From Shortsville Enterprise 5 January 1912

Manchester, N. Y. -
Last week Tuesday evening the members of the alumni association of the local High School held a reunion at the pleasant farm home of Charles Herendeen in the town of Farmington. The following out-of-town members were in attendance: Hugh Hawkes of Buffalo; Miss Bertha Knapp, a teacher at E. Rochester High School; Miss Vira VanArsdale of Smith College, Geneva; Henry Jones and Sidney Rogers of University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; and Charles Smith of Cornell University, Ithaca.

From Shortsville Enterprise 2 February 1912

Manchester, N. Y. -
Last week Thursday evening the members of the senior class of the local High School met at the school building and organized with the following officers: President, Howard Hickmott; treasurer, Miss Mary Middlebrook; secretary, Jas. Craig. There are only three members in the class. Purple and cream were chosen as class colors.

From Ontario County Journal 9 February 1912

The class of 1912 of Canandaigua Academy contains 11 members. Last year the graduating class numbered 34. The members are: Andrew Johnson, president; Frances Hall, vice-president; Thomas Quigley, secretary; Alexandria Davidson, treasurer; Henry Smith, Daniel Townsend; Dean Lightfoote, Carrie Ingraham, Clara Thompson, Blanche Kinnear, Mabel LaDue.

From Ontario County Journal 23 February 1912

Students of St. Mary's school having a standing of 90 percent or more in the January Regents examinations were: Earl Bender, Walter Cowan, Felix Curran, Edward Hogan, Elmer Knopf, Benedict Mack, Jerry Mahaney, Leo McCarthy, Emmett Monaghan, Walter Murphy, Walter Taylor, James VanVooren, Mary Burke, Helen Cowan, Cecelia Dannahee, Louise Kelly, Louise Linehan, Agnes McPadden, Marie McPadden, Louise Melvin, Helen T. Moran, Helen M. Moran, Lillian Murphy, Dorothy Reynolds, Anna Schmidt.

From Ontario County Journal 5 April 1912

Naples, N. Y. - 
Among the pupils and teachers returning home for the Easter vacation are Misses Josephine Howse and Agnes Buck, from Syracuse university; Helen L. Maxfield, Vassar college, and Eunice Harding, Cook academy; Harold P. Harding, University of Rochester; Misses Ida C. Mahone and Margie Shuman, from New York; Mary H. Caton from South Lima.

From Geneva Daily Times 8 April 1912

Stanley, N. Y. -
The following students are home from Penn Yan Academy for Easter vacation: Misses Leah Davie, Julia Connors, Esther Moran, Ina and Mabel Hutchinson, Minnie Grant, Kathryn Harvey, Mira Coon, Mabel Van Eps, Gladys Barden and Frances Weeks; Messrs. Floyd and James Cooper.

From Ontario County Journal 12 April 1912

Rushville, N. Y. - 
The following students have spent the Easter vacation at their homes: Miss Lura Mack and Miss Eloise Green, Syracuse university; Gertrude Blodgett, Cornell; Oliver Williams, Lima Seminary; Leon Emory, Alfred university.

From Geneva Daily Times 10 May 1912

Gorham, N. Y. -
The graduating class of the Gorham Grammar school met recently and elected the following officers:: President, Robert Marshall; secretary, Coleman Dailor; treasurer, David Affleck.

From Geneva Daily Times 27 May 1912

Manchester, N. Y. -
The senior class of the Shortsville High School will this year have class day exercises on the evening preceding the regular commencement exercises with the following program: Class will, Ralph Petty; poem, Miss Marion Wilson; history, Robert Keleher; prophecy, Harry Howe. At commencement exercises, the three members of the class having the highest standings will deliver orations. They are Herman Anderson, Hazel Ballard, and Earl Sheffer.

From Geneva Daily Times 31 May 1912

Phelps, N. Y. -
The commencement exercises at the Phelps Union and Classical School will begin Sunday, June 23rd. The address to the class will be given by Charles M. Harger of Abilene, Kan., the first graduate of the Phelps High School after its admission to the University of the State of New York. The class of 1912 is made up as follows: President, Elam C. Curtis; vice-president, Margaret C. Reynolds; secretary, Hazel O. Mott; treasurer, Henry F. Kelley; Ruth C. Ashdown, Elizabeth B. Howe, Robert D. Ingalls, Olga R. Laird and Daniel Stryker.

From Ontario County Journal 7 June 1912

The following Canandaiguans will be graduated from colleges: Miss Nellie C. Henry, who will take a bachelor's degree at the University of Chicago; Lucas S. Henry from the Homeopathic college, University of Michigan; Harry M. Smith from New York University and Bellevue Medical college; George Conye, University of Buffalo, dental department; Richard Elton, Cornell university; Miss Eva J. Sprague, Fredonia Normal school; Miss Florence Stewart, Buffalo Normal school, domestic science; Miss Marian Wallace, Mechanics Institute, High art; T. Hamilton McCauley, Princeton university; Miss Edna Packard, Wisconsin university; Miss Isabel Davidson, Elmira college music department; Arthur W. Crowly, University of Pennsylvania, dental department; Carmen Combes, University of Michigan, electrical engineering.

From Shortsville Enterprise 28 June 1912

The following students have returned to their homes in this vicinity for the summer vacation as follows: Miss Vira VanArsdale from the William Smith college at Geneva; Earl Crowell from the Medical college at Richmond, Va., and Henry Jones from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

From Ontario County Journal 28 June 1912

St. Mary's School Graduates a Large Class Tonight - 
Mary E. Burke, Helen L. Cowan, Cecelia T. Dannahe, Louise V. Kelly, Hazel E. Kimble     Lilliam M. Murphy, Katherine H. Needhan, Dorothy M. Reynolds, Helen M. Smith, Anna A. Schmidt; Louise A. Linehan, Agnes J. McPadden, Marie A. McPadden, Louise A. Melvin, Mary E. Monahan, Helen T. Moran, Helen M. Moran.

Earl V. Bender, Charles P. Burke, James A. Connelly, Walter J. Cowan, William T. Cross, Felix T. Curran, William T. Hanley, J. Edward Hogan, Elmeer L. Knopf, Benedict F. Mack, Jerry J. Mahaney, Leo T. McCarthy, John J. Mooney, Walter J. Murphy, William M. O'Brien, Daniel H. Olsson, Charles A. Padelford, Walter H. Taylor, James F. VanVooren.

From Ontario County Journal 19 July 1912

The class of 1909 of the academy will hold a reunion at Point Rochester tomorrow. The class numbers 18 as follows: Ira C. Douglass, F. Ellis Parmele, William Sidney, Burrell T. Cappon, Earl A. Hoose, George W. Pitts, Leland R. Powers, Stanley Steele, Misses Elsie M. Hulse, M. Adelaide Sisson, Aline Balson, Nellie Harris, Helen S. Keogh, Georgianna L. McGowan, Blanche Mitchell, Alma Wheaton, Vera Foster and Grace Johnson.

From Ontario County Journal 6 September 1912

Naples, N. Y. -  Miss Alice Caulkins
enters as a student the Crane School of Music at Potsdam; Miss Irene Wood, the Ithaca Conservatory of Music; Misses Agnes Buck and Josephine Howes return to Syracuse university; Miss Marion Howse goes to the Mechanics Institute at Rochester; Harold P. Harding returns to Rochester university; and Miss Eunice Harding to Cook Academy at Montour Falls; Charles L. Linton will enter Colgate university.

Reed's Corners, N. Y. -  The following left on Tuesday to attend school at Canandaigua: Mary Roat, Hazel Turner, Lillian and Lois Powell, Gertrude Powell, Mabel Henry, Charles Roat, George Miles, Howard and Abner Wood, Clifford and Frederick Henry.

From Ontario County Journal 8 November 1912

Stanley, N. Y. -
The honor roll for October in the Stanley school, grade eight, is: Helen Thompson, 91; Lulu Kattrer, 91; Meime Kreppenneck, 91; Walter Rogers, 97; Margaret Edmonton, 91; Ellen Thompson, 90; M. Nellie Bolger, 90; Alice Drew, 90.

From Ontario County Journal 15 November 1912

The following children of the Intermediate department of Rushville High school obtained a standing of at least 90 per cent in two or more subjects in the examinations at the close of the first ten weeks of school: Taylor Harvey, Charrie Johnson, Kewin Savage, Gordon Harvey, James Blodgett, Hazel Northrup, Florence Canwright, Edna Ludlow, Elsie Champlain, William Clark, Alva Wheeler, Beulah Read, Kathryn Harrison, Curtis Bowman.

From Ontario County Journal 31 January 1913

The following pupils were advanced from the intermediate to the academic department of the public school this week: Clarence Benham, Marion Brooks, Robert Burnett, Gertrude Benfer, Clarence Buss, Claire Cox, Stuart Dear, Floyd Dibble, Grace Dunton, Evelyn Gifford, Virginia Heath, Helen Hollenbeck, Alice Johnson, Hazel Ketchum, Carl King, Edith Kisor, Edson Knapp, Anna McGale, Harriet Penoyer, Charles Persons, Lois Powell, Frank Reynolds, George Reynolds, Walter Rogers, Harold Russ, Isabel Smith, Marion Tozar, Arthur Wood, Leon Yerger.

Twenty-one pupils were this week admitted to the Academy from St. Mary's school, after having passed examinations that entitled them to preliminary certificate. They are as follows: Mary Cross, Clara Dugan, Alice Keough, Marguerite Lemma, Helen Hilliard, Florence Wade, Katherine Murphy, Margaret Figenscher, Anna Monaghan, Bernardine Farrell, Elizabeth Weisenberger, Kathryn Burke, Gertrude Smith, Margaret Fogarty, William Koehler, Leo Breen, William Hanovan, Arthur Doyle, George Doyle, Frederick Vale, James Kelly.

From Geneva Daily Times 3 March 1913

Shortsville, N. Y. -
  The graduating class of the Manchester High School, numbering twelve, the largest in the history of the school, met for organization Saturday night and elected the following officers: President, Miss Edna Whittaker; vice-president, Miss Ruth Van Arsdale; secretary, Neil O'Harrigan; treasurer, Harold Galbraith. After the business meeting, a banquet was served. The class includes the Misses Ruth Redfield, Prudence Fish, Edna Whittaker, Ruth Van Arsdale, Ruth Herendeen, Loyd Howland, Neil O'Harrigan, Leon Bulger, Harold Galbraith, Charles Wylie and Floyd Gilman. The colors chosen were green and white.

From Shortsville Enterprise 7 March 1913

It is expected that twenty graduates will be sent out into the world this coming June by the High Schools in this village and at Manchester. Our sister village school has a class of twelve seniors, the largest in the history of the school. They are: Misses Ruth Redfield, Prudence Fish, Edna Whittaker, Ruth VanArsdale, Ruth Herendeen; Lloyd Howland, Neil O'Harrigan, Leon Bulger, Harold Galbraith, Charles Wylie, and Floyd Gilman. These are the officers of the class: President, Miss Whittaker; vice-president, Miss VanArsdale; secretary, Mr. O'Harrigan; treasurer, Mr. Galbraith. The class colors are green and white.

The graduating class of Shortsville High School will have eight members, as follows: Misses Leola Gilligan, Vera Henry, Marie Williams, Helen Drummond, Hazel Power, Grace LeFevre; Roy Broomfield and Denzil Wilson. The class colors are purple and white.

From Shortsville Enterprise 21 March 1913

The commencement honors have been awarded to the members of the Senior Class as follows: Valedictorian, Denzil Wilson; salutatorian, Hazel Powers; essayist, Vera Henry. These parts are allotted in order of scholarship based upon the percentages obtained in the High School course.

From Shortsville Enterprise 2 May 1913

Harry Howe, Ralph Petty
and Stanley Stoddard, Shortsville boys attending college at Valpraiso, Ind., are now counting the days until the latter part of May when they plan to seek the parental roofs for the Summer vacation. The former two will come home by way of the Great Lakes, while Stanley and a Lawrence Kingman of Seattle, Wash., who plans to spend the Summer here, will come by rail. Stanley is now pitcher for the engineers' base ball nine at the college and won the opening game of the season for them.

From Shortsville Enterprise 2 May 1913

The members of the Alumni of the Manchester High School held a business meeting in the school hall last week Wednesday evening, the following officers being elected: President, Sidney Rogers, vice-president, Hugh G. Hawkes; secretary and treasurer, Gordon K. Cole; chairman of committee to meet the board of education to see if an Alumni ball can be held in the school hall, John R. Houston; chairman of invitation committee, Mrs. Robert Chambers; chairman of refreshment committee, Grace E. Cox; chairman of entertainment committee, Ainsworth Bennett; chairman of decoration committee, Mildred Sheffield.

From Ontario County Journal 20 June 1913

Farmington, N. Y. - 
The following young people are expected home tomorrow from Oakwood seminary for the summer vacation: Gladys Kyte, Ruth Scribbner, Nettie Payne, Leland Stewart, Loyd Aldrich and Mabel Balentine.

Rushville, N. Y. - 
The following students are home for the summer vacation: Misses Gertrude Blodgett, Anna Schuman, Cornell University; Misses Lura Mack, Eloise Green, Syracuse University; Oliver Williams, St. Lawrence University.

From Ontario County Journal 27 June 1913

Rushville, N. Y. - 
Commencement exercises were held in Memorial hall on Monday evening. The following members of the class of 1913 have received their diplomas: Misses Ethel Read, Hazel VanAnden, Hattie Gage and Charles Snyder.

From Ontario County Journal 4 July 1913

Naples, N. Y. - 
The names of the graduates of Naples High school of 1913 are Cornelia M. Barringer, Ethel E. Goodrich, Lavina A. Seamans, Cherrie M. Tyler, Glenn Smith, Raymond Woodard, Loren D. Ward, Lawrence Seamans, Monroe D. Howse, Lindsley Kidder, John Barrett.

The training class graduates are: Emma Hawkins, Dorothea Keith, Edna Potter, Eva Phillips, Grace Morey, Susan Stanley, Lavina Seamans, Cherrie Tyler, Jeanette Trickey, Helen Williams, Raymond Woodard, George Kirkmire.

From Ontario County Journal 5 September 1913

Reed's Corners, N. Y. - 
The following pupils are attending Canandaigua school: Mary Roat, Hazel Turner, Lillian, Lois and Gertrude Powell, Howard and Arthur Wood, George Miles, Charles and Fred Roat, Mabel Henry, Frederick Henry, Frank McKay, Francis VanVooren, Frances Davis.

From Ontario County Journal 12 September 1913

Rushville, N. Y. - 
The following Rushville High school students left on Tuesday to enter other schools: Miss Iva Fake, Agnes Hogan, Mildred and Margaret Greene and Hazel VanAnden to Brockport Normal; Miss Ethel Read to Buffalo Normal; she will make her home with her aunt, Mrs. Leora Dorr, during the school year; Miss Lida Noble has entered the teachers training class at Penn Yan Academy; and Misses Hattie Gage and Alice Colf have entered the training class at Naples. Earl Foster is attending the Canandaigua Academy; William Fisher will enter Rochester Business Institute; Leon Emory, a stock school in the west; and Misses Gertrude Blodgett and Anna Schuman will return to Cornell university.

Manchester, N. Y. -  The following Shortsville and Manchester young people are leaving this week and next for educational institutions: Harry Howe and Emmett O'Brien, Cornell; Leonard Williams, Ithaca Conservatory of Music; Stanley Stoddard, Valparaiso university; Sidney Rogers and Henry Jones, University of Michigan; Miss Vera King, Howard Hickmott, Keuka college; Misses Selma Doley and Vira VanArsdale, Syracuse university; John Keleher, Robert Keleher, St. Bernard's seminary, Rochester; Miss Hazel Power, Albany Normal; Misses Olive Getman, Esther Comiskey and Leola Gilligan, Geneseo Normal; Misses Grace LaFevre and Helen Drummond, Oswego Normal; Miss Florence Hiscock, Buffalo Normal; Misses Mary Middlebrook and Ruth Herendeen, Brockport Normal; Miss Hazel Ballard and Denzel Wilson, Rochester Business Institute; Clifford Dawson, Syracuse Business College.

From Shortsville Enterprise 25 December 1913

Among the students home for the holidays we note the following: Miss Ethel Wells, Emmett O'Brien and Harry Howe, Cornell University, Ithaca; Leonard Williams, Ithaca Conservatory of Music; Miss Vera King, Keuka College; Miss Leola Gilligan, Geneseo Normal School;  . . . (newspaper not legible) . . . Misses Grace LeFevre and Helen Drummond, Oswego Normal School; Miss Selma Doley, Syracuse University; Clifford Dawson, Syracuse Business College; Miss Hazel Ballard, Rochester Business Institute; Miss Florence Heacock, Buffalo Normal School; Earl Sheffer, Columbia University, New York.

From Ontario County Journal 26 December 1913

Rushville, N. Y. - 
The following students are home for the holidays: Misses Lura Mack and Eloise Green, Syracuse university; Misses Gertrude Blodgett and Anna Shuman, Cornell university; Clifford Gillette, Bucknell university; Miss Bessie Holmes, Mechanics Institute, Rochester; William Fisher, Rochester Business institute; Miss Ethel Read, Buffalo Normal; Misses Mildred and Margaret Greene, Hazel VanAnden, Iva Fake, Agnes Hogan, Brockport Normal; Misses Alice Colf and Hattie Gage, Naples High school; Miss Mabel Ladew, Albany Normal.

From Ontario County Journal 2 January 1914

Manchester, N. Y. - 
The following Shortsville young people are home from school to spend the holidays: Earl Sheffer, Columbia university; Helen Drummond, Grace LeFevre, Oswego Normal; Leola Gilligan, Geneseo Normal; Salima Doley, Syracuse university; Florence Hiscock, Buffalo normal.

From Ontario County Journal 13 February 1914

The Senior class of the Academy has organized with 28 girls and four boys. They are as follows: the Misses Margery Adams, Cleora Beeman, Helen Birch, Bertha Brockelbank, Blanche Camp, Sarah Caple, Martha Cross, Ruth Davis, Katherine Donovan, Phoebe Douglass, Mary Emerson, Lulu Farnsworth, Kathryn Farrell, Marguerite Haley, Marguerite Hill, Elizabeth Humphrey, Edna Kinnear, Katherine McDade, Agnes Ottley, Dace Park, Leona Payne, Lillian Powell, Mary Quigle, Emily Reed, Rose Schmidt, Mildred Searles, Elizabeth Sisson, Julia Willson; Arthur Bloomfield, Harold Canfield, Howard Herrington, Gordon Ridenour.

From Ontario County Journal 27 February 1914

The junior class of the Academy organized on Tuesday by the election of Wallace Jones as president; Thelma Becker, vice-president; and Esther Pierce, secretary and treasurer.

From Ontario County Journal 24 April 1914

Stanley, N. Y. -
The following returned to their school work on Monday, after the Easter vacation: Miss Leah Davie to her school at Lewis; Miss Esther Moran to Ferguson's; Miss Julia Conners to Melvin Hill; Misses Ina and Martha Hutchinson, Ellen Thompson, Frances Week, Elizabeth Washburn, Elmira Coon, Kate and Mary Harvey, Lulu Ketterer, and Gordon Thompson and Allen Camet to Penn Yan.

Gorham, N. Y. -
The following pupils have returned to their various schools after the Easter vacation: Miss Iva Kindelberger and friend, Miss Lois Horne, to Mechanics institute, Rochester; Misses Esther Secor, Eunice and Verna Gillette, Florence Lee, to Penn Yan; Helen Whyte, Katherine Affleck,Harold Crosier and Earl Thompson to Geneva; Miss Iva Fake to Brockport Normal.

From Ontario County Journal 1 May 1914

Rushville, N. Y. - 
An informal meeting of the officers of the Alumni of '69, '70, '71 and '72 of the Rushville High school was held on Saturday forenoon with Mrs. Weltha Loomis. The officers present were: President, Mrs. Mary Silvernail Jones, of Rochester; vice-president, Mrs. Weltha Jackson Loomis; treasurer, Mrs. Emma Washburn Read; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Nellie Thomas Wilbur; recording secretary, Mrs. Maggie Borden Torrey, of Geneva. The following business was transacted; Mrs. Anna Voorhees Fake was appointed chairman of the committee on decorations, Mrs. Carrie Olmstead Foster of dining room committee, Mrs. Anna Loomis Headley, chairman of menu committee, Mrs. Belle Parsons Ferguson, chairman of kitchen committee. Reception committee, Mr. and Mrs. George Blodget. The meeting adjourned to meet sometime in June. The date of the reunion will be decided later.

From Ontario County Journal 12 June 1914

Rushville, N. Y. -
The members of Cass of 1914 are Winifred Hobart, Edith Johncox, June Snyder, Robert Moody, Raymond Lafler, Edison Hicks. Class colors, pink and green.

From Ontario County Journal 26 June 1914

Rushville, N. Y. - 
The following students are home for the summer vacation: Clifford Gillett, Bucknell university; Gertrude Blodgett, Anna Schumann, Cornell university; Lura Mack, Eloise Green, Syracuse University; Mildred and Margaret Green, Hazel Van Anden, Agnes Hogan, Brockport Normal; Alice Colf, Hattie Gage, Naples; Earl Foster, Canandaigua.

The commencement exercises of St. Mary's school were held in the Assembley hall last evening. Rev. John T. Driscoll, of Fonda, address the graduates and a cantata was given by 20 girls. The graduates are: Donald M. Barrigan, Harold F. Bender, John H. Broderick, Coleman Hanovan, Clarence F. Jussey, Victor T. Kennedy, Henry W. Lynaugh, Harold J. Maley, Joseph M. McKenna, Thomas F. McKenna, James J. Monahan, George P. Monahan, Edward F. Murphy, William L. Overhiser, Leo J. Reynolds, John A. Ryan, James G. Van Vooren, Marie E. Burns, Margaret M. Connelly, Ruth F. Cross, Katherine E. Doyle, Mabel L. Farrell, Mary L. Fitzgerald, Helen M. Flannigan, Doris T. Green, Elsie C. Knopf, Margaret V. Lannigan, Mabel E. Lemma, Gladys V. Mary, Helen M. McIntyre, Lenna K. Morris, Mildred E. Steinknoll, Blanche A. Taylor, Katherine R. Touhey, Frances M. Wade. The class motto is "Courage to Dare and Do."

From Shortsville Enterprise 2 July 1914

The following is a complete list of those students who were successful with the Regents examination held at the Shortsville High School in June:

Writing - Elizabeth Burke, Roy Broomfield, Hilda Leakey, Floyd Smith, Clara Preston, Laura Sickles, Charles Doley, Gladys Record, Emma Anderson, Janette Reynolds, Edward Brown, George McGurk, Marion Burke, Clarence Wadsworth.

Geography - Francis Gilligan,  Lynn Gilligan, Howard Turner, Irene O'Brien, Liecester Elliott, Genevieve McCarthy, Martin Burke, Florence Dailor, Sherman VanCott, Madeline Bolan, Irene Carson, Robert McGurk, Helen Moore, Alberta Galoway, Harold Phipps, Ella Curran.

Commercial Geography - Ruth Ellis, Catherine Morphy, Cornelia Peck, Angelean, Reynolds, Hilda Cortright, Lillian Hinz, Clair Stoddard, Charles Wells, Arthur LeFevre, Harold Seymour, Florence Mink, Margaret Moore, Lorretta McCarthy, Francis Dailor, Arlene Potter.

Arithmetic - Angelean Reynolds, Lillian Hinz, Cornelia Peck, Francis Dailor, Earl Wadsworth, Ruth Ellis, Leo Buck, Ross Cummings, Catherine Morphy, Florence Mink, Arline Potter, Carlton Fox, Hilda Cortright, Ella Curran, Harlow Cox.

Algebra - Hilda Leakey, Janette Reynolds, Edward Brown, Clara Preston, Earl Howard, Emma Anderson, Laura Sickles, Lowell Dunlap, Elizabeth Burke, Mildred Blosser, Gladys Dawson, Chas. Doley, Claire Stoddard.

Elementary Algebra - Clarence Wadsworth, George McGurk, Marion Burke, Elsworth Brown.

Intermediate Algebra - Allen Gillett, Edith Valmore, Helen Cox, Ruby Howard, John Stafford, Pearl Carson, Charles Wells.

Physics - Francis Keleher.

Plane Geometry - Lavina Preston, Eugene Rogers, Mildred Wright, Marie Hinz, Elizabeth Perry, Katherine Melvin, Monroe Shull.

Rudiments of Music - Pearl Carson, Jannette Reynolds, Elizabeth Burke, George Morphy, Gladys Dawson, Edith Valmore, Lowell Dunlap, Marion Burke, Clara Preston, Monroe Shull, Harlow Cox, George McGurk, Helen Cox, Arthur LeFevre, Mildred Blosser, Charles Doley, Emma Anderson, Roy Broomfield, Laura Sickles.

Representation - Bernice Latting, Katherine Melvin, Mary Melvin, Mildred Wright, Claribel Votery.

Elementary History - Marion Burke, Myrle Record, Clara Preston, Clarence Wadsworth, Lowell Dunlap, Charles Doley, Jannette Reynolds, Harlow Cox, Gladys Dawson, George McGurk, Earl Howard, Helen McNamara, Emma Anderson, Mildred Johnson.

American History - Allen Gillett, Charles Burke, Francis Keleher, Ruth Calkins, Marie Hinz, Gladys Record, Lorraine Kipp.

Ancient History - Harry Buck, Virginia Heath, Nelson Woodgate, Jesse Preston; 3-hour course - Eugene Rogers.

English Grammar - Allen Gillett, Virginia Heath, Francis Keleher, Lorraine Kipp, Ruth Calkins, Ruth Webb, Charles Burke, Mildred Wright, Claribel Votery, Eugene Rogers, Katherine Melvin, Lavina Preston, Monroe Shull, Mae Mosher, Matie Flint, Elsworth Brown.

8th English - Floyd Smith, Chas. Doley, Lowell Dunlap, Jannette Reynolds, Emma Anderson, Edward Brown, Harlow Cox, Gladys Dawson, Laura Sickles, Earl Howard.

English I (not Regents) - Edith Valmore, Pearl Carson, Nelson McCarthy, George Morphy, Marion Burke, Helen Cox, Myrle Record, Arthur LeFevre, George McGurk, Clarence Wadsworth, Charles Wells.

English II - Mildred Wright, Harry Buck, Lavina Preston, Eugene Rogers, John Stafford, Katherine Melvin, Monroe Shull, Claribel Votery, Mae Mosher, Matie Flint, Elsworth Brown.

English III - A. Gillett, Lorraine Kipp, Virginia Heath, Francis Keleher, Ruth Webb, Charles Burke, Eva Broomsfield, Ruth Calkins, Irving Record.

English IV - Bernice Latting, Edna Petty, Elizabeth Perry, Marie Hinz, Ruby Howard, Francis Keleher, Gladys Record, Mary Melvin, Patty Smith.

German I - Mildred Wright, Lavina Preston, Katherine Melvin, Eugene Rogers, Charles Wells, Monroe Schull, Mae Mosher, John Stafford, Matie Flint, Claribel Votery.

German II - Ruth Calkins, Chas. Burke, Lorraine Kipp, Irving Record.

German III - Bernice Latting, Francis Keleher, Allen Gillett, Marie Hinz, Ruby Howard, Ruth Webb, Elizabeth Perry, Edna Petty, Gladys Record, Mary Melvin.

8th Latin - Janette Reynolds, Lowell Dunlap, Emma Anderson, Laura Sickles, Earl Howard, Hilda Leakey, Edward Brown, Mildred

Blosser, Clara Preston, Elizabeth Burke, Charles Doley, Floyd Smith, Roy Broomfield.

Latin I - Edith Valmore, Harry Buck, Pearl Carson, Marion Burke, Arthur LeFevre, Clarence Wadsworth, George Morphy, George McGurk, Nelson Woodgate.

Latin II - Mildred Wright, Lavina Preston, Ruth Calkins, Katherine Melvin, Irving Record, Eugene Rogers, Patty Smith, Eva Broomfield, Claribel Votery, Mae Mosher, Helen Cox.

Latin III - Allen Gillett, Virginia Heath, Charles Burke, Lorraine Kipp.

Latin IV - Bernice Latting, Ruby Howard, Ruth Webb, Mary Melvin, Marie Hinz, Elizabeth Perry, Edna Petty.

Zoology - Edna Petty.

Physiology - Lowell Dunlap, Laura Sickles, Harlow Cox, Janette Reynolds, Clarence Wadsworth, Clara Preston, George Morphy, George McGurk, Lloyd Potter.

From Shortsville Enterprise 8 October 1914

The Junior Class has organized for the school year of 1914-15 with the following officers: President, Lavina Preston; Vice-president, Harry Buck; Secretary, Mildred Wright; Treasurer. Ellsworth Brown.

The class organized with the following membership: Harry Buck, Ellsworth Brown, Helen Cox, Matie Flint, Katherine Melvin, Mae Mosher, Lavina Preston, Eugene Rogers, Monroe Shull, Mildred Wright.

From Shortsville Enterprise 24 December 1914

We note the following out-of-town students and teachers home for the Holiday vacation: Earl Sheffer, Hobart College, Geneva; Miss Vera King, Keuka College, Keuka Park; Misses Leola Gilligan, Edna Petty and Helen Drummond, Geneseo Normal; Miss Selma Doley, Syracuse University; Miss Grace LeFevre, Oswego Normal; Miss Dora McGurk, teacher, Westfield, N. J.; and Miss Lillian Stewart, teacher, Fredonia Normal.

From Ontario County Journal 1 January 1915

Gorham, N. Y. -  The following the Christmas holidays at their homes in Gorham; Miss Iva Kindelberger of Mechanics Institute, Rochester; Miss Helen Pybus, of William Smith college, Geneva; the Misses Katherine Affleck and Verna Gillette of Penn Yan Academy; and Misses Helen Whyte, Helen Stokoe and Gladys Melious and Harold Crosier, Earl Thompson and Cordian Melious of Geneva High school.

Manchester, N. Y. - The following students are home for the holiday vacation: Misses Vira and Ruth VanArsdale, of Syracuse university; Henry Jones, University of Michigan; Howard Hickmott, Keuka college; George Redfield, Cornell university; Stanley Stoddard, University of Valparaiso, Ind.; Earl Shefler, Hobart college; Miss Vera King, Keuka college; Miss Selma Doley, Syracuse University; Misses Edna Petty, Leola Gilligan and Helen Drummond, Geneseo Normal, and Miss Grace LeFevre, Oswego Normal.

From Shortsville Enterprise 7 January 1915

Emmett O'Brien,
of Cornell University, passed the Holiday vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O'Brien of Hopewell.

Stanley Stoddard returned on Sunday to his studies at the University at Valparaiso, Ind. He was accompanied by Paul Burkhart, a  resident of Pennsylvania, who is also a student at that institution.

From Geneva Daily Times 18 March 1915

Rushville, N. Y. -
The graduating class of 1915 of Rushville High School is as follows: Frederick Blodgett, Leona Hawley, Ethel Lee, Pauline Pearce. Frederick Blodgett is president of the class; Ethel Lee, vice-president; Leona Hawley, treasurer; Pauline Pearce, secretary. The class colors are green and white; class motto, "Immer Vorwaris."

From Ontario County Journal 2 April 1915

Rushville, N. Y. -
The following students are home for the Easter vacation: Miss Gertrude Blodgett, Robert Moody, Cornell University; Ethel Reed, Buffalo State Normal; June Snyder, Geneseo State Normal; Hazel Van Anden, Brockport State Normal; Lois Green, Thelma Becker, Edward Lounsberry, Earl Foster, Roger and Carmen Johnson, Canandaigua Academy; Lida Noble, Penn Yan Academy.

From Ontario County Journal 7 May 1915

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The Senior class of the High school has organized with the following officers: President, Walter M. Nugent; secretary, Mildred Hayes; treasurer, Helen Welch. The members are Bernice Taylor, Sibyl Boughton, Mary Toomey, Margaret Taft, Margaret Pope, Mildred Hayes, Helen Welch, Jane and Helen Donahue, Rena Hicks, Norma Dibble, Walter and Leo Nugent, Harold Morse, Bert Norton and William Harvey.

From Geneva Daily Times 3 June 1915

Phelps, N. Y. - 
For the first time in the history of the Phelps High School, caps and gowns will be worn by the senior class at its commencement exercises to be held in the Garlock Opera House on Wednesday evening, June 23rd. The class is composed of fifteen members, the largest in many years. Class day exercises will be held in the High School study room on Monday, June 21st, at which the following program will be given: President's address - Elmer G. White; Valedictory, Ruth A. Fitzgerald; Salutatory - Mabel E. Cook; Class Testator - Don H. Ormanta Willing; Historian - M. Katheryn MacAniff; Poet - Frances L. Dinehart; Soloist - Margaret M. Needham; Musician - Marie H. Burnes; Junior Roast - Clarence H. Peachey; Junior respc. Edna Whitney, President of the Junior class.

From Ontario County Journal 10 September 1915

Bristol, N. Y. - 
Bristol pupils going elsewhere for school are Maurice and Malvina Andrews, Katherine Case and Florence Bliss at East Bloomfield High School; Marguerite Sears, Pittsford teachers training class; Harold McDowell, Lorna Walker, Rita Simmons, Max T. Case, George B. Gregg, Bernard Allen and Georgia Kent at Canandaigua Academy; Ruth Wheaton and Ruth Bradley at Geneseo; Ruth Brown at Honeoye High School; Vern Sisson to Dundee.

From Ontario County Journal 4 February 1916
West Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
Grade examinations were held in the village school on Jan. 20 and 21. The following pupils earned promotion certificates; Paul Wilson, Frances Webb, Angela Busch, Helen Moore, Gerald Busch, Harold Suttle, Helen Wilson, Emily Graper, Harold Simons, Florence Curran, Esther Wilson, Cleveland Brown, Henry Brown, Roy Warren and Florence Harris.

From Ontario County Journal 11 February 1916

Gorham, N. Y. - 
The honor roll for the grades of the school for January is as follows: First grade, Ethel Greer, Esther Fritz, John Goodall, William Leach, Howard Hilliard; second grade, Mildred Fuller, Dora DePew, Beulah Herrington, Viola Hall, Sara Hershey; third grade, Charles Hurlburt, Anastasia Flood, Maxine Nye, Wellington Hershey, Marie Whalen, Donald Stokoe. The following pupils were promoted to the fourth grade: Kenneth Phelps, Gertrude Crosier, Gladys Hershey, Helen Ledgerwood, Lois Tompkins. Fifth grade certificates were won by Frederick Adamson, Marjory Bullock, Gertrude Jones, Blanche Ledgerwood, Gladys Smith, Gladys Tally.

From Naples Record 15 March 1916

The Senior Class of Naples High school has organized with the following officers: President -  Walter Thompson; secretary and treasurer - Lowell Richardson. This class plans to take a trip at Easter, going to Albany, Boston and New York.

From Ontario County Journal 14 April 1916

Manchester, N. Y. - Members of the senior class of the Shortsville High school are: Mildred Wright, Lavina Preston, Anna Foss, Katherine Melvin, Irving Record and Eugene Rogers.

From Ontario County Journal 19 May 1916

Gorham, N. Y. -
The names of the following pupils of the school were placed upon the honor roll for the month of April; First grade, Ethel Greer, Elsie Ledgerwood, Ethel Ledgerwood, Howard Hilliard, Kenneth Lee; second grade, Mildred Fuller, Dora DePew, Beulah Herrington; third grade, Charles Hurlburt, Anastasia Flood, Mildred Rolfe; fourth grade, Lois Tompkins, Helen Ledgerwood, Edward Bolger, James Whalen; fifth grade, Gladys Tally, Gladys Smith, Gertrude Jones, Marjory Bullock, Blanche Ledgerwood.

From Ontario County Journal 9 June 1916

Manchester, N. Y. - 
The graduating class of the High school has five members: The Misses Frances VanArsdale, Edna DeBrock, Ruth Ryan and Margaret Randall and Earl Craig, with Miss VanArsdale as valedictorian and Miss DeBrock as salutatorian. The class officers are: President, Miss Edna DeBrock; secretary, Miss VanArsdale; treasurer, Earl Craig.

From Ontario County Journal 30 June 1916

The closing exercises of St. Mary's school will be held at the parish hall this evening. The class has 32 members as follows: Florence G. Burke, Helen K. Collins, Charlotte M. Conway, M. Oneta Curran, H. Marguerite Curran, Helen E. Curtin, Helen P. Daly, M. Emily Dugan, Sara F. Dwyer, Adeline L. Frere, Helen D. Gartland, Mary Rose Martin, Jessica M. Leckie, Louise C. Murphy, Irene M. Prendergast, Marguerite M. Sherry, Margaret G. Smith, Harriet Marie Touhey, Louise M. Vale, Thomas M. Connelly, Francis E. Curran, M. Augustine Foley, Walter H. Hanley, Albert F. Hanley, Alan J. Mary, J. Edward McKay, Edward F. Murphy, Joseph B. O'Connor, James P. Sherry, George A. Smith, Joseph W. Taylor, Alfonza A. Weisenberger.

From Ontario County Journal 6 October 1916

The following young people from Shortsville have left for educational institutions: Miss Patty Smith, Beechwood college, Jenkintown Pa.; Miss Virginia Heath, Rochester Business college; the Misses Anna Foss, Katherine Melvin and Ruth Robinson, Oswego Normal school; the Misses Ruth Webb and Mildred Wright, Syracuse University; the Misses Lovina and Clara Preston, Bradford academy, Bradford, Mass.; Leo Pulling of Manchester, Niagara University, Niagara Falls; Robert Kelebur, St. Bernard's Seminary, Rochester; Francis Kelebur, Georgetown University, Washington, D. C.; Earl Craig, of Manchester, Starkey Seminary; Eugene Rogers, New York State College for teachers, Albany; Gordon Leakey, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Ind.

From Geneva Daily Times 7 October 1916

Gorham, N. Y. - 
The following pupils of the local school, drew premiums at the recent exhibit at the county fair. Margaret Flood, writing; Irene Whyte, writing; Gertrude Crosier, writing; Marjory Bullord, writing; Mildred Fuller, writing; Anastasia Flood, writing; Lillian Leach, mending; Margaret Flood, apron; Viola Smith, bag and towel; Helen Bullock, landscape, leaves, grasses, wood, cookies, part of a mounted tree, feather mounted hen; Mary Dailor, doily, plums; Gertrude Crosier, mounted plants; Agnes Lamphere, cookies; Clarence Kearney, beets; Gertrude Jones, peppers, canned red raspberries; Dominick Povero, pumpkins; Marie Rufstick, pumpkins; Anastasia Flood, booklet; Marie Whalen, booklet. Mildred Marshall won $3 as second prize for spelling.

From Ontario County Journal 22 December 1916

Gorham, N. Y. -  The following pupils of the local school were neither absent nor tardy during the month of November: Archie Affleck, Helen Bullock, Ruby Kearney, Viola Smith, Gertrude Jones, Marjorie Bullock Gertrude Crosier, Gladys Hershey, Kenneth Phelps, Michael and John Povero, Blanche and Helen Ledgerwood, Gladys Smith, Gladys Tally, Mildred Warner, Frederick Adamson, Edwin and Clayton Mott, Lloyd Bullock, Jay Detro, Frank Goodall, Wellington Hershey, Charles Hurlbutt, Clarence Kearney, Kenneth Ledgerwood, Dominick and Angelo Povero, Allen and Harold Rodman, Donald Stokoe, William Whyte, Eunice Fritz, Dora DePew, Anastatia Flood, Lucy Goodall, Sara and Bernice Hershey, Gladys Jones, Beatrice Newman, Thelma Povero, Mildred Rolfe, Marie Whalen, Roy Bergstresser, George Detro, John Goodall, William Leach, Kenneth Lee, Clarence Rolfe, Horace Williamson, Fay Leach, Beulah Herrinton.

From Ontario County Journal 16 February 1917

The 1917 class of the Canandaigua Academy has formed with 22 members. Officers have been elected as follows: President, Leonard Monaghan; vice-president, Mabel F. Henry; secretary-treasurer, Charles J. McDade. Members of the class are; Friederika Ahrens, Alice Cappon, Mary Cross, Celia Dannahe, Bernadine Farrell, Helen Foley, Edward C. Hall, Mabel F. Henry, Katherine Hicks, Alice J. Johnson, Henry Martin, Charles J. McDade, Harry McMillan, Anna Monaghan, Leonard Monaghan, Josephine Nash, Charles A. Persons, Harold E. Rice, Gertrude Smith, Charles E. Standish, Elizabeth Weisenberger, Arthur C. Wood.

From Ontario County Journal 13 April 1917

Rushville, N. Y. - 
The following students are at their homes here for the week: Misses Rae Green, Pauline Pearce, June Snyder and Marjorie Williams, of Geneseo Normal; Miss Mary Blodgett, Robert Moody and Elwood Lounsberry, of Cornell university; Miss Olive Button, of Lima Seminary; Miss Frances Dinehart, Brockport Normal.

From Ontario County Journal 15 June 1917

Gorham, N. Y. - 
The following is a list of pupils upon the honor roll of the school for May: First grade - Marion Williamson, Virginia Jones, Violet Hall, Clarence Rolfe. Seond grade - Elsie and Ethel Ledgerwood, Horace Williamson, William Leach, Esther Fritz, Dorothy Whalen, Ethel Greer, George Detro, Howard Hilliard, Kenneth Lee. Third grade - Dora DePew, Beulah Herrington, Marie Higley, Gladys Jones, Mildred Fuller. Fourth grade - Anastasia Flood, Charles Hurlbutt, Aldren Rodman, Beatrice Newman, Mildred Rolfe, Wellington Hershey, Eunice Fritz. Fifth grade - Sidney Warren, Kenneth Phelps, James Whalen, Michael and John Povero, Irving Leach, Clayton and Edwin Mott, Edward Bolger, Helen Ledgerwood. Sixth grade - James Bolger, Gladys Smith, Mildred Warner, Mary Dailor, Gertrude Jones.

From Ontario County Journal 29 June 1917

The graduating exercises of St. Mary's school will take place at the Assembly Hall this evening at 8:00 o'clock. A program will be presented by the members of the class consisting of a scene from the "Merchant of Venice". Rev. Joseph Cameron, of Bath, will address the class. The graduates are as follows: Elsie A Berendt, Alice M. Donohue, Martha M. Finnerty, Anna M. Flynn, Margaret Gartland, Marion Hazel Gorman, Kathleen M. Green Genevieve Judge, Christine L. Kaveny, Agnes Koehler, Julia E. Murphy, Margaret H. O'Brien, Helen F. Rarrick, Gertrude A. Schmidt, Louise Seiler, Margaret M. Shaw, Louise A. Connelly, John H. Cross, William Leo Dannahe, John Doyle, John J. Kaveny, Stewart F. McCarrick, Gordon McCarthy, James McDonald, Matthew O'Brien, Joseph F. Reynolds, James Ryan, Bernard Sherry, Frances C. VanVooren.

From Ontario County Journal 29 June 1917

Manchester, N. Y. -
Commencement exercises of the High school were held on Friday evening. Members of the class are: Anna E. Jones, Esther Ann Hawkes, Beth E. Smith, Margaret E. Smith and Margaret A. Howland.

From Ontario County Journal 14 September 1917

Stanley, N. Y. -
The following are attending school in Geneva: Misses Helen and Dorothy Bullock, Celia Kennedy, Nellie Bolger and John and Edward Bolger.

Eleven pupils from Gorham are attending the High school at Geneva, four of whom, Misses Avis Whitbeck, Ruby Kearney and Margaret Flood and Nicholas Povero, have entered for the first year. The others are Vivian Whalen, Jean Whyte, Annabelle Greenough, Doris Adamson, Leo Flood and Roderick Warner.

From Ontario County Journal 12 October 1917

Hopewell Center, N. Y. -
Miss Ethel Wood, teacher in District No. 6, reports the following perfect in attendance for September; Mildred and Howard Austin, Gordon Brown, Henry Hebard, Lois and Osborne Roper, Kenneth and Leland, Savage, Madeline and Mary Tanes.

From Ontario County Journal 9 November 1917

Gorham, N. Y. - 
Following is the Honor Roll, for the local school of pupils having an average of 90 per cent or above. Seventh grade - Gertrude Jones, Mildred Warner, Blanche Ledgerwood, Lloyd Fuller, Gladys Smith; Eighth grade - Viola Smith, Mariam Scofield; Ninth grade - Lillian Leach; Fifth grade - Mildred Rolfe, Anastatia Flood, Charles Hurlburtt, Allen Rodman; Sixth grade - Edward Bolger, Irving Leach, Edwin Mptt, John Povero, Sidney Warner, Helen Ledgerwood; Fourth grade - Doris DePew, Beulah Herrington, Mildred Fuller, Mary Bolger; Third grade - Esther Fritz, Ethel Greer.

From Ontario County Journal 7 December 1917

Manchester, N. Y. - 
The young ladies of Shortsville High school organized an Athletic Association with these officers: President, Miss Dorothy Barry; vice-president. Miss Angilean Reynolds; secretary, Miss Ruth Ellis; treasurer, Miss Irene O'Bryan; manager of the basketball team, Miss Hazel Baxter. Practice games of basket ball are being held every Tuesday evening under the direction of Miss Frances LeHard, physical instructor. They are ready to arrange a schedule for the season.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 14 February 1918

Canandaigua, N. Y
., Feb. 13 - The 1918 senior class of Canandaigua Academy has organized with the following officers: President, James Kelly; vice-president, Helen Brown; secretary and treasurer, Mary Seaman. The rest of the members are Lillian Bacon, Gertrude Barber, Leslie Bearce, Marion Brooks, Margaret H. Brown, Louise Burdem, Freda Case, Henry Clark, Rolland Cribb, Ruth Cross, Margaret Durand, Nellie Estey, Clara Fountain, Morris Gifford, Ruth Gorman, Norma Green, Carmen Johnson, William McIntyre, Anne McMillan, Margaret Milliken, George Monaghan, Esther V. Paul, Cecil Quick, Ellen Salladin, Helen Scandling, William Thompson, Dorothy Wilson and Stanley Wooden.

From Ontario County Journal 8 March 1918

The list of honor pupils of the 1918 graduating class of the Canandaigua Academy is announced as follows: Valedictorian, Miss Margaret Milliken, having maintained an average of 87.21 during her High school course; salutatorian, Miss Louise Burden, with an average of 80.69. Other honor pupils are Misses Ruth Cross, Ruth Paul, Dorothy Wilson and Carmen Johnson.

From Ontario County Journal 14 March 1919

Gorham, N. Y. - 
The following are the pupils of the school who received an average of 90 per cent or more in the month of February: Fifth grade: Beulah Herrington, Dora DePew, Gladys Jones, Mildred Fuller, Mary Bolger; Sixth grade: Charles Hurlbutt, Eunice Fritz, Anastasia Flood, Beatrice Newman, Marie Whalen; Third grade: Marian Williamson, John Easterbrook, Kenneth Ledgerwood; Fourth grade: Howard Hilliard, Ethel Greer, William Leach, Horace Williamson, Esther Fritz, Donald Fish.

From Ontario County Journal 20 June 1919

A service for the graduating class of Canandaigua academy will be held at St. John's church on Sunday evening.

The class has 30 members, as follows: Charles Arden Babbitt; Lester Kenneth Bliss; Katherine Bookman; Helen Paulene Brandow; Marion Alice Burgess; Marie Elizabeth Burns; Evalyn Anna Clarke; Alice Joy Cone; Margaret Mary Connelly; Katherine Elizabeth Doyle; Mabel LUcile Farrell; Maude Lillian Frone, Ruby Celia Gardner; Esthr Gladys Gerould; Mabel Elizabeth Gifford; Edwin Hicks Gooding; Lyle Evan Horton; Bertha Jane Kennedy; Elizabeth Ellen Mason; Vivian Hortense McClellan; Alice Herendeen McLouth; Lenna Katherine Morris; Mae Lillian Mumby; Louise Dorothy Payne; Josephine Matilda Purdy; Edna Pearl Randall; Marie Emma Schmidt; Dorothy May Snyder; Lorna May Walker; Mildred Washburn.

Honeoye, N. Y. - 
School closes this afternoon for summer vacation. The graduating class will consist of but two members, Miss Katrina Barrett and Miss Nora Leahy.

From Geneva Daily Times 12 August 1920

The Class of 1915 of Geneva High School held its fifth annual reunion at the High School building yesterday afternoon and evening. A delicious supper was served, during which appropriate remarks were made by several members of the class. Later, dancing was enjoyed. Those present were Lewis Gracey, Margaret McMaster, Isabelle Creedon, Lois Dusenberry, Thomas Lydon, Leon Jones, Blanche Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. William Cook, Phyllis Watson, George Doty, Edward Baumgartner, Mrs. Straway and Clarence Rupert. It was decided to hold the next reunion at Owasco Lake.

From Phelps Citizen 7 September 1922

The following are students at Geneva: Doris Whitbeck, Helen Dean, Marcella Day, Irma McIvor, Dilworth Bauer, Leo Pickard, John Chase, and Clinton Butler. Miss Lois Pike plans to enter the training class of the High school in Carthage. Hugh Wallace returns next week for his second year at Mr. Hermal Boy's school.

From Geneva Daily Times 6 October 1922

Hopewell, N. Y. -
Miss Kinnear, teacher in District No. 6, reports the following pupils were present every day during the month of September: Eleanor Boyer, Helen Hebard, Bessie Needham, Ethel Needham, Frances Needham, Frank Needham, Charles Walters, Francis Walters, Allen Newton, Howard Blanding and Henry Tanes. Allen Newton was perfect in spelling during the month of September.

From Phelps Citizen 28 December 1922

Many of the Phelps young people who are pursuing higher educational courses are spending the holiday intermission at their home, and among them are: Beatrice Hoag, Charlotte Jones, George Salisbury, Robert Burnett and Cosad Whiting, Cornell University; Helen Bullock, Gladys Musselman and Doris Jones, Geneseo Normal; Herbert Rathbun, Rochester University; Dorothy Benton, Wooster University; Gertrude Crothers, Elmira College; Dorothy Leader, William Smith College; Fred Crosby, Y. M. C. A. Training School, Springfield, Mass.

From Phelps Citizen 19 June 1924
The graduating exercises of class of 1924, Phelps High School, will be held at the Presbyterian church on Tuesday evening of next week. The class roster comprises the names of the following members: Florence Backus, Gertrude Bailey, Eleanor Benson, Eunice Flood, Doris Hammond, Hermione Hicks, Grace Hooper, Addie Irish, Irma Kurtis, Hazel Moore, Marion Tiffany, Maria Vanden Bussche, Helen Welch, Anor Whiting, Leon Leader, Reed Loveless, Charles Miller, Richard Rathbun and Steward Salisbury.

From Phelps Citizen 24 September 1925

The Sophmore Class of the Phelps High School held its first meeting on Thursday, September 18. The following officers were elected: President, Geraldine Gerow; vice-president, Harriet McDuffee; secretary and treasurer, Robert R. Gifford; faculty advisor, Miss Conell.

From Geneva Daily Times 6 October 1927

Shortsville, N. Y. - 
The senior class of the Shortsville high school have elected the following officers for the coming year: President, George Cummings; vice-president, Helen Gilligan; secretary, Katherine Delter; treasurer, James Fitzpatrick. Miss Marion O'Connor was chosen as faculty adviser. The junior class also elected officers as follows: President, Robert Wright; vice-president, Mary O'Brien; secretary, Genevieve Kipp; treasurer, Eunice Mills. Miss Johanna Grady was chosen as faculty adviser.

From Geneva Daily Times 20 June 1928

Stanley, N. Y. -
The following will be graduated from Geneva High School: Miss Genevieve Washburn, Leland Hotchkiss and Willis Cross; also Miss Lois Cross is a graduate of the Cortland Normal.

From Geneva Daily Times 1 September 1928

The State Education Department today made public the list, by counties, of the names of those high school pupils who have won University scholarships. There are issued to the pupils of each county five times as many scholarships as there are assembly districts in the county. The winners in the Geneva territory follow: Elizabeth Bosshart, Clifton Springs; Mildred L. Kunes, East Bloomfield; Helen Louise Gilligan, Shortsville; Helen Teresa Morrisey, Canandaigua; Lyman Baldwin Lewis, Geneva.

From Geneva Daily Times 9 January 1930

The following pupils of Melvin Hill School are on the honor roll for December having an average of eighty-five per cent or over: Dorothy Page, Marcia Verdenberry, Eleanor Marriott, Louise Van Hoof, Winfred Albro, Arlene Van Hoof, Marion Mattoon, Amelia DeBoover, Mary DeBoover, William Meyer, Clifford Martin, Francis Scherbyn, James Eddington, and Robert Smith.

From Geneva Daily Times 28 October 1932

Naples, N. Y. - 
The Naples High School band, organized five years ago under the leadership of John Fraser, are sponsoring a concert to be held at Memorial Hall on Friday evening, Nov. 4th, for the purpose of raising funds to purchase expensive instruments. Members of the band are: John Frederick Fox, Henry Unger, Robert Woodard, Robert Woodruff, Max Wilkins, Ruth Emerson, Frances Otto, LeGrande Mille, Edwin Taylor, John Stewart, Franklin Wallace, Ellis Lyon, Walter Ratcliff, Frederick Tokhert, Lyman Smith, Woodrow Simons, Eugene Briggs, Catherine Land, Pauline Rice, Evelyn Horton.

From Clifton Springs Press 21 March 1935

The February honor roll of the Orleans school includes the names of the following pupils: Primary grades, Inez E. Pearce, teacher: Alice McCarthy, Roger Hollenbeck, Gene Cook, George Ryder. The entire attendance of the first, second, third and fourth grades was 100 per cent. Honor roll for advanced grades, Harriet H. Crittenden, teacher: Ross McCarthy, Theresa Salisbury, Dorothy VerStreate, Edward VerStreate, Donald Wheat, Jane Logsden. The class of 1935 of the Orleans Grammar School has been organized with the following officers: President - Theresa Salisbury; vice-president - Theresa Furner; secretary - Burnett Smith; treasurer - William Shekell. Raymond VerStreate is also a a member of the class.

From Geneva Daily Times 2 February 1937

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - 
Honor Rolls for Academic Department for second quarter in the Clifton Springs school: Betty Garney, Wallace Marks, Doris Finewood, Charles Denniston, Helen Youngs, Donald Walters, Alma Hoppel, Doris Goodman, William Manley, Harold Maslyn, Drew Morris, Jean deGraw, Lillian Earle, Donald MacCumber, Robert McMullen, Florence Roth, Violet Barrett, William Driscoll, Eugene Heckman, Paul Hughson, Margaret Curran, Harry Carver, Elvetta Graeff, Jean Knauss, Robert Lindner, Mary Alice Madden, Eleanor Smith.

From Livonia Gazette 22 May 1952

Early graduates from Honeoye high school; An asterik (*) indicates deceased, and married names are given in parenthesis.

1902 - Eveline Ashley, John Short *, Oliver Brown *
1903 - Ruth Ashley (Robertson)(*), Elizabeth Hannant (Boyd), Arthur Williams (*)
1904 - Katherine Bray (Standish)
1905 - No graduates
1906 - Mildred Burns, Millie Olmstead *,
Solon Barnard *,Glena Barnard *, Fayette Brown
1907 - No graduates
1908 - Agnes Menihan, Lloyd Reed *
1909 - Greta Robbins *
1910 - Bessie Eldridge, Jessie Hayes (Babbitt) *
1911 -
Evelyn Alger (McMann), Mabel Robbins (Edwards)
1912 - Alice Paul * (died just before graduation)
1913 - Elinor Treble *, Raymond Olmstead, Leon Allen, Jennie DeGraff (VanZandt), Emily Reardon (Bacon)
1914 - Ray Pestle
1915 - Ruby Malliber (Travis), Elsie Treble (Gladding), Ethel Peavy (Bell), Walter Parker
1916 - Helen Pierce (Bartlett), Cleora McClurg (Pestle)
1917 - Leone McClurg, Jennie Meehan (Erdle), Walter Sweeney, Herbert Alger
1918 - Nina Adams (Underhill), Helen Becker (Plain), Grace Treble (Francis), Jessie Watkins (Elwell)
1919 - Nora Leahy (Kelly), Katrina Barrett (Coykendall)
1920 - Pauline Cochrane (Clement), Lillian Treble (White), John Reed
1921 - Thelma Treble
1922 - Russell Hawes, Gertrude Stevens (Bearn), Elizabeth Swan, George Ashley
1923 - Fanny Briggs (Haynes), Leo Barrett
1924 - Caroline Blackmer (Affolter), Beulah Ashley (Deuel), George Shetler
1925 - Louis Ward, Gladys Treble (Codding), Emily Deal (Bradley), Leonard Garlinghouse, Ruth Huff, Lela Bentley  (Hayward), Leona Lincoln (Rowley), Mary Crooks (Barnes)
1926 - Eleanor Crooks (Rayton), Kenneth Harvey, Margaret Ace (Briggs), Edward Stevens
1927 - Esther Francis (Blacker), Charles Henry, Lillian Burritt (Stewart)
1928 - Minnie Shetler, Otto Mastin
1929 - Laura Caskey (Flint), Mary Ashley (Shetler), Kathleen Boyd (Washburn), Earl Mastin
1930 - Carol Drain (Bennett), Irene Logan, Hazel Seward (Gilbert), Marian Francis (Salad)
1931 - Frieda Drain (Hamilton), Olive Seward (Nugent), Leona McClurg
1932 - Anne Ronan (Reed), Onnolee Mastin (Jenks), Harlan Harvey, Eugene Hull, Paul Mallaber, Roy Roome, Katrina Deyo (Nighan), Edmund Nighan, Jr.

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