War of 1812 
Veterans from Ontario Co.

by George S. Conover;

Disclaimer - The list of Ontario Co. War of 1812 Soldiers comes from photocopies from microfilm and are complete with the actual spellings which seem "unusual" spellings sometimes.

It is not clear if the following list is a list of men from the Town of Canadice, specifically, or from various Ontario County towns, certainly, there were many more men who served in the War of 1812 from Ontario Co. than listed here:

David Badgro, Jesse Brown, Albert Finch, Luther Gould, Capt. Grandy, Justus Grout, Luban Howland, Cornelius Johnson, Jas. and John Kelly, Ira Kimball, Jos. King, Morris North, Daniel Norton, Jonas Quick, Silas Reynolds, Amasa and Jonathan Richardson, Robt., Samuel, and Wm. Smith, Ora and Ira Spencer, Geo. Struble, David Tibbals, Benj. and Greem Waite, Andrew Ward, and Frederick Westbrook.

3 April 2016

A few days ago, in the dark of night, I was fortunate enough to locate the grave of my Great, Great, Great Grandfather John Baldridge.  It is located near Coila, Mississippi:

The gravestone does not list his birthdate nor death date.  However, family legend has it that he was hung as a confederate spy after having been caught behind General U. S. Grant's line on the western side of the Mississippi River at Vicksburg.  He was merely trying to make his way over to Delhi, LA to check on relatives (the Stout family).  As you can see from the founding date of the church, 1853, that possibly coincides with the Civil War times.  He is buried next to his only daughter, Elizabeth Baldridge Stout (1823 - 1899).  She married my Great, Grand Uncle C. William Stout in 1840.

Marshall James Stout, Jr. MD

I would like to add a name to your list. Frederick D. Reed served in Capt. McMath's co. under the command of Col. McMann from Aug. 1814 to Nov . 1814 Thank you, Harry Reed

A new addition to War of 1812 names:  John B. Norris : Capt. Cost's Company and Capt. McMath's Company
Richard F. Reed : Capt. J. P. Spencers's Company - Harry Reed

Lot Hammond, of Canandaigua, served in the 71st (Swift's) Regiment in the War of 1812.  He was a Private, and his record of service is found in Misc. Roll Box #90, Roll Exct #602. 

Denzil D. Garrison
P.O. Box 1217
Bartlesville,  OK   74005

The following 2 gentleman were participants of the War of 1812.  Both served in Cpt. Barzillai Harvey's Company, Lieut. Col. Howell's 39th Reg't New York State Militia of Ontario Co., NY: 

Hezekiah Bullock
b. 13 May 1781 Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA
d. 12 Sep 1858 White Oak Twp., Ingham Co., MI 

Jeremiah Irons (father-in-law of Hezekiah Bullock)
b. 8 Jul 1764 Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada
d. 13 Mar 1829 Yates, Orleans Co., NY 

Lynnea (Bullock) Dickinson

Leander Johnson 9-17-1787 to 3-13-1852 Davis' Regt. NY Militia - War of 1812.  Leander was the grandson and son of patriots of the American Revolution, and a pioneer of the Academy district of Canandaigua.  He is buried in Academy Cemetery.

Submitted by Kevin Armstrong

Joel Dunks, Captain, of Captain Joel Dunks' Company of Light Infantry, Detached Militia, of the 3 Artillery and Light Infantry (Lt. Col. George Fleming's) Regiment. This company saw service at Fort George from Oct to Nov 1813.

Joel Dunks appears in both the 1800 and 1810 Federal Census for Ontario County.  He died 1 Nov 1841 at age 66 and is buried in Lot 134, Mendon Cemetery, Mendon, Monroe County, New York.

This information kindly donated by Douglas Dunks; many thanks, Douglas.

I would like to add the name of my 3rd great grandfather, Diodorus Sheldon (1786-1812) to your list.  While living in Phelps, he joined Colonel Philetus Swift's Regiment of New York Volunteers.  Records maintained by the State of New York confirm that he served as a Sergeant in the Company of Captain Silas Hopkins from May 14 to July 14, 1812, and in the Company of Captain William Hull from July 14 to August 30, 1812, at Lewisburg and Black Hawk, on the Niagara Frontier. Unfortunately, he contracted an unspecified disease while in the service, and died August 30, 1812.
                                      Donald A. Johnston

Index of Awards on Claims of the Soldiers of the War
of 1812, page 415
No.: 11,959
NAME OF APPLICANT.: Saulpaugh, Philip, by Widow,
RESIDENCE OF APPLICANT.: Manchester, New York,

Thanks to Daryl VerStreate Jr. for this donation.

Please add Ebenezer Smith 2nd to your list. He mustered in on August 6, Lyons New York, and mustered out November 8th, 1814. He served under Captain McMath and Colonel McMahan, 20th Regiment, 7th Brigade. Received pension.

Pioneered to, and helped build Livonia Michigan. died 1886 Livonia, buried Newberg Cemetery.

Thanks to Donna Brokenshire, Great, Great, Great Granddaughter of Ebenezer Smith.

War of 1812 Service Records, Henry Dascomb, McMahan's Regiment, NY Militia, Private/Private Box 53 Roll 602 (2X):Swartwood's Reg't, New York Militia, Pvt/Pvt Roll 53 Box 602

Henry was a younger brother of Nathan to whom he was apprenticed by their father. He is the same apprenticed boy for whom was offered the "princely" sum of 1 penny for his return when he ran away - evidentally to serve in the War of 1812.

1813-05-09 The Geneva Gazette: "I Cent Reward Ranaway from the subscriber on Saturday morning the 6th inst. an indented apprentice boy named Henry Daskam, about 5 feet 7 inches high, light complecion and sandy hair. All persons are forbidden harboring or trusting said apprentice on my account. The above reward will be paid without charges, to any person who will return him to me in Geneva. Nathan Daskam Geneva, June 9th, 1813"

Thanks to Dorothy A. Daskam Sargent

War of 1812 Pensioners and Widows

Living in Ontario Co., NY in 1882

Disclaimer - The lists below come from photocopies from microfilm which are difficult to read.

Betsey Wheeler, Fanny Winslow, Charlotte Brown, Lucy Hicks, Thomas Peck.

 Bristol Centre
Sarah Brown

Jerathmaal Hunt, Seth Rice

Mehitable Cassort, Amoncl?? Posperoy, Sarah Morse, Elizabeth Dalisburg, Ephraim Blodget, Harry Gregory, Marcia Thompson, Clarissa Torrey, Hannah Freer, Dolly Griswald, Lucy M. Glasgow, Amy Crane, Sarah N. Boswell

Amos Gross

 Clifton Springs
Charity Van Dyne, George G. Porter

 East Bloomfield
Lavinia M. Adams, Laura A. Butler, John Adams, Spencer Dibble (alias Joseph S. Dibble), Simeon Rowley

Cynthia Collins

Flint Creek
James Wood, Sr.

Julia Probasco, Amada Parker, Harriet M. Simpson, Abigail B. Briggs, Lydia Betts, Lucinda Bagby, Polly H. Gage, William Price, Robert Clark

 Hall's Corners
Sarah Telford

Nancy Gilbert

From Geneva Gazette 5 February 1869

The Veterans in Council

Pursuant to the call of Gen. Disbrow, (commanding the district of New York west of Cayuga Lake), the veterans of the War of 1812 met in council at the Franklin House, Geneva, on Thursday, Feb 14th.  The gathering was not as large as was reasonably anticipated, owing doubtless to the recent snow storm which effectually barricaded the highways. Death, also, has committed sad havoc of late years among the ranks of the Old Veterans. We can remember that a few years back, a "General Order" for parade and conference was responded to by upwards of two hundred, who, to the music of the spirit-stirring fife and drum, marched with almost as firm step as they did in going forth to confront their Nation's enemy. Yesterday, but a bare platoon mustered from all Western New York to a similar call.

How unjust and ungenerous in our government, Federal and State, to neglect the equitable claims of these Old Veterans, when the meagre amount due would afford them some extra comfort even in their rapid approach to the grave.

But time and space forbid further moralizing.  We give the proceedings which transpired:

On motion of General Disbrow, Henry Feagles, Esq., of Geneva was called to preside, and the editors of the Geneva papers (S. H. Parker of the Gazette and R. L. Adams of the Courier) were called upon and acted as Secretaries.

(Here a long petition was published) . . . . .

The following veterans, present in person or by proxy, signed the petition:

Henry Feagles
Zalmon A. Disbrow
John Morrison
John Baxter
Richard Ryan
Zalmon Green
Isaac Southworth
Wm. White
John Sholes
Hezekiah Chapin
John Norris
James Norris
Lewis Beach
John W. Betts
Geo. Moshier
Preserved B. Taylor
Thos. Babcock
Austin Brown
Mathew Ogden
Jonathan C. Chandler
Alanson Brown
Benjamin Baker
Caleb Wadhams
Giles Parker, Sr.
John Remor
John N. Warner
Seneca Falls

From Geneva Gazette 11 June 1869

The soldiers of 1812-15 held a convention on Wednesday at the National Hotel, Rochester. The following named were present:  Thos. G. Green, Rochester; Lucius Stanley, Stanley Corners, Ontario county; Jason Smith, Tyre, Seneca county; Richard Lyon, Clyde; Zelma Green, Bergen; D. P. Alger, Springwater; Gen. Z. A. Disbrow, Waterloo; Preserved B. Taylor, Geneva; Seth D. Crosby, New York; Oliver Spencer, Moravia, Cayuga county.  Jason Smith was chosen president and Lucius Stanley secretary.

The subject of extortion by the lawyers and claim agents was considered.  The veterans resolved to collect their own claims of the government and submit to no extortion.  A special meeting of the veterans was ordered on the first Tuesday of October at Canandaigua.



State of New York }
County of Ontario  }   ss

On this seventh day of January, A.D. one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six, personally appeared before me, a justice of the peace within and for the county and state aforesaid MARTHA MONROE, aged seventy three years, a resident of Bristol, Ontario County in the State of New York, who being duly sworn according to the law, declares that she is the widow of LEMUEL MONROE who was a private in the company commanded by Captain ..........Martin, in the regiment of New York Militia commanded by .............  in the war with Great Britain declared by the United States on the 18th of June, 1812, that her said husband entered the army at Lewiston on or about the 15th day of June for the term of emergency and continued in actual service in said war for the term of four or five months and was honorably discharged at Lewiston on the 15th day of October or November A.D. 1813.    She further states that she was married to the said LEMUEL MONROE in West Bloomfield, Ontario County, NY in November, A.D. 1811 by one Roberts a Justice of the Peace and that her name before her marriage was MARTHA MILLER; that her husband died in Livingston Co., Michigan on the twenty-ninth day of April, A.D. 1854 and that she is now a widow, and there is no record of said marriage.   (three lines crossed out)

She makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the bounty land to which she may be entitled under the act approved the third day of March 1855.

Thomas O. Perkins of Canandaigua, New York, is hereby authorized to receive any warrant that may be issued on this claim.

We WARD RICE and  ABIGAIL RICE residents of Ontario County in the state of New York upon our oaths, declare that the foregoing declaration was signed and acknowledged by MARTHA MONROE in our presence, and that we believe from the appearance of the statements of the applicant, that she is the identical person she represents herself to be.
    signed:  (Ward Rice)                                                  
                (Abigail Rice)

The forgoing declaration and affidavit were sworn to and subscribed before me on the day and year above written; and I certify that I know the affiants to be credible persons; that the claimant is the person who presents herself to be, and that I have no interest in this claim.

Arunah Jones, Justice of the Peace
said County of Ontario

(Transcribed by Jenny D. Bommarito and proof read by her.)

Additional notes from Jennie:

Lemuel Monroe, Private, in Capt. Abraham Mattison Co. of Col. Philitus Swift.  Volunteer Regiment - In service at Black Rock.  Roll 719.  His wife was Martha Miller who resided at Mendon NY, while her husband was in the service.  He was discharged at Lewiston, NY.   Lemuel was my 3rd great grandfather.

Lemuel resided in Ontario Co., NY from about 1810 until 1835 in the towns of East Bloomfield, Bristol, and Allens Hill, Richmond Twp.  About 1835 he separated from wife, Martha and moved to Romeo, Michigan and about 1849 moved to Livingston Co., Michigan, where he died.  His grave is marked by the DAR as a soldier of the Revolution.  Enlisted from Upton, Mass.  He was a soldier of the War of 1812 and also the Revolutionary War. His first child by Martha was born in 1813 at Mendon, Monroe County, NY.

It appears that Lemuel had two short enlistments in the War of 1812.  Source:  Company Pay Roll - Swift's Detachment, N. Y. Volunteers.  He was a private in Capt. Abraham Mattison's Company of Infantry, commanded by Lieut. Col Philetus Swift; was on the pay roll for May 12th to July 12th, 1812, term of service two months, pay per month - $5.00, amount of pay - $10.00, pay in lieu of clothing - $16.00, total amount $26.00.

In May 1849, at the advanced age of ninety years, Lemuel went to live with his son Francis Miller Monroe, at Howell, Livingston Co., Michigan.  He had been a farmer, shoe and boot maker.

Source:  Bounty Land Claim - Form of Declaration for Surviving Officers or Soldiers - State of Michigan, County of Livingston, reads in part:  On December 10, 1850, Lemuel Monroe, age 91, resident of Howell, Mich., declared that he was a private in Company commanded by Captain Scott in the 23 regiment of infantry commanded by Major Maloney in the war declared on the 18 day of June 1812, the he volunteered under Wait Martin at Lima, NY on or about the 1st of August 1812 for the term of five years and continued in actual service in said war as follows to witness, he was with the army in Garrison near Lewiston from the time of entering until about the time of the Battle of Queenston in October 1812, was then honorably discharged, permitted to go home by reason of sickness or on account of being unfit for duty as will appear in the muster rolls of said company - that he never had any written discharge, and did not again enter the army, and did not receive any pay for the time he served.  That his infirmities, as he was told by his officers, rendered him unfit for further duty.  This declaration was made for the purpose of obtaining the bounty land to which he may be entitled under "act passed Sept. 28, 1850."   (signed) by Lemuel and witnessed by the Justice of the Peace and sealed by the Livingston Co. Clerk of Michigan.

Lemuel had a son named Archibald Monroe that lost his life in the battle of Queenston, in Brandt's Rangers in 1812.

Many thanks to Jennie for providing this very detailed account of her ancestor, Lemuel Monroe.

Research Notes contributed by Margaret Fish; thank you very much, Margaret:

Col. Thaddeus Remington came about 1793 from Suffield, CT, to Centerfield, Canandaigua, Ontario Co. NY. I have been told he formed a company about 1814 in preparation for war on the Great Lakes, but do not know if they had any action.
I found the following during one of my trips to do research in Canandaigua. And it always has been written in our family that he formed and headed a group of militia when the War  of 1812 came near on Lake Erie (or is it Lake Ontario) when Canadians and English threatened the northwestern part of NY. I know that somewhere among my notes, perhaps from the Geneva Library or Hist. Soc., it tells his unit number and when formed and what it was to do, but apparently did not see action.
From History of Ontario County, New York; Ed. by George S. Conover 1893

A Sylvester H. Wheeler (b 18 Jan. 1829) is a son of Sylvester W., a son of Aaron W. of Mass, born Dighton, Ma 1778.
John Raines, Representative to Congress  1889-92 (He married a granddaughter of Col Thaddeus Remington, and was my gr-grandfather.)

A Lucy P. (Remington) Wheeler (wife of Addison H. Wheeler). She was a daughter of Thaddeus Remington & Betsy Nelson  She died 1886. [Ed note: Betsey ROOT not Nelson. She was from East Granby, CT, where they were married 28 Jan. 1793.

P. 253 Thaddeus Remington came to Ontario County from Vt. about 1792, settled Remington Hill near Centerfield. Prominent. Col. of the militia here . A Mason.  Married before coming here Betsey Root; 8 children; son Thaddeus born 1794, married in 1818 Rhoda, daughter of Roswell Root, county judge, who came to county from CT and brought his parents. Father: Abram Root. He and son both in the Rev. War.

Thaddeus B. 2nd had 6 sons, 2 now living  Mrs. R. d. 1862. He still living age 73 in 1893. Born in Canandaigua  11 Jan. 1819.

1)Thaddeus R. came 1792, m. Betsey Root

2) Thaddeus, b. 1794 m. 1818 Rhoda daughter. Roswell Root, co. judge from CT.

3)Thaddeus b.11 Jan. 1819 m. 1852 Maria Mack.

P. 229  Original members of First Congregational Church of Centerfield (just west of Canandaigua) founded 1799 inc. Abraham Root

P. 213 William Harris Welch, b. Erie Pa. 1862 He married Grace G. daughter of J. Raines, and had 3 daughters, Catherine Elizabeth, Edith Helena and Grace Pauline.
Military Minutes of the Council of Appointments of New York, 1783-1821
Annual Report – 1802

Thaddeus Remington to Lt.  In new regiment of Cand’ga, Easton and Farmington, NY

1805: Thaddeus Remington first major, Lt. Col. Avery Smith, Ontario Co.

1812 Ontario County: Thaddeus Remington, lt. Col. commandant, William Burnet, Brig. Gen.

1812 Lt. Col. Thomas Remington’s regt. (Eleventh) late Asa Stanley’s.

May 23, 1812: Eleventh Regt. of Infantry – Thaddeus Remington, Lt. Col.

1812: 7th Division, 24 Brigade—Lt. Col. Thaddeus Remington

1814: Ontario County: Lt. Col. Thaddeus Remington resigned.

I just found a little note in my notebook that in the Federal Archives, while visiting D.C., :
"Thaddeus Remington appears as a Captain under Clark's Command War of 1812."

David Traver is buried at Purdy Cemetery, today known as Coopers Cemetery. He served in 9th Reg't (Vosburgh's) NY Militia from Columbia County, NY.  This is confirmed from his military equipment claim # 4,970 and his bounty land warrant application # 76056.  His findagrave memorial link is below: 


Many thanks to Dawn Roe for sharing this information.
Dawn Roe beatatune@tds.net

Many thanks to Don Pender for donating the following:

I have attached evidence of honorable War of 1812 service of another Ontario County resident; WILLIAM PENDER (PENDAR) was present in the 1810 Federal Census for Lima, NY and served as a Corporal in Captain Abraham Parrish's Company of Colonel Samuel Blakeslee's Regiment of Ontario County Militia, General Amos Hall of West Bloomfield, Commanding. William Pender was present with his regiment at the Battle of Black Rock and the Burning of Buffalo in December 1813.

Thank You for including William Pender's name in your roll of War of 1812 Veterans from Ontario County, NY.


1. 1810 Federal Census for Lima, Ontario County, NY for Wm. Pender

2. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) File Reference Number for Wm. Pender
National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Company Pay and Muster Roll for Wm. Pender

From Ontario County Journal 21 January 1887

Academy, N. Y. - Captain George Hickox,
living west of the village, who was born in 1800, related to me the following incident of the war of 1812:  His father was captain of a military company, and lived on the farm where Mr. Pliny Tillotson died. He was expecting orders daily to go to the rescue, as the British were besieging Buffalo. One night about 10 o'clock a messenger came with orders for him to be on the public square in Canandaigua next morning at daylight, with his company armed and equipped as the law directed, to march to Buffalo, as the British had crossed. The captain sent George, who was then twelve years old, with the order to his lieutenant or corporal, who lives where Mrs. Ward lives, on the Jackson farm. The lieutenant said, "Tell the captain we will be there." The next morning at daylight the company was at the place appointed, except a few enthusiastic ones who started across lots for Buffalo, and arrived there in time to take part in a skirmish, and were taken prisoners. The company that day marched to Batavia, where they were met by a messenger with orders for them to return to their homes, for the British had recrossed the river.

Record from the ‘War of 1812 Service Records’. My ancestors name is Zadock Root. He was with Blakeslee’s Regiment, NY. He was inducted and discharged as a private. (Roll Box is 179 and Root Exct is 602.)

The other piece of information I have is from the ‘Index of Awards on Claims of the Soldiers of the War of 1812’.  I believe it is page number 406. Here there are mentioned 2 (two) Zadocks.

One is No. 8,836 Root, Zadock Residence of Applicant is Wyoming County, NY Amount allowed $52.00

Two is No. 11,474 Root, Zadock Residence of Applicant is Middlebury, Wyoming County, NY Amount Allowed $58.00

Thanks to Debra Howie for this information.

I have Three SANFORD brothers from Ontario County who served in the War of 1812:

1. Thomas SANFORD Private, of Mendon, Honeoye Falls born 1785, who, as William Pender, was a member of Abraham Parish's Company of Colonel Samuel Blakeslee's Regiment of Ontario County Militia. Thomas also was at the Battle of Black Rock (not sure about being at Buffalo). Thomas is my GGG grandfather.

I have a copy of the Bounty Land Claim his wife Catherine (Rall) Sanford applied for and received in 1856, after Thomas' death. I can send a copy, if you need it.

2. William SANFORD Private of Mendon, Honeoye Falls born 1797, who May have been part of the 2 Regiment of Swift's NY Volunteers (several Williams - might have been part of Forbes' Company)

William and wife (NN) and two daughters left Mendon for Peoria County, IL in 1833, to take possession of Land given him for his service.

3. Jacob SANFORD Sargeant of Mendon/Honeoye Falls - (no date of birth, m. Hulda Saramling, 2 children). Jacob was in Blakeslee's NY Volunteers. I suspect he was wounded, for Jacob died in 1817.

I have tried to fill in more of the spaces in the lives of these men, but can only be sure of what I have written here. I hope there may be someone who can add to my knowledge.
Thanks to Patricia Brown for this information.

I recently came across cards relating to the 1812 service of “Anthony Trimmer”. These are attached. I am certain that this was either Anthony Trimmer Jr (c1754-1838), or his son, Anthony Trimmer (III) (1787-1865).  Both were residents of Benton Township, (then) Ontario Co.


Anthony Jr was a Rev War veteran (Penn.) and may have been too old to serve in the War of 1812.


You can see what I have on these two at:


Anthony Trimmer Jr:  http://www.acvancestors.com/g2/p2577.htm#i77281


Anthony Trimmer (III):  http://www.acvancestors.com/g2/p2592.htm#i77760



G A Vaut

So. Burlington, VT

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