From Victor Herald 2 February 1906

The following pupils of District No. 4, Mertensia, were neither absent nor tardy during the month of January: Dorothy C. Collins, Dora L. Van Allen, Isabelle M. Ryan, Helen E. Ryan, Neva I. Eldridge, Ethel G. Eldridge, Florence M. Eldridge, Arthur T. Brady, William J. Ryan, Howard J. Broomfield, Thorn C. Broomfield, Louis C. Kratzenberg.

From Victor Herald 16 February 1906

The Senior class of Victor High School has elected the following officers: Earle M. Rugg, president; Ruth E. Lauder, vice-president; Marguerite Simonds, secretary; Lucy Reissig, treasurer. The other members of the class are: Lois Powell, Martha Gallup, Kathryne Brady and Jay Baer.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 21 March 1906

The following pupils of Victor High school have attained the highest averages in their standings for the past month: First grade - Margaret Brown, 94; second grade - Irving Quigley; third grade - Charlie Stevens, Esther McCarthy, Evelyn Keefe, each 94; fourth grade - Ruth Clapper, 95; fifth grade - Luella Boughton, 94; sixth grade - Charlie Lovejoy, Dorothy Loomis, Elizabeth French, William Woolston, Norman Brace, each 90; seventh grade - Roy Mann, Olive Boughton, Marie Toomey, each 94; high school - Winifred Nelson, 98.

From Victor Herald 30 March 1906

The Victor High School base ball team has organized for the season and has elected George Higinbotham captain, and Ellsworth Greene, manager. The students trying for the team are as follows: Warren McGill, Howard Barry, Earl Driscoll, James O'Brien, Jay Baer, Howard Herendeen, George Higinbotham, Leon Smith, Henry Toomey, Russel Simonds, Winfred Nelson and Ellsworth Greene.

From Victor Herald 6 April 1906

West Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
The following is a list of the pupils in the village school who were successful at the January regent's examinations: Algebra - Myrill Chatt, Walter Dixon; U. S. History - Mark Welch, Fred Moore; English History - Myrill Chatt, Walter Dixon; Civics - Rose Courneen; Elementary English - Fred Moore; Spelling - Alice Leary, Mary Leary; Arithmetic - Mark Welch, Agnes Rigney, Fred Moore; Geography - James Rigney, Martin Kenedy, Mary Leary, Fannie Fitch, Myrta Coleman, Lyda Bancroft, Ethel Proper. Martin Kenedy received the highest standing, average 98 per cent.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 11 April 1906

Holcomb, N. Y. -
The following students are home for their Easter vacations: George S. Terry, Syracuse University; Bertha Peeling, Brockport; Misses Alice Santry, Anna Welch, Mary Monnehan, Geneseo Normal; Ettie McCutcheon, Washington, D. C.

From Victor Herald 13 April 1906

Among those who are spending their Easter vacations at home are Misses Fannie Ladd, Grace Frazer and Bertha Concannon from Syracuse University; Bushnell Osborne and Roy Gallup from Williams College; Harry Martin and Irving Payne from Genesee Wesleyan Seminary.

From Victor Herald 20 April 1906

The Junior Class of Victor High School has organized and elected the following officers: President, Terry H. Aldridge; vice-president, Ruth Thornton; secretary, Leon Smith; treasurer, Lorren Stiles. The high privates of the class are Helen Scribner, Iva McCloskey, Mary Dunlap, Lucile Simonds, Elizabeth Osborne, Harvey Benson, James O'Brien, Frank Davis, Howard Barry and Earl Driscoll.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 2 May 1906

About twenty-five juniors of the Canandaigua academy have organized with the following officers: President, Rex P. Fisher of Bristol; vice-president, George T. Mitchell; secretary and treasurer, Miss Mildred S. King; cheering master, Foster Burtis, Jr.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 16 May 1906

Following is a list of the members and officers who constitute this year's Junior class at the academy: President, Rex Fisher; vice-president, George Mitchell; secretary and treasurer, Mildred King; cheer master, Edward Merritt and Christine Criddle, Edna Day, Isabel Davidson, Edith Denton, Katharine Durand, Mary Evans, Clara Fallon, Teresa Farrel, Marguerite France, Eloise Green, Nellie Henry, Helen Johnston, Mary Lane, Mary Linehan, Ethel Newman, Emily Oskamp, Ethel Powell, Elsie Sanney, Carrie Simmons, Bertha Wheaton, Harry Andrews, R. C. Combes, Arthur Crowley, Frank Davis, Charles Foley, Stanley Hicks, Ralph Kennedy, Frank Knapp, Charles Shay and Harry Smith. The class colors are crimson and olive green.

Yesterday afternoon two new classes, the freshmen and sophomores were organized. The former class which numbers 65 persons is officered as follows: E. Gunnison, president; Albert Burke, vice-president; Ruth O'Brien, secretary; Leah Mather, treasurer; Charles Johnson, cheer master. The sophomore class has 20 members. Charles Ward was elected president.

Manchester, N. Y. -  The commencement exercises of our village high school will be held on Monday evening, June 18th. There are three members of the graduating class, Miss Olive Post, Miss Alice Gilman and Roy Farnsworth.

Shortsville, N. Y. -  The commencement exercises of the Shortsville High school will be held in the auditorium of the Shortsville Presbyterian church on Tuesday evening, June 19. Owing to the increased requirements for graduation made by the regents board, there will be only two graduates, Miss Grace Kipp and Miss Dora McGurk.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 23 May 1906

Victor, N. Y. - 
The year's class of Victor High school is composed of four members: Marguerite Clarke Simonds, salutatorian; Lois Helen Powell, class prophet; Earle M. Rugg, orator; and Jay T. Baer, valedictorian. The commencement exercises will be held on Monday, June 18.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 6 June 1906

The pupils of Victor High School having the highest standings for the past month are: First Grade - Margaret Brown, Harvey Aldrich, each 95; Second Grade - Irving Lingley, 95; Third Grade - Charlie Stevens, 82; Fourth Grade - Ruth Clapper, 95; Fifth Grade - Luella Boughton, Olive Simonds, each 93; Sixth Grade - Norman Brace and William Woolston, each 90; Seventh Grade - Charles Lovejoy, 92; Eighth Grade - Marie Toomey and Willard Payne, each 91; Academic Department - Laura Wilbur, 97.

Rushville, N. Y. -  The graduating class consisting of Miss Harriett Haviland and Miss Katherine Adamson is making preparations for commencement. The class motto is "Vincit, qui se Vincit,"; the colors are silver and pink.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 13 June 1906

Holcomb, N. Y. -
Class day exercises of the High School will be held on Monday afternoon, June 25th, and the commencement exercises on June 26th in the evening. The following are the graduates: Thomas Purcell, Mary Belle Leete, Florence Terry, Edna Brown, Lottie Tooley, Bessie Abbey, Ruth Chase, Elvira Butler, Leila Chapin and Gertrude Dunlap.

Allen's Hill, N. Y. -   -
The following young people are coming home from school: Maurice Olmstead, Robert Patterson and Miss Marjorie Deal of Syracuse University; Mr. Patterson has graduated in a course of electrical engineering; Miss Bessie Patterson will finish a course at Genesee Wesleyan Seminary; Misses Bessie Abbey and Edna Brown will graduate from East Bloomfield Union School.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 27 June1906

A large class numbering thirty-two members graduates from St. Mary's parochial school this week. Following is the list of the graduates: Leo A. Burke, James T. Brooker, William C. Cowan, John A. Colmey, Arthur W. Dugan, Leo T. Fennell, John P. Hanovan, Alexander T. Hussey, Raymond J. Hilliard, Richard L. McDade, Charles G. Maley, Walter A. Stewart, Joseph T. Walsh, May C. Allen, Elizabeth M. Agovetta, Margaret H. Berry, Helen A. Cooper, Helen G. Casby, Jennie C. Casby, Agnes M. Collins, Isabel J. Donovan, Anna L. Fuller, Anna T. Fanning, Gertrude L. Farrell, Katherine E. Harrington, Agnes M. Kahsnitz, Frances M. Lucey, Mollie J. McNeil, Olive M. Monaghan, Margaret P. McPhillips, Mary M. Phillips, Jennie E. Sheehan.

Shortsville, N. Y. -  Among the students and teachers who have returned to their homes in this village for the summer are the following: Miss Ruth J. Sherburne, Miss Mabel Melvin, Miss Mabel Latting and Miss Mae E. Knapp from Brockport normal; Miss Allie Hebbard and Miss Irene Hebbard from Hempstead, Long Island; Miss Eva Klinck from Geneva; Miss Cornelia G. Bidwell from Putnam Hall, Poughkeepsie; Fred E. Klinck from East High, Rochester; Harold Ballard from Troy Polytechnic Institute; Miss Julia Booth and Miss Lucy Booth from Flushing, Long Island; Miss Helen Latting of Troy High School.

From Victor Herald 29 June 1906

The valedictorian of the graduating class of Canandaigua High School, Margaret M. Fish, of Hall's Corners, will not follow the graduate girl's usual path. She intends to spend a year or two at Cornell College of Agriculture after whcih she will take up the management of her father's large farm in this county. In her valedictory, she appealed to the members of her class to stay on the farms and fit themselves for their intelligent management.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 18 July 1906

The sixth annual reunion and banquet of the Shortsville High School Alumni Association was held last evening in Maccabee Hall and was a gratifying success in every way. Covers were laid for 55 guests. The following out-of-town guests were present: Miss Inez L. Blood of Fairport; Miss Minnie Sweeney of Victor; Miss Belle Wheeler of Canandaigua; Miss Edwina Brown of Havre-de-Grace, Md.; Charles Covell of LeRoy; Richard N. Clark of Canandaigua; Miss Mabel Mercereau of Farmington. At a business meeting called during the evening the following officers were elected for ensuing year: President, Thurlow Huntington, 1905; secretary and treasurer, Miss Cornelia G. Bidwell, 1905. The evening's pleasure closed with a dance.

From Geneva Daily Times 9 August 1906

Rushville, N. Y. - On Wednesday, at the Union School building, in this village, the classes of '69, '70, '71, and '72 held their third biennial reunion. The occasion was one long to be remembered. Those present from out-of-town were: Rev. E. H. Latimer and wife, Mt. Morris; Rev. A. W. Taylor and wife, Seneca Falls; Elliott Sutphen and wife, Mrs. John Sutphen, Mrs. C. Ellston, of Cleveland, O.; Mrs. John Hamlin, East Bloomfield; H. Frank Howell, Bath; E. C. Dintruff and wife, Syracuse; Mrs. Marion Chapman, Penn Yan; Mrs. Ella Goodwin, Kalamazoo, Mich.; Mrs. Arch McClure and daughter, Mabel, Middlesex; T. M. Chadwick and wife, Lakemont; James Warren and wife, Canandaigua; Mrs. Charles Hoyt, Ypsilanti, Mich.; Mrs. Dan Winagle, Gorham; William Young and wife, Elmira; Mrs. Marcenus Jones and Jas. Wiseweel of Rochester; F. G. Lyon, Naples; Wilson Reed and wife, Oaks Corners; Mrs. William Simmons, Chicago; Dr. E. B. Sayre and wife, Allen's Hill.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 12 September 1906

Bristol Springs, N. Y. -
The following students from this place at the Canandaigua Academy: Miss Rose Holcomb, Lynn Sherman, Lewis Wood and Misses Augusta and Irene Wood. And still there are others who will go later in the season.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 19 September 1906

The Athletic Association of the Academy has elected the following new officers: President, Harry M. Smith; vice-president, Arthur Crowly; secretary, Miss Elizabeth P. Hubbell; treasurer, Richard C. Combes; cheering master, Glen Brandow.

From Geneva Daily Times 20 October 1906

The Class of 1907 of Phelps High School has elected these officers: President, Lay Palmer; vice-president, Paul Ryan; secretary, Francis Fitzgerald; treasurer, Sarah French.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 7 November 1906

Victor, N. Y. - 
The following pupils have received the highest average for the work at the High school during the past two months: Primary department - Margaret Brown; Intermediate department - Ruth Clapper; junior department - Dorothy Loomis, George McCrone, Lucile Loney, Olin Simonds; senior department - Alta Cornford, Marie Toomey; High school department - Blanche Howland, Grace Watkins, Helen Scribner, Almah Wheaton, Albert Aldridge.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 28 November 1906

Shortsville, N. Y. - 
Among those who will come home for Thanksgiving, are the following: Charles M. Buck, from Chaffee's Business Institute, Oswego; Fred E. Klinck, from Cornell University; the Misses Julia and Edith Booth of Flushing, L. I.; Miss Cornelia G. Bidwell from Vassar College, Poughkeepsie; Miss Mae E. Knapp, Miss Dora McGurk, Miss Ruth Sherburne, Miss Mabel Latting, from Brockport Normal.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 5 December 1906

Victor, N. Y. - 
Among the students who were home for the Thanksgiving holidays were: Miss Mildred Hunt, Brockport Normal; Miss Marguerite Simonds, Wells College; Miss Laura Wilbur, DeLancey School, Geneva; Robert G. Higinbotham, Auburn Theological Seminary; Fred J. Locke, Cascadilla School, Ithaca.

From Victor Herald 28 December 1906

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
The following students are home for the holidays: Miss Leila Chapin from Northampton, Mass.; Cladd Chase and W. G. Pope, Cornell; John Condon, Niagara Falls; George Terry, Syracuse; B. G. Hicks, Buffalo; Misses Ruth Chase, Alice G. Santry, Mary G. Monahan and Anna L. Welch, Geneseo.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 2 January 1907

Holcomb, N. Y. -
The following teachers and students are spending their Christmas vacations at their homes here: Miss Lucy Buell of Oneonta; Miss Clare Chase, Warren, O.; Miss Clara Steele, Honeoye Falls; Miss Theda Page, Scotia, N. Y.; Miss Alice Hallock, Yonkers; Miss Bertha Peeling, Remsen, N. Y.; Miss Frances Mason, Bolivar, N. Y.; Misses Ruth Chase, Alice Santry, Mary Monahan, Anna Welch, Geneseo; Miss Lela Chapin, Northampton, Mass.; Cladd Chase and Will Pope from Cornell; John Condon, Niagara Falls; George Terry from Syracuse University; Bertram Hicks from Buffalo.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 9 January 1907

Rushville, N. Y. - 
The following students and teachers have returned to their schools after spending the holiday vacation at their homes: Miss Frances Savage, to Fillmore; Miss Jessie Mallory, Clifton Springs; Miss Mabel Voorhees, Geneseo Normal; Miss Lulu Halbrook, Cold Springs; Miss Norma Hazeltine, Oberlin College; Miss Alice Blodgett, St. Johnsville; Miss Carrie Hunter, Egg Harbor; and James Savage, to Cooks Academy.

From Victor Herald 5 April 1907

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
The following students are home enjoying their Easter vacations: George Terry from Syracuse University; Cladd Chase and William G. Pope from Cornell; Miss Leila Chapin from Northampton; Miss Ruth Chase, Mary Monahan, Anna Welch, Mary B. Leete and Alice Santry, Geneseo Normal.

From Victor Herald 13 April 1907

High School Honor Roll -
Academic Department: Rena Dillingham, Blanche Howland, Florence Hollingsworth, Grace Watkins, Ruth Boughton, Marie Norton, Almah Wheaton, Howard Barry, Earle Driscoll, Ruth Thornton, Helen Scribner, Alberta Mount, Leon Smith, Cathryn Brady, Frank Davis, Nellie Schrader, Mabel VanVoorhis, Emma Ford, Bernice Loney, Manly Bowerman, Olive Boughton, Gertrude Quigley, Marie Toomey, Albert Aldridge, Ruth Lauder, Lucile Simonds. Senior Department: Hazel Dillingham, Emma Lauder, Arthur Brady, John Culhane, Edward Joyce. Junior Department:  Estella Lincoln, Helen Aldrich. Intermediate Department: Ruth Clapper, Mildred Clapper, Elizabeth Hill, Esther McCarthy, Althea Harmon, Irving Quigley. Primary Department: Ruth Gorman, Arthur Erskine, Edna Bell, Marion Merrill, Walter Crowley, Raymond Tobin, Louie Aldrich, James Locke, Harvey Aldridge, Margaret Brown, Fred McCarthy, Charles P. Bailey, Leslie Searle, Mabel L. Collins.

From Geneva Daily Times 26 April 1907

Phelps, N. Y. - The Phelps High school base ball team has organized with the following players: Francis Riley, catcher; William Kreglow, pitcher; Seeley Parrish, 1st base; Ted Warner, 2d base; George Mulcahy, s. s.; Harold Vandusen, 3d base; Raymond Sabin, l. f.; Harry White, c. f.; William Manning, r. f. The team has named Harry White manager and Harold Vandusen captain.

From Victor Herald 31 May 1907

The members of the Class of 1907 of Victor High School are ten in number. White and green are the class colors. The officers are: President, Terry B. Aldridge; vice-president, Ruth P. Thornton; secretary, Leon Smith; treasurer, Helen Scribner; and their associates: Elizabeth M. Osbourne, Martha Gallup, Ruth Lauder, Lucy Reisig and Carolyn Brady. Mr. Davis is the valedictorian and Miss Thornton the salutatorian, they having attained the highest averages in their class work. Miss Osborne has the pleasing role of prophet and Miss Simonds is the historian.

From Geneva Daily Times 8 June 1907

Phelps, N. Y. - Regents examinations will be held at the Phelps High School during the week of June 17th. The commencement exercises will be held in Gibson Hall Thursday evening, June 27th. There are four members of the graduating class this year, the Misses Lula Adams, Francis Fitzgerald, Sarah French and Lay Palmer.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 19 June 1907

Thursday, pupils of the Academy met and organized the Junior, Sophomore and Freshman classes; respectively they were officered and arranged as follows: first, president, Isabelle Davidson; secretary and treasurer, Helen Stewart; colors, crimson and black. Of the 15 comprising the class, two only are young men; second, president, Edwin L. North; vice-president, Elsie M. Hulse; secretary and treasurer, Florence Clement; cheering master, Fred Gilfoil; colors are blue and white. There are 33 members. Third, president, Ray Robinson; vice-president, Ruby VanVechten; secretary and treasurer, Walter Stewart; cheering master, Walter Stewart; colors, green and white, 100 members in class.

Holcomb, N. Y. - The commencement exercise of the East Bloomfield High school will be held June 25th in Congregational church. The members of the class of 1907 are: Miss Frances Wheeler, president; Helen Brown, Stanley Steele and Wesley Steele. Much interest is being manifested in the prize speaking contest by nine members of the High school on Monday evening, June 24th. The worthy contestants are: Charles Wheeler, Sperry Wheeler, Clarence Terry, John Deal, Frank Monehan, Pauline Lee, Helen Brown, Irene Welch, Gladys Case.

Naples, N. Y. - Miss Jennie A. Smith
and Marjory Shuman return from Buffalo Normal school this week for the summer vacation. William F. Tyler and Fred C. Donnelly are at home from the medical department of Syracuse University; Harold Blake has returned from Cornell University.

From Geneva Daily Times 25 June 1907

Last evening the class of 1902 of the Clifton Springs High School held a reunion with Mrs. John R. Hayden of Waltham, Mass., who is visiting her mother, Mrs. Georgia Carpenter, on Taft avenue. The members of the class are Miss Jennie McGinnis, Stanley Short, Floyd C. Stephens and Myron Walters, of Clifton Springs; Mrs. Harry H. Farmer, of Syracuse; Mrs. Hayden, of Waltham, Mass., and Miss Grace Gillett, of Auburn.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 26 June 1907

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - 
The class of 1907 of the Clifton Springs High school will graduate tomorrow evening, June 25th, at eight o'clock, the exercises being held in Association hall. The class is composed of the following members: Irving Clarence King, Miss Kathryn Lynn Fries and Miss Anna Merritt.

From Geneva Daily Times 27 June 1907

Naples, N. Y. -
The town is much interested in the various events of the High School commencement week, each of which is largely attended. It had an inspiring opening in the church service, in which Rev. C. C. MacLean preached to the graduates, ten in number, on "The Enlargement of Living," based on the text "Not as thought I had already attained." Class day exercises were held Tuesday night in Academy Hall. The class is made up of one man and nine women: Lawrence S. Tellier, Mary Esther Tozer, Vinnie A. Lyon, Margaret Barrett, Mary C. Cleveland, Harriette A. Potter, Gertrude Harietta Graffe, Bessie MacElwell, Maude E. Edson and Alice B. Fribolin.

From Geneva Daily Times 1 July 1907

Manchester, N. Y. - Miss Harriet VanArsdale,
daughter of Supervisor and Mrs. John C. VanArsdale, who was a member of the graduating class of 1907 of the Brockport Normal School, is spending her summer vacation at her home west of this village.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 3 July 1907

West Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
Among those who are home for summer vacations are: Misses Maude Heath and Louise and Rachael Dixon of Geneseo; Walter Dixon of East Bloomfield; Miss Isabell Shepard of Lima, Misses Harriet Hewitt, Ruth Warren, Rose Courneen, Myril Chatterton, Ralph Hopkins, Mark Welch of Honeoye Falls.

From Geneva Daily Times 5 July 1907

Naples, N. Y. - Seymour H. Sutton,
a student of this village, won the Ontario county Cornell scholarship over many competitors and has also passed with his entrance examination to that college. Mr. Sutton is a graduate of Naples High School and was also a student in the Ithaca Preparatory School.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 10 July 1907

Shortsville, N. Y. - 
The seventh annual reunion and banquet of the Shortsville High School Alumni association will be held at the K. O. T. M. hall on Wednesday evening, July 10. The present officers of the association are: President, Thurlow Huntington; vice-president, Miss Emma Dugan; secretary and treasurer, Miss Gladys A. Felton.

From Geneva Daily Times 14 August 1907

Stanley, N. Y. - The following standings were attained in the last regents' examination by the pupils of the Stanley school:
Elementary English - Alta M. Ward; 90
Arithmetic - Agnes R. Roehe, 79; Mabel E. Van Eps, 85; Esther D. Moran, 88; Carl Nelson, 86;
Spelling - Mabel E. Van Eps, 90; Ina M. Hutchinson, 88; M. Faye Alexander, 81; Julia H. Connors, 86; Leah F. Davie, 82; Carl Nelson, 82; Jno. W. Wheadon, 78; Fred D. Moran, 80; Grover C. Preston, 80; Seth R. Grant, 81;
Reading - Ina M. Hutchinson, 85; Julia H. Connors, 75;
Writing - Alta M. Ward, 96;
Geography - Esther D. Moran, 76.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 4 September 1907

Naples, N. Y. - Miss Mary M. Maxfield
and Miss Anna E. Sutton will enter Vassar college this month; Seymour H. Sutton enters Cornell university; Willis Buck will take a course of sTuesday at Cornell Agricultural school.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 11 September 1907

West Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
Among those who are in attendance at school are the following: Miss Hattie Hewitt and Myril Chatterton, Rose Courneen, May Shellman, Fannie Fitch, Myrta Coleman, Lida Bancroft, Flossie and Ruth Warren, Ralph Hopkins, Mark Welch, Francis Curran at Honeoye Falls; Walter Dixon at East Bloomfield.

From Geneva Daily Times 29 November 1907

Clifton Springs, N. Y. -
The graduating class of the Clifton Springs High School has elected the following officers for the annual commencement exercises, and also class committees: President, Sherman E. Masler; vice-president, Miss Mae Driscoll; secretary, Harold Bannerman; treasurer, Miss Breta Stevens. The president appointed color and motto committees as follows: Color committee, Miss Breta Stevens, Miss Kate Sullivan and Miss Clara Gannett; motto committee, Miss May Driscoll, Miss Mary Wheaton and Reginald Bundy.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 4 December 1907

Shortsville, N. Y. - 
The following young people have been spending the Thanksgiving at their homes in this village: Miss Dora C. McGurk and Miss Lillian V. Stewart from Brockport Normal school; Miss Grace A. Kipp from teachers' training class in Rochester; Miss Cornelia G. Bidwell from Vassar college; Fred E. Klinck and Mr. Hall from Cornell university.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 25 December 1907

Rushville, N. Y. - 
Among the teachers and students who will spend the holidays at their homes in this place are: Miss Frances Savage of Fillmore; Miss Carrie Loomis of Honeoye Falls; Miss Hariett Haviland and Miss Mabel Voorhees of Geneseo Normal; Miss Katherine Adamson of Elmira; Vincent Voorhees of Mechanics Institute, Rochester; James Savage of Montour Falls; and Clarence Eggleston of Cornell.

Cheshire, N. Y. - The following young people are home for the holidays: Julia Johnson, Wells College at Aurora-on-Cayuga; Floyd Mallory, Canandaigua Academy; Elda Wilbur, Leah Allen, Mary Curtis, Spencer Mallory and Martin Haskell from Canandaigua High School.

Victor, N. Y. -  Among the students home for the holiday vacation are: Miss Annie Higinbotham, Bradford academy; Miss Marguerite Simonds, Wells college; Misses Martha Gallup and Ruth Lander, Mechanics Institute; Miss Dora E. Mead, Baltimore Musical college; Lorren Stiles, Mercersburg academy; William Roy Gallup and Ernest Hopkins, Williams college; and Fred J. L. Jocke, Cascadilla.

Manchester, N. Y. -  Class of 1908 of Manchester High school has elected the following class officers: President, John B. Houston; vice-president, Miss Vira Van Arsdale; secretary, Miss Wilda Hawkes; treasurer, Miss Mildred Sheffield. The colors chosen are gold and white. The class consists of seven members, the others being Miss Flora B. Warner, Miss Grace E. Coxe and Miss Dorothea P. Weston.

From Ontario County Journal 10 January 1908

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - John Neenan, Frank Mason,
and Thomas Purcell left last week for Buffalo, where they will attend school. Thomas Purcell will take up electrical engineering; John Neenan will study architectural draughting and Frank Mason will go into the school for barbers.

From Geneva Daily Times 24 February 1908

Phelps, N. Y. - There are nine members in the graduating class at the Phelps High School this year. The class has chosen the following officers: President, Theodore Warner; vice-president, Miss Olive Stryker; secretary, Miss Edna Kraglow; treasurer, John Needham.

From Shortsville Enterprise 10 April 1908

Manchester, N. Y. -  Alice Gilman
is home from the Brockport Normal for the Easter vacation.

Manchester, N. Y. -  The '08 graduating class of the High School have decided to hold class day exercises on the evening preceding commencement. The following will take part: President's address, John Houston; Historian, Wilda Hawkes; Poet, Grace Cox; Orator, Vira VanArsdale.

From Geneva Daily Times 25 May 1908

Manchester, N. Y. - The junior class of the Manchester High School at a meeting Saturday night elected officers and chose maroon and white for the class colors. The class is composed of Mabel Herendeen, Ainsworth Bennett, Marie Ryan, Cherrie Randall, Henry Jones, Edward Smith and Sidney Rogers. The officers elected are: President, Ainsworth Bennett; vice-president, Henry E. Jones; secretary, Mabel Herendeen; treasurer, Marie Ryan.

From Geneva Daily Times 12 June 1908

Phelps, N. Y. - The Phelps High School commencement exercises will be held in Gibson Hall Friday evening, June 26th. The graduating class is composed of the following students: Theodore Warner, president; Olive E. Stryker, vice-president; Edna E. Kreglow, secretary; John F. Needham, treasurer; Ethel M. Donnelly, valedictorian; Aureil A. Harvey, poet; Edgar C. Wilbur, presentation orator; Lena M. Benton, musician; Iva O. Mulcahy, junior roaster.

From Geneva Daily Times 26 June 1908

Naples, N. Y. - Academy Hall was filled last night for graduation exercises of the three members of the High School, and the six members of its training class, all of whom received diplomas from Principal Weatherlow. The members of the classes are: High School: Miss Louisa Eichenberger, Charles L. Linton and Walter Herrington; training class:  Bessie M. Woodard, Hazel J. Clute, Frances G. Cleveland, Earle E. Hatch, Laurence S. Tellier and Walter Herrington.

From Ontario County Journal 26 June 1908

The class of 1904 of Canandaigua Academy held its annual reunion on Tuesday, at the cottage of George Gregg at Gooding's Point. Thirteen members were present as follows:  Earl Case, Floyd Stevens, Cecil Bushfield, Oliver C. Gregg, Walter Depew, Lucas Henry, Ralph Wheeler, Mrs. Ray Johnson and Misses Helen Leighton, Emily Corser, Carolyn Oskamp, Charlotte Carson and Florence L. Suydam, and their friends, Ray Johnson, Harold Kinde, George Conye, Myron Hawley and Miss Johnson of Geneva; Miss Rhue Hendrick of Rochester; Miss Olive Arey of New York City; and Miss Vera Bronson, of Salem, N. J. Miss Anna Hudson chaperoned the party. The class left the pier at 9:30 a.m. in the launches of Walter Depew, Oliver Gregg and George Conye, returning in the evening.

St. Mary's School, Canandaigua - The following pupils will be graduated this evening: Jeremiah C. Flynn, George A. Koebler, John L. Kelly, Fred W. Linnehan, Leo C. Mooney, Walter C. Gillespie, Anna G. Connelley, Florence C. Dwyer, Gertrude L. Fallon, Sophia L. Gillus, Ella M. Holihan, May A. Harrington, Pauline C. Linnehan, Gertrude E. McCormick, Helen B. Walsh, Alice J. Ward.

From Geneva Daily Times 21 August 1908

Rushville, N. Y. - The fourth biennial reunion of the classes of '69, '70, '71 and '72 of the Rushville Union School was held at Memorial Hall in Rushville, Wednesday. Though not as largely attended as in previous years, it was an enjoyable occasion to all present, bringing to the village many strangers. The meeting was called to order by W. H. Savage, president of the association. The following officers were elected for the terms of 1909-10: President, James H. Wisewell of Rochester; vice-president, Miss Carrie Blodgett; recording secretary, Mrs. Linwood R. Bates; corresponding secretary, Mrs. George Blodgett; treasurer, Mrs. Charles Harkness.

From Geneva Daily Times 8 September 1908

Gorham, N. Y. -
Among the Gorham young people who left today for the various schools which they are to attend the coming year were: the Misses Helen Pybus and Iva Kindelberger and Lloyd Allen for the Geneva High School; the Misses Eva Nelson and Ida Watkins to enter the training class of Penn Yan Academy; Leo Lacy to attend the Union School in Canandaigua.

From Geneva Daily Times 14 September 1908

Flint, N. Y. -
The following students have begun their year's work in various schools: Messrs. Carlton and William Webster, Sherman and Roscoe Kean and Alfred Johnson at Geneva High School; Harry Burgess at Genesee Wesleyan Seminary at Lima; Miss Minnie Mosey, Albion High School; Miss Harriet Burgess, Canandaigua Academy; Miss Christine Squier at Mrs. Sattler's private school in Geneva.

From Geneva Daily Times 18 September 1908

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - The class of 1909 has been organized and is composed of the following members: Misses Jessie Mallory, Kate Lindner and Mildred Brown. Of the members of the graduating class of 1908, Sherman Mosher expects to enter college one year from now; Miss Mary Wheaton will enter the training school for nurses at the City Hospital in Rochester; Reginald Bundy will enter Cornell University this fall; Miss Clara Gannett has entered Geneseo Normal; Miss May Driscoll has entered Brockport Normal; Miss Kate Sulivan is pursuing a business course in the Geneva Business College; and Miss Breta Stevens is teaching in the public school at Gypsum.

From Shortsville Enterprise 9 October 1908

Manchester, N. Y. - 
The corn roast held in the woods owned by Albert Haws, east of this village, on Thursday of last week, by the seniors and juniors of the local High School, was a pronounced success. Every member of the faculty was present and assisted in the pleasantries of the evening. The officers of the senior class are: President, Ainsworth Bennett; Vice-President, Henry E. Jones; Secretary, Mabel Herendeen; Treasurer, Marie Ryan; other members, Cherrie Randall, Sydney Rogers, Edward Smith.

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