From Geneva Courier 11 April 1843


Ontario County -- The board of Supervisors stands -- Whig 10, Loco 5.  Party lines were not so distinctly drawn as usual.  In some towns, the license question was the turning point.  This was particularly the case in this town (Seneca), where by virtue of an arrangement made at a meeting of the Washingtonians, the name of the Whig Justice (though a strict temperance man) was dropped to secure unity of action in that society.  The small talk in the Geneva Advertiser, about a locofoco majority in the town of Seneca, is the merest slang, and is so regarded by the intelligent of that party.

Whig Supervisors are elected in the towns of West Bloomfield, East Bloomfield, Victor, Farmington, Richmond, Canandaigua, Hopewell, Seneca, South Bristol, and Gorham.  Locofocos in North Bristol, Naples, Canadice and Phelps.  Anti-Cold Water in Manchester.

The following is a list of officers elected for the town of Seneca:

Supervisor:  Philo Bronson
Town Clerk:  R. Hogarth
Justice of the Peace:  C. J. Folger
Assessors:  Ward Reed, Wm. Cortelyou, Charles Rice
Commissioners of Highways:  Sanford R. Hall, L. Warner, J. R. McCauley
Commissioners of Common Schools:  John Deveraux, Silas Wood, Calvin Huson
Inspectors of Common Schools:  W. S. Hermans, John N. Whiting
Inspectors of Election - 1st District:  O. Powers, Sanford R. Hall
                                     2d District:  James Bogert, Joel Winter
                                     3d District:  Alfred Squier, Calvin Huson
                                     4th District:  T. Densmore, Ward Reed
Collector:  William Carson
Overseers of the Poor:  Silas Wood, Edw. Hall
Constables:  William Butterfield, A. G. Leonard, George Clute, Joseph Robinson
Sealer of Weights and Measures:  George Sanford

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