Recipes from 1800's Newspapers

Pie Crust

Dissolve in a piece of saleratus the size of a pea in a very little warm water, stir it into a cup of rich sweet cream, mix in enough flour to make a firm dough, roll thin, little patches of butter quite thick over it, fold three or four times, and roll thin. Do not pass the rolling pin backward and forward over the dough, but roll only in one direction.

Salt Cod with Parsnips

Soak three pounds of salt fish overnight with the skin uppermost, and boil it about one hour, putting into it plenty of cold water. Meantime, pare a dozen parsnips and cut them in quarters, boil them half an hour or longer, until tender, drain them, and dish them around the fish; while the fish and parsnips are cooking, make the following sauce:  Mix two ounces of flour and one ounce of butter or sweet drippings over the fire until a smooth paste is made, then pour in half a pint of boiling water gradually, stirring until the sauce is smooth; add three tablespoons of vinegar, season with one-half salt-spoonful of salt and half the quantity of pepper; let the sauce boil up thoroughly for about three minutes, and serve it with the fish and parsnips. A hard-boiled egg chopped and added to the sauce improves it.

Apple Pudding

Peel and core six large apples, stew them in six tablespoonfuls of water, with the rind of a lemon; when soft beat them to a pulp, add six ounces of melted butter, the same of sugar, six well beaten eggs, half a gill of water and a teaspoon of lemon juice; line a dish with puff paste, and when baked, stick all over the top with thin chips of candied citron and lemon peel.

Poor Man's Pudding

Take 2 quarts of rich milk; 1 teaspoonful of salt; 1 teaspoonful of allspice; 3 tablespoonfuls of sugar; 3 tablespoonfuls of molasses; two-thirds of a cupful of rice. Bake one and one-fourth hours, or longer if the fire is slow.

Beef Cakes

Take some cold roast beef, that which is underdone is best, and mince it fine; mix with it grated bread crumbs and a little chopped onion and parsley; season it with pepper and salt, and moisten it with some beef dripping and walnut sauce; some scraped cold tongue or grated ham will be found an improvement; form it into broad flat cakes, and spread a layer of mashed potatoes thinly on the top and bottom of each; lay a small bit of butter on the top of every cake; place them on a dish and set them in an oven to brown.

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