Source: History of Ontario County, NY published 1878, pg. 52

1809, Micah BROOKS, Samuel LAWRENCE, Richard LEACH, Hugh MC NAIR, and Wm. ROGERS

1810, Valentine BROTHER, Isreal CHAPIN, Daniel DORSEY, Wm. MARKHAM and Gideon PITTS

1811, Septimus EVANS, Reuben HART, Hugh MC NAIR, Stephen PHELPS, and Asahel WARNER

1812, Nathl. ALLEN, V. BROTHER, David SUTHERLAND, Joshua VAN FLEET and Ezra WAITE

1813, Abraham DOX, Gilbert HOWELL, Hugh MC NAIR, D. SUTHERLAND, J. VAN FLEET and A. WARNER


1815, Peter ALLEN, John PRICE, Ira SELBY, James ROSEBURGH, Ira SELBY, John VAN TOPEN and Ezra WAITE

1816, Peter ALLEN (brief time), Henry FELLOWS, I. CHAPIN, J. CHILD, M. HOLLEY, A. KELSEY, F. LEE and R. SPRAGUE

1817, J. CHILD, P. ALLEN, Byron GREEN, Caleb HOPKINS, Joshua LEE, Jas. ROSEBURGH, and N. WHITNEY

1818, Phineas P. BATES, Nathaniel CASE, Samuel LAWRENCE, James ROSEBURGH, Ira SELBY, John VAN TOPEN and Ezra WAITE

1819, William BILLINGHURST, Byron GREEN, Eli HILL, William MC CARTNEY, Elijah SPENCER, John A. STEVENS, and Asahel WARNER

1820, Byron GREEN, V. BROTHER, John PRICE, John C. SPENCER, Elisha B. STRONG, John VAN TOPEN and Matthew WARNER

1821, Claudius V. BOUGHTON, William CORNWALL, Oliver CULVER, Truman HART, Myron HOLLEY, J.C. SPENCER and Wm. H. SPENCER

1822,  Birdseye BROOKS, Byram GREEN, Isaac MOORE, Aaron REMER, and David WHITE

1823, B. BROOKS, Richard HOGARTH, Jacob LEACH, A. REMER, Ira SELBY and P. SWIFT

1824, Daniel ASHLEY, Gideon PITTS, Bowen WHITING

1825, Claudius V. BOUGHTON, G. PITTS, and B. WHITING

1826, C.V. BOUGHTON, Fr. GRANGER, and Gideon PITTS

1827, Fr. GRANGER, Lemuel MORSE, and Nathan PARKE

1828, Fr. GRANTER, Heman CHAPMAN, and Robert C. NICHOLAS

1829, John DICKSON, Walter HUBBELL and R.C. NICHOLAS

1831, Thomas OTTLEY, Samuel RAWSON and John C. SPENCER

1832, Francis GRANGER, Jeremiah MASON and R.C. NICHOLAS

1833, Ephraim W. CLEVELAND, J.C. SPENCER, and James H. WOODS

1834, Peter MITCHELL, Oliver PHELPS, and Aaron YOUNGLOVE

1835, Ariel HENDEE, William HILDRETH, and Mark H. SIBLEY

1836, Amos JONES, Henry PARDEE, and M.H. SIBLEY

1837, Amos JONES, H. PAREDEE and Henry W. TAYLOR

1838, Jonathan BUEL, David HUDSON, H.W. TAYLOR

1839, Augustus SAWYER, Z. Barton STOUT, W.H. TAYLOR

1840, Reynold PECK, Abraham A. POST, H.W. TAYLOR

1841, Isaac MILLS, Daniel O. ROBINSON, Alvah WORDEN

1842, Peter M. DOX, Staats GREEN, Joseph C. SHELTON

1843, Sylvester AUSTIN, James C. BROWN, Jedediah DEWEY Jr.

1844 Lorenzo CLARK, Isreal HUNTINGTON, Henry PARDEE

1845, Timothy BUELL Jr., I. HUNTINGTON, Henry PARDEE

1846, Elias COST, Joseph C. SHELTON, Alvah WORDEN

1847, Emory B. POLLTE, Ezra PIERCE

1848, Charles S. BROTHER, Hiram ASHLEY

1849, Dolphus STEVENSON, Josiah PORTER

1850, John L. DOX, Josiah PORTER

1851, Thomas J. MC LOUTH, Henry PARDEE

1852, William R. PETIT, Elnathan C. SIMMONS

1853, Marcus PARSONS, Hiram ASHLEY

1854, Jesse COST, Stephen V.R. MALLORY

1855, William H. LAMPORT, Oliver CASE

1856, Oliver CASE, Samuel A. FOOT

1857, Samuel A. FOOT, Zoroaster PAUL
1858, Volney EDGERTON, Ira R. PECK

1859, Ulysses WARNER, Shotwell POWELL

1860, Shotwell POWELL, Lewis PECK

1861, Peter B. FIELD, Stephen H. AINSWORTH

1862, David PICKETT, Francis O. MASON

1863, Perez H. FIELD, Lanson DEWEY

1864, Lanson DEWEY, Perez H. FIELD

1865,  Volney EDGERTON, Edward BRUNSON

1866, Edward BRUNSON, Hiram SHUTT

1867, Samuel H. TORREY, Hiram SHUTT

1868, Henry RAY, Samuel H. TORREY

1869, George COOK, Henry RAY

1870, Henry RAY, Davie E. WILSON

1871, Davie E. WILSON, George W. NICHOLAS

1872, Ambrose L. VAN DIUSEN, Cyrille S. LINCOLN


1874, C.S. LINCOLN, Stephen H. HAMMOND

1875, Stephen H. HAMMOND, C.S. LINCOLN

1876, Seth STANLEY, Hiram MAXFIELD

Presidential Electors for different electoral colleges have been as follows: 

Hugh JAMISON, 1808; Wm. BURNETT, 1812; Nathaniel ROCHESTER, 1816; Philetus SWIFT, 1820; Micah BROOKS, 1824; William HILDREDTH, 1828; Oliver PHELPS, 1832; Jared WILLSON, 1836; Gideon LEE, 1840; John LAPHAM, 1844; Jedediah DEWEY, 1864; William C. DRYER, 1868

Officer of the Electoral College - John C. SPENCER, Messenger to Washington, 1808.

Postmaster-General - Francis GRANGER, appointed in 1841, and Gideon GRANGER, appointed under Thomas Jefferson's administration, and held until the succession of Madison.

Assistant United States Treasurer - Charles J. FOLGER and Thomas HILLHOUSE

United States Commissioners - Thomas W. HOWELL and George B. DUSINBERRE

Pension Agent - L.M. DRURY

United States Deputy Marshals - George W. BEMIS, James M. PALMER, William HILDRETH and David V. BENHAM

Representatives to Congress:

Thomas MORRIS, 7th Congress, 1801-1803
Oliver Phelps, 8th Congress, 1803-1805
Nathaniel W. HOWELL, 13th Congress, 1813-1815
Micah BROOKS, 14th Congress, 1815-1817
John C. SPENCER, 15th Congress, 1817-1819
Nathaniel ALLEN, 16th Congress, 1819-1821
John DICKSON, 22nd & 23rd Congress, 1831-1835
Francis GRANGER, 24th Congress, 1835-1837
Mark H. SIBLEY, 25th Congress, 1837-1839
Francis GRANGER, 26th & 27th Congress, 1839-1841; resigned March 3, 1841
John GREIG, 27th Congress, 1841; elected to fill vacancy; resigned September 25, 1841
Robert L. ROSE, 30th & 31st Congress - 1847-1851
Emory B. POTTLE, 35th & 36th Congress, 1857-1861
William H. LAMPORT, 42nd & 43rd Congress, 1871-1875
Elbridge G. LAPHAM, 44th Congress, 1875-1877


The County judges were appointed by the council from 1777 to 1822; by the governor and senate from 1822 to 1846. One of the number was styled first judge, and the others were known as associates. The pioneer judge of Ontario, was Oliver PHELPS, who continued in office from May 5, 1789 until October 5, 1793, when Timothy HOSMER was appointed to the office and held it until June 1805, when, constitutionally disqualified by age for longer exercise of official duty, he retired to private life.  He was succeeded by John NICHOLAS, appointed January 27, 1803, and who retained the office for sixteen years, when he resigned honors and responsibilities into the hands of Nathaniel W. HOWELL, who served from the date of his appointment, March 13, 1819 until 1833.  The various incumbents of the office since the later date have been: Oliver PHELPS, appointed April 30, 1833; Bowen WHITING, July 17, 1838; Charles J. FOLGER, May 7, 1844; E. Fitch SMITH, February 10, 1845; Mark H. SIBLEY, elected June 1847; C.J. FOLGER, November 1851; Peter M. DOX, November 1855; John M. BRADFORD, appointed March 18, 1856; H.W. FOLGER, elected November 1856; George B. DUSINBERRE, 1857; William H. SMITH, 1868 and Francis O. MASON, 1872.

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