on the afternoon and evening of Saturday, August 13.

From Ontario County Chronicle 17 August 1904

Wednesday afternoon and evening at their home on Pearl street, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Watson celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding, they having been married in South Bristol August 13, 1854. The house was prettily and appropriatedly decorated with yellow dahlias, golden rod, and golden glow. The home of Mrs. F. S. Orman, adopted daughter of the couple which adjoins the Watson residence was also decorated and there the refreshments were served. During the evening the porches and yards were illumined with colored lights. The decorations were arranged by Mrs. Frank Watson of Minneapolis, while the dining room was in charge of Mrs. Fred Culver of Lewiston, Idaho, who was assisted by the Misses Lucinda and Minnie Coye, Miss Lottie Niblock and Miss Helen Leighton. Mrs. S. F. Orman and Mrs. Frank Watson assisted the hosts in receiving the guests. Mr. and Mrs. Watson were the recipients of many valuable presents in keeping with the occasion.

From Ontario County Journal 22 December 1911

Seneca Castle, N. Y. -  Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Webster
celebrated their 22d marriage anniversary on Friday evening. Over 100 relatives and friends were entertained. Miss O'Brien, of Stanley, was cateress. The color scheme in decorations and in the four-course dinner was red and green. Rev. E. E. Grosh and Rev. B. D. Showers spoke. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Estey sang two duets and Mrs. E. W. Ferguson and Mrs. Louise Salsbury gave readings. The Colored Glee Club, of Geneva, furnished music. Mr. and Mrs. Webster were presented with a set of Haviland china by their guests.

From Geneva Daily Times 12 September 1906

Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Welch
of 64 High street, celebrated their golden wedding yesterday with a few of their near relatives and friends. During the evening the members of the Philethea class, of the Methodist church, of which Mr. Welch is the teacher, were entertained and light refreshments were served. Mr. Welch has been connected with the Methodist Sunday school for thirty years. The house was tastefully decorated with white asters and golden rod. The presents were mostly in gold. Mrs. M. J. Morrison, who was a guest at the wedding fifty years ago, was present and assisted in receiving the guests.

From Ontario County Chronicle 21 June 1905

The tenth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Weller was celebrated at their home in West avenue Monday evening. About seventy guests were pleasantly entertained. Music was furnished by A. M. Smith's orchestra and sandwiches, coffee, ice cream, cake and jelly were served.

From Ontario County Chronicle 15 May 1901

Naples, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Wells celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage Friday evening, May 10th. They were married at the home of the bride's father, E. A. Hamlin, in Naples, by Rev. M. B. Gilston, then pastor of the Presbyterian church, now of Ann Arbor, Mich. A supper was served to twenty-five guests and there were many testimonials of regard.

From Geneva Daily Times 24 September 1907

Gorham, N. Y. - The twenty-fifth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Wells was celebrated at their home Friday evening, when a large number of people were present. Mr. and Mrs. Wells were generously remembered with gifts, among them being a sideboard from the W. C. T. U. Among those present from out-of-town were Mr. and Mrs. Weber of Camden, N. J., and Mr. and Mrs. James Wells and son of Penn Yan.

From Geneva Daily Times 9 March 1908

Shortsville, N. Y. -
The 25th wedding anniversary held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Wells late Friday evening, was a very pleasant and enjoyable occasion. The house was decorated with greens sent by friends in North Carolina, who also remembered them very substantially as token of the quarter century milestone in their wedded life. The doorways, mantles, windows and tables were festooned with Spanish moss and bamboo. Liman's Orchestra furnished music during the evening. There was a short program of some very select music, besides, E. T. Sheffer sang a solo; Mrs. Mattie Hawks of Manchester sang a solo and responded to an encore; Mrs. Wells recited several selections and Mr. Wells read an original poem of which the anniversary was the subject. Mrs. Hiram Bailey gave a poem also upon the same theme. John Record and Alta Wells played a piano duet. The guests, to the number of 83, were all seated in the capacious dining room with the exception of a couple of smaller tables.

The guests from out-of-town were: Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hatch, Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Parrish, E. Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Claflin, Mrs. O. Baker of Ionia; Mr. and Mrs. R. Conklin, Mr. and Mrs. U. Dubel, Mr. and Mrs. George Vangelder, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gifford, Mr. and Mrs. John Agllulah, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Newkirk, Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Pomeroy, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Douglas of Canandaigua; Mr. and Mrs. George Evans of Dispatch, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Welch of Victor, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Bailey of East Bloomfield.

From Geneva Daily Times 8 July 1897

Dr. and Mrs. Henry D. Weyburn
celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage at their home on Seneca street, Monday evening. A number of friends were present. Dr. Henry D. Weyburn was married to Miss Cora F. Tibbitts, at Albany, twenty-five years ago. The young physician came at once to Geneva, where he has since resided. The doctor soon had a lucrative practice, and is now known as one of Geneva's prominent physicians.

From Ontario County Journal 17 April 1885

The venerable Captain Anson Wheeler and wife celebrated their golden wedding on the 2d of April at the Canandaigua Hotel. Their son-in-law, Capt. John Raines, did the honors, and his other son-in-law, H. S. Schoonmaker of Seneca Castle, afterwards entertained them at his home. He is the oldest captain of the Seneca Lake steamers now living,  we believe, although he has not in that capacity trod the decks more than twenty years. He is now assistant steward of Willard Asylum. Geneva Advertiser

From Ontario County Times 2 February 1887

Bristol, N. Y. -
The tenth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Wheeler was celebrated at the residence of John B. Wheeler, January 24.

From Victor Herald 3 March 1905

South Bloomfield, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wheeler
will celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary on next Tuesday, March 7th. About fifty friends and neighbors have been invited to help them celebrate.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 30 January 1907

Naples, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Wheeler
were given a genuine surprise last Friday, which was the thirtieth anniversary of their marriage. Their son and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Wheeler, thought the eventful day deserved recognition and planned an elaborate dinner to which they invited fifty friends and relatives. The occasion was one of pleasure for all and many good wishes were bestowed upon the surprised but cordial host and hostess.

From Ontario County Journal 6 April 1900

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wheeler
celebrated the tenth anniversary of their marriage on Monday evening, by a tin wedding. A large number of Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler's friends were present, and a most enjoyable time was spent by all. A number of valuable and useful presents, including silverware, tinware, china, linen and money, were received.

From Ontario County Journal 5 January 1894

Naples, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Wheeler
, of Hunt's Hollow, were married fifty years ago last Christmas. The golden wedding was fitly observed at their commodious and beautiful home, where they are spending their declining years, surrounded by all the comforts of life acquired by lives of industry and thorough integrity. A large number of children, grandchildren, and other relatives and friends were present to enjoy the good cheer, and to wish this fine old couple many more wedding anniversaries.

From Geneva Daily Times 24 August 1904

Seneca Castle, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Byron Whitney
celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage with a golden wedding, at their home Monday afternoon. The brothers and sisters of each were present, including William Belding of Gonzales, Texas, and Joel Leason of Syracuse. A fine and tempting repast was served. The colors used in decorating were green and gold. The occasion was a delightful one to all present.

From Geneva Courier 4 July 1877

Seneca Castle -- Few persons who enter into the marriage relation -- entertaining high hopes of a long life -- are spared to each other sixty years.  It may be of interest to record an event just occurred. Mr. and Mrs. Cheeney Whitney, aged 82 and 76 years, have lived together till the Diamond wedding day.  On Tuesday, June 26th, the groom of sixty years ago invited his bride to take a ride and call upon some aged people.  Their son, Sidney, being in the secret, volunteered his services as driver.  Consequently at four o'clock, they were returned in safety, to find their house occupied by children and grandchildren to the number of twenty-one, while the fragrance of flowers and strawberries were wafted from a table bountifully spread with the good things of this life, by those who had taken possession.  One daughter, son-in-law and grandson of Nevada City, Montana, and one granddaughter, Mrs. Carr of Hudson, were absent.  After refreshments, all were assembled together, while the aged sire and grandsire, "leaning on his staff", made a few remarks, very appropriate for the occasion and offered prayer.  The aged matron added an expression of thanks for the respect shown them in their declining years, in preparing and completing so pleasant a surprise.

From Geneva Gazette 14 October 1887

Oaks Corners -
A most brilliant and happy affair was the silver wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Whitney, which occurred at their residence in this place last Saturday evening.  Nearly two hundred guests were in attendance from Auburn, Albion, Geneva, Orleans and Phelps as well as this vicinity.  Although the cards read "No presents," yet Mr. and Mrs. Whitney's friends could not let such a memorable occasion slip by without presenting them with a token of their esteem, which was done in the shape of an elegant silver tea set.  A most delicious collation, worthy the best city caterer, was served.  May they live to celebrate their golden wedding.

From Geneva Gazette 3 January 1890

A Double Wedding - Occurring twenty-five years previous was jointly celebrated by the four principals thereto on Friday evening, Dec. 27th.  The first event made happy the lives of AMI WHITNEY and WILLIAM P. HARMON, and no less happy the two sisters, daughters of the late William Rippey of Seneca, thus respectively espoused.  Time has made havoc with the bloom and elasticity of their youth, but not with their domestic happiness.  Children many have been born to them, who have by their lives and conduct proven a blessing to them, and to the community at large.  Mr. Harmon has suffered seriously from an organic affliction rendering him almost blind --  an affliction brought upon him while and in consequence of doing patriotic service for his country.  But this painful visitation has in no wise impaired the serenity and amiability of his disposition.

There were about fifty guests, assembled at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harmon on William street to commemorate this silver wedding.  Many of these came over rough roads a long distance to tender congratulations to the worthy hosts and hostesses. With music and social chat the hours themselves flew by on "silver wings".  The only formality of the celebration was the brief address of Rev. Wm. Rippey of Dresden, a brother of the brides of 25 years.  Another and older brother had come all the way from Michigan to tender his kindly greeting.  Although it had been distinctly given out that "no presents" were to be bestowed, yet not a few "sterling"  of mementoes the respects of friends were clandestinely introduced.  An elegant and sumptuous collation was served as an enjoyable accompaniment of this interesting occasion.  May it be followed by a "golden" anniversary of the event so happily consummated.

From Ontario County Journal 26 May 1899

Naples, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Fred Widmer
celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary on Monday evening, May 22. They invited a great number, filling their large house. It was a festive occasion.

From Victor Herald 2 March 1906

Mr. and Mrs. Jabez Wilder
of this village, will have been married fifty years on Sunday, and the golden anniversary will be celebrated tomorrow afternoon from 1 to 6 o'clock. Owing to the feeble health of Mrs. Wilder, the guests will be limited to twelve in number.

From Geneva Daily Times 30 December 1907

Clifton Springs, N. Y. -
The silver wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. James Williamson was celebrated by 36 guests at their home north of this village on Friday evening, December 27th. Mr. and Mrs. Williamson were married in the house where they always lived 25 years ago, and which was the home of Mrs. Williamson when she was Miss Sella Cobb. The evening was delightfully spent at cards and music was enjoyed. Elaborate refreshments were served. Many beautiful silver gifts were received.

From Victor Herald 22 December 1905

Allen's Hill, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Wilson
celebrated the fifth anniversary of their wedding at their pleasant country home last Wednesday evening. About ninety invited guests, including relatives and friends, gathered in honor of the occasion, some of them coming from Canandaigua, Hemlock and other nearby places. The guests were given a delectable supper and they abounded in congratulations to the host and hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson were remembered with many useful and handsome gifts. The occasion, in short, was one of hospitality and good cheer.

From Ontario County Times 23 April 1884

Port Gibson, N. Y. -
Monday afternoon a few old friends of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Wilson, recalling that it was their 25th wedding anniversary, gave them a pleasant surprise at their home -- not forgetting to bring with them the good things that all enjoy; and also valuable and useful presents.

From Ontario County Journal 1 December 1899

Canadice, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Winch
celebrated their golden wedding on the 13th inst.

From Ontario County Journal 19 October 1900

Phelps, N. Y. - 
There was a large and pleasant gathering at the home of Dr. and Mrs. F. H. Wisewell on Saturday evening, it being the occasion of their silver wedding. Some 400 invitations were issued and nearly half that number were present. Refreshments were served and musical numbers enjoyed. The doctor and wife were the recipients of some very handsome presents.

From Ontario County Journal 18 January 1901

Mr. and Mrs. Jonas W. Wolverton,
of this town, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage on Wednesday. The event was not commemorated by a large gathering of friends, but a few members of the family were invited for dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Wolverton have reached the ages of 82 and 88 years respectively, and have retained their health and vigor to a remarkable degree. Though Mrs. Wolverton has suffered the loss of her eyesight, she enjoys life and is able to get out. Both she and Mr. Wolverton often drive into the village. They were married in Auburn by the editor of the Northern Christian Advocate, who was then located in that city. Six friends accompanied them on their wedding journey, only one of whom is now living, Mrs. Harris Andrews of Main street. Mr. Wolverton was a native of New Jersey, and was a member of a large family. Two brothers, Job and Peter Wolverton, of this village, and one sister, Mrs. James Hickox, of this town, are living. Mrs. Wolverton was Patience Andrews, a native of Canandaigua. A brother, Heman Andrews, resides here, and one sister in California. One child was born to Mr. and Mrs. Wolverton, Emily Wolverton Cribb, who died many years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Wolverton have many friends who will extend to them hearty congratulations upon having reached this memorable anniversary.

From Ontario County Journal 14 January 1898

North Bloomfield, N. Y. -
About two hundred friends of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood gathered at their home on Tuesday evening and celebrated their silver wedding. Many beautiful presents were given.

From Geneva Daily Times 27 December 1906

Canandaigua, N. Y. -
The fiftieth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Wood of Chapin street was pleasantly celebrated today, when the honored couple were surrounded by children and other relatives who joined in congratulations. The gathering numbered about fifty persons, all relatives. The house was attractively decorated with red and green. Yellow and white predominated in the dining room while the table decorations were chrysanthemums and holly. The place cards were composed of golden leaves. The dinner was served by Mrs. French of Phelps, caterer, and four grandchildren of the long-married couple acted as waiters. The guests included Mrs. Clay M. Wood, Master Clay Wood and Dorothea Wood of New York City; Harry P. Daw of Chicago, Miss Bessie Maxwell of Buffalo, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Holtszlarder of Holcomb, Mrs. George Shoemaker of East Bloomfield, Ralph and Mellicent Wood of Ionia, W. J. Cook of LeRoy, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sale of Victor, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maxwell of New York and others. Mr. and Mrs. Wood were married at Batavia, and Mrs. Wood's maiden name was Miss Ann Daw.

From Ontario County Times 14 February 1877

An interesting gathering was held at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Phineas L. Woodruff of Shortsville, on  Tuesday, the 30th ult., it being the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage. Friends gathered from Auburn, Romulusville, Waterloo, Seneca Falls, Hopewell, Canandaigua, Mecklenburgh and Lima. Invitations were extended to a number of the older residents of Shortsville and vicinity with whom the worthy couple have been associated as neighbors for the past twenty-six years. Three of the guests were present also at the wedding in January, 1827.

H. E. Woodruff, Esq., the only son of the happy pair, presented an interesting paper prepared for the occasion. He briefly noticed the different stages of wedded life as marked by modern custom, but on reaching the golden stage, became more prolix. He found it necessary to his purpose to take his auditors back a little beyond the half century now just passed, to the time when a certain blacksmith of Cayuga County, N. Y., wooed a sprightly, black eyed damsel of sixteen summers. The minutiae of detail of events that transpired about that time, and especially on the day, just fifty years ago, including a minute account of the costume of the bride as she then appeared, satisfied all present that the Junior Woodruff had "not been a forgetful hearer of the word," but now he was quite disposed  "to let them slip."

A sumptuous repast, such as brides of fifty years ago knew how to get up, demanded immediate attention, which was given with right good will. Ample justice having been done the dining room, the parlor was again occupied. A number of fine presents were given by friends, though they had been strictly forbidden. The children did not obey their parents in this prohibition, for they had purchased an elegant copy of the Bible, in which they had placed photographs of themselves and children, leaving at the head places for those of their honored parents, thus grouping the entire family as it is on the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage. By the request of the donors this Bible was presented by Rev. E. Royce, pastor of the Baptist church  in Manchester, of which Mr. and Mrs. Woodruff are honored members.

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