Stearns Family of Gorham and Rushville

Family Sketch

From Genealogy and Memoirs of Charles and Nathaniel Stearns, and Their Descendants: Mrs. Avis Stearns Van Wagenen; Courier Printing Co. New York. 1901.

ARIEL (ROYAL) STEARNS, b., July 28, 1776, son of Ebenezer and Rebecca (Lackey) Stearns, of Upton, Mass.; a farmer, of Gorham, Ontario Co., N. Y.; md., May 10, 1809, Analine Mapes, b., July 27, 1791 who d. Oct. 16, 1875, dau. of Israel and Anna (Brown) Mapes, of Gorham.  He d., Nov. 27, 1827, at Gorham, and his wid. md. (2), Feb. 3, 1831, Joshua Hicks, of Palmyra, Wayne Co., N. Y.; seven children:

        ELVIRA STEARNS, b., Feb. 4, 1810; md., Apr. 29, 1830, John Sutfin, of Rushville, N. Y.,
         b., Mar. 20, 1806 who d., Mar. 11, 1892. She d., Feb. 11, 1890; ten children.

            (a)--Royal Stearns Sutfin, b., Mar. 8, 1831; md. Feb.
                22, 1860, Elizabeth Wiswell, of Saratoga, N. Y.
            (b)--Lloyd E. Sutfin, b., Oct. 21, 1833; md., Apr. 24,
                1870, Mary A. Sackett.
            (c)--Madison Sutfin, b., Jan. 30, 1836; lost a leg, in the
                Civil War, and d., Aug. 13, 1864, from the effect of
                his injuries; unm.
            (d)--Lucius B. Sutfin, b., Feb. 26, 1838; md., Jan. 28,
                1870, Jane Lyon, of Canandaigua, N. Y.
            (e)--Isabel E. Sutfin, b., Aug. 19, 1840; (md.), Nov. 2,
            (f)--Julia E. Sutfin, b., Dec. 28, 1842; md., Sept. 21,
                1875, Philetus W. Porter.
            (g)--Elliott Sutfin, b., July 24, 1845; md., Feb. 14, 1878,
                Eulia Rogers.
            (h)--Arthur Ely Sutfin, b., Feb. 10, 1848; d., Jan. 27,
            (i)--Mary Alice Sutfin, b., Oct. 10, 1851.
            (j)--John Erwin Sutfin, b., Oct. 16, 1854.
EMELINE STEARNS, b., Dec. 20, 1811; md., Dec. 2, 1830, Henry Whitman, of Rushville, N. Y., b., Apr. 21, 1806, who d., Feb. 13, 1854. She d., May 21, 1880.
         ARMINDA STEARNS, b., Feb. 5, 1814; md., Jan. 31, 1833, Levi J. Hicks, of
         Walworth, Wayne Co., N. Y.; d., Nov. 15, 1887; s. p.

         LYDIA ANN STEARNS, b., May 25, 1816; md., Sept. 28, 1837, Theron J. Yeomans, of Walworth, N. Y.;
         five children:

            (a)--Lucius F. Yeomans, b., Dec. 1, 1840; md., Dec. 4,
                1867, Susan Cleveland, sister of Hon. Grover Cleve-Cleveland,
                ex-Pres. of the United States.
            (b)--Varrick G. Yeomans, b., Feb. 27, 1843; d., May 18,
            (c)--Ellen Yeomans, b., Dec. 2, 1845; d., Dec. 15, 1852.
            (d)--Elon L. Yeomans, b., Sept. 20, 1850; md., June 23,
                1876, Ellen Beckwith.
            (e)--Francis C. Yeomans, b., Jan. 4, 1854.

        ROYAL MADISON STEARNS, b., Apr. 23, 1819; d., Aug. 27, 1835.

        GEORGE W. STEARNS, b., May 14, 1821.

        ELBRIDGE G. STEARNS, b., Sept. 24, 1824.

GEORGE W. STEARNS, b., May 14, 1821, son of Ariel (Royal) and Analine (Mapes) Stearns, of Gorham, Ontario Co., N. Y.; md., Oct. 13, 1841, Miranda Tufts, b., Feb. 5, 1819, dau. of Thomas and Clarissa (Hatfield) Tufts, of Gorham, N. Y. Mr. Stearns was a farmer and Justice of the Peace, at Rushville, Ontario Co., N. Y., and Associate Judge of
Ontario Co., for two terms; in 1867, moved to Coldwater, Mich., where for several years before his death he was editor and publisher of the Coldwater Republican. He d., Feb. 10, 1892, of pneumonia; two children. Mrs. Miranda (Tufts) Stearns d., Jan. 2, 1901.

CLARISSA ARMINDA STEARNS, b., Oct. 24, 1842; md., Sept. 1, 1870. Abraham J. Aldrich, b., Feb. 3, 1843, son of William and Phoebe J. Aldrich, of Coldwater, Mich.; two children.

IRVING ARIEL STEARNS, b., Sept. 12, 1845, son of George W. and Miranda
        (Tufts) Stearns, of Rushville, N. Y.; grad. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1868; Assistant Prof. of
        Analytical Chemistry for one year after graduation; resigned, 1869, to accept position in office of R.
        P. Rothwell, Mining and Civil Engineer, of Wilkesbarre, Pa.; from Aug., 1871, to Aug., 1872, was
        Supt. and Engineer of the McNeal Coal and Iron Co., of Schuylkill Co., Pa. He resigned this position
        to succeed Mr. Rothwell, who went to New York City to take charge of the "Engineering and Mining
        Journal," as editor and part owner. From Aug., 1872, to June, 1885, Mr. Stearns conducted a
        general engineering business, including the building of a railroad and wagon bridge across the
        Susquehanna River, at Shickshinny, Pa.; an iron highway bridge across the Susquehanna, at Pittston,
        Pa.; Lehigh Valley R. R. Co.'s Tifft Farm improvements, at Buffalo, N. Y., consisting of canals,
        docks, coalstocking plant, etc., etc.; besides various collieries in the A??thracite coal-fields of Pa. He
        also made numerous examinations and reports upon mining properties and enterprises, in Pa., Va.,
        West Va., Ark., Col., Nev., Cal., Wyo., Idaho, and Utah. In 1885, he was appointed manager of the
        various Coal Companies owned and controlled by the Penn. R. R. Co. He held this position until July,
        1897, when he resigned to accept the position of Pres. of the Cross Creek Coal Co., Coxe Bros.
        and Co., Inc., The Delaware, Susequehanna and Schuylkill R. R. Co., and the Coxe Iron Mfg. Co.,
        which position he holds at the present time (1901). He is also Pres. of the Penn. Mining Co., of
        Wyoming, and VicePres. of the People's Telephone Co., and a director in the Wvoming National
        Bank, The Vulcan Iron Works.

ELBRIDGE G. STEARNS, b., Sept. 24, 1824, son of Ariel (Royal) and Analine (Mapes) Stearns, of Gorham, Ontario Co., N. Y.; of Rushville, N. Y., where he d., Jan. 13, 1882. He md., Mar. 10, 1864, Emma Harkness, dau. of Hiram and Sarah Harkness, of Gorham, N. Y.; one daughter.
ALICE STEARNS, b., Aug. 5, 1866.

        JONATHAN STEARNS b., June 28, 1781, son of Ebenezer and Rebecca (Lackey) Stearns, of Upton, Mass.; md. (1), Miriam Gassett, of Upton, Mass., who lived only three months after her marriage; md. (2), 1801, Sarah Tufts, dau. of Thomas and Hannah Tufts, of Chesterfield, N. H. They moved from Brattleboro, Vt., to Gorham, Ontario Co., N. Y., Feb., 1803; settled on a farm in Gorham, where his wife d., May 4, 1860, and he d., Apr. 7, 1863; twelve children.

NANCY STEARNS, b., Oct. 16, 1804, in Gorham, N. Y.; md. (1), Sept. 1, 1828, Oliver Spalding, b., May 6, 1804, brother of her sister's husband. He d., Aug. 12, 1833, in Toledo, O., and she md. (2), Nov. 11, 1838, Elbridge Dakin, of Geneva, N. Y.; four children.
            (a)--Olivia Spalding, b., Dec. 23, 1830; d., Oct. 8, 1833,
                in Toledo, O.
            (b)--Sarah Dakin.
            (c)--William Dakin.
            (d)--Mary Dakin.

HARRIET STEARNS, b., Oct. 11, 1806, in Gorham, N. Y.; md. (1), Apr. 3, 1825, Alexander Scott, of Rushville, N. Y., who d., 1839; md. (2), Nov. 2, 1849, H. H. Whitney, of Rushville, N. Y., who d., Dec. 28, 1853 She d., May 9, 1864; five children by her first husband.

            (a)--Byron W. Scott, b., May 9, 1826; md., July 3, 1851,
                Eliza Page, and lived in Geneva, N. Y.
            (b)--Sarah Jane Scott, b., July 16, 1829; md., June 8,
                1854, George J. Howell; d., Dec. 19, 1878.
            (d)--Anne Eliza Scott, b., Mar. 14, 1832; md., June 7,
                1852, William Anderson.
            (d)--Viola May Scott, b., Apr. 28, 1835; md., May 6,
                1867, James W. Hunt, of Rushville, N. Y.
            (e)--Ruth Elizabeth Scott, b., Sept. 28, 1837; d., 1842.
        DULCIA STEARNS, b., Sept. 8, 1808; md., May, 1834, Henry Gillam, of Ledyard, N. Y.; d., Feb., 1881.

        MARSHALL STEARNS (7988), b., Aug. 30, 1810.

        INFANT, b. and d., 1812.

       MARIA STEARNS, b., Sept. 2??, 1814; md., June, 1833, Samuel Miller, of Gorham, N. Y.  They  resided in Windsor, Ont., where she d., May 18, 1876.

        LAURENS STEARNS (7991), b., July 24, 1816, in Gorham, N. Y.

        ADDISON STEARNS (7994), b., Jan. 12, 1818.

        JANE STEARNS, b., Jan. 1, 1820, in Gorham, N. Y.; md., Oct. 11, 1854, Dr. William J. Swart, of Gorham;
        d., Aug. 3, 1856; s. p.

        SARAH ANN STEARNS, b., Sept. 29, 1823, md., Dec. 25, 1841, Carson D. Fisher, of
        Gorham, N. Y., where she d., Oct. 30, 1865.

            (a)--Jonathan Stearns Fisher, b., 1843; md. twice; second
                wife was Susan Harmon, of Gorham.
            (b)--Gertrude Fisher, b., 1845; md. Vance Depuy, of
                Clinton, Mich.
        LAURA STEARNS, b., May 10, 1825; md. Howard Pickett, of Gorham; settled in Geneva, N. Y.

        MARSHALL STEARNS (7080), b., Aug. 30, 1810, son of Jonathan and Sarah (Tufts) Stearns, of Gorham, Ontario Co., N. Y.; md., Nov. 12, 1829, Elizabeth Wager, of Gorham; d., Oct. 1, 1873; one son.

 JOSHUA W. STEARNS, b., Oct. 20, 1831; md., July 4, 1855, Anna P. Wager, of Gorham N. Y.; d., Apr. 27, 1864; one daughter.
        RUTH A. STEARNS, b., June 7, 1858.
        LAURENS STEARNS (7083), b., July 24, 1816, son of Jonathan and Sarah (Tufts) Stearns, of Gorham, Ontario Co., N. Y.; md. (1), Dec. 28, 1843, Lydia Foster, of Middlesex, Ontario Co., N. Y., who d., May 9, 1862; md. (2), Nov. 28, 1863, Margaret Barlow, of Sharon, Mich., b., Apr. 22, 1837. His first wife died in Ypslanti, Mich., and after his second marriage he removed to Hedgersville, West Va., where he d.; one son.
EDWARD F. STEARNS, b., Feb. 7, 1851, at Gorham, N. Y.; md., 1892, Carrie E. Knoch; a railway postal clerk, of Washington, D. C.; one child.
        ADDISON STEARNS (7084), b., Jan. 12, 1818, son of Jonathan and Sarah (Tufts) Stearns, of Gorham, Ontario Co., N. Y.; a farmer, of Gorham; md. (1), Mar. 12, 1840, Maria Fisher, dau. of Samuel and Jane (Wilson) Fisher, natives of Pennsylvania and early settlers of Gorham, N. Y.  Maria (Fisher) Stearns had one son and d., June 8, 1853; he md. (2), Sept. 26, 1854, Eliza Jane Fisher, b., Nov. 11, 1826, sister of his first wife; d., 1887; three sons.

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