Reynolds-Jones, from Bristol NY to Plainfield MI about 1868.

Lawyer-poet-journalist J. Mason Reynolds (James) who bought a farm in Plainfield, Kent Co.
MI around 1868 was born in New York State 5 Dec 1841, almost certainly in Bristol (Ontario
County). His brother George Nelson Reynolds was also born in NY, 20 June 1847.

J. Mason's father Ira was born in NY in 1807, the son of Stephen and Rosanna
Finch. I am fairly sure he lived in Bristol NY (Ontario Co.) most of his adult life.
Ira's wife was Lavina JONES, but there are at least a half dozen spellings of her first name in
various records.

1. Here is one possible Bristol NY connection:

From Geneva Courier 19 June 1861

LICENSES GRANTED: At the late meeting of the Board of Commissioners for this
County, Licenses are granted to the following named persons:
Ira Reynolds - Bristol - Tavern

2. Here is much better evidence from Damon Cemetery Bristol - Ontario County NY

Reynolds, Harriet (1840 - 20 Jun 1845) d of Ira & Lemira; died 1848;
Reynolds, Lucretia C (1843 -23 Jun 1845) d of Ira & Lemira
Reynolds, Norman (1830 - 07 Aug 1848) s of Ira & Lemira
Reynolds, Rosannah (1766 - 21 Nov 1848) wf of Stephen;

Ira’s death certificate says his mother was Rosanna and his father was Stephen.
In Bristol, NY we find the body of Rosannah Reynolds, wife of Stephen!

And we find Ira married to Lemira (which could be Lavina, or vice-versa).
I believe there was a Jones in that cemetery too -- Ira's wife's maiden name.

The same cemetery notes say that “Horace Fitch ran a tavern on Tilton Road
opposite the school house” Ira bought a Tavern in 1861. Could Rossanah be a Fitch rather than
a Finch? Could Ira have purchased his father-in-law's Tavern?

3. 1850 Census for Bristol NY, showing only the most relevant of 17 Reynolds

First Name
Last Name
George M.

The name "Mason Reynolds" is another "wow" -- too good to be untrue.

Notice yet another spelling of Lavina, Lomira, Lomina, Lemira and now Lorina. A decade later
her Census name changed to Louisa. All these names have
six letters and can look similar in cursive writing.

George N. was wrongly listed as George M. in 1850, but J. Mason is clearly
“Mason” in 1850 and not John (as he wrongly appears in 1860). Anna is their never-married
older sister, usually spelled Annie E., born abt 1833-36.

4. The 1860 Bristol Census called this family “Reynold” without the "s." That eliminated many
other “Reynolds” and left at least three people we can recognize by checking birthdates in the
Federal Census. However, the Bristol version changed Lavina/Lorina/Lemira/Lomira to Louisa.
Amy in this list is probably Annie, or vice-versa (Amy E.?) but Lizzie and Mary must have died
or married so we’ve lost track of them (assuming they were daughters of Ira, because I do not
believe James was married before 1868-70). or

Reynold, Amy (Annie?) Bristol 1110 1860
Reynold, George Bristol 1110 1860
Reynold, Ira Bristol 1110 1860
Reynold, John [James?] Bristol 1110 1860
Reynold, Lizzie Bristol 1110 1860
Reynold, Louisa (Lavina?) Bristol 1110 1860
Reynold, Mary Bristol 1106 1860

5. The Federal Census for 1840 from (spelled Reynold rather than

Lomira Reynold Bristol, Ontario, NY 53 abt 1807 New York
Husband Ira Reynold also 53, meaning born in 1807 (which is correct)

John 19= 1841 The correct birthdate of J. Mason Reynolds.
George 13=1847 Correct brithdate of George N.
Amy 24 = 1836 Later Census place Amy/Annie’s birth at about 1833; close
Lizzie 8 = 1852 Unknown sister (?)

[Note: Mary in the 1850 Census is no longer living with the family in 1860, but also not in the
cemetery. Married?]

6. Ira Reynolds is in the 1830 Federal Census p. 29, in Bristol with one male
age 10-15, one 20-30, two females 20-30, two 30-40 and one 50-60.

Ira is also in the 1840 Census for Bristol but with younger females (at least
three of whom, and one boy, died in 1845-1848). His mother Rosanna was alive, but maybe not
living with her son at that point. This was one year before J. Mason was born, so Ira have been a
newlywed (at age 33). That suggests he had a younger wife, though Lavina/Lemira died before
he did, sometime between the MI Census of 1880 and Ira’s death in 1891.

From cemetery records and birth dates (e.g., of J. Mason), the family was probably in Bristol by
1830 at latest, so Stephen (and/or his parents) immigrated between 1790 and 1830 or came from
somewhere else in the U.S. Since Ira was born in New York in 1807, when his mother was 41,
the family probably moved to Bristol from some other part of the state.

Alan Reynolds, Reston VA, would be very interested in further information about this family and
would like to hear from other researchers.

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