From Naples Record 26 April 1873

A list of the Academy students is herewith appended that we may know who they are:

Carrie Buckley; Cora Deyo; Addie Deyo; Ida Doughty; Carrie Eldridge, Anna Gelston, Theresa Hoecker; Mary Housel; Mary Hamlin; Emma Johnson; Carrie Lyon; Cora Lincoln; Hattie Morehouse; Ella Porser; Laura Sprague, Ida Trembly; Kittie Vermilye; Jennie VanMiddlesworth, Cinda Watkins; Clara Whiting; Fannie Watrous, Mary Wells. Morgan Beach; Willie Dutcher; Elmer Coye; Arthur Gelston; Albert Hatch; Fred M. Lyon; Henry Lee; Orlo Moor; Dennis Maxfield; Levi Robinson; Willet Racker; A. B. Wader.

From Naples Record 13 December 1873

The roll of honor for District No. 9, for the two weeks ending Nov. 28, 1873: Cora Coons, Annie Chesebro, Cora Demond, Carrie Gelston, Mary Luther, Kate LeValley, Clara LeValley Allie Tobey, Nettie Stowe, Allie Pierce, Charlie Fox, Eddie Miner, Louie Wisewell, George Watrous, George Stoddard, Ernie Wisewell, Ward Beach, Fred Tobey, Charlie Galpin, Will Tobey, Charlie Sabin.

From Naples Record 10 January 1874

School report of Dist. No. 15, for the first four weeks of school. Names given in the order which the scholars stand in their studies:
Murry Watkins, Fred Cleveland, Mattie Cummings, Frank Cleveland, Jennie Cleveland, Mary Cummings, Mary Lincoln, Willie Seamans, Jennie Eichberger, Luther Porter, Frank Reese.

From Ontario County Times 13 May 1874

The following are names of pupils who stand highest in the spring examinations of the school in District No. 11, Canandaigua:
Division A, 1st grade: Hart C. Davis, Thomas Allen and Emma Tozer.
2d grade: Isidore Braman, Augusta Faber and Hattie Stokes.
3d grade: Louise Brown, Mary Robinson and William Carson.

Division B, 1st grade: Etta Wood, Chas. Cunningham and William Melville.
2d grade: John Babcock, Edith Gooding and Lizzie Fox.

Division C, 1st grade: Freddie Hale, Andrew Peer and John Raines.
2d grade: Robert Carson, Lottie Phinney and Clara Johnson.

Division D, 1st grade: George Beebe, Cora Richmond and Benjamin Gilbert

From Ontario County Times 6 January 1875

The following is a list of pupils who had the highest standing in the December examination in the public school of district No. 11, Canandaigua:

Division A, 1st grade - Carrie Tozer, Augusta Faber and Hattie Stokes
2d grade - Louise Brown, Maggie O'Brien and Mary Robinson
3d grade - Etta Wood, William Melville, Chas. Cunningham and Joseph McCarthy

Division B, 1st grade - Edith Gooding, John Babcock and Abel King
                  2d grade - John Raines, Ella Jones, Fred Hale and Jacob Neu

Division C, 1st grade - Katie Wood, Clara Johnson, and Robert Carson
                  2d grade - Robert Beebe, John Daly and Clay Wood

Division D, 1st grade - Lewis Beebe, Henry Parmele, Minnie Parsons and Chas. King

Division E, 1st grade - Willie Rogers, James Melville and Emma Thaler

From Ontario Repository and Messenger 20 January 1875

The following is a list of the pupils perfect in recitation and deportment in the West Bloomfield Public School, Dist. No. 6, for the two weeks preceding January 15:

First Grade - Wm. Babb, Wm. Brooks, Carrie Brown, Charles Case, Mary Case, Walter Coleman, Lewis Gates, Ella Griffitts, Bennie Hopkins, Cora C. Hopkins, Katie Hall, Lillie Hendee, Mabel Hendee, Mary McNamara, Lyra Peck, Howard Peck, Chas. Pratt, Ella Riordan, Sarah Rigney, Martin Rigney, Keeran Rigney, Annie Ryan, Hollis Smith, Simeon Southgate, Emma Southgate, Maggie Sullivan, Will Tock, Jennie Whiting, William Welch, Lewis Willson.

Second Grade: Nellie Cotterel, John Courneen, Nellie Dolan, Hattie Gates, Alice Griffitts, Mary J. Harvey, Annie Long, Maggie McNamara, Sarah Riordan, James Riordan, Eddie Sullivan, Lizzie Sweeney, Patsey Welch, John Welch, Wm. Willison, Ida Willison.

From Ontario County Times 14 April 1875

The following is a list of pupils who had the highest standing in the spring examination in the public school of district No. 11, Canandaigua:

Division A, 1st grade - Jennie Hoyt, Augusta Faber and Hattie Stokes
2d grade - L. Louise Brown, William Carson and Mary Robinson
3d grade - Etta Wood, Charles Cunningham and Kate Coughlen

Division B, 1st grade - John Babcock, George Holcomb, Walter Herron and Carlos French
                  2d grade - John Raines, Clara Pattison and James Bennett

Division C, 1st grade - Kate Wood, Clara Johnson, and Robert Carson
                  2d grade - Barton Brace, Maria Coughlen and Cora Richmond

Division D, 1st grade - Lewis A. Beebe, Henry Parmele, and Charles King

Division E, 1st grade - William Rogers, James Melville and James Bates

From Naples Record 12 June 1875

Report of School Dist., No. 10, South Bristol. Names registered; average attendance 21:

Roll of Honor - Mary Grover, Eva Davis, Carrie Leet, Jennie Rose, Annie Proper, Louisa Daniels, Effie Daniels, Jennie Putney, Mary Proper, Cora Whitmore, Carrie Whitmore, Emily Proper, Rosa Putney, Harvey Woodard, Charlie Woodard, Eddie Grover.

Primer and First Reader Classes - Lulu Grover, Martha Proper, Mary Leet, Celia Whitmore, Carrie Proper, Eddie Woodard, John Hayes, Guy Hayes, Fred Semans Henry Proper, Millie Daniels.

From Ontario County Times 7 July 1875

DISTRICT NO. 11 EXAMINATION - The following is a list of pupils who had the highest standing in the June examination:

Division A, 1st Grade - Carrie Tozer, Hattie Stokes and Mary Stetson passed regents examination.

2nd Grade - Louise Brown, Maggie O'Brien, Mary Robinson, Wm. Carson and Jennie Smith.

3d Grade - Charles Cunningham, Kate Coughlen, Etta Wood and James Tozer.

Division B, 1st Grade - John Babcock, Belle Andrews, George Holcomb, Albert King, Lizzie Mooney and Carlos French.

2nd Grade -John Raines, Clara Pattison, Ella Jones, Eddie Gibson and Fred. Pierce.

Division C, 1st Grade - Robert Carson, Frank Bates, Kate Wood, Wm. Coughlen and Clara Johnson.

2nd Grade - George Beebe, Jesse Nelson, Maria Coughlen, Benj. Gilbert and Barton Brace.

Division D, 1st grade - Henry Parmele, Minnie Parsons, Lewis Beebe, Chas. King and Frederick Babcock.

2nd Grade - Clara Oatman, John Gilbert, Wm. Maxwell and Alice Tuttle.

Division E, 1st Grade - Fannie Gilbert, James Holcomb and Dennis Eiseline.

From Geneva Gazette 3 September 1875

There has been quite an egress of our young people from Phelps this week -- two daughters of Lewis Peck, Esq. and Miss Carrie F. Barstow have returned to the Brockport Normal.  Elon Carpenter and sister and a son of W. H. Snyder, Esq. have gone to Cook Academy.

From Ontario Repository and Messenger 8 March 1876

The following pupils had the highest standing the recent examination in Public School No. 11, Canandaigua:

Division A.Louise Brown, Ada Holmes, Jennie Hoyt and Jennie Smith.

Division B, 3d Grade: Charles Cunningham, Nellie Judevine, Joseph McCarthy.

4th GradeEdith Gooding, Albert King, John Babcock, Nellie Carson, Belle Andrews, Lizzie Mooney.

Division C, 5th Grade:  Jno. Raines, Ella Jones, Clara Pattison.

6th GradeRobert Carson, Wm. Coughlin, Frank Howe.

Division D, 7th Grade: George Beebe, Carrie Nott, Jessie Nelson, Stanley North.

8th Grade: Fred Babcock, Martha VanDevyver, Henry Parmele, Minnie Parsons, Charles King.

Coy Street School, Division A, 5th Grade: Jennie Judevine, Charles Eighmy, Samuel Erlich.

Sixth Grade: Minnie Schlick, Eddie Tracy, Wm. Hoff, Frank Hawley.

Division B, Seventh Grade: Lizzie Burns, Kittie Moran, Frank Derry, Sam'l Whiting, Willie Cowles.

8th Grade: Lewis Wynants, Gussie Smith, John Williams, Ella Burns.

Atwater School, 9th Grade: John McNeilly, May Hayton, Clara Oatman.

10th Grade: Mary Paterson, Ella Crane, James Bates, Mattie Twohey.

11th Grade: Fannie Gilbert, Wm. Gillett, Clara Hutchens. 

Saltonstall St. School, 9th Grade: Frank Belknap, Ella Randall, Fred Benham.

10th GradeSarah Wright, Sarah Mosher, Annie Parsons.

11th GradeJennie Rouse, Ray Levi.

From Ontario Repository and Messenger 31 May 1876

District No. 11 -
The following is a list of pupils who had the highest standing in the spring examination:

GREIG STREET - Third grade: Fannie Orr, Emma Latta, Eddie DeGraff, William Melville, Hattie Pattison.

Fourth grade - Edith Gooding, John Babcock, Geo. Aberlee, Fannie Latz, Thomas O'Brien.

Fifth grade: Jno. Raines, Ella Jones, Millie Aberlee.

Sixth grade:  Geo. Beebe, Carrie Nott,  Eddie Frary.

Seventh Grade:  Maria Couglin, Jesse Nelson, Lewis Beebe.

Eighth grade:  Maria VanDevyer, Lottie Cheney, Eugene Denton.

ATWATER - Ninth grade: Jno. McNeilly, May Hayton, Eddie Kimber.

Tenth grade:  Ella Crane, Bessie Carson, Matthew Tuohey, Mary Paterson.

Eleventh grade: Wm. Gillett, Clara Hutchens, John Brophy.

COY STREET - Fifth grade:  Lizzie Arnold, Jennie Jeudevine, Hattie Newman.

Sixth grade:  Eddie Tracy, Thomas Schellenger, Ida Swartz.

Seventh grade:  Kittie Moran, Lizzie Burns, Willie Wynants, Willie Wiard.

Eighth grade:  Augustus Smith, Lewis Wynants, Jno. Williams.

SALTONSTALL - Ninth grade:  Fred Benham, Ella Randall, Frank Belknap.

Tenth grade:  Sarah Wright, Annie O'Grady, Nellie Goldsmith.

Eleventh grade:  Fred Brown, Cha's Lynch, Jennie Rouse.

From Ontario County Journal 14 July 1876

District No. 11 -
The following is a list of pupils who had the highest standing in the June examination of Public School No. 11:

Division A - Louise Brown, Augusta Faber, Louis Levy
Div. B - 3d Grade - Wm. Melville, Fannie Orr, Charles Hill
Div. B - 4th Grade - Bell Andrews, Lizzie Mooney, George Holcomb, Nellie Carson
Div. C - 5th Grade - George Ball, John Raines, James Sheldon
Div. C - 6th Grade - George Beebe, Anna Boswell
Coy St. School - 5th Grade - Lizzie Arnold, Jennie Jeudevine
Coy St. School - 6th Grade - Eddie Tracy, Jasper Randal
Coy St. School - 7th Grade - Lizzie Burns, Nellie Eighmey, Edson Case
Coy St. School - 8th Grade - Angus Smith, Wm. Hudson, John Williams
Coy St. School - 11th Grade - Lulu Carman, Emma Thaler
Coy St. School - 12th Grade - Mary Young, Frank Ineson, William Martin
Coy St. School - 13th Grade - Essie Cullen
Greig St. - 7th Grade - Maria Coughlen, Jesse Nelson, Barton Brace
Greig St. - 8th Grade - Eugene Denton, Edith Raines, Lottie Cheney
Atwater - 9th Grade - John McNeilly, May Hayton, Clara Oatman
Atwater - 10th Grade - Mary Paterson, Ella Crane, James Bates, Bessie Carson, Frank Smith, Willie Rogers
Atwater - 13th Grade - Gird. Harris, Nellie Smith
Saltonstall St. - 9th Grade - Frank Belknap, Fred Benham, George Eighmy
Saltonstall St. - 10th Grade - Sarah Wright, Geo. Merritt, Nellie Goldsmith
Saltonstall St. - 11th Grade - Fred Brown, Charles Lynch, Frank Hopkins
Saltonstall St. - 12th Grade - Wm. Tuohey
Saltonstall St. - 13th Grade - Ida Dentruff

From Ontario County Times 7 February 1877

The following pupils had the highest standing in the recent examination in District No. 11:
1st grade - Maggie O'Brien, William Wyvill, Fanny Rogers
2nd grade - William Hutchens, Emma Latta, Edith Gooding
3rd grade - Albert King, Spencer Mallory, Nellie Carson
4th grade - Patrick Dwyer, Lizzie Arnold, Lillie Johnson
Ungraded room, A class - Ada Townsend, William Twist, John Brady
B class - Walter Carrington, John O'Brien, Patrick Powers
5th grade - George Beebe, Thomas Schellenger, Eddie Tracy, James Bennett
6th grade - Jennie Pratt, Maria Coughlin, Lizzie Burns
7th grade - Edith Tutt, Augustus Smith, William Jobson
8th grade - John McNeilly, Alice Tuttle, William Rogers
10th grade - Frank Hopkins, Hattie Geer, Rachel Lery, Lulu Carman
11th grade - Dennis Eiseline, Jane Weatherwax, William Martin
12th grade - Hattie Young, Arthur Brace, Rose Senglaub
13th grade - Harvey Fitch, Ida Willson, Richard McNeilly
14th grade - Allie Robinson, Carrie Parsons, Aggie Schlick
15th grade, Saltonstall school - William Andrews, Charles Fish, Gertrude Todd, William Todd
15th grade, Greig school - John Leahy, John Reynolds, Bessie Carman

From Geneva Gazette 18 May 1877

Geneva Union & Classical School -
Report of standing of scholars in room E, Junior Department, for five weeks, (half-term), ending May 11th, 1877:
Minnie Alcock, Clara Allen, Bertha Barth, Jennie Campoon, Adie Dox, Lyda and Lizzie King, Winnie Parker, Carrie Smith, Annie Smith, Minnie Sigler, Mary Wheeler, Harry Loomis, Alfred Norman, Harry Parker, Willie Sanders Willie Tuttle.

Lydia King, Minnie Sigler, Winnie Parker, Harry Loomis, Hattie McLaughlin, Nellie Shook, Mary Wheeler, Adie Dox, Annie Smith, Willie Lewis, Freddie Nares, Aggie Gaylord, Hattie Glanville.


Minnie Kloffer, Gussie Simpson, Jessie McCombs, Fred Crawford, Libbie Stanard, Mary Fulton, Frank Fairfax, DeLancey Rankine, George Sherwood, Myra Glanville, Florence Rush, Hattie Gardner, Willie Tuttle, Willie Sanders, Alfred Norman, Howard Reynolds, Harry Parker.

From Ontario County Journal 25 May 1877

School Examination -
The following is a list of pupils who stood highest in the recent examinations in School No. eleven in this village:
Third grade:  Albert King, Nellie Carson, Annie Moss, Joel Hawley and Fanny Ball
Fourth grade:  Jennie Judevine, Patrick Dwyer, Lillie Johnson and John Raines
Fifth Grade:  Geo. W. Beebe, Fred. Hale, Frank Howe, Jennie Pratt and Lotta Codding
Sixth Grade:  Edith Tutt, Lizzie Burns, Minnie Parsons, Mittie Peer and Jessie Nelson
Seventh Grade:  May Hayton, Miriam Ehrlich and William Jobson
Eighth Grade:  John McNielly, Elbridge Adams, Frank Smith and Ella Crane
Ninth Grade:  Lula Carman, Nellie Cooley, Leonard Parkhurst, Frank Hopkins and Florence Mitchel
Tenth Grade:  Mary Young, William Martin and John Bates
Eleventh Grade:  Rosa Senglaub, Hattie Young, John Heinebuch and Lucy Heinsbuch
Twelfth Grade:  Richard McNeilley and Ida Willson
Thirteenth Grade:  Frank Decker, Carrie Parsons, Hannah Richmond, Fred. Mattison and Kate Sweeney
Fourteenth Grade:  Bessie Carman, William McNeilly, Isaac Hall, Minnie Wyburn, Minnie Strong, and Isaac Weisenbeck
Fifteenth Grade:  Mabel Coe, Charles Raines and Belle Freer

From Ontario County Times 20 June 1877

Shortsville, N. Y. - Miss A. Belle Bronk
of this village is a member of the graduating class of '77 at the State Normal School at Brockport. The commencement exercises are to take place at 10 o'clock, June 26th. She graduates in the classical course. The good wishes of all attend her, and we hope she may graduate with conspicuous honors and that her future life will be useful and happy.

From Ontario County Times 4 July 1877

Victor, N. Y. - Fred Palmer
is in town again after completing his first year in Rochester University.

From Phelps Citizen 5 April 1878

Clifton Springs School -
The following is a list of the pupils who passed the examinations at the Clifton Springs public school, March 21, 1878:

Principal's Room: John Remer; Charles Styles; George Knickerbocker, Wm. Natry; Pearley Crawford; Mary Dent; Maggie Lindner; Steven O'Brien; Hattie Raymond; Thomas Joyce; Frank Bradt; Carl Warfield; John O'Neil; Dannie Lowry; Wm. N. Edson, Chas. Sutherland; Tyler Redfield; Katie Wells; Walter Martin; Jennie Messinger.

Junior Department; Edna Aldrich; Lottie Garrison; Florence Church; Anna Gilbert; Ray Caldwell, Anna Haubner; Eddie Mattison, Harry Dinton; Judd Redfield; Homer Boardman; Channie Redfield.

Intermediate Department: Fannie Gilbert; Lana Dewey; John Sullivan; John Gilbert; Willie McMahon; Bertie Pierson; Kate Lisk; Mamie Archer; Elijah Wright; Julia Fleming; Hattie Dent, Freddie Kless; Felix O'Neill; John Cowley; Willie Morphy Harry Lewellyn.

From Ontario County Journal 12 April 1878

School District No. 11 - Examination Report - Wm. Wyvill, Fanny Orr, Maggie O'Brien, Nellie Brace, Edith Gooding, Wm. Hutchens
and Mary Parsons had passed the Regents' examination and have their certificates.  Jno. R. Babcock, Jennie Devoe, Kittie Burns, Emma Latta, Anna Pratt and Chas. Hill, passed in the last Regents' examination.

The following is a list of pupils who had the highest standing in the recent examination:
Second Grade - Ella Stoddard, Nellie Carson, Jesse Benham
Third Grade:  
Tillie Johnson, Spencer Mallory, Jno. Raines
Fourth Grade:  
George Beebe, Myrta Green, Lottie Codding
Fifth Grade:  Martha Vandevyver, Carrie Redfield, Minnie Parsons, Levi Redfield, Edith Tutt
Sixth Grade:  James Lawrence, Aug. Smith, May Hayton, Wm. Jobson
Seventh Grade:  Ella Crane, Clara Hutchens, Sarah Quayle, Inez Lee, John McNeilly, Mary Persons, Frank Smith
Eighth Grade:  Daniel Eiseline, Jennie Supplee, Edith Hayton, Eddie Aldrich
Ninth Grade:  Alice Paddock, Aleck Robinson, Wm. Tuohey, Rosa Senglaub, Arthur Brace
Tenth Grade:  Jay Oatman, Frank Cheney, Lulu Newman
Eleventh Grade:  James Lee, Bertie Sackett, Kate Sweeney, Charles Fish
Twelfth Grade:  Wm. McNeilly, Bessie Carman, Kittie Paraish, Kate Mutschler
Thirteenth Grade:  Lina Hudson, Belle Freer, Fred Williams
Fourteenth Grade:  Frank O'Laughlin, James Shay, Bertie Clark

From Ontario County Journal 28 June 1878

District No. 11 -
The following pupils of District School, No. 11, have Regent's certificates, viz:  Fanny Orr, Edith Gooding, Jennie Devoe, Kate Burns and Anna Pratt.  The following pupils had the highest standing in the recent examinations:
First Grade:  Nettie Wood, Lilly Holmes
Second Grade:  Nellie Carson, Mary Thompson, Ella Stoddard
Third Grade:  Patrick Dwyer, Tillie Johnson, Jennie Jeudevine
Fourth Grade:  Lottie Codding, George Beebe, Hattie Jeudevine
Fifth Grade:  Milton Smith, Maggie Shaw, Martha Vandevyver, Minnie Parsons, Edson Case, Noani Brocklebank
Sixth Grade:  Sara Quayle, Cora Middlebrook, Sarah Twist, Constance Miller, George Williams
Seventh Grade:  Ella Crane, Fred. Benham, Frank Smith, Nellie Cooley, Frank Belknap, Mary Davis, Marcus Gregory
Eighth Grade:  Daniel Eiselein, Frank Hopkins, William Martin, Edith Hayton, John Bates, Mary Dwyer
Ninth Grade:  Alice Paddock, Josie Milliken, Carrie French, William Twohey, Eddie Ellis
Tenth Grade:  Hattie Sheldon, Cora Gouthner, Mary Booth
Eleventh Grade:  Flora Brocklebank, Bertie Sackett, Florence Rowland, Carrie Parsons, Hannah Richmond, Charles Darling
Twelfth Grade:  Mary Voak, Jennie Senglaub, Isaac Hall, Fred. Williams, William Andrews
Thirteenth Grade:  Grace McElroy, Bessie Young, Bartha Miller, James Shay, May Babcock, Hattie Burns, Bertie Bates
Fourteenth Grade:  Katie Quinn, Kittie Raines

From Ontario County Times 16 April 1879

Public School No. 11 - The following pupils had the highest standing in the recent examination:
First Grade - Fanny Orr, Emma Latta, Chas. Hill, John Babcock, Jennie Judevine, Agnes Hill, Lillie Johnson, Anna Bates, Spencer Mallory

Second Grade - Julia Caplise, Geo. Beebe, Belle Andrews

Third Grade - Maggie Shaw, Geo. Wood, Milton Smith, Mittie Reed

Fourth Grade -
Edith Tutt, Martha Vandeoyver, Nellie Eighmey, Frank Hall, Maria Coughlin

Fifth Grade - Inez Lee, Lewis Beebe, Frank Smith, Sara Quayle, Cora Middlebrook

Sixth Grade - Ella Crane, John McNeilly, Mary Gillette, Mary Quin, Clara Hutchens, Walter Warner, William Rogers, Edward Twist

Seventh Grade - Alice Paddock, Jennie Supplee, Hattie Spencer, Josie Milliken, Emma Thaler, Frank Ineson

Eighth Grade - Minnie Voak, John Holmes, Jno. Heinbuck, Sara Blair, Nellie Quin

Ninth Grade - Hattie Young, Kittie Cunningham, Carrie Bush, Carrie Parsons, Florence Rowland, William Conklin

Tenth Grade - Mary Voak, Carrie Young, Georgia Blanchard

Eleventh Grade - Lillie Pillinger, Rudolph Genther, Kate Sweeney, Fred Williams, Jane Van Norman

Greig School, Twelfth grade - Grace McElroy, Mattie Tiffany, Ethie Green, Bertie Clark

Thirteenth Grade - Vernie Bowers, Mary O'Laughlin, Birdie McClure

Fourteenth Grade - Delia Cox, Daisy Babcock, Roy Milliken

Saltonstall School, Twelfth grade - Lina Hudson, Ada Ellis, Bessie Newman, Bertie Fitch, Belle Freer

Thirteenth Grade - Gertrude Adams, Lizzie Smith, John Smith

From Phelps Citizen 15 May 1879

The following pupils of the Phelps U. and C. school have received certificates from the board of regents as the result of the examination in February: Carson Ballard, John Fitzgerald, Charles E. Gervis, George G. Gates, S. Eugene Helmer, Arthur L. Helmer, Frank S. Odell, Mary F. De Voll, Mary J. Grady, Mollie Needham, Mary E. Peck. 

Also two pupils of the Clifton school who participated in the examination: Wm. N. Edson, Eugene F. Hoyt.

From Ontario County Journal 6 February 1880

The following are the names of the pupils who stood highest in their respective grades at the examinations recently held in the schools of District 11:
First Grade:  Belle Andrews, George Beebe, Maggie Shaw, Martin Nelson, Hattie Jeudevine

Second Grade:  George Wood, Minnie Parsons, Edith Burns, Milton Smith

Third Grade:  Inez Lee, Martha Vandevyver, Edith Tutt, Cora Richmond, Maria Coughlin, Lottie Deyo

Fourth Grade:  Mary Gillette, Ella Crane, Lewis Beebe, Frank Smith, Augustus Smith, Mary Hayton, Charles Mathers

Fifth Grade:  Mary Paterson, Clara Hutchens, Edward Twist, Fannie Rockford, Lulu Carman, Angela Burns, Nellie Root, John O'Laughlin

Sixth Grade:  
Alice Paddock, Anna Fitch, Minnie Hayes, Edson Ellis, Mary Maggs, Julia McOmber, Daniel Eiselein, John Bates, William Tuohey

Seventh Grade:  Jennie Benham, John Heinebach, Kittie Cunningham, Rosa Senglaub, Nellie Quinn, Albert Holmes

Eighth Grade:  Mary Voak, James Lee, Alex. Robinson, Julia Gunn, Norman Blair, Essie Cullen, Gird Harris

Ninth Grade:  Grace Raines, Isaac Weisenbeck, George Vining, Nellie Cowles, Cora Conkling

Tenth Grade:  George Thomas, Rudolph Genthner, Nettie Doolittle, Ida Ellis, Nellie McCarthy, Mattie Tiffany

Eleventh Grade:  Lucinda Bennett, Bertie Clark, Katie Quinn, Frank O'Laughlin, Fred. Besemer, Emma Smith, Minnie Wilson

Twelfth Grade:  Verdie Bowers, Birdie McClure, Sarah Jansen, Mary O'Laughlin, Bessie Newman, Carrie Bennett

Greig Street School:  Delia Cox, Roy Milliken, Mary King, Hattie Pierson, Addie Todd, John Fitch, Robert Carman, Frank Day, William Aberle

Saltonstall Street School:  Frank Hoff, John McMahon, John Shean, Ralph Boswell, Maggie O'Connell, Kate Carney, Alice Green, Charles Wyville, Josie Leiser, Eunice Watson

From Neapolitan Record 11 March 1880

Bristol Center - Miss Emma Hunn, Miss Anna Johnson, Miss Flora Harris,
and Miss Jennie Crandall, all leave for Lima this week to attend school.

Rushville - The following are the names of those who passed the Regents' Examination in the branches named, held at Rushville Union School, Feb. 26th and 27th, 1880: Anna E. Case, Christie Briggs, Maggie Vananden, Kittie Boardman, Wilbur Boardman, Charles M. Thompson, Nellie Bennett, Nellie Hule, Dudley Washburn, Stella Fisher, Hattie Carson, Charles Lightfoot, James Mackey, Rhoda Abbott, Emma F. Bassett, Hattie Thayer, Dolly Hill, Harry Cheesebro, Wm. S. Thompson, Belle Harkness, Mary Boots, Cyrus A. Robinson, John Harkness, John Legg, Lizzie Smith, Mamie Blauvelt, Jennie Thomas, Willie Carson, Nellie Pearce, Frank Blodgett, Gertie F. Jones, F. A. Dean, Emma F. Bassett, Herbert Hule,

From Ontario County Journal 12 March 1880

School District No. 3 - List of pupils who attained the highest rank, in examination of their respective grades, during the term ending Feb. 27th, in District No. 3, Canandaigua, N. Y.:
1st Grade - Ella Smith, Anna Phillips, Sarah Jopson, George Thompson

2d Grade - Isabel Lennon, Cornelia Vanderbrooker, George Hickox, Elmer Smith

3d Grade - Annie Hickox, Mittie Smith, Geo. Phillips

From Ontario County Times 24 March 1880

School District No. 3, Farmington -
An examination was recently held in this district, as suggested by Commissioner Geo. V. Chapin. There were fifteen pupils present during the examination with averages as follows: Maggie Johnson, 98; John Brady, 97; Sarah Johnson, 95; Julia Shean, 95; Arthur Brady, 95; Anna Parshall, 93; Mary Ryan, 96; Katy Ryan, 91; Fannie Parshall, 91; Sarah Welch, 91; Louie Osborn, 97; Nellie Ryan, 95; Harry Berry, 95; Jeffy DeBow, 92; Eddie Welch, 85.

From Ontario County Times 5 January 1881

On the 4th of last October, Mr. N. R. Martin took charge of the school in District No. 13, on Chapel street in this village. This school is mostly made up of the children of laboring men and women, and they will compare favorably with other schools in the town in intellectual endowments. The week before the holidays a written examination of some of the older scholars was had in spelling, geography, grammar, and arithmetic. The names of those who stood highest in these studies are as follows: Spelling, Bell Cowan, Peter Cowan, Nellie Adams, Ada Loois, and Orion L. Murrell; geography, Sylvester Classey, Orion L. Murrell, Sherman Cooper, Peter Cowan and Bell Cowan; grammar, Lizzie Holcomb, Ada Loois, Bell Cowan, Nellie B. Scott, and Peter Cowan; arithmetic, Lizzie Holcomb, Ada Loois, Bell Cowan, Sherman Cooper and Sylvester Classey.

From Ontario County Journal 7 January 1881

Public School No. 11, Examination Report -
The following pupils of the first grade have passed in the Regents' Examination: Alfred Simmons, Grace Raynor, Minnie Parsons, George Wood, Martha Vandevyver, Edith Tutt, Emma Atwater, Michael Dugan.

The following pupils had the highest standing in the respective grades:
Second Grade - Inez Lee, Ella Crane, Lewis Beebe, Charles Munson, Nellie Eighmey

Third Grade - Kate Powers, Clara Hutchens, Mary Paterson, William Case, Fannie Rochford, Allice Paddock, Edison Ellis, Warren Brundage, Jennie Supplee, Lucy Bennett, George Brown, Mary Quinn

Fourth Grade - Daniel Eiseline, Alice Tuttle, Grace Shay, Nellie Quinn, Carrie French

Fifth Grade - Frank Decker, Millie Watson, Alex. Robinson, Lizzie Derry, Grace Raines, Frank Hutches, William Brown, Frederick Williams, Cora Simmons, Archie Jansen

Sixth Grade - Nettie Doolittle, Florence Lincoln, Frank O'Laughlin, Mattie Tiffany, Jennie Simmons, Carrie Garratt, Ada Ellis

Seventh Grade - Grace McElroy, Lina Hudson, Fred Wegner, Charles Brockelbank, Ellen Blair

Eighth Grade - Sarah Janson, Lettie McCoy, Thyrza McClure, Minnie Wilson

Ninth Grade - Delia Cox, Emma Harris, Mary DeWitt, Agnes Schlick, Carrie Bennett, Kate Carney, Frank Hoff, Eliza McLarey, May Parmele, Alice Green, Addie Todd

Tenth Grade, Greig School - Harriet Richmond, Ora Vandenburg, Jay Oatman, Helen Mary, Amy Jansen, Jane Wilson, Joe Smith, Lois Simmons, Louisa DeWitt

Tenth Grade, Saltonstall School - James Cady, Edith Simmons, George Wyville, Kate Genther, Zack Boswell, Frank Stelle, Lillie Brockelbank, Frank Newman

From Ontario County Journal 9 December 1881

The fall term of the Union School closed last week with the usual examination. Below is a list of those pupils who have a general average in scholarship over ninety, and in deportment over ninety-five:

Scholarship - Sherman Steele, 95; Eunice Kellogg, 93; Grant Steele, 91; Harry Buell, 90.

Deportment - Harry Buell, 100; Archie McGlashan, 100; John Buell, 100; Mary Andrews, 99; Auroa Tubbs, 99; Etta Taft, 98; Erie Morts, 98; Minnie Gould, 98; Anna Bostwick, 98; Ralph Simmons, 97;
Clinton Johnson, 95; Edith Gould, 95; George Huntley, 95; Jennie Rice, 95.
Scholarship - Herbert Howes, 90.

Scholarship - Belle Stafford, 95; Daisy Cramer, 94; Minnie Kingsbury, 94; Fred Hamlin, 93; Mattie Williams, 93; James  Cummings, 92; Charlie Norton, 91; Carrie Page, 90.

Deportment -  Minnie Kingsbury, 100; Nellie Vandenburg, 100; Daisy Cramer, 99; Ethel Cummings, 98; Maud Thorpe, 98; Mattie Williams, 98; Susie Huntley, 97; Flora Howes, 90; Carrie Page, 96; Nellie Sweeny, 96; Elsie Welton, 96;

The following pupils have been neither absent nor tardy during the term:

Ida Huntley, Frank Appleton, Herbert Howes, Grace Murrell, Cyrus Murrell, Lilla Page, Libbie Steele, Eddie Shannon, Michael Hilliard, Susie Huntley, Minnie Kingsbury, Carrie Page, Maud Thorpe.

The following pupils have been tardy once but not absent:

George Huntley, Jennie Rice, Stella Spitz, Linna Murrell, Nellie Vandeburg.

The following pupils have been absent once but not tardy:

Auroa Tubbs, Ralph Simmons, Daisy Cramer, Addie Peeling, Mattie Totman, Flora Howes, Charlie Norton, Ida Parker.

From Ontario County Journal 13 January 1882

Examination - Dist. No. 11 -
The following pupils either hold a Regents' certificate or have passed in the November Regents' examination:
Martha Vandevyer, Cora Wood, Addie Hall, Inez Lee, Lewis Beebe, Ella Crane, Ella Smith
The following pupils had the highest standing in their respective grades in the recent examination:

Second Grade - Alice Paddock, Fannie Rochford, Marcus Gregory, William Case, Clara Hutchens

Third Grade - Irving Martin, William Martin, Jennie Weatherwax, Sarah Blair

Fourth Grade - Lizzie Derry, Frank Decker, Aleck Robinson, Anna Atwater, Isaac Weisenbeck, Clara Ferguson, Angela Burns

Fifth Grade - Fred Williams, Ada Ellis, Lenna Miles, Frank O'Laughlin, Hannah Richmond, Grace Raines, Katie Quinn, Carrie Garratt

Sixth Grade - Harriet Davis, Ellen Blair, Eva Mooney, Charles Brocklebank

Seventh Grade - Anna Hudson, Bessie Newman, Charles Persons, Thyrza McClure, Anna Harris, Ida Wynants, Charles Darling, Vernon Bowers, Minnie Wilson

Eighth Grade - Delia Cox, Belle Adams, Florence Benham, Celia Stevenson, Jean Burnett, Edith Spencer, Josie Parkhurst, Ida Case, James Peer, Daniel Dempsey

Ninth Grade - Jane Sage, George Hamlin, Mary Bates, Charles Hoyt, John Welch, Lizzie Quinn, Lois Simmons, George Gunn, Jane Wilson

Tenth Grade A - Mary Beebe, Clara Davis, Frank Beswell, Minnie Brown, Thomas Sweeney, John Tuohey, William Connell, Daniel O'Brien

Tenth Grade B - Charles Eiselein, Frank Beecher, Catharine McAdams, Ross Carter, Bertha Genthser, Bertha Andruss

From Ontario County Journal 31 March 1882

East Bloomfield Union School -
The winter term of the Union School closed last week with the usual examinations and rhetorical exercises on Friday afternoon. Below are the names of those pupils who have a general average in scholarship over 84, and in deportment over 89:



Sherman Steele - 97
Alice Morts - 96
Lewis Gauss - 93
Grant Steele - 92
Johnnie Cummings - 90
Mary Adams - 89
Erie Morts - 88
Eunice Kellogg - 85


Alice Morts - 100
Erie Morts - 100
Etta Taft - 100
Ralph Simmons -100
Aurora Tubbs - 99
Mary Andrews - 99
Lewis Gauss - 98
Mary Adams - 97
Archie McGlashan - 97
Anna Bostwick - 96
George Huntley - 91

Estella Spitz - 91



Sidney Mason - 91
Herbert Howes - 90
Addie Peeling - 88
Theresa Harrigan - 88
Charles Cummings - 86


Belle Hobart - 98
Louisa Harrington - 97
Ella Murray - 90



Belle Stafford - 95
Minnie Kingsbury - 95
Mattie Williams - 95
James Cummings - 94
Fred Hamlin - 92
Frances Bergin - 92
Daisy Cramer - 91
Susie Huntley - 91
Charles Norton - 91
Maud Thorpe - 91
Thomas Harrington - 89
Ida Parker - 87
Michael Canan - 86
John Cotter - 86
Charlie Bridgland - 85
Charlie Lyons - 85
Elsie Welton - 85


Nellie Vandenberg - 100
Hattie Williams - 100
Minnie Kingsbury - 95
Frances Bergin - 95
Charlie Bridgland - 98
Thomas Harrington - 97
James Cummings - 97
Daisy Cramer - 96
Maude Thorpe - 95
Alice Cotter - 95
Susan Huntley - 92
Florence Howes - 90
John Mountain - 90

The following named pupils have been neither absent nor tardy during the term:

Sherman Steele, Ralph Simmons, George Huntley, Ida Huntley, Stella Spitz, Rosa Stafford, Eddie Shannon, Sidney Mason, Susie Huntley.

The following named pupils have been absent once but not tardy:

Herbert Howes, Lizzie Howes, Cyrus Murrell, Lilla Page, Henry Parsons, Florence Worrallo, Fred Hamlin, Minnie Kingsbury, Mattie Williams.

The following named pupils have been tardy once but not absent:

Charlie Bridgland, Florence Howes, Nellie Vandenberg.

From Ontario County Journal 31 March 1882

West Bloomfield, N. Y. -
List of pupils' name who passed an average scholarship of 80 percent and above in West Bloomfield School District No. 7, in written monthly examinations (being required to answer review questions for the month), for the term ending March 17, 1882:  
Tim Sullivan, Will Clark, Alice Taft, Willie Codding, Anna Taft, May Elton, Libbie Dixon, Jimmy Clark, Johnny Hilliard, Lizzie Clark, John Sullivan.
In deportment, those who attained an average of 90 percent and above:
Anna Sullivan, Libbie Dixon, Willie Codding, Tim Sullivan, May Elton, Lizzie Clark, Julia Sullivan, Alice Harvey, Alice Taft, Anna Taft, George Mattoon, Eddie Hilliard.
Not absent during the term of four months and a half: May Elton, Lou, Elton, Anna Sullivan. Not tardy: Willie Codding, Harry Taft.

From Ontario County Journal 9 June 1882

Rushville, N. Y. -
The end of the school year brings back among us Arlington Mapes and Charles Jones from Cornell, Fred Cody and Alice and Gertie Jones from Havana, Carrie Grace and Myron and Wilbur Boardman from Syracuse.

From Ontario County Journal 18 August 1882

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The following pupils in District No. 7 averaged over 90 in their examinations: 1st grade, Minerva Klinefeller, 97; Lillie Toomey, 95; Anna Hillard, 95; Johnie Murray, 95. 2d grade: Bessie Shearer, 98; Dennis Leary, 97, Eddie Steen, 96. 3d grade:  Bell Steen, 98; Katie Leary, 97.

From Ontario County Journal 15 September 1882

Rushville, N. Y. -
Many young ladies went from this vicinity last week to attend school. Miss Nera Read to Hillsdale, Mich.; Misses Lizzie Lindsley, Lolu Read, Hattie Carr and Callie Williams to Brockport Normal School; Lizzie Buzzell, Allie Stearnes, Minnie Hendee and Lottie Swarts to Geneseo; Alice and Gertie Jones to Havana.

From Ontario County Journal 12 January 1883

The following pupils either hold a Regents' certificate or are entitled to one on the result of the recent examination: Clara Hutchens, Alice Paddock, Marcus Gregory, Lizzie Gaffney, Edson Ellis. The following pupils had the highest standing in their respective grades:

Second Grade: Irving Martin, Jennie Weatherwax, Wm. Martin, Leonard Parkhurst.

Third Grade:  Anna Atwater, Lizzie Derry, Maude Davis, Frank Hutchens.

Fourth Grade: Ada Ellis, John Dugan, Fred Williams, Libbie Pratt, Gird Harris, Frank O'Laughlin.

Fifth Grade: Hattie Davis, Lucinda Bennett, Kittie Parrish, Asa Priest.

Sixth Grade: Walter Sleght, Ida Wynants, Nellie Warner, Anna Hudson, Thyrza McClure, Mary DeWitt, Minnie Wilson.

Seventh Grade: Delia Cox, Carrie Crane, Belle Fitch, Ada Farrington, Alice Green, Carrie Tracy, Edith Warfield, Lizzie Daly, Carrie Bennett, Lizzie Cady, Jay Oatman.

Eighth Grade: Gertrude Durand, Geo. Hamlin, Jennie Wilson, Laura Craig, Wm. Lee, Anna Rochford, Effie Cleveland, Lillie Brockelbank, Geo. Gunn, Josephine Smith, Elizabeth Quinn, Bertha Drury, Celia Stephenson.

Ninth Grade: Elizabeth Drury, Thos. Sweeney, Mary Bullock, Cora Todd, Frank Newman, Georgietta Boswell, Sarah Francisco, Frank Sleght, Alice Royce.

Tenth Grade A: Ernest Howe, Fred Spencer, Samuel Evans, Hattie Craig, Philip O'Keefe.

Tenth Grade B: Albert Purdy, George Beecher, John Mary, Asher Nichols, Hibbard McFeggan, Mary Melville, Elson Fuller.

From Ontario County Times 23 March 1883

The following pupils in District No. 7, of West Bloomfield, averaged 90 and over in their examinations for the term ending March 16th:
Seventh Grade - Will Clark, Willie Codding, Libbie Dixon, Timothy Sullivan

Fourth Grade - Lizzie Clark, Mary Elton, Alice Taft, Anna Taft, Harvy Taft, Julia Sullivan

Second Grade - James Clark, Lon Elton, Johnie Harvey

First Grade - James Harvey

From Ontario County Journal 6 April 1883

West Bloomfield School District No. 8 -
The following pupils passed an average scholarship of 80 per cent and above in monthly examinations for the term ending March 23d:
Will Hotchkiss, Belle Toomey, Lillie Reed, May Murphy, Nellie Bush, Will Conklin, Price Conn, Lizzie Murphy, John Murphy, Geo. Tyler, Ella Murry and Helen Wood.

In deportment: John Murphy, Lizzie Murphy, and Will Hotchkiss were 100 and the following above 90, but not perfect:

Belle Toomey, Lillie Reed, May Murphy, May Toomey, Willie Toomey, Julia Bush, Nellie Bush, Fred Conklin, Geo. Tyler, Gilman Wood, Tim Murphy, Hilie Shepard, Grace Santry, Geo. Hotchkiss
and Charlie Shepard.

Not absent during the term of twenty weeks: Leon Shepard, Belle Toomey and May Toomey.

Present every day but four: Hilie Shepard, Nellie Bush and Frank Bush.

Not tardy during the term:  John Murphy.

Tardy but once:  Willie Toomey.

Tardy five times or less:  Lizzie Murphy, Kittie Murphy, Tim Murphy, Belle Toomey, May Toomey, Mary Bush, Frank Bush, May Murphy, Lizzie Santry, Will Hotchkiss and Belle Hotchkiss.

From Ontario County Journal 14 September 1883

Richmond, N. Y. -
There has been quite an exodus of young people from our town during the week past. Will Becker and Miss Mira Short have gone to the Normal at Geneseo; Fred Reed, Louis Short, Carl Blackmer and Miss Lizzie Pennel have gone to the Free Academy at Rochester.

From Ontario County Journal 4 January 1884

Richmond, N. Y. -
Our young people, whose exodus last fall made so great a vacancy in our Union School, and whose presence among us during the holidays has been the occasion of many happy reunions, have mostly returned to their chosen fields of study. Fred Reed, Louis Short, Carl Blackmer and Miss Lizzie Pennell to the High School and Free Academy in Rochester; Frank Pierpont, Will Becker and Miss Myra Short to Geneseo Normal; Maxwell Day to Williams College, Mass.; Miss Minnie Yawger and Miss Clara Huff to Leroy Seminary; Miss Alice Ashley and Miss Grace Adams to Fort Plains Seminary; Miss Nellie Wilbur and Miss Franc Pomeroy to Delaware Seminary at Delaware, Ohio. Frank Allen and John Minnehan, who were attending the Commercial College in Rochester, are at home sick with measles, and we are informed that some of the above mentioned students have been exposed to measles and will remain at home for a few days.

From Ontario County Journal 11 January 1884

Examination Report, Dist. No. 11 -
The following pupils either hold a Regent's certificate or are entitled to one as a result of the November examination:
Jennie Weatherwax, Lizzie Derry, Minnie Hayes, Nellie Quinn, Leonard Parkhurst, Franc Outhouse, Ada Roblin.
The following had the highest standing in their respective grades:

Second Grade - Anna Atwater, Frank Decker, Hattie A. Young.

Third Grade - Ada Ellis, Harriette Davis, Grace Raines, John Dugan, Fannie Van Norman, Vernon Newton, Georgia Blanchard.

Fourth Grade - Ida Winants, Anna Hudson, Carrie Young, Mary Ryan, Richard McNeilly, Sarah Mosher, Lucinda Bennett, Asa Priest.

Fifth Grade - Bessie Newman, Mabel Coe, Mary DeWitt, Belle Freer, Tessie McMahon, Vernon Bowers, Ada Farrington, Bessie Boyce, Agnes Schlick.

Sixth Grade - Alice Green, Lizzie Daly, Thyrza McClure, Ora Vandenburgh, Chas. Hoyt, Zettie Price, William Bostwick, Carrie Crane, Gertrude Adams, Mary Bates.

Seventh Grade - Gertrude Durand, Geo. Hamlin, George Pratt, Zelia Pressey, Bertha Batchellor, Lillian Brockelbank, Louise Babcock, John Ellis, George Wyvil, Elizabeth Malin, Julia Ferguson, Nellie Mary, Charles Kleinle.

Eighth Grade - Carlton Berry, Fred Galpin, Cora Todd, Charles Ahrens, Frank Sleght, Daniel O'Brien, Luman Durand, Ella Dingley, Robert Paterson, Dwight Hiscox, Alsie Partridge, Ernest Howe.

Ninth Grade - Mary Beebe, Asher Nichols, Hibbard McFeggan, Annie Ashley, Maggie Griffis, Lizzie Saunders, Harriet Rand, Daniel Shean, Maud Smith, Ruby Simmons, Thomas Sweeney, Susan Egan.

Tenth Grade (A) - Lulu Warner, Nellie Pandock, Jennie Harris, Grace Puffer, Harriet Briscoe, Florence Smith, George Gillette, Horace Harris, Price Crandall, Jennie Aberle, Russell Smith.

Tenth Grade (B) - Bessie Ellis, Bertha Warner, Martin McNeilly, Fred Freer, Maggie Harris, Fred McMillan.

From Ontario County Times 19 March 1884

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
We are happy to give the standing of the school of one of East Bloomfield young ladies, Miss Emily Steel, in No. 7, West Bloomfield, the term closing on March 7: P. W. Case, 97; May Elton, 94; Anna Taft, 92; Alice Taft, 90; Etta Taft, 93; Bell Toomey, 97; May Toomey, 95; Willie Toomey, 91; Nellie Ramsey, 91.

DISTRICT NO. 6, GORHAM - The following scholars of District School No. 6, near Reed's Corners, which closed on last Friday, after a long term of eighteen weeks, are deserving of praise for prompt and regular attendance and good progress in their studies: Lillie Douglass, Minnie Harris, Maggie Burns, Winnie Burns, Susie Hogan, Mary Dewire, Nora Cone, Nora Snyder, Orson Middaugh, Thos. Dewire, Frank Taylor, James Mooney, Frank Dear, Jas. Keareny.

From Ontario County Journal 9 January 1885

Report of Examination in Public School No. 11 -
The following pupils either hold a Regents' certificate or are entitled to one on the result of the late Regents' examination: Anna Atwater, Alice Burgess, Ella Wood, Bertha Cooper, Frank Decker, Isaac Weisenbeck, Cora Walker, Hattie A. Young, Lizzie Fisher, Flora Brockelbank, Frank O'Laughlin, Lizzie Beeman, Clara Martin. This included all of the first grade. The following pupils had the highest standing in their respective grades:

Second grade: Harrietta Davis, Ada Ellis, Wm. Andrews, Katie Quinn

Third Grade: George Collins, Annie Hudson, Lizzie Batchellor, Walter Sleght, George Smith, Jennie Palmer, Mary Ryan

Fourth Grade: Emily Harris, Fanny Hart, Mary O'Laughlin, Thyrza McClure, George Atwater, Jessie McMahon

Fifth Grade: Alice Green, Mary Bates, Gertrude Adams, Ora Vandenburgh, Jean Burnett, Lizzie Daly, Bessie Royce, Chas. Hoyt

Sixth Grade: John Ellis, Lizzie Quinn, Martha Bennett, Gertrude Durand, George Gunn, Zelia Pressey, Bertha Batchellor, Edith Pratt, Harry Young, Hattie Dingley, Carrie Dedrick

Seventh Grade: Dwight Hiscox, Gertrude Brown, Alsie Partridge, Ernest Howe, John Shean, Fred Rice, Charles Ahrens, Edward Bates, Belle Williams, Frank Beecher, Luman Durand

Eighth Grade: Harvey Hayes, Asher Nichols, Hibbard McFeggan, James Cavan, Ruby Simmons, Jennie Harris, Frank Lambert, Nellie King, Bessie Ellis, Florence Smith, Grace Puffer, Edward Brown, Jennie Aberle

Ninth Grade: Mary Beebe, Price Crandall, John Ranney, Gertrude Wheeler, Fred Crandall, Maggie Harris, Fred Anderson, Fred Freer, George Spencer, Bertha Warner

Tenth Grade (a): Mary Rouse, Frank Allen, Cora Spencer, Emma Ahrens  
                    (b): William Hulse, Frank Perego, Bessie Pierson, George Brown, Arthur Hamlin

From Ontario County Journal 10 July 1885

Bristol Center, N. Y. -
Following are the names of the pupils whose average standing was 80 percent or over in the last examination:
A Grade - Frannie Codding, Madge Kimber, Lizzie Ingalls, Carrie Wilder, Mary Kimber, Marcia Codding

B Grade - Claudia Hills, Ella Totman

C Grade - Genie Case, Edna Dunham, Florence Totman, Ray Robinson, Bert Codding

D Grade - Burr Case, Allen Burge

E Grade - Francis Burge, Mary Cox

From Ontario County Times 12 August 1885

Bristol, N. Y. - 
Miss M. R. Orcutt, teacher of District School No. 1, Bristol, makes the following report of the school for the term ending July 24: Present every day, Helen Insse, Hallie Wheeler and Rodney Gooding. Mabel Wheeler was absent but one day, Perry Pierce and Mary Mitchel two days, Nellie Graves and Tillie Johnson three days. The following named pupils passed examinations averaging over 85 percent: Nellie Graves, Rodney Gooding, Mabel Andrews, Hallie Wheeler, Lillie Graves, Tillie Johnson, Perry Pierce, Mattie Bentley, and Cora Andrews. The names of those whose deportment averaged over 90 are as follows: Mabel Andrews, Nellie Goodale, Herby Ingraham, Nettie Bentley, Jessie Nichols, Mary Mitchel, Demerrill Ingraham, Minnie Andrews, Hallie Wheeler, Cora Andrews, Gifford Andrews, and Lillie Graves.

From Ontario County Journal 1 January 1886

Bristol Center, N. Y. -
The following are the names of the pupils who made an average of 80 or over in the last examination.
A. Grade - Carrie Wilder, Lizzie Ingalls, Mary Clohecy, Frank Cassidy

B. Grade - Frannie Codding, Madge Kimber, Oliver Case

C Grade - Claudia Hills, Ella Totman, Belle Sisson, Eddie Monks, Stevie Beach

D Grade - Genie Case, Edna Dunham, Florence Totman

E. Grade - Allen Burge, Burr Case, Minnie Trafton, Belle Simmons, Isaak Kimber

From Ontario County Times 31 March 1886

Bristol District No. 11 -
Our school closed Friday, the 19th, after a busy term of nineteen weeks. The following are the names of the nineteen "home" scholars and the deportment of each: Nettie Phillips, 100; Maggie O'Leary, 100; Ida Dubois, 100; Lillie Dubois, 100; Fred Buell, 99; Horace Sisson, 99; Walter Sisson, 98; Minnie Daniels, 98; Mary Marshall, 97; Carrie Marshall, 97; Philip Sisson, 97; Ralph Sisson, 97; Willie Marshall, 96; Susie Shay, 95; John O'Leary, 95; Cora Pestle, 94; Walter Cochran, 93; Fred Dubois, 92; Louisa Jordon, 91.

The following are those who came the last nine weeks from outside the district: Arthur Whitmarsh, 100; Libbie Naracong, 99; Lizzie Taylor, 98; George Whitmarsh, 98; Vida Case, 96.

From Ontario County Times 5 May 1886

Naples, N. Y. - Clarence Beers
and a classmate from Hobart College spent the Easter vacation at Mr. Beer's home here.

From Ontario County Times 19 May 1886

Bristol, N. Y. - Isaac S. Tilton
and Arthur A. Hicks, of Bristol, graduated at the Geneva International Business College and received their diplomas dated April 20th, 1886.

From Ontario County Times 23 June 1886

Honeoye, N. Y. -
Most of our young people who have been away in attendance upon school or college during the past year have lately returned home. They are Louis Short, from Rochester University; Clair Wilbur and Misses Nellie Wilbur, Gussie Reed, and Franc Pomeroy from Delaware University, Ohio; and Willard Becker and Miss Lutie Day from Geneseo Normal School.

From Ontario County Times 1 September 1886

Seneca Castle, N. Y. - 
On Monday last, James Peck left us to return to Williams College, where he will meet his class and with them go to the sea coast in Maine, previous to resuming his studies in college. His brother, Fred, leaves next Monday to engage in his new employment of teaching in Southern Colorado; and the week following their sister, Mary Peck, will leave home to resume her college studies in Elmira. Thus the parents will again be left alone.

From Ontario County Times 29 December 1886

West Bloomfield, N. Y. -
Among those whom the Christmas vacation brings back to us are Miss Jennie B. Shepard, who is taking a course in art at the University in Leroy; George Hall who is studying dentistry in Philadelphia; and George C. Taft who is taking a course at Oberlin.

From Ontario County Times 5 January 1887

Honeoye, N. Y. -
The Christmas holidays are over, and the young people who came home from school to spend them with us are on their return to the institutions upon which they are in attendance. Misses Mary Ashley and Louise Reed to LeRoy University; Willard and Fay Becker, John and Willis Reed, and Miss Lutie Day to Geneseo Normal; and Clark Short to Lima Seminary; Maxwell Day returns next week to Williams' College; Miss Eva Pitts has returned to Washington; Miss Loella Townsend to Canisteo; and Louis Short to Tonawanda, to resume duties as teachers in those places.

From Ontario County Journal 25 February 1887

Flint Creek, N. Y. -
The winter term of school closed last Friday, every pupil being present. We have had a very pleasant and successful term of eighteen weeks, and many of the pupils would, without doubt, pass a successful regents examination. George Davie, a pupil ten years old, and living more than a mile from the school house, has been present every day, and was corrected only seven times during the term. Carrie Fiero, a girl thirteen years old, was present every day. These two carried off the prizes offered for good conduct. Allen Smith was not corrected at all for misconduct, but was absent quite a number of days. George Smith made the greatest advancement in studies during the term; being unavoidably absent more than half the term, he mastered Robinson's University algebra as far as cube root.

From Ontario County Journal 11 March 1887

On Friday the 4th inst., Mr. Fred Pratt closed a very successful term of school in the Hanna district, in the town of Hopewell. The satisfaction expressed by the parents of the pupils as to the progress made in their studies during the time of Mr. Pratt's tutorship is evidence conclusive of his merits as a teacher. The standing of some of the pupils is shown by the following:  Adda Cooper, 90; Agnes Persons, 86; Mary Gillett, 90; Carrie Bell, 93; Katie Dalton, 80; Dena Fonda, 87; Albert Herrick, 80; Harry Dean, 82; Frank Blanch, 72.

From Ontario County Journal 1 April 1887

Academy, N. Y. - Miss Clara Standish closed a term of twenty weeks school on the lake shore district No. 1 South Bristol on the 18 inst. There were thirty-one pupils enrolled with an aggregate attendance of 2645 days. The following named pupils attended school every day during the term: Lillie Wood, Angeline Hicks, Emma Hicks, John Hicks, Clark Martin, Pearl Johnson, Charley Johnson and Bert Johnson. Miss Standish did some good work and is engaged to teach the summer term, which speaks well for her.

From Ontario County Times 25 May 1887

The members of the graduating class of Canandaigua Academy have formed a class society. Elias D. Croucher is the president; Asa H. Smith, the secretary; and Fred H. Davis, the valedictorian. The members of the class are as follows: Byron L. Craft, Elias D. Croucher, Fred H. Davis, Elias J. Durand, John B. Gregg, Marcus S. Gregory, William W. Howland, Geo. S. Mallory, N. Irving Martin, Joseph B. O'Brien, Louis T. Price, Asa H. Smith, and Peter P. Turner.

From Ontario County Times 14 September 1887

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
Several of our young people have gone, or are now going, away to school. Archie McGlashon goes to Amherst; Sherman Steele to Hamilton; Luther Steele to Brockport; and Will Griffiths and Arthur Hyde to Oberlin. Jennie Higinbotham also started today for Oberlin Musical Conservatory. Miss Emily Steele has accepted a position as teacher in a school in Alabama.

From Ontario County Journal 23 September 1887

Richmond, N.Y. - The exodus of young people from the town to attend the various institutions of learning, as pupils and teachers, has been unusually great this year. Misses Bessie and Hattie Blackburn, and Annie Peck at Lima; Misses Sadie Pennell and Fannie Reed at Canisteo; Miss Nettie Wilbur, as teacher at Ottawa, Ohio; Clair Wilbur at Delaware, Ohio; Lewis Short at Rochester; Maxwell Day at Cornell; Miss Nellie Garlinghouse, as teacher at Livonia Station; Frank E. Pierpont, as teacher at Canisteo; Will Becker at Medical College in New York city; Fay Becker at Veterinary College in Toronto, Canada; Miss Lizzie Pennell, as teacher at Abilene, Kansas.

From Ontario County Times 26 September 1888

Farmington, N. Y. - 
The Gardner brothers, Miss May Allen, Nellie Padgham, Ina Chilson and Helen Bullis are attending school at Macedon Center Academy.

From Ontario County Times 2 November 1887

East Bloomfield Union School -
At the middle-term examinations the following pupils of the senior department attained an average in scholarship above 75 per cent, less than that being unsatisfactory: Eddie Durfee, 99; Minnie Kingsbury, 97; Mabel Sweeney, 96; Susie Huntley, 92; Mattie Dawley, 91; Fred Hamlin, 91; Belle Stafford, 90; Addie Peeling, 87; Charles Norton, 85; Albert Shepherd, 83; George Burrell, 81; Agnes Appleton, 80; Daisy Cramer, 80; Frank Steele, 77; Nellie Adams, 75.

From Ontario County Times 11 January 1888

Port Gibson, N. Y. -
The holiday season has gone and our students have returned to their various duties. Among the number home were Edith Allerton, Brockport Normal; Jessie Terry, Buffalo Normal; Ada Parker, Syracuse University; Laura Smith and the Misses Wilson, from Palmyra Union School; Tina and Frank Hennan, Newark school; and Augustus Throop, from Bethlehem, Pa.

From From Ontario County Times 22 February 1888

Canandaigua Union School,
preliminaary examinations: Arithmetic, Geography, Grammar, Reading and Spelling; Albert T. Freeman, Maud F. Cooley, Fred C. Wood, Francis G. Hart, Emma C. McCauley. Georgraphy, Grammar and Spelling: Earnest Brown, Charles Bunnell, John B. Ellis, Arden J. Ferguson, Louis Mutschler, Hilem F. Paddock, Gertrude C. Adams, Carrie C. Crane, Lizzie J. Daly, Mertice Knapp, Lizzie Quinn, Bessie Royce, Verna E. Sutherland, Ora H. Vandenberg. Grammar and Spelling: George H. Gunnison, Sherman Hitchcock, Mabel E. Brown, Ida Belle Case, Fannie Castle, Effie Cleveland, Emma Cole, Fannie Dempsey, Belle M. Freeman, Harriett Paddock. Geography and Spelling: Denton E. Bostwick, Curtis E. Porter, John Tuohey, Edward G. Williams, John W. Willys, Myrtie E. Brice, Birdella Hayward, Lucy A. McGregor, Hattie E. Miller, Mary Louise Peck, Arge Starr Sackett, Dora A. Standish. Geography and Grammar: Henry H. Wheeler. Geography: Charles Riker, Charles L. Jones. Grammar: Charles T. Raines. Spelling: George Atwater, John Castle, John D. Cowan, John Kershaw, Charles E. Padleford, Fred Spencer, Mary G. Bates, Iva M. Coe, Inez Darling, Nannie Dempsey, Hattie Hathaway, Pearl Hutchens, Ella Agnes Jacqua, Ettie McClure, Jennie McGinniss, Harriett W. Richmond, Anna C. Warfield, Charles B. Castle, John H. Clark, Hiram J. Depew, Patrick W. O'Brien, Susie M. Barrenger, Martha Bennett, Gertrude M. Cooper, Carrie L. Dedrick, Bernie A. Dewey, Florence Hoff, Lizzie A. Ingalls, Nina Kipp, Kittie E. McFeggan, Zelia A. Pressey, Hattie E. Supplee, Emily G. Willys. Advanced Examinations, American History: Will H. Andrews, Linnie M. Bennett, Maud B. Cone. Physical Geography, Civil Government: Harriett Davis. Amercan History: Mary S. Hall, Fannie Hart, Lina B. Hudson. American History, Civil Goverment, Physiology: Mary O'Laughlin. Physical Geography: Fannie O'Neill. American History: Asa Priest, Charles Raines, Cornelia Warner. Cicero: Herbert Utter. American History, Physiology: Inez Darling. Physiology, Mertice Knapp.

From Ontario County Times 11 April 1888

Naples, N. Y. -
The college boys who came home for their Easter vacation have returned, some going today. They were W. B Thrall of Geneseo Normal; Spencer F. Lincoln of Cornell; Clarence H. Beers, Fred E. Hamlin, and their friend, Mr. O'Brien, of Hobart.

From Ontario County Journal 4 May 1888

Cheshire, N. Y. -
The following is the first month's report of Cheshire school: total number of pupils enrolled, 40; number attended every day, 25; highest in deportment, Ella Brandow, 100; total number tardy marks, 11; greatest number to any one, 4, George Crary; record in spelling, A grade - Nodiah Hutchens, 99, 1 word; Nellie Huntley, 96, 4 words; B grade - Enos Booth, 100, perfect; Ray Van Wie, 99, 1 word; C grade - Floyd Radley, 100, perfect; Anna Hutchens, 99, 1 word.

From Ontario County Times 6 June 1888

The graduating class at the academy this year is as follows: H. Clair Baker, Bert H. Clark, Wm. A. Driscoll, Harry I. Dunton, George B. Hickox, George R. Purdy, Frank D. O'Laughlin, and M. Clark Williams.

From Ontario County Times 13 June 1888

The Alumni Association held its annual meeting on Monday in the library room, the following named graduates of the school being present: Miss Jane C. Munger and Miss Harriet T. Stowe of the class of 1881; Miss Carrie E. Christian, Mrs. Charlotte H. Sackett, Miss Christine L. Munger and Miss Estella Satterthwaite, '83; Miss Caroline M. Hart, '85; Miss Harriet L. Gates,
86; with the three graduates of this year, Misses Anna M. Griffiths, Ella E. Smith, and Charlotte G. Parmelee.

From Ontario County Journal 22 June 1888

The class of '87 of Canandaigua Academy, consisting of Joseph B. O'Brien, Byron Croft, Peter P. Turner, Elias Durand, Louis Price, George Mallory, and N. Irving Martin, of Canandaigua; Elias Croucher of Marion; John B. Greig of Bristol; Asa H. Smith of Manchester; Marcus Gregory of Hopewell; and Fred Davis of Reed's Corner, held a reunion and banquet at Hammondsport last evening. Today they will visit Watkins Glen, returning home this evening.

From Ontario County Journal 6 July 1888

Bristol Center, N. Y. - The school in district No. 6 closed June 23 with a short literary programme. The whole number of days taught were 79. The following are those scholars that attended 70 days or more: Julia Daniels, Edna Phillips and Edith Montanye, 79 days; Cliff Reed, 77; Mary Reed, 76; Merton Montanye, 75; Willie Daniels and Carrie Jopson, 74; Ethel Montanye, 73; Mary Case, 72; Seymour Reed and Roy Case, 71. Miss T. E. Mallery, teacher.

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