Post Offices and Postmasters

Ontario County, New York

As of January 1, 1899

Source: The New York Red Book, 1899. By Edgar L. Murlin. Albany: James B. Lyon, Publisher. 1899

The following Ontario County locations were official U.S. post offices in 1899.  Some of them were simply drop-off and pick-up locations at homes, businesses or "four corners", closed many years ago.   For further information
about locations, please contact the Ontario County historian.


Academy - Cyrus Trickey
Allens Hill - James L. Bradey
Beulah - Carlton F. Pratt
Billsboro - Samuel McBain
Bristol - Boswell Insse
Bristol Center - Charles B. Reed
Bristol Springs - Amos W. Hovey
Canandaigua - John Raines, Jr.
Centerfield - Warner L. Hyde
Chapinville - Wilson B. Nicholson
Cheshire - Irving D. Elwell
Clifton Springs - Roderick L. Leland
East Bloomfield - Thomas W. Peeling
Farmington - Christian Betz
Fishers - George E. Proseus
Flint - Fairfax O. Newton
Geneva - Samuel D. Willard
Gorham - Nathaniel P. Cook
Gulick - Carmond R. North
Harvey - Albert Harvey
Hicks Point - Charles P. Johnson
Holcomb - Horatio S. Steele
Honeoye - Thomas R. Reed
Hopewell - Vet Perhamus
Hopewell Center - John Sutton
Ionia - William F.  Harvey
Manchester - William A. Boyd
Manchester Center - Wm. A. Rose
Mertensia - George Collins
Naples - Frank W. James
North Bloomfield - Charles S. Chambers
Oaks Corners - George F. Cook
Orleans - Frank B. Myers
Padlefords - Harvey Padleford
Phelps - Henry B. Whitney
Port Gibson - Arthur D. Feller
Railroad Mills - Miles S. Cutting
Reed Corners - Fred H. Harris
Richmond Mills - Maggie Blair
Seneca - William P. Rubert
Seneca Castle - Henry S. Schoonmaker
Shortsville - Harriet L. Knapp
South Bloomfield - Edward P. Pool
South Bristol - Mrs. Lucy T. Drady
Stanley - James P. Fulton
Tuttles - Joseph W. Tuttle
Victor - George Simmonds
Vincent - E.S. Rood
West Bloomfield - Myron H. Shepard
Wheeler Station - Marcia R. Lee

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