Newspaper Items - School

From Geneva Daily Times 5 January 1904

Shortsville, N. Y. - Sidney L. Heath, Miss Mabel Bradley
and James Kipp have returned to their studies at Ithaca. Miss Grace Sutphen and James E. Dunn left for the Brockport normal school this afternoon. Joseph Pettit has gone to Alfred university, Miss Ruth Dewey has resumed her studies at Cook academy and Henry Dewey has returned to Ann Arbor.

From Victor Herald 8 January 1904

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
After the Holiday vacation, the following people have returned: Marion Hamlin to Vassar; Thedah Page to Albany; Margaret Smith, Caroline Mahoney and Frances Mason to Geneseo; Lloyd and Raymond Partridge to Lima.

The following pupils of district No. 9, Victor, were not absent during the month of December: Willie Lewis, Ruth Mulheron, Helen Lewis, Bertha Lewis, and Leona Lewis. Others who were absent but one day are Pearl Townsend, Emma Ford, Irving Franz, Willie Mulheron, Charles Hill and Gregory Hill.

From Ontario County Journal 5 February 1904

The graduates of St. Mary's school, numbering nearly 100, with invited guests, held their first annual reunion and banquet in Bemis hall last evening. Rev. John O'Brien, formerly assistant priest here, acted as toastmaster, and toasts were given by Michael Dwyer, John Kennedy, John Conway, Miss Margaret Quinn, Miss Agnes Farrell, W. J. Donovan, P. B. Downs, Philip O'Keefe. The officers of the alumni are: President, John Conway; vice-presidents, Daniel Quigley, Miss Mary Flynn; secretary, George Hogan; treasurer, Miss Helen Martin.

From Geneva Daily Times 15 February 1904

The following pupils passed in the grades examination in Stanley school district No. 1:  Annie Harvey, Nettie Millard, Esther Moran, Jessie McDonald, Agnes Roache, Edith Preston, Rose Millard, Isabel VanEpps, Nathaniel Funk, Sawyer Preston, Ray Katherer, Carl Nelson, Harry Stratton, Matthew Connors.

From Ontario County Journal 4 March 1904

Shortsville, N. Y. -  The graduating class of Shortsville High school has been organized with the following members; Miss Gladys Felton, Miss Lillian Stewart, Miss Anna Latting and Hobart Willson. The officers chosen are: President: Hobart Willson; vice-president, Miss Lillian Stewart; secretary and treasurer, Miss Ruth Sherburne.

From Ontario County Chronicle 16 March 1904

The High School graduates the largest class in it's history this year, thirty-three young men and women as follows: George G. Hogan, Lucas S. Henry, Walter G. Depew, John J. O'Keefe, Alanson G. Reed, Florence L. Suydam, Waity R. Douglas, Caroline T. Oskamp, Helen Leighton, Oliver C. Gregg, Isaphine Tracy, Cora B. Thomas, Pearl M. Higley, Nellie M. Pierce, Earl F. Case, Carolyn M. Sterling, Charlotte M. Carson, Mary Elizabeth Coyle, Frances C. Brady, Frank J. Saunders, Frederic S. Benham, George Bridgman, Anne M. Davidson, Anna Quigley, Torrence C. Bushfield, all of Canandaigua; Edward F. Lane of Shortsville; Maurice F. Olmstead and Hazel R. Olmstead of Allen's Hill; Ralph H. Wheeler of East Bloomfield; Leon W. Van Deusen of Phelps; Louise M. Rossier of Cheshire and M. Anna Wilson of Hall's Corners.

From Geneva Daily Times 4 April 1904

Canandaigua, N. Y. -
The class standings of the graduating class of the Canandaigua Academy have been completed, and the following eight graduates, having attained the highest standings will deliver honor essays:  M. Ann Wilson of Halls Corners, valedictorian; Maurice Olmstead of Allens Hill, salutatorian; Hazel Olmstead, Allens Hill; Frank J. Sanders, Canandaigua township; Ralph H. Wheeler, East Bloomfield; Leon Van Dusen, Phelps; Floyd Stephens, Clifton Springs; Frances Cecilia Brady, Canandaigua. The following members of the class have received honorable mention: Earl F. Case, George Bridgman, Caroline Oskamp, Caroline M. Sterling, Helen Leighton, Anna M. Davidson, George G. Hogan, Florence L. Suydam, Charlotte M. Carson, Alanson G. Reed, Lucas Smith Henry, all of Canandaigua; and Edwin F. Lane of Shortsville.  Louis E. Boutwell, who for the past year has filled the position of teacher of Greek and Latin in the Academy, and who has become very popular in the school, has tendered his resignation. Has accepted the position of principal of the High school at Amityville, Suffolk county, with a salary of $1200.

From Geneva Daily Times 6 April 1904

Shortsville, N. Y. -
The following will be graduated from the Manchester High school in June:  Belle Padgham, Blanche Houston, Bertha Knapp, Mary Covil, Mollie Macomber and Hugh Hawkes. The class met for organization Monday and selected the following officers:  President, Belle Padgham; vice-president, Blanche Houston; secretary, Bertha Knapp; treasurer, Mary Covil; class prophet, Belle Padgham; class orator, Hugh Hawkes. The class colors are light blue and gold.

From Ontario County Chronicle 6 April 1904

Shortsville, N. Y. -
Among the young people who were home for Easter were: Miss Eva Klinck, from Oswego Normal; Miss Mary Titus, Rogers Hall, Lowell, Mass.; Miss Grace Sutphen, Brockport Normal; Miss Pauline Heath, Oswego Normal; Sidney L. Heath, Cornell University; James E. Dunn, Brockport; Margaret E. McGurk, Phelps; the Misses Julia, Edith and Lucy Booth from Flushing; Miss Margie Taylor, New York City; Arthur H. Smith, Albany; Miss Ruth Dewey, Cook Academy, Montour Falls; Miss Mae Dibble, Cohocton; Miss Mable Melvin, Brockport Normal.

From Victor Herald 8 April 1904

The class of 1904 of Victor High School numbers eight, seven maidens fair and one young gentleman. They are Florence Padgham, Annie Higinbotham, Hester Wallace, Mae Mead, Gertrude Concannon, Pearl A. Lauder, Nellie Crowley and Ernest Hopkins. This is the third consecutive graduating class of eight members.

From Geneva Daily Times 9 April 1904

Clifton Springs, N. Y. -
The '04 graduating class of the High school has organized with the following officers:  President, Beldin Pratt; vice-president, Emma Bosshart; secretary, Mima McMaster; treasurer, Julia Maney.

From Ontario County Chronicle 13 April 1904

Victor, N. Y. -
The following returned to school this week after spending the Easter vacation at their homes here: Leslie G. Loomis, Jr., D. Henry Osborne, Jr., Williams College; Miss Esther Powell, Harry Martin, Lima Seminary; Miss Jean Ladd, College for Girls, Elmira; Edgar R. Mead, Cazenovia; Miss Bertha Concannon, Syracuse University.

From Geneva Daily Times 2 May 1904

Shortsville, N. Y. -
The High school boys have organized a strong baseball nine with Harold Ballard, manager, and Howard Forshay as captain. The line-up will be as follows:  John Haggerty, pitcher; Thurlow Huntington, catcher; Harold Ballard, first; Emmett Emery, second; Fred Klinck, third; William Delahuty, short; Roy Conderman, right; Levi Huntington, center; Howard Forshay, left.

From Victor Herald 6 May 1904

The following pupils of District No. 9, Victor, were not absent or tardy during the month of April: Gregory Hill, Charles Burr, Helen Lewis, Leona Lewis, Jennie Ford and Mabel Garling. Those who were absent but one day are Walter Smith, Willie Lewis, John Zonneville, Irving Franz, Emma Ford, Bertha Lewis and Helen McCarthy.

From Geneva Daily Times 7 May 1904

Clifton Springs, N. Y. -
The High School baseball team has been organized as follows: Professor Townsend, manager and coach; Hiram Tiffany, captain; Tiffany and Boyd, pitcher and third base alternating; Driscoll, first base; Anderson, catcher; Pardee, second base; Lindner, shortstop; Barker, Bundy and Pratt, fielders. The boys are putting up a very fast game. The first game of the season is being played with Waterloo this afternoon on the Athletic grounds.

From Geneva Daily Times 14 June 1904

Phelps, N. Y. -
The closing exercises of the High school will be held next week. The sermon to the graduating class will be delivered by Rev. Mr. Waldorf, at the Methodist church, Sunday   evening and the graduating exercises will take place at Gibson hall Friday evening. The members of the graduating class are: John Ernest Connelly, president and valedictorian, Joseph Patrick Doyle, John Barnes, Parmalee and Betrand Grover Vanderhoof.

From Geneva Daily Times 15 June 1904

Clifton Springs, N. Y. -
The class of 1904, of the Clifton Springs High school, is composed of the following persons: Belden Pratt, president; Emma Bosshart, vice-president; Mima MacMaster, secretary; Julia Maney, treasurer. The motto of the class is "Non Nobis Solum," and the colors are green and gold.

From Geneva Daily Times 22 June 1904

Rushville, N. Y. - The Regents examinations were passed by the following students:
Reading and Writing - George Blodget, Inez Elwell, Ralph B. Havens Lynn Tenny

Spelling - Albert Fake, Arthur Olmstead

Elementary English - Ralph Hevers, Edna Olmstead, Lynn Tenny

Arithmetic -
Vera Davis, Harold Hazelton

Geography -
Lynn Tenny

Advanced English - Vera Davis, Alberta F. Eddy, Harold Hazeltine, Elizabeth Walbridge, Blanche Winne

Latin, 1st year - Kathryn Adamson, Mabel Blodget, Alberta Eddy, Harold Hazeltine

Caesar - Harriet Haviland, Rachel Hazeltine, Margaret Williams

Algebra -
Kathryn Adamson, Harriet Haviland, Lucy Robinson

Plane Geometry - Grace Ansley, Mary Blodget, Rachel Hazeltine

Botany - Kathryn Adamson, Grace Ansley, Mary Blodget, Inez Elwell, Rachel Hazeltine, 100

U. S. History and Civics - Mabel Blodget, Vera Davis, Alberta Eddy, Ralph Havens, Elizabeth Walbridge

Civics - Mabel Blodget, Mary Blodget, Harriet Haviland, Rachel Hazeltine, Margaret Williams

Commercial Geography -
Grace Ansley

Drawing - Kathryn Adamson, Mabel Blodget, Vera Davis, Inez Elwell, Ellen Ford, Harriet Haviland, Rachel Hazeltine

Seneca Castle, N. Y. - Alice Ottley,
daughter of Supervisor Clarence Ottley, of this village, will be graduated from Cornell University today. Miss Ottley's parents and several friends are at Ithaca for commencement week.

Seneca Castle, N. Y. - As a result of the grade examinations held last week, the following pupils were promoted from the primary department of the public school to the grammar school: Lula Whitney, Katie Delea, Lucy Lambert, Jennie Armstrong and Elmer Brown.

From Ontario County Chronicle 22 June 1904

On Monday evening, the 27th, the following, having passed the Regents, will be awarded diplomas of graduation, class of 1904: John Collins, Benedict Fuller, George Taylor, Frank Morgan, Francis Maley, Henry Pentoney, Mary Brooker, Marie Burk, Catherine Buckley, Mary Cooper, Alida Dear, Marie Donovan, Anna Gartland, Frances McIntyre, Mary Fogarty, Margaret O'Reilly, Elizabeth Flynn.

From Victor Herald 29 July 1904

Examination standings for year -

Primary Department - Senior A. Class - Luella Boughton, 95; Alta VanDenbergh, 92; Marion Gavin, 91; Joseph Gavin, 91; Olive Simonds, 90; Blanche Quigley, 89; Leslie Toomey, 89; Helen Aldrich, 88; Emogene Ward, 87; Russel H. Hill, 82; John K. Hill, 82; Ione McNutt, 81. Junior A Class - Ruth Clapper, 96; Mildred Clapper, 94; Lauretta Concannon, 87; Mary F. Enright, 87; Bertha Bowerman, 86; George Stevens, 86; Charles Stevens, 82; Evelyn Keefe, 82; James Concannon, 85; Osborne Hunt, 81; Thomas Farrell, 79. D Class - Florence Pearl, 76; Bessie Ward, 75; Margaret Keating, 75; B Class - Esther McCarthy, 97; Marjorie Kennedy, 97; Elizabeth Hill, 94; Fannie Frazer, 94; Ruth Osborne, 88; Harry Embry, 88; C Class - Edward Henderson, 90; Nellie Hurley, 81; Mary Pearl, 80; Ida Hunt, 76; Gladys Rowley, 75; Madeline Eldridge, 75.

Intermediate Department, Grade 4 - Dorothy Loomis, 97; Elizabeth French, 94; John Geraghity, 93; Mary Heffron, 91; Rena Ward, 87; Florence Mead, 86; Harley Lovejoy, 84; Lester Hunt, 84; Norman Brace, 83; Marie Farrell, 82; Leon Quigley, 81; Lucile Loney, 79; Willie Woolston, 79; Laura Sale, 77; Grade 5 - Charlie Lovejoy, 91; Ida Henehan, 90; Ruth VanDenberg, 85; Emmett Keating, 85; Lizzie Hurley, 84; Peer Locke, 83; George McCrone, 78; Hattie McNutt, 76; Ella Boughton, 75; Grade 6 - Gertrude Quigley, 96, Marie Toomey, 94; Clare Woolston, 93; Rhea Harter, 92; John McCarthy, 89; Ethel Ingraham, 88; Roy Childs, 87; Willard Payne, 87, Ethel French, 85; Laura McMahon, 83; Francis McCrone, 83; Milton Wilcox, 81; Carl Higinbotham, 80; Frank Mead, 80; Fred Sale, 79; Roy Boothe, 78; Frank Hurley, 78; Roy Eldridge, 78; Roy Williams, 77.

From Geneva Daily Times 13 September 1904

Canandaigua, N. Y. -
The following Canandaiguans are among those who will attend various colleges and institutions of learning the coming season:  Claude and Clive Hallenbeck, at Ann Arbor university; Robert Knapp, at Amherst college; Frank Antes, at the Bradstreet school, Rochester; Elmer Anderson, at Yale; Leo Allen, Milton Herrington and William Wallace, at the University of Pennsylvania; Howard Mason and Carl Thompson at the Electrical school, Washington; Rose Classey, Julia Kelly, Louise Donovan and Louise Quigley, at Nazareth academy, Rochester; Melvin Andrews, at Keuka college; Myron Hawley at Syracuse university; Albert Andrews at Williams college; Allan Cooley at the Buffalo Dental college; Miss Lura Cooley and Miss Mary Jewett, at Vassar college; Miss Charlotte Chase at Smith college; Henry and Frederick Leighton, at Cornell; Miss Elizabeth Houghton, at Meril-Von Lear, New York; James Houghton at Harvard; John B. Sullivan and Daniel Quigley at St. Bernard's seminary, Rochester.

From Ontario County Chronicle 14 September 1904

Shortsville, N. Y. -
The following students have gone to Brockport, where they are students in the Normal school: the Misses Mabel Melvin, Lillian V. Stewart, Grace Sutphen, Alice Hebbard, Mabel Latting, Bertha Knapp, and Mr. James E. Dunn.

From Geneva Daily Times 22 September 1904

Phelps, N. Y. -
The following is a list of students that represent Phelps in the college world and who have already entered the different institutions to take up their work for the coming season: Thomas Wright, Yale; Burnett Wright, Worcester Polytechnic; Julia Wright, Vassar; John B. Parmalee and Leon Van Duzen, Syracuse university; Leonard S. Partridge, Mann Durand and Bertrand Vanderhoof, Hobart; George Weeks, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Lewis Peck, Rochester  ; Earl G. White, University of Rochester; Edward P. Ryan, Jr., Buffalo university, medical department; Frank J. Ryan, law department, University of Syracuse.

From Ontario County Chronicle 26 October 1904

St. Mary's School -
Perfect pupils during the past week were: Ninth Grade: Leo Lenihan, Elmer Barry, Michael Bergin, Charles Shea, Katherine Coyle, Elizabeth Fennell. Eighth Grade: Arthur Dugan, Richard McDade, Raymond Hilliard, John Hanovan, William Cowan, John Colmey, Charles Maley, Leo Burke, Edward Guntert, Joseph Phillips, Helen Cooper, Mollie McNeil, Helen Casby, Mae Allen, Gertrude Farrell. Seventh Grade: Helen Walsh, Pauline Haubner, Mary Remery, Clara Coyne, Florence Latz, Mary Dugan, Catherine Long, Mary Quigley, Anna O'Brien, Katherine McNulty, Marie McIntyre. Sixth Grade: Frederick Linehan, George Kolhler, John Murphy, Leo Mooney, Bernard McAniff, Frances Twist, Ella Holihan, Mary Connelly, Florence Dwyer, Alice Ward. Fifth Grade: Charles Tuohey, Katherine McDade, Katherine Sherry, Mary Murphy, Katherine O'Brien, Clifford Murphy, Thomas Quigley. Fourth Grade: Cletus Doyle, Charles Swayze, Edward Donahue, Marie Twist, Gertrude Lenihan, Catherine Donovan, Helen Dannahe, Rose Schmidt, Madeline Wade, Helen Dugan. Third Grade: Leo Curtin, John Dunn, Frances Clawson, Catherine Connolly, Margaret Cooper, Isabel Cowan, Kathryn Farrell, Jennie Gartland, Lillian Hamilton, Catherine Husbands, Catherine Needham.

From Victor Herald 4 November 1904

The following pupils of Victor High School have attained honorary standings for the month of October: PRIMARY DEPARTMENT, First Grade - Ruth Clapper, 92; Mildred Clapper, 90; Second Grade - Esther McCarthy, 94; Ruth Osborne, 90; Edward Henderson, 90. INTERMEDIATE DEPARTMENT, Fourth Grade - Blanche Quigley, 95; Russell Hill, 94; John Hill, 94; Olive Simonds, 94; Luella Boughton, 93; Leslie Toomey, 93; Fifth Grade - Elizabeth French, 95; Dorothy Loomis, 95; Florence Mead, 95; Lucile Loney, 92; William Woolston, 92; Sixth Grade - Emmet Keating, 95; Richard Levet, 95; Charles Lovejoy, 95; George McCrone, 95. GRAMMAR DEPARTMENT, Seventh Grade - Clare Woolston, 95; Roy Childs, 94; Gertrude Quigley, 92; Willard Payne, 92; Marie Toomey, 91; Olive Boughton, 90; John McCarthy, 90; Milton Wilcox, 90; Eighth Grade - Evelyn Mead, 97; Bella Barry, 96; Esther Toomey, 94; Irene Connell, 92; Elmer Woolston, 92; Ruth Hill, 90; George Woolston, 90. HIGH SCHOOL - Lucy Reissig, 95; Lois Powell, 93; Elizabeth McMahon, 93; Marguerite Simonds, 93; Blanche Howland, b93; Fannie Ladd, 93; Roy Gallup, 92; Lillian Greene, 92; Ruth Thornton, 92; Minnie Kohlhagen, 92; Harry Loomis, 92; Mildred Loomis, 92; Jay Baer, 92; Frank Davis, 91; Mary Webster, 91; Ruth Boughton, 91; Helen Scribner, 91; Marie Norton, 91; Martha Gallup, 90; Charles Wood, 90; Laura Wilbur, 90; Dora Mead, 90; Howard Barry, 90; Miranda Woolston, 90; Elizabeth Osborne, 90; Iva McCloskey, 90; Edith Stack, 90.

From Ontario County Chronicle 9 November 1904

At Victor High School during October the following received highest standings in the different departments: Academic - Lucy Ressig, 95; Grammar - Evelyn Mead, 97; Intermediate - Blanche Quigley, Elizabeth French, Dorothy Loomis, Florence Mead, Emmet Keating, Richard Levet, Charles Lovejoy and George Crone, each 95; Primary - Esther McCarthy, 94.

From Ontario County Chronicle 30 November 1904

Victor, N. Y. - Warren Coville
was home from Hobart College for the current vacation; Robert Higinbotham from Auburn Theological seminary, and Roswell Eldridge from Lima seminary.

From Ontario County Chronicle 28 December 1904

Victor, N. Y. -
Among the students home for the holiday vacation are the following: Misses Marion Lobdell and Gertrude Concannon, Syracuse University; Robert Higinbotham, Auburn Theological Seminary; Warren Covill, Hobart College; Roswell Eldridge and Harry Martin, Lima Seminary; Ernest Hopkins, Starkey Seminary; Leslie G. Loomis, Jr., D. Henry Osborne, Jr., and W. Bushnell Osborne, Jr., Williams College; Miss Mamie Tuttle, Cornell University; Miss Bernin M. Welch, Brockport Normal; Ruth Parmele, Albany Training School; Morton Locke, Worcester, Mass., Polytechnic Institute.

Many of Shortsville's young people who are either students or teachers are enjoying the holiday vacation at their home in this village, among whom are: the Misses Julia and Lucy Booth, of New York City; Principal Alson Upham of East Rockaway; Miss Pauline Heath and Miss Eva Klinck of Oswego Normal; James E. Dunn and the Misses Grace Sutphen, Mabel Melvin, Lillian Stewart, from Brockport Normal; Sydney L. Heath from Cornell University; Miss Mabel Bradley from Ithaca Conservatory of Music; Harry Heath and William Knowles from Rochester Business Institute; Miss Marion Hebbard of Brockport Normal; Hugh Hawkes and Bishop Short of Rochester Business University.

From Ontario County Chronicle 4 January 1905

Naples, N. Y. -
The following students and teachers were home for the holidays: Misses Bessie and Jennie Maxfield, Misses Eunice and Bertha Cleveland, Misses Anna and Helen Lewis, Ward Lewis, Carroll and Florence Slayton, Frank and Karl McGreevy, Wm. Tyler, Leo Fox, Fred and Harriette Donnelly, Helena Tobey, H. H. Gage, Fred Lyon, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Watkins, Caroline Housel, Minnie Everitt, Seymour Sutton, Harold and Anna Blake, Mauce Schlick and Edward R. Clark.

Chapinville, N. Y. - The following students are home enjoying the holiday vacation: Miss Orlean Cook of Lima; Stella Smith of Cazenovia; Francis Chamberlain of Onondaga High School; Carrie Nicholson and Wm. Lane of Syracuse University.

From Geneva Daily Times 31 January 1905

Shortsville, N. Y. -
The following report of the recent Regents' examinations is of interest to every resident of this village:
Spelling - Misses Hazel Ballard, Gertrude Bounds, Hazel Clark, Loretta Farrell, Mary Flynn, Nettie Forshay, Irene Hebbard, Bernetta Kipp, Nettie LeFevre, Blanche Reccord, Florence Stafford, Mae Wheatley; Floyd Gillis, Roger C. Kipp and Walter J. Mosher.

Elementary English -
Eric Anderson.

English 1st -
Miss Lottie Delahunty.

English 2d -
Misses Vera J. Brown, Grace Kipp, Blanche E. Latting, Dora L. McGurk, Margaret E. McGurk; and Harold M. Ballard, Leland Benton, Emmett Emery, John J. Haggerty, Thurlow Huntington.

English reading - Emmett Emery, Fred E. Klinck, Miss Mae Knapp.

German 2d - Charles M. Buck, Misses Mae Knapp, Blanche E. Latting, Ruth J. Sherburne.

Caesar's Commentaries - Leland Benton.

Cicero's orations - Misses Cornelia G. Bidwell, Mae Knapp, Margaret McGurk, and Thurlow Huntington.

Solid Geometry - Harold M. Ballard, Thurlow Huntington, Fred E. Klinck.

Physics 1st - Misses Blanche E. Latting, Ruth J. Sherburne, and Fred E. Klinck, Harold M. Ballard, Charles M. Buck, John J. Haggerty.

Physics 1st and 2d - Thurlow Huntington.

Roman History - Miss Florence Sickles and Harold M. Ballard, Emmett Emery, John J. Haggerty, John F. Keleher.

Drawing - Misses Marion Emery, Irene Hebbard,

Nettie Forshay, Kwineh McGurk, Elta Wells, Clara E. Wilson, and Eric Anderson, Harmon Coates, Roger C. Kipp.

Physiology and hygiene - Misses Emma Doley, Selma Doley, Ruth Forshay, Marion Emery, Kwineh McGurk, Elta Wells, Clara E. Wilson, and Charles Austin, Roger C. Kipp.

Advanced Drawing - Emmett Emery.
The highest standings were made by Emmett Emery, 100 percent in Roman history, Thurlow Huntington, 99 percent in solid geometry and Mae Wheatley, 98 percent in spelling.

From Geneva Daily Times 18 February 1905

Canandaigua, N. Y. -
The graduating class of the Canandaigua Academy for 1905 has been organized with the following twenty-one members: Neta K. Hawley, Ray Fitzmorris, Ethel F. Marks, Claude W. Thomas, James Douglass, Jr., R. Waldo Hicks, Edward Lynch, Marion Eugenia Eaton, Glen A. Brandow, Anna Veronica Meath, Katherine R. Ma(xxx)ney, Helen Agnes Donovan, Alfred R. Clapper, Frank Mason, William Francis Gillula, William Henry Smith, Florence G. Hulse, John Raines 3d, Henry Lawrence Howe, G. Warner Ellis, John Donovan. Later on, it is said that there will be six more students in the class.

From Geneva Daily Times 30 March 1905

Canandaigua, N. Y. -
The class of 1905 of Canandaigua Academy has the following newly elected officers: President - Henry L. Howe, Jr.; vice-president - Frank Mason; secretary - Miss Helen Donovan; treasurer - Glen Brandow. Class honors were as follows: Valedictorian - S. Wolcott Clausen; Salutatorian - John Raines, 3d; honor essays - John Donova, James Douglas, Miss Neta Hawley, Miss Ethel Marks. Miss Florence Hulse was chosen class prophet; Miss Anna Veronica Meath, class historian and Edward Lynch, maker of the class will.

From Ontario County Chronicle 5 April 1905

Victor, N. Y. -
During the past year of school the two societies at the High School have been unusually active and important factors in the school life. They recently elected the following officers: the Hypatian Literary Society, composed of girls, has chosen Miss Marguerite Simonds, president; Miss Lois Powell, vice-president; Miss Lucile Simonds, secretary; Miss Ruth Thornton, treasurer; Miss Lucy Reissig and Ruth Lander, tellers; Misses Elizabeth Osborn and Dora Mead, executive board.

The debating society of young men, known as the Philomathesian Society has elected: President, William Roy Gallup; vice-president, Leon Smith; secretary, Glemore Vail; treasurer, Terry Aldrich; 1st sergeant, Earl Driscoll; 2nd sergeant: Henry Phillips.

Naples, N. Y. - The graduating class of the High School has elected officers as follows: President, Geo. N. Harris; Vice-President, Harriette E. Smith; Secretary, Anna Sutton; Treasurer, Julian Hatch.

From Ontario County Chronicle 19 April 1905

Victor, N. Y. -
The following pupils of the lower grades of the High school attained the highest standings for the month of March:
1st grade - Janice Reeves, 95;
2nd grade - Esther McCarthy, 92;
3rd grade - Mildred Clapper, 93;
4th grade - Luella Boughton and John Hill, both 94;
5th grade - Elizabeth French;
6th grade - Richard Levet and Charles Lovejoy, both 95;
7th grade - Willard Payne and Clare Woolston, both 97.

From Geneva Daily Times 22 April 1905

Shortsville, N. Y. -
The graduating class of the High school has organized with ten members, and has chosen the following officers: President, Miss Margaret McGurk; vice-president, Thurlow Huntington; secretary, Fred E. Klinck; treasurer, Miss Mae Knapp. Miss Cornelia G. Bidwell was chosen class prophet, and Charles M. Buck is valedictorian.

The following subjects have been assigned the graduates for their essays: "Niccola Paganini - John J. Haggerty; "David Crockett" - Harold M. Ballard; "Julius Caesar" - Emmett Emery; "The Monroe Doctrine" - Thurlow Huntington; "The Open Shop" - Fred E. Klinck; "Socialism and Anarchism" - Leland Benton; "Hannibal" - Charles M. Buck; "Home" - Miss Mae Knapp; "Relative Extravagance" - Miss Margaret E. McGurk; "Prophecy" - Miss Cornelia G. Bidwell. The class colors are green and gold.

From Geneva Daily Times 26 April 1905

Shortsville, N. Y. -
The following children made the highest standings in the grades of the village school during the month of April:  Grammar department - Miss ____ Wheatley, .95; intermediate department - Miss Geraldine Coates and Erford Bedient, both .95; second primary - Miss June Latting, .96; first primary - Miss Marjory Martin, Miss Virginia Heath, and Elizabeth Brown, each .95.

From Geneva Daily Times 27 April 1905

Shortsville, N. Y. -
The commencement exercises of the Manchester High school will be held in the school hall Monday evening, June 19, and the address will be delivered by Professor Kendrick P. Ladd of Rochester. The graduates will be Ernest Brophy and Charles Smith, both of whom have already completed their course of study, and have already acquired all their regents' counts.

From Geneva Daily Times 28 April 1905

Phelps, N. Y. -
The commencement exercises at the High school will be held Friday evening, June 23. There are eight members of the graduating class, as follows: Mae Burt, Alice Mickelson, Carol Bussy, Elizabeth Connolly, Ruth Ottley, Joseph Doyle, Wesley Post and Charles Yahn. The class colors are green and gold.

From Ontario County Chronicle 3 May 1905

Shortsville, N. Y. -
The High school boys have reorganized their base ball nine with the following members: Howard Forshay, pitcher; Harold Ballard, catcher, manager; John J. Haggerty, first base; Thurlow Huntington, second base; Fred E. Klinck, third base; Emmett Emery, short stop, captain; Levi Huntington, right field; Charles M. Buck, left field; William Delahanty, center field. The boys will play the Manchester High school nine on the Manchester grounds on Friday afternoon.

Rushville, N. Y. - Miss Frances Savage left Thursday morning for Geneseo Normal school, where she will finish her course in June. Her return after the Easter vacation was delayed a few days owing to German measles.

From Victor Herald 12 May 1905

The members of the Class of '05 of Victor High School are busy completing the last few weeks work of the school year; graduation day details are already talked of and the time for roses and commencements is fast approaching. The class business is transacted by William Roy Gallup, president; Fannie Ladd, vice-president; Laura Wilbur, treasurer; and Dora Mead, secretary. Scarlet and silver have been chosen as the class colors and the motto is "Ad astra per aspera" - Through difficulties to the stars." The class consists of nine members. William Roy Gallup is valedictorian, and Fannie Ladd is salutatorian. Dora Mead will give the Class Prophecy; Laura Wilbur, Class History and Presentation; Mamie Reissig, Class Poem; Grace Frazer, Address to Juniors and Class Will. Wilfred Nelson will deliver the oration. Carrie Aldridge will give a musical number and Lillian Green has not yet been assigned her subject.

From Geneva Daily Times 16 May 1905

Clifton Springs, N. Y. -
The senior class of the High school has been organized. There are four members, Miss Eva Vanderlip, Miss Maggie Barry, Miss Mary Donovan and Miss Edna Joyce.

From Ontario County Chronicle 17 May 1905

Shortsville, N. Y. -
A large crowd attended the game between the two basket ball teams of the High School, played in Harlow's Hall last Wednesday evening, and excitement reigned supreme from start to finish. The line up was as follows: Team No. 1, Miss Irene Hebbard, captain; Misses Lina Huntoon and Irene Hebbard, forwards; Misses Rona Baggerly and Lois Heath, guards; Miss Hazel Klinck, center.  Team No. 2, Miss Lottie Delahunty, captain; Misses Hester V. Heath and Lottie Delahunty, forwards; Misses Dora McGurk and Genie Heath, guards; Miss Clara Wilson, center.

From Ontario County Chronicle 24 May 1905

Holcomb, N. Y. -
As the class of this year is the largest class ever graduated from our high school. we are pleased to announce the members who are as follows: John G. Condon, Bertram G. Hicks, Ethel J. Mason, Etta McCutcheon, Mary G. Monahan, William G. Pope, Alice G. Santry, George S. Terry, Anna L. Welch, Gertrude Wheeler. The class colors are pink and green, class flower, pink carnation; class motto, "Trifles make perfection but perfection is no trifle."

From Victor Herald 26 May 1905

The Junior Class at the High School has organized. It consists of seven members: Lois Powell, president; Lucy Reissig, vice-president; Jay Bare, secretary; Marguerite Simonds, treasurer; Martha Gallup, Catherine Brady and Earl Rugg.

Roswell M. Eldridge
of this village graduates from Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, Lima, next month in the Classical course. Mr. Eldridge is the only student to complete the Classical course this year. Miss Ina K. Finucan, formerly of this village, is a member of the class in elocution to finish at the Seminary this year.

From Ontario County Chronicle 7 June 1905

Honeoye, N. Y. - Carl Ashley,
who graduates this month from Cornell University, was home a few days last week. Mr. Eliot of Ithaca accompanied him.

From Geneva Daily Times 20 June 1905

Rushville, N. Y. - The following are those who passed the Regents' examinations in the High school last week:
Reading and writing - Maude Hogan, Gertrude Blodget, Faye Fisher, Mary Mahoney, Minnie Ford, Madeline Meade, Maude Raymond, Ernest Cole, James Paddock, Elzer Eddy, Lawrence Torrey.

Spelling - Gertrude Blodget, Maude Hogan, Minnie Ford, Madeline Meade, Faye Fisher, Ethel Cole, Gladys Stokoe, Reta Lane, Harry Cole.

Arithmetic - Clea Fisher, Jessie Mallory.

Elementary English - Gertrude Blodget, Maude Hogan, Ethel Cole, Mary Mahoney, Jessie Mallory, Madeline Meade, Gladys Stokoe, George Blodget, Ernest Cole.

Geography - Gertrude Blodget, Ethel Cole, Mary Mahoney, Jessie Mallory, Ernest Cole, James Paddock.

Advanced English - Belle Fake, Clea Fisher, Edna Olmstead, George Blodget, Ralph Havens, Lynn Tenny.

U. S. History - Jessie Mallory, Edna Olmstead, George Blodget, Edith Bates, Lynn Tenny.

Advanced U. S. History - Kathryn Adamson.

American Selections - Mabel Blodget.

Civics - Edith Bates, Mabel Blodget, Elizabeth Walbridge, Vera Davis, Harold Hazeltine.

Drawing - Florence Harkness, Mabel Shuman, Harold Hazeltine, Ralph Havens.

First Year Latin - Vera Davis, Mabel Shuman, Elizabeth Walbridge.

Caesar - Kate Adamson, Mabel Blodget, Harold Hazeltine.

Virgil - Harriet Haviland, Rachel Hazeltine, Mary Blodget.

First Year German - Mary Blodget, Harriet Haviland, Rachel Hazeltine.

Second Year German - Mary Blodget, Harriet Haviland.

Algebra - Mabel Blodget, Edith Bates, Vera Davis, Mabel Shuman, Harold Hazeltine.

Geometry - Kate Adamson, Harriet Haviland, Rachel Hazeltine.

Shortsville, N. Y. -
All of the citizens of this village will be interested in the following list of students who passed subjects during the regents' examinations held in the High school:
Spelling - Mary Carson and William Warren Lane.

Elementary English - Charles Austin, Emma Doley, Selma Doley, Marion Emery, Ruth Forshay, Kwineh McGurk, Clara E. Wilson, Lillian Allen and William P. Delahunty.

Geography - Eric Anderson, Gertrude Bounds, Emma Doley, Selma Doley, Marion Emery, Kwineh McGurk, Ralph W. Petty, Florence Stafford, and Clara E. Wilson.

English, first year - John F. Keleher, Richard H. Keleher, Florence Sickles and Martha C. Petty.

English, second year - Hester V. Heath, Richard H. Keleher.

Advanced English - William Allen Lane.

English Composition - William Allen Lane.

Advanced English Composition - Vera J. Brown and Hester V. Heath.
German, first year - Richard H. Keleher, Dora L. McGurk and Martha C. Willson.

German, second year - Leland Benton, Cornelia G. Bidwell, Vera J. Brown, John J. Haggerty, Hester V. Heath and Herman V. Willson.

German, third year - Fred E. Klinck.

Caesar's Commentaries - Leland Benton, Martha C. Willson.

Algebra - Roma Baggerly, Elmer Clarke, Roy Conderman, John F. Keleher, Richard H. Keleher, Hazel Klinck, Ralph Quinter.

Plane geometry - Charles M. Buck, John J. Haggerty, Blanche E. Latting, Dora L. McGurk, Margaret McGurk and Martha C. Willson.

Physiology and hygiene - William Farrell, Floyd Gillis, Irene Hebbard, William Warren Lane, Rae Packard, Ethel Wells, Martha C. Willson.

U. S. History - William Warren Lane.

Civics - Elmer Clarke, John F. Keleher, Florence Sickles.

Arithmetic - Eric Anderson, William Warren Lane and Florence Sickles.
The largest class ever graduated from this school includes the following students:  Miss Cornelia Genette Bidwell, Charles Mortimer Buck, Harold Mead Ballard, Leland Benton, Emmett Hiram Emery, John James Haggerty, Thurlow Titus Huntington, Miss Mae Estell Knapp, Fred Edgar Klinck, and Miss Margaret Elizabeth McGurk.

From Ontario County Chronicle 21 June 1905

Victor, N. Y. -
The following are home for the summer vacation: Warren Covill of Hobart College; Leslie G. Loomis of Williams College; Miss Marion Lobdell and James W. Fischer of Syracuse university.

From Victor Herald 23 June 1905

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The Class of 1906 organized June 19th with Edna Brown as president, Mary Belle Leete, vice-president and Lottie Tooley, secretary and treasurer. The other members of the class are Lula Chapin, Ruth Chase, Florence Terry, Elvira Butler, Gertrude Dunlap, Bessie Abbey and Thomas Purcell. The class colors are red, white and green.

From Geneva Daily Times 28 June 1905

Canandaigua, N. Y. -
The closing exercises of St. Mary's school and the graduation of the class of 1905 were held last evening at Bemis hall. Diplomas were presented to each of the following twenty-four members of the class of 1905, whose motto is "Success Crowns Effort":

Elmer J. Barry, Leo T. Burke, Michael M. Bergin, Augustine J. Colney, John E. Connelly, Edward J. Cross, John H. Duffy, Louis J. Figenscher, John F. Holihan, Katherine L. Coyle, Elizabeth F. Fennell, Katherine A. Fanning, Charles W. Johnston, George Leo Linehan, George T. Linehan, Daniel V. Murphy, Katherine A. Tuohey, Andrew F. McIntyre, Joseph J. Phillips, Hugh E. Smith, Charles R. Shea, Francis M. Stapleton, Gertrude H. Kelly, Julia M. Lynch, Julia M. McPhillips.

From Ontario County Chronicle 28 June 1905

Holcomb, N. Y. -
The following have returned from schools and colleges to spend their vacation with parents: Miss Bertha Peeling from Brockport Normal; Miss Theda V. Page, who June 19 graduated from the Albany Normal College; Miss Frances Mason from the Geneseo Normal; Miss Marion Hamlin who graduated from Vassar College; Miss Clara Partridge, preceptress of the Shortsville High School; Miss Clara Steele, teacher in Honeoye Falls High School.

Shortsville, N. Y. -
Among the young people of this village who graduated from educational institutions this June are the following: Sidney L. Heath from Cornell University; Miss Eva Klinck, Oswego Normal School; Miss Mabel Bradley, Ithaca Conservatory of Music; Miss Pauline Heath of Brockport, recently of Shortsville, Oswego Normal school; Clair A. Howland of Rochester, formerly of Shortsville, from Ann Arbor University; Henry Dewey from Ann Arbor University.

Naples, N. Y. - Commencement week was of unusual interest this year, a class of ten were graduated from the Naples High School as follows: Mary Margaret Maxfield, Hattie Alvira Smith, Claribel Emily Dutcher, May Eva Widener, Hazel Irene Slayton, Anna Edith Sutton, Leon Archie Porter, George Nelson Harris, Julian Morris Hatch, Dana Luther Tyler.

From Geneva Daily Times 7 July 1905

Shortsville, N. Y. -
The Alumni Association of the high school will hold its annual reunion and banquet in the parlors of the Presbyterian church this evening and about fifty guests are expected. The banquet will be served by the Ladies' Aid Society of the church, Mrs. Harriet U. Gaylord being chairman, and the following members of the committee in charge: Mrs. William H. Wilcox, Mrs. Bernard P. Darling, Mrs. Luther J. Howe, Mrs. B. W. Slocum, Mrs. J. D. Cooke, and Miss Ollie Johnston. The following have been appointed on the table committee: Mrs. Harry McDowell, Mrs. Harvey S. Van Cott, Mrs. J. D. Cooke, Mrs. W. J. Copping, Mrs. B. W. Slocum and Miss Mabel Upham.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 6 September 1905

Victor, N. Y. - 
The following Victor young people will be students at the various schools this year: Miss Annie Higinbotham, Granger Place, Canandaigua; Misses Fannie Ladd and Grace Frazier and Roswell Eldridge, Syracuse University; Misses Lillian Greene and Pearl Lander, Elmira Women's College; Miss Mamie Reissig, Buffalo Normal; Miss Carrie Aldridge, Canandaigua training class; W. Roy Gallup, W. Bushnell Osborne and Leslie G. Loomis, Jr., Williams College; Winfred H. W. Nelson and Paul Eldridge, Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, Lima.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 13 September 1905

Seneca Castle, N. Y. - 
With the opening weeks of September comes another school year and many Seneca Castle young people are departing to their studies or teaching. Their ranks this year are larger than ever before. The following notes tell who, when and where: Miss Alice Ottley, daughter of Supervisor C. T. Ottley, returns to Wellesley college, where she is a graduate assistant in the botany department; she likes her work and is giving excellent satisfaction. Miss Julia K. Maney will return to Brockport Normal school for her third and last year. Miss Fern Caton has returned to the same school. Prof. William E. Lambert has been reemployed as principal of the Olean school. Miss Florence Ritchie will have charge of the "brick" school east of town. The following pupils from here will attend the Geneva High school: the Misses Mildred and Mary Ottley, Miss Iva Salisbury, Miss Edna Brown, Burrett Gray. Henry D. Sargent, who is making such a creditable record at Syracuse, expects to return for another year of work. Floyd E. Adams will enter the university at the same time. Randall H. Baker, who last year finished his classical course in Canandaigua academy, has returned to that institution where he will take a year of work in the German scientific course.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 20 September 1905

Holcomb, N. Y. -
The following graduates of East Bloomfield High school, 1905, have entered upon higher studies this year: Mary Monehan, Anna Welch and Alice Santry have entered the Geneseo Normal; George Terry left on Saturday for Syracuse University; John Condon has gone to Niagara University, Niagara Falls; Bertram G. Hicks to Buffalo dental college; Miss Gertrude Wheeler to Buffalo medical college; Henrietta McCutcheon to a school in Washington.

From Victor Herald 6 October 1905

The following students have attained an average standing of 90 percent or over in their studies during the month of September and are entitled to a place on the Honor Roll:

Primary Department, First Grade - Mabel Collins, Ida Hunt, Olin Eldridge, Harvey Aldridge, Charlie Bailey, Harold Mead, Raymond Tobin, Margaret Brown, Frank McNutt.

Second Grade - Alice Eagleson, Irving Quigley, Laura Webster, Gladys Rowley, Florence Hill, Ernest Keating, Wilbur Hudson.

Intermediate Department, Third Grade - Charlie Stevens, Ruth Osborne, Esther McCarthy, Evelyn Keefe, Fannie Frazer.

Fourth Grade - Hattie Moore, Ruth Clapper, Mildred Clapper, James Concannon.

Fifth Grade - Gladys Merrill, Marie Farrell, Blanche Quigley, Luella Boughton, Olive Simonds, John Hill.

Sixth Grade - Elizabeth French, Florence Mead, Dorothy Loomis.

Seventh Grade - Lillian Magnus, Charles Lovejoy.

Eighth Grade - Gertrude Quigley, Clare Woolston, Marie Toomey.

Academic Department - Blanche Howland, Lucy Reissig, Rena Dillingham, Marguerite Simonds, Cathryn Brady, Martha Gallup, Iva McCloskey, Marie Norton, Lois Powell, Glenroie Vail, Earl Driscoll, Florence Hollingsworth, Lelia Kyte, Ruth Thornton, Ida Van Vechten, Almaha Wheaton, Earl Rugg, Lucile Simonds, Maryett Benson, Helen Scribner.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 15 November 1905

Victor, N. Y. - 
The following students in the various grades of the High school attained the highest averages for the past months: First grade, Charles Bailey and Olin Eldridge; second grade, Gladys Rowley; third grade Charlie Stevens; fourth grade, Ruth Clapper; fifth grade, Helen Aldrich; sixth grade, Elizabeth French; eighth grade, Roy Mann; academy department, Marguerite Simonds, Blanche Howland and Lelia Kyte.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 6 December 1905

Shortsville, N. Y. - 
The following young people were home for the Thanksgiving vacation: Miss Mabel Melvin, Miss Ruth Sherburne, Miss Mabel Latting from Brockport Normal School; Fred E. Klinck from Rochester High School; Miss Margaret McGurk from District No. 11, and Miss Anna Farrell from her school in Manchester.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 27 December 1905

Victor, N. Y. - 
Among the young people home from the various schools for the holiday vacation are: Miss Anna Adams, Geneseo Normal; Misses Fannie Ladd, Grace Frazer, Bertha Concannon and James W. Fischer, Syracuse university; D. Henry Osborne, W. Bushnell Osborne, Jr., and M. Ernest Hopkins, Williams college; Misses Ruth Parmele and Gertrude Nelson, Albany Normal; Warren Simonds and Harry Martin, Genesee Wesleyan seminary, Lima; Robert G. Higinbotham, Auburn Theological Seminary.

The students of Victor High school have issued the first number of a quarterly magazine devoted to school interests, known as the "V. H. S. Student." The following constitute the editorial staff: Miss Lucile Simonds, editor; Miss Elizabeth McD. Osborne, assistant editor; Earle M. Rugg, business manager; Miss Ruth Thornton, exchange editor; Miss Laura Wilbur has charge of the alumni department; Leon Smith, local editor; Ellsworth Greene, athletic editor.

 From Victor Herald 29 December 1905

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The following students are spending the holidays at their homes: George Terry from Syracuse; Miss Bessie MacGreevey and John Condon from Niagara Falls; Miss Gertrude Wheeler and Bertram Hicks from Buffalo; Misses Alice Santry, Anna Welch, and Mary G. Monahan from Geneseo; Lloyd Partridge from Ann Arbor, Mich.; Miss Etta McCutcheon from Washington.

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