From Ontario County Journal 25 March 1898

Pension claims, through C. B. Lapham, Esq., as attorney, have recently been allowed, as follows: Henry F. Thomas, Canandaigua, $6 per month; John Pestel, Canandaigua, $8 per month; Artemus D. Schutt, Clifton Springs, increase from $14 to $17 per month; Alonzo Egbert, Clifton Springs, $6 per month.

From Ontario County Journal 6 May 1898

Manchester, N. Y. - E. F. Hinman
has just received a silver medal awarded to his son who is an apprentice on board the U. S. S. Puritan. The inscription is: "U. S. Training Station, Medal, N. P. Hinman, Gunnery, 4th Division, 1898." Young Hinman entered the navy about a year ago. One of his officers said of him a few weeks ago: "He is by all odds the best seaman apprentice on board."

From Geneva Advertiser 21 June 1898
Fred S. Wilson
is one of the young men who has enlisted with Sergeant Gasper and will leave here tomorrow evening for the camp in Virginia. He leaves a good business, hundreds of associates and everything pleasant to join the army of Uncle Sam. He follows the steps of his father,  John Wilson, who is a veteran of the civil war. We hope to see him and all the boys back here in time to eat Thanksgiving dinner, with the war closed and the country again at peace with the whole world.

From Ontario County Journal 24 June 1898

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -  Louis Pearce
left on Wednesday night for Washington, where he will enter the U. S. navy. The Epworth League of the M. E. church, of which Mr. Pearce is a member, presented him with a gold badge of the league.

From Geneva Gazette 9 December 1898

Joined the 9th Regular Infantry -
Lieut. F. A. Schoeffel, of the 9th U. S. Infantry, was at the armory last Saturday looking for recruits for his regiment.  Before nightfall he had succeeded in enlisting eight young men from this city.  Their names are:

Frank Welsh, David Duval, Joseph Balfour, John Balfour, Larry Murphy, John Mitchell, D. McCartey, W. Manley. Frank Welsh is the son of the proprietor of the International Hotel; David Duval is a late private in Company B.

The 9th has an enviable record for gallantry, and added to its laurels in the famous charge at San Juan Hill near Santiago, Cuba, in which the command lost several in killed and wounded. The regiment is now in quarters at Sacket's Harbor.

From Ontario County Journal 9 December 1898

Phelps, N. Y. - John D. Holmes,
who returned from the war a few weeks since, having been in the service for 10 or 11 years, left town on Wednesday afternoon for Geneva, and from there to Albany. He intends to reenlist in the service again for that purpose.

From Geneva Gazette 24 February 1899

It is rumored that the 9th regular infantry will soon be ordered to Manila.  A part of the regiment is at Oswego and  part at Sacket's Harbor.  It contains several Genevans, most of whom were members of Co. B 103rd N. Y. V.  Among them are George Claxton, (who participated in the battle of San Juan, Santiago), Joseph and Jack Balfour, Edward Webster, Wm. Manley, Dominick Neary, Lawrence Murphy, Joseph Mitchell, Frank Welch, John Grimley, David Duval, Edward Flint and Philo Prosser.  Orders to go to the front cannot be given any too soon to suit these boys.

From Geneva Gazette 10 March 1899

Home on Furlough -
The following Geneva boys, privates in the 9th U. S. Infantry, are home on a five-day furlough which expires tomorrow.  John O'Brien, Dominick F. Neary, Frank Walsh, William Manley, Jack Balfour.  John O'Brien has been a member of the "fighting 9th" for eight years.  He participated in the Cuban campaign and was in the battles before Santiago.  His term of service expires this week, but he will re-enlist for a third term.  Ed. Webster has returned to the regiment after a five-day furlough.

From Ontario County Journal 28 April 1899

East Bloomfield, N. Y. -  George Smithers,
who enlisted at the opening of the war, has returned from Cuba, being discharged from service. He has accepted his old position in Buffalo.

From Ontario County Journal 19 May 1899

Honeoye, N. Y. - Patrick Costello,
who has been in the regular army, stationed at Galveston, Tex., for the past five years, and who at the opening of the war with Cuba libre reenlisted and has since done good work in Porto Rico and vicinity, returned to Honeoye on Saturday night, to be received with open arms from the citizens in general. In his statement concerning the war, Mr. Costello dwells more particularly on the general degradation of the Porto Ricans.

From Ontario County Journal 26 May 1899

Another of our worthy veterans, Sidney Polmanteer, unable to work, poor and having an inadequate pension, has gone to the soldiers home. His claims for increase have been rejected, and $8 per month will not provide food, shelter and medicine.

From Ontario County Journal 2 June 1899

Among the soldier dead whose graves are in the village cemetery, are two soldiers of the Revolution: Rev. Samuel Norris and Rev. Caleb Walker. Of the War of 1812 are: John Crane, Mr. Castle, Abner Bunnell, Joshua Thompson, Isaac Legore, Josiah Sutherland, Ephriam Blodgett and Simeon Hall. E. H. Frary, who furnished these names is not certain that the list of the revolutionary dead is complete. One soldier of the Spanish-American war is buried in Woodlawn. Allen M. Pierce, Company B, Third N. Y. Volunteers, who died at Fort Myers hospital on Aug. 27, 1898.

From Ontario County Journal 16 June 1899

The grave of another veteran of the war of 1812 has been found by E. H. Frary in the old West avenue cemetery; that of Rev. Jonathan Leslie, who died at Centerfield, September 13, 1840.

The tenth annual reunion of the First New York Mounted Rifles was held in the G. A. R. rooms on Wednesday. There were present: Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer Sleght, Canandaigua; Mr. and Mrs. Levi W. Totman and son, Bristol Center; Charles D. Brooks, Honeoye Falls; Mr. and Mrs. Truman Bishop, Livonia Station; Samuel C. Thomas, Victor; Willard P. Smith, Hemlock; C. R. Cobb, Port Gibson; Capt. T. C. Parkhurst, E. H. Frary, Richard McOmber and Albert Arey, Canandaigua; and Walter Kisor, Hopewell. Dinner was served by the W. R. C. Officers for the ensuing year were elected as follows: Mortimer Sleght, president; George B. Starbird, Charles D. Brooks, W. P. Smith, A. G. Strevor and Jesse R.
Miller, vice-presidents; and Levi W. Totman, secretary and treasurer.

From Geneva Gazette 25 August 1899


The following letter from her brother in the Philippines was received by Mrs. Wilcox on the 18th inst. which we are kindly permitted to print:

July 7th, 1899

My Dear Sister:  According to my last letter to you, of June 26th, 1899, the 12th U. S. Infantry, took train at Manila, P. I., at 11 A. M. June 27th, enroute to San Fernando, Island of Luzon.  When about three miles out of the city, our engine broke down and we had to lay they until about 6:30 P. M. when once more we started on our journey of 54 miles over as fine a piece of country as one could wish to see; rice fields on both sides of the track, and beautiful green trees and foliage as far as the eye (and the opera-glasses purchased from Art Dey of your city) could discern.  We could use no head-light on our engine on account of the country which we had to pass through, and our trip was somewhat slow owing to this fact, but arrived at San Fernando about 9:30 P. M. same day.  There were no hotel porters to meet and conduct us to some nice hotel to put up for the night; but were simply told to make ourselves at home and rest the best we could until the morning.  In stumbling around in the dark, I found a quantity of freshly cut grass piled up on the platform.  I did not wait to disrobe but threw myself down on the nice, wet, green hay and soon fell asleep.  The next morning we loaded our property and started for our new quarters.  The place used for headquarters office the first two days after our arrival here was a "daisy one;" I cannot describe it to you but as we had a snap-shot taken before we left, if the picture comes out all right, I will send you one and you can see for yourself what it was like.  Our quarters at present are quite nice and we are having a very good time here (I mean the office force.)  The outposts have a very hard time getting any rest while on duty owing to the mosquitoes, of which there are quite a few at San Fernando.  Bananas, pineapples and a hundred other different kinds of fruit are in abundance.  Bananas so cheap that one soon tires of them.
Your fond brother,
John D. Holmes

From Geneva Gazette 1 September 1899

Horace Webster
of Geneva, son of E. B. Webster, has been commissioned a second lieutenant of the new 42nd regiment recently authorized by Congress.  He lost a brother instantly killed in an engagement in the Philippines.  May better luck attend him in his soldiering.  He was out with 34th when in camp and expecting to be ordered to Cuba.

From Geneva Gazette 8 September 1899

Regimental Reunion -
The annual reunion of the One Hundred and Forty-eighth regiment, New York volunteers, was held in Geneva on Thursday of last week.  There were about 100 veterans present from neighboring counties.  The exercises and business meeting of the regiment were held in the armory of the Thirty-Fourth Separate Company.  The speakers were Judge Hanford Struble, of Penn Yan, Col. J. P. Foster, of Geneva, and Col. Frederick L. Manning of Waterloo. The organization elected the following officers for the ensuing year:  President, Arthur M. Shepard; Vice Presidents, Company B, George Beebe, Penn Yan; Company C, O. S. Titus, Shortsville; Company D, Thomas Beard, Geneva; Company E. J. Wadsworth, Lodi; Company F, W. H. Fountain, Vine Valley; Company G, James French, Naples; Company H, J. Gahan, Waterloo;  I Company, George Scofield, Penn Yan; Company K, Charles Lamont, Seneca Falls; recording secretary and treasurer, D. J. Harkness.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 26 December 1899

Five young men have decided to fight for their country and have enlisted in the United States army at the Geneva recruiting station. They will be sent to the general recruiting station this week. The five men are: Edward W. Faulkes and Harry Hoffman, of Geneva; Roy Bacon, Gustave Bader and George Smith of Junius.

From Geneva Gazette 30 March 1900

News is received that Lewis C. Hancock, a Geneva member of the 9th U. S. Infantry, (same regiment to which the ill-fated Edward Webster belonged) was wounded near Turlac in the Philippines February 4th.  He is in a hospital and is recovering. Before enlisting he was a teamster and resided at 120 Wadsworth street.

From Geneva Gazette 27 July 1900

Mrs. Catherine DeLaney
of No. 441 Main street recently received a letter from her son, Joseph, of the U. S. marine corps and serving on the steamship Solace now in Chinese waters.  The letter is without date but was evidently written before the landing and fight at Tien Tsin.

From Geneva Gazette 31 August 1900

Reunion of the 148th -
The thirtieth annual reunion of the 148th New York Infantry was held in the armory of the 34th Separate Company in Geneva yesterday, the anniversary of the day the regiment was mustered out of the service of the United States.  Among the battles in which the regiment was engaged were Cold Harbor, Fort Harrison, Fair Oaks, Thatcher's Run, Fort Gregg, Rice's Station and the operations and battles around Petersburg.  The meeting yesterday was called to order by President A. M. Shepard.  Thomas Beard was elected president for the coming year.  The company vice presidents were chosen as follows:  John Van Gorder,  A; H. W. Danes, B; George W. White, C; Robert Smith, D; D. B. Budd, E; J. C. Fox, F; Edgar Matteson, G; John Larzelere, H; John Rodney, K; A. Bean, I; D. J. Harkness was elected secretary and treasurer.

From Ontario County Chronicle 7 November 1900

The veterans of the Spanish war in Geneva have formed an organization, which it is the intention to organize into a post of the National Association of Spanish-American War Veterans. There are forty-five members, most of whom are members of the Thirty-fourth Separate Company. The officers chosen are:

Commander - Edward Nichols
Senior vice-commander - George Flint
Chaplain - Frank Dennison of Seneca Falls
Adjutant - Robert Rippey
Quartermaster - Fred Coulver
Officer of the day - Harry Archer
Officer of the guard - Frank McGuire

From Ontario County Chronicle 5 December 1900

Thomas Droney,
of Canandaigua, a member of Company D, 22d U. S. Inft., now serving at Manila, writes to his brother in this village, as follows:

San Isidore, Oct. 16, 1900.

Dear Brother: *** Instead of this regiment getting nearer the railroad we expect to go farther into the interior to relieve the volunteers, who will soon start for home. We have had a hard time for the last nine months, hiking through the mountains, and have been in a few lively skirmishes. There is more fighting here now than when I first came over, and the end is not in sight.

The people who live in town are digging trenches today under their houses; that is a good sign of an attack tonight. Almost every night heavy firing can be heard from other towns nearby. The rainy season is almost over now. We had two big floods here. The river overflowed and flooded the town to a depth of from three to five feet. There were some lives lost and many narrow escapes. The last flood was accompanied by a tornado, which blew down trees and houses by the score. It gave our quarters a great shaking. We captured four guns and boloes in the President's house today. He and 40 more were arrested today -- all supposed to be friends to the Americans.

I suppose there will be a hot time in the States this election. The majority of the soldiers favor Bryan's election. After election they are going to go after the Insurgents properly. My opinion is there will be some hard fighting here very soon. There are more lives being lost and more men and guns captured now by the Insurgents than ever before; and still they are trying to make the people believe this war is all over, but you can tell them it is not. I expect to serve out my enlistment right here. I don't care much, but I would like to put some of my time in in the States.

**** The 22d Inft. is in Gen. Funston's brigade. Funston is a small man, with with a full beard, and he is a great hustler in the field, giving the enemy no rest. The 24th Inft., colored, is in our brigade. The Filipinos do not like the Americano negro, as they call the 24th men, and are always after them, and have ambushed and killed a good many of them. Some of the Americans who have been captured and escaped, say they were well treated by the Insurgents. Some of the letters written by the soldiers, telling of the good times they are having here make the 22d men tired. If they were with Funston they would not have that to say.

**** I would like to have gone to China. I see by the papers the soldiers are getting all kinds of money there; but this regiment may go there yet. I think there will be trouble there yet. Manila is but 600 miles off Hong Kong. I hope you all are getting along good. When you write let me know all about the news and everything around the Butt End.

Your Brother, THOMAS DRONEY, Co. D. 22d U. S. Inft.

From Ontario County Chronicle 19 December 1900

Phelps, N. Y. - Joseph Stanton, who enlisted and went with the 11th Regiment to the Philippines, has returned home, having been discharged on account of physical disabilities. He was confined in the government hospital for some time and as soon as able resumed his journey homeward, where he arrived  Tuesday.

From Ontario County Chronicle 13 March 1901

Manchester, N. Y. - Roswell C. Herendeen, of this place, who enlisted in the 12th New York Infantry on Nov. 9, 1898, has been nearly around the world since that time. He embarked from New York in December, 1898, visiting many different points until reaching Calcutta, where the regiment was stationed for three months, when they again began their cruise, bringing up in San Francisco last month, where the regiment is now stationed. Mr. Herendeen will not be home until November, when the term of his enlistment will expire.

From Ontario County Journal 17 May 1901

Naples, N. Y. - Charles Newman,
a compositor in a local office, was a soldier in the Philippines in an Oregon regiment, and with a comrade, published in 1898 the first English book ever printed there. It is a lite pamphlet containing about as much matter as one page of The Journal. They printed 10,000 copies, so great was the demand, and the government allowed them the profits, which was about $600. It is entitled, "The Battle of Manila Bay," but contained other articles of interest.

Allen's Hill, N. Y. -  Jerry Falvey, Jr., who enlisted a year and a half ago and has since that time been in the Philippines, reached home last Wednesday. He was sick in a hospital for five months and has no desire to try army life again. He was 33 days coming from Manila to San Francisco and was delayed 10 days in San Francisco before getting his discharge.

From Geneva Gazette 14 June 1901

Emil Wack
and Edward Horn, two Genevans who have served their country well in the Philippines, returned to this city last Sunday and received the glad hand from their many friends.

From Ontario County Chronicle 7 August 1901

At the thirty-sixth annual reunion of the 148th Regt. N. Y. Vols., held in Geneva on Thursday last, officers were elected as follows:

President - Thomas Beard, Company D., Geneva
Company A - W. J. Dillon, Seneca Falls
Company B - George Beebe, Penn Yan
Company C - Charles Severance, Phelps
Company D - John Casterline, Ithaca
Company E - Louis Arnold, Mecklenburg
Company F. - D. J. Harkness, Rushville
Company G - Delos Doolittle, Cheshire
Company H - J. T. Watkin - Phelps
Company I - Alonzo Spears, Geneva
Secretary and Treasurer - John T. Watkins, Phelps

From Geneva Advertiser 12 November 1901

Hammond L. Parker,
who has served a little over two years of his enlisted term in the Philippines, and for good service was made Corporal, has been on the sick list for some time, and in late September was sent to the general hospital in San Francisco, and later to the hospital at Hot Springs, Arkansas.  His term of enlistment will expire in May, and he writes that he has had his fill of those fever-cursed islands.  He may go back if he recovers sufficiently to do so, but will not re-enlist -- not if he could be made a General.

From Geneva Daily Times 3 December 1901

Clinton Williams,
of this city, has passed the examination at the local recruiting station for the U. S. infantry.  Williams will be sent to Columbus barracks this week.

From Ontario County Journal 13 December 1901

Naples, N. Y. -  Will Morehouse,
of the U. S. Navy, has been discharged from the naval hospital at Brooklyn on account of physical disability, and is home again. He had served nearly five years and was in the thick of the Spanish war. He has a splendid record, as designated on his discharge, both for faithfulness to duty and correct character. He served on the battleship Massachusetts and its thundering guns destroyed entirely the hearing of one ear. He was also in the detachment of marines that forced a landing at Guantanamo against great odds.

From Geneva Daily Times 16 December 1901

A letter has been received here from Corp. James Payne of the Sixth U. S. cavalry, now at Fort Meyer, Va., stating that all the companies in his battalion will sail for the Philippines Jan. 15, 1902.  Sergt. Benjamin Quigley, Private William Quigley and Frank Connell, late of Geneva, are in the battalion, also that battalion T will sail from New York on the transport Beauford.

Upon reaching Manila the several companies of cavalry will be assigned to their several posts by the commanding general. The troops will be given both inland and coast duty, it is said.  Most of the men in the battalion are raw recruits, having been enlisted since May of the present year.

From Geneva Daily Times 18 January 1902

After Serving Throughout the Campaign in the Orient -
Private William Manley of Company E., Ninth infantry, U. S. A., arrived in this city yesterday afternoon on the 2:25 train over the Central Hudson.  Private Manley was with his regiment continuously , with the exception of a few weeks during the siege of Pekin, when he was confined to the hospital in San Francisco.  Private Manley has crossed the Pacific twice.

From Geneva Daily Times 22 August 1902

VETERANS HERE - 126th Regiment -
The following members of the regiment are registered at headquarters:

H. F. Fox - Geneva
E. S. Spendlove - Geneva
William Crain - Shortsville
Charles Burch - Penn Yan
A. A. Mosher - Middlesex
D. D. Tears - Branchport
W. H. Cheesman - Seneca Falls
Lieut. W. D. Belles - Waterloo
Phineas Tyler - Branchport
Hugh Gibbin - Honeoye Falls
David H. Paris - Branchport
L. E. Jacobus, principal musician - Romulus
J. P. Fulton - Stanley
Charles Richards - Wolcott
John Culver - Geneva
Philip Garnett - McDougall
W. L. Shepard - Naples
George Johnson - South Bristol
C. H. Sheffer - Shortsville
George Warfield - Clifton Springs
J. R. Orman - Geneva
C. M. Hyatt - Albany
William Long - Naples
J. F. Randolph - Canandaigua
H. S. Nichols - Milo Center
A. N. Fiero - Canandaigua
C. C. Babbitt - Pittsburg PA
J. G. W. McKnight - Waterloo
Frank Parker - Geneva
D. E. Bingham - Camillus
P. W. Rappleye - Farmer
Richard Lockhart - Sayreville NJ
J. W. Overacker - Manchester
John Barrett - Richmond Mills
John M. Edwards - Tyre
Alonzo Harris - Clifton Springs
S. B. Mead - Marcellus
J. P. Cread - South Bend IN
Oliver Fiero - Geneva
E. D. Derr - Chapinville
Henry Becker - Hamburg
M. K. Simpson - Geneva
George Donnelly - New York
C. W. Sterling - Rushville
Fred Ebert - Rushville
C. W. Watkins - Naples
J. E. Sabin - Naples
B. Detro - Gorham
George Bush - Geneva
Henry Peterson - Lodi
Charles Norton - Lyons
W. J. Poole - Benton Center
William Tewksbury - Waterloo
B. W. Scott - Geneva
V. Fillingham - Waterloo
Jacob Sands - Waterloo
T. C. Furniss - Waterloo
Hudson Swick - Farmer
J. M. Chadwick - Farmer
J. L. Ryno - Farmer
T. M. Woodworth - Farmer
G. B. Scott - Ovid Center
S. B. Pierce - Ovid Center
E. K. Holton - Farmer
B. Swarthout - Lodi
F. M. Rappleye - Ovid
G. N. Bailey - Geneva
John Dunn - Elmira
D. D. Taylor - Penn Yan
Henry Armstrong - Waterloo
Amos Eighmy - Phelps
Edmon Jessup - Dundee
Jeremiah Claxton - Dundee
J. G. Camp - Walworth
O. D. Allen - Geneva
T. H. Spray - Phelps
C. C. Hicks - Penn Yan
G. A. Burt - Penn Yan
John A. Harris - Italy Hill
C. L. Bigelow - Phelps
Orin Bates - Rock Stream
C. D. Stephens - Washington
G. W. Duree - Clifton Springs
William Baker - May's Mill
Frank Marshall - Waterloo
A. B. D. Covert - Farmer
M. Covert - Watkins
A. B. Johnson - Geneva
A. Thornton - Geneva
Wallace Kisor - Stanley
Lieut. J. Snook - Clifton Springs
E. T. Swan - Oaks Corners
Abram Sheridan - Seneca Falls
Albert Murdock - Benton Center
George Ackerman - Waterloo
Ogden Wheeler - Seneca Falls
R. P. Kipp - Waterloo
C. B. Alliger - Waterloo
John Morrin - Waterloo
William Beary - Fayette
David Berger - Fayette
Nathan Updyke - East Varick
George A. Allman - Fayette
Stephen Wetherlow - Seneca Falls
Charles Kline - Tyre

From Geneva Daily Times 17 November 1902

John F. Gallagher,
son of James W. Gallagher of 142 William street, who enlisted three months ago in the Ninth U. S. infantry, returned home on a ten days' furlough this morning.  His regiment is now stationed at Sackett's Harbor.

From Ontario County Chronicle 30 September 1903

Manchester, N. Y. - George Proshel
of the United States flagship Olympia is spending a ten-days furlough in this village with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Proshel. At present his ship is dry docked at Norfolk, Va., where it is being put in repair at the United States navy yard. Mr. Proshel has spent three years in the navy and has one year more to serve. He states that he has never regretted his enlistment as the discipline is such that it is certainly a benefit to any young man.

From Geneva Daily Times 3 October 1903

The twenty-third annual drill season of the Thirty-Fourth Separate company, N. Y. N. G., opened last evening with very encouraging prospects for a successful year. Seventy-one officers and enlisted men reported for drill, and, dressed in fatigue uniform, they presented an excellent appearance. The company is rapidly taking in new members and it is expected that before the first of January that it will be recruited to its full quota. The company includes officers who are prominent nd influential business men of this city, while among the privates are scions of the best families in town.  The following is a list of the enlisted men of the company.

Captain - J. George Stacey

Lieutenants - W. L. McKay, George Gasper and Thomas W. Folger

Assistant Surgeon - Dr. George Means

First Sergeant - Robert C. Rippey

Quartermaster - Edmund Fitton

Sergeants - Joseph Hutchinson, James Wilson, Herbert Merrill and Harry Little

Corporals - James E. Grant, Walter VanGeison, Foster Gilliland, John Spillane, Charles Coddington, Cecil McKay, Herman Shultz and Robert Vance

Company Cook - Fred Culver

Musicians - Robert Boyd and William Cummings

Hospital Privates - Fred J. Meehan and Martin Murray

Privates - Anderson, Bleck, Bradley, Bruer, Brown, Broderick, Campbell, Culver, Davie, Dayken, Decker, DeLaney, DeVaney, Devaney 2, Dorsey, Doyle, Durkee, Evered, Groden, Groden 2, Hadlow, Harding, Hilmire, Lain, Lain 2, Lathrop, Lindsay, Lovejoy, Manley, Mayo, McCheyne, McDuffie, McDuffie 2, McKenna, Morganstein, Nagel, O'Malley, Parker, Pries, Rapalee, Shuttleworth, Thomson, VanGeison, Viet, Wehnes, Wilde and Purdy

From Geneva Advertiser 16 February 1904

George Holland
has not determined yet upon his future course. His term of enlistment having expired, he will receive four months' full pay from the end of his term. His service was on the battleship KEARSARGE, and he served the four years without a sick day and not once missed a muster except on leave of absence. He will spend the four months at home, at the end of which time he will determine upon his future course.

From Victor Herald 26 August 1904

William J. Mosher,
of the class of 1903 of Victor High School, has enlisted in the United States Navy. He leaves Saturday for New York, where he will spend three or four months in preliminary training after which he will be assigned to the crew of some one of the nation's numerous fighting craft.

From Ontario County 20 October 1904

Shortsville, N. Y. - Arthur Sprague,
adopted son of Mr. and Mrs. William P. Sprague of Shortsville, who are now working in the mission field in Kaigan, North China, has entered the United States service as a landsman, and is now on board the United States Training ship "Franklin," which is stationed at Norfolk, Va., but will soon sail for Pensacola, Fla. Mr. Sprague enlisted two months ago. Nelson Packard of Water street is also a member of the "Franklin's" crew.

From Geneva Daily Times 22 November 1904

Sergeant Robert Baker,
of Troop G., Eighth cavalry, Jefferson barracks, St. Louis, Mo., arrived home Sunday night on a three months' furlough which he will spend with his mother, Mrs. Gertrude K. Baker, of 76 Geneva street. Sergeant Baker enlisted three years ago from Co. B, Second Battalion, N. G. N. Y., as a musician and soon rose to the rank of corporal. Later he was assigned to the commissary department with extra pay, and last month, while the local military company was in St. Louis, he was appointed sergeant. His enlistment expired last Saturday and he immediately re-enlisted and will join his troop at San Francisco, March 1, from where it will embark for its term of service in the Philippines.

From Geneva Daily Times 16 March 1905

In writing to his parents from Cavite, Philippine Islands, Patrick E. Corcoran, a sailor on the battleship Oregon, and son of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Corcoran of No. 29 Hogarth avenue, this city, tells of a rare occurrence in naval circles at Cavite January 3 when the cruiser New Orleans arrived from the Asiatic station practically gunless. The guns from all batteries he says were left near Cavite, at Guam and the Midway Islands and the cruiser was unable to salute the rear admiral's flag as it steamed in. The cruiser was later put out of commission. Mr. Corcoran, who is well known in this city where he attended the parochial school of St. Francis de Sales, writes of the dress and customs of the Philippine Islanders and also tells interesting tales about life on board ship. At the time the letter was written, Corcoran said that he was enjoying the best of health.

From Geneva Advertiser Gazette 13 July 1905

Roland W. Schumann,
oldest son of George W. Schumann, was one of the twenty-four who passed a satisfactory examination for Assistant Paymaster in the U. S. Navy. The announcement was made in the New York papers last Tuesday. There were two thousand applicants. Mr. Schumann was graduated from the Geneva High School in 1900 and from Hobart College in 1904. When his appointment comes, he will be an officer in the navy with the rank of Ensign. Of course, he is highly pleased over his success. Of the twenty-four, only two are New York State men, and the whole are divided among fifteen states.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 21 March 1906

Manchester, N. Y. -  Captain Thomas Sawyer,
who fought in the Revolutionary war and died Mar. 12, 1796, was buried in the Greenhouse cemetery near Chapinville. Owing to neglected condition of the burial ground, also that so many of his descendants were buried in the Sawyer cemetery on the Clifton Springs road, his surviving relatives, several of whom reside in this vicinity, as a mark of respect thought proper to have the remains of the captain and his wife removed to the Sawyer cemetery. Monday, March 12, just 110 years after his death, the change was made. The relatives met at the home of Schuyler Sawyer, just east of this village. A memorial address in honor of the captain, given by Rev. Edward Sawyer Walker, of Springfield, Ill., was read by Mrs. Fred Ewens of Weedsport, a great-great-granddaughter of the captain. Captain Sawyer was the father of nine children, Stephen, Prudence, Eunice, Hooker, Joseph, Thusebe, Oliver, Luke and Mark. Most of the Sawyers in this section are descendants of Joseph Schuyler Sawyer, being the only grandson living in this vicinity, but there are any number of great, also great-great grandchildren here. Mrs. John Hanna of Canandaigua, and Mrs. Thomas McLouth of Farmington, both deceased, were daughters of Joseph Sawyer. Those present from out-of-town at the burial were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sawyer and Mrs. Luther Antisdale of Palmyra; Henry Sawyer of Victor; Mrs. Jordan Snook and daughter of Port Gibson; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones and Mrs. Granger of Hopewell, and Miss Louise Crittenden of Clifton Springs.

From Canandaigua Chronicle 5 September 1906

Rushville, N. Y. - 
Among those from here who attended the reunion of the 148th regiment on Thursday, in Geneva, were Nelson Reddout, George Ford, Charles Stark, wife and daughter, Mable and Mrs. David Harvey, all of this place, and Mr. and Mrs. John Benedict and daughter, Miss Rose and Miss Stella Fox of Potter.

From Geneva Daily Times 6 September 1906

With only twenty-five old soldiers present, the annual meeting of the Ontario County Veterans Association was called to order at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon in the drill hall of the armory by President Philip H. Russell. The officers thus re-elected for the coming year are: President, Philip H. Russell, of Geneva; first vice-president, D. F. Macomber of Canandaigua; second vice-president, H. F. Fox, of Geneva; treasurer, E. H. Frary, of Canandaigua; revision committee, C. A. Gillett, of Clifton Springs, Charles Van Buren of Shortsville, and O. T. May, of Geneva.

Among those present at the reunion are the following:

D. F. McOmber
E. H. Frary
O. T. May
John Vinn
James S. Carson
Clark Costner
Charles M. Redfield
William H. Wheeler
C. Clark
George A. Carr
Alfred Decker
Alfred F. Avery
Daniel Dempsey
Edison Eldridge
William J. Hennessy
D. M. Hulse
Charles George
W. N. Spencer
Charles Parshall
G. W. Booth
George Bailey
T. C. Parkhurst
Gregory Insee
C. Parish
George H. Beamish
William H. Steiegelmaier
Albert Catchpole
S. B. Sturdevant
Joseph Williams
C. A. Gillett
W. E. Johnson
William Genther
Rush Probasco
C. 8th NY Heavy Artillery
A. 97th NY Vol.
A. 149th NY Vol.
D. 148th NY Vol.
B. 85th NY Vol.
I. 148th NY Vol.
D. 50th NY Engineers
A Corps US Engineers
E. First Veteran Cavalry
F. 126th NY Vol.
F. 160th NY Vol.
First US Colored Infantry

H. 16th NY Artillery
B. 50th NY Cavalry
D. 194th NY Infantry
A. 8th NY Cavalry
Engineer, US Navy
139th Pennsylvania Infantry
D. 20th NY Colored Infantry
K. 148th NY Vol.
14th Rhode Island Artillery
F. 17th NY Vol.
E. First Veteran Cavalry

Seneca Falls
Seneca Falls



Wilkes Barre PA
Clifton Springs

From Ontario County Journal 15 November 1907

Naples, N. Y. -  John Reisenger,
a reliable young man of this village, has enlisted to serve in the United States navy.  A farewell reception was given him last week at the family home on Mt. Pleasant street. This helped to make his departure easier, knowing that he takes with him the hearts and hopes of many friends. All wish him a prosperous career.

From Ontario County Journal 5 June 1908

Rushville, N. Y. - 
The following are the names of the soldiers buried in Rushville cemetery: John Cometon, John Waters, Thomas Parker (colored), William T. Holley, George Vesislius, Menzo H. Hoard, William Blodgett, Hiram Millard, James Walbridge, William Fanning, Wilbur Loomis, Richmond M. Taylor, Dr. Henry W. Nichols (major), Samuel B. Gorton, Dr. Franklin Seelye (major), William N. Ridout, Staats Green (1812), Lindsly Warfield, James Catlin, Henry B. Whitman, Nathaniel H. Green (captain), George VanAnden, Ebin Washburn, Henry Torry, Joel Davis, Charles Davis, John Davis, Jonathan Washburn, Samuel Francisco, William Huie, James A. Curd, George Parshall, Lewis Halstead, Edwin A. Scoll, Virgil Barber, Charles Sackett, James N. Gates, Robert Blauvelt, Emory C. Green, Oscar F. Stark, Charles Raymond, Andrew J. Warner, William B. Harris, William M. Monagle, Loyal C. Twitchell.

Names of the veterans of the Civil war living in and close about Rushville are: Dewitt T. Mothersell, J. Charles Fox, Phillip Walthers, Manlius Taylor, George Ford, Charles W. Sterling, Charles Stark, John Pierce, William Fountain, Albert Wheeler, Melvin Taylor, 148 N. Y. Inft; Joseph Stevens, 64 N. Y. Inft.; William Perry, 26 N. Y. Battery; Fred Ebers, 26 N. Y. Battery; Royal Raymond, 126 N. Y.; Thomson Powers, 8 N. Y. Cav.; John Hogan, 16 N. Y. Heavy Art.: E. H. Green, 28 N. Y.; E. V. Fox, 10 Conn.; Benjamin Town, 107 Penn.; James DeWitt, 3 Light Art. Battery G; Lloyd Sutfin, Engineers; George Hunter, 44 N. Y.; Byron Soules, 4th Heavy Art.; Rolan Champlain, Engineers; Frank Warfield, Soldiers Home, Cal.; John Headley, Soldiers Home, Bath; Patrick Daly, 28th N. Y., Bath; Patrick Merriman, 13 Heavy Art; Jesse Flemming, 14 Mich. Inft.; Russel Brown, 46 Inft.

From Ontario County Journal 19 June 1908

Naples, N. Y. - John Reisinger, one of Naples's sturdy boys, now in the U. S. naval service, on board the battleship Mississippi, is home on a furlough.

From Geneva Daily Times 11 February 1909

Phelps, N. Y. - Gus Seeley,
a Phelps boy, who is a member of the 11th Infantry, located at Fort Assinniboine, Mont., writes to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William D. Seeley of this place, that his hand has been crippled by the explosion of a gun which he was using one day last week at target practice. The injury, the young man writes, was of such severity that it became necessary to amputate two of his fingers, thereby disqualifying him from performing the duties of a soldier. The young man is now on his way home after having received an honorable discharge. Last fall he enlisted in the regular Army at the Rochester recruiting office.

From Shortsville Enterprise 3 September 1909

Manchester, N. Y. -
The following veterans were in attendance at the annual reunion of the 126th New York Regiment held at Canandaigua on Thursday of last week: William Crain, Joseph V. Peacock and Ceylon H. Sheffer, of this village; James Young of Farmington; and J. W. Overacre of Manchester. The Manchester Band furnished music for the occasion. Vice-President James S. Sherman, contrary to expectations, was unable to attend, owing to the serious illness of his mother.

From Ontario County Journal 10 September 1909

The death of John Dempsey, longtime janitor of the town house and a well-known veteran of the civil war, removed the last but one of five sons of James Dempsey, of this village, who were offered by their parents in response to President Lincoln's appeal, and sent to the front to fight for their country. It is a remarkable record. James Dempsey, a member of the 33d Regiment, New York Volunteers, died at Elmira in 1861. Thomas Dempsey was killed at Chancellorsville in 1863. He was a member of the First New York Inf. Jeremiah was a member of the First Inf. and later of the 15th Cavalry. He died at Camp Stoneman in 1864. John, whose death occurred here last week, was a member of the 16th N. Y. Heavy Art. Daniel Dempsey, the fifth son of these patriotic parents, was a member of the same command and is a resident of Canandaigua.

From Geneva Daily Times 11 October 1909

Yells Brothers, undertakers, on Saturday completed the removal of the remains of several of the veterans who were interred in Washington Street Cemetery, to the G. A. R. burial plot in the new part of Glenwood Cemetery. William H. Stiegelmaier, having been appointed by the G. A. R. witnessed the transferring of the bodies. The following were the names of those removed: Captain William E. Sly, James O. Orman, Harvie Burns, William Gayton, G. W. Huntington, George Sherwood, J. W. Updyke, John G. Davenport and G. W. Sedwick.

From Ontario County Journal 15 April 1910

Eleven veterans of the Civil war, who, since last Memorial day have joined the silent majority, are buried in the cemeteries in this village. The deceased veterans are: Hiram L. Hutchens, Co. G, 148 N. Y. V., died July 5, 1909; John Pestel, Co. H, 4th Heavy Art., died July 14; Patrick McCarthy, Co. G, 166 N. Y. V., died Sept. 25; John Dempsey, Co. G, 18th N. Y. V., and Co. L, 16 Heavy Art., died Sept. 3; Jacob Johnson, Co. G, 148th N. Y. V., died Nov. 9; John Raines, Capt. Co. G, 85 N. Y. V., died Dec. 16; John R. Crandall, major Mississippi Marine Brigade, died Jan. 7, 1910; John J. Mary, Co. B, 85 N. Y. V., died Jan. 24; George Valmore, Co. K, 111 N. Y. V., died Feb. 13; Patrick Leahy, Co. G, 1st New Mexico Cav. and U. S. Inf., died Feb. 6; John Kershaw, Co. E, 160 N. Y. V., died April 2.

From Geneva Daily Times 6 December 1910

A meeting of the nominating committee of the Veteran's Association of Company B was held this afternoon and nominated the following officers:

President - Col. Wm. Wilson
1st vice-president - Lieut. Geo. C. Schell
2d vice-president - Lieut. E. T. Siglar
Secretary - Sergeant Robert C. Rippey
Treasurer - Corporal E. S. Thorne

From Shortsville Enterprise 27 January 1911

The war department has asked Sheriff Gooding to look up George Bennett, aged 32, a resident of Manchester, who is reported to have deserted from the service at Fort Snelling, Minn., on last Christmas day. The information received here shows that Bennett enlisted in the coast artillery on December 21, 1910, was assigned to Fort Snelling and four days later was reported to have deserted. Harry Bennett of Manchester is mentioned in the paper as being a brother of the alleged deserter, and the person to be notified in case of accident to George Bennett. A reward of $25 is offered for the apprehension of Bennett and his delivery at the nearest army post.

From Geneva Daily Times 16 May 1912

Canandaigua, N. Y. -
The following deaths have occurred among the survivors of the126th Regt. N. Y. Vols., since the reunion held at Rochester in August last: 

Capt. Henry D. Kipp, Co. T, Lawton, Mich.
Capt. Sanford H. Platt, Co. G, Bath, N. Y.
Capt. Meltiah H. Lawrence, Co. B, New York
Lieut. Geo. E. Pirbchett,
Co. E, Omaha, Neb.
Lieut. Uriel D. Bellis,
Co. L, Waterloo, N. Y.
Wm. L. Shephard, Co. D, Naples
Edwin Palmer, Co. E, Canandaigua
Sherman D. Robinson, Co. E, Prattsburg
Marquis K. Simpson, Co. E, Geneva
Aaron H. Abeel, Co. E, Madison, Wis.
Ceylon H. Sheffer, Co. H, Shortsville
Wm. S. Westfall, Co. H, Shortsville
J. W. Overacker, Co. H, Manchester
Charles D. Stephens, Co. H, Auburn

From Ontario County Journal 18 April 1913

Naples, N. Y. -  James Manning,
a Naples boy, is home from the United States navy on a 15-day furlough. He has been in Baltimore since his enlistment a few months ago, and has made good. He is now chief of sections. He will go on board a warship when he returns to duty.

From Ontario County Journal 17 October 1913

Victor, N. Y. -  F. Allan Hopkins,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hopkins, has returned home after four years of service in the United States Marine Corps. Also Archie Coykendall, who has been in the service for the same length of time, has returned and is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Coykendall.

From Ontario County Journal 21 November 1913

East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Andrew McWilliams,
son of Daniel McWilliams, of this town, is on his way home. He has been in the U. S. Navy for the past four years and has served his enlistment. He left Seattle on Nov. 18 and expects to be her about the 25th.

From Ontario County Journal 8 May 1914

Victor, N. Y. - William Mosher,
son of Mrs. Alice Mosher, recently completed eight years of service in Uncle Sam's navy, and has been re-enlisted for another four years. He started last week of the dreadnaught, "New York," for the Mexican coast. Mr. Mosher was in Victor recently, and left for a trip to New York City, expecting to return, when the trouble in Mexico developed, the call for service was too strong, he decided to return to duty. He has made a splendid record in the navy, and Victor may well take pride in her representative.

From Ontario County Journal 3 March 1916

Farmington, N. Y. -  George Deimer,
who enlisted in the army three years ago and who has been in active service in Galveston, Texas, returned home on Saturday, having received wounds while in service.

From Ontario County Journal 24 March 1916

Farmington, N. Y. -  James Chittenden,
a soldier of the Civil War, has reached the age when all veterans are allowed one dollar per day. Mr. Chittenden, now residing in Shortsville, was for many years a resident of this town.

From Ontario County Journal 8 September 1916

Cheshire, N. Y. - Hiram Case
and Henry VanWie, Civil war veterans, of this place, attended the reunion at Geneva, of the 148th regiment on Aug. 31. It was decided to unite the 148th and 126th regiments and meet at Canandaigua on Aug. 31 next year.

From Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 22 March 1917

Canandaigua, N. Y. - 
Four Canandaigua young men, John S. McMillan, Raymond A. Feathers, Jeremiah H. Breen and Leo H. Breen, have enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corps within the past few days and now in a training camp in the South. Leo H. Breen saw service in the National Guard on the Mexican border the past year and concluded to try service among the sea soldiers.

From Geneva Daily Times 7 June 1917

George H. Wilson,
son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Wilson, of Castle Heights, leaves immediately to join the United States Aviators at the training grounds at Mineola, L. I. Mr. Wilson, who had been a student at Rensselaer Polytechnic School has passed his final examinations and has been accepted for the aviation branch of the service. Mr. Wilson's application for admission to the camp was made some time ago.

From Ontario County Journal 10 January 1919

Rushville, N. Y. - George Windnagle
and Wright Williams returned from training camp on Friday. They received their discharge from the service at Camp Upton, L. I., although they had been in training at Camp Jackson, S. C.

From Naples Record 14 January 1920

Floyd Karnes,
who received his discharge from the Navy in October, and has been working with his brother-in-law, Everett Jacobs, for some weeks, has returned to his home in Naples. Victor Herald

From Geneva Daily Times 23 May 1933

But four members of Swift Post, G. A. R., of this city, are still living as Memorial Day draws near, according to a compilation completed by members of the joint veterans committee in charge of arrangements for the observance. One of the four, John Oeman, of Twoomey Place, will be unable to ride in the parade and participate in the exercises. He is deaf and blind and cannot be moved from his bed. The others are William Preston, 86 years of age, of East North street; Captain Hiram Brandow, 89, of Exchange street and J. E. Yasa, Penn Yan's colored veteran, who has participated in the exercises in this city with his fellow members of Swift Post annually for years.

From Clifton Springs Press 19 May 1938

For the first time, so far as is known, a list of the war veterans buried in the cemeteries of this vicinity has been prepared and made public. Realizing its importance, J. J. Driscoll Post of the American Legion have for several years been been trying to obtain data of the war veteran dead in the local cemeteries, including the location of the various graves. In anticipation of the customary decorating of the graves on Memorial Day, a committee of the Legion has lately speeded up the work. It is expected that at some time each one of these graves will be marked with a headstone bearing the name of the soldier who lies beneath the sod. It is said that a law requires this to be done at the joint expense of the county Board of Supervisors and the Federal government.


War of 1812 - Everett Baggerly, Peter Baggerly Hizikra Baggerly, Robert Ferguson, Charles Newland, Nathan Thompson, Jacob Cost William Harlbert, John Sheckel, Jeremiah Yager

Civil War - George W. Austin, Harrison Adams, Justice Cooley, Joseph DeCorey, Charles H. Dixins, David Evans, John Foster, Gardner Garlock, George Hamilton, James D. Hicks, George W. Kingsbury, George Kipp, George Warfield, Hubbard Foster, Arthur Bostwick, Alvin S. Decker, George Raymond, Caleb Green, Thomas McKeon, Clark Galusha, Amos Eighmy, N. B. Briggs, C. E. Redfield, Samuel Reed, H. B. Flemming, Charles Meinhold, Charles Mills, Edward R. Phillips, George A. Phillips, James A. Porter, Rev. Samuel R. Roseboro, Thomas J. Sheldon, Abraham Stotenberg, James Warfield, John F. Rupert, J. H. Maynard, Joshua Cox, William T. McMullin, Morgan Stotenberg, W. J. Reals, Augustus Morgan, W. R. Benham, Ben W. Austin, E. D. Copp, J. M. Cooley

World War - Foster Wimple, John Philip Weinman


Civil War - Martin Berrigan, Andrew Ryan, Jacob Keller, E. P. O'Neil

Spanish-American War - Patrick Rolan

World War - Oscar J. Lindner, J. J. Driscoll, James Brady, James Adelbert Love

Revolutionary War - William Prescott, Silas Phelps

War of 1812 - Elijah Phelps, Timothy Bigelow, Alanson Brown, John Schutt

Mexican War - Philip Salpaugh

Civil War - Walter A. Siffet, Daniel Knight, George B. Wilson, James M. Wilson, Alfred Miller, W. S. Westfall, Farrington Ferguson, William F. Lemunyan, Dwight C. Garlock, James H. Irwin, Theodore F. Stacy, Albert H. Stacy, George Salpaugh, Clinton Bartholomew, Alfred P. Miller, Herman Schutt, John

H. Schutt, Frank G. Clark, Judson Bastwich, Asbarah Huntoon, Rollin T. Rogers

Spanish-American War - George B. Strong

World War - Paul McMullen


War of 1812 - Osee Crittenden

Civil War - James Case


Civil War - Sherman Crosby, Jerome Hinton, John C. Snitzell, VanBuren Wheat, Spencer Wood, James E. Wooden, George Snook, Franklin Edgerton, Chester Pitkin, Henry Wooden


Revolutionary War - Daniel Warfield

War of 1812 - Nicholson Chrysler, Matthew Halliday, Martin VanDyne, Jonas Robison, Methimus Post and brother, John Schutt

Civil War - George W. Edson, Arthur Schnell, Robert VanDeusen, Martin Schmit, James Ezek Wilbur, Alonzo Mackey, R. C. Watermen, W. H. Carr, George W. Durkee, Martin VanDyne, George VanDyne, Rensselaer Gardiner, Ferdinand De St. Leger, Artmus D. Schutt, Henry Spoon, George Van Deusen, Charles D. Stevens, James Backus, Cuyler Coates, Franklin Wunderlen, John Bell, Edward A. Steves, Edwin Robison, James N. Robison, Sebastian Smith, Joseph Scullen, George Horton Hicks

World War - Emmett Muskett

While an effort was made by the Legion to compile a list of soldier dead in the local cemeteries which should be complete and as nearly correct as possible, errors may have occurred in names and it also possible that there may have been some omissions. The Legion will be grateful if The Press is notified of any error or if the name of any veteran has been omitted, so that their records may be corrected.

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