Wedding Anniversaries

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From Geneva Daily Times 26 October 1909

Canandaigua, N. Y. -
The golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Caplise was celebrated at the home of the aged couple, at No. 112 West Gibson street, in this village, Sunday in an enjoyable manner. Mr. and Mrs. Caplise were married at St. Mary's church here fifty years ago, and they have always resided in this vicinity. The seven children of the couple were present with their families and several intimate friends.

From Geneva Gazette 27 April 1877

Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Carlough
of Hopewell celebrated their silver wedding on the 20th inst.

From Geneva Daily Times 22 September 1902

The semi-centennial anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Carson of Phelps, held at their home Saturday afternoon, was attended by a number of persons of this vicinity.  Guests were present from Canandaigua, Geneva, Oaks Corners, Seneca Castle, Orleans and Paola, Kansas.  The house was decorated with golden rod arranged at one place to form two hearts, the one bearing the initials of the bride, the other those of the groom.  These were suspended with the figures "50" between them.  Rev. S. F. Beardslee, Rev. Howard Cornell of Seneca Castle, and Prof. E. J. Peck, of Oaks Corners, made informal remarks, to which the bridegroom responded.

From Ontario County Times 31 October 1877

Stanley, N. Y. -
On Tuesday evening last the tenth anniversary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carson was celebrated at their home. The evening was fine, the company large, the presents numerous and beautiful, and the occasion one to be remembered only with pleasant thoughts by all who participated.

From Geneva Daily Times 31 January 1910

Canandaigua, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Case
of Main Street North celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage Friday evening. Thirty friends and relatives were present. Mr. and Mrs. Case received a silver coffee urn and tray.

From Ontario County Journal 2 December 1898

Rushville, N. Y. -
The fortieth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Case was pleasantly celebrated at their home on Thursday evening, Nov. 24. Nearly 100 guests were present. Mrs. Pulver was present and sang several selections. They were presented with four chairs, a lamp, a salad dish, and some handiworks.

From Ontario County Journal 29 October 1897

About 25 relatives and friends tendered a surprise party to Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Case at their home on Pearl street on Saturday evening last. The day was the 36th anniversary of their marriage, and was also the birthdays of both Mr. and Mrs. Case, as well as the birthday of their eldest daughter, Mrs. Fred Culver of Minneapolis, Minn.

From Ontario County Journal 5 May 1911

Canadice, N. Y. - 
About 50 friends of Mr. and Mrs. John Caskey gathered at their home on Saturday evening to help them celebrate their 35th marriage anniversary. The affair was planned as a surprise to Mr. Caskey. They received a number of pretty and useful gifts.

From Ontario County Journal 11 February 1887

Sixtieth wedding anniversaries are so exceedingly uncommon that whenever they do occur they are deserving of special mention. On January 18th of this year Elder and Mrs. Asa Chapin of East Bloomfield, celebrated the sixtieth return of their wedding day. Since their marriage in 1827 this venerable couple has had but one home and that they still occupy. During Elder Chapin's active ministry he preached very acceptably at Lima, Bristol, West Bloomfield, Livonia and Honeoye Falls. For more than two years he has been confined to his house a confirmed invalid, but lovingly cared for by a faithful wife and sustained by a patient and submissive spirit, his sickness has been shorn of the greatest of its dread.

From Ontario County Times 11 October 1882

Pleasant and enjoyable was the celebration of the anniversary at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus Chapin on Monday evening. Both the high contracting parties in the ceremony of October 9, 1832, were natives of Canandaigua and represented two of the oldest and most honored families in the village -- Chapin and Bemis. The wedding was an early one, taking place at 8 o'clock in the morning, at the old Bemis homestead, then standing on Main street, on the site now occupied by the Opera House block. The happy couple set out the same day for a bridal trip, by stage coach, to Niagara Falls -- in those days about as great an undertaking as is now a trip to Europe. On their return to Canandaigua, Mr. and Mrs. Chapin took up their residence in the Chapin home on the hill, where they have ever since lived, and where on Monday evening a multitude of their friends gathered to extend a hearty greeting. One of the most notable features of the occasion was the presence, with one exception, of all the original wedding party, Mr. and Mrs. Chapin, Miss Eliza Chapin, sister of the bridegroom, Mrs. Abner Antes, sister of the bride, and Mr. George W. Bemis, brother of the bride. Mr. Edward Parrish, the other groomsman, passed over to the majority a number of years ago. Among others present Monday evening who were in attendance on the wedding fifty years before, were Miss Martha Bemis, another of the bride's sisters, Mrs. Hastings, her cousin, and Mrs. Oliver Phelps, a sister of the groom. It was indeed a goodly company, and, to make it the more notable, the bridegroom of Wednesday's golden wedding stepped in to offer his good wishes and congratulations, while a large company of relatives and friends, including many of our oldest citizens, were participants in the good cheer of the occasion. Many elegant presents, including a gold-headed cane, an easy chair, two beautiful lamps, gold spectacles, gold pen, gold sleeve buttons, pictures, and a variety of other appropriate articles, with a sightly collection of Uncle Sam's gold coin, testified the affectionate regard of numerous friends.

From Ontario County Journal 6 January 1899

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
There was a very pleasant surprise, arranged by relatives, old schoolmates and friends, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Chase on Saturday, Dec. 31, it being the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding day. They were the recipients of many tokens of esteem from friends.

From Ontario County Journal 24 December 1880

Rushville, N. Y. -
About fifty met at the home of Mr. Henry Chesebro, last Friday evening, Dec. 17, and celebrated the 25th anniversary of their marriage. Many fine presents were left. On the day following, Mrs. Chesebro met with a very severe accident, dislocating her hip by a fall. She is in the care of Dr. F. B. Seeley, and is doing well.

From Geneva Daily Times 6 July 1908

Canandaigua, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. George Childs
of this village celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of their wedding Saturday at their home on Tillotson street. The anniversary was observed in a quiet way, their many friends dropping in informally during the day. Mr. and Mrs. Childs were married July 4, 1848, at Bristol, where both resided, and came to Canandaigua on their wedding trip, where they witnessed an attempt at a balloon ascension, which proved a failure. Mrs. Childs was Miss Josephine Tiffany. Both the Childs and Tiffany families are among the pioneers of this section. Several children were born, all being grown up and settled in various parts of the country. Mr. Childs is 82 years of age and his wife is about 80. Both are remarkably well-preserved. They came to this village several years ago from Victor, where they had previously resided.

From Geneva Advertiser Gazette 25 January 1906

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Church
of South Main street celebrated the silver anniversary of their wedding last Friday evening, January 19th. About seventy guests were present, some from Rochester, Corning and Pittsburg. The house was prettily decorated with tinsel, also with a profusion of roses sent by Mrs. Vail. The programme of entertainment was original and interesting. There was a poem by Professor Turk, banjo duets by Schuyler Church and Norman Lovet in costume, poem by Miss Hopkins, read by Mrs. Butts, fake telegrams of congratulation from distinguished people read by Mr. P. N. Nicholas, monologues by Mr. Muirhead -- these were a great success and most cleverly done. There was a speech by Professor Vail during the supper. Many presents in silver were received. Mr. and Mrs. Church have passed nearly all their married life in Geneva, and bid fair to reach the golden anniversary.

From Geneva Daily Times 19 September 1904

A Silver Wedding -
A complete surprise was given Mr. and Mrs. George W. Churchill of the State Experiment station Saturday evening by fifty members and friends of the institution's staff. The occasion was the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage. Among the guest present were Rev. D. D. Moore, D. D., who performed the marriage ceremony. Mr. Churchill has been connected with the Experiment station in the capacity of agriculturist and superintendent of labor for twenty years. Mr. and Mrs. Churchill were presented with a set of solid silver knives, forks and spoons.

From Ontario County Journal 27 February 1880

Flint Creek, N. Y. -
The friends and neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Clark gathered at his residence last Friday evening, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of their marriage. All seemed to enjoy themselves very much, and they were treated to a very bountiful supper. A large number of presents were given them.

From Ontario County Journal 21 July 1911

Naples, N. Y. - 
On Wednesday, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Clarke observed the 45th anniversary of their marriage, which occurred in Canandaigua in 1866. Children and grandchildren graced the occasion which was very pleasant. Congratulations were mingled with hearty wishes for many more years of happiness in an unbroken circle.

From Ontario County Journal 2 December 1898

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Clawson
celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage on Wednesday evening at their home in Hopewell. A large number of guests thronged the rooms of the old home which has been for so many years the residence of the aged couple. Flags, flowers and evergreens were used in profusion throughout the house. A bountiful supper was served at 9 o'clock, the guests being seated at the large center table, which was lighted with candles set in the old-fashioned candlesticks used by the bride and groom 50 years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Clawson were married at Sugar Hill, Schuyler county, November 30, 1848, Mrs. Clawson's maiden name being Mary Ann Parks. They began housekeeping in Steuben county, where they resided until 1859, when they came to Hopewell and bought the farm upon which they now live. Two children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Clawson, one son, James E. Clawson, who, with his family, lives at the homestead; and one daughter, Frances Clawson Wallace, who died some years ago at Niagara Falls. There are seven grandchildren, Carlton, Bessie, Frederick, Berton and Marion Wallace; and Frances and Howard Clawson, all of whom were present. Among the guests from out-of-town were James Parks of Bath; Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Clawson, Farmer; Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Clawson, Vine Valley; Miss Mollie Hoyt of Watkins; Mrs. Elmer Brambell and Mrs. C. H. Osgood of North Hector; Mrs. Porter of Gasport; Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Eggleston, Rushville; Mr. and Mrs. Crosby, Bristol Center; Mr. and Mrs. James Ketchum and daughter of Reed's Corners; Mr. and Mrs. John Trickey of Shortsville; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bushfield and M. R. Dutton of Canandaigua.

A number of friends and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Clawson presented them with a purse of $60 in gold, and there were, besides this gift, many remembrances from other friends. Many letters of regret were received and read. Mr. Clawson has reached the advanced age of 80, and Mrs. Clawson is 72 years old. Mr. Clawson is well-known throughout the country as the propagator of the Clawson wheat.

From Geneva Daily Times 3 June 1909

Mr. and Mrs. Ebenezer Cole
of No. 58 LaFayette avenue celebrated their golden wedding anniversary last evening by entertaining about one hundred of their relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Cole received the guests in the parlor, which was decorated with purple fleur de lis and ferns. Mrs. George W. Goodwin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cole, and Mr. Goodwin and their son Roy also received. Mr. and Mrs. Cole were married in the Town of Throop in Cayuga county and among the guests present last evening was Mrs. R. C. Emerick of Sennett, a sister of Mrs. Cole, who was present at their marriage. At 9 o'clock a course dinner was served, the guests being seated at small tables which were centered with lilies-of-the-valley. At the bride's table were seated the members of the family. The table was centered with pink and white carnations, which were gift flowers. An orchestra furnished music during the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Cole received many beautiful presents including gold coins, china with pattern in gold, cut glass, linen, etc. Among those present from out-of-town were: G. L. Emerick of Albany, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Austin of Syracuse, Mrs. R. C. Emerick of Sennett, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Miller of Sennett, Miss Cora Emerick of Auburn, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cole of Auburn, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Horton of Oswego, Mr. and Mrs. Addison Cole of Throopsville, Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Townsend of Moravia, Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Riker and the Misses Carrie and Anna Riker of Canandaigua, Mr. and Mrs. F. Fetzer of Rochester, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. King of Trumansburg, Enoch Van Aiken and daughter, Mrs. Bailey of Throopsville.

From Ontario County Times 23 January 1878

Rushville, N. Y. -
On Tuesday evening, Jan'y 10th, a large number of friends met, by previous invitation, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Cole of Gorham, to celebrate their tenth anniversary wedding day. There was quite a large number of gifts suitable to the occasion presented to them. The company was furnished with a bountiful repast of the good things of this world pleasing to the taste. Everything passed off pleasantly, and all seemed to enjoy the occasion much. May a kind Providence deal gently with the host and hostess, and preserve them to enjoy many more anniversaries.

From Geneva Daily Times 31 December 1910

Gorham, N. Y. -  Mr. and Mrs. Warner P. Cole
celebrated their 50th anniversary on Christmas at the home of their daughter, Mrs. John Stokoe. The day was also the 20th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Stokoe. Mr. and Mrs. Cole were the recipients of a handsome rocker and Mr. and Mrs. Stokoe received a piece of cut glass as reminders of the pleasant occasion.

From Ontario County Journal 26 December 1884

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Collins,
of Farmington, will celebrate the 25th anniversary of their marriage on Monday, January 5th. That they may live "in health, wealth and happiness" another quarter century to celebrate the golden anniversary, will be the wish of a thousand or more warm friends.

From Geneva Gazette 15 February 1867

The Last Silver Wedding - Mr. & Mrs. D. W. Colnin,
celebrated the 25th anniversary of their "union" on Friday evening last.  The occasion was honored by the presence of a houseful of guests, relatives and friends, from far and near.  Among the number were both parents of Mr. C., who have passed their "three score and ten," are on the eye of the anniversary of their "golden wedding," and yet seem hale and vigorous. The presents to the honored host and hostess were numerous, elegant and costly, comprising nearly every article in a full table of plate.  The feast was a most sumptuous affair, the table loaded with the greatest profusion both of substantials and delicacies, to which the guests paid fitting homage. In the course of the evening, Rev. Dr. Wm. H. Goodwin was called upon to express formally the congratulations of friends to the worthy couple whose twenty-five years of married life the occasion commemorated.  

From Geneva Advertiser 14 February 1894

Their 52d Anniversary - Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Colvin
passed the 52d anniversary of their marriage last Friday evening, Feb. 9th; and this long term of married life has been passed without a break between the pair.  On this occasion, owing to the recent illness of Bro. Colvin, their home was not filled with village guests as in times gone by, but a large number of calls were made during the afternoon.  They had a little family gathering in the evening.  Dr. and Mrs. Darwin Colvin of Clyde, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. J. Oaks (she is a daughter of Dr. Colvin) of Rochester were present, and Mrs. E. D. Colvin of Chicago arrived that day to gladden the old folks, and Mrs. Joe Colvin with Mrs. Travers completed the circle.  "The Elder" expects to start on a trip to California about the 20th of February accompanied by his daughter-in-law, Mrs. E. D., who came down for the purpose of preparation.  All hope that there are a good many years in store for the Colvins yet.  If they should live to reach a hundred years, they would not surrender one of their old-time customs of opening the whole house to their friends.

From Victor Herald 20 March 1903

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Concannon was made glad on Monday by the gathering of over fifty guests who responded to invitations to Mr. and Mrs. Concannon's fiftieth wedding anniversary. A reception was held at two o'clock in the afternoon. The guests were from Rochester, Syracuse, Canandaigua, and this village. The venerable couple were the recipients of many valuable and beautiful gifts from those who take pride in the long period of years which they have spent together as man and wife.

From Ontario County Journal 16 November 1894

Miller's Corners, N. Y. -
A pleasant company assembled at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Conklin last Friday evening, the occasion being the fifteenth anniversary of their marriage. Guests were present from Rochester, Marion, Mt. Morris, Lima and other towns. The large number of beautiful presents testified to the regard in which Mr. and Mrs. Conklin are held. After music and partaking of a bountiful supper, the guests dispersed, wishing their host and hostess many happy returns of their wedding anniversary.

From Ontario County Times 20 February 1884

Victor, N. Y. - 
Friday was the fortieth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Conover, and, while they were visiting their daughter in the evening, about a hundred of their friends took possession of their homes. On their return, Mr. and Mrs. Conover were completely surprised. The affair was very enjoyable.

From Geneva Daily Times 27 August 1908

Seneca Castle, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. George Cook
celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of their wedding last evening at their home about a mile south of here. The house was tastefully decorated in white and yellow. A four-course dinner was served. Mr. and Mrs. Cook received their guests as they came in, being assisted by Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Downing of Muncie, Pa. The guests from out-of-town were Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Dowing of Muncie, Pa.; J. H. Cook and daughter, Miss Edyth, of Syracuse; J. W. Cook and wife of Bellona; Mr. and Mrs. James Goundry and daughter of Milo; Mr. and Mrs. Warren Goundry and daughter of Halls; Miss Grace Fiero of Rochester; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cook and son, Mr. and Mrs. Will Cook, Mrs. James Roome and Miss Eveline Cook of Flint; Mrs. J. F. King and Miss Beatrice King of Geneva. The other guests were Rev. E. E. Grosh and wife, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Peck, Miss Eliza Long, Miss Maria Hamilton, Miss Nellie Rice, Mrs. Helen Runyan, Miss Carrie Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Schoonmaker, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Chrittendon, Mrs. Cook, mother of Mr. Cook, Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Pierson, Mrs. C. Thatcher, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Thatcher, Olin Thatcher and wife, Dr. G. W. Sargent, Miss Mary Sargent, Dewitt Sears, Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Teall, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Webster, Miss Hattie Webster, Miss Mary Webster, Mr. and Mrs. George Bain, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Whitney, Mrs. Archer, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Ottley, Mr. and Mrs. Will Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Jones, Mrs. William Jones, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Runyan, Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Tallman, Mrs. Waters, Miss Charlotte Bray, Mr. and Mrs. L. Whitney Bray, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parshall, Mrs. Chester Campbell, Miss Grace Campbell.

A large number of beautiful and costly presents were received, consisting of cut glass, china and linen. Miss Grace Fiero and Miss Beatrice King favored the company with several piano selections.

From Ontario County Journal 8 January 1875

Wooden Wedding -
On Tuesday evening, the 5th inst., Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Cooley celebrated the 5th anniversary of their married life, at their residence in Centerfield, four miles west of Canandaigua.  A large assemblage of relatives and friends participated in the festivities of the occasion, and we suppose the original vows of "love, honor and obey" were renewed.  If we didn't know that friend Cooley was one of the best of men, we should attach some significance to the goodly number of brooms which were among the multitudinous presents, both useful and ornamental, displayed on this pleasant occasion.  We have the best evidence that the refreshments served to the guests on this occasion, were ample in quantity and of excellent quality.  May their future wedding anniversaries, even to the one marking the "diamond" period. be equally felicitous.

From Ontario County Journal 15 March 1901

South Bristol, N. Y. -
About 20 friends and neighbors helped Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Cornish celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of their marriage on Saturday afternoon and evening, by an old-fashioned quilting party.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 30 October 1907

Victor, N. Y. -  Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Corser,
who reside east of this village on the Canandaigua road, observed their fiftieth wedding anniversary on Saturday, October 26th. A company of friends were entertained during the afternoon and dinner was served at 4:30 o'clock. The event was a very happy one.

From Ontario County Times 24 August 1887

Farmington, N. Y. -
A pleasant surprise was given to Mr. and Mrs. Emory Covill on the afternoon of the 15th instant. Numerous presents of bright new tin suggested the fact that it was the tenth anniversary of their marriage. After a pleasant afternoon's visit, the bride and groom, with their friends, were liberally served from well-filled tables out on the shady lawn.

From Ontario County Journal 25 February 1910
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar N. Crane
celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding at their home on Howell street on Tuesday evening. Oscar N. Crane and Miss Mary J. Benham were married in Hopewell on Washington's birthday, 1860. After a short residence in Hopewell, they removed to this village, which has since been their home, Mr. Crane for years being a funeral director known throughout the state. The reception was attended by 85 friends. The decorative scheme was patriotic. Mr. and Mrs. Crane were assisted in receiving by Rev. and Mrs. Guy L. Morrill.

From Ontario County Journal 23 September 1910

About 45 ladies of the Eastern Star paid Worthy Matron Mrs. Anthony Craner a surprise visit at her home on Clark street on Saturday afternoon. The occasion was the anniversary of Mrs. Craner's birth and her 50th wedding day. A large mahogany rocker was presented by Past Worthy Matron, Mrs. E. H. Hawkins, in behalf of the ladies. Elaborate refreshments were served. The table at which the bridal couple were seated with their two daughters and their pastor, Rev. G. L. Morrill and wife, with two Past Worthy Matrons, Mrs. E. H. Hawkins and Mrs. Charles L. Caple, and Worth Patron C. F. Ahrens and wife, was beautifully decorated with marigolds, golden glow and yellow satin ribbons.

From Shortsville Enterprise 21 May 1914

Mr. and Mrs. James Crawford,
of East Main street, celebrated their 50th or golden wedding anniversary at Rochester on Saturday, May 16. A reception was tendered them by their son, Andrew Crawford, and wife, and daughter, Miss Helen Crawford at the former's home, No. 613 Parsells avenue. In the evening, about twenty-five immediate friends and relatives attended. They received numerous valuable presents appropriate for the occasion, and the house was filled with cut flowers, gifts of their friends. The most remarkable thing noted during the evening was the apparent youth of the bride and groom of fifty years. They are scarcely gray and vigorous almost as youth itself. Miss Sarah MacIntyre and Mr. James Crawford were both born in Scotland and located in Canada at the ages of fifteen and seventeen, respectively. Although they had never met in Scotland, they became acquainted shortly after reaching Canada. They were married at Cobourgh, Ontario, Canada, on May 16, 1864, and lived in different parts of the Dominion until about nine years ago, when they moved to Shortsville, where they have since resided. Six children have come to them to bless their home, Sarah M., Charles, Alexander M., George, Helen and Andrew S., all of whom are living but their oldest daughter, Sarah. May the great Parent, who has blessed them with health and happiness for 50 years of married life, extend their days to many more years of undivided peace and happiness.

From Ontario County Times 11 June 1890

Naples, N. Y. -  Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Cribb
celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding on Friday. A large number of their relatives and friends were present and it proved a very enjoyable gathering. It is the wish of all that they may live to celebrate many returns of that day.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 20 March 1922

East Bloomfield, Mar. 19 - Mr. and Mrs. Spencer P. Crooker observed their fifty-eighth wedding anniversary on Friday. No special celebration was held, her neighbors and friends called throughout the day and extended congratulations and best wishes. They received a post-card shower of nearly one hundred cards. Spencer P. Crooker and Caroline M. Cooper, of East Bloomfield, were married in Rochester on March 17, 1864, by Rev. S. Van Bensehoten, pastor of a Methodist Church. The witnesses were James Maltman and Wallace Ketchum, of this place. Miss Phebe Cooper, a sister of the bride, was also present at the ceremony. After the service the party had a wedding dinner at the Osborne Hotel. The bride and groom came here and lived on a farm in the Sidway district. Later they resided in Victor and Canandaigua, but for the past thirty-eight years they have resided in East Bloomfield. They have two sons, Clinton and Eugene, both of whom, with their families, reside on farms near the village. Mrs. Crooker is 80 years old and Mr. Crooker is 82 years old. They are in fairly good health and do their own work in a way that would shame many younger couples. Mrs. Phebe Cooper Waring, Mrs. Crooker's sister is the only surviving member of the party who witnessed the wedding ceremony fifty-eight years ago. Mrs. Waring lives a short distance from her sister and calls on her every day.

From Geneva Daily Times 9 October 1906

Mr. and Mrs. Kellis Crutchfield of No. 130 Madison street celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage last Saturday. About thirty-seven of their friends and relatives attended the reception held at their home from 8 to 10 p.m. They received 37 silver gifts from their friends. Mr. and Mrs. Crutchfield were married in this city in 1881 at the First Presbyterian church by Dr. Edward Nelson, then pastor of that church.

From Geneva Gazette 30 August 1867

Golden Wedding - Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Curtis,
of Naples, celebrated the 50th anniversary of their marriage on the 20th inst.  The occasion was remarkable in this, that the parties were married in Naples and have lived in the town ever since.

From Ontario County Journal 3 March 1899

Reed's Corner, N. Y. -
Last week Wednesday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Davis entertained about 150 of their friends to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage. Notwithstanding the bad roads, their spacious home on the lake shore was well filled with merry-making people. After supper was served, Rev. Hoover made some well chosen remarks, speaking in the highest terms of the host and hostess. John Wood furnished music.

From Geneva Daily Times 20 April 1907

Canandaigua, N. Y. -
The golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Davis was unostentatiously celebrated by them at their home in Phoenix street, Monday, and the happy couple received many earnest congratulations from the few friends who knew of the occasion. Mrs. Dr. Day, of Rochester, who was present at the ceremony, is a sister of Mrs. Davis, and she was their guest Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Davis are lifelong and highly respected Canandaiguans.

From Ontario County Journal 17 November 1876

Saturday last, November 11th, was the 46th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Ansel DeBow, two respected residents of this town, and their neighbors and friends made it the occasion of a very pleasant complimentary visit to the worthy couple.  They bid fair to celebrate their golden wedding on the 50th anniversary, and receive the congratulations and good wishes of a host of acquaintances and friends.

From Geneva Courier 25 July 1877

Silver Wedding -
A very pleasant re-union and surprise party was held last evening at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Denton, on the Castle Road.  The occasion which brought the company together was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Denton.  They party was given by Miss Louise Denton and Mrs. Hiram Young in honor of the silver wedding day.  A large party of friends and relatives was present, there being twenty-eight of the latter present.  Six deaf mutes were also of the company.  Among those present were Prof. Samuel Moore of Elmira; Charles E. Young; A. C. Gordon; Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Tuttle of Geneva; T. Dwight Townsend of Ohio; George C. Moore; and Chas. M. Youngs of Union Springs. The evening was passed in pleasant conversation and social enjoyment.  A bountiful supper was spread at 7 o'clock, and ice cream and other refreshments were served later in the evening.  All present enjoyed themselves to the utmost, and their only regret is that silver weddings do not occur oftener.

From Ontario County Times 25 October 1871

Col. Edmond B. Dewey and wife, of Manchester, celebrated their fiftieth marriage anniversary by a "Golden Wedding" on the 13th instant. The guests were numerous, and the presents appropriate and valuable. Among the latter were several $20 gold pieces. Long may the Colonel, and his estimable lady, be spared to enjoy the recollection of this pleasant event.

From Geneva Courier 29 January 1873

Mr. S. L. Deyo, of the Naples Record, and wife, celebrated the twentieth anniversary of their marriage Friday evening, Jan 3d, by a china wedding.

From Victor Herald 14 October 1904

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dibble,
of Ionia, celebrated their fiftieth anniversary Monday. Their married life has all been spent in that vicinity. Children and friends to the number of forty-five were present, among the latter being relatives from Elmira, Palmyra, Farmington, Victor, Holcomb and Rush.

From Ontario County Journal 15 April 1910

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
The twenty-fifth anniversary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dibble was celebrated at their home last Friday evening. About 75 guests were present, coming from Wayland, East Bloomfield, Ionia and Victor. All had a most enjoyable time. A delicious and dainty supper was served. Vocal and instrumental music formed part of the evening's entertainment. Mr. and Mrs. Dibble were recipients of many beautiful gifts.

From Ontario County Journal 17 November 1899

Rushville, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Dinturff
celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding on Monday. Their daughter, Mrs. Chadwick, and family had been in town since Friday. Their three children, with their families; their grandson, Ira Chapman, wife and child; a half-brother of Mrs. Dinturff and his son from Michigan, took dinner with them, and presented the mother with a gold ring and the father with a gold-headed cane, marked with the dates, and a fur carriage robe. Charles Haviland went to the house with his camera and took a picture of the four generations. In the evening about forty more friends from the village and community invaded the home and thoroughly surprised Mr. and Mrs. Dinturff, and gave them a Morris chair. Elaborate refreshments had been provided for by the daughters and friends and a pleasant evening was spent.

From Geneva Daily Times 17 November 1905

Rushville, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Dinturff
celebrated the fifty-sixth anniversary of their marriage Tuesday at their home on Gilbert street. Those present were their children and grandchildren, Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Chadwick, of Lakemont, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chapman, their son, Frank Chapman, and wife, and Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Wilkin, of this place.

From Geneva Courier 14 April 1880

Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Dixon Request the pleasure of your company April 9th, 1880,
afternoon and evening, to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of their marriage
Halls Corners, N. Y.
Isabella Crozier          Edward S. Dixon

The company remained till very late in the night.  The bride and groom of twenty years entertained their guests with the truest grace; and it would be hard to say who were most gratified by the entire proceedings -- those who called to pay their respects, or the recipients of the flattering testimonial.

From Geneva Daily Times 8 March 1905

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Duffey
of West avenue celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of their wedding at their home last evening by pleasantly entertaining forty of their friends. Refreshments were served and a general good time enjoyed.

From Ontario County Journal 5 July 1901

Allen's Hill, N. Y. - 
Last Monday being the thirty-seventh anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. James Duffy, of West Bloomfield, their children made them a pleasant surprise. Ira Duffy and family, of this place, were present.

From Ontario County Journal 1 October 1909

Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Eighmy
happily observed the 25th anniversary of their marriage at their home on Mason street last evening, surrounded by a company of 70 relatives and friends. Mrs. Eighmy greeted her friends in her wedding gown, which is an heirloom, and is now over 60 years old. It is of green and white silk tissue. A bountiful supper was served, and a program of music rendered. The house was decorated with autumn leaves and woodbine. Over the bay window in the living room was an arch and large silver figure "1884-1909". The color scheme was green and white. Frank H. Eighmy and Miss Fannie Davis were married at Victor, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dennison Davis. Rev. Dwight Hiscox, then pastor of the Baptist church here, was assisted in the ceremony by Rev. Fescon Daxter, a relative of the bride. A few of those who attended the wedding were present last night, but most of them passed away. Mr. and Mrs. Eighmy were recipients of many beautiful and useful gifts.

From Ontario County Journal 15 July 1910

Tomorrow Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Eighmy, Pleasant street, will reach the 50th year of their married life, and will quietly observe the event by giving a dinner to a company of 18 or 20 relatives and friends at 6 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Eighmy were married by Rev. R. H. Dexter, an uncle of the bride, at Corfu. Not one of the persons present at the wedding is now living. Their married life has been passed in this village, where for 47 years Mr. Eighmy was the faithful baggage master at the local station, a position from which he retired a few years ago upon a pension.

From Ontario County Journal 9 February 1900

Canadice, N. Y. - About 65 friends of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eldridge gathered at their home on Friday, it being the occasion of their fortieth marriage anniversary. They were well remembered in the way of presents.

From Ontario County Journal 7 April 1876

Golden Wedding - It is not often that married couples survive to celebrate the fiftieth wedding .anniversary  Capt. Wm. H. Ellis and his amiable spouse, are among the favored few.  They celebrated their golden wedding at their residence in this place, on Thursday evening, the 30th ult., surrounded by several of their children and grand-children and numerous guests from home and abroad.  Numerous valuable and appropriate presents were made, and a fine wedding feast was served. Appropriate remarks were made by some of the guests, and Rev. Dr. Curtis made a brief address and prayer, appropriate to the occasion. The affair was a very pleasant and enjoyable one to all present, and to none more than to Mr. and Mrs. Ellis, who are still in the vigor of health.  May they long continue so.

From Ontario County Times 20 February 1878

Victor, N. Y. -
A large number of guests were present at the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Embry which was held at their home in this village on Tuesday evening. A number of guests were present from abroad, including Mr. and Mrs. Darius Covill, Mr. Roscoe Ashley, wife and son, Mr. Frank Embry, and Mr. Herbert Embry of Rochester; and Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox of Charlotte. A number of valuable presents were given the bride and groom. A very pleasant evening was passed by all. There were present twenty guests of sixty years of age or over. The bride and groom have the best wishes of the community in the remaining days of their voyage through life.

From Ontario County Chronicle 13 March 1901

Last evening one of those unusual events, the celebration of a golden wedding, occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Faber, in Chapin street. 1851-1901 represent the milestones passed during the married life of Mr. and Mrs. Faber, and it is doubtful if the celebration of the nuptial event fifty years ago was any more interesting than that of last evening. Their home for several days previous to the joyous event had been in charge of their daughters, whose deft fingers and rare good taste had enabled them to decorate the home beautifully with potted plants, evergreens and other flowers. Under a canopy of evergreens and daffodils, the happy couple, together with the bridesmaid and groomsman of fifty years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schlick, received the congratulations of the 100 or more friends and relatives present. On the outside of the canopy were the large golden figures, 1851-1901.

After receiving congratulations and reviewing the numerous presents, the host and hostess, together with the guests, repaired to the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Faber, where an elaborate collation was served. The house was profusely and charmingly decorated with roses, palms, poinsettias, marguerites, calla lilies and smilax. Covers were laid for 100 and at each plate there was a handsome carnation and a card with the name of the person who was to occupy the place painted on it in gold. During the evening, the Rev. Charles H. Dickinson made a few appropriate remarks, felicitating the bride and groom of fifty years ago upon the happy event. Mr. Dickinson also read in German an apposite poem, which greatly pleased Mr. and Mrs. Faber, both of whom were born in Germany. The presents were numerous, consisting largely of five and ten dollar gold pieces.

Among those from out-of-town were Mr. and Mrs. Peter Faber, Jr., Rochester; Mr. and Mrs. James Davis of Penn Yan; Mr. and Mrs. Savage and Mrs. Holman of Seneca Falls; and Henry Schlick of Naples. It was a joyous event and the Chronicle joins the many friends of the aged and respected couple in wishing them many happy returns of the day.

From Geneva Daily Times 19 November 1895

Canandaigua, N. Y. -
A more surprised man and woman could not have been found Saturday night, than Mail Carrier Charley Farnum and his good lady, when about forty of his friends and neighbors who remembered it was just 25 years since Mr. and Mrs. F. were united in holy bond of matrimony, and took possession of his home to conduct a silver wedding anniversary celebration. After a short speech to explain the reason for their intrusion, Mr. Clarence Hobart, in behalf of those assembled, presented to Mr. and Mrs. Farnum a fine antique oak center table, with silver butter dish, cake basket and pickle castor thereon and Mr. Frank Eighmy added still further to their enlightenment by presenting an elegant lamp. Miss Van Arsdale and others of the ladies then arranged a larger table full of good things and about 45 sat down thereto. Among the adults present were: Ex-Sheriff Avery Ingraham and wife, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. VanArsdale, Miss Minnie VanArsdale, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Benson, Mr. George Tiffany, Mr. and Mrs. S. Mott, Mr. and Mrs. George Gunnison, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gunnison, Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Brown, Mrs. Atwater, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Eighmey, Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Thompson, Miss Totman, Miss Mary Johnson, Mrs. George Warner, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hobart, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Reed.

From Ontario County Times 20 November 1889

Flint Creek, N. Y. -
One of the most interesting occasions that has occurred at this place for some time was that on which Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Fiero, together with a large company of relatives and friends, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding day. The happy event occurred last Thursday evening. Owing to the very inclement weather, quite a number of those invited were unable to be present, but, notwithstanding this, there was a goodly number in attendance. There were two persons present who attended Mr. and Mrs. Fiero's wedding fifty years ago. It was a matter of regret that their eldest daughter, Mrs. Wm. H. Whitney, was unable, on account of sickness, to be there. Their son, Alfred, of Rochester, also, was unavoidably absent. The rest of the children and grandchildren were there. This estimable couple have had born to them 10 children, of which six are living and all are married. A splendid supper was served, after which the new pastor, Rev. Mr. Lane, made some appropriate remarks. The evening passed very pleasantly with singing and social intercourse and all seemed to be happy, particularly the bride and groom of fifty years, who are still active and hearty. They received many beautiful presents, among which we noticed a goodly number of gold coins. May they live to enjoy many returns of their wedding day.

From Ontario County Journal 18 November 1898

Allen's Hill, N. Y. -
Monday evening, Nov. 14, Mr. and Mrs. O. N. Fisher, of West Bloomfield, celebrated their golden wedding. Nearly one hundred guests assembled to offer congratulations and best wishes to this worthy couple, who having bravely fought the battle of life together, have reached, with silvered heads but still youthful hearts, the half century mark in their wedded lives. The bride was formerly Elizabeth Case, of Bristol, a sister of Hon. C. R. Case. Their family of six children were present, Marion and Mrs. Wescott of LeRoy; Mortimer of this place; Marcus of Forestville; Mrs. Nellie Hallock of East Bloomfield; and Arthur of Detroit. Mr. Fisher gave a brief history of their married life, followed by appropriate remarks by Rev. G. S. Robinson, Rev. G. W. Gibson of Scottsville, and C. R. Case. A spicy letter was read from an absent brother, Dr. Fisher, of Elkhart, Ind., giving plenty of good advice to the youthful groom regarding his moral character, in which wit and pathos were so intermingled as to provoke both laughter and tears from the assembled guests. There were many beautiful gifts, and among them was the genealogy of the family, framed in gilt, reaching back to the time of the Mayflower, presented by Dr. Leroy Fisher. A bountiful repast was served and the remainder of the evening passed all too quickly, and nearing midnight hour, the guests departed, each with a heartfelt wish that the remainder of life's journey down the western slope may bring to Mr. and Mrs. Fisher many blessings.

From Ontario County Journal 1 January 1897

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Frank Forsythe
celebrated the 10th anniversary of their marriage last Wednesday evening by a tin wedding. A large number of friends were present, and an enjoyable time was had. A number of presents were received, testifying to the esteem in which the two are held by their wide circle of friends. Among those present from out-of-town were: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Taft and Mr. and Mrs. Horace Peck of Richmond; Mr. and Mrs. William Sage, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sage of West Bloomfield; A. W. Gilbert and wife of Canandaigua; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Green of Victor; Mrs. Henry Brown of Clockville, Madison county; Mrs. Ida Chambers of Scottsville; Miss Maggie Quackenbush of Port DeLucy, Canada; and Mrs. Santee of Rochester.

From Ontario County Journal 28 May 1897

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -  Mr. and Mrs. Leander Forsythe
celebrated the golden anniversary of their marriage at their home on Monday evening. Between 6 and 7 o'clock, the hours during which they received, their friends called to congratulate them on the completion of their half century of married life. Many gifts, as well as many expressions of good will and hope of continued life, were received by the couple. Refreshments were served in a temporary dining room arranged for the occasion. The stoop adjoining the south side of the house and its wall and lattice work were covered with flags and bunting, making an exceedingly attractive appearance. Among the presents were a pair of gold glasses and an orange dish from Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Gilbert of Canandaigua; a bronze clock from Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Reamer; cut glass celery boat from Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Terry; china pitcher from Mrs. H. E. Porter; Dresden clock from H. C. Brown and P. F. Leach; toilet bowl from Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Steele; silver bon bon basket from Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Quick; silver cocoa pot and silver cream pitcher from Mr. and Mrs. Bouglass; picture from Mr. and Mrs. H. Sterling of Lima; pie knife from Mrs. R. R. Chapel and Mrs. Parker of Rochester; cream spoon from Dr. and Mrs. B. S. Partridge; sugar shell from Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Higginbotham of Victor; meat fork from J. Humphrey; cream spoon from H. E. Ball; berry spoon from Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Baker; meat fork from Mr. and Mrs. James Elton; salad spoon from J. P. Thompson and daughter; meat fork from James Mead, Gorham; berry spoon from Mrs. E. Steele; sugar spoon from Mr. and Mrs. L. Andrews; orange spoon from C. M. Chambers and daughter of Shortsville; salt dish and pepper box from Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Green of Victor; set of silver tea spoons from a club of nine. Among the out-of-town guests were: Rev. and Mrs. S. E. Eastman of Elmira; Rev. N. W. Bates and wife of West Bloomfield; Clarence Green and wife of Victor; Mrs. Middaugh of Rochester; Mrs. Gordon of New York city; Mr. and Mrs. James Mead of Gorham; Geo. N. Parmele and A. W. Gilbert and wife of Avon; Mrs. Parker of Lima; P. F. Leach and H. C. Brown of West Bloomfield; Russell Chapel and daughter of Lima; M. S. Hall, wife and daughter of West Bloomfield; James Elton and wife of West Bloomfield; G. G. Baker and wife of West Bloomfield; Henry Sage and wife of Mendon.

From Geneva Gazette 25 June 1897

and Mrs. Henry Foster of Clifton Springs commemorated the 25th anniversary of their marriage on Saturday the 19th inst.  His cottage was thronged for several hours with friends who called to extend congratulations and good wishes.

From Geneva Daily Times 14 December 1903

Fifty years ago tomorrow, Mr. and Mrs. James P. Foster of 112 Washington street were married by the late Dr. Knox in the old Dutch Reformed church, New York, and the anniversary will be fittingly celebrated at the Foster home tomorrow, Mr. Foster arriving home from Dansville where he has been for some time recuperating. The affair will not be a public one, old friends of the family being invited as well as the Grand Army post, of which he is chaplain, the clergy and a few others being invited. Mr. Foster is known as Colonel fully as well as by his title of Reverend, owing to his participation in the Civil war. He organized a company at Athens on the Hudson and went out as its captain in the 128 regiment, N. Y. V. He served long and honorably and was promoted to the colonelcy of the Fifth U. S. cavalry. During the war he and his wife lived in various places in the South. Sometimes their home was a canvass tent pitched close to the bivouacs of the contesting armies and at others they made their home in some old southern homestead. In 1862 when they were living in one of these southern houses in Raleigh, they had the privilege of entertaining General Grant. With the close of the war in '65, they came north and established their home in Syracuse. The colonel received an appointment as the instructor of the Onondaga Indians and daily drove out to the reservation from Syracuse, a distance of eight miles. While in Syracuse he began studying for the ministry and in the latter part of the sixties was ordained as a clergyman of the Protestant Episcopal faith at Oswego. His first charge was at Cortland, from which place he went to Palatka. Later he went to Newark, where twenty-five years ago tomorrow he and Mrs. Foster celebrated their silver wedding. After a short pastorate at Sodus, they came to this city in 1881.

From Geneva Daily Times 25 September 1897

Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Fowle will celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage this evening, at their home, 75
Main street. A large number of friends will be in attendance, 200 invitations having been issued.

From Geneva Daily Times 16 May 1908

Manchester, N. Y. -
The pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs. William Duncan of this village was the scene of a merry gathering Thursday night in honor of Mr. and Mrs. George F. Fowler, who celebrated the first anniversary of their marriage. The house decorations were of an elaborate order and the banks of green very artistically arranged. Mrs. Fowler was attired in a gown of pale blue silk and with Mr. Fowler received the guests upon their arrival. A five-course dinner was served at 6 o'clock, and merriment ruled supreme until midnight. Friends were present from Buffalo, Rochester, Geneva and Clifton Springs, besides the local guests.

From Ontario County Journal 12 February 1909

Allen's Hill, N. Y. -
One of the most enjoyable evenings lately spent was the surprise given Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Francis by a few friends who gathered at their home last Friday evening, the occasion being the 17th anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Francis. The arrangements were complete in every detail and the surprise was genuine. The host and hostess proved themselves equal to the occasion by yielding gracefully to the inevitable. Everyone received a hearty welcome and the time was pleasantly passed. A delicious luncheon was served and congratulations offered.

From Ontario County Journal 8 February 1878

Canadice, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Francisco
celebrated the 55th anniversary of their wedded life on Friday of last week.  A goodly number of sons, daughters and other relatives convened at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. F., and partook of the pleasures of the occasion.

From Ontario County Journal 24 February 1911

Mr. and Mrs. Hiram W. Freer,
Bristol street, were surprised by about 20 relatives and friends who called last Friday evening in honor of the 25th anniversary of their marriage. They were presented with a set of silver teaspoons. The following were present from out-of-town : Mrs. Olmstead and daughter, Miss Ethel, and Louis B. Freer of Rochester; Mr. and Mrs. John Bennett of Ionia; William H. Bennett of Eagle Harbor; and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Salsich of South Bristol.

From Geneva Daily Times 27 November 1907

Rushville, N. Y. - John French and wife
celebrated their forty-fifth anniversary of their wedded life yesterday by a family gathering, having present their only daughter, Mrs. Spencer Mallory, son-in-law and grandchildren, together with Oscar Taylor and family. The hearty greetings of many friends was tendered them.

From Ontario County Times 4 March 1885

South Bloomfield, N. Y. -
A large company gathered at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gaines, of this place, last Saturday to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage. Notwithstanding the severe cold weather and drifted roads, most of those invited were present. Mr. John Gaines of Michigan, one of the sons, arrived during the afternoon. The other son, also in the west, was detained at home by sickness in his family. The company was admirably planned and carried on throughout the day and evening by their two daughters, Mrs. William Wemett of Hemlock and Mrs. William Gooding of Bristol. Mr. S. R. Wheeler, one of the company, had witnessed the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Gaines, which took place in the house in which he now lives, Sunday, February 22d, 1835. It was a grand reunion of family circle, friends, and school mates, who had not met in years. The cheerful face of our neighbor, Mr. Russel Gooding was greatly missed from our midst, and many regrets were expressed that he is confined to his house by illness. We hope that his health may be so restored as to permit him to remain much longer with us, as he and Mr. Gaines are the fathers of the neighborhood. Such experienced advisers would be sadly missed from our circle.

From Geneva Gazette 1 November 1867

Golden Wedding - Mr. and Mrs. William Gardner
of this village celebrated their golden wedding on Saturday last, surrounded by children, grand-children and great grand-children.  A rare circumstance among the incidents relating to the venerable couple is that they still reside in the house which they have occupied since the first year of their marriage -- a house that in their more fortunate days was ever open to their multitude of friends with a generous hospitality.  Mr. Gardner has been of late sorely afflicted in the loss of sight -- is almost if not quite totally blind.  Aside from this misfortune he enjoys good health, and although 75 years of age, shows none of the infirmities of three score and five.

On the occasion herein referred to, they were remembered by relatives and kind friends with many presents both ornamental and substantial. Of their seven children, six are still living.  One, the oldest, lost his life in the service of his country. Though life has lost some of its most beautiful charms in the eternal night to which blindness has subjected Mr. Gardner, yet to such a genial, contented nature as his, it has enough of attractions left for him to enjoy it, in the surroundings of friendship and affection.

From Geneva Gazette 21 January 1876

FROM PHELPS - Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary -
A most happy and enjoyable event occurred at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Gates of this town on Wednesday, Jan. 12th, 1876.  It was an impromptu surprise party prepared for them by their children, W. W. Gates and family, James M. Lester and family and other invited guests, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage.

In the morning of the day referred to, their children took possession of their parents' apartments, while the latter were very conveniently absent in another part of the house, and soon made a decided change in the appearance of things by arranging the furniture and suspending upon the walls the letters and dates, "Jan. 12th, 1826 and 1876".  The elderly couple were then advised to prepare themselves for company, which soon began to come, and then in that spacious "south-east room" followed a scene of social intercourse, in which reminiscences of the past formed an important feature - a scene of happy old age and youthful manhood and womanhood beautifully commingled, such as this pen will not attempt to describe.  The guests present were, besides the sons and daughters already mentioned, Wm. Gates, brother, James M. Gates and wife of Seneca; Mrs. Luther Salisbury of Melvin Hill, sister of Wm. Gates; a brother of Mrs. Gates, Mr. Joshua Porter and wife of Phelps; the widow of Elisha Peck, better known to all the friends of the family as "Aunt Sarah Peck," Hiram Darrow and wife of Seneca.

Mr. and Mrs. Gates are now respectively in the 80th and 70th year of their age, and possess in a marked degree the vivacity of youth.  They were married in the town of Seneca, Jan. 12th, 1826 - came to this town in 1844, living for the first three years in the present residence of Russell B. Cobb, when they moved to their present homestead, where with a short exception they have lived ever since.

During the afternoon, the company sat down to a most bountiful repast, shortly after which they separated, feeling that it had been a day long to be remembered by all who partook of its pleasures and profit, and with the warmest expressions of mutual good cheer and hopes for the future.  May this aged bride and groom live to see many returns of this day thus happily celebrated.

From Ontario County Journal 10 December 1875

- Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Graves, of this town, celebrated the Wooden Anniversary of their marriage in an appropriate manner at their residence on Friday evening of last week.  A large number of guests were present, and the presents appropriate to the occasion were numerous and varied.  Abundant refreshments were served in fine style, and a very pleasant evening was passed happily.

From Victor Herald 25 October 1901

About sixty guests assembled at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herman B. Green on Boughton Hill last Friday evening to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage. A most enjoyable evening is reported and many and costly gifts testified to the popularity and esteem in which the couple are held.

From Ontario County Journal 25 March 1881

North Bloomfield, N. Y. - James Green and his wife
celebrated their golden wedding on the 7th instant. A goodly number of their relatives were present. The venerable couple have been residents of this town and vicinity for many years.

From Ontario County Journal 28 March 1879

The twenty-fifth anniversary of the marriage of one of our most respected citizens, Mr. Harrison Gridley, and his estimable wife, was commemorated on Thursday of last week, the 20th, by a quiet "silver wedding," which was attended exclusively by relatives of the worthy couple, who presented various appropriate testimonials of their regard. Mr. and Mrs. Gridley were married at Lennox, Madison county, March 20th, 1854, and her maiden name was Miss Helen A. Lewis.

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