Wedding Anniversaries

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From Shortsville Enterprise 26 October 1916

Tuesday marked a happy day in the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Christian Haas, of Booth street, when they celebrated the 50th anniversary of their marriage. A formal reception was held from five o'clock until ten in the evening at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Edwin J. Hall. Forty-three guests were present to enjoy the memorable occasion and make it a red-letter day in the lives of this estimable couple. The house was prettily decorated with yellow chrysanthemums, matrimony berries and other cut flowers, the general color scheme being yellow and white. A delectable dinner was served. Music, readings, games and reminiscences made the enjoyable event pass all too quickly. To show the high esteem in which they are held, Mr. and Mrs. Haas were the recipients of many remembrances, consisting of gold, cut glass, etc. The out-of-town guests were: Mrs. A. S. Winnie and son, Harlow, of Union Springs; Charles Aldrich and family of Canandaigua, and Mr. and Mrs. Worth Taylor of Clifton Springs.

Mr. Haas was born in Freedom, Mich., on April 10, 1837, and Mrs. Haas was born in Hopewell, N. Y., on June 30, 1845, she being formerly Miss Emily Aldrich. They were married on what is now known as the Lewis farm, just south of the village, on Oct. 24, 1866. Since their marriage they resided in Michigan for 15 years, in Auburn for 16 years and the remainder of the time has been spent in the Parlor Village. The best wishes of a host of friends and acquaintances are given to Mr. and Mrs. Haas at this happy time. It is also hoped that they may enjoy naught but good health and happiness during their declining years.

From Ontario County Journal 29 December 1899

Centerfield, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Hall
celebrated the twentieth anniversary of their marriage at their home on Christmas day. Relatives and friends to the number of forty were present from Rochester, Ontario, Farmington, Bristol and Canandaigua. The occasion was a very happy one, and brought a family of brothers and sisters together for the first time in fifteen years. Mr. and Mrs. Hall were the recipients of many handsome gifts.

From Geneva Gazette 23 March 1883

When a married couple celebrate their golden wedding the event is regarded as an important one, as comparatively few who marry and start on life's journey live together for a period of fifty years.  But there is a venerable couple residing in this city who were united in marriage fifty-seven years ago, and who bid fair to live many more years.  Yesterday Mr. John B. Hall called at the Gazette and Bulletin office and exhibited a time-stained copy of the GENEVA GAZETTE bearing the date of March 15th, 1826 -- fifty-seven years ago today.  The paper is still in a good state of preservation, and is treasured with scrupulous care, because it contains the following marriage notice:

In this village, on Monday evening last (the 13th of March, 1826), Mr. John B. Hall and Miss Agnes Milspaugh.
"In those days," said Mr. Hall, "the ministers did not give any certificate, but the notice was sent to the paper with a piece of the wedding cake, and it had to serve as a certificate.  That is the only certificate we have.  Mrs. Hall preserves it with great care, and she does not know that I have it out of the house now."

After exhibiting the old document to those present, he carefully folded it up and replaced it in his pocket, remarking:  "That paper in its early day was regarded as one of the best outside of the large cities, and it is still published." Mr. Hall is now 79 years of age and Mrs. Hall, his wife, is 82.  They enjoy reasonably good health, and their friends will all unite in wishing that they may live together many years to come, and never lose their certificate.

From Ontario County Journal 13 January 1899

West Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Myron Shelly Hall was attended on Monday afternoon by a large number of townspeople, as well as guests from Buffalo, Tonawanda, Rochester, Canandaigua, Clifton Springs, East Bloomfield, and Chatam, N. J. Among other gifts appropriate to the occasion were a gold-headed cane for Mr. Hall and a gold-handled umbrella for Mrs. Hall, which were presented by their pastor, Rev. Newton W. Bates, with fitting remarks, expressive of the high esteem in which they are held by the community in which Mr. Hall has been a lifelong resident.

From Ontario County Times 6 January 1875

Seneca, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. William Harmon
celebrated the tenth anniversary of their wedding on Monday evening, December. 28th. About sixty guests were present; many were deterred from being present on account of the inclemency of the weather. They received many valuable presents, among other things a handsome carpet.

From Ontario County Times 8 March 1876

The twentieth anniversary of the marriage of Chas. Harris and Irene Metcalf was celebrated at their home near Reed's Corners on the 25th ult. Mr. and Mrs. Harris were married on the 25th of February, 1856, since which they have resided near the Harris homestead. Five children have blessed their union, four of whom still rejoice their hearts and one has passed to her rest in the grave; their eldest, an amiable young lady deeply lamented. The guests to the number of about eighty, assembled, most of them at an early hour of the evening, and after a good chat together and the usual greeting, refreshments were served and the rich flow of mirth told all were well pleased, as one might judge from the sounds of merriment on either hand. The entertainment was ample and excellent.

After the refreshments, the pastor, Rev. N. A. DePew of Gorham, addressed all present, and especially our host and hostess, in a few remarks appropriate to the circumstances, closing with prayer. We could but reflect upon the changes of these twenty years and the probable change of the next score. It is well to pause now and then to review the "steps already trod," and greet each other with friendly cheer, as we bend ourselves to the task that is left. Valuable and choice gifts were bestowed by friends, both useful and ornamental, and at an early hour in the morning all returned to their homes well pleased with the entertainment.

From Geneva Courier 30 May 1877

TWENTY-FIVE YEARS - A SILVER WEDDING IN SENECA - When one has passed twenty-five years of married life, and in a single locality, it is becoming to commemorate the event.  It was our good fortune to be present at such an observance.  On the evening of the 22d of May, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Haslett, of Seneca, had reached a quarter of a century of married life; and in commemoration of it called together a few of their most intimate friends to join with them in celebrating their silver anniversary.

The rain in the afternoon did not give promise of so fine an evening as it proved to be.  At 7 o'clock there assembled at their residence between one hundred and twenty and a hundred forty guests.  The lawn in front of the house was beautifully decorated with Chinese lanterns, the glow of which bespoke the cordial reception all were sure to meet.  Within the house finely lighted, all went merry as a marriage bell.  The first thing the guests noticed on being ushered into the parlor after meeting the bride and groom of twenty-five years were two elegant bouquets from Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith of Geneva.  Passing through the parlor to the dining room, we saw a table that would cause an epicure to rejoice, and a dyspeptic to forget that he had a stomach that would wreak vengeance on its owner before morning.  In the centre of the table was a fine large pyramid of flowers, arranged by Mrs. Thomas McBlain, also of Geneva.  In a reception room nearby were arranged many useful and beautiful gifts from various persons.  Prominent among them was a very fine silver tea set, consisting of six pieces and waiter, a present from their friends about "No. 9".  The waiter was oval in form, and beautifully chiseled in the centre on a plain surface was the following inscription:  "Presented to Mr. and Mrs. H. Haslett, by Their Friends, Seneca, N. Y." Each separate piece was engraved with the letter "H" in old English.  The whole was purchased at the well known house of Sanderlin & McAllister, Rochester -- and was greatly admired by all.  The design was of the latest pattern and the set resting on the waiter was certainly all that could be desired by any one.  Among the other gifts were a beautiful coffee urn, ice pitcher, jewelry casket, pickle dishes, tea spoons, celery dish, pie knife, bouquet holder, etc., all silver.  Mr. H. L. Suydam, the well known artist of Geneva, presented Mr. and Mrs. Haslett with a beautiful oil painting, and a letter, full of expression of good wishes and cordial friendship.  Mrs. A. H. Nelson, also of your place, presented them with a basket of flowers -- very fine indeed. About 10 o'clock the company was called to order and invited to repair to the dining room where were Mr. and Mrs. Haslett with their pastor, Rev. A. B. Temple, who addressed them.

From Ontario County Journal 18 March 1910

Bristol, N. Y. - 
On the evening of March 10, about 40 friends gathered at the beautiful farm home of Mr. and Mrs. William Hayes, it being the 24th anniversary of their wedding. After partaking of a bounteous supper, served by host and hostess, the evening was pleasantly passed in progressive pedro. Frank Briggs accepted the pedro prize.

From Ontario County Journal 17 March 1911

Bristol, N. Y. - 
The J. W. A. C.'s were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Hayes, last Friday evening, the occasion being their 25th wedding anniversary. Their daughter, Mrs. Harold Fletcher, arranged the affair. A fine supper was served at 8 o'clock. The place cards were double hearts outlined in silver on which were the names: "Minnie Buckalew and William Hayes," and the years "1886-1911". The club presented Mr. and Mrs. Hayes with a silver pie knife. The remainder of the evening was spent at progressive pedro. Out-of-town guests were Mrs. Hayes' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Buckalew, of Honeoye, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fletcher, of Canandaigua. There were 32 present.

From Ontario County Journal 23 October 1891

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Stoughton Hayward
and wife celebrated their golden wedding on Thursday evening of this week. It was attended by a large number of relatives. and friends.

From Ontario County Times 27 October 1875

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Henry
of Reed's Corners celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding on Wednesday evening of last week by a Golden Wedding. Circumstances prohibited us from attending, but through the thoughtful kindness of the host and hostess, we were permitted, nevertheless, to partake of some of the good things which graced the burdened tables. We are pleased to learn that everything went off most satisfactorily, about ninety invited guests being present and that all enjoyed themselves to the utmost. May Mr. and Mrs. Henry live to see many another wedding day anniversary as pleasant and auspicious as was this, the semi-centennial.

From Ontario County Journal 24 December 1880

Crystal Wedding - Reed's Corners, December 21, 1880

Ed. Ontario County Journal -- Dear Sir:  Knowing so well as I do that you are pleased to hear of interesting occurrences, I cannot well allow a pleasing event of last evening to pass without adding another drop to your cup of happiness. I hope you will not keep it all to yourself either, but let your friends know something about it. I allude to the Crystal Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Henry, on the evening of December 20, 1880. Sixty or more of their neighbors and friends gathered at their residence to celebrate in a social manner the fifteenth anniversary of their wedded life. Old men and women were there. Prime manhood and womanhood were there. Young men and maidens were there. Children were there. In fact a representative world was on deck. Quietly, gracefully and pleasantly the happy couple received their guests.

From Geneva Daily Times 30 November 1908

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Henson, 129 Washington street, was the scene of a pretty reception yesterday afternoon between the hours of 3 and 6 o'clock, the occasion being the celebration of the golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Henson. In the hall the guests were received by Mrs. Jacob Hobick and Mrs. Mary Wooley, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Henson, and Mr. and Mrs. Henson received in the parlor. During the afternoon about 125 guests called at the house and there were present two persons who attended the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Henson fifty years ago. These were Robert Moaw of Seneca and Mrs. Daniel McCarthy of Stanley. Mr. and Mrs. Henson were married in Seneca. The house was prettily decorated throughout with white and yellow chrysanthemums and on the buffet table was another huge bouquet of these flowers. The chandelier was draped with ropes of smilax. In the dining room, Mrs. Will McCaw and Miss Elizabeth King served sherbet and ice cream, while Miss Julia Ferguson of Canandaigua, Miss Jessie King and Mrs. A. H. Herendeen assisted. Miss Lettie Warner presided at the punch bowl.

From Ontario County Repository & Messenger 24 April 1872

A Diamond Wedding - On Tuesday, the 2d instant, the friends and relations of James and Elizabeth Herendeen assembled by invitation at their residence, in the town of Farmington, to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of their wedding day. James Herendeen is the only living son of the late Joshua Herendeen, one of the pioneers of that town. James Herendeen is in the 84th year of his age, and his wife is in her 81st year.

From Ontario County Times 6 March 1878

On Monday of last week, Mr. and Mrs. George Hickox, who reside within a few miles of this village, celebrated their golden wedding. The occasion was made enjoyable by the presence of numerous relatives and friends, including several who were in attendance at the original wedding in 1828. Among these were Mr. and Mrs. Case, who were married some three months previous, a sister of the bridegroom, Mrs. Durand, the four sisters of the bride, and a brother, S. S. Mallory, of Geneva. The presents were numerous and elegant, and were eloquent tokens of the love and respect entertained by all for the aged couple who have dwelt together in peace and unity for so many years. The rooms of the homestead on this occasion were beautifully and appropriately decorated with golden grain. Mr. Hickox has attained the ripe old age of 85 years, and his faithful consort is 69 years old. He still exhibits much of the energy which characterized his youth. The reader will certainly pardon us if we mention a single incident of his boyhood days. In December, 1813, during the burning of Buffalo, his father, who was captain of militia, received an order at midnight to have his company in readiness to march. The boy, George, then a lad of ten years, was called up and sent on horseback to notify the officers, and at sunrise the company were mustered upon the public square in Canandaigua. Mr. Hickox was born near the spot where he now resides, and Mary Mallory, his venerable wife, at Milford, Conn. Mrs. Hickox traces her ancestry back to the Huguenots of France. Both were converted about 45 years ago, and have ever since led consistent Christian lives, and now enjoy in the decline of life the fruition of their unwearied efforts to teach by precept and example the lessons of truth, honor, industry and religion. Four children have been given them, three sons and a daughter. The sons are all married and settled upon farms in the immediate vicinity of the homestead. They have five grandchildren, to whom this was indeed a golden day. The occasion was a very pleasant one, and we hope that Canandaigua may be the scene of many more of a similar nature.

From Ontario County Journal 4 January 1889

Cheshire, N. Y. - The golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Hicks was held at their residence in this village January first. A large number of their friends and relatives were present.

From Ontario County Times 23 June 1886

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
Last Tuesday evening, the 15th, Mr. and Mrs. F. Higinbotham celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary in a very pleasant gathering of friends at their home. Besides the usual tin offerings on such occasions, several clubbed together and presented them with a beautiful Monitor oil stove, with oven and all necessary accompaniments. A good suggestion, inasmuch as it is an article that already they deem indispensable to their housekeeping in hot weather.

From Ontario County Journal 7 October 1892

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
Last Thursday evening occurred in East Bloomfield a very pleasant social gathering. It was the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the wedding day of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hobart, Such anniversaries are always full of pleasant thoughts and joyous memories, but none could be more so than this. One hundred thirty invited guests were present, besides five children and six grandchildren and two sisters and a brother of Mrs. Hobart. Mr. and Mrs. Hobart, the two sisters and the brother sat during the evening about the same table around which they had gathered in the old Willys home of years ago, where Mrs. Hobart was born. Mr. and Mrs. Hobart have passed a long and well-spent life in this community, and the love and respect of the people was well evinced by the cordial congratulations of which the aged couple were the recipients, as well as by the magnificent testimonials of esteem which took a material form. Among these beautiful gifts, most conspicuous was a set of breakfast, dinner and tea dishes, consisting in all of about one hundred thirty pieces, which, by a coincidence, is nearly identical with the number of guests present. After a long and very pleasurable evening the guests departed for their homes, feeling the hope that Mr. and Mrs. Hobart might continue to live as happily as in the past until the time shall arrive for the celebration of their "diamond wedding."

From Ontario County Chronicle 22 March 1905

Bristol Springs, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Holcomb
celebrated their golden wedding on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Holcomb have spent all their married life in this place, rearing a family of five children all living here, one of whom, Frederick Holcomb, is at present supervisor of this town.

From Ontario County Chronicles 12 December 1900

Oaks Corners, N. Y. - The social event of last week was the celebration of the crystal wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hood. The assembly was large and distinguished, the presents numerous and the occasion of great enjoyment.

From Ontario County Journal 24 March 1899

West Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hopkins was held on Monday afternoon and was attended by a large company of friends from Elmira, New York city, Geneva, Waterloo, Canandaigua, Corning, Honeoye Falls, East Bloomfield, Rochester and the state of Nebraska. A testimonial of regard was given Mrs. Hopkins from present and former members of her infant class, of which she has been a teacher for the past 35 years. They were also the recipients of numerous and handsome gifts from their many friends.

From Ontario County Journal 1 March 1901

North Bloomfield, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hopkins
celebrated the 25th anniversary of their marriage on Friday.

From Ontario County Times 23 February 1881

Victor, N. Y. -
The 25th anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah Horton occurred on Saturday. On Saturday evening about sixty of their friends gave them a very pleasant surprise.

From Geneva Daily Times 29 April 1910

Naples, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Henry Housel
have passed the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage, which they planned to observe quietly, but their children and neighborhood friends changed the order and visited them, bringing many expressions of good will. Their three children were present, Mrs. Lucien E. Munsell of Attica, William H. Housel and his wife, and Miss Caroline Housel of Naples.

From Geneva Gazette 23 July 1880

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Howell
of Canandaigua celebrated their golden wedding on the 15th inst. Mr. Howell is the oldest son of the late Judge Nathaniel W. Howell, whose portrait is the most noticeable one of all those which adorn the County Court room. Mrs. A. H. Howell is the granddaughter of Oliver Phelps of "Phelps and Gorham" fame.

From Shortsville Enterprise 8 March 1912

Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Howland,
who reside just north of this village, were given a surprise visit by about fifty friends and neighbors on Saturday evening last, the occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary. Among the guest present were Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Knowles and son, Lester, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McClelland and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heath, of Hopewell; Mrs. Homer Whittaker of Marion, Ind.; Mr. and Mrs. William Knowles of Seneca Falls, and Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Coddington of Booth street.

From Ontario County Journal 9 December 1892

Farmington, N. Y. -
Last Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hudson celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary. They were surprised by a company of grangers. While the festivities were going on the snow was going off, and those who went in sleighs were glad to exchange them for wagons to go home with.

From Ontario County Times 9 November 1881

Honeoye, N. Y. -
Two anniversary wedding festivals have recently come to pass. The first was the silver wedding of Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Huff, who were married by Rev. R. W. Paine, at the home of Mr. Andrew Bray, (Mrs. Huff's father), Richmond, Oct.. 30, 1856. Mr. Huff's residence is the homestead farm formerly owned by the late Dr. Willard Doolittle. One hundred guests and more were gathered to the festival on Monday evening, Oct. 31st. Richmond, Livonia, Canadice, Bloomfield, Seneca, Union Springs, Springwater and one of two towns in Michigan were represented in the company. Many of the guests brought with them useful and handsome presents of silver ware. Bountiful refreshment tables received ample attention; while the pleasant social intercourse, and the reunion of many old friends and acquaintances of bygone years rendered the occasion a very enjoyable one to those who were participators of it.

From Ontario Repository & Messenger 30 November 1870

A Tin Wedding - One of those delightful anniversaries of married life which renew the sweet memories of the bridal day, and crowd the joys of the intervening years into a few brief hours, was observed on Thursday evening last, by Mr. and Mrs. Dan. M. Hulse of this village, who on that occasion celebrated the tenth anniversary of their wedding day. Their residence was thronged and animated by a joyous company of friends. The presents included the valuable, the useful and the fanciful, which attracted much attention, and will be cherished as mementoes of this happy time. With social converse and feasting the hours passed rapidly away, and the guests separated with hearty wishes for the future life of the host and hostess. 

From Ontario County Journal 11 April 1879

Silver Wedding -
On the evening of April 1st, the house of Elmore Humphrey and wife of Victor was thronged with a large number of relatives and friends from all parts of the town, and some from adjoining villages.  The host and hostess, the twenty-fifth anniversary of whose wedding day they had come to celebrate, were greeted with the customary congratulations; old acquaintances and neighbors met and recalled the days of their youth, and, altogether, the evening passed as "merry as a marriage bell," the musically inclined singing, for the amusement of the company, the songs of Auld Lang Syne. Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey were well-known in town, and a display of silver ware on one of the tables testified to the high appreciation and esteem of their many friends. The gifts included cake baskets, napkin rings, table cutlery, vases, castors and other useful and ornamental articles, to the estimated value of more than a hundred dollars. While the guests were partaking of a rich repast provided in the dining hall, an interesting letter was read from a Western brother, containing a nicely written poem appropriate to the occasion. These twenty-five years of wedded life, all of which have been spent in the town in which they live, have brought both happiness and success to the bride and groom.  Their farm is pleasantly situated near the village, and within the past year they have erected a beautiful brick house upon the place, which they now occupy. Their household is brightened by a number of intelligent, interesting children, who are highly prized both in the church and society. The burdens of this quarter of a century seem to have rested very lightly upon them, and we can only wish them "many a happy return of the same day."

From Ontario County Times 9 April 1879

Victor, N. Y. -
The new residence of Mr. J. E. Humphrey was the scene of unusual festivity on Tuesday evening, April 1st. The house was brilliantly lighted, and the spacious parlors were thronged with guests, the occasion being the twenty-fifth anniversary of the marriage of the host and hostess. A large number of presents, both useful and beautiful, were presented to the "happy pair," who, with their family, were thus celebrating an event of interest to themselves and their many friends. A bounteous repast was served, to which the assembled guests did full justice. Mr. E. M. Peet was the generalissimo who presided over the musical entertainment, and so well did he do his part that all present were highly entertained and amused. The evening was pleasantly passed by all and will live long in the memory of those who were present.

From Geneva Daily Times 10 October 1905

Clifton Springs, N. Y. -
One of the pleasantest of events in Clifton Springs took place yesterday afternoon, the occasion being a reception given by Rev. and Mrs. S. J. Humphrey in honor of the fortieth anniversary of their marriage. The house was prettily decorated with cut flowers and the reception was from 3 till 5 o'clock. Rev. and Mrs. Humphrey were assisted in receiving their guests by the wives of the physicians at the Clifton Springs Sanitarium, and Mrs. Dr. Kingsbury assisted at the punch bowl. Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey resided in Chicago where he was district secretary of the American Board of Missions until about six years when they came to Clifton Springs.

From Geneva Daily Times 2 January 1932

Among the festivities of the holiday season was the celebration of the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hunt of Nursery Avenue. Arrangements for the event were made by their niece and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Miles of Millport. The house was attractively decorated with bouquets and baskets of holly and evergreen. Among those present were Mr. and Mrs. Hunt, Turner Miles, Mr. and Mrs. Dorn Dilmore, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. McWhorter and Jane and Margaret McWhorter; Mr. and Mrs. Morton Doyle, all of Millport; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Turner of Horseheads, Mrs. Jennie Bunn and Mrs. Lois Dunn of Rochester; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Doyle and son, Alton of Watkins; and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Miles.

From Victor Herald 5 December 1902

One of the pleasantest events of the season occurred at the country home of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Hunt on Saturday evening last. Twenty-five years ago on that date were united in marriage Miss Cornelia Marquis and Stephen A. Hunt, and at the close of a quarter of a century of happy married life, their friends gathered to offer congratulations on their silver anniversary. As the guests arrived they were received by Mr. and Mrs. Hunt, the bride being attired in the same gown in which she was married. After an hour or two spent in social intercourse, the assembled guests were seated at a bountiful wedding dinner, covers being laid for sixty-six. During the time spent in enjoying the dainty repast, an orchestra in an adjoining room rendered sweet music. A romance typical of the occasion was read, each of the guests participating. Later in the evening, a vocal solo was given by Frank Wilson, and also, a duet by Mrs. Carrie Marquis and C. A. Phillips. Rev. Frank W. Hill gave an impromptu address in his usual happy manner. Beautiful and useful gifts in abundance manifested plainly the esteem in which Mr. and Mrs. Hunt are held by their many friends. At eleven o'clock the company left for their homes, after expressing to the bride and groom their heartiest best wishes, and also voicing the hope that one and all might be privileged to gather again at both their golden and diamond anniversaries.

From Geneva Daily Times 24 August 1904

Canandaigua, N. Y. -
Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tompkinson Hunter, of Canandaigua, and the event will be very quietly celebrated by the members of the family at the Hunter home, on Park street. There will be no formal celebration owing to the recent death of a member of the family. Mr. Hunter was born at Pultneyville, Wayne county in 1829, and was the oldest of six children of Walter and Marie Tomkinson Hunter. Mr. Hunter and one sister, Mrs. Sarah Sweet, of Union City, Mich., are the only members of the family still alive. Mrs. Hunter's maiden name was Mary Butler Towne. She was the youngest of six children of William and Sally Towne, whose home was located where the Hydraulic Press Brick plant now stands. She is seventy years old and is the last living member of her family. Mr. Hunter served in the Third New York Light Artillery, during the Civil war, and is a member of the A. M. Murray Post, G. A. R., of Canandaigua. Mr. and Mrs. Hunter's marriage took place at Palmyra, August 24, 1854, Rev. Robert McKinstry, a Methodist clergyman officiating. They commenced keeping house on Chapel street, Canandaigua, and have passed more than half of their married life in Canandaigua. They lived at Sandusky, O., for four years and at Norwalk, O., for twenty years. They have had nine children, seven of whom are living. They are: Mrs. Grace Sally James of Montavallo, Ala.; Miss Helen Pauline Hunter, of Albany; Walter Sawyer Hunter of Parkwood, Pa.; Miss Maude Cornelia Hunter, who lives with her parents; Theodore Clark Hunter of Chattanooga, Tenn.; Mrs. Julia Beebe Brace of Rochester, and Charles Francis Hunter of Canandaigua. There are nine grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

From Ontario County Times 7 March 1877

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
Wednesday evening our esteemed neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Jenkins, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding day. Their house was full of friends; the Silver Cornet Band volunteered a serenade on the occasion, and "all went merry as a marriage bell," their friends wishing them many years of life, happiness and prosperity. Although Mr. Jenkins is the last person they with to call upon in a business way, yet he is always ready and willing to serve them to the best of his ability. (He is an undertaker.)

From Geneva Daily Times 14 June 1907

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - On Wednesday evening, Mr. and Mrs. George I. Jennings celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage, at their home on Hibbard avenue. There were present thirty guests. The house was prettily decorated in a color scheme of pink and green, with cut flowers and potted plants. Hand painted place cards were used at the tables. Elaborate refreshments were served. The guests present from out-of-town were: Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Marriam, Mrs. F. A. Moore, of Fulton; Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Merriam, Mrs. H. P. Merriam, of Phoenix; Mrs. C. M. Youngs, of Clifford; Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hayden, of Waltham, Mass., and Mrs. Burton Hallock of Syracuse. Mr. and Mrs. Jennings were the recipients of many beautiful gifts consisting of silver, cut glass, etc. Mr. Jennings presented his wife an elegant gold watch.

From Ontario County Journal 10 February 1911

Ionia, N. Y. -
The 25th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton M. Johnson's marriage occurred on Thursday, Feb. 2. Unexpectedly to them their rooms were filled in the evening by a company of friends and neighbors who had gathered to commemorate the occasion, bringing refreshments and also a substantial token of their good will.

From Ontario County Journal 1 April 1910

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
At Grand View farm, the residence of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Phillips, town of East Bloomfield, on March 23, a company of children and grandchildren, numbering 21, gathered to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Johnson. The tables were beautifully decorated with American beauty roses, carnations and foliage. Many useful presents were presented to the aged bride and groom. Six children were born to them, all of whom are living: Smith N. Johnson of Canandaigua; Mrs. M. J. Phillips, East Bloomfield; Mrs. James A. Perrine, Canandaigua; Mrs. R. P. Andrews, Buffalo; Mrs. Wesley Sellers, Nanticoke, Canada; and Mrs. Estella Curtis, Rochester. All were present with husbands and wives and seven grandchildren. Pictures of the company were taken as souvenirs of a day not to be forgotten.

From Ontario County Times 15 February 1888

Port Gibson, N. Y. -
On the 6th inst. occurred the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Johnson. They have lived in this vicinity for more than forty years, and many friends and relatives were present to congratulate them. Numerous and beautiful presents were left as tokens of esteem, among them two gold-headed canes.

From Geneva Daily Times 14 October 1908

Shortsville, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnston
of this village have the distinction of being a bride and groom of sixty years ago. The marriage of Robert Johnston and Maria W. Reynolds occurred on October 12, 1848, in the town of Palmyra, Wayne county, of which place they were both then residents. They have resided near Palmyra all of their lives, where they have a great number of friends and relatives who have during all of the past week sent congratulations and visited them. The families of both Mr. and Mrs. Johnston are remarkable for their longevity, this being the fourth sixtieth anniversary that has been celebrated in the family and although they have reached this advanced age they are both in good health and able to attend to their daily duties.

From Geneva Daily Times 30 December 1907

Clifton Springs, N. Y. -
On Friday evening last, at their home on East Main street, Mr. and Mrs. William A. Judd celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage, and at the same time the twenty-sixth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Stephens, and the fourteenth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Burt Baldwin, were also celebrated. C. D. Hill was the only person present who attended the marriage ceremony of Mr. and Mrs. Judd, which took place at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Hill, in Palmyra. Mrs. Judd was attired in her wedding gown, of white brocaded silk which has not been altered and also wore the slippers, stockings and gloves which she wore on her wedding day. Mr. Stephens presented the bride with a bouquet of carnations and in behalf of the guests present, Thomas W. Barker presented the bride and groom several pieces of silver. A dozen solid silver knives and forks were a gift of Mr. Judd. There were 26 guests present and refreshments were served by the following ladies: Misses Bessie N. Judd, Mary Judd, Ruth Judd and Lucile Harmon.

From Geneva Daily Times 14 July 1902

Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Kane
of 18 Exchange street are this afternoon celebrating the 50th anniversary of their wedding. Mr. Kane is about 78 years of age, while his wife is a year younger.  They came to Geneva about 55 years ago, and were married in this city half a century ago. Only the members of the immediate family are present at the golden wedding this afternoon, but that means a good attendance. Mr. and Mrs. Kane have six children and numerous grandchildren living.  Their children are Chief of Police Daniel R. Kane, Thomas A. Kane, the well-known merchant; John Kane, Mrs. E. J. Broderick, Mrs. M. F. Connolly and Mrs. E. J. Mulcahy.

From Geneva Daily Times 28 September 1905

Mr. and Mrs. John Kane,
of No. 36 Exchange street, received a surprise last evening when forty-five of their relatives gathered at their home at 8 o'clock to help them pleasantly commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of their wedding. The couple and their little family celebrated the occasion in their own quiet way during yesterday and had settled down to pass a quiet evening in reading when there came a knock at the door. Mrs. Kane responded and met a man who inquired the name of the occupant of the house. She informed him, whereupon he and some assistants brought a handsome buffet from a furniture dray on the street. Both Mr. and Mrs. Kane tried to tell him that there was some mistake but the man said he knew he was right. The couple had just begun to take the matter in a different light, when all of their relatives appeared, coming from the home of Mr. Kane's mother, two doors north. The surprise was complete. Mr. Kane is a brother of Chief Kane of the police and of T. A. Kane. He is associated in the grocery business with the latter.

From Ontario County Journal 28 May 1909

Mr. and Mrs. John Kaveny, of Pearl street, quietly passed the 50th anniversary of their married life on Wednesday. They were united in marriage by Father Lee in East Bloomfield on May 26, 1859, and up to two years ago resided upon their farm in the western part of this town, which showed the thrift and industry of the occupants, so long respected as among the substantial residents of that section. Owing to the illness of Mrs. Kaveny a golden wedding celebration which had been planned was abandoned, although they received their children and the congratulations of many friends.

From Ontario County Journal 1 October 1875

The tenth anniversary of the wedded life of T. H. Kellogg and lady was celebrated by a Tin Wedding last Monday evening. A large circle of friends gathered to offer their congratulations, and wish the happy and worthy couple a long life of happiness and prosperity; and to their well-wishes we heartily add ours.

From Shortsville Enterprise 16 November 1913

Manchester, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo B. King,
of Hopewell, celebrated the fifty-eighth anniversary of their marriage Friday and are having congratulations showered upon them from a wide circle of friends, over the fact that few people ever share the joys and sorrows of life together as long as Mr. and Mrs. King. Both sprung from families of the early pioneers, Mr. King, the son of Harvey and Lucy King, having been born on what still bears the name of the "King homestead," located midway between this village and Port Gibson. Mrs. King's maiden name was Mary Hoes, and she was the daughter of Richard and Nancy Hoes of Port Gibson.

Mr. and Mrs. A. B. King were united in marriage at the bride's home on November 14, 1855, and after a wedding dinner departed on a tour which extended to Port Byron, N. Y., and was considered something of a trip in those days. Mr. and Mrs. King commenced housekeeping northeast of Manchester village on what is known as the Kelly farm. For fifty years Mr. and Mrs. King were residents of the town of Manchester and Mr. King became widely known as the owner of the Manchester Center saw mill, which he conducted for many years in connection with agricultural pursuits before going to the town of Hopewell to reside. Mr. and Mrs. King are both enjoying good health for people who have passed their golden wedding by eight years. They have five children, Mrs. Leora Farnsworth, and Wade R. King of Manchester; Mrs. Julius F. Aldrich of Farmington; and Geo. King of Clifton Springs.

From Shortsville Enterprise 19 November 1914

Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo B. King
of Hopewell celebrated the 59th anniversary of their marriage on Saturday. For 50 years they resided in Manchester township and Mr. King conducted the Manchester saw mill for many years.

From Geneva Daily Times 6 October 1906

Mr. and Mrs. Silas King of 28 Tillman, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary yesterday. They gave a six o'clock dinner last evening to about twelve of their relatives. Miss Alice Ormand was the only one present last evening who attended the wedding fifty years ago. The wedding took place on Lake street and Mr. and Mrs. King have resided in this city their entire wedded lives. The table was prettily decorated with flowers and it was a notable feature that most of the dishes and the brass candle sticks used last evening were also used on the bride's table at the time of the wedding.

From Ontario County Times 31 January 1877

Thursday eve, January 25th, Mr. and Mrs. John S. Kingsbury celebrated their golden wedding. The party consisted of a few of their old friends and neighbors. That was much enjoyed. Mr. and Mrs. Kingsbury received the kindest wishes of their friends. I understand that there were no presents on the occasion, thus setting an example that all anniversary weddings would do well to initiate. The feeling has become so general that one must make a present at such times, that they have come to be regarded as almost a nuisance.

From Geneva Daily Times 7 January 1910

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kless,
of this village, celebrated their fiftieth anniversary of their marriage on Wednesday evening. The marriage ceremony took place in Rochester 50 years ago and for over 40 years they have resided in this village. Mr. Kless, who is 73 years of age, has had a barber shop in the Annex Block in this village for the past 31 years. He now has his son, Charles, in partnership with him in the business. Mrs. Kless is 66 years old. They have five children, three of whom are living in this village, as follows: Charles and Frank Kless and Mrs. Lemuel Horton; two sons living in Buffalo, William and Fred Kless. In speaking of the weather, Mr. Kless says their wedding day fifty years ago was much the same as the anniversary this year.

From Ontario County Journal 7 March 1902

Shortsville, N. Y. -  Mr. and Mrs. Henry O. Klinck
were given a pleasant surprise by 40 friends on Tuesday evening in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Klinck were presented with two pieces of handsome cut glass.

From Ontario County Journal 15 March 1912

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -  Mr. and Mrs. John Klinefeller
celebrated the 50th anniversary of their marriage Friday evening by entertaining a number of their friends and relatives at their home southwest of this village. Everything possible was done to make the golden wedding a success and a most delightful evening was spent. The 65 guests entered into the spirit of the affair with enthusiasm. Mr. Klinefeller was dressed in his wedding suit. Rev. G. B. Spencer and T. W. Peeling tendered the congratulations of the company. There were many gifts, mostly in gold.

From Geneva Gazette 16 March 1900

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Knauss
celebrated their golden wedding last Saturday evening with a house full of old friends who assembled to tender congratulations at their home in Phelps.

From Geneva Courier 27 January 1875

GOLDEN WEDDING - Mr. and Mrs. Walter Laidlaw of this village celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding on Thursday of last week, all their children now grown to manhood and womanhood, coming home to participate. Mr. and Mrs. Laidlaw were married in Scotland in 1825, and came to this country shortly afterwards in 1829 and first settled in the town of Phelps and four years after in 1833 moved to Geneva where they have since resided, most of the time, at his present residence on Pultney Street. For many years Mr. Laidlaw was a member of the Associate Reform Church.  In 1860 he transferred his church relation to the Reformed Church since which in 1863 he entered the Consistory and faithfully performed the duties of his offices as a Deacon and Elder.  The members of the Consistory on Thursday evening proceeded to Mr. Laidlaw's house to tender their congratulations when Rev. Mr. Brush on their behalf presented the aged couple with a silver cake basket and butter dish and the good wishes of the members.  We learn that Mr. Laidlaw was subsequently presented with a silver headed cane by other friends.

From Geneva Gazette 19 April 1878

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Larzelere
of Dresden celebrated their golden wedding on the 10th inst. Mr. L. was a native of Geneva, born in 1806.

From Ontario County Chronicle 24 February 1904

Shortsville, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Latting
invited a few friends to aid in celebrating the 40th anniversary of their wedding day, which occurred on the 22nd of February. They reside on the Four Town Farm, where Mr. Latting was born in August, 1858. They are rugged, and their five children are all alive and well, none of the family are missing, although two are away from home.

From Ontario County Chronicle 2 March 1904

A slight mistake was made in last week's Chronicle. It said J. H. Latting was born in 1858 and celebrated his 40th anniversary of his marriage Feb. 22 last. It should have said he was born in 1838, as in the former case he would have been a young bridegroom to wed in 1864. He was no spring chicken if it was in war time. He was drafted the same year, they could hardly want a soldier 6 years old.

From Ontario County Journal 1 July 1910

Rushville, N. Y. -
Last Sunday Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Lauder celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and entertained at dinner Mr. and Mrs. Ira Foster, Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Detro and son, Howard, and Myron Washburn and family of Williamsport, Pa.

From Ontario County Journal 17 September 1909

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
A pleasant surprise occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Leete on Wednesday, the occasion being the 25th anniversary of their wedding. All the relatives now alive, who were present at their wedding assembled to congratulate them. Old memories were revived and a most enjoyable day spent.

From Geneva Gazette 17 September 1886

Oaks Corners - Over sixty guests assembled at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Silas Lowe last Tuesday, September 14, to celebrate with them their golden wedding, four of whom were present at the original wedding fifty years ago.  Rev. J. P. Richardson read some interesting letters of regret from absent friends, also made a short speech, telling a few facts regarding the first wedding and the intervening time, which, all but one year, had been spent at the home where they now reside. Miss Sophronia Lowe of Genoa, daughter of one of Mr. Lowe's elder brothers, presented the gifts (which were many and beautiful) in behalf of the friends present, bringing their minds back to the time when some of them welcomed the new aunt into the family.  Mr. Lowe replied in a touching manner, thanking all for their kind remembrances.  All united in singing the "Sweet bye and bye," after which a bountiful and delicious collation was served.

From Geneva Gazette 22 March 1889

Oaks Corners - Long remembered by all fortunate enough to be present will be the happy twenty-fifth anniversary, or Silver Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Lowe, which was celebrated at their pleasant home in Oaks Corners last Friday evening.  The incoming trains brought guests from Canandaigua, Shortsville, Phelps, Geneva and Waterloo.  The Rev. Samuel Murdoch had the happy office of presenting to them in behalf of their many friends present a table filled with the shining ore in the shape of a handsome solid silver coffee urn, teaspoons, salad spoons, butter dish and individual plates,  etc. etc.  During the evening a most delicious collation was served.  All joined in wishing them added prosperity and happiness in the years to come -- especially that all might be able to celebrate with them their Golden Wedding.

From Geneva Daily Times 2 January 1931

Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius T. Lynch,
of 487 South Main street, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary yesterday at their home. They were married in Fulton, N. Y., on January 1st, 1907, in the Church of the Immaculate Conception. Rev. John Lindsman performed the wedding ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Lynch entertained members of the wedding party and relatives on New Year's Eve, and at a five o'clock dinner on New Year's Day at their home in observance of the occasion. Guests were present from Oswego, Fulton, Utica, Herkimer and New York.

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