From Geneva Daily Times 5 February 1909

Halls Corners, N. Y. -
Regents examination were held in the Halls schools under the direction of Misses Jessie Caward and Ethel Newman of the Beattie district. Harold Horton, Elbert Hall and Ellen Payne completed the preliminary subjects. The following from Miss Newman's school and from Halls passed the arithmetic examination: Harold Beattie, Margaret Gocher, Ethel Dormer, Edward Cart, Mildred Stephens and Gilbert Ross. Those who passed in spelling were Gilbert Ross, Harold Beattie, Margaret Gocher and Ethel Dormer.

From Ontario County Journal 12 February 1909

The alumni of St. Mary's school met on Sunday afternoon and elected the following officers: honorary president, Sister Ambrosia; president, Rev. Daniel Quigley, Elmira; vice-presidents, Frank Burke and John Curtin; secretary, Miss Jennie Carroll; treasurer, Miss Alice Farrell. The date of the annual banquet has not been fixed. The affair will be in the hands of the following committees: Arrangement, John Curtin, Arthur Dugan, Richard McDade, Frank Burke, John Monaghan and Misses Mary Martin, Catherine Tuohey and Jennie Carroll; entertainment, Misses Gertrude Tuohey, Marie McIntyre, Mae Allen, Mary Martin, Bessie Doyle and Margaret Quinn and Benedict Fuller; invitation, Misses Mollie Carroll, Alice Farrell and Helen Donovan.

From Shortsville Enterprise 12 February 1909

Farmington, N. Y. -
Following are the averages attained by the pupils of District No. 2 in the January grade examinations:
8th grade - Louise Peglow, 95; George Redfield, 84; Florence Camp, 82 1/2;
7th grade - Patti Smith, 91; Ruth Redfield, 88 2/3; Ethel Stearman, 77 1/2; George Peglow, 71;
5th grade - Margaret Randall, 84 1/3; Hermon Romeiser, 83 1/3; William Barnhart, 74 1/2;
4th grade - Harold Robbins, 81 1/3; Ina Conway, 84 1/2; Elberta Yaw, 72 2/3; Mary Barnhart, 80 2/3.

From Geneva Daily Times 17 March 1909

Manchester, N. Y. -
A meeting of the graduating class of the Manchester High School was held Monday night and a class pin chosen which is to be kite shape, made of gold and set with a small diamond. In the center of the kite will be the letters M. H. S. and the figure 1909. Class officers were chosen as follows: President, Henry L. Jones; vice-president, Miss Mabel E. Herendeen; secretary, Miss Marie Ryan; treasurer, Sidney H. Rogers.

From Ontario County Journal 26 March 1909

The honor roll of the Canandaigua Academy from Feb. 15 to March 12, contained the names of the following pupils who stood at 90 per cent or better in all subjects: Robert Cook, Dean Lightfoote, Margaret Taylor, Hazel Dunham.

The honor roll in attendance included:

 John Allison, Eric Burnett, Arthur Cadieux, Maynard Clement, John Colmey, Robert Cook, Harold Culinan, Charles Coyle, Dwight Davis, Louis Erdle, Leo Frost, George Green, Leslie Green, William Hall, Raymond Hilliard, Alexander Hussey, Raymond Hurley, Rexford Inglis, George Johnson, Frank Kelley, George Koehler, Fred Linehan, Frederick McClellan, Henry McDonald, Mark Montanye, Leo Mooney, Clifford Murphy, Burton Odell, Edwin Ottley, Leon Pritchard, Thomas Quigley, Walter Steinbaugh, Donald Townsend, Leon Tremain, Milo Tremain, Howard Tyner, John West, Louis Whalen.

Girls: Margery Adams, Mildred Andrews, Alice Ashley, Jane Bacon, Bertha Baldwin, Edith Bannell, Ruth Beecher, Mabel Beeman, Hazel Berry, Louise Case, Florence Cook, Anna Connolly, Frances Cross, Catherine Davidson, Alexandria Davidson, Lola Denton, Hazel Dunham, Marion Fisher, Vera Foster, Gertrude Fallon, Lillian Freed, Anna Hamilton, Helen Hammond, Mae Harrington, Elizabeth Hillard, Charlotte Huebeler, Minnie Hunt, Grace Johnson, Mary Johnson, Ada Jones, Mina Lane, Lena Lemke, Pauline Linehan, Viola Linton, Janet Lohnes, Mabel McClure, Gertrude McCormack, Beulah Meeks, Rose Monoghan, Edna Nelson, Katherine O'Brien, Gertrude O'Brien, Mayme Ogden, Rachel Packard, Irene Pinn, Evelyn Pratt, Ada Pritchard, Ruth Pritchard, Edith Purdy, Mary Purdy, Jasena Rappleyea, Ruth Sidney, Adelaide Sisson, Mabel Sleght, Anna Stoddard, Ruth Stewart, Margaret Taylor, Dorothy Townsend, Mary Wilcox, Leah Wheeler, Grace Wykoff.

From Ontario County Journal 2 April 1909

Those home from school for the Easter vacation are: Helen Leighton, Margharetta Hopkins, Elizabeth Hubbell, Ruth Reed, Ethel Davidson and Mary Denton from Vassar; Isabella Davidson from Elmira Female college; Milton O'Neil of the faculty of Dartmouth college; Catherine Durand from the Buffalo Art School; Anna Quigley from the Albany Normal School; George Mitchell and Harry Howe will arrive today from Cornell university; Frances Hall will arrive tomorrow from Pelham Manor; Marsha and Anna McKechnie from Dana Hall school, Wellesley, Mass.

From Geneva Daily Times 15 May 1909

Manchester, N. Y. -
The annual commencement exercises of the Manchester High School will be held in the assembly hall Monday evening, June 21st. The class is composed of two girls and four boys. The graduates and the names of their orations are: Sidney Rogers, "Electricity in Everyday Life"; Ainsworth Bennett, "Our Country's Yesterdays"; Edward Smith, "Future Posterity"; Mabel Herendeen, "The Bells of Song and Story"; Henry Jones, "Our Country's Tomorrows"; Maria Ryan, "Diving for Pearls"; Sidney Rogers is valedictorian and Marie Ryan is salutatorian.

From Ontario County Journal 28 May 1909

Pupils of the Academy standing 90 percent or better in all subjects, between April 16 and May 14, follow: Francis Atwater, Florence Clement, Robert Cook, Hazel Dunham, Nellie Harris, Mark Montanye, Ruth Pierce, Mabel Sleght Adelaide Sisson, Wesley Steele, Ruth Stuart, Margaret Taylor, Clara Thompson, Leah Wheeler, Edith Carrington.
The attendance roll of honor follows:

Boys - Louis Aberle, John Allison, Leon Benham, Harold Bennett, Eric Burnett, Arthur Cadieux, Harold Canfield, Maynard Clement, Augustine Colmey, Robert Cook, David Davis, Louis Erdle, Carl Estey, Emmett Fiske, Leon Frost, George Green, Willard Hall, John Hanovan, Howard Herrington, Raymond Hilliard, Victor Hopkins, Rexford Inglis, Howard Johnson, George Johnston, George Koehler, Frederick McClellan, Richard McDade, Mark Montanye, Leon Pritchard, Thomas Quigley, John Rippey, Delos Rupert, Courtland Sanney, William Sidney, Henry Smith, Donald Townsend, Leon Tremain, Charles Tuohey, John West.

Girls - Margery Adams, Mary Allison, Alice Ashley, Ruth Beecher, Cleora Beeman, Mabel Beeman, Hazel Berry, Helen Beutelspar, Lorna Benham, Rowena Chapman, Hazel Cloyes, Lillian Cole, Florence Cook, Alexandra Davidson, Lois Denton, Isabelle Donovan, Elizabeth Dugan, Florence Dwyer, Mary Emerson, Gertrude Fallon, Gertrude Farrell, Vera Foster, Lillian Freed, Margaret Haley, Helen Hammond, Mabel Harrington, Elva Harris, Nellie Harris, Marguerite Hill, Charlotte Huebaler, Minnie Hunt, Carrie Ingraham, Ada Jones, Ethel Kinde, Blanche Kinnear, Lena Lemke, Janett Lohnes, Catherine Long, Mabel McClure, Mark McIntyre, Katherine McNulty, Georgiana McGowan, Elma Megafee, Rose Monoghan, Edna Nelson, Rachel Packard, Ruth Pierce, Irene Pipp, Edith Purdy, Mary Purdy, Evelyn Pratt, Grace Ryan, Ruth Sidney, Adelaide Sisson, Mabel Sleght, Glenna Smith, Fanny Sutter, Margaret Taylor, Dorothy Townsend, Alice Ward, Almah Wheaton, Mary Wilcox, Grace Wykoff.

From Ontario County Journal 18 June 1909

Naples, N. Y. -
Graduation of the High school class of thirteen: President, Helen L. Maxfield; vice-president, Fred W. Fox; secretary, Josephine P. Howse; treasurer, Arthur C. Dutcher; H. Alice Caulkins, Louise Helfer, Florence R. Standish, Fanny I. Watkins, Agnes L. Buck, Helen Semans, Harold C. Ingraham, Harold P. Harding, Grover E. Woodard. Class motto "Perseverando." Class colors, maroon and silver grey.

The training class has 11 members. President, Louise Eichenberger, vice-president, Gertrude Belle King, secretary, Irene Eliza Wood, treasurer, Leo Merton Woodard; Georgian Bailey, Mary Caton Randolph, Lena L. Loveland, Lela Belle Robson, Mabel Eleanor Stone, Gettie Alda Smith, Charles Leslie Linton. Their motto "Intellegamur Agendo." Class flower, carnation.

From Geneva Daily Times 18 June 1909

Clifton Springs, N. Y. -
The class of 1909 of the Clifton Springs High School is composed of four members as follows: William Bostwick, Miss Jessie Mallory, Miss Kathryn B. Lindner and Miss Mildred Brown.

From Ontario County Journal 25 June 1909

St. Mary's parochial school, which, under the guidance of Rev. James T. Dougherty and the competent instruction of the faithful sisters now teaching there, has become one of the best of the Catholic schools in this part of the state, will graduate a large class tonight. The exercises will take place in the old church on Main street south. Rev. Father FitzSimmons of Lima will deliver the address to the graduates. The members of the class are: John P. Foley, William M. Fanning, Edward T. Hanley, Harold V. Hurley, George T. Johnson, Francis J. Kelly, Raymond A. Kennedy, James B. McCarthy, Leonard J. McNamara, William J. Monaghan, Clifford E. Murphy, Michael J. Murphy, Thomas E. Quigley, Charles E. Tuohey, Howard R. Tyner, Louise B. Colmey, Mary E. Connelly, Frances M. Cross, Helen T. Dannahee, Marian B. Dolan, Elizabeth F. Dugan, Helen L. Dugan, Marguerite M. Haley, Elizabeth M. Hilliard, Marguerite P. Hill, Marie A. Linehan, Margaret A. Malone, Katherine A. McDade, Elizabeth McCormick, Mary E. Murphy, Katherine M. O'Brien, Gertrude M. O'Brien, Katherine A. Sherry, Susan E. Schmidt, Mary L. Walsh, Mary E. Ward.

Rushville, N. Y. -
The following pupils successfully passed Regents examinations, held at the Rushville High school June 14 to 17:

Margaret Bennett, Mabel Blair, Albert Blodgett, Frederick Blodgett, George Blodgett, Gertrude Blodgett, Marion Blodgett, Margaret Burnett, Grace Carr, Raymond Carr, Alice Colf, Emma Colf, Leroy Conklin, Hazel Cross, Carrie Dailor, Clarabelle Dailor; Eva Davis, Leon Emory, Iva Fake, William Fisher, Earl Foster, Floyd Freeborn, Hattie Gage, William Gage, Charlotte Gillette, Clifford Gillette, Rae Green, Margaret Greene, Mildred Greene, Henry Havens, Harold Haviland, Leona Hawley, Charles Hicks, Edison Hicks, Agnes Hogan, Maude Hogan, Vincent Hogan, Ruth Jackson, Roger Johnson, Margaret Kaveny, Alexander Lane, Reta Lane, Glenn Loomis, Frances Mallory, Margaret McNamara, Jay Melious, Robert Moody, Karl Olmstead, James Paddock, Florence Phillips, Frederick Phillips, Maude Raymond, Ethel Read, Irwin Read,  Rosella Rupert, William Sage, Carlton Schnapp, Anna Schumann, Charles Snyder, Hazel Van Anden, Elizabeth Walbridge, Harriet Walter, Luella Walter, Arthur Watkins, Earl Whitman, Urban Whitman, Mary Windnagle.

From Ontario County Journal 2 July 1909

West Bloomfield, N. Y. -
Among the pupils who have graduated and are at home are: Miss Rachel Dixon, from the Geneseo Normal; Misses Rose Courneen and Myril Chatterton from Honeoye Falls; Walter Dixon, from East Bloomfield. Teachers: Misses Louise Dixon, South Orange, N. J.; Elizabeth Courneen, Hyde Park; Mary Ashe, Geneva, and Maud Heath, Willsboro.

From Ontario County Journal 16 July 1909

Manchester, N. Y. - Charles Edwin Smith
of Manchester has received word from Albany that he stood first in the Ontario county examination held in Canandaigua on June 3, for the free scholarship in Cornell university. There were five candidates. Mr. Smith is a graduate of Manchester High school. He expects to enter Cornell this fall and will take a four years course in electrical engineering.

From Ontario County Journal 13 August 1909

Shortsville, N. Y. -
Following is a list of teachers with their salaries of the High school: principal, Joseph M. Bonner, $1975; assistant principal, Mrs. Grace Bonner, $550; sub-academic, Miss Linnie Robbins, $550; grammar department, Miss Minnie P. Sweeney, Rochester, $500; intermediate, Miss Carolyn V. Booth, Canandaigua, $450; second primary, Miss Julia E. Cahill, Geneseo, $425; first primary, Miss Pauline Heath, Shortsville, $450; Miss Cahill being the only change from last year's list of teachers.

From Ontario County Journal 10 September 1909

Ionia, N. Y. -
Among those who are attending school in other places are: Miss Rena Parrish, at Fairport, as a member of the teachers training class; Miss Bessie Morgan, at the Mechanics institute, Rochester; Miss Cora Bennett, at Genesee Wesleyan seminary, Lima; and Misses Hazel Parrish, Hazel Whelply and Marian Johnson at East Bloomfield.

From Shortsville Enterprise 10 September 1909

Farmington, N. Y. -
Among those who will attend high school are Edna Petty at Shortsville; Ruth and George Redfield at Manchester; Mildred Conway at Victor. Pattie Smith started school on Monday of last week at Shortsville and Edna Whittaker will go to Manchester. Ethel Stearman expects to go to Canandaigua.

From Ontario County Journal 24 September 1909

Naples, N. Y. - Lawrence Buck
has entered the Genesee Wesleyan seminary; Miss Agnes Buck and Miss Josephine Howse enter Syracuse university; Miss Helen Maxfield, the Dwight school at Englewood, N. J.; Dr. Fred C. Donnelly goes Oct. 1 to begin practice in Newark.

From Shortsville Enterprise 22 October 1909

The Shortsville High school junior class has formed a class organization and the following officers have been elected: President, Floyd Gillis; vice-president, Marion Emery; secretary, John Keleher; treasurer, Bernetta Kipp. The other members of the class are May Wheatley and Florence Stafford.

From Ontario County Journal 26 November 1909

The Academy honor roll for the past month of all pupils standing 90 per cent or over in all subjects was very good and shows improvement in this line of work since this custom has been taken up. There is a total of 31 names, the girls greatly outnumbering the boys. Harder and more diligent work by the boys is wished for by Mr. Steele and the faculty. Following are the names:

Francis Atwater, Emma Atwater, Aline Balsom, Edith Bannell, Harry Burgess, Florence Clement, Margaret Cone, Catherine Davidson, Phoebe Douglass, Helen Hammond, Maude Holcomb, Elizabeth Humphrey, Pauline Haubner, Carrie Ingraham, Ada Jones, Edna Kinnear, Dean Lightfoote, Mark Montanye, Edna Nelson, Agnes Ottley, Mary Purdy, Emily Reed, Lucy Robinson, Marion Robinson, Emma Searles, Adelaide Sisson, Mabel Sleight, Clara Thomas, Clara Thompson, Leah Wheeler, Elda Wheeler.

From Geneva Daily Times 5 January 1910

Gorham, N. Y. -
The Misses Helen Pybus and Iva Kindleberger, who spent the holiday vacation with their parents in this village, returned to their studies at the Geneva High School on Monday; the Misses Maud Teece and Harriet Walter to Penn Yan Academy; Leo Lacy and Jay Melious to the Canandaigua High School and William and Lloyd Allen to Syracuse University.

From Ontario County Journal 28 January 1910

Rushville, N. Y. -
The result of the Regents examinations held in Rushville High school last week, with the names of those who were successful follows:

Reading - Annie Bagley, Frederick Blodgett, William Fisher, Earl Foster, William Gage, Charles Hicks, Vincent Hogan, Florence Halley, Frances Halley, Edith Johncox, Margaret McNamara, Robert Moody, Carl Olmstead,
Hazel Van Anden, Urban Whitman, Edison Hicks, Mary Windnagle.

Writing - Annie Bagley, Frederick Blodgett, William Fisher, Earl Foster, William Gage, Charles Hicks, Vincent Hogan, Florence Halley, Frances Halley, Edith Johncox, Margaret McNamara, Robert Moody, Carl Olmstead,
Hazel Van Anden, Urban Whitman, Edison Hicks, Mary Windnagle, Carleton Schnepp.

Spelling - Margaret Bennett, Edna Johncox, June Snyder

Elementary English - Raymond Carr, Charles Hicks, Edison Hicks, Margaret McNamara, Robert Moody, Rosella Rupert, Hazel VanAnden.

Arithmetic - Vincent Hogan, Edith Johncox, Rowena Peterson.

Geography - Sterling Blair, Edith Johncox, Mary Windnagle.

Elementary U. S. History with Civics - Annie Bagley, Margaret Bennett, Mabel Blair, Frederick Blodgett, Raymond Carr, William Fisher, Earl Foster, Ruth Jackson, Edith Johncox, Margaret McNamara, George A. Miles, Carlton Schnepp.

English, 1st year - Emma Colf, Henry Havens.

English, 2d year - Leon Emory

Latin, 1st year - Iva Fake, Agnes Hogan.

Elementary algebra - Hattie Gage, Clifford Gillette, Alice Colf, Hazel Cross.

Intermediate algebra - Margaret Green.

Physiology - Gertrude Blodgett, Alice Colf, Emma Colf, William Fisher, Henry Havens, Charles Hicks, Edison Hicks, Agnes Hogan, Vincent Hogan, Margaret McNamara, Robert Moody, Ethel Read, Rosella Rupert, Hazel VanAnden.

History Great Britain and Ireland - Gertrude Blodgett.

American History with Civics - Agnes Hogan.

From Ontario County Journal 4 February 1910

Gorham, N. Y. -
The following is the list of successful pupils in the Regents' examinations: Spelling - Cordian Melious, Helen Stokoe, Lewis McIntyre, Gertrude Blair, Leon Morgan, Harold Schweickhard, Gladys Morse, Lee Fake. Elementary English - Alexander Lane, Marguerite Affleck. Arithmetic - Katherine Affleck, Bessie Adamson. Geography - Bessie Adamson, Leon Morgan, Marguerite Affleck, Helen Stokoe, Cordian Melious, Harold Schwieckhard. United State History with Civics - Harold Schweickhard, Katherine Affleck, Helen Stokoe, Bessie Adamson. Preliminary certificates were earned by Gertrude Blair and Alexander Lane. Miss Edna Savercool is principal.

From Ontario County Journal 11 February 1910

Naples, N. Y. -
Three of the training class in the High school, who just graduated, are receiving their reward. Miss Mary Caton is teaching in Branchport, Miss Viola Potter in Hunt's Hollow and Miss Elta Clute at Loon Lake. These schools were awaiting them. Trustees come from all directions to look over this large class and secure teachers.

From Ontario County Journal 4 March 1910

The following pupils of Canandaigua academy had a standing of 90 percent or better in all subjects during February: John Allison, Chem., Eng. H., Eng. 3, S. Geom., drawing; Harry Burgess, Eng. 4, physics, S. Geom., Virgil; Lois Denton, Ger. 3, Eng. 4, Anc. H., Virgil; Phoebe Douglass, Eng. 1, Bi., Alg., Latin 1, drawing; Edgarena Holden, Eng. 1, Alg., Bi.; Minnie Hunt, Cae., Eng. 2, Ger. 1, Anc. H., drawing; Carrie Ingraham, Eng. 2, Cae, Alg., Anc. H., Greek 1; Blanche Kinnear, Eng. 2, Cae, Ger. 1, Anc. H.; Edna Nelson, physics, Eng. 4, Cicero, Ger. 2; Emily Reed, Bi., Eng. 1, Latin 1, drawing; Lucy Robinson, Eng. 4, Fr. 2, Eng. H., In. Alg.; Adelaide Sisson, S. Geom., Ger. 3, Fr. 1, Virgil; Mabel Sleght, Eng. 3, Ger. 2, Cic., Anc. H., In. Alg.

Honor roll of attendance: Elizabeth Bacon, Aline Balson, Cleora Beeman, Hazel Berry, Gertrude Bowlan, Edith Buchan, Isabel Burt, Bertha Brockelbank, Lillian Cole, Louise Colmey, Julia, Dannahe, Ruth Davis, Grace Ferris, Lillian Freed, Helen Hammond, Anna Hamilton, Marguerita Hill, Elizabeth Humphrey, Blanche Kinnear, Mabel Knopf, Lena Lemke, Gertrude Linehan, Marie Linehan, Alma McIntyre, Edna Mallory, Edna Nelson, Anna Ogden, Dace Park, Jennie Paul, Lillian Powell, Ada Pritchard, Emily Reed, Marian Robinson, Frances Sleght, Mabel Sleght, Emma Searles, Mildred Searles, Adelaide Sisson, Dorothy Townsend, Emma Washburn, Alice Ward, Mabel Wicks, Cora Wilcox, Julia Willson, Mabel Wolverton; Kenneth Abbey, John Allison, Lewis Aberle Frank Bates, Eric Burnett, Arthur Cadieux, Augustine Colmey, Allen Cook, Thomas Coyle, Thurston Darling, Cletus Doyle, William Gates, George Green, Willard Hall, James Hammond, Howard Herrington, Andrew Johnston, Clifford Humphrey, Harvard Humphrey, Richard Humphrey, Adelbert Orman, Hugh Smith, Mortimer Soule.

From Clifton Springs Press 10 March 1910

The list contains the names of those pupils who have been neither absent nor tardy, and who passed 75 per cent or better in all their February monthly tests: High School - Anna DePlanter, Gladys Bundy, Mabel Brown, Lena Cowley, Ella Devereaux,
Harriet Lisk, Alma Lehr, Harry Barker, Winfred Pratt.  Eighth Grade - Selden Allis, Francis Morphy, George Short, Emma Devereaux. Seventh Grade - Elizabeth Allis, Lawrence Becker, Francis Fischer, Genevieve Grimes, Anna Lindner, Henrietta Lindner, Ruth Lindner, Clementine Owen, Christine Verstringe. Sixth Grade - Lillian Devereaux, Howard Giddings, Claude Gregg, Dolphus Renehan, Robert Smith. Fifth Grade - Melville Kless, Edwin Morphy, Harrison Sawyer, Grace Gifford, Elsie Philley. Fourth Grade - Theresa DeBrock, Isabella Warner, Jennie Zeger, Earl Lindner. Second Grade - Foster Durkee, Francis DeBrock, Gladys Filtz, Katherine Joyce, Ellen Zarges, Mildred Braman, Thomas Shipman. First Grade - Vincent Morphy, Francis Pelsher.

From Ontario County Journal 11 March 1910

At Union school hall on Tuesday evening, March 22, six boys and six girls of the Academy will participate in a prize speaking contest for prizes totaling $15. The contestants are: Charles Searles, Alexander Hussey, John Colmey, William Lightfoote, Vincent Curran, Ray Robinson, Elma Megaffee, Edith Bannell, Katherine Coyle, Marie McIntyre, Dorothy Townsend, Emily Searles.

From Ontario County Journal 1 April 1910

Bristol Springs, N. Y. - Miss Maude Holcomb
and Herbert Coye, students at Canandaigua Academy, are home for Easter vacation. Miss Holcomb will graduate in June with high honors, being salutatorian of a class of 31 members.

Allen's Hill, N. Y. -  Teachers and students home for the Easter vacation are: Misses Jeannette and Majoria Deal from Angelica; Ruth Deal, West Bloomfield; J. E. Deal, Cornell; Prof. F. A. Patterson of New York City; Misses Elizabeth and Lyra Patterson of Geneseo Normal, and Glenn Patterson of Genesee Wesleyan seminary; Maurice Olmstead, principal of Medford High School; Raymond Francis of East Bloomfield High school; Miss Alma Ray of East Bloomfield High;

From Geneva Daily Times 5 May 1910

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - 
The local High School baseball team is nicely organized for the season, and is thought to be the strongest in several years. On Tuesday afternoon it played its first game, with the second school team, which resulted in a victory for the first by a score of 11 to 7. The first team is made up of the following players: H. Allen, pitcher; Truman Baldwin, catcher; E. Follett, first base; H. Driscoll, second base; Harry Barker, third base; Winfred Pratt, short stop; F. Muskett, left field; E. Love, center field, and H. Grimsley, right field.

From Ontario County Journal 6 May 1910

The members of the Shortsville High school graduating class are Miss Ethel Hollenbeck, Miss Selma Doley, Miss Kwinch McGurk, Emmett O'Brien and John Keleher.

From Ontario County Journal 13 May 1910

Bristol Springs, N. Y. -
The following were home from school over Arbor day: Miss Maude Holcomb and Herbert Coye from Canandaigua Academy; Miss Beulah Holcomb, Miss Ruby Sherman, Charles Standish and John Barrett from Naples; Miss Augusta Wood from Bristol Center; and Miss Margaret Barrett from the Goff district.

From Geneva Daily Times 20 May 1910

Phelps, N. Y. -
The exercises of the graduating class of the Phelps High School, which has a membership of seven, will be delivered the Sunday evening preceding by Rev. C. C. MacLean at the Presbyterian church. The members of the class are Howard Mickelson, President; Lillian Peck, secretary and treasurer; Lois Dean, Florence Warner, Maude Donley, Ingar Howe and Grace Crampton.

From Geneva Daily Times 2 June 1910

Naples, N. Y. - 
The graduating class of Naples High School consists of eight members, Misses Irene E. Wood, Edith Helfer, Sophia Greiner and Frieda Eichenberger; and Paul Roop, Leon Loveland, John Briggs and Warren Olney. Miss Wood is president of the class and Paul Roop secretary. There will be eight members in the teachers' training graduating class: Warren Olney, president; Misses Louise Helfer, Mary Stanley, Edna Comstock, Florence Elwell, Anna Moshier, Grover Woodard and Fred Widmer.

From Geneva Daily Times 3 June 1910

Phelps, N. Y. -
The executive committee of Phelps Union and Classical School Alumni Association, which is composed of the officers of the organization, W. L. Lockhart of Philadelphia, Pa., president; Maurice E. Warren, first vice-president; Mrs. Earl S. Warner, second vice-president; Miss Margaret Howe, third vice-president; Everett Mott, fourth vice-president; Nellie E. White, secretary; and Miss Marie Bussy, treasurer, has about completed arrangements for celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the association in Gibson Hall, June 28th.

From Geneva Daily Times 13 June 1910

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - 
The Class of 1910 of the Clifton Springs High School consists of seven members: Harry E. Barker, the Misses Alma K. Lehr, Ada H. Lehr, Lena E. Cowley, Anna L. DePlanter, Anna R. DeVoll, Harriet E. Lisk. The class has taken as its motto "Vincit qui se vincit," "He conquers who conquers himself." Their colors are white and purple. The class flower is the white carnation. The following are the officers: President, Harry E. Barker; vice-president, Miss Harriet E. Lisk; secretary, Miss Ada H. Lehr; treasurer, Miss Lena E. Cowley.

From Geneva Daily Times 16 June 1910

Seneca Castle, N. Y. - 
The Seneca Castle school closed yesterday, this being one of the most successful years of the history of the school. Those to receive certificates in the grade examinations held June 7th and 8th in William Thatcher's room were as follows: In the fifth grade, Wallace Grosh, Margaret Whitney; sixth grade, Cornelius DeLea, Earle Ferguson, Hobart Gulvin, Thomas McCarrick, Anna Mickelson, Harvey Ottley, Neva Reed, Nelson Vogt; seventh grade, Miriam Grosh, Laura Hyna, Thomas McCarrick, Anna Mickelson, George Mickelson, Harvey Ottley, Neva Reed, Hannah Salisbury, Dorothy Teall, Harold Whitney.

In the primary room with Miss Carrie Bond as teacher, 23 pupils registered for examination. The following pupils completed the work of their grades with a standing of 75 per cent or more: First grade, Harley Campbell, Dorothy Campbell, Ella Vere, Thomas Shepherd; second grade, Bessie Shepherd,Chester Barnes, Alton Childs, Allen Childs, Doris Campbell, Ross Decker, Edgar Jones; fourth grade, Ray Knapp, Carl Mickelson, Jessie Barnes.

From Ontario County Journal 17 June 1910

The graduating exercises of St. Mary's school will be held in Bemis hall on Friday evening, June 24. The graduates are: Edward J. Allen, William J. Breen, Thomas P. Coyle, Roger J. Curran, Edward F. Donahue, Cletus S. Doyle, Charles A. Doyle, Walter E. Doyle, Edward C. Maley, Edward B. McIntyre, P. Howard Meath, Richard D. Murphy, Simon H. Reynolds, Raymond W. Smith, William J. Tuohey, Wilfred G. Brewer, Harold J. Keogh, Mae T. Cochrane, Julia H. Dannahe, Katherine C. Donovan, Gertrude C. Linehan, Alma F. McIntrye, Rose C. Schmidt, M. Helene Smith, Madeleine D. Wade, Edith R. Bender, A. Isabella Cowan, Kathryn B. Farrell, Martha H. Cross.

From Geneva Daily Times 24 June 1910

Hall, N. Y. -
A large number of the people of Hall attended the Commencement at the Academy at Penn Yan Wednesday when five of our brightest young men, who were members of a class of thirty-five, graduated. The names of these were George Willard Ledgerwood, Thomas Coleman Murray, Walter M. Robson, Wilson Rippey Turnbull and Warren Barden Nichols. The young men, after a vacation, expect to commence collegiate courses in the fall. Quite a class are enrolled from Hall for future graduation.

From Geneva Daily Times 25 June 1910

Flint, N. Y. - Harry Burgess
graduated from Canandaigua Academy this week, as did Robert Lightfoote of Hopewell Center, formerly of this vicinity.

Stanley, N. Y. - The local school closed yesterday with appropriate exercises after a very successful year's work. A program of twenty-four members was first given by the primary and intermediate classes. The members of the class were: Frances Marion Weeks, Mildred Susan Whyte, Elizabeth Grace McNella, Minnie Pearl Grant, Sara H. Kennedy, Kathryn Harvey, Floyd Temple Cooper, Elmer L. Robson, George F. Gulvin, Wesley Robinson Preston.

From Ontario County Journal 1 July 1910

The class of 1900 of the Canandaigua Academy held a reunion at Point Rochester on Tuesday. Those present included Rev. Curtis Wheadon of White Plains; Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Leighton of Philadelphia, Pa.; Miss Mae G. Wood of Stanley; Albert H. Henry of Rochester; Miss May D. Robson of Halls; Mr. and Mrs. George A. Nicholson, George Ellis, Arthur Thompson and Fred D. Cribb of Canandaigua.

From Ontario County Journal 1 July 1910

Rushville, N. Y. -
The following pupils of R. H. S. were promoted from the primary to the intermediate department: Frances Abeel, Katie Harrison, Eva Barker, Florence Canright, Howard Green, George Davis, Edward Pillsbury, Frank Williams and Addison Hutchins. Those promoted from the intermediate are Hazel Korb, Ruth, Hutchins, Clarice Champlin and Oliver Thomas.

From Geneva Daily Times 9 September 1910

Flint, N. Y. -
The following from here have begun their year's work at Geneva High School: Alfred Johnson, Mildred Bucklin, Christine Squier, Rosco Kean and Carlton and William Webster.

From Ontario County Journal 9 September 1910

Bristol Springs, N. Y. -
The following pupils returned to school on Tuesday: the Misses Ruby Sherman, Beulah Holcomb, Emma Hawkins and Jeanette Tricky; and John Barrett and Charles Eichenberger to Naples High school; Misses Freida Eichenberger and Florence Standish, Naples Training class; and Miss Rose Holcomb to Canandaigua Academy.

Stanley, N. Y. - The following pupils from this place began school at Penn Yan on Tuesday: Mabel VanEps, Esther Moran, Leah Davie, Ina Hutchinson, Julia Conners, Mary Nelson, Francis Weeks, Minnie Grant, Fred Moran, Floyd and James Cooper, Mildred Whyte, Pearl Ludwig, Gladys Barden, Mabel Hutchinson, Grover and Wesley Preston and Julian Barnes.

Allen's Hill, N. Y. - Miss Alma Ray
and Raymond Francis have re-entered the East Bloomfield High school for another year's work. J. E. Deal will return to Cornell; Misses Elizabeth and Lyra Patterson to Geneseo Normal; Glenn Patterson to Lima seminary.

Farmington, N. Y. - Among those who are attending High school are: Misses Ruth Redfield and Ruth Scribner at Victor; Edna Whittaker at Manchester; Ray Bloomfield and Patti Smith at Shortsville.

Gorham, N. Y. -  Students are leaving for their school work: Iva Kindleberger, Helen Pybus, Gladys Stokoe and Bessie Hershey for Geneva; Harriet Walters for Penn Yan; and Howard Harris for Canandaigua academy.

From Geneva Daily Times 12 September 1910

Manchester, N. Y. -  George Hessney,
a bright young Syrian, aged seventeen years, who even at this early age is considered an expert at translating Greek into English, yesterday entered Starkey Seminary, for a preparatory course before entering college. Young Hessney, after a college course, will make this line of work a profession, this step being taken upon the advice of friends. While a pupil at the Manchester High School, Hessney was a bright scholar and a favorite with his schoolmates, and even in childhood, it was considered remarkable the way that he could read and write in Greek.

From Ontario County Journal 16 September 1910

Canandaigua, N. Y. - Charles Searles,
Main street north, will teach at Egypt this year. Miss Grace Johnson, Washington street, will enter Vassar college next week. Miss Marian Wallace, Hopewell road, is studying art at Mechanics Institute. Miss Isabell Davidson, Main street north, will leave today for Elmira college. Miss Mary Purdy, Rochester road, left on Tuesday for Brockport Normal school. Miss Edna Packard, Gibson street, will leave on Monday for Wisconsin university. Miss Jessie Howe, Brookside Farm, will leave on Wednesday for Wells college. W. Frank Mason, Phoenix street, has returned to St. Bernard's seminary, Rochester. George Mitchell, Howell street, will leave Sept. 25 for Cornell university, Ithaca. George Conye will return to Buffalo Dental college the latter part of the month. Miss Mary McKenna of the Hopewell road has returned to her school at New York City. Lucas Henry will leave the last of the month for University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Hamilton McCauley, Hubbell street, will leave on Wednesday for Princeton university. Vincent Curran, Saltonstall street, entered the St. Andrew's seminary at Rochester on Monday. William E. Sidney will enter Hobart college this fall. Miss Mary Parmele, Gorham street, has returned to New York City where she is engaged in teaching. William J. Donovan, West Gibson street, left of Saturday for Niagara university at Niagara Falls. Myron E. Wilder, Hubbell street, left on Saturday for Minneapolis university, where he is studying forestry. Miss Jane Bacon, Howell street, will go to Washington, D. C., on the 27th to attend Miss Maderia's school. Arthur W. Crowly, Washington street, will leave October 1 for the University of Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia. Alexander Thompson, Main street north, will leave next week to enter the Mohegan Military school at Peekskill. Miss Helen Beutelspar, Howell street, will enter Mechanics institute at Rochester for a course in decorative art. Miss Nellie Henry and her brother, Edward A. Henry, Gibson street, will leave on the 29th for the University of Chicago. Harry M. Smith, Howell street, will leave next Thursday for the New York and Bellevue Hospital Medical college at New York City. Misses Margaret Simmons, Elizabeth Hubbell, Margaretta Hopkins and Edith Denton leave next week to resume their studies at Vassar. Miss Rose E. Clapper, Main street north, and Miss Helen Hammond, Granger street, left on Monday to attend Geneseo Normal school. George Hayes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Hayes, Gibson street, will leave on Tuesday for the Mohegan Military school at Peekskill. Miss Mary Brooker, Gorham street, will leave tomorrow to complete her course in elocution at the Williams School of Expression at Ithaca. Richard Carmen Combes, Oliver C. Gregg, of this village, and Raymond Green of Vine Valley, will return to the University of Michigan. Miss Florence Stewart, Gibson street, left on Wednesday for Buffalo Normal school, where she will take a two years course in domestic science. Wolcott Clausen, who has been spending his vacation on the lake with his parents, Rev. and Mrs. C. J. Clausen, will leave on Wednesday for Princeton university. Harry Andrews, Gorham street, who has recently been employed at the Northern Central freight office, has returned to complete his course at the Rochester Business Institute. Miss Adelaide Sisson, who was a member of the 1910 graduating class at the Academy, will enter the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell university. Miss Sisson won the state scholarship in a recent examination.

From Ontario County Journal 23 September 1910

Naples, N. Y. -
The High School Literary society met on Tuesday evening for reorganization. Sixty-seven members were present. These officers were elected: President, Harvey Olney; vice president, Miss Marion Marsh; secretary, Miss Eunice Harding; treasurer, Principal Bolles; athletic director, William Widmer.

From Ontario County Journal 30 September 1910

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
The classes of the High school have been organized and the following officers elected: Senior class, 14 members, colors purple and white; president, Remington Hopson; vice-president, Mary Buell; secretary, Mabelle Mason; treasurer, Dennis Sheehan. Junior class, 25 members; president, Ralph Terry, vice-president, Helen Adams; secretary, Alfred Fales; treasurer, Hazel Howard. Sophomore class, 16 members, colors light blue and gold; president, Harry Chapin; vice-president, Cornelia Wheeler; secretary, Dorothy Ayres; treasurer, Lucy Forsythe. Freshman class, 28 members, colors, dark red and olive green; president, Chester Jones; vice-president, Hazel Whelpley; treasurer, Claude Mason.

From Ontario County Journal 9 December 1910

The following pupils of the intermediate department stand in the honor list: Ethel Whyte, Florence Kane, Esther Secor, Earl Thompson, Harold Crosier, Frances Dailor, Sidney Kane; 6th grade, Hazel V. Boyce, Olive Disbrow; 5th grade: Helen Whyte, Colman Dailor.

From Ontario County Journal 30 December 1910

Naples, N. Y. -
Of the teachers and pupils home for the holidays are Misses Maude E. Clarke, Ida C. Mahone and Marjory Shuman and Harold Ingraham from New York; Seymour H. Sutton and C. Arthur Dutcher from Cornell; Miss Caroline Housel from Geneva; Leslie V. Case from Tarrytown; Miss Florence Hoecker from Catskill; Miss Claribelle Dutcher from Tuxedo Park, N. Y.; Hugh M. Parrish from New Rochelle, N. J.; Miss Florence Slayton from Ilion; Misses Hazel Slayton, Agnes Buck and Josephine Howse from Syracuse university; Harold P. Harding from University of Rochester; Misses Anna Booder and Jane Coleman from Saranac Lake; Miss Jane Smith from Olean; Miss Jennie Moss from Buffalo; Lawrence Buck from Genesee Wesleyan seminary; Charles Linton from Hudson; Lawrence Tellier from Detroit.

The Alumni of the East Bloomfield High school give their fourth annual prom in the school hall this evening with the following patronesses: Mrs. Frank Boughton, Mrs. Clyde Taylor, Mrs. Albert Pope, Mrs. M. B. Eaton, Mrs. Henry Arnold, Mrs. F. M. Adams and Mrs. Charles Chapin. Murrell's orchestra furnishes the music.

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -  Among the students who have returned for the holidays are: Miss Lelia Chapin from Smith college; Miss Lucy Buell from Syracuse university; Miss Mary Embley from the Geneseo Normal; Frank Monahan from St. Bede's college; Wesley Steele and Sperry G. Wheeler from Colgate; David Chase from the R. B. U.; Miss Sarah Hamlin from Bradford, Mass.

From Geneva Daily Times 5 January 1911

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - Charles Gifford
and Winifred Pratt returned on Tuesday to their school duties at Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, at Lima, after spending the holiday vacation at the homes of their parents.

From Geneva Daily Times 25 January 1911

Hall, N. Y. -
The students of Miss Jessie Caward and Miss Maude Fisk's school, who passed the Regents' examinations last week, are as follows: Anna C. Black, Geography, 84; Robert Connor, Spelling, 84; Lucille Crosier, Spelling, 85, Elementary English, 81, Arithmetic, 95, and Geography, 86; Roy M. Hall, Spelling, 98, Elementary English, 83, Arithmetic, 94, Geography, 90; Mary Healy, Spelling, 89, Arithmetic, 86, and Geography, 84; Velva Hurd, U. S. History, 90; Laura Jensen, Spelling, 88; Raymond Middleton, U. S. History, 84; Julia Murphy, Elementary English, 76, Arithmetic, 96, U. S. History, 93; Agnes Murphy, Spelling, 93; Maize Patchett, Arithmetic, 88; Leon Payne, Spelling, 94, Arithmetic, 84 and Geography, 76; Francis Pendergast, Spelling, 97, Elementary English, 90, Arithmetic, 92 and Geography, 96; Orson Robson, Spelling, 76, Arithmetic, 88, and Geography, 95; Arthur Van de Vort, Georgraphy, 75; James H. Yeomans, U. S. History, 85. The students who are now prepared to enter high school are: Velva E. Hurd, Raymond Middleton, James H. Yeomans and Julia E. Murphy.

From Shortsville Enterprise 3 February 1911

Manchester, N. Y. -
Pupils of our schools neither absent nor tardy during the month of January: Higher department, Joseph Gilbert, teacher: Edith Pratt, Maude Bradley, Franc Aldrich. Primary department, Hattie M. Pratt, teacher: Frank Gilligan, Frank Hyde, Eddie Smith, Louie Smith, Homer Post, John Dewey, Walter McCumber, James Gilman, Isaac Gilman, Maude Mason, Edna Aldrich, Blanche Hunt, Lydia Vickery.

From Ontario County Journal 10 February 1911

At the senior class meeting of the Academy on Tuesday these officers were elected: President, LaVerne Durand; vice-president, Pauline Haubner; secretary and treasurer, Louis Bradburn. There are 34 members in the class.

From Ontario County Journal 3 March 1911

Academy students standing 90 per cent or better in all subjects from Jan. 30 to Feb. 24 are: Louis Aberle; John Allison; Bertha Baldwin; Dorothy Copeland; Isabella Cowan; Martha Cross; Katherine Crowley; Cletus Doyle; Phebe Douglass; Hazel Dunham; Ethel Gillula; Elizabeth Hopkins; Mary Hunter; Edna Kinnear; Dean Lightfoote; Emily Reed; Newton Rogers; Rose Schmidt; Emma Searles; Margaret Taylor; Orlin Warren; Edith Welch.

The board of education last evening approved the following list of 34 graduates of the Academy: John L. Allison, Mary N. Allison, Frances A. Atwater, Bertha M. Baldwin, Lorna J. Benham, Louis F. Bradburn, John E. Burnett, John A. Colmey, Katherine L. Coyle, LaVerne Durand, Carl Estey, Albert H. Faber, Gertrude L. Farrell, Willard J. Hall, Anna Hamilton, Pauline Haubner, Rose B. Holcomb, Alexander Hussey, Lena Lemke, Katherine R. McNulty, Elma L. Megaffee, Rose H. Monaghan, Rachel M. Packard, Hannah M. Priest, Edith N. Purdy, Lucy E. Robinson, Newton C. Rogers, Delos W. Rupert, Emma Searles, Mabel L. Sleght, Margaret Taylor, Mabel M. Watkins, Edith H. Welch, Dayton C. Wood. The class officers are: President, LaVerne Durand; vice-president, Pauline Haubner; treasurer, Louis F. Bradburn.

From Ontario County Journal 14 Apr 1911

Honeoye, N. Y. - 
Among those who are home for the Easter vacation are Miss Bessie Eldridge from Syracuse university, and Pier Green and Marion Litzendorf from Genesee Wesleyan seminary, Lima.

Allen's Hill, N. Y. - 
Teachers and students home for the Easter vacation are: Miss Jeanette Deal from Waterloo; Miss Margaret Deal from Angelica; Miss Elizabeth Abbey from East Bloomfield; Maurice Olmstead from Middleport; Misses Elizabeth and Lyra Patterson from Geneseo Normal; John E. Deal from Cornell; Raymond Francis, Stuart Peck, Misses Alma Ray, Edna Cornish and Ruth Calkins from East Bloomfield.

From Ontario County Journal 21 April 1911

Bristol Springs, N. Y. -
The following young people are spending their Easter vacations at their homes: the Misses Ruby Sherman, Beulah Holcomb, Janet Trickey, Emma Hawkins, Florence Standish and Freida Eschenberger from Naples High school; Miss Rose Holcomb from Canandaigua academy; Miss Lulu Farnsworth from Auburn High School; Miss Bessie Smith from Ithaca Conservatory of Music; Miss Hattie Smith from Canisteo, where she is teaching.

From Ontario County Journal 26 May 1911

Naples, N. Y. - 
Commencement exercises of Naples High school will begin with the sermon to the graduating class on Sunday evening, June 18, by Rev. Dr. France at the Presbyterian church. There are 11 members in the High school class and 18 in the teachers' training class. The officers of the class of 1911 are: President, William Widmer; secretary, Catherine Conway; treasurer, Harvey Olney. The other members are Bertha Bailey, Lucy Bolster, Mabel Campbell, Ethel Eldredge, Elsie Greiner, Marian Smith, Elizabeth Reisenberger, Seth Wheat. The valedictorian is Miss Catherine Conway, and salutatorian, Seth Wheat.

The members of the training class who will finish their courses in June are Florence Standish, president and valedictorian; Frieda Eichenberger, secretary and class historian; Wilbert Arnold, treasurer; Harvey Olney, salutatorian; Frances Conley, class prophet; Clara Thomas, essayist; Sophia Greiner, class poet; Genevieve Weld, class tokens; Lucy Solater, Mabel Campbell, Claribel Hilborn, Nellie Henry, Prudence Ingraham, Edith Helfer, Blanche Johnson, Alice Johnson, Loretta McKibben, Elizabeth Reisenberger.

From Shortsville Enterprise 16 June 1911

The following officers have been elected by the Sophomore Class of the Shortsville High School, which has just been organized: Denzil Wilson, president; Roy Broomfield, secretary and treasurer; Helen Drummond, Vera Henry, Marie Williams, Hazel Power, Leola Gilligan and Grace LeFevre, directors.

The commencement exercises of the Manchester High School will take place on Monday evening, June 19, in the assembly hall at the school building. The graduates are Miss Amy VanArsdale, Miss Esther Comiskey and Gordon Cole.

From Ontario County Journal 16 June 1911

Bristol Center, N. Y. -
The following students of district No. 7 school obtained certificates at the second term examinations: Leslie Reed, Morton Hunn, Lois Brandow, Ruth Brandow, Mildred Brandow, Pauline Brandow, Gladys Briddon and Lorna Walker.

From Ontario County Journal 23 June 1911

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
Thirteen were graduated from the High school Tuesday evening. They were: Rennington W. Hopton, Mary Louise Buell, Mabelle Mason, Dennis B. Sheehan, Frank P. Cartwright, Alma Preston Ray, Margaret Monahan, F. Gladys French, Christeen Bostwick, Helen E. Bailey, Anna Harrington, Mary O'Rourke and Fred James Pope.

From Ontario County Journal 30 June 1911

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -  At the annual meeting of the alumni of the High school, these were elected: President, Miss Anna Welch; vice-president, David Chase; secretary, Frank P. Cartwright; treasurer, Wesley Steele; toastmaster, George S. Terry.

From Shortsville Enterprise 7 July 1911

The following is a complete list of the students of the Shortsville High School who passed the Regents examinations held last month:
Geography - Francis Davis, Lavina Preston, Eugene Rogers

Spelling - Francis Keleher, Lavina Preston

Reading and Writing, Elementary English - Nettie Barnsdale, Charles Burke, Corydon Davis, Allen Gillett, Virginia Heath, Francis Keleher, Lorraine Kipp, Irving Record, Eugene Rogers, Marion Schutt, John Stafford.

Arithmetic - Ellsworth Brown, Lucele Dean, Mattie Flint, Katherine Melvin, Dorothea Moyer, Lavina Preston, Clarabel

Votery, Mildred Wright.

Elementary U. S. History - Joseph Bolan, Corydon Davis, Mabelle Potter, John Stafford.

English I - Mary Bolan, Ruth Coddington, Floyde Dean, Marie Hinz, Ruby Howard, June Latting, Mary Melvin, Harold Mosher, Elizabeth Perry, Edna Petty, Gladys Record, Stanley Stoddard, Elwyn Stoddard.

English II - Roy Broomfield, Helen Drummond, Leola Gilligan, Edna Heit, Vera Henry, Hazel Power, Herman Anderson, Marie Williams, Grace LeFevre, Denzil Wilson.

English III - Hazel Ballard, Harry Howe, Floyd Gillis, Robert Keleher, Ralph Petty, Earle Sheffer, Marion Wilson.

English IV - Marion Emery, Floyd Gillis, Florence Stafford

English Grammar - Hazel Ballard, Floyd Gillis, Harry Howe, Robert Keleher, Ralph Petty, Earle Sheffer, Florence Stafford, Marion Wilson.

Latin I - Ruth Coddington, Floyd Dean, Edna Heit, Marie Hinz, Ruby Howard, June Latting, Mary Melvin, Harold Mosher, Elizabeth Perry, Edna Petty, Gladys Record, Elwyn Stoddard, Denzil Wilson.

Latin II - Herman Anderson, Roy Broomfield, Helen Drummond, Leola Gilligan, Vera Hinz, Grace LeFevre, Earle Sheffer, Hazel Power, Marie Williams.

Latin III - Hazel Ballard, Robert Keleher, Marion Wilson.

Latin IV - Selma Doley, Bernetta Kipp, J. Emmett O'Brien, Florence Stafford.

German I - Roy Broomfield, Helen Drummond, Leola Gilligan, Vera Henry, Harry Howe, Grace LeFevre, Hazel Power, Stanley Stoddard, Marie Williams, Denzil Wilson.

German II - Bernetta Kipp, Florence Stafford

English History - Herman Anderson, Marion Emery, Harry Howe, Robert Keleher, Bernetta Kipp, Earle Sheffer, Mae Wheatley

American History - Marion Emery, Floyd Gillis, Mae Wheatley

Civics - Bernetta Kipp, Florence Stafford

Elementary Algebra - Floyde Dean, Marie Hinz, Ruby Howard, June Latting, Bernice Latting, Grace LeFevre, Mary Melvin, Harold Mosher, Archie Parshall, Hazel Power

Intermediate Algebra: Selma Doley, Floyd Gillis, Edna Heit, Robert Keleher, J. Emmett O'Brien, Marie Williams, Denzil Wilson

Plane Geometry - Vera Henry, Earle Sheffer, Stanley Stoddard, Denzil Wilson

Solid Geometry - Herman Anderson, Roy Broomfield

Physics - Marion Emery, Harry Howe, Ralph Petty, Mae Wheatley

Elementary Zoology - Ruth Coddington

Physiology - Nettie Barnsdale, Charles Burke, Ruth Coddington, Corydon Davis, Allen Gillett, Virginia Heath, Francis Keleher, Lorraine Kipp, Edna Petty, Mabelle Potter, Irving Record, Eugene Rogers, Marion Schutt, Patty Smith

From Ontario County Journal 8 September 1911

Bristol Valley, N. Y. - Ruth Wheaton, May Bunn
and Frank Ketchum have returned to school at East Bloomfield.

Reed's Corners, N. Y. -  The following entered Canandaigua academy on Tuesday: Emma Washburn, Vera Davis, Howard Wood, George Miles, Lillian Powell, Charles Roat, Clifford and Frederick Henry, Myra Chapman.

Allen's Hill, N. Y. -  The following young people from here will attend East Bloomfield High school the coming year: Raymond Francis, Harold Morse, Misses Elna Cornish, Stella Hayward and Ruth Calkins.

From Ontario County Journal 15 September 1911

Hopewell Center, N. Y. -
Misses Ruth Lightfoote, Hazel Newton and Grace Penoyer and Leon Benham and Doane Lightfoote commenced school at the Canandaigua Academy last week.

From Ontario County Journal 6 October 1911

Manchester, N. Y. - 
The following Manchester young men have entered college as students: Henry Jones and Sidney Rogers, Ann Arbor university; Charles Smith, Cornell; George Hessney, Starkey seminary; Earl and Robert Crowell, Richmond, Va., college.

From Ontario County Journal 20 October 1911

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
The senior class of the local High school has organized and elected the following officers: President, Alfred Fales; vice-president - Grace Norton; secretary - Ina Norton; treasurer, Lemuel Sackett.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 20 November 1911

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - 
The first regular meeting of the freshman class of the local High School was held Thursday, and the organization was completed, the meeting being in charge of Max Lindner, president of the Lyceum. These officers were elected: President, Francis McGinnis; vice-president, Miss Christina Verstringer; secretary, Francis Fletcher; treasurer, Lawrence Becker; historian, Miss Genevieve Grimes.

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