From Geneva Daily Times 24 June 1916

Twenty-three additional recruits have been received by Company B during the past 24 hours, which brings the present strength up to 140 men. This most prompt response to the call to the colors is a great source of gratification to Captain S. H. Merrill and the other officers of the Company.

New men received into the company since yesterday are as follows:

Charles H. Reynolds, Geneva
Earl E. Fingar, Geneva
Wells J. Carey, Geneva
Duane N. Carroll, Penn Yan
Leo H. Breen, Canandaigua
George H. Kelleher, Geneva
Howard E. Jenkens, Geneva
Albert A. Urgan, Geneva
Clarence H. Watson, Seneca Falls
LeRoy P. Murphy, Geneva
Charles F. Rooney, Canandaigua
John Connolly, Geneva
Daniel J. Creedon, Geneva
Martin J. MacDuff, Geneva
Edward J. Allen, Geneva
Alfred L. Larson, Geneva
Edward F. Hagen, Geneva
Preston H. Gregor, Newark
August Mauer, Newark
Henry B. Edward, Dundee
Charles R. Mills, Geneva
Thomas F. Grady, Geneva
Alfred E. Sweeney, Geneva

The present muster roll of the company is as follows:
Captain - S. H. Merrill
First Lieutenant - T. J. Coursey
Second Lieutenant - E. F. Winnek
First Sergeant - C. W. Clark
Sergeants - T. W. C. Bleck, J. R. Fiero, F. D. Behrens, P. S. Church, and E. D. VanGeison
Corporals - C. D. Hilimire, J. H. McDonough, J. D. Post, E. R. Finzar, W. P. Loman, K. C. Hyde
Cooks - R. J. Engel, J. R. BrownArtificer - Joseph Hutchinson
Musicians - G. C. Easto and W. J. Cummings
Privates - R. W. Ames, H. W. Beatty, F. J. Beatty, W. C. Benedict, G. C. Benedict, H. S. Brennan, W. F. Buckley, F. L. Burr, F. J. Burns, F. R. Clark, F. K. Clark, D. B. Clayton, H. G. Campbell, E. E. Churchill, H. P. Coats, C. R. Codington, E. F. Collins, G. B. Corby, C. L. Chapman, A. R. DeBott, H. M. Daily, R. W. Evans, B. C. Gould, W. A. Goodwin, J. P. Gavin, P. H. Hawkins, Lawrence Hayes, D. I. Holburton, J. J. Howe, C. F. Hendricks, C. W. Hemingway, M. J. Humphrey, J. H. Johnson, E. C. Knapp, J. R. Lindsay, B. H. Merry, G. F. Mehnert, M. E. Mapes, S. H. McKane, A. C. Pinckney, J. D. Richardson, H. A. Secker, C. F. Saeger, J. M. Shane, E. A. Smith, D. M. Smith, R. T. Soule, A. M. Story, W. A. Sojka, W. D. Strawney, F. E. Tiller, W. B. Vogt, King Whitney, Alfred Wyman, F. F. Donahue, G. B. Warren, T. G. Leach, Ralph Hendershott, R. E. Stewart, W. H. Rielly, J. A. Kellow, J. F. O'Malley, W. H. Rhodes, Theodore Brower, T. J. Comiskey, Russel Vincent, Patrick McGhan, Charles Mauer, Vincent Beebe, K. M. Evarts, P. H. Tuttle, R. C. Chamberlain, W. H. Arnold, N. C. Reynolds, C. H. Reynolds, J. A. Cummings, R. H. Jacobs, F. A. Williamson, W. F. Dangle, J. H. Stewart, H. J. Hennessey, J. L. Steene, J. B. Sweeney, B. B. Tillman, A. H. Coleman, C. D. Wooster, Laverne Walbridge, C. T. Bowles, T. C. Veit, C. H. Watson, L. P. Murphy, C. F. Rooney, R. C. Rippey, John Connolly, D. J. Creedon, M. J. MacDuff, W. J. Carey, Frank Pike, R. S. Boyd, H. E. Jenkins, G. H. Kelleher, A. A. Urgan, L. H. Breen, D. N. Carroll, E. J. Allen, A. L. Larson, E. F. Hagen, P. H. Gregor, August Mauer, H. H. Edwards, C. R. Mills, A. E. Sweeney, T. F. Grady.

From Ontario County Journal 6 April 1917

Manchester, N. Y. -  Ernest Swart
and Ralph Berry, of this village, who have served in the Unites States Navy, have each received a federal communication with instructions to held themselves in readiness for a recall to the navy and to prepare to start immediately when notified.

From Geneva Daily Times 12 September 1917

Secretary A. D. Gates of the local exemption board of the Second District of Ontario County made public today a list containing the names of 31 men who are certified to the district board of Rochester as qualified and accepted for service. He also gave out a list of those discharged for physical reasons and on claims. All but three of the cases examined before this board have now been disposed of. In the list of those reported as qualified and accepted are the following:
Oliver Frisbie Crothers, Phelps; Nick Tandle, Geneva; Walter Danielski, Phelps; Leslie Jones Campbell, Stanley; William Louis Garling, Victor; Harry L. Herman, Manchester; Charles Eldridge Eacker, Clifton Springs; William George Wilkins, Victor; Henry D. Cornish, Naples; Stephen Blanchard, Naples; Clarence Marsh Munorow, Canandaigua; Leon G. Johnson, East Bloomfield; Torrance L. Rodney, Manchester; Frank B. Sheehan, East Bloomfield; Royal Leslie Hulbert, Victor; Salvatori Tarquine, Manchester; James William Anderson, Victor; Stewart Waddell, Geneva; Raymond S. Olmstead, Livonia; John Francis Barry, Shortsville; Charles Robson, Geneva; Hugh Welch, Geneva; Charles Wesley Wold Hendershot, Macedon; John Bernard Tischer, Victor; John Kenneth Hennessey, Phelps; William Segbers, Manchester; Frank Cole, Canandaigua; Murray H. Ingram, Phelps; William Matthew Barnes, Jersey Shore, Pa.; Harold King, Geneva; Arthur W. Goodman, Clifton Springs.
Those reported exempted or discharged are:
Ainsworth M. Bennett, Manchester; Ralph Edward Cook, Clifton Springs; Clarence Rouse, Phelps; Leon James Horton, West Bloomfield; William Arthur Barkley, Honeoye; Ora Francis Fanson, Geneva; Alfred Phillips, Phelps; George Frederick Walters, Clifton Springs; Clifton L. Colvin, Shortsville; Joseph Billsis, Victor; Frank J. Holleran, Phelps; Leonard Gabriel Williams, Shortsville; John Van Opdorp, Clifton Springs; Edwin Sanford, Phelps; William Honan, Honeoye; Jesse R. Potter, Manchester; Edney M. Skinner, Phelps; William Alexander Anable, Naples; William Joseph Sullivan, West Bloomfield; Atta Siegwald, Clifton Springs; Walter James Mosher, Shortsville; Berridge Lucas, Manchester; Charles Francis Moon, Shortsville; John McKay, Honeoye; Leslie Eugene Bennett, Holcomb; Rocco Commiso, Victor; Arthur Lennelle, Macedon; Richard Kilduff, Manchester; Arthur Penny, Manchester; Mike Poulas, Phelps; Arthur Eugene Brand, Canandaigua; Lawrence E. Becker, Clifton Springs; Albert William Webb, Holcomb; Herbert A. McCallum, Oaks Corners; George Jacob Wohlschlegel, Naples; Harrison Fremont Becker, Springwater; Peter Condame, Victor; Johan Willichad Oberg, Victor; Francis Raymond Davis, Honeoye; John Conover, Victor; Leroy F. Wallace, Naples; Leo Abbott, Manchester; Raymond F. Dolan, Naples; Claire V. Bennett, Phelps; Dwight Deyo Bottum, Shortsville; James Greenlees, East Victor; William Clohecy, East Bloomfield; Rocco DeVito, Clifton Springs; Claude Wilson Symonds, North Bloomfield; William Henry Cook, Victor; DiCarlo Sebastino, Victor; William B. Ward, Canandaigua; Frederick Burgh, Victor.

From Geneva Daily Times 17 April 1917

Hall, N. Y. - Arthur,
eldest son of Fred Allen and grandson of the late Valentine Allen, a veteran in the war of the Rebellion, and great-grandson of the well-remembered Col. Allen of Hall vicinity, is perpetuating the family name for patriotism by his late enlistment in the navy, the first one to respond to the call from near Hall.

Following is a list of the men honorably discharged from Company B because they have dependents: Corydon W. Clark, 1st sergeant; John L. Brown, cook; Grover C. Easton, bugler; Joseph Hutchinson, mechanic. Sergeants: Theodore W. C. Bleck, Jay R. Fiero, Earl D. VanGeison, Charles D. Hilmire. Corporals: William P. Loman, Floyd E. Tiller, George T. O'Connor, Henry W. Beatty, George O. Warren, Walter W. Hoskin, George F. Mehnert. 1st Class Privates: Edward F. Hagan, John A. Johnson, Robert C. Rippey. Privates: Francis J. Beatty, Vincent Beebe, Henry G. Connolly, Camp E. Cowan, Daniel J. Creedon, Kedzie M. Evarts, John K. Flynn, Charles H. Green, Howard J. Hennessey, Charles F. Hendricks, George Hunter, Roy H. Jacobs, William Jacobs, Ernest A. Lang, Alfred L. Larsen, Patrick McGhan, Frank Perry, Roy Roche, Claude F. Saeger, Howard C. Seabrook, Harry A. Seeker, Edward A. Smith, Raymond F. Soule, James J. Tracey, Clarence H. Watson and Frederick A. Williamson.

From Ontario County Journal 20 April 1917

Manchester, N. Y. -  James O'Byrne,
whose home is in this village, has enlisted in the marines, and has been transferred to Charlestown, South Carolina. He surprised his friends when a note was found stating where he had gone and for what purpose.

From Geneva Daily Times 25 April 1917

Melvin Hill, N. Y. - George Sweet
of Melvin Hill and Elmer Cairns, formerly of Melvin Hill but now of Rochester, enlisted Monday in the New York Infantry and leave Saturday morning for Fort Slocum to enter training.

From Ontario County Journal 27 April 1917

Manchester, N. Y. -  Joseph Bennett,
of this village, has gone to Buffalo to enlist in the United States cavalry. He is 18 years of age and wants to see actual service. David J. Werner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Werner, of this village, has resigned his position and enlisted as a fireman on one of Uncle Sam's destroyers.

From Ontario County Journal 25 May 1917

Victor, N. Y. - 
Victor is well represented in the officers training camp at Madison Barracks, Sackett's Harbor, by four young men. The patriotic spirit which led them to respond to the call of their country marks them as young men of whom Victor is proud. They are Manley H. Bowerman, M. Ernest Hopkins, Arthur Aldridge and George W. HIginbotham. The left Rochester with the contingent from that city.

From Ontario County Journal 1 June 1917

James Hobbins, Charles F. Coyle, John A. Colmey
and William Shoemaker, of Canandaigua, have enlisted with the 2nd Ambulance Company at Rochester. Mr. Shoemaker was recently a sergeant of Troop B, Colorado cavalry.

From Ontario County Journal 8 June 1917

John Kelly, Frank Kennedy, Burrel T. Cappon, Fred Dewey, Stanley
and Waldo Hicks have enlisted in the Second Ambulance Company at Rochester; Harold Riley in Co. H, Third Regiment at Rochester; John J. Murphy Co B. at Geneva; C. Robert Crispin and Leon C. Frankish of Ilion, formerly of Canandaigua, with the First Ambulance Company, at New York City.

From Ontario County Journal 6 July 1917

Honeoye, N. Y. - 
The following is a list of men between the ages of 21 and 30, who registered at the federal war census in this town on June 6: Leon Lansing Allen; Clarence Abbey; William Orson Alger; Kenneth Culver Abbe; William Lorenzo Allen; George Gregg Abbey; Ralph Allen Burns; LaVerne Bacon; Willard Charles Becker; Clyde Barrett; Ralph Bacon; Fay P. Bacon; Walter Harrison Burns; Clarence Milton Bicker; Peter Ray Barnard; Floyd Barrett; Solon Howard Barnard; Willard Gibson Boughton; William Arthur Barkley, Fred M. Bell, Walter Stanley Buck; Earl John Caskey; Murray Merton Curtis; Charles Harry Conklin; James DeGraff; Lansing Franklin Deming; Walter Davison; Narass Kerkr Dekranian, Francis Raymond Davis, John Ellis Deal, Joseph DeRycke, Emery Barney Fox, Carl Joseph Fox, Herbert Gladding, Pierpont Lewis Green, Charles Henry Gladding; George Edward Gallipo; Walter Gilbert Hamilton; Byron Nelson Jerome; Frank Bernard Logan; Stuart J. Mitchell; Donald Gordon Morrow; John Joseph Meehan; Oakley A. Mastin; Leon Walter Morrow; William Francis Morrow; John McKay; William Rector McClurg; Raymond Olmstead; Harry O'Neill; Roselle Gilbert Owen; James Wayne Patterson; Bassette Bell Porter; Ralph William Paul; Arthur Raymond Whalen; William Thompson Pennell; Frank Rouse; Roy Westley Richardson; George Rouse, William Ronan; Rex Earl Shepard; Clayton Mansell Smith; Leon Frank Sennett; Curt Otto Schultz; Edson Frank Sleight; James Furnace Taylor; Rensselaer Clute VanVliet; Clarence Minor Watkins; Charles Edward Welch;Murray Wallace Watkins; Truman John White; Edwin Leonard Wood; Murray Henry Wilson; Nicholas LeRoy Wright; Fred Harrison White; John Lorenzo Ward; William Allen Wilson; Walter A. Wood; Olin Clark Wemott; Allie Joseph Wright.

Honeoye, N. Y. - Arthur Treble and James Taylor have enlisted in the marine corps and started on Tuesday for the training camp.

From Ontario County Journal 13 July 1917

Naples, N. Y. -  Glenn Smith
has enlisted in the medical department of the army and left on Monday for his work.

From Ontario County Journal 20 July 1917

Canandaigua demonstrated its patriotism and loyalty to the enlisted men by a public demonstration last evening. All honor was paid to the young men called to do their whole duty. A long parade through the business and residential streets called forth many from the surrounding country, and they gathered in the nature of a final farewell. Canandaigua's intense preparation for war, taking for service, as it does, many of the most promising young men, is having its effect, as the crowds seemed to be instilled with the thought that the boys were making a sacrifice for their country.


Remington Adams - Navy
Edward Allen - Co. B
Dr. Alfred W. Armstrong - Captain
     of Medical Reserves
William G. Baker - Quartermaster
     U. S. S. "Wyoming"
Harry Bacon - Marines
Charles Barry - Co. B
Gordon B. - Co. B
Harold Benham - 7th Infantry
Charles Boals - Co. B
Walter Boals - Co. B
James Francis Brady - Acting
     Inspector of General Coast
Jeremiah H. Breen - Marines
Leo H. Breen - Marines
Elliott Brockelbank - 2nd Ambulance Co.
Floyd H. Brown - Ambulance Co.
James Brown
Thomas Brown
Carson Buchanan - Co. B
James S. Burns - Co. B
Burrall T. Cappon - 2nd Ambulance
John A. Colmey - 2nd Ambulance
Richard C. Combes - Field Artillery
Alan Cook - Lafayette Escadrilles,
Robert Cook - Madison Barracks
     Training Camp
Charles F. Coyle - 2nd Ambulance
Thomas Coyle - 7th Infantry
Robert Criddle - Co. G, 3rd Infantry
C. L. Robert Crispin - 1st Ambulance
Dr. Arthur Crowly - Lieutenant of
     Dental Reserve Corps
John Daffy - Co. F, 17th Regiment
Clarence Davis - Infantry
Fred H. Dewey - 2nd Ambulance Co.
Floyd Dibble - Marines
T. Harland Evans - 1st Sergeant, 2nd
     Ambulance Co.
Charles Evans - Co. B
Chester Everett - Marines
Myron Leslie Fairchild - Infantry
Allen Farnsworth - Navy
Raymond Feathers - Co. G, Marine
Wilbur F. Ferran - 2nd Infantry,
Leon C. Frankish - 1st Ambulance
Howard Fredericks - Calvary
Almon Goff - Marines
Floyd C. Goff
George McG. Hayes - Y. M. C. A.
     Fort Totten
Raymond Hendershot - Infantry
Clifford Henry - 2nd Lt. Marines
Stanley Hicks - 2nd Ambulance Co.
Waldo Hicks - 2nd Ambulance Co.
James Hobbins - 2nd Ambulance Co.
J. Edward Hogan - Marines
James Hood
Harry L. Howe - 2nd Lt., Navy
Alexander T. Hussey - Quarter-
     master, Navy
Robert P. Hussey - Quartermaster,
Albert B. Hutchens - Battery E, 21st
     Field Artillery
Charles Huxley - Navy
John Kelly - 2nd Ambulance Co.
Frank Kennedy - 2nd Ambulance Co.
Glen Kisor - Medical Dept. Army
John Kitt - Co. B
Howard Lane
Floyd Larney - Federal Ambulance
Patrick J. Loome - 26th Infantry,
Gerald Lynch - Co. H, 3rd Infantry
Frank F. Maier - Marines
James Martin - Army
Philip Maxfield - Canadian
Guy C. McGregor - Sergeant, Co. D
     47th Infantry
Russell McGuire - Ambulance Co.
James R. McLaughlin, Jr. - Aviation
John S. McMillan - Marines, France
Frank J. McNamara - Co. B
Leonard McNamara - Marines
Raymond Merriman - Army
Francis E. Monaghan - Co. I, 48th
M. F. Murphy - Medical Dept.,
     3rd Infantry
John Murphy - Co. B
Harvey W. Padelford - Field Aviation
Arthur Penoyer - 2nd Canadian
Harry Perryman - Co. B, 19th
Howard Pierce - Infantry
Howard Pitt - Co. B
Walter C. Putnam - 3rd Regiment
Everett Reynolds - Infantry
George Reynolds - Marines
Ralph Reynolds - Co. L, Infantry
Roy E. Reynolds - Co. B
Harold Riley - Co. B
Newton C. Rogers - Aviation
Charles Rooney - Corporal,
     Co. B
Claude Russ - Co. B
Courtland W. Sanney -Madison
     Training Camp
Frederick F. Scandling - 2nd
     Ambulance Co.
William Shoemaker - 2nd Ambulance
Edward Simmons - 2nd Ambulance
Lawrence H. Smith
Mortimer J. Soule - Officers' Trng.
     Camp, Madison Barracks
Clyda A. Spaulding - Navy
Fred Stannard - Submarine K-2
Burral S. Sterling - Battery F,
     21st Field Artillery
James Sweeney - Co. B
Clarence Taylor - 2nd Ambulance Co.
Alexander G. Thompson, Coast
William Tuohey - Navy
Earl Tuttle - Machine Gun Co.,
     88th Infantry
Fred Wegner - 1st Lt., 3rd
William H. Welch - Ammunition
Myron Wilder - Officers' Training
Hubert Willer - Co. H, 3rd Infantry
John E. Wilson - 1st Cavalry, Troop M
Marion Wilson
George  Worden - Co. B

From Ontario County Journal 20 July 1917

Of 240 recently appointed second lieutenants recently commissioned in the Marine Corps at Quantico, Va., for three months intensive training, Clifford Ottley Henry, son of Frank Henry, of Reed Corners, is one of the 13 from New York state. Mr. Henry is a graduate of Canandaigua academy and Cornell Agricultural college.

William R. Gerrish, 18 years old, known at his home in Bristol as Bill Richard, is home on a 10-days furlough to help celebrate his mother's birthday. For the past six months he has been serving as a soldier on the Mexican border and was then transferred to Gettysburg, Pa. Two months ago he was promoted to regimental clerk and has qualified as first marksman. He will return to Gettysburg the first of next week and expects to take a trip to France in the near future. He was the first to enlist from Bristol and Howard Pierce, of Bristol Center, was second.

From Ontario County Journal 27 July 1917

Following is the official list of names drafted from East Bloomfield to appear for examination to enter the army: Eli Long, Carl Birx, Oscar Wheeler, Roy Morey, Frank McWilliams, Floyd Rayburn, Harry G. Chapin, William Childs, Thomas Neenan, Fred Pope, Louis Cartwright, Elroy Day, Leonard Jones, Harrison Wells, Harold Bridgland, Howard Webb, Thomas Welch, Frank Webb, Salvatore Pilo, Frank Cartwright, Wallace McWilliams, Elmer Wood, Frank Mason, John Grimble, Thomas Sheehan.

Of the Bristol boys who registered for the draft, the following come in the first 85 hundred numbers in the red ink list in their order of drawing: Robert Appleton, Joseph Arthur, Rex Fisher, Murray Savage, Wm. McClurg, Leon Holcomb, Ernest Murray, Lewis Boyd, Andrew Allaway, John Smith, Allen Symonds, Oscar Hayes, Harry Allen, Joseph Shellman, Jay Silvenson, Billings Case, Merton Packard, Leon Johnson, Will Clohecy, John Gilburt, Floyd Hatch, Earl Fletcher and Floyd Ferren.

From Livonia Gazette 3 August 1917

Following are the names of the young men in Richmond who have been drafted to appear for examination to enter the service: Stuart J. Mitchell, Kenneth Abbey, John J. Mechan, George G. Abbey, Ralph W. Paul, Murray H. Wilson, Carl J. Fox, William F. Morrow, William O. Alger, Clayton M. Smith, Truman J. White, Floyd W. Barrett, Oakley Mastin, Olin C. Wemott, Frank Rouse, Clarence M. Watkins, George E. Gallipo, William A. Barkley. William Ronan, John McKay.

Gorham, N. Y. - The following is a list of Gorham young men included in the first 700 of the draft in Ontario County: Oscar Gardner, John Wyman Cleland, Oliver Davis Williams; William Sylvester Parks, Frank Clifford Ward, George H. Deland, Harold Franklyn Fritz, Bert Curtis, Adelbert Angell, Robert S. Mills, Henry T. Hollenbeck, Ernest M. Cole, Harry L. Hartsough, Grover B. Clelland, Henry Coleates, Joseph E. Elwell, Bernard Krape, Alexander McLane, Arthur H. Frankish, Owen Melious, Spencer Dunton, Floyd E. Pearson, Stewart A. Boyer, Clarence L. Parsons, John P. Hoffman, Charles Russel, William R. Melvin, Carlton E. Clark, Guy E. Eckel, Clifford Ottley Henry.

From Ontario County Journal 17 August 1917

Company B, Third Regiment, which is made up mostly of boys of the county, left Geneva yesterday morning for "somewhere in the United States." It is thought that their camp in the States will be but temporary and that they will soon be off for France for intensive training. In the company are the following from Canandaigua: Corporal Charles F. Rooney; Gordon W. Barry, James J. Sweeney, first-class privates; Charles R. Barry, Walter J. Boles, Charles E. Boals, Charles A. Evans, John E. Kitt, John J. Murphy, Frank J. McNamara, Benjamin J. North, Fred M. Pitt, P. Harold Riley, George B. Worden, James M. Burns, Roy E. Reynolds, privates. Captain S. H. Merrill, of the Company, is a brother-in-law of Rev. Herbert L. Gaylord, Main street north.

From Ontario County Journal 28 September 1917

In the same cheerful spirit that marked a former departure of conscripts, 98 men of the second contingent left Canandaigua at noon yesterday for Camp Dix at Wrightstown, N. J. That they were prepared to do everything in their power to make the new national army worthy of the best traditions of American soldiers was evident. A splendid spirit of patriotism has distinguished the groups of young men as they have left for camp. Their departure has been a revelation. It has shown clearly that the men are willing to take up the hard burden before them and are even doing it in a jovial mood.

Thomas J. Rogers, of Geneva, and F. Ellis Parmele and David T. Darling, of Canandaigua, were in command of the following45 men of the First District:

Giovanni B. Veronese, Geneva
Stephen Cafaffi, Geneva
Thomas L. Bouslack, Geneva
Roy Harrison Dunker, Geneva
Charles Dukelow, Jr., Canandaigua
Edward Francis Gerahty, Geneva
Frank B. Campbell, Geneva
Mahlon H. Hoyles, Geneva
Redmond J. Welch, Geneva
George B. Swedenman, Buffalo
Leroy B. English, Geneva
Jack Commella, Canandaigua
Alfonzo Divincinzo, Geneva
George W. Griffin, Canandaigua
Joseph Damico, Geneva

David T. Darling, Canandaigua
Charles F. Hendricks, Geneva
John C. Doran, Geneva
Walter E. Breese, Geneva
Cornelius P. Taney, Geneva
Samuel Plummer Barrett, Hall
Herbert J. Langmaid, Canandaigua
Barrett Louis Taylor, Geneva
Otis W. Cooledge, Canandaigua
George W. Saunders, Stanley
Frank L. Himmel, Flint
Thomas J. Rogers, Geneva
Charles Doyle, Canandaigua
George S. Mather, Canandaigua
John Lester McGuire, Geneva
Oranti G. Chiarilli, Geneva
Harry Clearwater, Geneva
Harold V. Hurley, Canandaigua
William T. Bagley, Geneva
James H. Robinson, Canandaigua
John Spader, Geneva
James Raymond Sabine, Geneva
Earl Milton Martin, Canandaigua
Ernest Karl Napho, Canandaigua
Thomas Lane Smith, Canandaigua
F. Ellis Parmele, Canandaigua
James Leon Simpson, Canandaigua
Roy Paris Travis, Geneva
Frank Reynolds, Geneva
Harry W. Simmons, Canandaigua

The following 53 men went from the Second District and they were in charge of Howard R. Hickmott, of Manchester, and William B. Cone of Victor:

Oscar Gardner, Gorham
Oscar E. Wheeler, E. Bloomfield
William T. McGuigan, Geneva
George W. Miller, Canandaigua
Leonard T. Boyes, Lyons
Frank H. Fitzmorris, Canandaigua
Adolfo Raimondi, Clifton Springs
Harold F. Fritz, Gorham
John S. Waddell, Geneva
Murray I. Savage, E. Bloomfield
Dennis F. Keating, Clifton Springs
Maurice Simmons, W. Bloomfield
Thomas L. Sheehan, E. Bloomfield
Edward D. Nicholson, E. Bloomfield
William B. Cone, Victor
Fred J. Pope, Holcomb
Edward J. Chatterton, W. Bloomfield
Jerry J. Driscoll, Clifton Springs
Charles S. Standish, Naples
Benjamin H. Rice, Geneva
Howard R. Hickmott, Manchester
Vernon Krape, Stanley
Alexander M. Lane, Gorham
Emil DeBuyser, Macedon
Lewis A. Parker, Oaks Corners
Nelson Simon, Victor
Elmer B. Brown, Shortsville
Sears B. Wood, W. Bloomfield
Frank Rouse, Honeoye
Perry P. Peck, W. Bloomfield
William T. Cross, Canandaigua
Edward R. Cushing, Farmington
Clarence M. Watkins, Richmond
William R. Melvin, Canandaigua
Harry E. Peppermann, Clifton Springs
Frank S. Mason, E. Bloomfield
August J. Lindner, Clifton Springs
Guy B. Eckel, Rushville
Thomas H. Welch, Phelps
Andrew Kommer, Manchester
Erich Buechner, Clifton Springs
William Williams, Shortsville
Hiram A. Anderson, Victor
Leonard W. Monaghan, Canandaigua
Edwin J. Sjonell, W. Bloomfield
George Edward Gillipo, Hemlock
George Dougherty, W. Bloomfield
Harold King, Geneva
Frank Kenneth Benham, Canandaigua
Franklin Remington, Cheshire

From Ontario County Journal 28 September 1917

West Bloomfield, N. Y. - 
Yesterday morning five young men of this town left for Camp Dix, Wrightstown, N. J. ; Perry P. Peck, Edward Chatterton, Sears B. Wood, Maurice Simmons and George Dougherty. The Red Cross Society presented each with a wrist watch and a comfort bag. On Tuesday evening a dance was given in their honor in the town hall.

From Ontario County Journal 2 November 1917

Manchester, N. Y. -
A service flag has been completed by the pupils of the Manchester High school. It has 19 stars in honor of the boys who have attended school at this institution within the past 12 years and who are now in service. There is a star on the flag for each boy now bearing arms. These are the names: Henry Jones, Gordon Cole, Howard Utter, Leon Bulger, Carl Rowley, Garrett Weston, Howard Rowley, Charles Smith, Frank Lyke, David Werner, Joseph Bennett, Charles Craig, Earl Galbraith, Edward Comiskey, Leon Romeizey, Floyd Howland, Howard Hickmott, Clarence Chappell and Peter Reubens.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 23 November 1917

Clifton Springs, N. Y. -  William T. Sheehan, Parmer Peachey
and Edward Wilck, of this village, were among those to leave today for training at Camp Dix. They left Canandaigua over the Pennsylvania at 12:01 o'clock.

From Victor Herald 17 January 1918

Among the men placed in Class One by the Board of Ontario County Draft District No. 2 are the following: East Bloomfield - Harold Edwin Morse, Wendell W. Toomey, Cecil Vivian Ingraham, Fred August Murray, Harold S. Mason, William A. VanAken, Wallace McWilliams, George E. Goodwin, Edwin L. Wood, Howard L. Mason, Delbert E. Newton. Victor - Elmer Wesley Woolston, William John Leaper, Leon Henry Quigley, George H. Wood, Norman G. Brace, Leland Francis Faber, Artley Tallman Neyhart, Joseph John Wind, Harry Hunt Loomis, Joseph Harold Kruson, Robert L. Holland, Joseph Bradley, George William Higinbotham, Leo Walter Delmar, Everett E. Willison, Charles W. Howell, Leonard John Bement, Chester, A. Prosser, John James Rose, William Yahn, Charles G. McCann, Raymond LeRoy, Lester M. Gillis, Louis C. Kratzenberg, John E. McCarthy. Bristol Center - Harold A. McDowell. West Bloomfield - Domenico de Martinis, Harry Burtless.

From Ontario County Journal 18 January 1918

Stanley, N. Y. -
The following have been appointed by County Director Peter R. Cole to assist in selling war saving stamps: J. H. Flannigan, J. P. Williams, William B. Foster, Arthur Washburn, Charles Bullock, H. J. Metts, William Moon, Delos Hill, Harry Clark, Mrs. Frank Cammett, Mrs. O. Wright, Mrs. A. Barden, Mrs. Agnes Hall, Mrs. Claude Dinger, Misses Leah Davie, Julia Conners, Mary Nelson, Lillian Masseth and Calista McCauley.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 21 January 1918

Canandaigua, N. Y., Jan. 20 -
Twenty-six men in the First Exemption District and sixteen in the Second District were announced Saturday as having been classified in class one and are consequently liable for military service at any call. Those of district one are:

Canandaigua - James St. Angelo, Ray Borden, Samuel Zappanella, Clifford Jones, Stuart M. Kerr, Louis Vecchi, David H. Haskell, Marian DeFrancial.

Geneva - Thomas E. Cass, Clarence Charles DeBolt, Abraham Stephen Rogers, Guiseppe DeClamanti, Stanton McClellan Sellers, Samuel P. Rowland, Alfred Henry Lewis, Paul James Weller, John Henry Frautz, Hoffa S. Rogers, Charles Edward Denison, Maramo Damico, Ward Beecher Button, Joseph Damick, Tracy D. Morse.

Stanley - Morris James Kennedy, William Otis Kean.

Hall - Roy Leon Carr.

Those of district two are:

Canandaigua - Morimoud H. Remery.

Holcomb - Frank Barks McWilliams.

Phelps - Seeley B. Parrish, Murry H. Ingram, George F. Peachey.

Geneva - Robert Loveland Waddell, Sinclair A. Tullett, Harey DeMell.

Clifton Springs - George J. Pegelow.

Naples - William Porter.

West Bloomfield - Leon James Horton, William Joseph Sullivan, Walter H. Dixon, James Francis Rigney.

Victor - William George Wilkins.

From Ontario County Journal 25 January 1918

Gorham, N. Y. -  Harold Crosier
has enlisted as landsman machinist mate of the Naval Reserve. He was home last week from Troy, where he was a student at the Polytechnic Institute, for a brief vacation before leaving for Pensacola, Fla., where he expects to remain during the winter.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 12 February 1918

Clifton Springs, N. Y.,
Feb. 11 - According to telegraphic reports, it seems that the only member of the ill-fated expeditionary force from this village or vicinity, was Thomas W. Love, of this village, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Love. He was aboard the Tuscanta at the time of the recent disaster. Mr. Love was graduated from Syracuse University last June and he entered the first officers' training camp at Madison barracks, and later the Forestry Division of Engineers. Word has been received here which would indicate that the young man was among those rescued.

Victor, N. Y., Feb. 11 - Captain M. Ernest Hopkins, a former Victor boy, who was among the first to answer Uncle Sam's call for troops, is now on his way to Camp Fremont, California. He was for some time in officers training camp at Madison Barracks and was later transferred to Camp Hancock, Ga., where for the past five months he has been drilling new recruits, with Company D, 111th Infantry. He is to join eight new cavalry regiments which are being formed there.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 16 February 1918

Canandaigua, N. Y.,
Feb. 15 - Only seven enemy aliens registered at the police station and at the Canandaigua Postoffice during the ten-day period when all enemy aliens of German extraction were ordered to register. It is believed that others are living in this vicinity. Those who registered were Charles Seiler and Alwin Richard Sene, both of whom visited the police station to register; Juline Schulz, Emil Schulz, Fred Berg, Johann Huas, all of the town of Canandaigua; and Louis Kuntz, of Gorham.

From Ontario County Journal 15 March 1918

Manchester, N. Y. - 
St. Dominic's church has a service flag with 19 stars for the boys of Manchester and Shortsville who attended services at the Shortsville church before entering the service. Those represented are Joseph Bennett, Charles Dubler, Frank Lyke, Francis Henry, Herbert Smith, Joseph Sturdevant, John Gilligan, Charles Morgan, Francis Farrell, John Kerins, William Delahunty, William Segbers, Peter Rubens, William Burke, Rudolph Walters, John Twenty-five and Tony Ezzo.

From Geneva Daily Times 20 March 1918

Phelps, N. Y. -  David DeBoover,
who has been at Camp Greene, South Carolina, for the last three months, has been released from military service for the summer in order to engage in farm work.

From Victor Herald 28 March 1918

Chairmen W. B. Osborne and Harry L. Dunton of the exemption district boards, received notice Monday evening to send 61 more men to Camp Dix, N. J. on April 2d. Twenty-eight of the men are to go from the First District and 33 men from the Second District. The hour set for mobilization is 4 o'clock Monday afternoon, April 1st, at the Board's rooms in Canandaigua. The men will entrain at the Pennsylvania station in Canandaigua Monday morning at 8 o'clock, new time. Among the men who are to go on Monday are the following: George Granger, Jr. and Angelo Perie, Victor; Harold S. Mason, East Bloomfield; Fred August Murray, Holcomb; James F. Rigny and Earl P. Simmons, West Bloomfield.

From Ontario County Journal 12 April 1918

Thirty women of Canandaigua have offered their services to Chairman Sackett to place at the disposal of the Home Defense Committee their automobiles to assist in transporting soldiers, messages or supplies which come under the jurisdiction of the Home Defense Committee. Miss Ruth Johnson will be in charge of the motor corps. The following have volunteered their services: Misses Anne Davidson, Marsha McKechnie, Anna M. McKechnie, Isabel M. Davidson, Ruth A. Tuttle, Ethel M. Davidson, Leora A. Southerland, Harriet A. DeGraff, Virginia McCauley, Inez Benham, Anna Quigley, Carrie Loomis, Evalina Winter, Ruth M. Freer, Meda B. Davis, Mrs. Robert F. Thompson, Mrs. Harry M. Smith, Mrs. W. J. MacFarlane, Mrs. Floyd D. Butler, Mrs. Edwin Hallenbeck,
Mrs. F. B. Wilkinson, Mrs. Clarence W. Case, Mrs. I. R. Wood, Mrs. C. O. Hallenbeck, Mrs. Frank Marks, Mrs. Anna E. Newman, Mrs. Howard J. Moore, Mrs. F. A. McKechnie, Mrs. Ida A. Allen, Mrs. A. S. Cooley.

From Ontario County Journal 3 May 1918

Fully equipped with knitted articles from the local Red Cross, 37 Ontario county draftees left Canandaigua on Monday noon for Camp Dix, N. J. The men were in fine spirits. Preceding the Ontario county contingent was a troop train carrying several hundred conscripts from Niagara Falls, Buffalo and other western points. The Canandaigua Drum Corps played martial and the Boy Scouts were in evidence with their services. The Ontario county men were served a hearty dinner at the Canandaigua Hotel at 11 o'clock and later Landlord Murphy treated the men to apples and cigars. Members of the Red Cross and Y. M. C. A. workers were at the station to cater to the needs of the men and wish them Godspeed.

The following entrained: First District - William Holmes, of New York City; Salvatore Demare, Herbert Fox, Emmet Linehan, James Joseph O'Connor, Fausto Ferrini, William Drumm, Frederick William Goose, Roy Eighmey, William Francis Gavin, Thomas Joseph McNicholas and Ernest Blaine Delamarter, all of Geneva; Edward F. VanDevelder of Stanley; Charles Albert Crowe, Terzo Vecchi and Joseph T. Walsh of Canandaigua; Henry Costley of Knoxville, Pa.; Tomya Gablaisks of Newark, N. J.; and Camille Vols of Clifton Springs.

Second District - George C. Fox, Henry Hersberg and Alfred J. Griswold of Naples; William Frederick Barnes, Laverne B. Kurtz and Boyd Vincent McDougall of Geneva; Howard William Deyo of Palmyra; M. E. McCormick of North Tonawanda; John Morella and John Grandinetti of Massena; Daniel Dietrick of Lewisburg, Pa.; Leland B. Rhodes, of Phelps; Charles E. Johnson of Wayland; Earl C. Peachey of Rochester; Thomas Michael Gallagher of Springwater; John S. Mattson of Cortland; Giovanni Celento of Manchester; Joe Chojnacki of Sloan; Joseph Alfred Forkell of Victor.

Ralph William Murray of Manchester, transferred from Tekamah, Neb., and Richard Edward Lewis of Manchester, transferred from Mount Gilead O., were credited to the boards where they registered and were sent with the Second District contingent. George Earl Goodwin, of Batavia, formerly of Holcomb, has been sent from Batavia to Camp Dix to fill a vacancy on the Second District Board on another call.

Rushville, N. Y. -  Residents of this community who remember John Merriman, now of Canandaigua, but whose early life was spent here, will be interested to know that he has given four of his five sons to his country. All of his boys are in their twenties and the four who have gone have all enlisted. Erwin, the oldest, has been in the navy since last summer; Burt is still at home, but will probably be called by the draft; Fred is with the Army in France; Leo also enlisted in the navy last summer, and Ray, the youngest, is now at Camp Devens.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 18 May 1918

Clifton Springs, N. Y., May 17 - John F. Sommers,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. Sommers, of this village, who recently enlisted in the navy aviation corps, has reported for service in Boston, Mass. For several months past the young man has been employed in the drafting department of the Selden motor truck plant at Rochester.

Lieutenant William T. Owens, son of the late Morris Owens of this village, who for several yrs past has resided in Toronto, Canada; and who is a member of the British Royal Naval Aerial Service, is home on a furlough, and has been spending the past few days among friends in this village and in Geneva.

Shortsville, N. Y., May 17 - The youngest man from this section to enter the service of the United States during the present war is James Richard Robinson, son of Rev. and Mrs. J. Forbes Robinson, who has just passed his seventeenth birthday. He enlisted at Rochester on Wednesday in the Marine Corps, passing every test with flying colors, will report at Buffalo on Monday, and then go to Paris Island, South Carolina, for training. Mr. Robinson is an expert telephone man, both as operator and line man, and is also a core maker.

Canandaigua, N. Y., May 17 - Four young men of this county were forwarded to three army camps this evening under the induction rule allowing draftees to volunteer for special work in the army. Ralph O. Crediford left for Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indiana, to serve as an airbrake inspector; Charles Carson Buchanan left for Camp Sevier, Greenville, S. C., to serve as a carpenter; Thomas D. Guinan and Slocum Henry Gamber, both of Geneva, left for Washington Barracks, Washington, D. C., to serve in special work.

From Clifton Springs Press 23 May 1918

Phelps, May 20 - Clarence Fynaut, Edward Lynch, Thomas Gerow and J. C. Devoll of this village, members of Company K., New York Guard, with headquarters in Clifton Springs, were called for active service yesterday. The young men will leave today with the Canandaigua platoon for guard duty in New York state.

At his own request, Guiseppe DiCombli of Geneva is to be sent to Camp Dix with Ontario County's large contingent of drafted men May 26. DiCombli is an alien, but waived his right to a deferred class and asked the local board to send him right away.

Letters recently received from Oliver Crothers and Seeley Parrish, Phelps boys, tell of their safe arrival in England with the American forces on April 19. Both young men are in good health and expect to embark for France very soon. They were sent with Ontario County's quota to Camp Devens the latter part of February.

From Geneva Daily Times 3 August 1918

Canandaigua, N. Y. -
Ontario county is called on to furnish more men for the national army under orders received from the adjutant general's office by the two exemption boards yesterday afternoon. Men called by the First District Board are as follows: Richard Lewis McDade of Hall; John William Harrington of Manchester; Howard Eugene Warren of Canandaigua; John Earl Dakin of Geneva; Gordon McCoy Ridenour of Canandaigua; Charles M. House of Moravia, formerly of Canandaigua; Martin Charles Finnerty of Geneva; Leonard M. Clark of Rochester; Frank John Toole of Altoona, Pa.; Caspar W. Stahmann of Geneva; William Edward Maher of Canandaigua; Leroy Hakes of Geneva; Michael J. Legott of Geneva; James Dukelow of Canandaigua and Howard L. Pruner of Canandaigua.

Only 16 men were called by the Second District board. Those notified to go on August 8th are: Royal Leslie Hulbert of Victor; Francis Eugene Knauss of Clifton Springs; Michael Aequicto of Orleans; James T. Craig, Pocatello, Idaho; Frank Reisenberger of Naples; Philip Van Auken, of Kirkville, N. Y.; Irving C. Blanchard of Naples; Robert Post of Manchester; Ferro Sarnj of Rochester; Charles W. Crandall of West Bloomfield; George L. Bryant of Geneva; Howard S. Elliott of Victor; Monroe D. House of Syracuse; Timothy J. McNally of Manchester; Thomas W. Little of Manchester; Curtis Brown of Phelps.

From Geneva Daily Times 24 October 1918

Twenty-five of 45 men examined by the first District Board yesterday qualified for general military service. Six men were held for limited service, six found to be disqualified, seven referred to the medical advisory board and one found to have remedial defects. Men who qualified for full military service are: James Dewey Burd, Henry Edward Ellis, Frederick Banmann, Edward John Dempsey, Harold Francis Bender, Francis Lee Yerkes, Herbert William Meath, George Joseph VanVooren, Olin Wilson Powell, John Johnson, all of Canandaigua; Thomas John Hefferon of Rochester; Frederick Leonard Hartman, Victor Mickelsen, Frederick F. DeSio, William Henry Chilson, John Henry Jennings, Harold Kenneth Hibbard, Gordon Creighton Pendell, Victor Myron Beach, Anthony William Jennings, William Martin, Charles Wendell Phillips, all of Geneva; Guy William Cooper, Chapin; Ray Morton Hall,  Raymond William Crosier, all of Hall. Those totally disqualified are: Frank Morton Gosper, Valdin Berg Smith, John Karskie, William Joseph Needham, all of Canandaigua; William Tracy Myers of Geneva; Arthur M. W. Scharrett of Stanley. Men held for limited service were: Joseph Wiley, Fred Ivan Ayers, James Collins, all of Geneva; Willis Hemstead Castle, Fred Chapin Huntington, George Livingston Hyde, all of Canandaigua.

Those to be re-examined by the medical advisory board are: James McKenna, Jean Louis Levy, Daniel Francis Kennelly, Arthur Gifford Wicks, Lewis Adelbert Rates, James Adelbert Norton, Abner Harold Gilbert, all of Canandaigua. Robert Oakley Beaumont of Canandaigua was found to have remediable defects.

From Geneva Daily Times 16 December 1918

Professor Legnini, who is organizing an Italian band in this city, has just received a letter from a patriotic citizen, who refers to a matter which the members of the band have had under consideration. He say: "Geneva, December 3d, 1918 - Professor Legnini - I see by the paper that the citizens of Geneva are planning a big reception for the men of Company B when they come home, but I hope the Italian citizens will not forget the four Geneva young men that have been in the American Ambulance Corps with the Italian Army since last June. They work in the thick of the battle and working hard, and on their return home would be delighted to see that the Italian people of Geneva appreciated what they had done for the soldiers in their beloved country. It is not known just when these boys will return, but when they do, I hope the Italian band will serenade them when the train pulls in. The names of those young men are William J. Bolin of Sherrill street, who, by the way, was the first American soldier to fire a gun over the Plave River and was complimented by the Italian officers, and Leon Dumont, Harry Daily and Ralph Brown of Jefferson avenue."

Patsey Maruccia of Exchange street, who has been honorably discharged from the service, came home this morning. He has been in the service about 8 months. He formerly worked as a barber for John Michaelson. He plays the clarinet and will be one of the members of the new band.

From Phelps Citizen 26 December 1918

The following list contains the names of Phelps boys, 183 in number so far as known, who responded to the call of service during the war overseas or in training, and whom the old home town delights to honor. Information as to errors or omissions is kindly requested from friends or families of the soldier boys:

H. D. Austin
Willis Austin
Michele Acquisto
F. C. Bartholomew
S. E. Bill
Leonard Boyes
F. A. Burns
Leonard Burgess
H. Glenn Bu(xx)ry
Charles Burtis
Edward Butterfield
Frank Cornell
Thomas Cannavan
Elmer Cairnes
Arthur Carison
Guiseppe Carone
B. B. Caves
Orris A. Clark
E. J. Courtwright
Frank Courtwright
Walter Chambers
O. F. Crothers
O. J. Crampton
Jas. Cudebac
Chas. R. Conklin
Leon Curry
H. C. Curtis
H. DeBoover
C. H. Decker
J. B. DeMatties
Howard Donnelly
Francis Otto Ebert
Clarence Edmonston
H. C. Fridley
Geo. D. Fish
Loyal Fairman
H. M. Garrison
Benj. Goodman
Joseph Gleason
Ross Goodman
A. C. Greenwood
E. G. Hollenbeck
H. B. Harmon
D. G. Harvey
E. Harvey
A. D. Hatch
John Hennessey
D. J. Hulberton
Orin Hulberton
Francis Henry
W. A. Hown(xx)d
C. Marsh Hull
F. V. Hughson
Harry W. Goodman
Russell Hallock
Harold Hutchens
Ray Hughson
Maxwell Humphrey
J. V. Hunt
R. D. Inglis
Willard R. Jurgens
Laverne Kurtz
C. A. Kornbow
Royal Kanourn
Dr. Francis Kelly
Fred King
D. M. Kanouse
G. N. Kurtz
L. H. Lake
August Lindner
E. H. Lynch
A. Wilson Laird
Oscar Lindner
H. J. McAniff
Coleman Mallery
Lewis Mallery
William Manning
H. E. Marsh
L. D. Miller
Lynn Myers
Fred P. Mead
Benj. D. MacCollom
Edward Mickelsen
Lester Miller
Michele Montague
William Norton
Carlton Oaks
B. B. Parish
H. H. Parmele
Vernon Phillips
E. R. Parker
L. A. Parker
Fred Parker
Charles Peck
Glenn Pardee
E. C. Peachey
Clarence Peachey
Palmer Peachey
L. Peters
E. W. Pratt
George L. Pratt
C. D. Race
Adolfo Rainnandin
F. F. Riley
John Riley
L. B. Rhodes
Charles Renehan
John Renehan
Doldhus Renehan
Elmer J. Salisbury
A. Sherbyn
Lloyd M. Swart
George Sawyer
Lawrence H. Smith
Fred Spray
Harold Sweeney
G. L. Sweet
Raymond Sabine
Frank Solas
John C. Silsby
Paul D. Sweeney
Benj. H. Stanton
H. A. VanDeusen
Russell Vincent
Thomas Welch
Elmer G. White
John Whitbeck
F. H. Wisewell, Jr.
B. B. Wright
Ward Wilson

From Ontario County Journal 14 March 1919

Rushville, N. Y. - George Ford, Sr.,
received a telegram from his son, George Ford, Jr., on Saturday, saying that he had arrived safely in New York on the Mauritania. Glen Johnson has also notified his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Johnson, that he arrived on the same day. Both boys are members of Company B and may be expected home after the big demonstration in New York on March 29.

From Shortsville Enterprise 4 April 1919

The following are the names that will appear on the bronze tablet that is proposed by Manchester pupils to adorn the wall of their High School building:
Henry Jones, Gordon Cole, Howard Utter, Leon Bulger, Carl Rowley, Garrett Weston, Howard Rowley, Charles Smith, Frank Lyke, David Werner, Joseph Bennett, Charles Craig, Frank Vienne, Edward Comiskey, Leon Romeiser, Lloyd Howland, Howard Hickmott, Clarence Chappell, Peter Reubens, Edward VerPlanck, Leon Cooley, Frank Craig, Earl Hurlburt, Herbert Smith, Charles Cobb, Joseph Corcoran, Myron Burns, Clifford Datthyn, Earl Craig; Harold E. Capron, Raymond LeRoy, Spencer Comiskey, Calvin Chappell, Chester Bumpus, Rolland Galbraith, Edward F. Murray, John Rose, Harry Proechel, William Turner, Robert Hatton, Ainsworth M. Bennett, Timothy McNally, Howard Vienne, William Meehan, Kenneth Smith, Francis Murray, Elmer VerPlanck and Leon Rice.
These names represent the former students of the school who served with the colors during the world war.

From Geneva Daily Times 9 April 1919

Phelps, N. Y. -  Private Leland Rhodes
, who has been in military service in France since last summer, arrived yesterday at his home in Phelps, having been honorably discharged from the army.

From Ontario County Journal 25 April 1919

Naples, N. Y. -  Private Wilbert J. Arnold,
who had been home on a thirty-day furlough, left on Saturday for the hospital at Oswego, where he will be until able to be discharged.

From Ontario County Journal 16 May 1919

Naples, N. Y. - 
Privates Charles Swingle and Howard Boone and Corporal David Wolfanger arrived home on Saturday, after over a year's service in France. They were members of Company I, 307th Infantry, 77th Division, and consequently saw active service in the Argonne Forest, on the Veale river and the Oise-Aisne Front and other sectors. Private Swingle was severely wounded in the arm; Corporal Wolfanger had typhoid and diphtheria; but Private Boone came through without a day's illness. A sad part of it was that Private Boone reached home the day before his mother's funeral, which was held in Cohocton on Sunday.

From Naples Record 8 July 1925

Dr. A. L. Beahan, of Canandaigua, is chairman of the supervisors' committee which is to prepare a tablet to the memory of the residents of Ontario County who died while in the service of the country during the World War. If there are any errors or omissions in the following Naples list, please notify Dr. Beahan at once: Naples -- Boals, LaVerne S.; Cornish, Henry D.; Demorest, Millard; Johnson, Charles E.; Schaeffer, Jacob J.; Widmer, Howard; Wilgus, Walter; Helfer, Howard.

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