Wedding Anniversaries

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From Ontario County Times 2 February 1876

Golden Wedding -
On the evening of January 26th instant, Mr. Cyrus Macomber and wife celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary, at the residence of Horatio H. Hickok, in Canadice. The occasion was a remarkable one in many respects. It is not often that we meet persons who have shared each other's joy and sorrows for so long a period, or who have borne life's burdens more cheerfully than this aged couple; and we shall not often meet with those who are more highly respected and esteemed. Nearly all the years of their wedded life have been passed on this farm, and none are more familiar with the changes which have taken place in this town within the past sixty years than they. Early in life they gave their hearts to their Maker, and have led useful and exemplary lives, winning the confidence and affection of a very wide circle of friends. The guests, numbering nearly eighty, assembled at an early hour, and more hearty congratulations could not be offered than were received by this aged pair. Among the guests were two brothers and three sisters of Mrs. Macomber, who came from Lansing, Mich., to mingle in the festivities of the occasion. The greater part of the company were relatives more or less remote, residing in this and Livingston counties. Congratulations were received through the mail from friends at Mt. Morris, from Holly, Orleans county, Nebraska, and from Hastings, Nebraska. A large number of presents were received from children, friends and neighbors, many of which were of considerable value, and all attested the deep regard in which they are held by the donors.

The exercises were introduced by song -- "The Farmer's Golden Wedding" -- by H. H. Hickok. Address by Rev. George M. Slaysman of Hemlock Lake. Song -- "Fifty years ago" -- by Mr. Hickok. Prayer by Rev. Robert T. Hancock of Hemlock Lake. Mr. Fred. F. Hoecker of Naples then gave the company a rare treat of choice music from the organ, after which Rev. Warren J. Hobbs of Honeoye Falls, and R. T. Hancock, delivered short and very appropriate addresses. Song -- "We're growing old together, Maud" -- by Mr. Hickok. A beautifully spread table next claimed the attention of the company, and the good things were discussed with the hilarity and harmony characteristic of wedding-day festivities. Miss Hoecker sang several songs, which were well received by all. Several good old hymns were sung by the company, Mr. Hoecker presiding at the organ. Altogether, the reunion of friends and the generous interchange of thought which the occasion afforded, were richly enjoyable, and will long be remembered by all who participated as one of the happiest events of their lives.

From Ontario County Times 30 January 1878

Canadice, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Shepard Macomber
celebrated their silver wedding on the 19th inst.

From Ontario County Journal 31 December 1880

Silver Wedding - Mr. and Mrs. James Malette,
of the Geneva Courier, will celebrate the 25th anniversary of their marriage next Monday evening, at their residence in Geneva. We acknowledge the receipt of a handsomely printed invitation to be present, which we could the more readily accept as we find "No Presents" in one corner of the card. may our editorial brother and his amiable spouse live and prosper to happily celebrate their golden wedding.

From Ontario County Journal 22 February 1901

West Bloomfield, N. Y. -  Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Mann
were pleasantly surprised last Saturday evening, it being the 38th anniversary of their marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Mann were invited out to spend the afternoon, when their friends to the number of 26 took possession of their home and were waiting to receive them on their return. Refreshments were served and an enjoyable evening was spent.

From Ontario County Times 12 November 1890

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Marks,
of Hopewell, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage last evening, receiving congratulations and good wishes of many friends. May this "golden wedding" be followed with many years of health and happiness.

From Ontario Repository and Messenger 4 June 1873

Alexander Martin, Esq., and Mrs. Martin, of North Bloomfield, celebrated their golden wedding, May 29th. It was one of the most enjoyable occasions which has taken place in that town for a long time. There must have been nearly three hundred persons present -- the rich and poor, grave and gay, old and young. Speeches were made by Rev. L. C. Brown of Honeoye Falls, and Henry Jewell of Bristol. Fine music, and refreshments, with a serenade late in the evening, added much to the pleasure of all. Mr. and Mrs. M., with their youngest son, spent the past winter in Florida. The venerable parents have many blessings to be thankful for, and among them may be reckoned a worth family of children, all useful men and women; the oldest is A. H. Martin, who has a beautiful residence near his father's elegant mansion. The youngest son, Frank, a graduate of Tufts College, Mass., is a banker at Grand Rapids, Michigan. Few live to see a Golden Wedding. may the honored couple still remain to bless the community in which they have lived so long, and in which they are so respected.

From Ontario County Journal 28 February 1896

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Harley Mason
celebrated the tenth anniversary of their marriage Wednesday night of last week by a tin wedding. A large number of their friends were present and a most enjoyable time was spent by all. A number of useful presents were received. Music was furnished by Murrell's orchestra.

From Ontario County Journal 6 January 1888

Academy, N. Y. - The 10th marriage anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Mather was celebrated at their residence on the evening of the 26th inst., by about forty of their friends. Music and the discussion of the political and moral questions of the day made the time pass very pleasantly. Some heavy sheep men were not very enthusiastic in their praise of the president's message. Mr. and Mrs. Mather are a pair of worthy and useful young people, having early in life adopted the principle of favoring and assisting every social, educational, moral and religious enterprise that to them seemed for the good of the community. After partaking of a bounteous repast, the company went to their homes leaving many ornamental and useful tokens of esteem and appreciation, wishing the bride and groom many anniversaries.

From Geneva Advertiser 8 May 1893

Golden Wedding Anniversary -
There was a pleasant gathering last Wednesday afternoon and evening, April 19th, at the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Maynard, of Geneva, the occasion for which was apparently by a glance at the dates, 1843-1893.  The bride and groom received many and hearty congratulations from their host of friends.  For the evening was reserved the crowning of the day's surprises, when their pastor, with a few happy words, clasped a golden necklace about the neck of the bride, composed of coins of varying values amounting to one hundred dollars.  Each coin, with the forty dollars not included in this unique gift, represented much more than its simple value, in the love and esteem that prompted them.  The surprise so daintily planned was most appropriate to mark the half century milestone as they had passed.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 11 April 1906

Stanley, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McCarthy
gave a dinner party to a few friends last Tuesday, it being the thirty-ninth anniversary of their wedding. The friends who were present were Mrs. Mary McLarry, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. William Washburn and daughter, Elizabeth.

From Geneva Daily Times 8 December 1904

SILVER WEDDING - Mr. and Mrs. George McCrea,
of No. 215 Main street, celebrated their silver wedding last night with a dinner party which was served at their home to fifty of their friends. The house was decorated with smilax, palms and chrysanthemums. Beginning at 8 o'clock the dinner was served by six young women dressed in white. After the repast cards rounded out the evening's amusement. Mrs. McCrea received many gifts appropriate to the occasion. Among the guests from out of town present were Mr. and Mrs. Leslie McCrea, Mr. and Mrs. John Lerch, Mrs. Ottis Getchell of Auburn; Mr. and Mrs. George Snyder and Mrs. and Mrs. William Futer, of Skaneateles; Mr. and Mrs. Theodore VanRiper and Mrs. Peter Van Riper of Waterloo. Mr. and Mrs. McCrea were married twenty-five years ago yesterday in Skaneateles and came to this city eighteen years ago.

From Ontario Repository and Messenger 26 April 1876

Mr. and Mrs. B. C. McDonald,
of Rushville, celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of their marriage last week Monday evening. Many presents were received, and the occasion was highly enjoyed by all.

From Ontario County Journal 30 December 1881

Shortsville, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Hiram McDonald
celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary Dec. 22. About one hundred of their many friends were present to congratulate them, and make them a present of $58 in gold, besides some other very nice presents. A merry time, plenty of substantials, and an introduction to the smoking room, were the features of the evening.

From Geneva Daily Times 7 December 1906

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. McIntyre celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage at their home on Church street, Tuesday.

From Ontario County Times 12 March 1873

The residence of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin D. McLouth, of Farmington, was the scene of as happy and glad a reunion as it is often our lot to witness; the occasion being the celebration of their tenth anniversary. The guests numbered over sixty, each with his or her simple gift of tin, until a large table was loaded with the shining array. It was indeed a beautiful sight, and called forth much merriment. The company, consisting of all ages, from the hoary-headed grandparent to the artlessness of childhood, were soon gathered in groups as fancy or inclination dictated, while the swelling notes from the organ added a charm to the whole. After a time spent in the parlors in the interchange of thought and social feeling, the guests were invited to the dining room, where a sumptuous feast awaited them; and the laugh and the joke went round, as the tempting viands disappeared from the well-filled tables. After all were served and assembled again in the parlors, we listened to some very appropriate remarks by Mr. Nelson Powell, followed by Mr. Nathan I. Aldrich; after which, a poem suitable to the occasion was read, when after some closing pieces of music, the company dispersed, feeling the happier for thus having met and mingled together socially. The occasion, though a tin one, was indeed a happy one, and will long be remembered by all present.

From Ontario County Journal 20 January 1911

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Randolph McMichael, in the northern part of the town, was the scene of a pleasant gathering Monday evening, when about 100 of their neighbors and friends paid them a surprise visit in celebration of their golden wedding. Guests were present from neighboring towns, among whom were Lucius Green and family, Eugene Green, wife and daughter, Mrs. Charles Nickson and Miss Clella Stiles of Honeoye Falls. A bountiful supper was served and a delightful evening was passed. One of the enjoyable features was the music rendered by Mrs. G. A. Burrell, William Harvey and Frank McMichael. Among the gifts which Mr. and Mrs. McMichael received was a purse of gold, presented by Rev. G. S. Spencer, who made a few pleasing remarks. Mr. McMichael brought out his old violin which has given so much pleasure in days gone by and which he has not forgotten how to use. A picture of Mr. and Mrs. McMichael taken at the time of their marriage was also a source of much enjoyment.

From Geneva Daily Times 26 December 1907

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. W. T. McMullen
celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage at their home in the Stephens house on Kendall street yesterday. Their five daughters, Mrs. A. L. Milliken, of Dumont, N. J.; Mrs. P. D. Phillips of Stanford, Conn.; Mrs. W. F. D. Morey of Greenfield, Mass.; Mrs. F. W. Webb, of Geneva; and Mrs. J. J. Fox of Clifton Springs, together with five grandchildren, were present and assisted in the celebration. Mr. and Mrs. McMullen have been residents of this place since 1899. Many friends have presented Mr. and Mrs. with gifts of the golden metal.

From Ontario County Times 15 October 1873

Mr. and Mrs. Dr. John Melvin,
of Manchester, celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage on Wednesday, the 8th instant -- invitations being given out for both morning and evening. The occasion seems to have brought together a goodly number of the relatives and friends of the happy couple, the aggregate attendance during the day being reported at two hundred and fifty persons, all of whom were entertained in the most hospitable manner, while the numerous guests brought many mementoes of their good will, which the recipients will be sure to cherish among the most precious of their earthly possessions. Among the presents was a handsome tea set, valued at $90, and other articles which, if less costly, were scarcely less acceptable. We congratulate the Doctor and his estimable lady upon the success of this anniversary celebration, and hope they may live to see many returns of the same.

From Ontario County Chronicle 23 July 1902

On Tuesday of last week, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Metcalf, two highly esteemed residents of Canandaigua, celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary. The aged couple were surrounded by their children, Samuel G. Metcalf and wife, of New York, the Misses Frances and Henrietta Metcalf, of Canandaigua, their nephew, the Hon. J. H. Metcalf, and their niece, Miss Susan Metcalf of Buffalo. During the day many of their friends called to pay their respects and extend congratulations.

From Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Wednesday, January 17, 1917

Happiness Is Celebrated

Mr. and Mrs. George Miles, of Reed Corners, Still Active in Village Life.

Rushville, Jan. 16 - Mr. and Mrs. George Miles, of Reeds Corners, to-day observed the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage, and were the guests of honor at a dinner given by their son, Fred Miles, and wife in their home a short distance from their parents' abode.

Fifty guests were present, Mr. and Mrs. William Arnold, of Naples, and John Wood, of Canandaigua, being the only ones outside the neighborhood.  Yellow chrysanthemums were used to decorate the tables and rooms.

Mrs. Miles's maiden name was Marcia Hallock, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Hallock, of Chapinville.  Mr. Miles's parents were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd (sic) Miles, of Hopewell.  Both have always lived in Ontario county.

The marriage ceremony of fifty years ago was performed by Rev. Mr. Chase, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Chapinville.  They began housekeeping in the town of Seneca and two years later moved to Clifton.  Thirty-three years ago they came to the farm at Reeds Corners where they have since lived.  They have two sons, Fred, and Charles, who lives near Canandaigua, and one daughter, Mrs. Charles Cornell, of Enderlin, N. D. who was unable to be present to-day.

Mr. Miles is a veteran of the Civil war having seen three years' active services with the 148th New York volunteers.  He received several flesh wounds, but was not seriously injured.  Mr. Miles will be 71 years of age on next St. Patrick's Day and his wife is almost 68, yet both are strong and able in mind and body.  They take an active part in the life of the neighborhood and a sympathetic interest in the doings of the outside world.

Many thanks to Kerry (Miles) Patrick for this donation.

From Geneva Daily Times 18 September 1902

Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Miller,
who reside in the Fairfax building, celebrated the 34th anniversary of their wedding last evening. Among the guests present were J. R. Worth and Mrs. George Briggs of this city, and Mrs. Martin W. Jewett of New York, who were playmates of Mr. Miller in Fayetteville, when he was a boy.  Stories of old times were told after the 6 o'clock dinner was served.  A literary and musical program was rendered.  Harold Lewis and Meyer Lewis, grandsons of Mr. and Mrs. Miller, recited; Mr. Miller, accompanied by Mrs. Miller and Miss Miller, rendered violin solos, and Miss Hazel Briggs sang. Mr. and Mrs. Miller were the recipients of a handsome silver bread tray, presented by Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Worth.

From Ontario County Chronicle 11 June 1902

Allen's Hill, N. Y. -
A brilliant social event occurred at Allen's Hill last Wednesday evening. On May 28, 1877, at the home of the bride, occurred the marriage of LeRoy A. Mitchell, of Naples, and Miss Jennie Ora Johnson, of this place, the officiating clergyman being Rev. J. L. King, of the M. E. Church. On the 28th of May, 1902, the 25th anniversary of the event referred to, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell celebrated their silver wedding at their stately country residence north of the village. The spacious rooms were beautifully decorated with carnations of almost every shade, tulips, and other spring flowers. Upwards of 90 invited guests were present and had a very enjoyable time. During the evening a beautiful supper was served by a courteous committee. The evening was most delightfully spent with friends and neighbors. Many beautiful and useful gifts were left with Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell, and kindly wishes expressed that they would see many returns of the anniversary. Guests were present from Brighton, Canandaigua, Naples, Livonia, Bristol and West Bloomfield.

From Geneva Gazette 20 May 1859

A Golden Wedding -
 Not often in the course of human life does the occasion or privilege offer of mingling as a friendly guest in the joyous festivities, congratulations and endearing expressions of gratitude and affection, such as awakened our admiration and sympathy on the celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the nuptial-day of our worthy townsman, Wm. M. Moore, and his truly amiable partner in life, Anna Bostwick; the first of whom was aged 74 and the second 75 years.  They were bound by the marriage tie on the 6th day of May in the year 1809 at Burlington, Vermont, which native State they have ever cherished for its early reminiscences, and where a large and influential circle of relatives still reside.  In the year 1815, they journeyed to and settled in Western New York -- then alluded to as the "far west"; they gather around them 24 children and grand-children.  To the honor of the aged parents it can be said that they have trained their children carefully, both mentally and physically, and their descendants through all its line, evinces an ancestry of sterling worth.  On the Matron's side the genealogy is distinctly traced to loyal, worthy subjects of England in the earliest centuries of her power. The physical tone and strength of the children partakes of the character of the parents.

The descendants of the rejuvenated bride and groom assembled at an early hour on Friday, the 6th inst., to commemorate their Golden Wedding, and to offer congratulations and the tribute of grateful, filial hearts. The names of the members of the family, in genealogical order having been read, a few preliminary remarks were offered in behalf of the grandchildren, and a presentation was made of a purse of golden mementoes, agreeable to custom on such memorable times.  An affectionate expression then made on the part of the children of the aged ones and the fine present of a carriage and horses with the appurtenances, was made by the children and their partners, both of which offerings were received with much emotion by the parents.  The hours passed with mutual expressions of thankfulness and regard, with the relation of highly interesting historic incidents, and the remembrance of bygone days, causing all to appear animated with good feeling and humor.

A remarkable feature in the gathering was the presence of the original bridesmaid, a sister of the bride.  She as yet is a hale and hearty matron, and we trust she may be permitted to witness many other as happy unions.  Another sister survives, who was a guest at the marriage.  Articles of domestic manufacture, by the hands of the bride of 50 years (previous and subsequent to the first wedding day) were to be seen in the form of table linen and counterpane.  A few reflections were happily expressed by an intimate friend of the family, prompted by emotions called forth on on witnessing the blessed influences of harmony and affection, and the great favor of physical strength and health granted the children; after offerings of sentiment, reciprocative wishes for continued kind blessings and pleasure earthly and spiritual, a return of hearty thanks was feelingly rendered by the happy couple; the re-wedded and their attendants then rolled away on a miniature wedding tour, in the establishment of the cherished daughter-in-law, Mrs. N. D_____.  May the reflections of a well-spent life, devoted to the praise of their Creator, be theirs to enjoy hereafter, and the soothing cares and kindness of their children attend them throughout their declining years.

From Ontario County Journal 17 May 1878

Mr. and Mrs. E. Morse
celebrated their Golden Wedding at their residence at Seneca Point on Wednesday. They are the parents of E. M. Morse, Esq., of this place and Mrs. M. C. Wells, of New York city.  Mr. and Mrs. Wells arrived in town on Tuesday for the purpose of participating in the celebration of the welcome anniversary. The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Morse extend their congratulations on the event of having reached the fiftieth year of happy wedded life.

From Victor Herald 11 June 1892

Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Morse,
of Farmington, were kindly remembered on Saturday afternoon of last week. It was the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage. Their friends and relatives to the number of seventy came to assist them celebrate the day. Shortly after the guests had assembled dinner was announced, and the guests sat down to one of those old time Farmington feasts which was set off by those delicacies of the season, strawberries and ice cream. After dinner the party broke up into little groups, and the younger ones enjoyed a game of ball. After about an hour of social enjoyment the company was called together, and C. H. Wood acted as master of ceremonies. Miss Edith Loomis entertained the company with vocal and instrumental music. After dinner speeches were called for and promptly responded to. George Loomis, father of Mrs. Morse, gave some very interesting reminiscences of the early history of the neighborhood. Mr. Wood read a very appropriate selection, the host, Mr. Morse, thanked his friends for the kind remembrance, and extended to them a cordial invitation to be present at their fiftieth anniversary. There were several beautiful presents, the rooms were very prettily decorated with flowers, and the bride's cake was adorned with the same pair of snow white doves that did service twenty-five years ago. Among the guests were parties from Syracuse, Avon, Canandaigua, Rochester, as well as Farmington and Victor.

From Ontario County Journal 3 December 1875

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The 50th anniversary of the wedded life of Harlow Munson and wife was celebrated last Monday, at the residence of Chas. W. Bradley.  A select party of the friends of the family were present.  May it be that for many years to come this worthy couple may live in the enjoyment of the richest blessings Heaven can bestow.

From Victor Herald 21 March 1902

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
Last week Tuesday, was the 16th anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murrell. The occasion was celebrated by a dance for which music was furnished by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Murrell.

From Geneva Daily Times 19 December 1904

Sixty persons were present Friday evening at the silver wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel S. Nagel, who reside No. 308 Washington street. Among the presents received was a silver tea set presented by the members of the German Evangelical church, and a silver cake dish presented by the Young People's Society of the same church. Music, recitations and remarks rounded out the commemoration of the event.

From Geneva Daily Times 29 March 1907

Phelps, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Richard Neafie entertained a company of relatives and friends Tuesday in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding. After a luncheon had been served, the company were entertained by musical selections by Mr. Rice and daughter, Mrs. Case and Mrs. Howell. Among the guests were L. P. Rice of Seneca Falls and Mrs. Rose Bennett of Waterloo, brother and sister of Mrs. Neafie, who were at the wedding fifty years ago.

From Geneva Gazette 24 February 1882

Silver Wedding in Phelps - Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Neighbor
of Phelps celebrated the 25th anniversary of their marriage at their residence Wednesday evening, Feb. 15th, in what was a very unexpected manner, the occasion being in every respect one of the most complete and unceremonious of surprises. Mr. and Mrs. Neighbor were invited out to a friend's home that evening, without a shadow of a thought of what was to greet them on their return. Hardly had they departed from the threshold of their home before the within was undergoing quite a transformation - making ready for the reception of guests who soon thronged the doorway, filling the house to its utmost capacity. The large company of (150) persons awaited with breathless anxiety the arrival of the "Bride and Groom," who on opening the door were scarcely able to gain admittance for the crowd which surrounded them, and so utterly astounded that they could say not a word. Mrs. Neighbor soon resumed consciousness as it were, and appeared in her wedding dress - a rich brocaded blue silk. The bridesmaid, Miss Augusta Andrus of Geneva was present. The groomsman, Mr. Oliver W. Snow, holding a prominent position in the treasury department in New York City, was unable to be present. A letter was received from him, greatly regretting his absence.  One was also read from Rev. P. H. Kellogg, who performed the ceremony, Feb. 15th, 1857, thereby uniting in matrimony J. W. Neighbor of Ottumwa, Iowa, and Miss M. E. Crouchen, of Geneva, N. Y. Relatives from out of town were present. Ice cream, cake and the luxuries of the season were in abundance. The presents were elegant and costly pieces of silver, including a pile of the shining dollars. May Mr. and Mrs. Neighbor celebrate their golden anniversary.

From Ontario County Journal 15 February 1884

Quite a number of the friends of Mr. and Mrs. E. Nicolson gathered at their home in Hopewell on Thursday of last week, the occasion being the twentieth anniversary of their marriage. The bride appeared in her entire wedding outfit, even to gloves and handkerchief. After a bountiful dinner, the worthy couple stood up before the assembled company and listened to a very "poetical" marriage ceremony, having something of a German accent, to nearly all of which they assented, causing much merriment among the guests. Long life and prosperity to these friends is the wish of all present.

From Ontario County Journal 7 March 1913

Honeoye, N. Y. -  Mr. and Mrs. John J. Norgate
celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Tuesday afternoon at their country home, northwest of the village. The guests included the children, grandchildren, one great-grandchild, the near relatives and a few neighbors. Mr. Norgate was born in England and came to this country when a lad with his parents, who settled in the town of Richmond. Mrs. Norgate was a daughter of Andrew Steel, one of the early settlers of the town. Three daughters and one son were born to them. The son and one daughter died a few years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Norgate enjoy good health.

From Ontario County Journal 25 February 1876

The celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Byron North's china wedding was held at their residence on Monday evening of this week. A very pleasant time was had by all who participated.  Not being in attendance, we cannot mention the list of presents.

From Ontario County Journal 4 October 1878

Surprise Anniversary -
A very enjoyable affair came off on Monday afternoon, September 23d, at the house of Mr. M. O. Wilcox, on Pleasant street, where about 40 couples were invited to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. North's wedding day. The party was planned and conducted by Mrs. W. as a surprise for Mrs. N., and was completely carried out. After the company had arrived, and the tables beautifully arranged, Mr. and Mrs. North were escorted in. After greeting many relatives and friends, all partook of a sumptuous dinner, and were then invited to the house of Mr. North where they found a table spread with presents, both useful and ornamental. After much chatting and many hearty laughs, all turned homeward feeling that much credit was due Mrs. W. for the thoughtfulness and care on her part, as no one could want for anything she could do to make the day pleasant and agreeable.

From Ontario County Times 12 September 1877

Canadice, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Norton
will celebrate their silver wedding on the 15th inst.

From Ontario County Journal 13 March 1896

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Norton
celebrated the twelfth anniversary of their marriage last Saturday evening by a china wedding. A large number of friends were present, and an enjoyable time was had. A number of presents were received.

From Ontario County Times 7 September 1887

On Saturday last there was a highly interesting social gathering at the residence of Mrs. Rogers, on Chapin street. It was in honor of the sixty-fourth anniversary of the marriage of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. Oatman. The aged couple, now nearly ninety years of age, cheerfully received a few of their old-time friends, and these, with their more youthful neighbors, made up a happy company. As Mr. Oatman has long been an honored member of the Baptist Church and his wife is a Methodist, equally revered, the pastors of the two churches were, with their wives, members of the company. A well-laden table, with plenty of good Christian cheer, added to the interest. All unite in the prayer that the good old couple may remain to celebrate their diamond wedding.

From Shortsville Enterprise 5 March 1914

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O'Brien,
of Hopewell, were really and truly victims of a surprise last Friday night, the occasion being the 25th anniversary of their marriage. The worthy couple had been invited to partake of dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Malone in Hopewell that day and on returning to their house in the evening were greatly surprised to find it occupied by 40 of their friends and neighbors. A delectable wedding supper was served in honor of the auspicious event, 16 being seated at the "bride's" table. The house was very prettily decorated, the color scheme being silver and white. The bridesmaid, Mrs. William Murray, of Victor, and groomsman, John J. O'Brien, of Dundee, who attended Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien at the time of their marriage, were present. The remaining guests were from Canandaigua, Clifton Springs, Victor, Hopewell and Shortsville. A number of handsome presents of silver and cut glass were left as tokens of the esteem in which Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien are held.

From Ontario County Times 27 February 1907

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Olmstead of East Bloomfield passed the 55th anniversary of their marriage on Sunday, Feb. 17, 1907. Charles Olmstead is descended from a Puritan family which came from England in 1632 and settled at Hartford, Conn. He is the son of Caleb and Content Olmstead. He was born in Leyden, Franklin Co., Mass., 84 years ago. When seven years old, he came into what was then considered the West and called "out west", coming by canal from Troy to Bushnell's basin and going from there to South Bristol, just east of Honeoye lake. Here the family lived for four years, during which time he often visited the old camping grounds of Sullivan's army. He learned and remembers much of the early history of that part of the county, of the Pitt's and others of their time. When he was eleven years old, the family moved to West Bloomfield, just east of the village, where they lived five or six years. This brought the lad into new surroundings and put him in touch with another lot of early settlers, among whom he worked for years, learning much of the traditional history concerning that place. The family's next move was to the farm on which he now lives, but not in the same house. It was at this time that he knew the second white woman who crossed Mud Creek from Canandaigua, Mrs. Rue and her daughter, Rhoda Rue, the first white child born this side of the creek. Rue then lived where Dennis Santry now lives. It was at this time also that he learned from Thomas Kellogg's father (I think) that Aaron Burr once spent a night on that farm with Roger Sprague who was then sheriff of Ontario County. The location of the Sprague house is just west of the large red barn now owned by Frank and John Olmstead. The old cellar is still there, as is also the trunk of an old apple tree said, to have been set by Sprague. While living here, Mr. Olmstead cast his first Presidential vote. It was for Henry Clay in 1844. In 1847 he bought six acres in the southwest part of East Bloomfield. It was then a solid block of timber, but with his axe and giant-like strength, backed by a will and old fashioned grit, he proceeded to fashion what proved to be his home for fifty-six years. For more than half a century the shadows of night never settled around the old home, when there was not at least one or more who slept beneath its roof. It was, indeed it is, the one spot on earth that is home to him.

On Feb 17, 1852, Mr. Olmstead married Mary C. Ross. Twelve children were born to them in the following order: Stanley C., now in St. Paul, Minn.; Alice, who died when 3 years old; Charles Jr., now at Willard; Aaron Frederick, now of Ilion; Louise, who died aged one year; Will, now of St. Louis, Mo.; Frank, John and Chester, all now living in East Bloomfield; Ida May, now Mrs. F. G. Egbert of Binghamton; Sabra J., now Mrs. Claude Boorum of Garrison on the Hudson and Nathan, now of Middletown. Mr. Olmstead was a first class cooper and his wares had a wide reputation. He was fond of hunting, trapping and fishing and his "fish stories" will probably compare favorably with those of more recent date. In the fall of 1902, he was stricken with apoplexy and when sufficiently recovered, the aged couple went to live with their two unmarried sons, Frank and John, who now own the farm on which he worked when a boy. In 1904, Mr. Olmstead walked from this place to the polls in East Bloomfield to cast his vote. He walked because he wanted to, and he wanted to because, he did the same thing just sixty years before. He and the eight sons, and two sons-in-law, are all supporters of Republican principles, a fact that should please even a Roosevelt. Physically, Mr. Olmstead is not up to the "gold standard", but his mental faculties seem but little impaired. Well does he remember the scenes of his childhood. The rocky cliffs of the old Bay State have not been forgotten though the summers and winters of four score years have come and gone. His wife is still spry and active, much more so than many younger women. She was born in the town of Milo, Yates Co., 74 years ago, the third child of Thomas and Harriet Ross. When five years old, she moved with her parents to South Bristol, where she lived until married. Since that time, 55 years ago, her life has been freely and fully given to her family. Her's has been a life of unstinted, unselfish devotion to her children, in which her greatest happiness seemed to center. Many a ball of yarn has her nimble fingers drawn from the point of the spindle of the old time spinning wheel and warm were the stockings which she made from it. Thus it was amid the purring of the spinning wheel and the constant beat of the adz, that a happy home was built, a home where often an even dozen happy souls drew up to a substantial board, a home from which the children were slow to wander.

From Ontario County Journal 26 November 1909

Bristol, N. Y. -
About 50 relatives and friends of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Olmstead helped them celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary last week Wednesday evening. Flowers were in every room. Among the gifts was a gold-lined silver fruit dish, appropriately engraved, from the "Jolly Pedro Club," of which Mr. and Mrs. Olmstead are members. Covers were laid for 12 at the bride's table, the remainder of the guests being seated at small tables. After the bountiful repast, one of the carpets mysteriously vanished, music began, and until 3 o'clock a.m. the company enjoyed the old fashioned dances. Out-of-town guests were Mr. and Mrs. James Olmstead of Richmond; Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer Parsons and Mr. and Mrs. Gooding Packard of Canandaigua, and Mr. and Mrs. Orestes Packard of Shortsville.

From Geneva Daily Times 6 April 1912

Hall, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Onderdonk
celebrated their thirty-third wedding anniversary Wednesday, March 27th, by entertaining at dinner a small company of friends. Those present were Rev. Dr. A. R. and Mrs. Temple, Dr. D. S. Allen, Mrs. Catherine Rupert of Seneca, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Reed of Oaks Corners, Mrs. Celia Reed of Geneva, and Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Onderdonk of Hall.

From Ontario County Journal 1 January 1886

The golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. John Osborne was celebrated at their home on Chapin street on the evening of the 24th ult. There was a pleasant gathering of relatives and friends and the evening was very enjoyably spent. The aged couple, happy, hale and hearty, appeared in their wedding garments of fifty years ago.

From Geneva Daily Times 1 October 1909

Seneca Castle. N. Y. -
The beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Ottley was the scene of a pleasant gathering on Wednesday evening, it being the fifth anniversary of their marriage. About one hundred and fifty friends and relatives were present. The house was tastefully decorated with asters and autumn leaves. Mrs. Ottley was attired in her wedding dress of white silk. A large number of beautiful presents were given them, among which was a handsome china cabinet and a mission clock. An elaborate supper was served by Ridley of Newark. Smith's Orchestra of Canandaigua furnished delightful music during the supper hour.

The out-of-town guests were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Guilford, Mrs. Ella Leake, Charles and Edwin Ottley, Mrs. Emma Ridley and Mr. and Mrs. Gerelle Ridley of Geneva; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lewis, George Ottley and wife, William Simmons and wife, Velmer Henry and wife, Miss Lois Huntley, Edson Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Archer and Frank Edgett of Canandaigua; Mr. and Mrs. John Dewey of Manchester; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Perry of Henrietta; George Gelder, Miss Alice Swan and Mrs. Ansberger and mother of Rochester; Carl Jones and wife, Mr. Barker and wife and Miss Linda Ranney of Clifton Springs; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Aldrich of Shortsville.

From Geneva Courier 23 June 1897

GOLDEN WEDDING - A very happy company of more than one hundred relatives and friends gathered at the pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Porter Ottley, at Seneca Castle, N. Y., to participate in the celebration of their fiftieth wedding anniversary on the evening of June 16, 1897.  The parlors were tastefully decorated in green and yellow while the folding doors, beneath which Mr. and Mrs. Ottley received their congratulations, appeared the dates in golden numerals, 1847 - 1897.  The bride of fifty years was beautifully gowned in black satin with lace and lavender chiffon trimmings and she could not have looked sweeter in 1847 than she did in 1897.  Mr. Ottley wore the conventional black.  A very pleasing programme was carried out.  Remarks were made by the pastor, Rev. C. M. Adams.  Prayer was offered by Rev. H. Cornell, pastor of the church built upon Mr. Ottley's father's land.  Song, "Happy Days Gone By," was delightfully rendered by Miss Brown.  Reading of poem, "The Golden Bridal," by Mrs. A. B. Estey; poem, afterward presented to Mrs. Ottley. Refreshments were here announced.  God's blessings being asked on the happy occasion by Rev. S. F. Beardslee of Lodi, N. Y., a former pastor.  The table decorations were the sweet golden buttercups.  After supper, Mr. Ottley made some enjoyable remarks which were received with great applause.  Then followed a very interesting historical paper by Prof. A. M. Carson, tracing the history of the Ottley family from 1719 to the present time, and was listened to with close attention. Many elegant gifts accompanied the heart-felt congratulations among which was quite a sum in gold, three beautiful easy chairs and gold, silver, linen, china and glass articles too numerous to name, some of which arrived the next day.  Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren clustered about the happy couple.  From out of town were guests from Ithaca, Lodi, Seneca Falls, Tyre, Geneva, Clifton Springs, and Canandaigua.  The wish so earnestly expressed by all present was that Mr. and Mrs. Ottley may be spared to celebrate their diamond wedding also.

Geneva Daily Times 13 February 1915

Phelps, N. Y. -
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Overslaw last evening was celebrated the 25th anniversary of their marriage. The guests, numbering seventy-five, were received by the bride and groom and their two daughters, the Misses Irene and Eva. The home was decorated in patriotic colors, flags being used in profusion. The guests were seated at small tables where a four-course dinner was served, miniature silk flags forming the favors. Progressive pedro was played. Guests were present from Newark, Canandaigua, Lyons, Clifton Springs, Waterloo, Avon and Geneva, several of whom were present at the wedding twenty-five years ago. Many beautiful gifts were received.

From Shortsville Enterprise 26 February 1914

Last week Thursday night friends to the number of 50 invaded the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Packard in Water street and surprised that worthy couple. It was the occasion of the 35th anniversary of their marriage and the intention of the self-invited callers to see that it was properly celebrated. It is needless to add that the plans were fully carried out. After the assemblage was comfortably settled for the evening, a cut glass sugar and creamer appeared very mysteriously and was duly presented to the bride and groom of 35 years ago. A chicken pie supper was also brought forth in like manner and the guests and thoroughly surprised host and hostess were filled too full for utterance.

From Ontario County Journal 7 February 1896

Phelps, N. Y. -
There was a very pleasant social gathering at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Padden on Church street, Wednesday evening, the occasion being their 40th wedding anniversary. Guests to the number of 80 or more were present, and comfortably filled the large and spacious rooms. Rev. Mr. Bailey of Geneva, the bride's former pastor, together with his wife, were present. A fine collection of presents were arranged on the table in the hall, and showed that the bride and groom were well remembered by their friends. Among the collection was a handsome silver tea set.

From Ontario County Journal 15 May 1885

Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Padelford,
of Padelford Station, will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary on Thursday next, the 21st inst. There are many friends who will wish that their coming silver anniversary may reach out to and beyond the golden era.

From Shortsville Enterprise 27 January 1911

Farmington, N. Y. -
Tuesday, January 10, marked the thirtieth milestone in the married life of Mr. and Mrs. James Padgham, which they observed by giving a dinner party. Covers were laid for 18. Guests were present from Victor, Macedon and Newark. Several beautiful gifts of pearl and cut glass were presented to the couple. In the evening about 40 friends and neighbors gave them a surprise, bringing bountiful refreshments

From Geneva Gazette 21 October 1887

Seneca Castle -
On Friday evening last occurred the crystal wedding of Mr. Joel Page and Miss Helen S. Wormley, at their residence in this place.  Their friends and family relatives to the number of about eighty assembled to give them a good send-off for their silver wedding.  The company came from Canandaigua, Hopewell, Gorham, Phelps, and Seneca, and had a very enjoyable time.  An elegant repast was served and was appreciated by all present.  Their daughter, Miss Gertie Page, who is at the State Normal School at Brockport, was at home to enjoy the festivities of the occasion, so that their children were all present.  Mrs. Page wore her wedding dress made twenty years since, not exactly in modern style, yet still very recherche and elegant.  It was made of a rich purple or blue silk, and for a dress so old was very neat and in good taste.  The company separated in the "we sma hours" with many wishes for many annual returns of this interesting anniversary.  The presents were very rich and tasty, and as varied as the tastes of so large an assembly of persons.  It would be invidious to designate any one as the most appropriate, where all were so elegant, but we would mention a combined mirror and candelabra, the gift of Judge Charles Ottley and his wife, who is a sister of Mrs. Page.

From Ontario County Journal 27 February 1874

Wooden Wedding - Married -
At the house of the bride's father in Hopewell, Feb. 17, 1869, by Rev. J. H. Day, Mr. Anthony Palmer and Miss Alice Southerland, both of Hopewell, N. Y.

The fifth anniversary of this union was celebrated at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Palmer in Gorham, February 17, 1874.  Two hundred and thirty guests were invited; about one hundred and sixty were present.  The occasion was one of unusual happiness to all.  Seldom, if ever, have we had the pleasure of meeting a more pleasant, refined, and intelligent company. The fine accommodations of the house and the grand supper provided conspired to complete the pleasure of the guests.  By request of the parties for whom the entertainment was given, remarks were made by the writer in reference to true marriage, their marriage five years ago, and the prosperity that had attended them since, speaking also of the beautiful gifts presented that evening, which were not few in number, or inferior in quality.  May all these gatherings tend to unite more closely the hearts of friends and may all at last meet in Heaven to celebrate the supper of the Lamb.

From Ontario County Journal 13 October 1899

Mr. and Mrs. John Palmer,
of West Bloomfield, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage on Tuesday, Oct. 10. Mr. and Mrs. Palmer were married at Batavia Oct. 10, 1849. Mrs. Palmer's maiden name was Samantha Delano. About fifty friends filled the rooms, which were prettily trimmed with asters. Supper was served at 7 o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Palmer lived in Batavia for ten years, when they moved to West Bloomfield and bought the farm upon which they now reside. Five children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, John Palmer and Mrs. Robert Kyle, who with their families live in Rochester; Lewis of Sonyea; and Mrs. James Conn and Mrs. William Lockwood of this place. Mr. and Mrs. Palmer have 23 grandchildren, 12 of whom were present. The out-of-town guests were Mr. and Mrs. J. Koerner, the Misses Mary and Clara Palmer, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kyle and daughters, Jennie and Ruth of Rochester; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kane of Honeoye Falls; and Mrs. Cavanaugh and son, Kiley, of Ionia. Many handsome gifts were received from relatives and friends. Mr. Palmer has reached the age of 79 years, and Mrs. Palmer is 77 years of age.

From Ontario County Chronicle 15 March 1905

Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Parmele
celebrated their silver wedding at their home in Holcomb on Friday evening. About one hundred guests were present and many beautiful presents were received. The evening was an enjoyable one for all and hearty congratulations and good wishes were extended to the bride and groom of twenty-five years.

From Ontario County Times 30 March 1870

On Wednesday evening, March 9th, the Rev. N. Palmiter and lady celebrated the 50th anniversary of their marriage at the residence of George Richmond, Esq., of Phelps.

From Geneva Daily Times 25 July 1910

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Parker,
of 322 Castle street, are celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary and this afternoon and evening they will be at home to their many friends. Invitations printed in gold were sent out for the affair and it is expected that about two hundred guests will call. All of their children and grandchildren are here for the occasion. They are Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Kent and daughters; the Misses Leontine and Edith Kent of New York city and their son, Carl H. Kent and wife of Bangor, Me; Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Parker of New York city; Mr. and Mrs. David C. Reed of Pittsburgh. Receiving with Mr. and Mrs. Parker will be their family, also Rev. Ralph Robertson of Bronxville, N. Y., who officiated at the wedding fifty years ago, which took place in Ovid, N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Parker of Valparaiso, Ind., who acted as best man and maid-of-honor at the wedding will stand with the bride and groom today. Others in town for the occasion are Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ansley of Hall; Mr. and Mrs. George Cotton of Syracuse; and Frank Brooks of Middletown, Conn. Mr. and Mrs. Parker received some very handsome gifts from the members of their families, and Mr. Parker presented his wife with a diamond ring for the happy occasion. The house is elaborately decorated, yellow and white predominating. Palms and ferns and black-eyed susans are used extensively throughout. Refreshments will be served buffet in the dining room. Mrs. Edwin S. Sigler and Mrs. William A. Smith will preside at the table and several young ladies will assist. The table is very attractive with a centerpiece of bride roses and white carnations. Yellow hooded candles are also used. The Misses Lillian Ansley of Hall, Gladys Stokoe and Bessie Hershey of Gorham will serve punch in the library.

From Ontario Repository and Messenger 19 August 1874

Mr. and Mrs. John Parr
of Naples, celebrated the twentieth anniversary of their marriage last Wednesday evening, and a pleasant time was had by those congregated to congratulate the couple.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 15 August 1906

Mr. and Mrs. Belmont Parshall
celebrated the tenth anniversary of their marriage on Saturday evening at their home in Bristol street. Yellow was the predominating color in the decorations, the flowers being chiefly golden rod and nasturtiums. Supper was served in a tent on the lawn, and the tables were lighted by yellow candles in tin candlesticks and shaded by yellow shades. Yellow Japanese lanterns were hung about the grounds. About thirty guests were present. Many beautiful and costly gifts were received.

From Victor Herald 11 July 1891

On Wednesday, June 24th, 1891, the friends and relatives of Abner S. Parsons and wife, to the number of about forty, assembled at their home in West Bloomfield to participate in the festivities of the 25th anniversary of their marriage. Every preparation had been made to make the event one of pleasant memory, and judging from the words of appreciation expressed by those present, and the beaming countenances of Mr. Parsons and his amiable wife, it is safe to say that it was a decided success; and that, as far as they were concerned, marriage was certainly not a "failure." The repast furnished was par excellence, as all testified when they rose from the table; but it was impossible for some to "devour all their eyes beheld." It was intended to celebrate a real wedding at the same time; but owing to an unfortunate accident, caused by the rapid driving of the interested party, and thus loosing the principal factor from the wagon, it was necessarily postponed indefinitely. The pleasant event closed at a reasonable hour in the evening, with the best of wishes for Mr. Parsons and wife, that they may live to see another twenty-five years of wedded bliss and prosperity.

From Ontario County Times 2 January 1878

Canadice, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. J. Ross Partridge
celebrated their wooden wedding on the 18th inst. They received about twenty-five dollars worth of presents, ranging all the way from a clothes-pin to a cord of wood, and included many articles both useful and ornamental. A large company participated in the enjoyments of the occasion, and a hearty good time is said to have been realized.

From Ontario County Times 9 February 1881

Canadice, N. Y. -
The golden wedding, or fiftieth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Partridge, occurred at their residence last Saturday, February 5. All the surviving members of the family and a few relatives, also Rev. T. Jolly and family, were present to pay their respects to the aged pair. The reading of a poem prepared by L. T. Partridge, appropriate remarks by Rev. Mr. Jolly, vocal and instrumental music, presentations of valuable gifts, etc., constituted the order of the occasion.

From Geneva Daily Times 18 October 1909

Seneca Castle, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Henry Peck,
who reside about a mile and a half north of Seneca Castle, celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Peck, who have made their home in this community for many years, are greatly honored and respected by all who know them and they have a host of friends. On Saturday many members of the family gathered to extend their hearty congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Peck and to help them celebrate the occasion. A family dinner party was held. Prof. Frederick D. Peck of LaFayette College, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peck, acted as toastmaster and the following responded to toasts: Prof. Ezra Peck of Oaks Corners, Prof. Mary Gray Peck, corresponding secretary of the Woman's Suffrage League of New York, H. H. Peck and Rev. E. E. Grosh, pastor of the Presbyterian church at Seneca Castle.

Those present were Prof. and Mrs. Frederick D. Peck and daughter of Easton, Pa.; Prof. Mary G. Peck of New York; Prof. Ezra J. Peck, Mr. and Mrs. George M. Peck and son, the Misses Eugenia, Edith and Anne Peck, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Weston, Mr. and Mrs. James Weston, Miss Eva and Miss Lillie Weston and Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Peck of Oaks Corners; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Childs of Geneva; Rev. and Mrs. Grosh of Seneca Castle and Mrs. Calvert of Truxton.

From Ontario County Times 10 November 1880

Honeoye, N. Y. -
The golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Arnold is announced for Thursday, Nov. 11th. They have been residents of this village during these past fifty years, as have also resided in this neighborhood Mr. and Mrs. John Pentel, whose golden wedding was celebrated three and a half years ago.

From Ontario County Times 25 December 1878

Mr. and Mrs. David Pickett
of Gorham are celebrating their golden wedding today. The editors of the Times are pleased to add their hearty congratulations to those of the numerous relatives and friends who will gather at the home of this honored couple, and further to express their sincere hope that their lives, so full of good works may be prolonged for years to come.

From Ontario County Journal 13 October 1893

Bristol, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. David A. Pierpont
celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary on Thursday.

From Ontario County Journal 9 January 1891

Farmington, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Plumb
celebrated the 30th anniversary of their wedding day, Dec. 25th. Many invited friends were present. The gifts were numerous and costly.

From Geneva Gazette 31 January 1868

Henry Porter
and wife, of Naples, celebrated their golden wedding on the 15th inst.  Mr. P. has resided in Naples 65 years.

Link to a family sketch given by Mr. Henry Porter at time of anniversary celebration.

From Geneva Daily Times 4 January 1905

Hopewell Center, N. Y. -
A surprise party was given at Mr. and Mrs. John Powell's Saturday evening in honor of their thirtieth anniversary. Refreshments were served. Mr. and Mrs. Powell received some pretty pieces of china ware. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Powell and son Earl, Mr. and Mrs. Hayden of Clifton Springs, John Hayden, Miss Mildred Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. Thacher of Newark, N. J., formerly of this place; William Powell, Miss Etta Powell, Mrs. Shaw and daughter, Grace.

From Shortsville Enterprise 11 November 1915

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Power,
well-known residents of Manchester township, celebrated the 35th anniversary of their marriage at their home on Monday. The marriage took place at St. Ann's church in Palmyra on November 8, 1880, the ceremony being performed by Rev. Casey. In honor of the event, Mr. and Mrs. Power attended the service at this church on Sunday. They entertained a number of guests at dinner on Monday and in the evening were entertained as guests of honor at a reception given by their daughter, Mrs. Richard Wood, of Palmyra. Mrs. Power was formerly Miss Mary Gunn of Rochester.

From Shortsville Enterprise 25 June 1914

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pritchard
of Farmington, entertained about 100 guests at dinner on Friday evening in honor of the 20th anniversary of their marriage. The house was decorated in a color scheme of pink and white, roses and daisies being used in profusion. Guests were present from Canandaigua, Shortsville, Palmyra, Perry, Sonyea and Cuba, N. Y. This worthy couple were married at Palmyra on June 19, 1894. They have lived on the farm where they now reside for 17 years.

From Geneva Gazette 12 December 1879

Mr. Editor:  
You missed a very enjoyable affair by your failure to be present at the Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. John Proudfit of Seneca Wednesday, Dec. 3d.  Notwithstanding the stormy character of the evening, the house was well filled with guests, mostly relations of our honored host. One brother, Robert, came from Illinois to meet those whom he had not seen for nearly a quarter of a century. One sister was present from Western Penn., where a large colony of the family finally settled. Six of those who were at the marriage 50 years ago were present at this reunion, among whom were Mr. Jessie Squires and Mr. John Wood, both heads of large and respected families in Seneca.  The bride of 50 years ago was Miss Eliza Frushour, whose brother, William, was groom, and Rev. Mr. Nesbit, then a young man, performed the ceremony. Mr. Proudfit is a hale old man of 81, of good old Presbyterian stock which we all think is "the salt of the earth." Revs. A. B. Temple of No. 9 and Lowrie of Gorham congratulated the couple in the name of assembled friends on their long, peaceful and prosperous lives; after which the company showed their appreciation "of the good things of this life" by partaking of a bounteous supper.  The presents were quite numerous and of great variety, including a golden eagle and gold and silver coin, easy chairs, knives and forks, and a large Buffalo robe and Afghan, beside other things too numerous to mention, summing up in value some $90. At midnight  the moon swung out its light in the silvery heavens, and the guests departed leaving sweet memories and good wishes behind them, and expressing a dim hope that we might all be there at the one hundredth anniversary, or all meet in 1928 on the evergreen shore.

From Victor Herald 13 May 1904

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Purcell
celebrated the twentieth anniversary of their marriage on Saturday. About twenty-five relatives were present from Honeoye, Cheshire and Canandaigua, as well as many townspeople. Mr. and Mrs. Purcell were the recipients of many beautiful gifts.

From Ontario County Times 25 September 1878

Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Quackenbush,
of Bristol Center, celebrated their 50th or golden wedding anniversary on Tuesday, the 10th instant, receiving numerous valuable and appropriate gifts. This aged couple have been residents of Bristol for forty or fifty years, and we are glad to know that they possess in a large degree the respect and love of all who know them.

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