From Geneva Gazette 31 March 1899


Where are They Now?

Such is the query of our esteemed friend, Geo. F. Marshall of Cleveland, O., in submitting a list of names of Geneva residents way back in the '20's.  Mr. M. is our senior by about five years, and his knowledge of early Genevans much better than ours. At least he gives some names that are not familiar to us.  We could add many that he has omitted, but they are not now in the land of the living, although the descendants of a few are still with us.  Mr. Marshall asks, "Will you please take a look through your City directory and tell me where I will be able to find the residences of the following who were citizens of Geneva at the time I took my departure for the West when just out of my teens -- 68 years ago."

And makes the enumeration thus:

Butter G. Noble
Thos. P. St. John
Hatley N. Dox
Nicholas Ayrault
C. Schermerhorn
Geo. Brazee
Jas. Sweeney
Alden H. Squier
David E. Field
Jno. W. Smith
Schuyler Skaats
Bill Hall
Beach Fayerweather
Hiram Beach
Sam'l Kimber
Chas. J. Folger
Barnard Barker
Chas. Bogert
Geo. C. Hay
D. C. Littlejohn
Henry Stevens
Chas. Gordon
Luther Stoddard
Reuben Stocking
James Fletcher
Morris W. Hemiup
Miles Rose
Henry Wallbridge
William Tippetts
Enoch Sims
Jas. Craft
Mont. Schuyler
Geo. J. Gallagher
Henry Dwight Jr.
Charles Clemons
Calvin S. Gray
Frank Kirkland
Reuben Bedell
Norton H. Hemiup
Bill Campbell
Nathaniel F. Bruce
Jas. Stone
Thad Joy
Stephen Clarey
William Sutton
Amas Adams
E. Jenkins Burrall
Henry Axtell
Lyman Gray
John Campbell
Charles Godfrey
John N. Dox
Archibald Powell
Walter Bours
Elnathan Noble
George N. Dox
Giles Cowles
Chas. Ayrault
I. M. Schermerhorn
John Brazee
Anthony Schuyler
Bill Gitling
Perez H. Field
Backus Hastings
Bart Skaats
Samuel Hall
Sam'l Green
A. J. Dascomb
Ira Parker
John S. Prouty
John N. Whiting
Hezekiah Granger
T. F. Hay
Geo. Stevens
Tom Goundy
Geo. Stoddard
Eli Tod Lewis
Cornelius Merry
Henry Gautry
John L. Bennett
Dan'l M. Haskell
Norman Haskell
Phil. Ruckel
Barney Frazee
Cassius Swift
Joseph Stow
Sam'l Lowthrop
Edmond Dwight
Anson Clemons
Henry Naglee
John Reed
Sam'l O. Coddington
Fred Lewis
Geo. Huffman
Walter Ayrault
Allen Ayrault
Sam'l Gardner
Wallace Sutton
__________ Benjamin
Sam. D. Tillman
Seth Sears
Remick Rice
William Gray
J. R. Haskell
Peter M. Dox
William Powell
James C. Bates

We may add the names of the following and their families:

Wm. S. DeZeng
James Rees
Jacob Sutherland
Godfrey J. Grosvenor
Asa H. Barber
Joseph Van Brunt
3 brothers -  Morrison, Dr.
Spencer, R. Peyton
John Backenstose
William Hudson
John R. Johnston
Rev. Dr. Abeel
Phineas Prouty
Peter Bours
Joseph Fellows
Gaius Clark
Peter Drake
John Shook
Robert C. Nicholas
John Nicholas
David S. Hall
John Mitchell
William N. Clark
Lawrence Clark

and in the country:


William Cortleyou
Elias Beach
William Dove
Israel Huntington
John Stainton and his 6
sons - Levi, Bryan, Robert,
Cephas, Edward & William

"Where are they now?"  A very few of them have a P. O. address on this mundane sphere.  Most of those departed have their names carved on tablets in one or the other of our cemeteries.  We have a greater population of the dead than of the living.  Perhaps there could be counted by the fingers of both hands all surviving inhabitants of Geneva of the age of 75 years and upwards.  Such is the transitory nature of human life.

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