Temperance Organizations 1890 to end

From Ontario County Journal 10 January 1890

Bristol Center, N. Y. -
The Royal Templars held their election last week and the following officers were chosen:

S. C. - E. W. Burge
V. C. - Mrs. A. G. Case
R. S. - A. W. Montanye
S. - L. G. Reed
Treasurer - Mrs. L. G. Reed
Chaplain - Mrs. Anna Case
H. - R. W. Travis
G. - N. W. Nichols
S. - H. Gardner

From Ontario County Journal 2 May 1890

Gorham, N. Y. - The last meeting of the I. O. G. T., the following officers were elected:

C. T. - Rob't Affleck
V. T. - Wm. VanVerst
Secretary - Minnie G. Robinson
F. S. - Charles Donehue
Treasurer - John Burges
Chaplain - G. B. Calkins
Marshal - Sam Hershey
Guard - Arthur Robinson
Sentinel - John Donnelly

From Ontario County Journal 30 May 1890

Farmington, N. Y. - At the last meeting of Farmington Lodge, I. O. G. T., the following officers were elected for the ensuing term:

C. T. - Nellie S. Padgham
V. T. - Gertrude E. Smith
Sec'y - Lilian Katkamier
Mar. - Percy Baker
Chap. - Lila A. Nicols
Fin. Sec'y - Milton Smith
Treas. - Oscar Gardner
Guard - S. P. Gardner, Jr.
Sent. - Walter Wood
Supt. J. T. - May Allen
P. C. T. - Hattie Carpenter
Delegates to County Lodge -
A. B. Katkamier, Gertrude E.
Smith and Percy Baker

From Ontario County Journal 8 May 1891

The Good Templars are flourishing in Naples. The lodge now has sixty-four members. The following officers were recently elected:

Chief Templar - Albert Watkins
Vice Templar - Edna Marcy
Secretary - Eugene Orgon
Financial secretary - Louis Griswold
Treasurer - Fred Lyon
Chaplain - F. A. Seamans
Marshal - Deyo Razey
Guard - Frank Oakley
Sentinel - George L. Smith

From Ontario County Journal 29 April 1892

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The following officers were elected by the Independent Order of Good Templars, on Monday evening, to serve for the ensuing quarter:

C. T. - G. R. Wicker
V. T. - Mrs. L. S. Partridge
Sec. - Miss Addie Peeling
Treas. - Henry Howes
Fin. Sec. Mrs. Flora Howes
C. - C. M. Johnson
S. of S. T. - Mrs. E. Page
M. - Herbert Howes
G. - J. Love
S. - Fred Fehr

Henry Wilkins was last Monday evening initiated into the rapidly growing order.

From Ontario County Journal 29 July 1892

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The quarterly elections of the I. O. G. T. were held Monday evening, and resulted as follows:

C. T. - David Donnelly
V. T. - Mrs. Ella Partridge
C. - Allen Pierce
S. of J. - Mrs. E. W. Page
Sec. - Addie Peeling
F. S. - Flora Howes
T. - Henry Howes
M. - Henry Wilkins
G. - Will Neeneen
Sen. - M. Canane
Rep. to Grand Lodge - C. W. Bradley
Alternate - C. B. Leete
Recommended for Lodge Deputy
for the ensuing year - A. E. Neeley

From Ontario County Journal 4 November 1892

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
Ontario County Lodge, I. O. G. T., met at Canadice Wednesday, October 19. It being the annual meeting, the most important business was the election of officers, which resulted as follows:

C. C. T. - C. B. Leete, East Bloomfield
C. V. T. - Bessie Hayward, Canadice
C. C. - C. W. Bradley, East Bloomfield
C. Chap. - Wilbur Winch, Canadice
C. Sec'y - Kittie Jennings, Naples
C. A. S. - Ella Prior, Naples
C. T. - J. C. Stillman, Canadice
C. M. - Wm. Cleveland, Naples
C. D. M. - Geo. Athalter, Canadice
C. G. - Frank Seward, Canadice
C. Sen. - C. Bugh, Canadice
C. S. J. T. - Mrs. Libbie Wright, Canadice
C. D. - Thos. Murry, Canadice
P. C. T. - G. A. Tibballs, Canadice

From Ontario County Journal 10 February 1893

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The Independent Order of Good Templars, at a recent meeting, elected officers for the present quarter as follows:

C. T. - C. W. Norton
V. T. - Miss Flora Howes
S. of J. T. - Miss Gertrude Douglas
Sec. - Miss Addie Peeling
Fin. Sec. - Miss Myra Donnelley
Treas. - Claude Ward
Chaplain - C. M. Johnson
Marshal - Miss Mamie Hanrahan
Guard - Fred Tobey
Sentinel - Chauncey Murrell

From Victor Herald 29 July 1893

Farmington lodge, I. O. G. T., has elected these officers for the ensuing term:

Worthy chief templar - Anson L. Gardner
Vice templar - Sarah P. Gardner
Secretary - A. B. Katkamier
Financial Secretary - George S. Allen
Treasurer - Martha Bowerman
Chaplain - Mrs. J. E. Baker
Marshal - Lewis F. Allen
Guard - Frederick Pappenhausen
Sentinel - Lester B. Lapham

From Ontario County Journal 10 November 1893

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The installation of officers of the Good Templars last Monday evening was as follows:

C. T. - Henry Howes
P. C. T. - William Neenan
V. T. - Mrs. Ella Partridge
S. J. T. - Mrs. Lilla Murrell
C. - Lewis Partridge
Secretary - Benjamin Mason
Asst. Secretary - Herbert Howes
Treasurer - William Kane
Financial Secy. - Myra Donnelly
Martial - Milo Nesbit
Dept. M. - Jennie Hodge
Guard - Claude Burrett
Sentinel - Geo. Wilkins

From Ontario County Journal 2 February 1894

Farmington, N. Y. -
Last Saturday evening the Good Templars elected officers for the ensuing quarter as follows:

C. T. - Geo. S. Allen
V. T. - Nellie S. Padgham
Secretary - Lilian Katkamier
Chaplain - Mrs. Mary J. Baker
Marshal - Fred Poppenhausen
Treasurer - L. F. Allen
Financial secretary - Hattie Tay
Guard - E. J. Goodrich
Sentinel - Libbie Nussbaumer

From Ontario County Journal 11 May 1894

Port Gibson, N. Y. -
The newly elected officers of Maple Lodge 505, I. O. G. T., of this place, were installed last Friday evening, as follows:

Chief templar - Geo. Smith
Vice templar - Mrs. Anna R. Snyder
Secretary - Will McClelland
Treasurer - James C. Edgett
Chaplain - Mrs. Marie Bartholomew
Fin. Secretary - Fred Lehr
Marshal - Roswell T. Lee
Guard - William E. Snyder
Sentinel - C. L. Bartholomew

From Ontario County Journal 27 July 1894

Canadice, N. Y. -
At the last meeting of the K. O. T. M. Lodge, the following officers were elected:

Past Knight Commander - E. Stillman
Sir Knight Commander - John Stillman
Lieutenant Commander - Frank Sanford
Finance Keeper - Richmond Crooks
Master at Arms - Arthur Richardson
1st Master of Guards - Harry Thomas
2nd Master of Guards - Gilbert Struble
Sentinel - Orlando Anderson
Picket - Peter Moose

From Ontario County Journal 16 November 1894

Farmington, N. Y. -
At the last session of the I. O. G. T. the following officers were installed by Lodge Deputy C. H. Wood:

C. T. - John H. Baker
V. T. - May Allen
Chap. - Lilla A. Nichols
Sec. - A. B. Katkamier
A. Sec. - Willie Stevenson
F. Sec. - Mrs. J. E. Baker
Treas. - Oscar B. Gardner
Mar. - Fred Popenhusen
D. Mar. - Carrie B. Allen
Guard - Ernest G. Crocker
Sen. - Verna M. Cotton
P. C. T. - Nellie S. Padgham

From Ontario County Journal 7 December 1894

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The election of officers of the I. O. G. T. took place at their lodge rooms last Monday evening:

W. C. T. - Addie Peeling
W. V. T. - Lillian Murrell
P. W. C. T. - George Wilkins
W. Sec. - William Neenan
W. Chaplain - L. T. Partridge
W. Marshal - Fred Fehr
Dept. Marshal - Myra Donnelly
W. Grand Marshal - Benjamin Mason
W. Sentinel - David Donnelly, Jr.
Fin. Secretary - E. Andrews
Treasurer - C. C. Murrell

From Ontario County Journal 14 December 1894

Canandaigua tent, K. O. T. M., elected officers Tuesday evening as follows:

P. C. - W. S. Cooper
R. K. - E. T. Bounds
F. K. - W. H. Fox
Chap. - F. R. Williams
Serg. - F. E. Middlebrook
M. A. - G. T. Randall
M. G. 1st - A. L. Penoyer
M. G. 2d - William Johnson
Sent. - C. Heubeler
Pick. - D. C. Melvin

From Ontario County Journal 21 December 1894

Shortsville, N. Y. -
The new officers for the ensuing year of the K. O. T. M. are as follows:

Commander - Chas. Ballard
Lt. commander - Chas. Robbins
Finance keeper - Harry Forshay
Prelate - Adam Flack
Sergeant - Finley Chism
Master at arms - Justice Sheldon
Sentinel - Julius Snyder
Picket - Albert Russell

The L. O. T. M. have elected the following officers:

Lady commander - Mrs. Eleanor Huntoon
Lady lt. commander - Mrs. Florence Robbins
Lady finance keeper - Mrs. Florence Upham
Lady record keeper - Miss Jessie Terry
Lady prelate - Mrs. Clara Crain
Lady sergeant - Mrs. Rachel Snyder
Lady mistress at arms - Mrs. Hattie Corey
Lady sentinel - Miss Mary Sullivan
Lady picket - Mrs. Mary Ballard

From Ontario County Journal 1 February 1895

Port Gibson, N. Y. -
The following are the newly elected officers of the Good Templars of this place:

Chief templar - Geo. W. Smith
Vice templar - Mrs. S. T. Stacy
Secretary - C. Eugene Sibbitt
Financial Secy. - Alida Ferguson
Treasurer - Sarah Drake
Chaplain - Sarah Drake
Marshal - Frank Bartholomew
Guard - Frank E. Blossom
Sentinel - Albinus Sibbett

From Victor Herald 5 October 1895

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Mr. J. E. N. Backus, the Grand Lecturer of the I. O. G. T. of this State, has revived Monumental Lodge No. 109, of the order, and following officers were elected:

W. Chief - Wm. Caine
W. Vice - Mrs. A. B. Norton
W. P. Ch. - David Donnelly
W. Secy - Mrs. C. W. Bradley
W. Asst. Secy - Mrs. M. T. Partridge

W. Treas. - Mrs. Fred Munson
Finc. Secy - Charles W. Bradley
W. Marsh. - D. B. Williams
W. G. - Mrs. Wm. Caine
W. Sent. - Lew Bradley

From Ontario County Journal 25 February 1898

Farmington, N. Y. -
The lodge of Good Templars last week installed new officers as follows:

C. T. - E. Percy Baker
V. T. - Grace Bowerman
P. C. T. - Charles Wood
Chap. - E. P. Wood
Sec. - C. E. Allen
F. S. - Miss Bird
Treas. - Charles Green
Marshal - F. Repenhausen
Guard - Robert Bowerman
Sent. - George Wood

From Ontario County Journal 29 April 1898

Farmington, N. Y. -
The Independent Order of Good Templars elected the following officers at the meeting on Saturday evening:

Chief templar - Beal Smith
Vice-templar - Charles Allen
Secretary - Ida Redington
Financial secy - A. B. Katkamier
Treasurer - Charles Wood
Marshal - Verna Cotton

From Victor Herald 19 May 1899

Farmington, N. Y. -
The following officers were installed last Saturday night by the Good Templars:

C. T. - Florence Bowerman
V. T. - Lizzie Katkamier
Sec. - Chas. E. Allen
Asst. Sec. - Maggie Earley
Finan. Sec. - Martha Bowerman
Treas. - Beal M. Smith
P. C. T. - John E. Baker
Chap. - Lillian Katkamier
Marsh. - John Calhoun
Dept. Marsh. - Ernest Crocker
Guard - Fred Popenhausen
Lieut. - Henry Warillow

From Victor Herald 17 November 1899

Farmington, N. Y. -
At the last meeting of the I. O. G. T. the following officers were installed by G. L. D. Beal M. Smith:

C. T. - Charles A. Greene
V. T. - Verna Cotton
P. C. T. - John Calhoun
Chap. - Edwin Wood
Sec. - Ernest Crocker
Fin. Sec. - Arthur Coniff
Treas. - Carrie Allen
Marshal - Lizzie Katkamier
Guard - Robert Bowerman

From Victor Herald 17 May 1901

Farmington, N. Y. -
At the last session of Farmington Lodge, No. 983, I. O. of G. T., held Saturday evening, May 11th, the following officers were installed by County Deputy Anson L. Gardner of Canandaigua:

C. T. - George Ernest Crocker
P. C. T. - Chas. A. Greene
V. T. - Mrs. Sarah G. Betz
Secretary - Carrie B. Allen
Financial Secy. - Gilbert H. Padgham
Treasurer - Alberta Arnold
Chaplain - Mrs. Sarah Peckman
Marshall - Walter Smith
Guard - Joseph Coniff
Sentinel - Cora White
Asst. Secy. - Verna Cotton
Deputy Marshall - John J. Baker

From Geneva Daily Times 21 January 1904

At a meeting of the local lodge, I. O. G. T., the following  officers were elected:
Chief templar - LaVerne Campbell
Vice templar - Miss Florence Melious
Past chief templar - F. L. Campbell
Secretary - Miss Lottie Wilkie
Financial secretary - Mrs. F. L. Campbell
Treasurer - Mrs. William Waterman

From Geneva Daily Times 2 June 1904

At the regular meeting of Geneva lodge, I. O. G. T., last evening, officers were installed and delegates elected to attend the meeting of the Ontario-Wayne county lodge which will meet in Walworth, Wayne county, tomorrow. The following officers were installed:

Chief templar - Mrs. F. L. Campbell
Chaplain - Mrs. S. S. Finch
Past chief templar - LaVerne Campbell
Secretary - Philip Smith
Assistant secretary - Miss Laura Wilkie
Financial secretary - Mrs. William Waterman
Treasurer - Miss Mary Tulett
Marshal - Miss Lottie McIntosh
Guard - Miss Mable Thayer
Sentinel - Harry Bennett

The delegates to the meeting of the county lodge are: F. L. Campbell, Mrs. F. L. Campbell and Harry Bennett; alternates, Philip Smith, Misses Laura Wilkie, Lottie McIntosh, Mabel Thayer and William Waterman. The delegates were instructed to use all honorable means to secure the September session of the County lodge for Geneva.

From Geneva Daily Times 29 July 1904

Flint, N. Y. -
At the regular meeting of the I. O. G. T., held this week, the following officers were elected:

Chief Templar - H. G. McNella
Vice templar - Mrs. W. H. Robinson
Superintendent juvenile templars - Miss Eva Cook
Secretary - George Leet
Financial secretary - Harley Leet
Treasurer - Reeve Newton
Marshal - Carrie Wheat
Deputy marshal - to be appointed
Chaplain - to be announced
Guard - Earl Foster
Sentinel - Frank Tracy
Lodge deputy - W. H. Robinson

From Ontario County Journal 15 January 1909

The Rushville Tent, K. O. T. M., has installed the following officers:

Commander - J. Abeel
Lt. commander - George Housel
Record keeper - Charles Stidd
Master at arms - Granger Walbridge
Chaplain - B. Perry
1st master of guards - B. Walbridge
Sentinel - J. Snyder
Picket - C. Stevens
Sergeant - Charles Perry

From Ontario County Journal 22 January 1909

Reed's Corners, N. Y.
- The following officers of the K. O. T. M. were recently installed:

Commander - Mrs. Marcia Mills
Lt. commander - Mrs. Clarabel Megaffee
Record keeper - Mrs. Mary Deer
Treasurer - Mrs. Mamie Miles
Chaplain - Mrs. Lucinda Fonda
Mistress of arms - Mrs. Ella Turner
Sentinel - Mrs. Blanche Winne

From Shortsville Enterprise 3 February 1911

Mr. George H. Niver of Albany organized an I. O. G. T. lodge, the "Empire," in this place on Tuesday evening, with the following officers:

W. C. T. - H. R. Steele
W. V. C. T. - Miss Nettie VanSickle
Secretary - Thomas Melvin, Jr.
Treasurer - Mrs. F. L. Brown
Chaplain - Rev. J. M. Harlow
Marshal - Ward Preson
Inside Guard - Miss Ethel Weller
Outside Guard - Abraham Coats
Trustees - H. L. Brown, J. M. Harlow
and G. H. Preston

From Geneva Daily Times 17 April 1917

The installation of the newly elected officers of Geneva Commandery, No. 29, Knights Templar, was held in connection with the regular conclave held in the Masonic Temple last evening, and was under the direction of Past Commander Charles R. Guile, assisted by the retiring Commandery, Samuel G. Armstrong, acting as marshal. The following are the officers for the coming year:

Commander - William R. Welch
Generalissimo - Albion W. Newell
Captain General - Jasper B. Stahl
Senior Warden - Ralph C. Smith
Junior Warden - Clayton H. Pinckney
Preliata - Charles B. Guile
Treasurer - Adam Emig
Recorder - Edwin R. Dobbin
Standard bearer - Ernest T. Eaton
Sword bearer - David W. Eddie
Warder - Robert A. Aikens
Guards - Boyd A. Little, Newton T.
Shedden, William H. Cass
Sentinel - William H. Schroeder

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