From Ontario County Journal 18 March 1898

The following was sent from Rushville, March 7, 1898:

To The Honorable Secretary of the Navy: We, the undersigned American born citizens, hereby volunteer our services and lives, if need be, in the defense of our country in the present emergency with Spain.

Signed: E. G. Chapman, Leroy Stark, Fred Legg, William Phillips, George Clark, Jay H. Green, Charles H. Green, William G. Ford, Guy Baldwin, Edward Clark

On Friday evening, each man received an answer from the secretary of the navy, stating that their names had been placed on the list, and, if a time of need comes, their petition will be considered. Frank Pearce and Will Abbott have also sent in an application to serve as engineers.

From Geneva Gazette 29 April 1898

The Thirty-fourth Ready !  -
At a meeting of Capt. Wilson's Company last Tuesday evening at the Armory the men were placed in "company front" position and called upon to signify their willingness or unwillingness to enter the U. S. service for two years.

SEVENTY-NINE men gave affirmative response.  Ninety were present, showing only eleven who at that time were undecided, chiefly on account of family conditions.  The muster roll so far of those who are ready to enlist is as follows:
Officers - Capt. Wilson, Lieutenants Stacey, McKay, Webster and Hopkins.

Enlisted Men - Gasper, Wright, Henry, Sattler, Rippey, Fitton, McDill, Hutchinson, Ide, Way, Archer, Anderson, Biddlecom, Balfour, Brown, Burke, Brunskill, Brown, Buchholz, Bourn, Bedell, Beachman, Carey 1, Carey 2, Castle, Coe, Chapman, Culver, Cumming, Dixon, Davie, Davis, Dennison, Delaney, Doty, Evans, Flint, Gambee, Gilbert, Grimley, Hyatt, Heffron, Hawkins, Handbury, Jewell, Kearns, Kane, McDuffy, McCormick, McGuire, Mulcahy, Morrison, O'Malley, O'Brien, Parr, Pinkerton, Pike, Page, Prosser, Rilands, Shuttleworth 2, Slosson, Sargent, Spingler, Spillane, Sandford, Tompkins, Teller, Urquhart, Van Buren, White and Williams.
It may be stated here that the members of the Thirty-Fourth Company are under no more legal obligations to go to engage in foreign warfare than other able bodied citizens.  It is highly to the credit of the organization that 79 stepped promptly to the front and of the eleven that remained it was afterwards ascertained that their hesitancy was caused by a realization of the obligations that they owed to their families.  If the war is to be continued there is no doubt but that our home company -- the Thirty-Fourth -- will represent Geneva gallantly and well in the struggle.  

After the roll call and the Company was dismissed, a number of prominent citizens entered the Armory and talked with those that had not volunteered.  It is stated that Hon. Walter A. Clark, Louis J. Licht, Thomas H. Chew, E. B. Webster and others offered to see that the family of any married man, a member of the Company, would be taken care of. 

From Ontario County Journal 29 April 1898

On Saturday an enrollment office was opened in the store of H. L. Hutchens by Colonel Fairfax of Geneva, and the following have enrolled themselves as members of the first volunteer regiment of Western New York, with headquarters at Geneva: Royal R. Scott, Asa B. Priest, Enos S. Booth, Albert G. Bradburn, George E. Baldwin, George F. McGough, Howard Powells, John H. Jager, Frank C. Calvin, Jr., John J. Smith, H. Bement, George N. Baggerly, N. H. Godfrey, James Moddrel, Clinton A. Dibble, James Robinson, Morgan B. Proseus, Fred C. Shay, Harry Squires, George W. Scott, Ernest W. Rarick, Howard Wilker, William G. Cullinane, Thomas Needham, Clayton Ames, Ben F. Freeland, Patrick McCarthy, Samuel Green, Canandaigua; Waltie Pittenger, Victor; Clarence Sanderson, J. Albert Austin, William Teipel, Hopewell; William H. Shaw, Farmington; William Henry Castle, Honeoye; Edward G. Shaw, Shortsville.

From Ontario County Journal 6 May 1898

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - Arthur Monks
of this village left Geneva on Sunday with the Thirty-fourth Separate company for Hempstead Plains. A great many Clifton people were present to witness the farewell greeting given to the soldier boys by the people of Geneva.

From Geneva Gazette 24 June 1898


Recruits for the 34th Given an Enthusiastic Send-Off

Again has this city shown the grand patriotism which animates her people.  When Sergeant-Major Gasper and the recruits for the 3d Regt. N. Y. V., left the 34th's armory on Wednesday evening they were greeted all along the line of march to the depot with such enthusiasm as must have made their hearts beat faster and the blood run swifter through their veins.

The twenty seven young men selected from more than a hundred who wished to go were a manly, sturdy group and will give a good account of themselves when they meet the foe.

When the depot was reached there were fully 6,000 people in the vicinity and on the neighboring streets.  Whistles were blowing, bells ringing, and the cannon of the Independent Battery boomed out a salute.

As the train pulled out, Japanese fireworks were discharged, cannon boomed, bells were rung and whistles sounded again, and again.

The list of recruits is given below:
Allen W. Pierce - Holcomb
Beecher s. Bowdish - Phelps
Edward B. Flint - Canandaigua
Hazard F. Shultz - Benton Centre
Burnett J. Phillips - Halls Corners
Harry L. O'Neill - Clifton Springs
Cornelius F. Mulcahy - Geneva
Edward B. Webster, Jr. - Geneva
Fred S. Wilson - Geneva
Charles B. Castle - Geneva
Everett S. Decker - Geneva
James T. Dineen - Geneva
Fred L. Mensch - Geneva
David Duvall - Gorham
William Grienell - Geneva
John B. Scott - Geneva
Patrick J. Groden - Geneva
William F. Eighmy - Oaks Corners
Thomas Palmer - Geneva
Jesse R. Tuthill - Geneva
Harry E. Angevine - Geneva
Dennis E. McCarthy - Geneva
Harry W. Hadlow - Geneva
John H. Tracey - Geneva
Allen H. Collum - Geneva
William T. Miller - Geneva
Mortimer H. Mills - Geneva
The uniforms and equipments for the 134th Separate Company are expected to arrive some time next week.

From Geneva Gazette 1 July 1898

There were quite a few Genevans who gave up their business in order to go to the front with the 34th Company.  They were, we believe, M. C. Hawkins, who carried on the plumbing business on South Exchange street; W. R. Way, who had a tailor establishment on Main street; Fred Wilson in the paint and paper hanging business with his father.  Major Wm. Wilson, Capt. Geo. W. Stacey, Lieut. McKay, all gave up most important business interests in order to serve their country.  What noble examples of patriotism !

From Geneva Gazette 8 July 1898

Five Members of the 134th Separate Co., Join the 203d Regiment at Syracuse -
After the regular drill meeting of the 134th Separate Company at the Armory last night, Capt. Henry B. Graves announced that five recruits were wanted for the 203d regiment headquarters at Syracuse.  Capt. Graves called for volunteers and immediately several members of the 134th stepped forward.  The names of the five chosen are given below:

Geo. B. Murdock, Oaks Corners; Charles Jolley, West Fayette; George F. Cracknell, Geneva; ________ Wallenbeck, Geneva; Leo Dohles, Waterloo.  The boys will leave for Syracuse tomorrow.

From Geneva Gazette 15 July 1898

Two more recruits for 203d regiment, Walter Barber, of Geneva, and Private Grant, who resides at Stanley, will leave for Syracuse tomorrow.  The five young men mentioned in our last issue were mustered in at Syracuse last Monday.

From Geneva Gazette 22 July 1898

son of James R. Vance, and Arthur Blackman, two Geneva boys aged about 18 years, left home last Saturday to enlist in the army or navy.  The first named will encounter no opposition from his parents -- Mr. Vance says that if he were 20 years younger, he would go too.  Mrs. Blackman will endeavor to have her son, an only child, returned to her.  The boys had about $12 each when they departed, earned in the canning factory.  Young Vance is quite an expert stenographer and type writer.

From Geneva Gazette 2 September 1898

Another Soldier Dead -
One of the first victims of the war from Ontario County was Allen M. Pierce, of Co. B., Third New York, who died of typhoid fever at Camp Alger, last Saturday.  Young Pierce, who was but 26 years of age, enlisted at Geneva, June 27, and went with his company to the camp, where change of climate, camp life, etc., resulted in his illness and finally his death.  His remains were taken to East Bloomfield Monday, and after services at the Methodist church there, were brought to this village for interment in Woodlawn cemetery.  He leaves, besides his father, two brothers, Harley and Ralph.  The former, who was in the battle at Santiago, had his gun and canteen struck by Spanish bullets, but escaped injury, only to be stricken down with fever a few weeks later, and he now lies dangerously ill at Wykoff Hospital at Montauk Point. Deceased was a nephew of Layton Pierce, of this village.  Canandaigua Times.

From Geneva Gazette 2 September 1898

Will Slosson
of the 34th returned home from Camp Meade, Pa., yesterday on a sick furlough.  Those who have seen him say he is but the shadow of his former self, and the young soldier says of army rations that the half has not been told by the newspapers of their poor quality and insufficient supply.

From Geneva Gazette 16 September 1898


A Grand Welcoming Ovation to the Returning Soldiers

The Folger Corps as our soldier boys are best known reached home last Tuesday about 1 o'clock via Canandaigua.  The same train bore comrades of the same regiment (3d N. Y. Vols.) to their homes at Auburn and Oswego.  As our boys emerged from the cars they were joyfully embraced by mothers, sisters, wives and sweethearts, and a hearty handshake by fathers, brothers and friends.  An immense crowd was at the depot to welcome them amid the reigning of bells and shrieking of factory whistles.

The following complete roll of the company was kindly furnished us by Private Rankine of the 134th:

Official Roll Call

Stacey, James Geo. Jr., Captain, sick
McKay, W. S., 1st Lieutenant
Webster, Horace, 2nd Lieutenant
Gasper, George C., 1st Sergeant
Wright, Wm. C., Q. M. Sergeant, sick
Nichols, Edward C., Sergeant
Sattler, Wm., Sergeant
Rippey, Robert, Sergeant
Fitton, Edmond, Sergeant
Hutchinson, Joseph, Corporal
Hyatt, Frank E., Corporal
Flint, Geo. S., Corporal
Gambee, Ellsworth E., Corporal
O'Brien, John B., Corporal
Page, Joel A., Corporal
Davis, Frank C., Corporal
Castle, John A., Corporal
Balfour, Joseph, Corporal
Chapman, Sanford, Corporal
York, Volney, Corporal
Shuttleworth, Harry, Corporal
Doty, Alin E., Ambulance Corps
Way, Wm. R., Ambulance Corps
Kane, Wm. A., company cook
Ide, John R., Musician
Carey, Samuel M., Musician
Pike, Frank J., Musician
Cummings, Wm. J., Musician
Morrison, Jas. B., Wagoner
Sargent, Harry W., Artificer
Archer, Harry B., Private
Anderson, James B., Private
Angevine, Harry A., Private
Biddlecom, Thos. L., Private
Brown, John L., Private
Burke, John P., Private
Brunskill, Charles, Private
Burns, James B., Private
Buckholtz, Wm., Private
Bouran, Jas. E., Private
Beecham, Milton A., Private
Bedell, Clare M., Private
Bawdish, Beecher M., Private
Carey, Geo M., Private
Castle, Chas. B., Private
Coe, Perry S., Private
Culver, Fred J., Private
Cole, Claud R., Private
Collum, Allen H., Private
Davie, Wm. H., Private
Dyson, Arthur, Private
Delaney, Henry L., Private
Decker, Evert T., Private
Dineen, James T., Private
Duvall, David, Private
Eighmey, Wm., Private
Evans, Loren G., Private
Flint, Edward B., Private
Farr, Lowell W., Private
Gilliland, Foster, Private
Gilbert, Clarence J., Private
Grimley, John, Private
Bunnell, Wm., Private
Henry, Eugene H., Private
Harrington, Timothy V., Private
Heffron, Walter N., Private
Hawkins, Michael C., Private
Hanbury, George F., Private
Hadlow, Harry W., Private
Kearns, John F., Private
McFadden, Wm. A., Private
McDaughy, Andrew C., Private
McCormick, Peter H.., Private
McGuire, Frank, Private
Monks, Arthur, Private
Mulcahy, Cornelius F., Private
Mensch, Fred L., Private
Meller, W. T., Private
O'Malley, Edward, Private
O'Neal, Harry L., Private
Pinkerton, Irwin W., Private
Purdy, Wm., Private
Pare, Joseph, sick, Private
Phillips, Bennett J., Private
Palmer, Thomas, Private
Rilands, Charles A., Private
Shuttleworth, James, Private
Stearns, Chas. H., sick, Private
Slosson, Wm., sick, Private
Spillane, Patrick T., Private
Shultz, Hazzard F., Private
Scott, John B., Private
Thorp, Geo. B., Private
Teller, Gordon A., Private
Tuttle, Joseph R., Private
Tracey, John H., Private
Urquhart, Robert, Private
Vanburen, Earl A., Private
White, Chas. J., Private
Williams, Tracy R., Private
Webster, Edward B., Jr., Private
Wilson, Fred S., Private
Spengler, R. P., Corporal, dead
Pierce, Allen M., Private, dead
Prosser, Filow J., Private, detached to Santiago as nurse

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