Newspaper Items - School

From Ontario County Journal 3 February 1899

Manchester, N. Y. - 
School report for January. Names of pupils attaining a standing of 90 per cent or over: Academic - Hattie Van Arsdale, Bertha Knapp, James Everetts, John Johnson, Charles LaBounty, Harry Huntley, Minnie Wilson, Ray Macumber. Pre-academic - Annabel Johnson, Clara Van Arsdale, Wilson Van Arsdale, Ethel McLouth, Maude Huntley, Charles Covel, Frank Rogers. Seventh grade - Courtney Randall, Mildred Randall, Blanche Houston, Stanley Post, William Morris. Fifth grade - Bessie Allison, Charles Smith, Hugh Hawkes. Fourth grade - Angelina Garno, Dora Hyde, Olive Post, Albert Covell, Ephraim Garno. Third grade - Wilda Hawkes, Katherine Barry, Cynthia Leroy, Florence Allison, Sarah Sprague. Second grade - Grace Cox, Ruth Wilson, Roy Rice, Edwin Ver Planc, Charles Pulling, Ainsworth Bennett, Raymond Fairchild, John Houston, Edward Smith, Ruth Stevens, Frank Sprague. First grade - Gordon Cole, John Cornelius, Esther Fairchild, Stuart Hawkes, Henry Jones, Rubie Knapp, Frank LeRoy, Margie O'Neal, Joseph Sanzo, Clifford Smith, May Wilson, Catherine Burns, Joseph Pulling, Clara McNish, Esther Fairchild.

From Ontario County Journal 17 February 1899

West Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The following pupils of the West Bloomfield graded school passed the January regents' examination held at Honeoye and East Bloomfield: Arithmetic - Sadie Leary, Ida Youngs; grammar - Mary Rigney, Martin Rigney, Sadie Leary, Grace Reynolds, Don Warren, Ida Youngs; geography - Henry Courneen, Don Warren; writing - Sadie Leary; spelling - George Dixon, Louise Dixon, Sadie Leary, Catharine Moore, Nettie Olmstead, Grace Reynolds, Eva Snowden, Don Warren; Adv. English - Mamie Ashe, Erma Hewitt; Eng. composition - Mamie Ashe, Erma Hewitt; rhetoric - Mamie Ashe, Erma Hewitt; algebra - Erma Hewitt; civics - Mamie Ashe; physical geography - Mamie Ashe.

From Ontario County Journal 17 March 1899

Shortsville, N. Y. -
The class of '99 of the High school has elected the following officers: President, Frances Blansett; vice-president, Althea Knapp; secretary and treasurer, Hattie Hall.

From Ontario County Journal 21 April 1899

The class of '99 of the Union High school number 13 members: Emma M. Douglass, Minnie L. Trafton, Lois A. Huntley, Elizabeth T. Bagley, Sarah M. Donovan, W. Fred Jones, Helen C. Buckley, Walter H. Tibbals, Ada B. Chisholm, Milton J. Phillips, Eugene A. Smith, Jessie Marks, Mary Sheldon, Agnes G. Keough. Miss Keogh has won the distincton of valedictorian and Miss M. Donovan that of salutatorian.

From Ontario County Journal 28 April 1899

The graduating class of the Union High school has elected officers as follows: President, Walter H. Tibbals; vice-president, Minnie L. Trafton; secretary, Emma L. Douglass; treasurer, W. Fred Jones; prophet, Ada B. Chisholm; poet, Lois A. Huntley; historian, Elizabeth T. Bagley.

From Ontario County Journal 26 May 1899

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
The graduating class of the High school has the following members: Misses Clara Steel, Maude Mason, Margaret Mahoney, Marion Hamlin, Messrs. Harry Wheelock and Fred Spitz.

Victor, N. Y. - 
The graduating class of the Victor High school this year is composed of Misses Mary Wallace, Ruth Parmelee, Louise Childs and Earl Strong.

From Ontario County Journal 30 June 1899

At a meeting of the alumni of the Union High school, held on Friday morning, officers were elected as follows: President, Asa B. Priest, '89; vice-president, Miss Ada Ellis, '91; secretary, Miss Carrie C. Crane, '92; treasurer, Walter H. Tibballs, '99.

From Ontario County Journal 6 October 1899

Manchester, N. Y. - 
The school report for September is as follows; names of pupils neither absent nor tardy stand first: Harry Coffan, Floyd Cox, Clara Covil, Albert Dalton, Alice Gilman, Blanche Houston, Helen Harrington, Dora Hyde, Annabel Johnson, Frank LeRoy; Ruth Morris; Olive Post; Mildred Randall; Charles Smith, Clara VanArsdale, Hattie VanArsdale; Thomas Allison, May Anderson, Grace Austin, Charles Austin, Florence Allison, Bessie Allison, John Barry, May Burns, Catherine Burns, Edward Barry, Ainsworth Bennett, Katherine Barry, Blanche Craver, Gordon Cole, Jacob Cornelius, Grace Cox, Allen Craver, Roy Curtis, William Cain, Albert Covell, Earl Curtis, Alice Cole, Leslie Craver, Bessie Daly, George Edwards, Fred Frace, Raymond Fairchild, Ester Fairchild, Edna Fairchild, Lena Grant, Ephraim Garno, Angle Garno, Marshall Garno, Arthur Hoffmire, Hugh Hawkes, Wilda Hawkes, John Houston, Stewart Hawkes, Nathaniel Harrington, John Johnson, Henry Jones, Thomas Jerr, Erna Knapp, Marion King, Rubie Knapp, Harriet King, Sarah LeRoy, Louise McLouth, Cynthia LeRoy, Durfee LeRoy, Mollie Macumber, Ethel McLouth, Frances McComb, Mary Martin, Timothy McNally, Harris Morris, Bessie Morris, George Morgan, Charles Morgan, Morris Morris, Mary Morgan, Herbert O'Neal, Marguerite O'Neal, May O'Brien, Fred O'Brien, Stanley Post, Belle Padgham, Harry Proshell, Fay Pratt, Joseph Pulling, Courtney Randall, Nellie Rodney, Charles Reed, Cherrie Randall, Roy Rice, Sidney Rogers, William Smith, Bishop Short, Gertrude Smith, Alice Smith, Edward Smith, Herbert Smith, Mildred Sheffield, Mary Sanzo, Sarah Sprague, Stella Smith, Clifford Smith, Leon Smith, Bert Smith, Joseph Sanzo, Nicholas Sanzo, Gertrude Turner, William Turner, Flora Belle Turner, Michael Tubbs, William Tubbs, Sidney Vennevy, Edward VerPlanck, Rose Vennevy, Alice Van Duyne, Wilson Van Arsdale, Isaac Vennevy, Fred Vienna, Minnie Wilson, Bertha Walfer, Charles Wilson, Ruth Wilson, Marie Whiting, Lottie Waite, May Wilson, Henry Warner, Frank Sprague.

From Victor Herald 13 October 1899

Honor Roll at Victor High School -
During the first month of the school year, the following students in the various departments have secured a class standing of 90 per cent or more:

Mary Reeder - 95; Camilla Sale - 95; Townsend Curtice - 94; Agnes Higinbotham - 93; Gertrude Jones - 93; Esther Powell - 93; Rose Lynaugh - 92; Lily Ryan - 92; Maida Snyder - 92; Mary Talmadge - 91; Julia Tobin - 91; Vera Brown - 90.

GRAMMAR ROOM, Seventh Grade:  Grace Frazer -90; Roy Gallup - 92; Fannie Ladd - 91; Warren Simonds - 90; Laura Wilbur - 92.

Eighth Grade: Anna Adams - 90; Gertrude Concannon - 94; Helen Cotton - 91; Lillie Green - 98; Annie Higinbotham - 93; Ernest Hopkins - 90; Alfred Murphy - 92; Dora Mead - 94; Florence Padgham - 95; Gratia Tebbets - 96; Rhetna Williams - 90.

INTERMEDIATE DEPARTMENT, A Class: Marguerite Simonds - 91; Howard Herendeen - 90; Bertha Boughton - 90.

B Class:  Lucile Simonds - 90; Blanche Loney - 90; Helen Curtice - 91.

C Class: Harry Loomis - 92; Marguerite Burke - 91.

PRIMARY DEPARTMENT, A Class:  Ruth Ewer - 98; Evelyn Mead - 97; Marie Norton - 97; Marion Tebbetts - 96; Bernice Loney - 95; Maryett Benson - 94; Helen Simonds - 93; George Higinbotham - 93; Ruth Hill - 93; Elmer Sage - 91.

B Class:  Hattie McNutt - 98; Irene Connell - 96; Ward Heath - 95; Belle Barry - 94; Ethel Wilbur - 92; Fred Sale - 90.

C Class:  Marie Toomey - 95; Ruth VanDenBergh - 93; Clarence McNutt - 90; Ida Henehan - 90.

From Ontario County Journal 29 December 1899

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
The following young people are at home for the holidays: Miss Marion H. Hamlin of Rye seminary; Miss Sibyll Hamlin of Dwight school; Miss Clara Chase of the High school faculty of Warren, Ohio; Miss Clara Partridge of Oberlin college; Miss Lucy Buell of Albany Normal school; Misses Maud and Lena Mason of the Geneseo Normal school; Miss Clara Steele of the Brockport Normal school; Claude Burrett of the Syracuse university; Frank McMichael of the Genesee Wesleyan seminary.

Honeoye, N. Y. - Quite a number of young people are home for the holidays: Ola Hamilton and Clarence Hicks from the Rochester Business College; George Lawrence from the Rochester University; Leonard Gilbert from the Geneseo Normal; Beth Deyo from Mt. Holyoke.

From Victor Herald 26 January 1900

The Work of the High School -
Today closes the second quarter and the first half of the school year. Next Monday will open the third quarter at which time many new classes will be organized. This will be an excellent time for students to enroll, who have not already done so, the present year. We give below the names of non-resident students who are now in attendance:

FARMINGTON - Robert Bowerman, Frank Hunt, Irving W. Payne, Mary E. Tuttle

MERTENSIA - Louis Brady, Florence Lane, Rose Lynaugh, Walter Mosher, Lily Ryan

VICTOR OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL DISTRICT - Anna Adams, Carrie Aldridge, Irene Barry, Alfred Barry, Nelson Blazey, Olive Blazey, Bertha Boughton, Ruth Boughton, George Boughton, Frank Bumpus, Grant Cline, Irma Conover, John Conover, Fred Cratsley, Louis Crowley, George Crowley, John Carr, John Driscoll, I. B. Estes, Ina Finucan, Enos G. Gallup, Catherine Ganey, Lillian Green, George Hawkins, Gertrude Henehan, Ida Henehan, Ruth Hill, Maude Hunt, Homer Hunt, Mary Keating, Johanna Keefe, Emmett Keefe, Charles McMahon, William Mosher, Francis Murphy, William O'Brien, Anna O'Neill, Florence Padgham, Ruth Parmele, Clifford Rose, Ray Rose, Alonzo Rowley, Clarence Rugg, William Rugg, George Sidell, John Sullivan, Callie Tillotson, James Tischer, Benjamin Tischer, Julia Tobin, William Tobin.

From Ontario County Journal 20 April 1900

The following are the 23 members of the graduating class of Canandaigua High school: Alta R. Cooley, Fred D. Cribb, George R. Ellis, Helen M. Farrell, William E. Green, Ruth C. Hobart, Frederick Leighton, James F. Maltman, Ethel L. Mather, Mary E. McDonald, A. George Nicholson, James M. O'Neill, Alice M. Ottley, Elnathan G. Phillips, Jessie E. Pierce, Carl S. Reed, May B. Robson, J. Raymond Shulters Arthur E. Thompson, F. Eugene Townsend, H. Curtis Whedon, Charles S. Wilson and May E. Wood. Charles S. Wilson, of Halls Corners, is the valedictorian of the class, and May E. Wood, of the same place, salutatorian. The organization of the class is as follows: President, H. Curtis Whedon; secretary and treasurer, Carl S. Reed; honor essay, Alice M. Ottley; honor oration, Elnathan G. Phillips; prophet, Ruth C. Hobart; historian, Ethel L. Mather; poet, James M. O'Neill.

From Victor Herald 27 April 1900

The Senior Class of the Victor High School have elected the following officers: President, Clarence Floyd Rugg; vice-president, Vera Hazel Brown; secretary, Mary Kellogg Reeder; treasurer, Rose Alice Lynaugh.

From Ontario County Journal 25 May 1900

The Canandaigua High school base ball team is composed of the following players: Fielders, W. Wallace, J. Martin, J. Kennedy, Fred Pruner; 3d base, R. Sisson; 2d base, W. Green; 1st base, E. Anderson; short stop, M. Herrington; catcher, J. Niblock; pitchers, P. Turner, J. Woodside. M. Herrington is captain, J. Niblock is manager; E. Anderson is treasurer and A. P. Williams official umpire.

From Geneva Gazette 8 June 1900

The following named candidates for the Cornell University scholarship took part in the competitive examination conducted by Commissioners Stephens and Aldridge in Canandaigua on Saturday:  Herman D. Baggerly, of Clifton Springs; Roy H. Kipp, of Shortsville; Frederick Leighton, of Canandaigua; J. Fisher Maltman, of Canandaigua; Helen M. Marshall, of Geneva; Alice Ottley, of Seneca Castle; Alice M. Turner, of Clifton Springs; Charles S. Wilson, of Hall's Corners.  The papers have been forwarded to the State Department of Public Instruction, and the result will be announced later.

From Victor Herald 8 June 1900

The following are the standings of pupils of the Victor High School for the month of May:

PRIMARY DEPARTMENT - Fred Sale, 94; John McCarthy, 93; Ethel Wilbur, 93; Hattie McNutt, 93; Isabel Keating, 92; Blanche Sage, 92; Marie Toomey, 91; Charlie Peck, 90; Carl Higinbotham, 90; Peer Locke, 94Clarence McNutt, 93; John Mangan, 93; George McCrone, 93; Nettie Wilber, 93; Ruth VanDenbergh, 90; Neva Remer, 96; Charley Lovejoy, 96; Harley Lovejoy, 92.

INTERMEDIATE DEPARTMENT:  Fourth Grade - Evelyn Mead, 93; George Higinbotham, 95, Bernice Lone, 93; Marie Norton, 92; Blanche Howland, 92; Ruth Hill, 91; Ruth Ewer, 91; Helen Simonds, 91; Russell Simonds, 90; Marion Tebbetts, 90; Carroll Moore, 90; Fifth Grade - Harry Loomis, 94; Marguerite Burke, 91; Glenroie Vail, 90; Ruth Boughton, 90. Sixth Grade - Lucile Simonds, 91; Mary Dunlap, 91; Blanche Loney, 93; Libbie Bennett, 90.

GRAMMAR DEPARTMENT:  Seventh Grade - James Mangan, 94; Lois Powell, 93; Walter Eckler, 93; Everett Norton, 92; Hiram Wilcox, 92; Marguerite Simonds, 92; Bertha Boughton, 91; Howard Barry, 90; Allan Cornford, 90; Elmer Peachy, 90; Willie Concannon, 90; Irma Conover, 90. Eighth Grade - Fannie Ladd, 95; Roy Gallup, 95; Daniel Enright, 94; Laura Wilber, 93; Winifred Nelson, 92; Grace Frazer, 92; Jessie Cole, 92; Ethel Shanks, 91; Warren Simonds, 91; Jay Remer, 91; Carrie Aldridge, 95.

ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT - Ralph Harmon, 94; Mary Reeder, 94; Charles McMahon, 92; Anna Adams, 91; Maude Hunt, 91; Jean Ladd, 91; Florence Padgham, 91; Gertrude Concannon, 90; Mary Talmadge, 90.

From Victor Herald 22 June 1900

Regents Examinations at Victor High School:

READING - Maude I. Hunt, 80.

SPELLING - Terry Aldridge, 94; Cathryn Brady, 76; Agnes Lapham, 94.

ELEMENTARY ENGLISH - Grant Cline, 80; Frank M. Hunt, 80; Edgar R. Mead, 77; William J. Mosher, 75; Hester C. Wallace, 75.

ARITHMETIC - Gertrude Concannon, 75; Nellie Crowley, 87; Annie Higinbotham, 75; Maude I. Hunt, 79; Florence M. Lane, 81; Walter Mosher, 91; Mary E. Tuttle, 75; Hester C. Wallace, 83.

GEOGRAPHY - Anna D. Adams, 82; Diana M. Porter, 79; Julia T. Tobin, 82; Hester C. Wallace, 77.

ADVANCED ENGLISH - Catherine Gainey, 75; Johanna Keefe, 75; Jean Ladd, 80; Florence M. Lane, 75; Charles J. McMahon, 83; William B. Osborne, 82; Esther Powell, 80; Clifford E. Rose, 75; Lily A. Ryan, 75; Camilla B. Sale, 80; Blanche Sherrard, 75; Mary E. Tuttle, 75; Eva E. Wing, 80; Lizzie Sullivan, 80; John Sullivan, 75.

ENGLISH COMPOSITION - Anna D. Adams, 79; Gertrude Concannon, 80; Catherine Ganey, 85; Lillian C. Greene, 92; Annie Higinbotham, 90; Maude I. Hunt, 87; Mary M. Keating, 76; Dora E. Mead, 76; Florence E. Padgham, 77; Clifford E. Rose, 77; James W. Tischer, 75.

RHETORIC - Charles J. McMahon, 75.

ENGLISH LITERATURE - Vera E. Brown, 92; Gertrude L. Henehan, 75; Gertrude Jones, 81; Rose A. Lynaugh, 86; Henry D. Osborne, 89; Mary K. Reeder, 97; Mary Tallmadge, 90.

ENGLISH SELECTIONS - Vera H. Brown, 75; Rose A. Lynaugh, 91; Henry D. Osborne, 87; Mary K. Reeder, 100; Mary Tallmadge, 98.

GERMAN - 2d yr - Vera H. Brown, 78; 3d yr - Agnes H. Higinbotham, 82.

LATIN - 1st yr - Roy E. Bowerman, 96; Townsend W. Curtice, 88; Ralph E. Harmon, 96; Gertrude L. Henehan, 84; Clifford E. Rose, 80; Maida H. Snyder, 93; Mary Tallmadge, 85; Eva E. Wing, 75.

CAESAR'S COMMENTARIES - Agnes H. Higinbotham, 79; Gertrude Jones, 81; Leslie G. Loomis, 75.

GREEK, 1st year - Leslie G. Loomis, 82.

ALGEBRA - Roy E. Bowerman, 84; Bertha A. Concannon, 88; Nora Egan, 92; Ralph E. Harmon, 81; Agnes H. Higinbotham, 90; Margaret Merriman, 75; William B. Osborne, 75; Diana M. Porter, 76; Maida H. Snyder, 75; Francis Whelan, 87.

PLANE GEOMETRY - Gertrude L. Henehan, 75; Leslie G. Loomis, 86; Mary K. Reeder, 75; Clarence F. Rugg, 76.

PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY - Catherine Ganey, 89; Ralph E. Harmon, 95; Florence M. Lane, 81; Mae M. Mead, 75; Maida H. Snyder, 77; Lizzie Sullivan, 87; Mary E. Tuttle, 78; Francis Whelan, 79; Eva E. Wing, 81.

BOTANY - Vera H. Brown, 84; Rose A. Lynaugh, 81; Henry D. Osborne, 78; Mary K. Reeder, 96; Clarence F. Rugg, 86.

ZOOLOGY - Bertha A. Concannon, 90; Catherine Ganey, 75; Charles J. McMahon, 88; Clifford E. Rose, 86.

PHYSIOLOGY AND HYGIENE - Gertrude Concannon, 85; Nellie Crowley, 95; Edgar R. Mead, 75; Mae M. Mead, 84; William J. Mosher, 88; Walter Mosher, 85; Florence E. Padgham, 81; Julia T. Tobin, 77.

GREEK HISTORY - Roy E. Bowerman, 88.


NEW YORK HISTORY - Roy E. Bowerman, 97; Nellie Crowley, 77; Lillian C. Greene, 75; William J. Mosher, 79; Clifford E. Rose, 83; Lily A. Ryan, 75; Blanche Sherrard, 86.

BOOKKEEPING - Townsend W. Curtice, 75; Charles J. McMahon, 91; William B. Osborne, 81; Ruth Parmele, 81.

DRAWING - Grant Cline, 85; Maude I. Hunt, 75; Florence M. Lane, 75; Edgar R. Mead, 78; Florence E. Padgham, 83.

From Ontario County Journal 22 June 1900

Naples, N. Y. - 
The baccalaureate sermon to the graduating class of the Naples High School was given on Sunday evening at the Presbyterian church by its pastor. The class consists of ten, as follows: John Bolles, Lawrence E. Smith, William T. Lyon, J. Arthur Hunt, Frank R. Wheaton, Percy S. Wheaton, Misses Martha Knapp, Margie R. Sherman, Florence N. Tyler, Mary Lydia Cleveland.

From Victor Herald 29 June 1900

Miss Leona May Adams,
of this village, graduated this year from Brockport Normal School, in the English course. The subject of Miss Adams' commencement essay was "The Future Woman." Miss Marion Lobdell, who is also at Brockport graduates next year.

From Ontario County Journal 29 June 1900

Phelps, N. Y. - 
The tenth annual banquet of the Phelps union and classical school alumni, which was held in Gibson hall on Tuesday evening, was quite a success and as usual a very pleasant affair. Willis Vandemark, of Rochester, the retiring president, acted as master of ceremonies. The officers elected for the ensuing year are as follows: President, Dr. W. A. Howe; second vice-president, Mrs. George Salisbury; third vice-president, Dr. Willis Holbrook; fourth vice-president, Miss Bertha Wright; secretary, Miss Emma Salisbury; treasurer, Willis Avery. Among the many out-of-town guests was John S. Coe, Esq., of Canandaigua. Miss Marjorie Sanford, of New York, was also present.

The following teachers and students have completed the year's work and are at home for the summer vacation: Miss Ruby Simmons, teacher in the kindergarten school Rochester; Miss Carrie Riker, Syracuse university; Miss Loe Voak, Syracuse university; Herbert Foster, Cornell university; Lois Hallenbeck, a member of the graduating class of Ann Arbor university; Charles Anderson, Hotchkiss school, Lakeville, Conn.; Miss Francis Hart, teacher in public school, Niagara Falls; Ora Vandenberg, teacher in Detroit schools; Miss Mary E. Parmele, St. Andrews Training school, Rochester; Miss Sarah Donnovan, Syracuse university; Edward Widman, St. Bernard's Seminary, Rochester; Jason Parrish, Syracuse university; Henry W. Hamlin, Yale university; Miss Martha Howey, Smith college.

From Victor Herald 6 July 1900

Nelson Lobdell,
who recently graduated from St. Lawrence University, arrived at his home in this town today. Mr. Lobdell, in company with several other students, wheeled from Canton, N. Y., to this section of the State, stopping at Thousand Islands to spend Sunday.

From Ontario County Journal 7 September 1900

Gorham, N. Y. - 
Those who will attend school from here are Anna Pierson, Fred and Ervin Metcalf, at Canandaigua Academy; James and Bessie Allen, Roy Whitaker and Lillian Boyce, at Geneva.

From Ontario County Chronicle 12 September 1900

Shortsville, N. Y. -
The following graduates of our village High School leave this week for higher educational advancement: Miss Frances DeR. Blansett and Miss Althea P. Knapp, to Geneseo State Normal; Miss Irene Van Buren, to Granger Place; Miss Gertrude Derr, to Cleveland Homeopathic Medical College; Rea V. Howland and Henry C. Dewey, to the Rochester University; John H. Perry to the Mechanics Institute, Rochester.

From Ontario County Journal 14 September 1900

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
The following have returned to their school: Misses Lena and Maud Mason, Geneseo Normal, and Miss Clara G. Steele, Brockport Normal.

From Ontario County Journal 28 September 1900

The pigskin punters, known as the Academy football team, is made up as follows: Manager, John Niblock; captain, Elmer Anderson; center, Albert Tuller, guards, Fred Benham, Leo Allen; tackle, Henry Sargent, John Kennedy; end, Rollin Sisson, Ray Conyne; half back, Peter Burke, Earl Lee; quarterback, Elmer Anderson; full back, John Niblock, substitute, William Donovan. Lucius Wilcox and Enos S. Booth will coach the team.

From Ontario County Chronicle 28 November 1900

Rushville, N. Y. -
Last Thursday the boys of the Rushville Union School Academic Department organized a Literary Society. There were twenty members present. The following officers were elected: President, Stanley Vorhees; Vice-President, George Ebert; Secretary, J. M. Wise; Treasurer, Harry Conway; Tellers, Oliver Hunter and Henry Vorhees.

From Victor Herald 28 December 1900

PRIMARY DEPARTMENT - Isabel Keating, 96; Evelyn Keating, 95; Marie Toomey, 95; John McCarthy, 95; Freddie Sale, 93; Roy Williams, 93; Blanche Sage, 91; Peer Locke, 95; Ida Henehan, 93; Mabel Dunford, 92; Nettie Wilber, 92; John Mangan, 92; Ellis Boughton, 91; George McCrone, 91; Ruth VanDenbergh, 90; Norman Brace, 95; Charley Lovejoy, 95; Neva Remer, 95; Harley Lovejoy, 92; Mary Heffron, 90; Florence Mead, 90, Lucile Loney, 90.

INTERMEDIATE DEPARTMENT - Fourth Grade: Evelyn Mead, 95; Bernice Loney, 95; Ruth Ewer, 93; Maryett Benson, 94; Blanche Howland, 95; Belle Barry, 92; Helen Simonds, 92; Marie Norton, 95; George Higinbotham, 95; Roy Childs, 90. Fifth Grade: Harry Loomis, 95; Henry Toomey, 94; Charley Dailey, 93; Arthur Shanks, 90; Glenroie Vail, 90; Fred Locke, 90; Marguerite Burke, 92; Ruth Boughton, 93. Sixth Grade: Mary Dunlap, 95; Lucile Simonds, 92; Blanche Loney, 93; Elizabeth Osborne, 93; Libbie Bennett, 93; Dora Ingraham, 94; Ida Van Vechten, 95.

ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT - Johanna Keefe, 97; Leslie Loomis, 95; June Turner, 94; Ralph Harmon, 93; Jean Ladd, 93; Louis Brady, 93; Lily Ryan, 92; Charles McMahon, 92; Grant Cline, 92; Esther Powell, 92; Louis Ferrin, 92; Hester Wallace, 91; Diana Porter, 91; Dora Mead, 91; Gertrude Jones, 91; Frank Hunt, 91; William Mosher, 91; Irving Payne, 90; Rose Lynaugh, 90; Gertrude Concannon, 90; Mary Tallmadge, 90.

Allen's Hill, N. Y. - The following young people who are attending school are home for Christmas vacation: Miss Jessie Bancroft, from Canandaigua; Miss Grace Sayre, from Lima; Fred Ray, from Oberlin, Ohio; Milton Phillips, from Cornell; Walter Phillips from Canandaigua; Miss Jeanette Deal, from East Bloomfield, where she is employed as teacher in the Union school.

From Ontario County Chronicle 2 January 1901

Allen's Hill, N. Y. - The following students are home for the holidays: Fred Ray, from Oberlin; Miss Grace Sayre, from Lima; Miss Jessie Bancroft and Walter Phillips, from Canandaigua.

From Ontario County Chronicle 9 January 1901

Rushville, N. Y. - The following young people who have been spending the holidays here have returned: Harry Williams and Arthur Jackson, to Syracuse; Holmes Haviland and Carrie Loomis, to Geneseo; Helen Blodgett, to Canandaigua; Catherine Hoover, to Lockport; Mary Hoover, to Albion; Carrie Hunter, to Yatesville; Lena Haviland, to Lowville; Jennie Smith, to Mohawk; Jennie Ainsley, to Southampton; Lena Jackson, to Brockport; Jennie Hoover, to Liberty; Luther Hoover, to Rochester; Frank Harkness, to Buffalo.

From Victor Herald 5 April 1901

The following are the average standings for the entire year in both class work and examinations:


A class - Marie Toomey, 95; Blanche Sage, 95; John McCarthy, 94; Fred Sale, 94; Frank Hurley, 88; Ethel Wilbur, 85; Roy Williams, 84.

B classs - Ruth VanDenbergh, 95; Ida Henehan, 95; Mabel Dunford, 95; George McCrone, 94; Lizzie Hurley, 94; Claude Dunford, 93;

Nettie Wilber,
90; Emmet Keating, 89; Ellis Boughton, 88; Peer Locke, 88; Charley Lovejoy, 87.

C class - Neva Remer, 92; Florence Mead, 84; Lucile Loney, 83; Harley Lovejoy, 75.


Seventh Grade - Dean Rose, 95; Allan Cornford, 93; Lois Powell, 92; Ina Finean, 92; William Concanon, 90; Burton Van Maaven, 90; Elmer Peachy, 90; Bertha Boughton, 88; Ina Lobdell, 88; Hiram Wilcox, 86; Ernest Hulbert, 85; Flora Mosher, 84; Howard Barry, 83; Everett Norton, 80; Albert Powell, 78.


Sixth Grade - Dora Ingraham, 96; Lucile Simonds, 95; Ida VanVechten, 92, Libbie Bennett, 92; Blanche Loney, 92; Elizabeth Osborne, 85; Mary Dunlap, 83; Edith Carr, 76; Earl Van Denberg, 75;

Fifth Grade - Harry Loomis, 97; Charles Dailey, 91; Ruth Boughton, 90; Henry Toomey, 88; Pearl Holcomb, 85; Arthur Shanks, 82; Alta Cornford, 80; Marguerite Burke, 80; Hattie Hall, 79; Fred Locke, 78; Allan Hopkins, 75.

Fourth Grade - George Higinbotham, 96; Marie Norton, 95; Blanche Howland, 93; Evelyn Mead, 93; Bernice Loney, 93; Helen Simonds, 93; Maryett Benson, 93; Marian Tebbetts, 90; Belle Barry, 85; Irene Connell, 84; Ruth Hill, 83; Russell Simonds, 82; Elmer Sage, 82; Earl Hutchinson, 80; Earl Remer, 80; Ruth Ewer, 80; Carroll Moore, 79; Frank Mead, 79; Ethel Hutchinson, 78; Erva Wilbur, 78; Milton Wilcox, 78; Roy Boothe, 77; Olive Nichols, 77; Roy Childs, 75, Francis McCrone, 75; Raymond Nichols, 75; Herbert Wilbur, 75.

From Ontario County Chronicle 24 April 1901

The Canandaigua Academy baseball team has been organized for the season as follows: Frank Welch, left field; Enos Booth, center field; John Martin, right field; Rollin F. Sisson, third base; William Green, second base; Elmer Anderson, first base; George Leach, shortstop; John Niblock, catcher; James Woodside, pitcher.

From Ontario County Chronicle 1 May 1901

Rushville, N. Y. - The graduating class of the union school has organized with six members and has elected officers as follows: President and valedictorian - Lulu M. Holbrook; vice- president and salutatorian, Mary C. Flynn; poet, Genevieve E. Wilson; prophet - Grace G. Williams; essayists - Nettie M. Greene, Ruth Blodgett.

From Victor Herald 3 May 1901

The graduating class of the Victor High School for 1901 numbers four. The members of the class with the offices that they are to fill are as follows: D. Henry Osbourne Jr., president and valedictorian; Gertrude Jones, secretary and salutatorian; Mary Talmadge, treasurer, class poet and historian; Gertrude Henehan, class essayist. The colors chosen by the class are red and gold, and its motto is "Aim High."

From newspaper 10 May:  Louis Brady, a former pupil of Victor High School, has returned to school and joined the graduating class of 1901. The class now numbers five instead of four.

From Ontario County Journal 3 May 1901

The graduating class of 1901 of the Canandaigua academy is composed of nine members, who have organized as follows: Henry Didana Sergeant, of Seneca Castle, valedictorian; Herbert Herman Tracey, Flint Creek, salutatorian; Elihu Standish, Academy, honorary oration; Gertrude Rachel Olmstead, honorary essay; Miss Laura Ann Ottley, prophet; Helen Francis Southerland, historian; Mary Francis Martin, poet; Jacob Vorrenter, president; Elizabeth Esther O'Keefe, vice-president.

From Ontario County Chronicle 8 May 1901

Reed's Corners, N. Y. - The Roll of Honor in the school for the week ending May 3 contains the following names: Ethel Davis, Myrtle Griffin, Harry Hartsough, Maud Perrin, Mable Wild, Frances Osborne.

From Ontario County Journal 10 May 1901

The graduating class of the Geneseo Normal school numbers 149 members, of whom 13 are from Ontario County: Florence A. Ashley, Honeoye; Asa R. Deal, Allen's Hill; Harriet E. Hall, Cheshire; Edwin D. Hamlin, Harry G. Lyon and John S. Vermilye, Naples; Althea P. Knapp, Shortsville; Carrie E. Loomis and Patrick H. Sheehan, Rushville; Mary R. McKenna, Canandaigua; Maude A. Mason, East Bloomfield; Mary E. Meagher, Holcomb; Mary I. Rigney, West Bloomfield.

From Ontario County Journal 17 May 1901

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
The graduates of the High school for 1901 are Raymond B. Partridge and Roy H. Mason.

From Ontario County Chronicle 29 May 1901

Phelps, N. Y. - The commencement exercises of the Phelps high school will be held in Gibson hall on the evening of June 25. The class of 1901 is composed of the following students: Cora Barringer, Martha Boyes, Minnie Bulkley, Luther Falkey, Sara Falkey, Minera Hicks, Margaret McAniff, Alice Neider, Bertha Padden, Susan Millier, Howard Van DeMark, Earle White, Francis Wisewell.

From Ontario County Chronicle 5 June 1901

Phelps, N. Y. - The graduating class of the Phelps High School of 1901 is the largest in many years. Through the efforts of its principal, Professor W. A. Ingals, the school has gradually risen in proficiency until it now ranks among the first of its grade in the state. Its foreign scholarship now exceeds any previous year. The class officers are: President, Luther Falkey; vice-president, Howard Vandemark; secretary, Bertha Padden; treasurer, Sarah Falkey; salutatorian, Minnie Hicks; valedictorian, Earl White; class history, Minnie Buckley; class will, Francis Wisewell; poet, Alice Neider; essayist, Cora Barringer; orator, Howard Vandemark; prophet, Earl White.

From Ontario County Journal 21 June 1901

Allen's Hill, N. Y. - 
The following pupils passed the grade examinations recently held in the Union school: Eighth grade, James Murphy, Nellie Case, Eleanor Simmons, Bessie Abbey, Fred Bell; seventh grade, Pansie Abbey, Vera Case; sixth grade, John Deal, Ola Simmons; fifth grade, Helen Brown, Wales Duffy, Emery Horton, Blanche Mitchell, George McLemale; fourth grade, Emma Belcher, Lyra Patterson, Herbert Peterson, Harry Clark; second grade, Katie Strepp, John Meehan, Carl Simmons, Raymond Sleight; first grade, Glen Patterson, Mary Clark.

From Ontario County Journal 28 June 1901

Naples, N. Y. - 
Students home from their schools are: Miss Minnie Everett, Pratt Institute; Hugh Parrish, Michigan university; Harry Lyon, Orlo Avery, E. D. Hamlin, John Vermilye, from Geneseo Normal; Miss Edith Hosea, Lima; Howell Gage from Albany; Miss Josephine Griswold, teacher, is home from Canandaigua; Miss Eunice Cleveland, from Sayville, L. I.; Miss Laura Reed, from Orange, N. J.

From Victor Herald 5 July 1901

The following is a report of standings attained by pupils of Victor High School at grade and Regents examinations:

Regents Examinations:

Reading - Pearl Lauder, 85; Morton Locke, 80; Belle Mosher, 90; Laura Wilbur, 85.

Writing - Carrie Aldridge, 90; George M. Gallup, 75; Warren Simonds, 80.

Elementary English - Carrie Aldridge, 78; George M. Gallup, 75; Belle Mosher, 78; Walter S. Mosher, 80; Warren Simonds, 79.

Arithmetic - Carrie Aldridge, 75; George M. Gallup, 94; Wm. Roy Gallup, 92; Morton Locke, 81; Dora Mead, 77; Belle Mosher, 80; Winfred Nelson, 93; William O'Brien, 76; Warren Simonds, 75, Laura Wilbur, 83.

Geography - Carrie Aldridge, 84; George H. Boughton, 79; Grace M. Frazer, 76; Gratia Tebbetts, 78; Callei Tillotson, 75.

Advanced English - Anna D. Adams, 85; Gertrude Concannon, 85; Lillian C. Green, 85; Annie Higinbotham, 83; Mary M. Keating, 83; Jean P. Ladd, 88; Pearl Lauder, 90; Dora Mead, 79.

English Composition - Nellie M. Crowley, 86.

Rhetoric - Anna D. Adams, 80; Nettie M. Crowley, 84; Catherine T. Gainey, 75; Johanna Keefe, 81; Jean P. Ladd, 82; Florence M. Lane, 83; Mae E. Mead, 75;

William J. Mosher, 80; Diana M. Porter, 75; William C. Rugg, 79; Lily A. Ryan, 78; Bernice A. Stubbs, 85; Frances A. Whelan, 76.

English Selections - Louis P. Brady, 92; Gertrude L. Henehan, 83; Esther M. Powell, 98.

History English Literature - Louis P. Brady, 76.

History American Literature - Louis P. Brady, 76.

German, 1st year - Bertha C. Concannon, 78; Gertrude L. Henehan, 76; Maida H. Snyder, 82; Mary L. Talmadge, 75.

Latin, 1st year - Gertrude Concannon, 80; Catherine T. Gainey, 75; Annie Higinbotham, 81; Dora Mead, 75; William C. Rugg, 83; Hester C. Wallace, 80; Frances A. Whelan, 87.

Caesar's Commentaries - Bertha A. Concannon, 80; Ralph Harmon, 97; Jean P. Ladd, 76; William Bushnell Osborne, Jr., 85; Esther M. Powell, 84; Lily A. Ryan, 83; Maida H. Snyder, 87; Mary L. Talmadge, 75; James W. Tischer, 78; Bernice Welch, 80.

Latin Prose Composition - D. Henry Osborne, Jr., 75.

Greek, 1st year - Ralph Harmon, 91; James W. Tischer, 75.

Xenophon's Anabasis - Leslie G. Loomis, Jr., 94; D. Henry Osborne, Jr., 80.

Algebra - Gertrude Concannon, 75; Annie Higinbotham, 83; Johanna Keefe, 77; William J. Mosher, 85; Florence C. Padgham, 75; William C. Rugg, 89.

Plane Geometry - Vera H. Brown, 85; Bertha A. Concannon, 83; Ralph Harmon, 100; William Bushnell Osborne, Jr., 87; William C. Rugg, 80; June W. Turner, 97.

Physical Geography - Anna D. Adams, 78; Nellie M. Crowley, 90; Lillian C. Green, 79; William J. Mosher, 92; Florence E. Padgham, 90; Diana M. Porter, 76.

Physiology and Hygiene - Jessie M. Cole, 82; Grace M. Frazer, 75; William Roy Gallup, 78; Ira Hutchinson, 77; Fannie Ladd, 86; Pearl Lauder, 91; Morton Locke, 75; George McInerney, 75; Belle Mosher, 80; Winfred Nelson, 79; Warren Simonds, 76; Laura Wilbur, 96.

Roman History - Louis P. Brady, 77; Vera H. Brown, 79; Catherine T. Gainey, 75; Gertrude L. Henehan, 75; Gertrude M. Jones, 75; Jean P. Ladd, 75; Leslie G. Loomis, Jr., 83; Rose A. Lynaugh, 76; D. Henry Osborne, Jr., 84; Esther M. Powell, 96; Lily A. Ryan, 87; Mary L. Talmadge, 76; June W. Turner, 80.

Civics - Ernest Hopkins, 89; Walter S. Mosher, 85; Florence E. Padgham, 80; Ruth Parmelee, 92; Frances A. Whelan, 85.

Drawing - Morton Locke, 84; William J. Mosher, 88; Walter S. Mosher, 90; James W. Tischer, 93.

Advanced Drawing - Anna D. Adams, 79; Mary M. Keating, 75; Lily A. Ryan, 80.

Primary Department

A Class - Ida Henehan, 97; Hattie McNutt, 97; George McCrone, 97; Alice McNutt, 96; Neva Remer, 96; Florence Mead, 95; Peer Locke, 95; Ruth VanDenbergh, 94, Emmett Keating, 94; Charley Lovejoy, 94; Royal Hunt, 93; Ellis Boughton, 91; Lizzie Hurley, 91; Clarence McNutt, 90.

B Class - Harley Lovejoy, 98; Laura Sale, 98; Mary Heffron, 98; Lucile Loney, 96; Lester Hunt, 92; Marie Farrell, 90.

C Class - Dorothy Loomis, 100; Norman Brace, 99; Paul Hutchinson, 98; Russell Hill, 96; Caroline Wilber, 93.

Intermediate Department

Fourth Grade - Ethel Ingraham, 91; Marie Toomey, 90; Blanche Sage, 87; Fred Sale, 86; Ethel Wilber, 85; John McCarthy, 85; Frank Hurley, 83.

Fifth Grade - George Higinbotham, 94; Maryette Benson, 93; Helen Simonds, 91; Bernice Loney, 88; Evelyn Mead, 87; Irene Connell, 85; Marian Tebbetts, 84; Earl Hutchinson, 84; Ruth Ewer, 84; Ruth Hill, 82; Russell Simonds, 82; Belle Barry, 80; Carroll Moore, 80; Olive Nichols, 79; Earl Remer, 77; Raymond Nichols, 76; Erva Wilber, 75.

Sixth Grade - Harry Loomis, 97; Glenroie Vail, 91; Ruth Boughton, 91; Edith Ingraham, 89; Marguerite Burke, 88; Edna Hunt, 87; Henry Toomey, 85; Arthur Shanks, 83; Charles Dailey, 83; Pearl Holcomb, 81; Alta Cornford, 79; Fred Lacke, 71.

Grammar Department

Seventh Grade - Lucile Simonds, 97; Blanche Loney, 93; Mary Dunlap, 92; Ida Van Vechten, 91; Elizabeth Osborne, 90; Libbie Bennett, 85; Nina Covill, 82; Victor Hunt, 81; Edith Carr, 80; Mabel Van Voorhis, 78.

Eighth Grade - Marguerite Simonds, 95; Allen Cornford, 94; Dean Rose, 93; Everett Norton, 88; Burton Van Mararen, 83; Lois Powell, 82; Hiram Wilcox, 82; Elmer Peachy, 82; Howard Barry, 80; Ina Finucan, 79; Ina Lobdell, 79; William Concannon, 79; Bertha Boughton, 78.

From Ontario County Journal 5 July 1901

Naples High school
graduated eight members on Wednesday evening: Misses Alice M. Covel, Edith Knickerbocker, Grace M. Tozer, Maude A. Acheson and Messrs. Fred M. Briggs, Frank W. Tozer, Arthur A. Richardson and Beecher Bassett.

Honeoye, N. Y. - 
Many teachers and students are home for the summer vacation: Miss Florence Ashley, a graduate of Geneseo; Miss Beth Deyo, a graduate of Mt. Holyoke; Miss Fannie Bray, of the Oswego Normal, accompanied by a friend, Miss Young; George Lawrence, from the Rochester university, and Charles Guldner, a teacher at Fort Plain.

From Ontario County Journal 6 September 1901

Gorham, N. Y. - 
The following have entered Geneva High school: James, Bessie and William Allen, Eliza Emery and John Ferguson. Miss Anna Pierson will enter Canandaigua academy for the coming year.

From Victor Herald 11 October 1901

Honor Roll for Victor High School for September.

Primary Department

A Class - Peer Locke, 96; Ruth VanDenbergh, 94; Charley Lovejoy, 93; Clarence McNutt, 93; Emmett Keating, 92; George McCrone, 91; Neva Remer, 90; Royal Hunt, 90; Ellis Boughton, 90; Alice McNutt, 90; Hattie McNutt, 90.

B Class - Lucile Loney, 99; Harley Lovejoy, 98; Mary Hefron, 97; Laura Sale, 96; Marie Farrell, 95; Lester Hunt, 93.

C Class - Norman Brace, 96; Dorothy Loomis, 95; Paul Hutchinson, 95.

Intermediate Department

Fourth Grade - Marie Toomey, 92; Blanche Sage, 91, John McCarthy, 90; Fred Sale, 90.

Fifth Grade - Blanche Howland, 96; George Higinbotham, 96; Marie Norton, 96; Maryett Benson, 96; Ruth Ewer, 94; Evelyn Mead, 94; Bernice Loney, 94; Helen Simonds, 93; Marion Tebbetts, 92; Olive Nichols, 91; Russell Simonds, 90; Earl Remer, 90.

Sixth Grade - Harry Loomis, 94; Marguerite Burke, 93; Glenroie Vail, 93; Henry Toomey, 92; Edith Ingraham, 91; Ruth Boughton, 91; Fred Locke, 90; Charles Dailey, 90; Pearl Holcomb, 90.

Grammar Department

Seventh Grade - Blanche Loney, 98; Dora Ingraham, 97; Ida Van Vechten, 95; Mae Preston, 94; Mabel Van Voorhis, 94; Altha Kyte, 93; John Conover, 90; Louis Locke, 90.

Eighth Grade - Marguerite Simonds, 96; Dean Rose, 96; Walter Sweeney, 95; Martha Gallup, 95; Lois Powell, 94; Flora Mosher, 93; Everett Norton, 93; Ruth Lauder, 92; Julia Crowley, 91; Howard Barry, 90; Elmer Peachy, 90; Ermil Kyte, 90.

Academic Department

Ralph Harmon, 96; June Turner, 95; Pearl Lauder, 95; Lily Ryan, 94, Maida Snyder, 94; Bernine Welch, 93; Roy Gallup, 93; Julia Tobin, 93; Jean Ladd, 92; Bertha Concannon, 92; Esther Powell, 91; Dora Mead, 91; Johanna Keefe, 91; Leslie Loomis, 90; Morton Locke, 90.

From Ontario County Chronicle 27 November 1901

Chapinville, N. Y. - The following pupils have attained a general average of over 95 percent for the week ending November 15, and have had their names placed on the weekly roll of honor: Lina Johnson, Marion Benham, Mildred Benham, Mildred Pratt, Leota Cooper, Hazel Goldsmith, Estella Smith, Louis Angell, Harold Benham, Adelbert Angell, Herbert Nicholson, George Schrader, Fred Goldsmith.

From Ontario County Chronicle 18 December 1901

The following pupils of district school No. 4, of which Helen C. Buckley is the teacher, have kept their names on the roll of honor during the past month: Fred Goldsmith, Roy Nicholson, Herbert Nicholson, Earl Smith, Floyd Kotteker, Louis Angell, Robert Chamberlin, Leota Cooper, Mildred Pratt, Hazel Goldsmith, Marion Benham, Mildred Benham.

From Ontario County Journal 27 December 1901

Allen's Hill, N. Y. - 
The following young people are home for the holidays: Milton Phillips, from Cornell; Frank Patterson, from Syracuse; Leon Brown from Geneseo; Jeanette and Ruth Deal and Edna Brown from East Bloomfield; Morris and Hazel Olmstead from Canandaigua; Jessie Murphy from Rochester; and Grace Sayre, Marjory Deal, Bessie Patterson and Grace Brown from Lima.

From Ontario Chronicle 1 January 1902

Phelps, N. Y. -
The following students and teachers are at home for the holiday vacation: George Wisewell from Hamilton College; Francis Wisewell and Howard Vandemark, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn; Luther Falkey, Cazenovia Seminary; Earl Warner, Hobart College; Genevieve Bailey, Albany Normal; Meta White, New England Conservatory of Music, Boston; Miss Linda Holmes, Albany; Miss Estella Lester, Jamestown.

Manchester, N. Y. - Miss Gertrude Derr, who is attending the medical college at Cleveland, Ohio, is spending her holiday vacation at her mother's home south of this village.

From Victor Herald 10 January 1902

The following are the December honor rolls for the primary, grammar and academic departments of Victor High School:

Primary Department - Charley Lovejoy; Neva Remer; Peer Locke; Hattie McNutt; Ruth VanDenbergh; Clarence McNutt; Nettie Wilber; Ellis Boughton; Emmet Keating; Alice McNutt; Royal Hunt; George McCrone; Harley Lovejoy; Mary Heffron; Laura Sale; Lucile Loney; Marie Farrel; Lester Hunt, William Ingraham; Dorothy Loomis; Bessie Webster; Norman Brace; Caroline Wilber; Russell Hill; Olive Simonds; Paul Hutchinson; John K. Hill; Loretta Concannon; Tommy Farrell; Alta VanDenbergh.

Grammar Department, 8th Grade - Marguerite Simonds; Dean Rose; Walter Sweeney; Ermil Kyte; Henry Phillips; Lois Powell; Martha Gallup; Flora Mosher; Mae Wareing; Henry Fisher; Ethel Shanks; Ruth Lauder; Willis Ward.

Seventh Grade - Ida VanVechten; Blanche Loney; Lucile Simonds; May Preston; Dora Ingraham; Elizabeth Osborne; Mabel VanVoorhis; Grace Miller; Earl Van Denbergh; Victor Hunt; Edith Carr; Libbie Bennett; Altha Kyte.

Academic Department - Grant Cline; Ralph Harmon; Julia Tobin; June Turner; William Mosher; Pearl Lauder; Leslie Loomis; Esther Powell; Lily Ryan; Johanna Keefe; Roy Gallup; George VanVechten; Bertha Concannon; Fannie Ladd; Hester Wallace; Lillian Greene; Bernine Welch; Maida Snyder; Almon Fisher; Laura Wilbur; Winifred Nelson; Catherine Ganey; Frank Hunt; Ernest Hopkins; Walter Mosher; Jean Judd; Dora Mead; Frances Whelan; Florence Lane.

From Ontario County Chronicle 26 February 1902

The following is a list of the persons who will graduate from the Canandaigua Academy this year: G. Elmer Anderson, Caroline V. Booth, Roy H. Chase, John G. Cooley, Elenor R. Crowley, William J. Donovan, Marie Donovan, John C. Gleason, George W. Gregg, Orestes J. Gregg, Ira Myron Hawley, John W. Henry, Helen Kelly, John H. Kennedy, Robert C. Knapp, Henry Leighton, Letitia Maude Lohnes, Charles I. O'Neil, Mabel B. Pierson, Lydia Rose, Josephine M. Scott, Belle L. Wheeler, of Canandaigua, Leo Allen and H. C. Burgess of Bristol Center, E. Blanche King of Cheshire, Anne B. Pierson of Stanley, Herbert A. Temple and John C. Wilson of Seneca, Grover Roat of Reed Corners. John C. Wilson will be valedictorian and Herbert A. Temple salutatorian. John C. Gleason is president of the class.

From Ontario County Journal 4 April 1902

Seneca Castle, N. Y. -  Miss Alice Ottley,
of Cornell university, and Albert Ottley and William Page, of Genesee Wesleyan seminary, are home for Easter. Mr. Page has a friend with him, a native Cuban.

From Victor Herald 11 April 1902

The senior or graduating class of Victor High School has eight members this year, who are: Leslie G. Loomis, Jr., Ralph Harmon, Bertha Concannon, Esther M. Powell, William Rugg, Lily Ryan, James Tischer and Bernine Welch. The class has organized by the election of Leslie G. Loomis, Jr., president; Ralph Harmon, vice-president; Bertha Concannon, secretary; Esther M. Powell, treasurer.

From Victor Herald 2 May 1902

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The graduating class of 1902 of the High School will consist of Cladd Chase, Fred Chase, Margaret Smith, Theda Page and Modesta Butler.

From Ontario County Chronicle 7 May 1902

Gorham, N. Y. - Arthur Phillips,
oldest son of A. M. Phillips, finished his labors at the Buffalo Medical college Friday. He has the best wishes of a host of friends in Gorham for his future success as a doctor. He attended school at Canandaigua one year, and from there he went to Andover, Mass., and took a four year preparatory course at Philips academy. The academy was founded April 21, 1778. After graduating from Philips academy, Mr. Phillips entered the Buffalo Medical college, from which he graduated this year. The graduating exercises were held at the Teck theatre, Friday. Mrs. A. M. Philips and Mrs. C. H. Johnson attended the graduating exercises at the Buffalo Medical college in Buffalo.

From Ontario County Chronicle 21 May 1902

Phelps, N. Y. -
The graduating class of 1902 of the Phelps High school have elected the following officers: President, Leonard Partridge; vice-president, Miss Selma Holbrook; secretary, Edward P. Ryan, Jr.; treasurer, Margueretta Sabin; orator, George Wicks; prophet, John C. Ingalls; historian, George P. Parmelee; Class colors, scarlet and white.

The students of the Academy have organized a junior class, with officers as follows: President, Roy Case; vice-president, Miss Mary Gage; secretary, Allan Cooley; treasurer, Miss Lulu Fish. The class has twenty-eight members.

From Geneva Daily Times 5 June 1902

Word has been received here that Wallace W. Rayfield of Seneca, formerly a student at the high school, was graduated from the Cortland normal school with the highest honors of the class.  His average in oratory and English for the entire course was 96 per cent.

From Ontario County Chronicle 11 June 1902

Victor, N. Y. -
The commencement exercises of the Victor High School will be held Monday evening, June 23 in the town hall. The graduating class of '02 is somewhat larger than usual, numbering eight. It is composed of Esther Powell, salutatorian; Bernie Welch, class prophet; Bertha Concannon, class essayist; Lilly Ryan, class recitation; Ralph Harmon, classical oration; William Rugg, economic oration; James Fischer, class declamation; Leslie Loomis, valedictorian.

From Ontario County Chronicle 25 June 1902

Clifton Springs, N. Y. -
At 8 o'clock this evening, in Association Hall, occurred the graduation exercises of the Clifton Springs High School. The class consisted of eight members: president, Myron James Walter; vice-president, Floyd Stephens; secretary and treasurer, Miss Mildred Carpenter; Miss Isabel Tey, Miss Grace Gillette, Miss Elizabeth Stuart, Miss Jennie McGinniss, and Stanley Short. Music was furnished by Webb's Orchestra from Auburn.

From Ontario County Journal 27 June 1902

Naples, N. Y. - 
Commencement week of the Naples High School had an auspicious opening on Sunday evening, when Rev. Peter McKenzie delivered the annual sermon to the graduating clas. The class is composed of the following: Mildred Nellis, Aleine Caulkins, Elizabeth C. Maxfield, Jennie S. Maxfield, Lena Tobey, Florence Slayton, Maud Schlick, Gertrude Hatch, William Tyler, Leo Fox, Ralph Pierce, Frank Widmer, Carl Slayton, Carl Magreevey and Charles Reisinger, all of Naples.

Gorham, N. Y. -  The following are home for their summer vacation: Roy R. Whitaker, of Hobart; James and Bessie Allen and Eliza Emory, of the Geneva High school; and Anna B. Pearson, who graduated from the Canandaigua Academy.

From Ontario County Journal 4 July 1902

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
Three pupils of the High school have not been absent or tardy during the school year: Lloyd J. Partridge, George Terry, and Eugene Crooker.

Naples, N. Y. - 
Teachers and students home from their schools for the summer are: Misses Eunice Cleveland and Anna Baader from Sayville, L. I.; John Vermilye from Mahopac Falls; Edward R. Clarke from Williams College, from which he was graduated; Miss Margaret Parrish from Waterloo; Miss Minnie Everett from Pratt Institute; Harold Blake from Lima; Miss Bertha Cleveland from Syracuse; Miss Anna Lewis from Fredonia. Jacob Rectenwald, of Kings Park hospital, is home; also his sister, Miss Anna, from Geneva.

From Ontario County Chronicle 9 July 1902

Rushville, N. Y. -
The following is a list of students who passed Regents examinations at the Rushville Union School last month:
First year Greek - George H. Ebert, Frances G. Savage, Mabel L. Voorhes
Virgil's Aeneid - Lulu M. Holbrook
Chemistry - Lulu M. Holbrook
Elementary English - Rachael Hazeltine
Rhetoric - Frances Savage, Lulu Holbrook, Mary Flynn
Spelling - Alberta Eddy, Alonzo Carson, Blanche Brown, Bertha Tenny, Mary Dailor, Jennie Dailor, Ina Myers
Roman history - Verna Boardman, Anna Eddy, Norma Hazeltine, Rachael Hazeltine, Frances Savage, Earle Wilbur, Margaret Williams
English Composition - Mary Blodgett, Alice Hogan, Lucy Robinson
Geography - Alberta Eddy, Mabel Blodgett, Effa Fisher
Geometry - Mabel Voorhees, Frances Savage, Clara A. Raymond
Botany - Norman Hazletine, Mabel Voorhees, Genevieve Wilson, Lulu Holbrook, Frances Savage, George Ebert
American History - Lura B. Adams, Alma O'Loughlin, Mabel Schumann, Emma Smith, Glenn H. Staysa
Physiology - Lura Adams, Grace Ansley, Alice Blair, Verna Boardman, Harriet Haviland, Rachael Hazeltine, Oliver Hunter, Ina Myers, Glenn Staysa, Clara Raymond, Lucy Raymond, Vincent Voorhees, Earle Wilbur
First year Latin - Ruth Blodgett, Mary Blodgett, Lucy Robinson, Earle Wilbur, Verna Boardman
Reading - Mabel Blodgett, Grace Ansley, Effa Fisher, Harriet Haviland, Bertha Tenny, Glenn Staysa, Inez Wood, Alma O'Loughlin, Mildred Phillips
Writing - Mabel Blodgett, Grace Ansley, Effa Fisher, Harriet Haviland, Bertha Tenny,
Glenn Staysa, Alma O'Loughlin, Alice Flynn

Arithmetic - Mabel Schumann, Grace Ansley, Inez Wood, Alma O'Loughlin

From Ontario County Chronicle 10 September 1902

Reed's Corners, N. Y. -
The following pupils are attending school at Canandaigua: Albert Middaugh; Edward Lynch; Ethel Powell; Mary, Blanche and Charles Johnson; Josiah and Arthur Davis; Olin and Leland Powell; Charles Boyd.

From Ontario County Chronicle 17 September 1902

Phelps, N. Y. -
The following students leave Phelps this week for the schools named: George Parmalee, Francis Wisewell and Howard Van Demark go to Pratt Institute, Brooklyn; Earl Warner enters the law department at Ann Arbor University, Michigan; George Weeks and Leonard Partridge to to Hobart College, Geneva; Robert Waugh enters Cornell; George Wisewell, Hamilton College, Clinton; Earl White, Rochester Business University; Bennett Wright, Worcester Polytechnic, Worcester, Mass; Thomas Wright, Hartford Academy, Hartford, Conn.; Luther Falky, Syracuse University; Harland Howe, University of Buffalo; Miss Meta E. White, Miss Minnie Bulkly, New England Conservatory of Music, Boston; Selina Holbrook, Wells College, Aurora; Miss Julia Wright, Vassar College; Winifred Wright, Philadelphia.

From Victor Herald 10 October 1902

Honor Roll for September -

PRIMARY DEPARTMENT, A Class: Dorothy Loomis, 96; Mary Heffron, 94; Leon Quigley, 94; Laura Sale, 93; Harley Lovejoy, 93; Florence Mead, 92; Lucile Loney, 90.

B Class - Olive Simonds, 95; Caroline Wilber, 95; Joseph Gavin, 93; Ione McNutt, 93; Russel Hill, 92; John Knapp Hill, 92; Paul Hutchinson, 92.

C Class - Lauretta Concannon, 92; Ruth Cramer, 92; Blanche Quigley, 90; Henry Wilkinson, 90; Leslie Toomey, 90.

INTERMEDIATE DEPARTMENT, Six Grade - Blanche Howland, 93; Marie Norton, 93; Minnie Kohlhagen, 93; Bernice Loney, 92; Ruth Ewer, 92; Evelyn Mead, 92; Maryett Benson, 91; Helen Simonds, 90; Belle Barry, 90.

Fifth Grade - Marie Toomey, 94; Isabel Wilkinson, 93; Roy Childs, 91; Francis McCrone, 90; Ethel Ingraham, 90.

Fourth Grade - Clarence McNutt, 93; Hattie McNutt, 92; Neva Remer, 91; George McCrone, 91; Charley Lovejoy, 91; Peer Locke, 90; Alice McNutt, 90.

GRAMMAR DEPARTMENT, Eighth Grade - Blanche Loney, 96; Leon Smith, 96; May Preston, 94; Mary Ryan, 93; George Bortle, 92; Lillie Stutzman, 92; Howard Barry, 90; Elizabeth Osborne, 90; Lucile Simonds, 90.

Seventh Grade - Harry Loomis, 98; Esther Chisholm, 93; Hattie Hall, 92; Henry Toomey, 91; Glenroie Vail, 90; Edna Hunt, 90; Marguerite Burke, 90.

ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT: Bushnell Osborne, 95; Maida Snyder, 95; June Turner, 95; Laura Wilbur, 95; Marguerite Simonds, 94; Mae Mead, 93; Annie Higinbotham, 93; Lillian Greene, 93; Fannie Ladd, 92; Pearl Lauder, 92; George McInerney, 92; Johanna Keefe, 92; Henry Phillips, 91; Lois Powell, 91; Martha Gallup, 91; Belle Mosher, 90; Frances Whelan, 90; Dora Mead, 90.

From Victor Herald 7 November 1902

The following pupils of district No. 9, Fishers, were neither absent or tardy during the month of October: Walter Smith, Bessie Webster, Mabel Barry, Emma Ford and Nellie McCarthy.

From Victor Herald 28 November 1902

We were all pleased to see Leslie G. Loomis, Jr., in our midst Wednesday, home from college. Leslie reports a loss of 14 pounds in weight, "due to foot ball." We surmise that freshman Latin and Greek have something to do with it.

Victor Herald 2 January 1903

Honor roll of Boughton Hill school during the month of December: Earle Driscoll, Howard Green, Ellsworth Green, George Leaper, John Mahaney, Will Wright, Lilian Barry, Theresa Barry, Addie Driscoll, Helen Ketchum, Anna Kaiser, Maude Leaper, Catharine Mahaney, Ruth Webster, Laura McMahon.

From Victor Herald 9 January 1903

Allen's Hill, N. Y. -
The following students have returned to their school work: Miss Grace Brown to the Syracuse University; Leon Brown to the Geneseo Normal; Messrs. George W. Deal and Burt S. Belcher and the Misses Marjorie Deal and Elizabeth Patterson to Lima; the Misses Jeanette and Ruth Deal to East Bloomfield; Milton and Walter Phillips to Cornell; Maurice Olmstead and sister, Hazel, to Canandaigua.

From Ontario County Chronicle 14 January 1903

St. Mary's School,
Canandaigua - Pupils perfect last week:

Ninth Grade - William Fogarty, John Long, John Curtin, John Linehan, Mabel Casey, Mary Flynn, Gertrude Tuohey, Helen Johnston, Elizabeth Whalen, Teresa Farrell, Rose McDade.

8th Grade - Joseph Holihan, George Taylor, Francis Maley, John Collins, Margaret O'Reilly, Mary Cooper, Mary Brooker, Marie Burke, Anna Gartland, Catherine Buckley, Elizabeth Flynn, Frances McIntyre.

7th Grade - John Daffy, Leo Linehan, Elmer Barry, Daniel Murphy, Alida Dear, Julia McPhillips, Catherine Tuohey.

6th Grade - William Cowan, John Hanovan, Arthur Dugan, May Allen, Mollie McNeil, Frances Lucey, Rose Classey, Anna Fuller, Jennie Casby, Helen Casby, Agnes Collins, Jennie Sheehan, Gertrude Farrell, Clara Coyne, Anna Fanning, Regina Lavine, Isabel Donovan.

5th Grade - Mary Quigley, Ruth Keogh, Mary Ward, Mabel Classey, Alice Burke, Mary Dugan, Catherine Fogarty, Angela Cuddihy, Lillian Long, Josephine McCleary, Anna O'Brien, Mary Scully.

4th Grade - Thomas Quigley, Pauline Linehan, Margaret Gannon, Alice Ward, Florence Dwyer, Susan Schmidt.

3d Grade - Raymond Smith, Clifford Murphy, George McNeil, James Sant Angelo, Raymond Kennedy, Howard Meath, John Canan, Francis Monohan, William Egbert, Harold Robinson, Walter Gillespie, Edward McIntyre, Leo Kelly, Michael Callon, Louis Colmey, Margaret Sherry, Mary Murphy, Elizabeth Hilliard, Catherine McDade, Elizabeth McCormick, Gertrude O'Brien, Catherine O'Brien, Elizabeth Dugan, Mary Walsh, Ella Briscoe; Anna Mason, Margaret Johnston.

From Ontario County Chronicle 4 February 1903

St. Mary's School, Canandaigua -
Thirteen of our parish school pupils completed their course with the last regents' examination and entered High School. They are a bright class of boys and girls and give every assurance of future success. They are: John Long, James Smith, William Fogarty, Helen Johnston, Mabel Casey, John Linehan, William Flynn, Gertrude Tuohey, Charles Ward, Teresa Farrell, John Curtin, Rose McDade, Mary Ganey.

From Ontario County Chronicle 11 March 1903

Canandaigua Academy's class of '03 will be comprised of Miss Elizabeth V. Doyle, Elizabeth I. Dugan, Mary H. Gage, Alice R. Farrell, Margaret Farrell, Kittie M. Getsinger, Jessie Elizabeth Hart, Anna E. Haskell, Charlotte I. Niblock, Emma Cuyler Robinson, Clara Belle VanVechten, Charlotte A. Whitney, and Messrs. Roy H. Case, John S. Gage and James Olan Reed.

From Ontario County Chronicle 1 April 1903

Victor High School will graduate a large class this year. The following are the members: Misses Jean Ladd, Johanna Keefe, June Turner, Mae Mead, Maide Snyder, Frances Whalen, Florence Lane and W. Bushnell Osborne and William Mosher. The class has organized and elected these officers: President, W. Bushnell Osborne; secretary, Jean Ladd; treasurer, Johanna Keefe.

From Victor Herald 8 May 1903

The following pupils of district No. 9, town of Victor, were not absent or tardy during the month of April: Helen Lewis, Bertha Lewis, Marie McCarthy, Emma Ford and John McCarthy.

From Ontario County Chronicle 27 May 1903

Manchester, N. Y. -
As time approaches for commencement exercises in the Union and Classical School of this village, more active preparations are being made for the event. The graduating class consists of three young ladies: Annabelle Johnson, Alice Mae Cole and Clara Pierce Van Arsdale. The class has chosen white and green for its colors and the white rose for the class flower. Miss Johnson is to act as valedictorian, and the diplomas will be awarded Monday evening, June 22.

From Ontario County Journal 12 June 1903

The commencement exercises of the Honeoye union school will begin on the evening of June 20, with an entertainment by the Authors club. The sermon to the graduates will be preached on Sunday evening by Rev. W. C. Burns, and the exercises of the graduating class will be held on Monday evening. The graduates are Arthur Williams, Ruth Ashley and Elizabeth Hannant.

From Ontario County Chronicle 17 June 1903

Phelps, N. Y. -
Invitations are out for the commencement exercises of the graduating class of the High School, which will be held in Gibson Hall Tuesday evening, June 23. The class is composed of Miss Hazel Ingalls, president; Bertha Hicks, vice-president; Ethel Brown, secretary; Lester Waugh, treasurer and valedictorian.

Naples, N. Y. - Commencement exercises at Naples High School will begin Sunday evening, June 21st, with a baccalaureate sermon by Rev. Peter McKenzie at the Presbyterian church. Tuesday will be class day with a reception in the evening by the undergraduates. Wednesday, June 24th, is commencement day. The class of '03 numbers six:  Edward Babcock, president; Miss Mary Powers, secretary. John R. Clarke of Rochester will address the class. Thursday will be devoted to a reunion of the alumni.

Clifton Springs, N. Y. - The commencement exercises of the Clifton Springs High School will be held in the Y. M. C. A. hall June 22, commencing at 8 o'clock. There are six graduates, Anna Paskett, Mollie Sullivan, Walter Stewart, Harry Anderson, Parkhurst Whitney, Claud Williamson.

From Ontario County Chronicle 1 July 1903

Chapinville, N. Y. -
Our school closed last Wednesday. Friday at 2:30 p.m., the teacher and children entertained their parents and friends at the school with exercises and refreshments. Those that stood highest in their respective grades were as follows: 4th grade, Hazel Bissell, Robert Chamberlain, Earl Smith, Adelbert Angel and Walter Davis; 7th grade, Mildred Benham.

From Victor Herald 4 September 1903

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
Three of our best young people expect to be out of town this winter. Miss Thedah Page will attend Albany Normal, Miss Lora Partridge is to take up a course in the nurse's training class, Homeopathic Hospital, Rochester, and Claud H. Chase expects to enter Cornell. Others may follow.

From Ontario County Chronicle 16 September 1903

Rushville, N. Y. -
An impromptu reunion of the girls of the primary department of the school during the years of '75 and '76 was held at the home of their teacher, Mrs. Ann G. Jones, recently. Those present were: Nellie Huie Thayer of Penn Yan; Lou Stearns Mather of Canandaigua; Anna Belle Raymond Sawtelle of Memphis, Tenn.; Jessie H. Thomas of Washington, D. C.; Allie Stearns Moody, Jennie Thomas Fisher, Lizzie Smith Blodget, Orra Voorhees Olmstead, Mary Blauvelt Turner, Jessie Jones Carson, Rhoda C. Abbot, Helen T. Jones, Mabel A. Twitchell, Mabel B. Hunt, M. Frances White; and also the janitor at that time, Eliphalet Peabody Sturtevant, all of this place.

The evening was passed in carrying out as nearly as possible the school life of those days. Mrs. Jones, although in her eightieth year, still retains in a great degree her ability to instruct and govern which made her fifty years of teaching successful. A spelling contest was conducted in which Nellie Huie Thayer won the medal.

From Ontario County Chronicle 23 September 1903

Canandaigua, N. Y. - St. Mary's School -
Pupils perfect last week:  9th Grade: Mary Cooper, Marie Burke, Anna Gartland, Mary Fogarty, Frances McIntyre, Catherine Buckley, Mary Brooker, Elizabeth Flynn, Marie Donovan; 8th Grade - Leo Linehan, Charles Saxton, Andrew McIntyre, Charles Shea, Henry Daffy, Daniel Murphy, Alida Dear, Catherine Fanning, Catherine Tuohey; 7th Grade - William Lenihan, John Flynn, Charles Maley, John Hanovan, Arthur Husbands, Arthur Dugan, Agnes Collins, Helen Cooper, Anna Fuller, Agnes Kahanitz, Mollie McNeill; 6th Grade - May Harrington, Helen Walsh, Rose Classey, Anna O'Brien, Mary Dugan, Mary Ward, Mabel Classey, Clara Coyne, Josephine McCleary, Angela Cuddihy, Katherine McNulty; 5th Grade - Howard Murphy, Bernard McAniff, John Murphy, Lillian Long, Gertrude McCormack, Anna Connelly, Pauline Lenihan, Ella Holihan; 4th Grade - Clifford Murphy, Raymond Kennedy, Thomas Quigley, Catherine Sherry, Gertrude O'Brien, Elizabeth Hilliard, Catherine McDade; 3d Grade - Mary Gillespie, Helen Dugan, Rose Schmidt.

From Geneva Daily Times 26 September 1903

Phelps, N. Y. -
The Phelps football team will play their first game with the Geneva High school this afternoon. The lineup will be as follows:  Left end, Floyd Conklin; left tackle, Edward Hicks; left guard, Joseph Hicks; center, William Crawford; right guard, William Leader; right tackle, Frank Van Buren; right end, Percy Condit; quarterback, Leonard Partridge; full back, Fred Vanderhoof; left halfback, Ralph Whitbeck; right half, Charles Corbett. Saturday, October 3, the team will play at Groton.

From Geneva Daily Times 6 October 1903

Stanley, N. Y. -
The following pupils are sick with the measles and not attending school:  Misses Julia Connors, Eva Lawrence, Christine Roache, Frances Weeks, Anna Harvey, Minnie Grant, Paul Harvey, Albert Lonhengar, T. Pitt, Gladus Moon.

From Ontario County Chronicle 30 December 1903

Manchester, N. Y. -
The following students of the town of Manchester are home for the holidays: Henry C. Dewey, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Ruth Dewey, Cook Academy, Havana; Jennie Van Arsdale, Cortland Normal; Joseph Pettit, Alfred University; Alice Cole, Canandaigua High School; Pauline Heath, Eva Klinck, Oswego Normal; Sidney Heath, Cornell; Walter S. Throop, Albany Law School.

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