From Geneva Courier 16 July 1856

All friends of Constitutional Freedom, who disapprove of the repeal of the Missouri Compromise, and who desire the election of John C. Fremont and William L. Dayton as our next President and Vice President, are requested to meet at Linden Hall, on Saturday next at 8 o'clock P. M. for the purpose of forming an Association, to be called the Republican Association of the town of Seneca, Geneva, July 16th, 1856.

R. Peyton
I. A. Hawley
C. S. Henry
Benj. Hale
S. A. Foot
Geo. C. Seelye
Robert Mitchell
W. W. Watson
William Johnson
J. H. Ver Planck
Thomas Blake
Thos. Hollingshead
Philip Crane
William Snow
Andrew L. Smith
W. H. Smith
A. Seymour
George Wight
John S. Prouty
Howard Miller
W. A. Van Vrankin
E. Deesmore
Thomas Alsop
E. Dakin
D. P. Dey
Jesse Savage
Asa H. Barber
Wm. H. Vrooman
Enos Kent
A. J. Shannon
Jno. S. Dey
A. Root
John Scoon

J. G. Swift
J. R. Boyd
John Bement
Phineas Prouty
S. Ferris
Tho. Hillhouse
Phineas Prouty, Jr.
Fred. W. Prince
Henry Axtell
W. H. Jones
Geo. Bement, Jr.
Joseph Hutchinson
George Alcock
Washington Darrow
S. H. Rose
G. Caward
E. Yorke
A. Sperry
R. Glanville, Jr.
Alexander Fish
Vroman Becker
John Mackay
Geo. McFeggin
G. C. P. Teall
John Whitwell
Geo. B. Dusinberre
Andre Smith
Abraham B. Hall
Edward Bernard
P. J. Dorchester
B. Reed
S. N. Anthony
O. Merrell

From Geneva Courier 6 August 1856

At an informal meeting of the Republicans of Gorham and vicinity, convened at the office of George B. Cook at Gorham village on Saturday evening, August 2d, 1856,  David Pickett was called to the chair, and J. Bloomingdale chosen Sec'y.

On motion, resolved that an association be formed under the title of the Gorham Fremont Club.

The following persons were chosen as its officers:
President - David Pickett
Vice Presidents - George B. Cook, J. Bloomingdale, O. J. Rice
Sec'y - Isaac Moor
Treasurer - O. J. Rice
Executive Committee - J. W. Vanarsdale, Jr.; Isaac Moor; A. Brown, Robert Moody, Henry Douglass; William Squires; Jonathan Phillips; E. Darwin Bainbridge; Henry Mapes.
On motion, resolved, that the proceedings be published in the County papers, friendly to the election of Fremont and Dayton.

From Ontario County Times 21 October 1885

The colored Republicans of Geneva have organized a Davenport club with B. F. Cleggett, president; Joseph Binks, vice-president; G. W. Richardson, treasurer; and John Bland, secretary.

From Ontario County Journal 24 June 1892

The Shortsville Republican club have elected James L. Wisner, Eugene E. Warfield and Clinton L. Ballard as delegates and H. E. Knapp, Charles VanBuren and Fred A. Titus as alternates to the Rochester convention.

From Ontario County Journal 1 July 1892

Chapinville, N. Y. -
The Republicans have organized a Club here with the following officers: president, Frank Marks; first vice-president, Charles Ballard; second vice-president, Freeland Smith; secretary, Chas. Hathaway; executive committee, Henry Foster, John Trickey, Geo. Henry, B. E. VanGelder, Walter Bronson; delegates to Rochester, Charles Ballard, Henry Foster, Chas. Hathaway; alternates, Frank Marks, John Trickey, W. H. Riker. There are over thirty members of the club at present.

Farmington, N. Y. - Last Saturday evening a Republican League was organized in Grange Hall. Ellery G. Allen was elected president; A. B. Katkamier, secretary; and Henry Greene, treasurer. Ellery G. Allen, John F. Sadler, and A. B. Katkamier were appointed regular delegates to attend the State Republican League at Rochester. The prospect is good for a large membership in the Farmington League.

From Ontario County Journal 8 July 1892

Bristol, N. Y. -
On Saturday evening, July 2, the Bristol Republican Club was organized with the following officers: President - Geo. W. Ingraham; 1st vice-president, Geo. S. Wilder; 2d vice-president, J. M. Hathaway; secretary, Geo. L. Hicks; treasurer, L. C. Reed. The following were elected as canvassing committee in the several school districts: No. 1, W. S. Hicks; No. 2, R. W. Travis; No. 3, Curtis Hitchcock; No. 4, C. A. Waldron; No. 5, G. W. Tilton; No. 6, Edson Tiffany; No. 7, Wm. S. Simmons; No. 8, William Masters; No. 9, Mark A. Francis; No. 10, Henry Olmstead; No. 11, Wilmarth S. Ketchum; No. 12, Gooding Packard.

From Ontario County Journal 15 July 1892

Rushville, N. Y. -
The Republican club of Rushville has elected officers as follows: President, George Goodrich; vice-presidents, D. J. Harkness, E. G. Chapman, Gorham, William Cole, D. McMaster, Potter, W. H. Savage, Middlesex; executive committee, Daniel Paddock, George Chapman, for the town of Gorham, James Loomis for the town of Middlesex, L. F. Fowler, M. J. Wilson, for the town of Potter; W. H. Reddout, corresponding secretary; F. P. Harkness, recording secretary.

From Ontario County Journal 19 August 1892

The Republicans of Canadice organized a Harrison and Reid club on the evening of the 15th, and elected the following officers: A. H. Tibbals, president; Thomas Murray and Lewis J. Hyde, vice-presidents; M. J. Becker, secretary; F. H Ingraham, treasurer; executive committee, to act with the president and secretary, F. A. Slingerland, E. C. Huff and George Rix; campaign glee club, L. J. Hyde, F. H. Ingraham and Wm. Cronin.

From Geneva Gazette 23 August 1895

The Canandaigua Times gives a formidable array of patriotic republicans anxious to serve the Ontario constituency in the next Assembly.  Here is the list:
Lemuel Herendeen, Sam'l D. Willard, Chas. A. Steele and M. F. Blaine of Geneva.

John C. Parker and Capt. F. L. Brown of Manchester.

W. T. Case, Homer B. Webb and R. M. Peck of West Bloomfield.

Harry G. Chapin and R. C. Munson of East Bloomfield.

E. G. Chapman of Gorham.

W. H. Edmonston of Phelps.

Ira N. Deyo and A. J. Gilbert of Richmond.

Chas. G. Sackett and Jean L. Burnett of Canandaigua.
It is not exactly "you pay your money and take your choice," but who will give the most money to be made their choice.

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