Marriage and Death Notices from the 

Ontario County Journal - Canandaigua NY

7 January 1876

MARRIED - At the residence of the bride's parents in Stanley, on Thursday evening December 16, by Rev. A. B. Temple, Wm. A. Barden to Miss Agnes Rippey, daughter of George C. Rippey, Esq.

At the residence of the bride's uncle, John Fish, Esq., near Hall's Corners, on Wednesday evening, Dec. 22d, by Rev. A. B.
Temple, Mr. Robert W. Robson to Miss Mary S. A. Smith, both of Seneca.

In Manchester, on Wednesday, Dec. 22, 1875, at the residence of A. H. King, by Rev. W. B. Edson, Mr. Irving W. Coates and Mrs. Irene Hoes.

At the parsonage, on Thursday evening, Dec. 23d, by Rev. A. B. Temple, Mr. Henry Office and Miss Anna E. Wyatt, both of Seneca.

In this town, on the 20th of Dec., by Rev. Wm. Dewey of Bristol, Harvey Beach, Esq., of the same place, and Mrs. Mack, of Canandaigua.

In Honeoye, N. Y., Dec. 30th, by Rev. S. Mills Day, Mr. Ferez R. Pitts, 2nd, and Miss Hattie L. Budrow, both of Honeoye.

DIED - In Farmington, December 28, of congestion of the lungs, Mr. John A. Edmonston, aged 79 years.

In Farmington, Wednesday, Dec. 29, 1875, Richard Hallett Herendeen, aged 42 years.

In this town, Dec. 31st, 1875, Pliny Tillotson, aged 71 years and 9 months.

14 January 1876

In West Farmington, on Wednesday, Jan. 12th, at the home of the bride, Addie, eldest daughter of Morey Power, Esq., to John Stokey.

At Hemlock Lake, N. Y. on the 2nd inst., by Eld. Geo. M. Slaysman, Mr. L. V. Gates, of Richmond, Ontario county, and Miss Harriet R. Shier, of Kendal Corners, Orleans Co.

In Richmond, N. Y., Jan 4th, 1876, by Rev. S. Mills Day, Mr. Orrin S. Beach and Miss Nettie Rowley, both of Richmond.

In South Bristol, Dec. 21st, 1875, by Rev. J. S. Penoyer, Mr. Joseph Keef and Miss Elizabeth Davenport, both of Canandaigua.

In this town, Jan. 1st, 1876, by Rev. J. S. Penoyer, Mr. Mason Nichols and Miss Fanny Worden, all of Canandaigua.

DIED - At Rushville, on Tuesday, Jan. 4th, Mrs. Anna Bell Ayres, wife of Milton A. Ayres, and daughter of Nelson Green, aged 20 years and five months.

In this town, on the 4th inst., Mrs. Amanda C., wife of W. O. Allen, aged 68 years.

In this village, January 8th, 1876, Philip H. Rose, aged 58 years.

In Hopewell Center, January 6th, 1876, Elizabeth Knapp, relict of the late Lebeus Knapp, aged 80 years.

In this village, January 9th, 1876, Polly Carroll, aged 106 years.

21 January 1876

MARRIED - At Springwater, on the 7th inst., by Rev. Mr. Hunter, Mr. Horace Knowel of Canadice, and Miss Martha Howe, of Springwater.

In Canadice, on the 9th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Hibbard, Mr. Jackson Bray of Richmond, and Miss Emma Skinner, daughter of Wm. Skinner, of Canadice.

On the morning of Jan 6th, by the Rev. DeLarme, Mr. Albert P. McUmber to Miss Maggie E. Pratt, all of Manchester.

By the same, Dec 22nd, at the house of Peter C. Bird, Peter F. Bird of Canandaigua and Eliza Goldsmith of Bristol.

At Honeoye, Jan. 5th, at the bride's father's, by Elder Hobbs, Chester N. Daniels to Carrie E. Gilbert, both of Honeoye.

28 January 1876

MARRIED - In Geneva, January 18, 1876, by the Rev. Wm. Holt, Carl E. Whitney of Akron, O., to Celestia J. Story of Clifton Springs.

DIED - In this town, on Saturday, January 22d, 1876, Thaddeus Remington, aged 81 years, 6 months and 11 days.

In this village, January 22d, inst., Cora Duncan Mattison, adopted daughter of J. J. and Jennette W. Mattison, aged 21 years, 8 months and 6 days.

In Gorham, January 17th, 1876, Jane, wife of Philly Powel, aged 59 years.

4 February 1876

MARRIED - At St. Mary's parsonage in Rushville, January 22d, by Rev. J. S. Connolly, Mr. Hugh Smith and Miss Mary Muckle, both of Rushville.

DIED - In this village, January 19th, 1876, James Cottet, age 74 years.

In Manchester, January xx 1876, Elizabeth M., wife of W. W. Jackson, aged xx years.

In this village, Feb. 1st, 1876, Sarah, wife of James Curran, aged xx years.

11 February 1876

MARRIED - In Manchester, January 13, by Rev. E. Royce, Harvey N. Short and Miss Caroline A. Pierce, daughter of Ezra Pierce, Esq., all of Manchester.

At the Baptist parsonage, in Gorham, Feb. 7, by Rev. W. Holt, Mr. George P. Fisher of Benton, and Miss Libbie Burton of Seneca.

DIED - At Honeoye, Ontario county, N. Y., on Friday, January 28, 1876, Mrs. Chamberlain, sister of Mr. Gideon Pitts of that place.

In Cicero, Onondaga county, N. Y., January 24, 1876, Summer Wetmore, formerly of Naples, N. Y., aged 75 years, 7 months and 17 days.

18 February 1876

MARRIED - At the residence of the bride's parents, on Thursday, January 27th, by the Rev. H. H. Kellogg, Mr. Joseph Brizzee and Celia, eldest daughter of Wm. P. Stevens, Esq., all of Seneca Castle.

In East Bloomfield, on the 19th instant, by Rev. J. Skeele, Mr. Edward Brunson and Miss Sarah S. Howey.

DIED - In Reed's Corners, February 1, 1876, Mrs. Partise, mother of the late George Partise, aged 86 years.

In Chapinville, February 1, 1876, Mrs. Elizabeth Tripp, aged 63 years.

On the 13th instant, at the residence of her son, Charles L. Leete, in East Bloomfield, Mrs. Sarah S. Leete, aged 72 years.

In Gorham, February 10th, 1876, John Lacy, aged 67 years.

In this village, February 10th, 1876, of scarlet fever, Willard F. McIntyre, aged 15 years and 11 months, son of Ira and Louisa McIntyre.

In Hopewell, February 14, 1876, Bartemus Simons, aged 72 years.

In this village, February 15th, 1876, Ellen M., youngest daughter of Wm. H. and Ruth Ellis, aged 33 years.

25 February 1876

MARRIED - In Honeoye, N. Y., Feb. 12th, by Rev. S. M. Day, Mr. Augustus Francis and Miss Alice C. Hatch, both of Bristol, N. Y.

DIED -  Henry R. Murray, son of Albert G. and Emily A. Murray, Feb. 18th, 1876, aged 33 years.

In Centerfield, Feb. 10th, 1876, Charles N., infant son of Burton H. and Alice D. Blair, aged four months and five days.

At Manchester Centre, Jan. 21st, 1876, Epaphras Lapham, aged 73 years.

In Geneva, on the 6th inst., Hariett, wife of E. S. Vail, and niece of N. Smith of Gorham.

At the Ontario Orphan Asylum in this village, Feb. 15th, Adella Louis, youngest daughter of L. S. Meeker of Geneva, aged 3 years and 10 months.

At North Bloomfield, Feb. 21, 1876, of consumption, Mary A., wife of Charles R. Pierce, aged 27 years and 5 months.

3 March 1876

MARRIED - At the residence of the bride's parents, in Sharon Centre, Medina County, O., by Rev. Homer Johnson, Mr. Henry C. Trafton, of Bristol Center, Ontario County, N. Y., and Miss Emma Crane, of the former place.

DIED - In this village, Wednesday evening, March 1st, 1876, Mary Jane, wife of Alfred Denbow, aged 29 years.

In this town, Wednesday evening, March 1, Ovid Chase, father of Homer Chase, Esq., aged 76 years.

In Ann Arbor, Mich., Feb. 15, 1876, N. H. Wheeler, aged 55 years, formerly of East Bloomfield.

In Victor, on the morning of February 28, Henry C. Dickinson, aged 32 years.

In Chapinville, February 23, 1876, Cora I., daughter of Rev. Joseph J. and Harriet F. DeLarme, aged 11 years, 1 month and 8 days.

In this town February 23, 1876, Orpha Beeman, aged 75 years, consort of the late Reuben Beeman.

In this town, February 22, 1876, Margaret, daughter of Michael and Eliza Mahaney, aged 20 years.

In this village, February 28, 1876, Joshua Fitch, aged 67 years, 4 months and 20 days.

10 March 1876

MARRIED - At the bride's home, February 23, by Rev. N. S. Lowrie, Mr. Wm. Birkett, of Steuben, and Miss Adeline Root, of Reed's Corners.

By the same, March 1st, at Reed's Corners, Mr. Homer C. Dewey of Herkimer, and Miss Jennie Davis.

At the residence of the bride's parents, February 23, 1876, by Rev. James Duncan, Mr. Nathan Parrish, of Mendon, and Miss Louisa C. Hibbard, of West Bloomfield.

17 March 1876

MARRIED - At the parsonage in Gorham, March 11th, by Rev. N. S. Lowrie, Mr. Wm. Evans of Reed's Corners and Miss Susannah Charles of Potter.

DIED - In Gorham, March 13th, 1876, Florence A. Groesbeck, youngest daughter of John Q. Groesbeck, aged 27 years.

In this village, March 9th, 1876, Mary Welch, aged 65 years.

In South Bristol, March 5th, 1876, Isaac Wood, aged 80 years and 11 months.

In this village, March 13th, 1876, John McGough, aged 89 years.

In Hopewell, March 14th, 1876, Austin Archer, aged 68 years.

In Bristol, on the 10th instant, Mrs. Sally, widow of the late Deacon Ezra Luther, aged about 68 years.

24 March 1876

MARRIED - In Honeoye, N. Y., March 16th, by Rev. S. Mills Day, Mr. Frederick L. Ashley and Miss Fannie E., youngest daughter of John G. Briggs, Esq., all of Honeoye.

At Springwater, on the 8th inst., at the house of Caleb Willis, by Squire Wilder, Mr. Edgar Norton of East Bloomfield to Miss Hattie E. Boughton, of same place.

DIED - In this place, at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Caleb Cowles, on Saturday, March 18, 1876, Mrs. Amelia Lisk, aged 74 years.

In Bristol Springs, March 20, 1876, John H. Baxter, aged 57 years.

In this village, on Saturday, the 18th instant, Henry Childs, Esq., aged 80 years.

In this village, March 16th, 1876, of consumption, Ann Mariah Clark, aged 23 years.

In South Bristol, March 17th, 1876, Mrs. Anna Tuttle, aged 82 years.

In Hopewell, March 18th, 1876, Katie, youngest daughter of George and Martha Miles, aged 4 years.

In Hopewell, March 20th, 1876, Charlie, youngest son of Charles and Agnes Edwards, aged 2 years.

In Centerfield, March 21st, 1876, Sabra, consort of the late James Blair, aged 72 years.

31 March 1876

MARRIED - At the First Congregational Church in Canandaigua, on Thursday, March 30th, by Rev. Frank T. Bayley, Mr. Robert Ottley of Kewanee, Ill., and Miss Mary K. Hayes, of Canandaigua.

At the Congregational parsonage, Rushville, March 22d, 1876, by Rev. Geo. Strasenburgh, Geo. P. Bassett, M. D., and Mrs. Ellen Elizabeth Beers, of Downsville, Del. Co., N. Y.

In this village, at the residence of the bride's parents, on the 22d inst., by the Rev. F. T. Bayley, Mr. Geo. H. Stannard to Miss Mary C. Robertson, all of this village.

At the M. E. Parsonage in Canandaigua, on the 8th inst., by Rev. Geo. VanAlystyne, Mr. Geo. Covert and Miss Naoma Fox, both of Seneca Point.

DIED - In South Bristol, March 13th, William Kaufman, aged 77 years.

In East Bloomfield, March 19, 1876, James Davis, aged 80 years.

In East Bloomfield, on the morning of the 18th instant, Mrs. Esther B. Gunn, aged 93 years.

In Gorham, March 25th, 1876, Belinda, wife of Walter Henry, aged 72 years.

At Seneca Castle, on Friday, the 18th inst., of heart disease, Mr. Jeremiah Wheeler, aged xx years.

7 April 1876

DIED - In Victor, March 31st, Augusta, wife of Eugene Dewey, aged 36 years.

In East Bloomfield, March 29th, Mrs. Guy Collins, aged 74 years.

At the residence of her son-in-law, Z. G. Coykendall, on the 30th ult., Mrs. Woodruff, aged 86 years.

In Centerfield, April 3d, John Fosket, aged 75 years.

14 April 1876

MARRIED - At Naples, on the 5th inst., by Rev. J. R. Cook, Mr. Joseph A. Hatch and Miss Mary E. Dyer, both of South Bristol.

In Throopsville, on the 8th last, by Rev. W. J. Lathrop, Mr. W. L. Smith and Miss Bernetta C. Adams, both of Shortsville.

In Hornellsville, on the 2d inst., by Rev. Mr. Van Alstin, Mr. Louis A. Saunders of Canandaigua and Miss Belle S. Clark of Hornellsville.

DIED - At Boughton Hill, in the town of Victor, on the evening of the 7th inst., Nelson Ketchum, aged about 60 years.

In Seneca, Lenawee county, Mich., on Thursday, April 6th, George W. Brocklebank, aged 63 years. Buried at Canandaigua, N. Y., Saturday, April 8th.

In this village, April 12th, Jennie M. Wells, aged 20 years, youngest daughter of Dr. Geo. D. and Mary C. Wells.

In Shortsville, March 26th, 1876, Florence M. Brown, daughter of Calvin P. Brown, aged 9 years.

In Seneca Castle, April 1, 1876, Clara DeGraff, wife of John DeGraff, aged 49 years.

In this village, April 3d, 1876, of heart disease, Deborah Watkins, aged 80 years.

In Gorham, April 4th, 1876, of dropsy, Sibyl Fowler, in her 94th year.

In Hopewell, April 7th, 1876, Lewis W. Chapman, aged 57 years and 10 months.

21 April 1876

MARRIED - At the residence of J. R. Squier in Seneca, April 12th, by Rev. A. B. Temple, Mr. James Goodale, of Geneva, to Miss Sybil R. Black, of Seneca.

On the evening of the 8th of April, by Rev. H. Easton, Mr. John Grieve, of Palmyra, and Miss Ann Wilson, of Canandaigua.

At Baltimore, Md., April 4th, by the Rev. C. Cost, Mr. William Rickert, of Baltimore, Md., and Miss Anna M. Allen of Bristol, Ontario county, N. Y.

DIED - In this village, April 14, 1876, John T., infant son of O. N. and Mary J. Crane, aged 1 year, 2 months and 2 days.

In Hopewell, April 14, 1876, W. Forrestall, aged 35 years.

In Bristol, April 12, 1876, Lewis Bartholomew, aged 38 years.

In Chapinville, April 13, 1876, Elizabeth Stid, aged 87 years, 2 months and 15 days.

In Naples, on the 13th instant, Mrs. Amelia Lincoln, widow of the late Lucius Lincoln, and mother of the Hon. Cyrillo S. Lincoln, aged 71 years.

In Naples, on the 12th inst., Mrs. Augusta, wife of D. D. Luther, Esq., aged 24 years.

In this town, April 13, 1876, of heart disease, Eliza, wife of James Grooms, aged 35 years, 8 months and 5 days.

28 April 1876

DIED - In Farmington, on the 20th inst., Mrs. Betsy, wife of Daniel Arnold.

In this town, April 22d, 1876, Hugh Collins, aged 80 years.

5 May 1876

MARRIED - In Rome, N. Y., on Court street, No. 56, by Rev. J. Zimmerman, Mr. William Ackles of Chapinville, N. Y., to Miss Emeline Gardner, of Rome, Oneida County, N. Y.

DIED - In this village, April 25th, 1876, Francis Cleary, aged 77 years.

At Clifton Springs, April 27th, 1876, Sarah Oline, aged 91 years.

In Hopewell, May 2d, 1876, Nathaniel H. Lewis, aged 69 years.

At Academy, on Sunday, April 23d, Martin Greene, son of Kelly W. Greene, aged 21 years.

In Victor, May 1st, 1876, Napoleon B. Embry, son of Thomas Embry, aged 36 years.

12 May 1876

MARRIED - At the home of the bride in Canadice, April 30, 1876, by the Rev. S. M. Dayton, Mr. John H. Caskey and Miss Cora E. Wright, all of Canadice, N. Y.

May 3d, by the Rev. Dr. Rankine, Mr. Albert W. Goseline and Miss Ida M. Filkins, both of Phelps.

DIED - In Richmond, Ontario county, May 1st, 1876, Mrs. Delia Kellogg Stevens, wife of Mr. Jesse Stevens, in the 75th year of her age.

In this village, May 5th, 1876, of brain fever, Ellen Rouse, aged 10 years 8 months.

In Canandaigua, May 4th, 1876, of rheumatic chorea, Allen B., only child of Walker S. and Laura W. Marble, aged 17 yrs. and 5 mo.

19 May 1876

DIED - In Farmington, N. Y., May 4th, 1876, Eunice, wife of W. D. Smith, aged 55 years.

In this town, on the 10th inst., Zebina Lucas, Esq., aged 80 years.

In this village, May 14th, 1876, Patrick Roach, aged 55 years.

In this village, May 12, 1876, Frances, wife of John Harris, aged 64 years.

26 May 1876

MARRIED - In this village, on the 25th inst., at the residence of Mrs. Mosher, on Gibson street, by the Rev. Mr. DeLarme of Chapinville, Mr. Erastus W. Wooster of Webster, Monroe county, to Miss Bessie Dawson of Canandaigua.

DIED - In Gorham, on Friday, May 19th, 1876, Miss Harriet Lake, daughter of the late Edward D. Lake, aged 64 years.

In Gorham, May 18th, 1876, Sarah Pearson, aged 84 years.

In Phelps, on Thursday, May 18, 1876, Nathaniel Lynch, aged 76 years.

2 June 1876

MARRIED - At Geneva, on Wednesday, May 24th, 1876, by the Rev. Dr. Rankine, Mr. George M. Whedon, of Stanley, N. Y., to Miss Ella M. Alcock, of Seneca Castle, N. Y.

DIED - In Shortsville, May 28th, 1876, Sarah, wife of Mr. Danford Booth, aged 64 years.

In Centerfield, May 25th, 1876, of heart disease, Amelia A. Beebe, aged 67 years, wife of F. D. Beebe.

In Farmington, May 27th, 1876, Samuel Hudson, aged 86 years and 6 months.

In this village, May 27th, 1876, Stephen Egan, aged 49 years and 6 months.

In this village, May 29th, 1876, William C. Bateman, aged 24 years and 9 months.

16 June 1876

MARRIED - At the residence of the bride's parents, on Thursday, June 8th, by H. M. Browne, Rector of St. Peter's church, Cha's. S. Phelps, of Westfield, Mass., to Hattie A. Kingsbury, of East Bloomfield, N. Y.

DIED - In Allen's Hill, N. Y., June 11, 1876, Mr. Andrew H. Sleght, aged 77 years, 8 months and 11 days.

In Richmond, Ontario Co., N. Y., June 9th, of pneumonia, Leonidas Wilbur, aged 77 years and 7 months.

In this village, June 12th, 1876, Dr. George Cook, aged 51 years.

23 June 1876

DIED - June 14th, 1876, at his residence in West Bloomfield, N. Y., Rev. Silas C. Brown, in the 79th year of his age.

At Mt. Morris, on the 16th inst., Joseph Garlinghouse, formerly of Richmond, Ontario county, aged 55 years.

In this village, on June 19th, of Bright's disease, Merrick Munger, aged 70 years.

In Canandaigua, June 16th, of diphtheria, Annie Cronan, aged 8 years.

In this village, June 18th, Robert Tyner, aged 4 years, of diphtheria.

14 July 1876

MARRIED - At St. Bridget's, on Wednesday, July 12th, by the Rev. Wm. Hughes, Philip Scully of West Bloomfield to Miss Maggie O'Leary of Victor.

DIED - At Stanley, June 17, 1876, Celia, wife of J. Jay Harden and daughter of the late Aaron Lloyd of Sodus Point, N. Y., aged 23 years.

21 July 1876

MARRIED - In Honeoye, N. Y., on July 3d, by Rev. S. M. Day, Mr. Frederick Hatch of Bristol and Miss Sarah Manahan of Naples.

DIED - On Monday, July 17, 1876, Mrs. Katharine Redforn, sister of William Tracy, of this village.

In Centerfield, July 17, 1876, Addie L., daughter of Mr. Alonzo McCredy, aged 18 years and two months.

28 July 1876

MARRIED - On Sunday, July 9th, 1876, by the Rev. Mr. DePuy, at Bethel, Mr. Frank M. Boswell and Miss Kate E. Torrey, all of Canandaigua.

At Rushville on Tuesday, July 20th, by Rev. G. Strasenburg, Mr. James R. Warren, Jr., of Canandaigua to Miss Jennie Taylor, youngest daughter of Mr. Benjamin Taylor of Rushville.

In South Bristol, on the 4th inst., Mr. Jack Tully to Miss Lina Underhill, both of Covill Settlement.

DIED - In Hopewell, July 12th, Mrs. Elizabeth Pullen, aged 79 years.

In this village, July 23d, of consumption, Hattie E. Haley, aged 16 years.

In Bristol, July 24th, Susan Walpole, aged 76 years.

4 August 1876

DIED - In this village, July 14th, 1876, of diphtheria, Richard Cross, aged 9 years 4 months and 9 days.

In Farmington, on the 30th ult., Anna Elizabeth, oldest daughter of Harrison and Maria N. Wisner, aged 12 years.

In Farmington, July 31st, 1876, Louie Bell Wisner, aged 2 years.

In this village, on Tuesday, August 1, 1876, Miss Mary Meek, aged 43 years.

In Hopewell, July 25th, 1876, James, son of Patrick Burk, aged 6 years and 7 months.

In this village, July 26th, 1876, Mrs. Peter Hennessy, in her 61st year.

In Hopewell, July 30th, 1876, Minnie B. Wadsworth, aged 6 years.

In Hopewell, July 30th, 1876, Edwin Walter, aged 5 years.

In this village, July 31st, 1876, John J., son of Michael Dwyer, aged 2 years and 7 months.

18 August 1876

MARRIED - In Geneva, on Sunday evening, August 6, 1876, by Rev. A. W. Green, Mr. Myron T. Springstead and Miss Minnie A. Smith, both of Geneva.

At the residence of Wm. T. Scott, Esq., William street, Geneva, by Rev. H. A. Nelson, Mr. William Holden, of Farmington, N. Y., and Miss C. Stark, of Iowa City.

In Phelps, by the Rev. Mr. Wells, Edwin W. Crysler of Phelps and Miss Ida Parker of Jack's Reef, Onondaga county.

At the residence of the bride's father, June 8th, 1876, by the Rev. Henry M. Brown, Charles S. Phelps, of Westfield, Mass., and Harriet A., daughter of John S. Kingsbury, of East Bloomfield, N. Y.

DIED - In Manchester, August 15th, 1876, Miss Mary L., daughter of Mr. Frederick Cross, aged 21 years and 3 months.

In Canadice, August 7, 1876, Gabriel Adams, aged 46 years.

In Lyons, Mich., July 15th, 1876, Mrs. Isabella Jaynes, aged 59 years, formerly of Canandaigua, N. Y.

In this village, August 16, 1876, William M. Mallory, aged 22 years, 8 months and 13 days.

In Hopewell, August 15, 1876, at the residence of his father-in-law, Richard H. Shekell, John W. Huke, aged 37 years.

In Geneva, on Thursday morning, Aug. 10th, of consumption, Bethie, wife of Charles Fahly, and youngest daughter of Ira G. Tompkins, aged 30 years.

25 August 1876

MARRIED - At Clifton Springs, August 14, 1876, Mr. Michael Ryan of Batavia, N. Y., and Miss Bell Leech of Phelps.

DIED - On the 10th, at Clifton Springs, C. P. Runyan, aged 22 years.

In Rushville, on Thursday, Aug. 10, 1876, Jane Voorhees, aged 56 years.

In Manchester, August 15, 1876, Mary L., daughter of Mr. Frederick Cross, aged 21 years and 3 months.

In this village, August 18, 1876, Mary Powell, aged 92 years.

In Richmond, on the night of the 21st instant, John G. Briggs, aged 54 years.

1 September 1876

MARRIED - In West Bloomfield, by Rev. J. P. Skeele, August 21, 1876; Mr. Samuel J. Brown, of Millport, N. Y., and Miss Franc A. Fitch, of West Bloomfield.

DIED - At Lyons, August 22d, 1876, Mrs. Parley Gardner, aged 89 years, formerly of Canandaigua.

In Manchester, August 21, 1876, at Thos. Kinney's residence, Anna Foran, aged 10 years.

In Hopewell, August 23d, 1876, of diphtheria, Ella Wadsworth, aged 3 years.

In this village, August 25, 1876, Ann Gartland, aged 54 years.

In this village, August 28, 1876, Henry Briscoe, aged 79 years.

8 September 1876

MARRIED - At Rushville, September 7th, 1876, by the Rev. Mr. Strausenburg, Mr. Samuel H. Torrey, of Canandaigua, and Miss Maggie N. Borden, of Rushville.

At the bride's home in Geneva, on Wednesday, August 30th, by Rev. G. S. White, Mr. Solomon Deal of Seneca Falls and Miss Libbie M. Underhill of Geneva.

DIED - In Seneca, August 26th, Cora Lunette, infant daughter of Nelson G. and Meda H. Dixon, aged 2 months.

In this village, Sept. 1st, 1876, William Rosewarn, aged 85 years.

In Gorham, Sept. 4th, at the house of his son, James Ketcham, Benjamin Ketcham, aged 82 years.

In this village, August 31st, 1876, of consumption, Elizabeth A. Wade, aged 20 years.

In Gorham, Sept. 3d, 1876, John Hackett, aged 3 months.

In this village, Sept. 4th, 1876, Nellie Barry, aged 6 years.

15 September 1876

DIED - In Bristol, on the 7th inst., Hattie Birdella, daughter of Louis Henry and Mary Isabella Patterson, aged 1 year, 1 month and 24 days.

On the 10th instant, at the residence of his uncle, Alexander Murray, M. D., Alexander King, son of the late Rev. David King, aged 25 years.

In Phelps, on Thursday, September 7, 1876, Deacon Isaac Frost Leland, aged 76 years.

In Canadice, on Sunday, the 3d instant, John R. Hicks, aged 60 years.

In Farmington, August 31, 1876, David S. Crandall, aged 23 years.

In this village, September 3, 1876, Willie Barry, aged 3 years and 4 months.

In this village, September 8, 1876, Thomas O'Grady, aged 70 years.

In Canadice, September 3, 1876, Clara, daughter of John F. Becker, aged 24 years.

At her son-in-law's, S. Goodale, in Bristol, August 30, 1876, Anna R. Buckley, aged 84 years and 9 months.

In this town, September 12th, 1876, George Macomber, aged 43 years.

22 September 1876

MARRIED - September 9th, by Rev. C. W. Winchester, Mr. Phillip Goldsmith of Canandaigua and Miss Lizzie S. Ford of Palmyra.

In this village, on Tuesday evening, Sept. 19, at the First Congregational Church, by Rev. O. E. Daggett, D. D., of New London, Conn., assisted by Rev. James Rankine, D. D., of Geneva, Robert Pierpont Wilson and Lizzie Nicholson, daughter of John Rankine, Esq.

DIED - In East Bloomfield, Sept. 10, 1876, Charlie, son of Mr. Linus G. Steele, aged 10 years.

In Bristol, Sept. 15, 1876, Mrs. Eliza Jones, mother of Mr. Peleg Jones, aged 81 years and 7 months.

In this village, Sept. 14, 1876, Mrs. Mitty Jameson Smith, relic of the late Jacob Smith, aged 74 years, 10 months and 16 days.

In this town, Sept. 15, 1876, Euphemia Kingsley, aged 60 years.

In this village, Sept. 18m 1876, Lizzie, wife of Thomas O'Grady.

In this village, Sept. 18, 1876, Elizabeth Bennett, aged 34 years.

29 September 1876

MARRIED - At St. John's Church, Canandaigua, Wednesday, Sept. 27th, by Rev. Chas. Nickerson, Mr. Charles R. Paul and Miss Mary A. Blanchard, both of Canandaigua.

At the residence of the bride's parents on Bristol street, on Wednesday, Sept. 27th, 1876, by Rev. Geo. C. Curtis, Mr. Edward C. Herendeen and Miss Mary Smith, all of Canandaigua.

At the residence of Mayor Pierce, in Grand Rapids, Mich., September 18, 1876, by Rev. Samuel Earp, Mr. Hugh King, of Canandaigua, N. Y., and Miss Harriet Almy, daughter of Alphonso Almy, Esq., of Berlin, Mich.

On Wednesday, September 20, 1876, at the residence of the bride's parents in Canandaigua, by the Rev. J. Rankine of Geneva, Samuel E. Bronson of Brooklyn, N. Y., and Jennie, daughter of R. Saul, of Canandaigua, N. Y.

At the residence of the bride's mother in Farmington, on the 20th inst., by the Rev. H. S. Royce, Warren T. Royce and Miss Mary E. Brewster.

DIED - At Stanley, on the 11th inst., of brain fever, Mary J., daughter of George R. Miller, aged 9 years and 5 months.

In Naples, on Tuesday, the 19th instant, Rev. J. C. Morgan, aged 86 years.

In Manchester, Sept. 20, 1876, Tho's Randall, aged 66 years.

At his residence in Port Gibson, on the 20th of September, 1876, Capt. L. C. Russell, in the 70th year of his age.

6 October 1876

DIED - In Bristol, on the 19th ult., of brain fever, Sarah M., daughter of Alvah Wheaton, aged 1 year and 12 days.

In East Bloomfield, on Tuesday, September 26th, Deacon Andrew Cone, aged 76 years.

In this village, September 29th, 1876, J. J. Mooney, aged 4 years and 11 months.  Also, October 2, 1876, Lizzie A. Mooney, aged 13 years and 6 months, both of diphtheria, children of John and Emily Mooney.

In Manchester, on the morning of the 2d inst., Jedediah Dewey, aged 69 years.

20 October 1876

MARRIED - In this village, at the residence of Mrs. J. S. Gibson, October 12th, 1876, by the Rev. Mr. Lee, Victor Somoskeoy, Baron d' Atkinson, of Amsterdam, Holland, to Sarah Gibson of this place.

On Thursday, Oct. 12, 1876, by the Rev. D. D. McCall, D. D., Mr. Charles Booth, of Blackstone, Mass., and Miss Jennie Doolittle, of Phelps.

In Binghamton, on the 16th inst., by Rev. Z. Paddock, Mr. Fred A. Cowles of Canandaigua and Miss Sarah L. Vankeuren of Binghamton.

In Canandaigua, on Thursday, October 19th, 1876, by Rev. Geo. C. Curtis, Mr. Henry F. Stark and Mrs. Cornelia Huntington, daughter of Hon. Wm. H. Lamport, all of Canandaigua.

27 October 1876

MARRIED - In Canandaigua, Tuesday evening, October 24th, by Rev. Frank T. Bayley, Mr. William Blanchard and Miss Matilda La Paige, all of this village.

DIED - In this village, Oct. 23d, of paralysis, Mrs. Lydia White, aged 72 years.

In this village, Oct. 22d, Elizabeth Latz, aged 4 years.

In Gorham, Oct. 20th, Mrs. Sophia A. Raymond, aged 38 years.

In Canandaigua, Oct. 13th, Willis Newman, aged 79 years.

3 November 1876

MARRIED - In Canandaigua, October 24, 1876, Willard Benson of Lodi and Katie Dagen of Canandaigua.

At the home of the bride in the town of Torrey, on the 19th ult., by the Rev. P. E. Brown, Mr. John Reznor, Jr., of Canandaigua, and Miss Kate C. Townsend of Torrey.

At Clifton Springs, on the evening of the 24th ult., by Rev. J. M. Bull, Mr. J. B. Parks and Miss Ella C. Short, both of Phelps.

In Richmond, Oct. 10, 1876, by Rev. S. Mills Day, Mr. John Lucas of Canadice and Miss Mary Swan of Richmond.

DIED - In Richmond, N. Y., Oct. 4th, Mr. Peter Barnard, in the 65th year of his age.

At the residence of S. S. Partridge at Phelps, Oct. 21, Rosana Selden Frazer, in the 86th year of her age.

10 November 1876

MARRIED - In Bristol Centre, N. Y., October 22nd, 1876, by Rev. S. W. Chandler, Mr. Charles B. Reed and Miss Ella B. Brown, both of Bristol, N. Y.

In Honeoye, N. Y., November 1st, 1876, by Rev. S. Mills Day, Mr. George W. Patterson and Miss Minnie E. Day, daughter of the officiating clergyman, all of Honeoye.

DIED - At Naples, October 30th, Alice Sutton, daughter of Lyman L. Sutton, aged 24 years.

On Wednesday, November 1st, 1876, of diphtheria, Bradford M., only son of T. R. Remington, aged 15 years and 4 months.

In Hopewell, November 7, 1876, Thomas Benham, aged 76.  

In this town on the 6th instant, at the residence of her son-in-law, Harvey Padelford, Mrs. Merab Case, aged 66 years.

24 November 1876

MARRIED - At Kendall, Orleans Co., on Wednesday, the 15th inst., by Rev. S. McGerald, Mr. Willis O. Durand of Canandaigua and Miss Eva M. Harris, daughter of Hon. Marvin Harris of the former place.

DIED - In Farmington, November 14th, 1876, William Morris, aged 75 years.

In Canandaigua, November 17th, 1876, John Harris, aged 52 years and 7 months.

At Canandaigua, on Thursday morning, November 2d, 1876, of heart disease, Mrs. Susan Jackson, aged 75 years.

In Victor, on Thursday, November 15th, 1876, Emma, the youngest child of John D. Lovejoy.

In Stanley, November 17th, 1876, Thomas Rinehart, aged 75 years.

In Manchester, November 18, 1876, Warren T. Clark, aged 22 years.

In Hopewell, November 21, 1876, Permilla Dudley, aged 78 years.

1 December 1876

DIED - In this village, Nov. 25, 1876, George R., eldest son of Hugh King, aged 17 years.

In Phelps, on Tuesday morning, Nov. 14, 1876, Mr. J. W. Bacon, in the 81st year of his age.

In South Bristol, Nov. 23, of typhoid pneumonia, Charles G. Davis, aged 51 years.

8 December 1876

MARRIED - At the home of the bride in Gorham, Nov. 28, Lewis Marlow of Dresden to Miss Mary E., only daughter of Nelson McIntyre.

In Geneva, Thursday, Nov. 30th, at the residence of the bride's father by the Rev. A. W. Green, Capt. S. Standish of Syracuse to Miss Carrie A., daughter of Wm. Gulick of Geneva.

DIED - In this village, Nov. 29th, Thomas A. Evans, aged 43 years 9 months.

In Hopewell, Nov. 29th, 1876, Charles J. Decker, aged 70 years.

In Shortsville, Nov. 30th, 1876, Chester Crain, aged 90 years.

In Gorham, Dec. 2, 1876, Dea. James Hartsough, aged 37 years.

In Canandaigua, Nov. 17th 1876, John Harris, native of Goudhurst, Kent, England, aged 52 years.

In Canadice, on Friday, November 24th, 1876, Wm. Lemon Wemett on his 26th birthday.

In Canadice, on Tuesday, November 21st, 1876, Clara, wife of Willard Caskey.

At the residence of her parents in Gorham, Nov. 28, 1876, Miss Gracia A. Holbrook, eldest daughter of Darwin B. Holbrook, aged 26 years.

At his home in Rushville, on Sunday evening, Nov. 26th, of consumption, Nelson Green, aged 44 years.

In Bristol, Dec. 4, 1876, Oliver W. Tiffany, aged 87 years.

15 December 1876

MARRIED - In Victor, N. Y., on the 22d of November, by Rev. Robert Ennis, at the residence of Mr. John Norton, Mr. Hendrick H. Barnes and Miss Augusta C. Norton.

At Victor, N. Y., December 6th, by Rev. Mr. Ennis, Herman Boughton and Miss Lelia C. Rawson, both of Victor.

At Bristol Center, N. Y., Dec. 6th, 1876, by Rev. T. W. Chandler, Mr. Rhodes Trickey of Canandaigua and Miss Carrie E. Sherburn, of South Bristol.

In Canandaigua, Dec. 6th, 1876, by Rev. W. P. Omans, Mr. Wm. Shirley of Clifton Springs and Miss Mary Potts of Penn Yan.

In Victor, on the 6th inst., by Rev. W. R. Bonham, Mr. Danforth Booth and Mrs. Elizabeth Hoff, both of Shortsville.

DIED - In Farmington on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 1876, of paralysis, William Morse, aged 75 years.

In Orleans, December 5th, 1876, Jesse Moore, aged 17 years.

In Elizabeth City, N. J., December 7th inst., Oscar E. Sibley, aged 71 years, formerly of this village.

In East Bloomfield, on the morning of Nov. 18th ult., Mrs. L. C. McMaster, aged 82 years, relict of the late David McMaster.

In this village, Dec. 10th, 1876, William J. Shannon, aged 21 years.

At Victor, Dec. 7th, Heman D. Bement, aged 77 years.

At East Bloomfield, at the residence of Dr. D. S. Webster, by Rev. H. Van Benschoten, Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 13th, Mr. Asa Pride of Honeoye Falls, to Mrs. Esther A. Boardman of East Bloomfield.

22 December 1876

MARRIED - December 13. 1876, by the Rev. N. S. Lowrie, Mr. William Pitt and Miss Leonia Greenow, both of Gorham, N. Y.

On Wednesday, the 13th inst., at the residence of the bride's parents in Geneva, by the Rev. Dr. Rankine, rector of St. Peter's Church, D. Frederick Atwood, of West Minot, Me., to Carrie A., oldest daughter of S. H. Parker, Editor of Geneva Gazette.

DIED - In Bristol, on the 17th inst., Mrs. Sarah J., wife of John T. Sisson and daughter of Morgan L. and Eliza Ann Case, of Canandaigua, aged 40 years.

At Chapinville, Dec. 18, William Burchard, in the 24th year of his age.

In Farmington, Sunday, the 17th inst., Almira, wife of Garret DeBow, in the 71st year of her age.

In Canandaigua, on Monday, December 4th, 1876, of diphtheria, Agnes V., youngest daughter of Erastus and Lydia E. Root, aged 7 years and 6 months.

In Canandaigua, on Tuesday, December 12th, 1876, of diphtheria, Frank H.., youngest son of Erastus and Lydia E. Root, aged 5 years and 2 months.

In Naples, Nov. 16, 1875, Elisha G. Washburn, in the 65th year of his age.

In Hopewell, on Saturday, December 16th, of malignant diphtheria, Mary Adelaide, youngest daughter of Warren C. and Catharine F. Stoddard, aged 9 years, 3 months and 14 days.

29 December 1876

MARRIED - At Bristol, N. Y., Nov. 30th, 1876, by Rev. J. F. Gates, Mr. Samuel Moranda and Miss Helen M. Reed.

In Naples, on the 21st inst., by Rev. A. M. Lutts, Mr. Andrew Fries and Miss Eva Allen.

On the 20th inst., at the residence of Edward Pearce, grandfather of the bride, by Rev. Dr. Rankine, Elmer A. Phillips, M. D., of Carleton, N. Y., and Anna M. Cooper, of Oaks Corners, N. Y.

On the 19th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. Dr. Rankine, James E. Northup, of Cleveland, O., and Frances J., oldest daughter of J. C. Riley, of Geneva.

DIED -  At Naples, on Friday, the 22d inst., Lena, only daughter of J. Frank Griswold, aged 2 years.

At Clifton Springs, on Tuesday evening, Dec. 20, Doctor John Spalsbury, aged 69 years.

In the town of Manchester, on Saturday, the 16th inst., Mrs. Mark A. Johnson, aged 44 years.

In Seneca, on the 16th inst., Mr. Aaron Caton, aged 28 years.

In Seneca Castle, on the 18th inst., Mr. Henry Hamilton, aged 45 years.

In Richmond, on the 18th inst., Dr. John C. K. Crooks, aged 47 years.

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