Notes in brackets have been added by the compiler to provide assistance in research.  Compiled and contributed by Karen E. Dau, Rochester NY, Archivist of the NY State Convention of Universalists. Our grateful thanks to Karen for this donation.

Funerals of Rev. Lewis Cresaba Browne, Universalist

In Bristol on 9 Dec 1867, funeral of ___ ALBRO, age 38.  Wife of David Albro.  [She may be the Jane Albro buried in Allens Hill Cemetery, town of Richmond; gravestone has dates 1828-1868]

In Bristol on 19 Feb 1869, funeral of ___ ALDRICH, age 70.  Wife of Eleazer Aldrich.  [G.S. in Evergreen Cem. for Catharine, wife of Eleazer Aldrich, 19 Feb 1869, age illegible)]

In Bristol on 8 Jan 1868, funeral of ELEAZER ALDRICH, age 86.

In Bristol on 14 Jul 1870, funeral of ROYAL ALDRICH ANDREWS, age 71.

In Bristol, no date given but after 13 Mar and before 29 Aug 1869, funeral of SIDNEY BENTLEY, age 18.  Son of Orville Bentley.  [G.S. in Evergreen Cem. for Sidney A. Bentley, son of Orville and Martha S. Bentley, 1 Apr 1869, age 17y 6m]

In Richmond on [11?] May 1871, funeral of LYDIA M. BROWN, age 48.  Wife of Parley Brown.

In North Bloomfield on 2 Dec 1884, funeral of ALVIRA BUCK, age 35.

In North Bloomfield on 13 Nov 1871, funeral of HOMER BUCK, age 36.

In Bristol on 22 Sep 1870, funeral of ADELPHIA D. CASE, age 25.

In North Bloomfield on 29 Jun 1874, funeral of HORACE CHAMBERS.

In Bristol on 1 Aug 1870, funeral of EPHRIAM DUNHAM, age 60.

In West Bloomfield in 1883, funeral of NATHANIEL ELTON, age 66.

In North Bloomfield on 4 Jun 1879, funeral of CORNELIA FAIRCHILD, age 63 years, 7 months and 14 days.  Wife of Andrew H. Fairchild.

In Bristol on 29 Sep 1867, funeral of Mrs. ALTHEA FISHER, age 64 years and 4 months.  Wife of Jeremiah Fisher, deceased.

In Bristol on 30 Nov 1867, funeral of SETH FRANCIS, age 86 years and 3 months.

In Canandaigua on 26 Dec 1869, funeral of FRENCH GAGE, [age 1 year and 5 months or 1 month and 5 days; record is unclear].  Adopted son of Rev. G. W. Gage.

In Bristol on 28 Mar 1869, funeral of Mrs. EMILY S. GOODING, age 54.  Wife of Seymour H. Gooding.

In Bristol on 24 Jan 1871, funeral of JOHN S. GOODING, age 90 years and 5 days.

In Bristol on 7 Apr 1870, funeral of SEYMOUR GOODING, age 62.

In Bristol on 13 Mar 1869, funeral of BENJAMIN GREGG.

In Bristol on 16 Mar 1868, funeral of MINNIE L. GREG [Gregg], age 1 year and 2 months.  Daughter of George Greg [Gregg].    [Interment in Evergreen Cem. per burial permit for Minnie L. Gregg, 1866-1868; compiler was unable to locate a stone.]

In North Bloomfield on 11 Mar 1885, funeral of Mrs. FANNY HETHERINGTON.

In North Bloomfield on 18 Jun 1878, funeral of WILLIAM HETHERINGTON, age 55.

In North Bloomfield on 29 Apr 1870, funeral of Mr. M. HUNT, age 62.

In North Bloomfield on 1 Dec 1871, funeral of ___ HUNTINGTON, age 2 years and 21 days.  Son of Frank Huntington.

In North Bloomfield on 7 Jan 1877, funeral of Mrs. ___ LLOYD, age 21.  Wife of John Lloyd.

In Victor on 23 Oct 1879, funeral of BENJAMIN F. LUSK, age 72.

In Bristol on 13 Feb 1870, funeral of JOHN MASON, age 73.

In North Bloomfield on 23 Sep 1872, funeral of Mrs. REBECCA NEWBERRY, age 84.

In Bristol, after 7 Jan and before 22 Feb 1877, funeral of Mr. ___ NICHOLS.

In Bristol on 29 May 1871, funeral of SARAH NICHOLS [age illegible].

In Bristol on 27 Nov 1870, funeral of Mrs. ADELINE PACKARD, age 76.

In North Bloomfield on 8 Mar 1873, funeral of ANNA PARKER, age 53.  Wife of Charles Parker.

In North Bloomfield on 14 May 1879, funeral of DAVID CURTIS PARKER, age 69 years and 12 days.

In North Bloomfield on 3 Aug 1884, funeral of WILLIAM PARKER, age 77.

In Bristol on 16 Apr 1871, funeral of [Lorena? illegible] PARKS, age 1 year and 9 months.  Daughter of Alphonzo Parks.

In East Bloomfield on 16 Jan 1871, funeral of DAVID PAUL, age 76 years and 8 months.

In South Bristol on 23 Dec 1870, funeral of JOHN S. PERRY, age 60.

In Bristol after 28 Mar and before 29 Aug 1869, funeral of JOHN E. PHILLIPS, age 50.

In Bristol on 15 Dec 1858, funeral of Mrs. CORDELIA PIERCE, age 22.  Wife of Ellis Pierce.

In Bristol on 24 Mar 1871, funeral of ALMEDIA JANE POOLE.  Wife of Edward Byron Poole.

In North Bloomfield on 20 Aug, funeral of Mrs. ___ RUMSEY, age 39.

In Bristol on 5 Apr 1870, funeral of DEBORAH AMANDA SHELDON, age 37 years, 4 months and 3 days.  Wife of Albert Sheldon.

In Victor on 19 May 1887, funeral of RICHARD SIMMONS, age 72.

In North Bloomfield on 2 Mar 1884, funeral of Mrs. JERUSHA SMITH, age 83.

In Bristol on 15 Feb 1869, funeral of GEORGE WALLACE THOMAS, age 22.  Son of Wm. Thomas.

In Bristol on 22 Dec 1870, funeral of Mrs. MARY WHEELER, age 39.  Wife of Sylvester Wheeler.

In West Bloomfield on 28 Aug 1871, funeral of EZRA WILCOX, age 48.

In North Bloomfield on 28 Mar 1884, funeral of FRANK WOODARD, age 34.

Contributed by Karen E. Dau, Rochester NY, Archivist of the NY State Convention of Universalists. Our grateful thanks to Karen for this donation.

Ontario Co. NY People Married by Rev. George Washington Montgomery, Universalist

These marriages are arranged chronologically.  Compiled from the original records and contributed by Karen E. Dau, Rochester NY, Archivist of the NY State Convention of Universalists. Our grateful thanks to Karen for this donation.

In Rochester on 31 May 1846, J. W. PARCELLS of West Bloomfield and Jane A. TRAPHAGEN of Rochester.

In Irondequoit on 13 May 1849, James H. GILBERT of Rochester, born in Bristol, Ontario Co., and Brintha A. HICKOK of Irondequoit, born in Irondequoit.

In Rochester on 11 Jun 1849, George A. BROWN of Rochester, born in Rochester, and Catharine DONOVAN of Rochester, born in Geneva.

In Rochester on 1 Nov 1849, Moses HOLLENBECK of Caledonia, born in Caledonia, and Eliza HASSENGER of West Avon, born in Gorham, Ontario Co.

In Rochester on 24 Dec 1849, Martin DEAN of Macedon, Wayne Co., born in Macedon, and Almira D. WOOD of Farmington, Ontario Co., born in Farmington.

In West Bloomfield on 15 May 1851, Henry C. GROUT of Lima and Amelia C. PIERCE of West Bloomfield.

In Rochester on 15 Sep 1851, DeForest BOUGHTON and Mrs. Mary A. BOUGHTON, both of Victor.

In Rochester on 17 Sep 1851, Ezra C. FRISBIE and Annette HARRIS, both of Victor.

In Rochester on 20 Sep 1851, Alonzo S. WISEMAN of North Bloomfield and Jane A. HENRY of Mendon.

In Rochester on 19 Oct 1851, Jabez K. BABCOCK of Canandaigua and Mrs. Tryphena HULBURT of Rochester.

In Rochester on 18 Dec 1851, Jefferson J. WHITNEY and Susan JONES, both of Hopewell.

In Rochester on 17 Mar 1852, Alonzo BENSON of Victor and Rhoda E. EATON of Irondequoit.

In North Bloomfield on 5 Jul 1852, John A. HALE of Rochester and Julia L. WIGGINS of North Bloomfield.

In Rochester on 31 Mar 1853, James SWEET of Farmington and Adelia ALDRICH of Victor.

In Rochester on 18 Oct 1853, Oliver ACKLEY of Geneva and Mrs. Anniss B. BEACH of Buffalo.

In Rochester on 24 Nov 1853, Wm. CRANE of Farmington and Cordelia KELLOGG of Palmyra.

In Rochester on 20 Sep 1854, Silas RICHARDSON and Adeline E. LADD, both of Victor.

In Rochester on 3 Jan 1855, Henry P. PECK and Theresa M. JACOBS, both of Victor.

In Rochester on 23 Apr 1855, Robert E. JOHNSON of Canandaigua and Mary E. WEBSTER of Mendon.

In Victor on 8 Apr 1857, James A. FROST and Gertrude DEWEY, both of Victor.

In Rochester on 3 Dec 1857, Edgar S. WOOD of West Bloomfield and Caroline F. GILMAN of East Bloomfield.

In Rochester on 7 Dec 1857, Abram F. VANDENBURG of Victor and Mary J. VANDEMARK of Watervliet.

In Rochester on 21 Apr 1858, Miles CASE of Buffalo and Caroline PARTRIDGE of Victor.

In Farmington on 12 May 1858, Lambert GILLIS and Mary BROWN, both of Farmington.

In Rochester on 16 Sep 1858, Horace CHAMBERS and Emily H. FAIRCHILD, both of North Bloomfield.

In Victor on 13 Oct 1858, Isaac BROWN of Farmington and Elizabeth LADD of Victor.

In Farmington on 27 Oct 1858, Stephen LOMBARD and Mary A. RICHARDSON, both of Farmington.

In Rochester on 22 Dec 1858, Morris W. HANNA and Mary A. JONES, both of Hopewell.

In Victor on 20 Oct 1859, John A. GUILE of Milo Centre, NY and Annie E. PECK of Victor.

In Victor on 29 Dec 1859, Geo. B. ARNOLD of Macedon and Helen M. PERKINS of Victor.

In Rochester on 31 Dec 1859, Thomas JEFFREY of Geneva and Mary E. YOUNG of Rochester.

In Rochester on 26 Mar 1862, Wm. WOODBURY of Honeoye Falls and Hannah C. JACKSON of Victor.

In Rochester on 22 May 1862, Benjamin WESTFALL of Phelps and Melinda A. WHITNEY of Webster.

In Rochester on 28 May 1862, Robert B. WIGGINS of West Bloomfield and Sarah J. CHAMBERS of Mendon.

In Victor on 6 Apr 1864, John A. WOOLSTON and Nancy C. LUSK, both of Victor.

In Rochester on 1 Jun 1864, Albert FORCE and Dorliska LUSK, both of Victor.

In Rochester on 20 Sep 1865, John HANNAHAN and Sarah A. STILES, both of Victor.

In Rochester on 13 Dec 1865, David A. LISK and Eliza G. ABBEY, both of Clifton Springs.

In Rochester on 29 Mar 1866, Wm. MASON Jr. of East Bloomfield and Alice VAN NORMAN of Palmyra.

In Victor on 7 Nov 1866, Hiram H. HUMPHREY and Sarah A. MILLER, both of Victor.

In Victor on 8 Nov 1866, Henry C. DICKINSON and Nellie A. KEYES, both of Victor.

In Rochester on 1 Jan 1867, Marvin J. BAKER and Hannah C. ROE, both of West Bloomfield.

In Victor on 11 Mar 1867, Amos BENNETT and Isabel C. TURNER, both of Victor.

In Victor on 13 Mar 1867, Frank D. SPRING and Lucie A. HUNT, both of Victor.

In Rochester on 14 Mar 1867, William CULVER of Victor and Addie SMITH of De Ruyter, NY

In Rochester on 7 Aug 1867, Asa G. STORY of Waterloo and Huldah A. DAVIS of Phelps.

In Hopewell on 24 Oct 1867, David W. THATCHER and M. Cornelia CHAPMAN, both of Hopewell.

In Clifton Springs on 7 Mar 1869, D. A. RISING and Elvira HOUGHTALING, both of Phelps.

In Rochester on 30 Aug 1869, Geo. B. BURCH of Canandaigua and Mary A. HAGAR of Rochester.

In Phelps on 23 Nov 1869, Charles D. CARR of Seneca and Susan O. TITUS of Phelps.

In Phelps on 20 Jan 1870, Wesley EMERY of Lansing, Mich. and Sarah E. VAN DEVOORT of Phelps.

In Clifton Springs on 26 Jun 1870, Mellville C. THOMPSON of Rome, NY and Emma A. PHELPS of Canandaigua.

In Seneca on 20 Sep 1870, Palmer W. MOORE of Orleans and Elma VAN GELDER of Seneca.

In Rochester on 25 Oct 1870, Frank V. MORRELL of Hamlin and Ellen J. PARKS of Victor.

In Rochester on 28 Dec 1870, James M. COOK of Rochester and Anna W. BALDWIN of Canandaigua.

In Hopewell on 30 Aug 1871, Theodore C. HENRY of Abilene, Kansas and Ellen CHAPMAN of Hopewell.

In Manchester on 24 Apr 1872, Henry HARMON and Mary L. CALDWELL, both of Manchester.

In Victor on 19 Sep 1872, Lorenzo W. BROWN of Taylor Township, Marshall Co. Iowa and Emma T. DAVIS of Victor.

In Rochester on 9 Oct 1872, Benjamin D. SPRING of East Bloomfield and Sarah M. WIGGINS of North Bloomfield.

In Manchester on 27 Oct 1872, Edgar E. WHEAT and Alice M. HORNER, both of Manchester.

In Rochester on 18 Feb 1873, Charles FORCE of Victor and Mary METZGER of Batavia.

In Rochester on 2 Apr 1873, James TRIM and Mary SHANNAN, both of Victor.

In Canandaigua on 28 Jun 1882, Clarence Clinton POST of Ithaca and Annie Laura ROCKEFELLER of Canandaigua.

Ontario County Records of Rev. Charles Augustus Skinner, Universalist


In Victor on 2 Mar 1852, funeral of Mrs. ELIZABETH AKERS, age 49.

In Phelps on 21 Feb 1853, funeral of ASAHEL BLAKEMAN, age 73.

In Bloomfield, Ontario Co. on 17 Jan 1852, funeral of DANIEL JOHNSON, age 31.

In Orleans on 26 Jul 1852, funeral of Mrs. ANN MANSFIELD, age 63.

In Victor on 30 Sep, 1850, funeral of HENRY BARRET WATKINS, age 7. 

In Victor on 1 Oct 1850, funeral of BURTIS MARSHALL WATKINS, age 9.  Brother of Henry Barret Watkins.


In Perinton on 15 Oct 1850, Benjamin F. FREEMAN of Victor and Mary WILCOX of Perinton.

In Victor on 31 Dec 1850, Myron H. DECKER and Eliza M. JACKSON.

In Victor on 7 Jan 1852, James E. MEAD of East Bloomfield and Elizabeth A. BRAMBLE of Victor.

In Victor on 21 Mar 1852, John VAN HOESEN and Janette O’DELL.

In Victor on 5 Apr 1852, Chester KEYES of Olean and Clarinda A. HOWE of Victor.

In Victor on 8 Apr 1852, Benjamin F. CHILSON and Celestia T. HOAG, both of Farmington.

In Newark, Wayne Co. on 11 Jul 1852, Thomas M. BIDDLECOM of Phelps and Ann E. AYLSWORTH of Mt. Morris.

In Vienna on 24 May 1853, Luther FINLEY of Newark and Mary W. GOULD of Vienna.

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