PORT GIBSON, Ontario County, N.Y.

October 1863 - April 1870


Oct 1 1863
Spencer Bancroft, Hopewell, N.Y., Widower
Ellen Hubbard, Victor, N.Y.

Oct 4 1863
John Garrison, Coldwater, Ulster Co., N.Y., very deaf
Lovisa Elson, Manchester, N.Y.

Nov 4 1863
Dr. A.A.S. Crosby, Port Gibson, N.Y., widower aged 38
Louisa Belding, Port Gibson, N.Y., aged 17 years

Mar 22 1863 
Gideon Austin, Arcadia, N.Y., widower
Susan Drake, East Palmyra, N.Y., widow

Nov 16 1864
George N. Deins, Potter, Yates Co., N.Y.
Louisa Foster DePew, Port Gibson - a girl we bro't up N.A.D.

Jan 22, 1864 (5?)
Ebenezer M. Davis, Ontario, N.Y.
Ellen Sullivan, Ontario, N.Y., Irish widow

Feb 1 1865
Franklin Smith, Manchester, N.Y.
Mary Wilson, Manchester, N.Y.

Apr 20 1865
John W. Parker, Port Gibson, N.Y.
Emma Brown, Port Gibson, N.Y.

May 31 1865
Amherst G. Beal, East Palmyra, N.Y.
Kittie Rea, Port Gibson, N.Y.


Sep 25 1865
Edwin W. Leach, Lyons, N.Y. witness - Alfred Armington of Farmington, N.Y.
Frances Shannon, Huron, N.Y.

Dec 3 1865
John Howie, Port Gibson, N.Y. witness - Philo Sibbett of Port Gibson, N.Y.
Harriet M. Heathfield, P.G.

Dec 27 1865
Henry H. Gage, Bellona, N.Y.
Mary M. Schoonmaker, Bellona, N.Y.

Jan 1 1866
George M. Wilson, Galen, N.Y.
Anna M. Lamb, Galen, N.Y.

Mar 17 1866
Simson B. Stoddard, Port Gibson, N.Y.
Elvira Banks, Port Gibson, N.Y.

Feb 11 1866
George Robinson, Port Gibson, N.Y.
Hannah Codman, Port Gibson

May 11 1866
Isaac Robinson, Port Gibson, N.Y.
Apalona Tinny, Arcadia, N.Y.

Jul 3 1866
Philip Weber, Sodus, N.Y.
Matilda Clum, Arcadia, N.Y.

Nov 20 1866
George W. Smith, Phelps, N.Y.
Emma Benton, Palmyra, N.Y.

Sep 27 1866
Philip Bartholomew, Newark, N.Y.
Mary Brisher, Newark, N.Y.

Nov 7 1866
Joseph L. Lines, Port Gibson, N.Y.
Emogene Aslerworth, Port Gibson, N.Y.

Jan 3 1867
John A. Wellemeyer, Port Gibson, N.Y.
Emily A. Moore, Port Gibson, N.Y.

Feb 28 1867
William Herget, Arcadia, N.Y.
Maria M. Backus, Arcadia, N.Y.

Jan 7 1868
Thomas Lenan, Palmyra, N.Y.
Margaret Noonan, Palmyra, N.Y.

Apr 23 1868
Rufus W. Patridge, St. John's, Michigan
Jane J. Pickett, Port Gibson, N.Y.

Apr 23 1868
John L. Scutt, Port Gibson, N.Y.
Sara J. Phelps, Port Gibson, N.Y.


Nov 7 1868
Hugh Snedeker, Manchester, N.Y. - witness M.M. Swallow
Ida Randall, Manchester

May 9 1869
Loren J. Strong, Port Gibson - witnesses (?) Clark and George Strong

May 13 1869
Albert Huntoon, Port Gibson - witnesses (?) Clark and (?) Strong
Mary Jennette Strong, Port Gibson, N.Y. 

Sep 11 1869
Edwin Shaw, Clifton Springs, N.Y. - witnesses Mary Swallow and R. Hogeboom
Libbie Hardy, Clifton Springs, N.Y.

Nov 18 1869
Watson M. Lamb, M.D., Troy, Ohio - witnesses J.B. Knot and Wm. Douglas
Addie E. Douglass, Williamson, N.Y.

Dec 9 1869
Cornelius C. Chittenden, Manchester - witnesses Geo. Bird and John Miller
Emma Miller

Dec 18 1869
Charles B. Churchill, Erie, Pa. - witness Mrs. Sibbett
Harriet A. Sibbett, Port Gibson, N.Y.

Dec 22 1869
N. B. Robinson, Port Gibson, N.Y. - witnesses (?) Robinson and (?) Scutt
Mary J. Weaver, Newark, N.Y.

Apr 16 1870
Stephen D. Douglas, Palmyra, N.Y.
Muetta C. Shepard, Mantua, Ohio

The above records come from Vol. 48, Miscellaneous Collected Records of the D.A.R., 1931-32, pages 266-267. Spellings are exactly as on the typescript. A copy of the original typescript is available to view in the genealogy room at the New York City Public Library. The records were copied by Mrs. W.F. Garlock, Port Gibson, N.Y. in 1930. Mrs. Garlock was a member of the Colonel Wm. Prescott Chapter, N.S.D.A.R., Newark, N.Y. 

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