From Ontario County Journal 17 February 1911

Surrogate's records this week are: William R. Norton, Jr., executor of the estate of Mary Jane Norton of East Bloomfield; Euphemia M. White, executor of the estate of Oliver H. White of East Bloomfield; Patrick Maloney, administrator of the $1100 estate of Anne Maloney of Canandaigua; Walter F. Marks, administrator of the $150 personal estate of Belle F. Marks of Hopewell.

From Ontario County Journal 10 March 1911

Surrogate's records this week are: Frank M. Whitman and Floyd W. Whitman, executors of $105,000 estate of Zulma Whitman of Geneva. Gertrude C. Mather and Leonora K. Depew, executors of the estate of Evalina Brocklebank of Manchester. Frank H. Hamlin, executor of the estate of Mary H. Worthington, Canandaigua.

From Shortsville Enterprise 19 January 1912

The will of John C. Parker, late of the town of Manchester, has been admitted to probate with F. A. Adams of Farmington as executor. The amount of the estate is not given. Letters of administration on the $6000 estate of Mrs. John C. Parker, late of Manchester, have been issued to Mr. Adams and Mary Evans, of Farmington. The heirs mentioned are Mary Evans, a sister, and Minnie B. Baker, of Macedon, a niece of the decedent.

From Shortsville Enterprise 31 May 1912

Letters of administration have been issued to Adeline Neally of Manchester in the matter of the estate of George F. Edwards, whose death occurred on Aug. 22, 1911, from injuries sustained in an accident on the Lehigh Valley railroad in Manchester. Mrs. Neally is the mother of the decedent and the letters were issued to her so that she can institute against the railroad company an action to recover damages for Edwards' death. The value of the estate is given as $50, the mother and a half-brother of decedent, Paul J. Neally, of Manchester, being the sole heirs.

Administration letters have also been issued to John Cummings of Shortsville, on the $600 estate of his father, Michael Cummings, whose death occurred in Manchester on May 4th. The heirs are sons and daughters, Dennis, of Rochester, Margaret C. Welsh and Jane C. Moran of Honeoye Falls, Ella C. Rice, Elizabeth C. Callahan and John Cummings of this village, Julia C. Doyle and Edward Cummings of Manchester; also four children of a deceased daughter of the decedent.

In the matter of the estate of Marie Anderson, late of Manchester, J. M. Stoddard, of Shortsville, as  administrator, has rendered his final accounting. The balance of about $100 will be used in erecting a monument to the memory of the decedent.

From Shortsville Enterprise 20 September 1912

The will of Lena Romeiser, late of Farmington, has been admitted to probate and letters testamentary issued to Charles G. McLouth, of this town. The amount of the estate is not given. The legatees are the husband, Barnhardt Romeiser, and two daughters, Lena Potter and Rosa Nussbaumer, all of this town.

From Shortsville Enterprise 8 January 1914

Letters of administration in the matter of the $5350 estate of Gustavus McLouth, who died in Farmington on July 27, have been issued to the widow, Mary A. B. McLouth, and E. Adelbert Adams, both of Farmington. The heirs, beside the widow, are four children, Evangeline, Sarah and Jessie McLouth, all of Farmington, and Carlton McLouth of Palmyra.

From Shortsville Enterprise 21 May 1914

Wills of twin sisters were admitted to probate by Judge Dunton in Surrogate Court at Canandaigua recently, the instruments being those executed by Lucena and Lucinda Harrington, late of Shortsville and Manchester. The wills were made on the same date, June 22, 1909, were of the same general purport and named the same executrix. Lucinda Harrington died on April 17, 1913, and Lucena Harrington died on April 11, 1914. Lucinda gave the life use of her $600 estate to her sister, Lucena. At her death the property passed to a niece, Martha VerPlanck of Manchester. Lucena's will gave the life use of her property to Lucinda, the residue to pass to Martha VerPlanck. The latter is executrix of both wills. The twins leave a brother and sister, Edwin Harrington, of Shortsville, and Sarah Turner, of Manchester.

From Shortsville Enterprise 16 July 1914

The $6560 estate of Edward J. Cotton, who died in the township of Farmington on May 31, 1914, will be divided among these heirs: William Cotton, of Orleans, Mich.; Edwin B. Cotton, of East Rochester, and Louisa Joslin and Charles F. Cotton, of Farmington, brothers and sister of the decedent; also two nephews; Edward O'Neil, of Nunda, and John Odell, whose place of residence is unknown. Charles F. Cotton and Edwin J. Gardner, of Farmington, have been appointed administrators to handle the estate.

From Shortsville Enterprise 17 September 1914

Surrogate Dunton has admitted to probate the will of Maria V. Collins, who died in Farmington Aug. 10. A. Bristol Hathaway, of Farmington, is executor and the estate is valued at $5100. Two sons, Perez H. Collins, of Newark, and Guy N. Collins, of Lanhan, Md., each receive $200. A daughter, Eliza P. Loomis, of Farmington, is given the life use of all other property. At her death the estate is to be divided into three parts and apportioned in one-third parts to the children of the two sons and daughters.

From Shortsville Enterprise 3 December 1914

Letters of administration have been issued to Mrs. Mary McCarthy, Ontario street, in the matter of the $2100 estate of her husband, Thomas McCarthy, who died in this village on Sept. 15. Heirs are the widow and four children, William, John, and Miss Jennie McCarthy and Mrs. Andrew Smock, all of this place.

From Geneva Daily Times 15 February 1915

Estates valued at more than $23,000 were before Surrogate Harry L. Dunton yesterday. The will of Johanna Joyce, who died in Phelps on December 27th, names Morris Joyce, her son, of Clifton Springs, as executor, and provides for the distribution of the estate of $3700 of real estate between the executor and another son, Edward Joyce, also of Clifton Springs. William A. Carson, of Rushville, was granted letters of administration on the estate of Felix McOsker, who died at Gorham on January 14th. The estate consists of real estate of the value of $12,000 and personalty of the amount of about $2300. Two brothers, Mark McOsker and Edward McOsker, and a sister, Sarah Hawkins will share the estate equally. Franklin H. Smith, a son of the late Frederick C. Smith, who died in Manchester on December 25th, was granted letters of administration and filed the necessary bond to qualify. The estate consists of both real estate and personal property, the former being valued at $6000 and the latter at only $150. The property will be shared equally between the administrator and his sister, Alice E. Smith. A final judicial settlement of the accounts of Lot D. Sutherland, of this city, as executor of the will of Harriet M. Gillett, late of Canandaigua, who died on May 8, 1914, was had before the Surrogate yesterday. F. Allen McGraw of Clifton Springs was appointed special guardian to protect the interests of some minors.

From Geneva Daily Times 22 March 1915

Canandaigua, N. Y. - Watson Spangle
of Geneva is one of the heirs to the $50,000 estate of his cousin, H. Clifford Hipolite, of Seneca, who was accidentally killed by the discharge of a gun near his home on March 8th. Judge Harry I. Dunton in Surrogate Court has issued letters of administration to Caroline Askin of Child and J. L. Stokoe of Seneca. Besides Watson Spangle the heirs are: Mary Stottle of Scottsville; Caroline Askin of Chili and Hannah Harris of Attica, all aunts of Mr. Hipolite, and Wilson Spangle of Stanley, Willett M. Spangle and Isabelle Boswell of Syracuse, Margaret Benjamin of Rochester, Lottie White of Battle Creek and Cassius Baldwin of DeVitt, Mich., all cousins.

Love M. Standish of South Bristol, who died on December 15th, cut off two of his sons with a dollar each and left the remainder of his $2000 estate to a third son, George T. Standish of South Bristol, who is also named as executor. Robert C. and F. R. Standish of South Bristol are the other sons.

From Shortsville Enterprise 6 May 1915

The will of John Rodney, who died in the village of Manchester on December 6, 1908, was admitted to probate last week, and disposes of an estate amounting to $1300. His widow has the life use of the property and at her death it passes to her grandchildren, Nellie Messersmith, Florence, Ruth, Gladys, Raymond and Gerald Rodney, all residents of Manchester.

From Geneva Daily Times 18 April 1917

Canandaigua, N. Y. - Sarah Isabell Sherburne
of Manchester, who died in Canandaigua on June 16, 1916, left a will disposing of an estate valued at $2600; John Wooden of Hopewell qualified as executor before Judge Dunton in surrogate court yesterday afternoon. James Sherburne, the husband, of Canandaigua, is given $100; Eugene Bodine, nephew, of Owasco, also gets $100 and Ruth Sherburne Hoke of Canandaigua and Anna Belle Coston of Stanley are each given $25; Jennie Bicksler, a niece, of Rochester, receives the residue. Letters of administration were issued to Sayre McLeod of Phelps in the matter of the $8000 estate of his aunt, Hattie A. Sayre, who died in Phelps on March 25. Heirs are a sister, Frances M. McLeod of Phelps and the administrator.

From Geneva Daily Times 7 October 1922

Judge Dunton at a term of Surrogate Court here yesterday admitted to probate the will of Persifer Smith, late of Geneva.The will disposes of $10,000 in personal property. The instrument directs that $2000 be paid to Katherine Munson of 101 St. John's Place, Brooklyn, and a similar amount to Miss Elizabeth Munson of the same address, daughters of Mrs. Munson. The sum of $1000 is given May Erbert of 318 Exchange street, Geneva. The Erbert bequest, according to the instrument, is due to the care taken of the testator during a long illness. The residue goes to Mrs. Kitty Munson of Brooklyn. Mrs. Kitty Munson and A. W. Skinner are executors. The will of Charles A. Hanes, late of the town of Geneva also was admitted. The entire estate which is small goes to the widow, Minnie Hanes. Grace Hanes, a daughter of Mrs. Hanes is executor.

CANANDAIGUA DAILY MESSENGER Wednesday February 20, 1924


Quinn Estate

Ellen Quinn, who died in Geneva City, December 1, 1923, bequeathes her $2000 estate as follows: daughters, Margarett Durkee, Ellen DeVaney and Mary Long of Geneva, each $50, a son, Raymond Quinn, of Geneva, $300, a daughter, Florence Quinn, of Geneva, all of the household furniture and insurance.

All the remainder of the property to be divided equally between James and Florence Quinn, who are appointed executors.

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