From Ontario County Times 7 December 1870

SOLDIERS' MEMORIAL TABLET OF CANANDAIGUA - Any one who can give the information called for below, are requested to communicate the same to C. A. Richardson immediately.  To what Company did the following named soldiers belong?

Alexander Blake - 26th U. S. Col'd Inf'y
John Dennis - 4th N. Y. Art'y
Adam Holland - 31st U. S. Col'd Inf'y
Edward Laker - 4th N. Y. Art'y
James S. Lyon - 58th N. Y. Inf'y
John N. Miller - 1st N. Y. Eng.
Augustus Smith - 26th U. S. Col'd Inf'y
Adrian W. Townsend - 16th N. Y. Art'y
James A. Furner - 33d N. Y. Inf'y
Peter A. Ellis, 160th N. Y. Inf'y

What are the dates of the death of the following names Soldiers?
Conrad Bancroft - Co. G, 148th N. Y. Inf.

From Ontario County Times 21 December 1870

SOLDIERS' MEMORIAL TABLET OF CANANDAIGUA - What are the dates of the death of the following named Soldiers?
Turner Cleveland, Co. C., 15th N. Y. Cav.
Wm H. Carr, Co. K, 98th N. Y. Inf'y
Stephen W. Clark, Co. G, 8th U. S. Col'd Inf'y
Frank Fisher
John Merriman,
Co. E, 160th N. Y. Inf'y
Seymour Pratt, Co. C, 15th N. Y. Cav.
William W. Reeves,
Co. C, 15th N. Y. Cav.
William Staulter,
Co. C, 15th N. Y. Cav.
Jeremiah Tuohey,
Co. K, 98th N. Y. Inf'y
Michael Haverlain,
Co. E, 160th N. Y. Inf.
John Demerritt, Co. B, 85th N. Y. Inf'y
Michael McCarthy

Henry Wayer, Co. H., 4th N. Y. Artillery

From Ontario County Repository & Messenger 31 July 1872

SOLDIERS' MEMORIAL TABLET - The tablet is now ready for the intended inscriptions, and any information that can be furnished in the following cases should be given to C. A. Richardson as soon as practicable. The papers relating to these cases were destroyed in the recent fire of the Bennett building: What is the company, regiment, and date of death, of the following soldiers?
Frank Fisher and Michael McCarty
To what companies did the following soldiers belong?
Alexander Blake, 26 U. S. Col'd Inf'y
John Dennis, 4th N. Y. Art'y
Peter A. Ellis, 160th N. Y. Inf'y
David R. Fletcher, 14th U. S. Col'd troops
Chas. H. Freeman, 26th U. S. Col'd troops
Adam Holland, 31st U. S. Col'd Inf'y
James S. Lyon, 58th N. Y. Inf'y
Edward Laker, 4th N. Y. Art'y
John H. Miller, 1st N. Y. Eng.
David Mosher, 15th N. Y. Eng.
Geo. R. Squiers, 1st N. Y. Eng.
Augustus Smith, 26th U. S. Col'd Inf'y
Adrian W. Townsend, 16th N. Y. Art'y
James A. Turner, 33d N. Y. Inf'y
James M. Ward, 149 N. Y. Inf'y
What is the date of death of the following soldiers?
Conrad Bancroft, 148th N. Y. Inf'y
Turner Cleveland,  15th N. Y. Cav.
Wm. H. Carr, 98th N. Y. Inf'y
Stephen W. Clark, 5th U. S. Col. Inf'y
Mortimer Fuller, 15th N. Y. Cav.
Wm. Fox, 18th N. Y. Inf'y
Edward Laker,
4th N. Y. Art'y
John H. Miller, 1st N. Y. Eng.
John Merriman, 160th N. Y. Inf'y
Wm. W. Reeves, 15th N. Y. Eng.
James H. Simpson, 160th N. Y. Inf'y
Jeremiah Twohey, 98th N. Y. Inf'y
Michael Haverlain, 160th N. Y. Inf'y
What is the first name of _____ Hoag, Corp'l 8th N. Y. Cavalry; and what was his company?

From Ontario Repository and Messenger 27 August 1873

The picnic and reunion of this Regiment took place at Seneca Point last Friday. Addresses were delivered by the Rev. Mr. Green, Hon. Wm. H. Lamport, Capt. Isaac Seamans and others. Mr. Wm. Beebe of Penn Yan, was elected President for the ensuing year, and Wm. Rapaylee, of Farmer Village, Secretary. It has been decided to hold the next meeting at Penn Yan. The following members were present, most of them accompanied by their families:

Major Charles A. Richardson, Canandaigua
Surgeon Charles S. Hoyt, Albany
Captain J. A. Seamans, Naples
Lieutenant C. W. Watkins, Naples
Lieutenant J. H. Hulburt, Naples
Lieutenant Dewitt C. Farrington,
Lieutenant Henry M. Leu, New York City

Co. A - W. W. Betts, Penn Yan; Wm. Baker, Penn Yan; James Taylor, Penn Yan; David D. Taylor, Penn Yan; Patrick Manly, Penn Yan; Wm. J. Pool, Benton Centre; F. E. Pool, Benton Center; Phineas Tyler, Branchport; O. R. Linkletter, Naples; John Harris, Italy Hill; L. T. Partridge, Canadice; Alex. Mosher, Rushville.

Co. B - William Beebe, Ithaca; Chas H. Dunning, Penn Yan; L. C. Lott, Penn Yan; Orin Bates, Breesport, Chemung Co.;

Co. C - Thomas M. Woodworth; John D. Ryno; Peter W. Rappleye; William W. Rappleye; Eugene Holton; all of Farmer Village

Co. D - H. N. Grimes, Canandaigua; O. C. Castle, Canandaigua; Parker Eldridge, Naples; Wm. R. Chambers, North Bloomfield; H. Gillett, Naples; Frederick Ebert, Rushville; A. S. Daniels, Honeoye; W. S. Townsend, Canandaigua; G. W. Peek, Allen's Hill; Frank Young, Canandaigua; Martin Pierce, Honeoye Falls; Edgar Oatman, Canandaigua.

Co. E - Fayette Green, Rushville; Stephen Walker, Middlesex; Maurice O. Cornell, Victor; B. W. Scott, Geneva.

Co. F - C. Taylor, Millers Corners; Geo. McOmber, Canandaigua; Erasmus D. Derr, Shortsville; C. H. Proudfit, Stanley's Corners.

Co. G - Wm. M. Demest, Tyre.

Co. H - Wm. F. Lamunyon, Port Gibson; C. H. Sheffer, Shortsville; Daniel Phipps, Chapinville.

Co. K. William Seamans, Naples; Andrew Cady, Canandaigua; Frederick Geiger, Canandaigua.

From Geneva Gazette 26 March 1875

Ira N. Deyo of Naples was a soldier of the 85th N. Y. V.  During the war he and a comrade named Wetmore were taken prisoners, and while being conveyed by rail through South Carolina, both jumped from the train near Kingstree and attempted to escape.  Deyo was successful.  His comrade was shot and killed by the guard, and buried where he fell. Recently Mr. Deyo visited the spot, had the body of his friend disinterred, and removed to the cemetery at Florence at his own expense.  Such act of devoted friendship is worthy of all commendation.

From Geneva Gazette 30 June 1876

Revolutionary Relics -
Our old townsman, Mr. Wm. Gardner, Sr., submits for our inspection at this centennial season of our nation's history a number of relics handed down to him from ancestry of the revolutionary period. His grandfather, Col. William Antis, one of the early settlers of Canandaigua, served his country throughout the war, and at whose house in Pennsylvania near where the patriot army was for some time encamped, Gen. Washington became a frequent guest. The "best set" of knives and forks, with which the Antis family thus entertained at board distinguished guests, have descended as heirlooms to the grandson, Mr. Gardner. Table cutlery was made in those days to last -- with heavy skate-shaped bladed knives and stout-tined forks -- both having ivory handles. The Gardner family only bring them out on holiday occasions, 4th of July and 22nd February. With such infrequent usage they may be preserved, handed down to posterity, and brought out for editors to itemize upon at future centennials. Other revolutionary relics consist of continental money -- a $30 note No. 131,091, issued in '77 pursuant to act of Congress; an $8 note in '74 under an act of the General Assembly of Maryland; a grape shot found at Fort Ticonderoga after the battle of 1775. The family also have a pewter mug more than a 100 years old, and a coffee pot of unmistakable German origin with handle and spout standing at right angles with the bowl -- supposed to be 200 years old and upwards.

Mrs. Wm. Gardner can also boast of patriot blood coursing through her veins. Her father, Henry Lebo, was attached to Washington's Life Guards, and served heroically till the war closed. Col. Antis and Lebo were both at the battle of Brandywine, doubtless attentive listeners to Trout's thrilling sermon reading as much like a stirring appeal to courage and duty from a brave commander, preached the night previous, and which doubtless nerved the patriot army to deeds of valor that culminated in victory. That soul-inspiring sermon is good reading for the Centennial Fourth, and therefore we print it in today's Gazette.

Wm. E. Wilson of this town submits for inspection an ancient sword or sabre that doubtless has a history far more interesting that the meager incidents he has treasured in memory. It belonged to his grandfather, John Wilson, who emigrated to America from Scotland in 1773, and by whom the weapon was wielded in the Irish rebellion, and was again drawn for the achievement of American Independence in 1775-'83. The blade is remarkably elastic, having frequently stood the test of bending till point and hilt touched each other.

From Ontario County Times 9 January 1878

An artillery company has been organized in Clifton Springs with the following civil organization:

President - Henry C. Harmon
1st vice-pres't - Wm. W. Hibbard
2nd vice-pres't - Robert Harris
Sec'y - Simeon Remer
Treas'r - Charles L. Short

The military organization is as follows:

Captain - N. B. Briggs
Senior 1st Lieut. - R. Le B. Goodwin
Senior 2nd Lieut. - W. W. Hibbard
Orderly Serg't - Henry C. Harmon
Serg'ts - Joshua Cox, H. Fleming, M. E. Bartlett,
Geo. White, James McGeary
Com. Serg't - H. K. Carpenter
1st Bugler - M. H. Fuller

From Phelps Citizen 5 October 1877
About fifty young men are enrolled members of the proposed military company in Canandaigua. On Friday evening at a meeting held in the Town Hall, John Raines was chosen captain; Charles H. Paddock, first lieutenant; and L. P. Thompson, of Phelps, second lieutenant.

From Geneva Gazette 30 January 1880

Capt. Folger
has enlisted over sixty enthusiastic, young, intelligent and healthful men in his Independent Company in Infantry. The style and color on their uniform has been decided upon. It is of gray color and the same as the seventh regiment of New York, excepting the black bars across the breast.  The following are the officers:

Captain - C. W. Folger
1st Lieut. - H. J. Eddy, Jr.
2d Lieut. - Geo. S. Prince
Orderly Serg't - Theo. Sill
Q. M. Serg't - W. P. Neele
1st Serg't - Geo. C. Schell
2d Serg't - O. H. Wright
3d Serg't - R. E. Tindall
4th Serg't - W. H. H. Butterfield
1st Corp. - Robert Johnston, Jr.
2d Corp. - F. T. Savage
3d Corp. - T. F. Green
4th Corp. - Ernest Hayward
5th Corp. - W. F. Dorsey
6th Corp. - Joseph Wagoner
7th Corp. - Abram Hawkins
8th Corp. - Alonzo Barber

From Neapolitan Record 19 August 1880

The hearts of Mrs. Anir Barker and her family were gladdened last evening by the return home of Frank. He has been five years in the 8th U. S. Cavalry, and has been doing guard duty on the Mexican border. Frank has seen much of the world since he left hom and has been greatly benefited. He is welcome home.

From Geneva Gazette 8 October 1880

The 50th Engineers
held their reunion Wednesday last at Watkins. About one hundred veterans of that spirited and effective corps of the service were present and highly enjoyed the gathering and its attendant incidents. Speaking by Capt. Personius and Mr. Branday. All joined at dinner at Morgan's. Those present from Geneva were Levi Canfield, Stephen Soule and Fred Soule, Samuel Gardiner, L. M. Miller and James Morrison. The next reunion is to be held in Geneva, Aug. 25th, 1881. Levi Canfield was chosen President; Samuel Garner one of the Vice-Presidents; Charles H. Ramsey, Secretary; John E. Gowey, Treasurer. It is expected to have the 15th Engineers unite with the 50th on that occasion.

From Ontario County Times 26 January 1881

Milo Chamberlain
of Cheshire, who was recently tried by a court martial for desertion from the regular army nine years ago, was found guilty, and sentenced to one years' imprisonment on Governor's Island. He has been conveyed to his place of imprisonment, leaving a wife and three small children in anything but prosperous circumstances.

From Ontario County Journal 4 August 1882

The 25th Separate Company were ordered out for rifle practice last Monday. Twenty-one members of the Company qualified as marksmen, by scoring 25 or upwards out of a possible 50, at 100 and 300 yards, as follows:

Capt. John Raines
Serg. Edgar C. Lilly
Serg. Norman Foster
Corp. Andrew Brady
Corp. Chas. B. Osborne

Privates Geo. H. Bowdy, J. Milton Bowdy, Samuel A. Brandow, Henry Burns, Wm. S. Benham, Benj. F. Coye, Wm. F. Cooper, Chas. H. Hutchens, John E. Kimball, Elbert H. Randall, Noble B. Weaver, John Aiken, Henry S. Bement, Leroy Ingraham, Geo. L. Taylor, A. W. Crittenden.

From Ontario County Times 20 September 1882

The Veterans Association of Ontario County held its annual meeting at Willow Grove on Thursday of last week. Officers for the ensuing year were elected as follows:
President - William H. Adams
Vice-Presidents - Isaac Seward, Canadice; J. C. Berry, Farmington; B. Douglass, Gorham; Almond Randall, East Bloomfield; Ira Cooper, South Bristol; E. W. Burge, Bristol; Israel Young, Seneca; Ira Deyo, Ricmond; R. Wilcox, Victor; Charles A. Gillett, Hopewell; Herman F. Fox, Geneva; A. A. Mosher, Middlesex.
Secretary -H. B. Ferguson
Treasurer - F. O. Chamberlain
Bugler - I. E. Young
Executive Committee - Herman F. Fox, L. P. Thompson, L. W. DeFreest, H. W. Nichols, L. G. Rafter, E. Millington

From Ontario County Journal 16 March 1883

Bristol has a soldier and pensioner of the war of 1812 -- Mr. Thomas Peck, aged 90 years.

From Ontario County Journal 31 August 1883

The annual reunion of the 126th regiment was held at Padelford's station, near Canandaigua, on Wednesday. There was a fair number present, and the gathering was one of more than ordinary pleasure and enjoyment. Speeches were made by Hon. Wm. H. Lamport, Capt. John Raines and Hon. Edwin Hicks of Canandaigua and Gen. John B. Murray of Seneca Falls. The following are the names of the officers elected for the coming year: President, John T. Randolph of Penn Yan; secretary, John Harris of Penn Yan; executive committee, George Donalley of Waterloo, John Stevenson of Canandaigua, Herman F. Fox of Geneva and Richard Lockhart of Odessa; commissary, James Taylor of Penn Yan. . . . . . . The following veterans of the Regiment were present:
Canandaigua - Surgeon Charles S. Hoyt, Maj. C. A. Richardson, H. B. Ferguson, Levi N. Beebe, George W. Smith, H. McMillan, D. H. McCoy, O. C. Castle, and S. B. Mead;

Victor - Maurice O'Connell, Jas. G. Camp, F. D. Spring, W. A. Sibbetts, and A. B. Cooper;

Allen's Hill - R. M. Allen and G. W. Peck;

Canadice - L. T. Partridge;

Naples - Barber Eldridge, G. W. Watkins and Wm. Long;

Gorham - J. A. Yeckley;

Orleans - Captain V. B. Wheat;

Geneva - Henry G. Snelling;

Stanley - J. P. Fulton and James B. Detro

Clifton Springs - E. D. Copp

Phelps - G. W. Durkee

Shortsville - James Young and C. H. Sheffer

Port Gibson - W. F. LeMunyan

Honeoye - Barney Logan

Honeoye Falls - Hugh Giblin

Cheshire - Alonzo B. Lucas

Penn Yan - James Taylor and J. Sands

Italy Hollow - O. R. Linkletter

Italy Hill - John Harris

Middlesex - Alex Mosher

Glenora - Orin Bates

Crystal Springs - Ansel Brace

South Lansing - A. B. D. Covert

North Hector - John Bond

Odessa - R. C. Lockhart

Ovid Center - Geo. B. Scott

Farmer Village - Peter W. Rappleye, Eugene K. Holton, Thomas W. Woodruff

Lodi Center - C. Gunderman and J. M. Gunderman

Fayette - F. M. Rappleye

Ovid - Wm. C. Cheeseman

Waterloo - J. F. Aiken, F. Marshall and George Donnelly

Rochester - M. J. Bachman

Kendaia - D. S. Durkee

Fairport - N. S. Dickens

Cowdersport, Pa. - Lyman Toombs

Bearytown - Philip Garrett

McDougall - Wm. Springer

Seneca Falls - Stephen Weatherlow

Romulus - Charles R. Lisk

From Geneva Gazette 23 November 1883

The Veterans' association of Ontario county elected officers as follows, at Canandaigua, on Saturday last:
President - Lester P. Thompson, Phelps
Vice presidents - Horace Sisson, Bristol
                           Isaac Seward, Canadice
                           John Raines, Canandaigua
                           Thomas Sweeney, East Bloomfield
                           J. C. Berry, Farmington
                           A. Statenburg, Geneva
                           Deroy J. Harkness, Gorham
                           Ira Cooper, Hopewell
                           Charles Stevens, Manchester
                            I. A. Seamans, Naples
                           Van Buren Wheat, Phelps
                           Ira Deyo, Richmond
                           Charles Proudfit, Seneca
                           James Barrett, South Bristol
                           ____ Lane, Victor
                           Homer B. Webb, West Bloomfield
Secretary - Jay W. Neighbor, Phelps
Treasurer - F. O. Chamberlain, Canandaigua
Chaplain - Rev. S. E. Eastman, Canandaigua
Executive Committee - F. L. Brown; F. D. Copp, Charles H. Paddock, Roswell Wilcox

From Naples Record 31 January 1884

John Adams, Simeon Rowley,
and Stephen Salmon, citizens of East Bloomfield, are veterans of the war of 1812. Their ages are respectively 89, 98 and 90. Mrs. Rowley, wife of the above named, is 88 years of age.

From Ontario County Times 20 August 1884

The third annual reunion of the Veterans' Association of Ontario County held on the fairgrounds in this village on Thursday was very largely attended, and was the most successful gathering of the kind ever held in this part of the State. The officers and committee having charge of the arrangements had spared no effort to make the affair pleasant and profitable to all concerned. The following-named veterans are registered as members of the association:

R. R. Gibson, Co. H, 4th Art.
E. H. Frary, A, 97th Infantry
W. Allen Reed, I, 148th Infantry
Geo. W. Smith, K, 126th Infantry
Edson Eldridge, C, 3d Infantry
M. M. Mead, B, 85th Infantry
J. C. Farnum, H, 9th Vt. Infantry
James Rockwell, C, 15th Cav.
J. Stephenson, B, 3d Art.
A. E. Cooley, D, 4th Art.
Geo. R. West, F, 11th Infantry
James Bowdy, E, 59th Inf.
M. L. Parkhurst, E, 28th Infantry
N. R. Martin, M, 4th Art.
J. G. Hudson, L, 15th Eng.
J. H. Etts, G, 18th Infantry
Wallace Kisor, F, 126th Inf.
C. Turner, I, 13th Infantry
C. H. Sheffer, H, 126th
A. A. Lane, D, 111th Infantry
R. C. Watterman, H, 148th Inf.
S. C. Hill, B, 27th Infantry
W. J. Mack, Asst. Eng., U. S. N.
L. P. Thompson, C, 7th U. S. Inf.
F. O. Chamberlain, G., 8th Cav.
James Stanton, K, 98th Infantry
Daniel L. Reed, B, 85th Infantry
R. V. Wheeler, K, 148th Infantry
David Phipps, H, 126th Infantry
J. W. Neighbor, 148th Infantry
J. McCoy, G, 14th Mich. Infantry
H. S. Squires, G, 148th Infantry
Frank McCormick, A, 18th Infantry
O. B. Hicks, G, 10th Art.
Albert M. Snedeker, H, 4th Art.
Thomas Townsend, E, 28th Infantry
Mortimer Sleght, K, 1st M.R.
John Decker, D, 23d Infantry
J. Brownell, E, 108th Infantry
Asa Brown, C, 15th Cav.
Wm. H. Bassett, G, 148th Inf.
Albert B. Miller, E, 1st V Cav.
Wm. Maltman, D, 1st V Cav.
Levi Parsons, G, 148th Infantry
R. G. Mason, L, 24th Cav.
J. C. Barry, B, 148th Infantry
Wm. H. Spencer, B, 50th Eng.
John Raines, G, 85th Infantry
Herman F. Fox, E, 126th Inf.
Gregory Insse, G, 18th Infantry
H. M. Gillette, D, 126th Infantry
Benj. Miles, G, 148th Infantry
A. A. Randall, C, 15th Cav.
E. D. Copp, F, 126th Infantry
J. Young, H, 126th Infantry
C. W. Stark, 148th Infantry
R. W. Appleton, D, 33d Inf.
S. B. Mead, D, 126th Infantry
L. Canfield, B, 50th Eng.
A. Stotenburg, Art.
Wm. H. Stielmaier, A, 8th Cav.
Fred S. Cooley, D, 4th Art.
J. C. Jones, H, 4th Art.
R. B. Hayden, H, 6th Art.
C. D. Stephens, H, 126th Inf.
Harvey Padelford, E, 28th Inf.

Clifton Springs
Clifton Springs
Clifton Springs
Baptist Hill
Bristol Spr.
Bristol Spr.
Bristol Spr.
Clifton Springs
E. Bloomfield Sta.
E. Bloomfield Sta.

A. S. Bostwick, B, 3d Art.
Thomas Taylor, B, 8th Cav.
Peter M. Gunther, K, 126th Inf.
J. W. Allen, G, 148th Infantry
Henry S. Struble, E, 28th Infantry
W. W. Tate, 126th Infantry
Wm. Rouse, G, 148th Infantry
A. A. Spangle, K, 148th Inf.
Geo. Prouty, K, 126th Infantry
T. Insse, G. 148th Infantry
Boswell Insse, B, 85th Infantry
N. B. Spencer, F, 179th Infantry
A. E. King, A, 75th Infantry
H. Pierce, G, 1st Art.
A. Mosher, A, 126th Infantry
E. Horton, D, 162d Infantry
L. E. Sutfin, B, 50th Eng.
J. N. Conley, K, 15th Eng.
E. D. Adams, H, 4th,
H.T. Cunningham, C, 15th Eng.
L. D. Wood, band, 33d Inf.
J. D. Watkins, H, 148th Inf.
Henry H. Archer, K, 148th Inf.
E. D. Derr, F, 126th Infantry
Jas. M. Fox, 100th Infantry
F. L. Brown, D, 33d Infantry
Geo. Hackett, H, 16th H. Art.
Wm. Giddings, L, 16th H. Art.
Nicholas Latz, K, 18th Cav.
Geo. Hainer, G, 85th Infantry
Horace Sisson, K, 1st M. R.
L. W. Totman, K, 1st M. R.
S. S. Bell, Eng., Brigade Band
Mason Long, G, 14th H. Art. Art.
J. W. Overacre, H, 126th Inf.
Ira W. Cooper, G, 10th Cav.
H. L. Hutchens, G, 148th Inf.
P. T. Burnett, Eng. Brigade Band
Daniel Sisson, F, 3d Cav.
S. H. Simpson, D, 4th H. Art.
John Rodney, K, 148th Inf.
Phillip Walzer, Jr., F, 148th Inf.
Henry N. Tuttle, C, 15th Cav.
C. Haas, 1st Mich. Lt. Art.
C. A. Gillett, K, 148th Inf.
W. G. Ransom, E, 180th Inf.
Geo. W. Ellis, K, 2d Cav.
Nathan Taylor, G, 18th Inf.
Delos Doolittle, G, 148th Inf.
W. H. Adams, I, 98th Inf.
W. D. Robinson, D, 126th Inf.
Peter Conway, C, 61st Inf.
H. W. Nichols, Surgeon, 4th M. C.
M. I. Barry, I, 15th Eng.
J. V. Peacock, H, 126th Inf.
J. S. Coe, B, 111th Infantry
M. P. Worthy, C, 4th H. Art.
H. S. Bement, B, 50th Eng.
Z. Lucas, G, 148th Inf.
J. J. Loonie, K, 20th Cav.
H. B. Ferguson, F, 126th Inf.
W. L. Hicks, A, 2d M. R.
Geo. H. Warner, A, 4th H. Art.
Dan'l M. Hulse, A, 50th Eng.
Henry Singlaub, K, 2d Cav.
Amos Eighmey, H, 126th Inf.

Hopewell Ctr
Bristol Center
South Bristol
Potter Center
Clifton Springs
Bristol Center
Bristol Center
Flint Creek

From Ontario County Journal 13 February 1885

There was a special meeting of the Company Wednesday, at which non-commissioned officers were elected as follows:
Sergeants-Corporals: Chas. F. Maggs and Geo. T. Reddington
Corporals-Privates: C. P. Buchanan, W. H. Whitmore, G. C. French, Chas. F. Sanders and Wm. S. Benham
These selections give great satisfaction in the company. A drum corps has been organized, consisting of Frank A. Osborn, Frank Decker, and Arthur Brace. The regulation uniform will be worn by the corps.

From Geneva Gazette 11 September 1885

Recruiting for the U. S. Army - List of applications at the Recruiting Rendezvous U. S. at Geneva, N. Y. for the month of
August 1885.

    Total number of applications - 21
    Total number rejected - 18
    Total number accepted - 3


    Under weight and poor physique - 1
    Intemperance - 4
    Minors - 2
    Hernia - 1
    General unfitness - 1
    Varicocele - 1
    Moral disability - 1
    Over age - 1
    Bunions & varicose veins - 1
    Deformed feet - 1
    Loss of index finger -1
    Curvature of the spine -1
    Under weight - 1
    Burn scar on leg - 1


    Frank McLaughlin - age 24, born in Ireland, occupation laborer, residence Geneva, N. Y.
    Charles Shiel - aged 22, born in Auburn, N. Y., occupation moulder, residence Auburn N. Y.
    John D. Holmes - age 23, born in Phelps, N. Y., occupation machinist, residence Phelps N. Y.

     Average age of those enlisted - 23
     Average height of those enlisted - 5 ft 6 in.

 As will be inferred from the above statement not every man who would is permitted to join Uncle Sam's army.  Only men who are sound in every respect, of good moral character and of temperate habits are enlisted; all others are rejected.  We should judge that there are a good many young men in Geneva and vicinity who would not only find the regular army congenial but lucrative, as the soldiers are furnished clothing, board, and in addition are paid a salary of from $13 to $30 per month. Particulars can be obtained of Lieut. L. P. Brant, Recruiting office, Geneva, N. Y.

From Ontario County Journal 26 August 1887

On Thursday of last week at the campgrounds, officers of the Veterans' Association were elected for the ensuing year as follows: President - Captain John Raines, of Canandaigua; Secretary - Herman Fox, of Geneva; Treasurer - N. B. Briggs, of Clifton Springs; Quartermaster, John Stevenson, of Canandaigua.

From Ontario County Times 22 May 1889

The following names have been added during the past year to the list of Union veterans buried in the cemeteries in this village: Lewis A. Rockwood, Co. C., 15th N. Y. Cavalry; John Doyle, Co. F., 71st Pa. Vols.; David H. McCoy, Co. E., 126th N. Y. Vols.; Lester P. Thompson, 5th and 7th U. S. Infantry.

From Ontario County Times 16 July 1890

Eight members of Company B, 85th N. Y. Veteran Volunteer Infantry, held an impromptu reunion at the Webster House Wednesday afternoon, the 9th inst. C. S. Aldrich, the last captain of this company, on his return from the National Editorial Convention at Boston, stopped at Canandaigua to meet and greet the few surviving comrades who could be gathered at this place. The little group which spent a half day at the Webster House reviving old memories of camp life, battlefield experience, and Andersonville horrors, consisted of C. S. Aldrich, Monte Vista, Colo.; Ira N. Deyo, Honeoye; C. C. Mosher, Seneca Falls; James Carson, Shortsville; Boswell Insse, Bristol; and John Mary, Chester Gooding and Nathan H. Briggs, of Canandaigua.

From Ontario County Journal 5 September 1890

The survivors of the 148th Regiment N. Y. Vols. held a happy reunion at Shortsville last week Thursday. At noon a large number of the boys in blue with friends had assembled, and they did full justice to the bountiful and extremely palatable refreshments served by the ladies of Shortsville in the G. A. R. hall. Captain Homer B. Webb, of West Bloomfield, opened the exercises and after prayer had been offered by Rev. J. C. Lenhart, the veterans were felicitously welcomed by O. S. Titus in behalf of the citizens. Mr. Lenhart then delivered a formal address of welcome, and was followed by Col. G. M. Guion, of Seneca Falls. Interesting speeches were made by Major Hiram Schutt, of Port Gibson, Capt. F. L. Brown, of Shortsville, J. H. Hitchcock, of Geneva, and Capt. Homer B. Webb, of West Bloomfield. The necrology showed that the following members of the regiment have died during the past year: Co. B -  Duncan Paul, Canandaigua; Capt. Harrison H. Hopkins and Henry C. Hopkins, Phelps. Co. D - J. W. Neighbor, Phelps. John T. Watkins, of Phelps, paid a feeling tribute to the memory of the last named.

The officers of the association for ensuing year are: W. S. Huie of Rushville, President; C. A. Gillett, of Hopewell, Secretary; N. H. Green, of Rushville, Assistant Secretary; O. S. Titus, of Shortsville, Treasurer. The vice presidents are: Co. C - C. T. Severance, Phelps; Co. D - Thomas Baird, Geneva; Co. E - Col. Shepard, Seneca Falls; Co. F - D. J. Harkness, Rushville; Co. G - Jay W. Allen, Cheshire; Co. H - L. P. Baird, Waterloo; Co. I - W. W. Becker, Benton Center; Co. K - John Rodney, Manchester.

From Ontario County Journal 31 July 1891

Naples' veterans and dependent claimants for pensions are having good success. The latest issues are to Elether Mosher, South Bristol, dependent father, $12 per month with a large allowance of back pay. Morrison H. Parks, dependent father, $12 per month since Aug. 7, '90, and James O. Porter, veteran, $12 per month since July 8, '90.

From Geneva Gazette 12 February 1892

A Notable Reunion

Mr. Editor:

It is not often it falls to our lot to record such a pleasant episode as occurred at the residence of James Purdy in Benton, on Wednesday the 3rd inst.  It was a reunion of some of the survivors of Co. A. 3rd Reg't and 4th Brigade of mounted volunteers which was disbanded about 1850.  Co. A. was the Geneva Co., and at one time was commanded by Cap't Thos. W. Hall, who afterwards became Colonel of the Reg't.  The guests were:
Col. Thos. W. Hall of Seneca, age 80, Jan 31st '92
Ord. Serg't Paul F. Bill of Seneca, age 76 June 29th '91
Musician E. N. Hall of Seneca, age 70 June 2nd '91
Corporal H. S. Barnes, Torrey, age 79 May 15th '91
Corporal Wm. T. Barnes, Geneva, age 74 Aug 15th '91
Private James H. Purdy, Benton, age 75 Apr. 13th '91
Cap't of Penn Yan Co. Levi Speelman, Torrey, age 82 Oct 13th, '91
About 2 P. M. we sat down to a bountiful dinner provided by S. L. Purdy and wife.  Divine blessing being invoked by H. S. Barnes, the company proceeded to do full justice to the good things before them. Before leaving the table, the following poem written for the occasion was read by the author, A. T. Barnes, which was followed by a vote of thanks.

After adjourning to the parlors, time seemed "fleet-footed", but was fully occupied in conversation.  The tender tones and glistening eye denoted deep feeling, while often the laughter bespoke the mirth-inspiring memories; and thus went on "from grave to gay, from lively to severe."  But the parting time came.  Expressing the enjoyment they had derived from the reunion all reluctantly bade host and hostess and each other good bye, hoping again to meet in the coming years.

Friends and Comrades, we meet here today
Our tribute of friendship to gratefully pay;
The long misty past again to review,
Our life-long friendships again to renew.
Sweet recollections come clustering round;
By their magical power together we're bound.
Grim Reaper's been busy in long years of yore
Leaving our number not half a score.
Though few in number we've proved ourselves men,
And all have passed over three score and ten.
Strong as we are, we scarcely could feel
To again mount our horses and handle the steel;
At the word of command forward to dash
Mid the smoke of the powder and the sabre's bright flash.
Pledging each other while here we stand
To be true to each other, our God and our land;
And when the great Captain gives the last call
"Break ranks" to officers, privates and all;
When the Great Book is opened in the high courts of heaven,
May a glad welcome to each one be given.
And onward through Eternity as the ages doth roll
Not a name be "marked missing" on the company's roll.

Feb. 3rd, '92

From Ontario County Times 11 May 1892
The following is a list of ex-soldiers whose remains have been  buried in this village during the last year:
Private Albert E. Brown, 16th New York Artillery, died June 12, 1892
Private King H. Buchanan, Company H, 12th Illinois Cavalry, died August 7, 1891
Corporal Henry N. Tuttle, Company E and C, 28th and 15th New York Infantry and New York Cavalry, died August 23, 1891
Sergeant Cyrus Ackley, 26th New York Light Artillery Battery, died August 30 1891
Corporal Hollister N. Grimes, Company D, 126th New York Infantry, died November 13, 1891
Sergeant John H. Etts, Company G, New York Infantry, died December 10, 1891
Private Joseph P. Mary, Company H, 16th New York Heavy Artillery, died January 25, 1892
Private Thomas Bond, Companies D and C, 33rd and 76th New York Infantry, died February 7, 1892
Private Reynold Relchenthaler, Company G, 18th New York Infantry, died March 5, 1892
From Ontario County Times 25 May 1892

The name of Henry Phelps Hubbell, Lieutenant Colonel of the Third New York Infantry, was inadvertently omitted from the list published in the Times two weeks ago of the veterans whose remains have been interred in the cemeteries of this village during the past year. Colonel Hubbell died in New York city February 26, and his remains were brought here for burial, February. 29.

From Naples Record 28 June 1893

The following veterans of this town have received passes to Gettysburg to witness the dedication of the New York state monument on Sunday, July 2: I. A. Seamans, William Long, C. W. Watkins, J. Z. Sabin, George Johnson, Barber Eldredge and Daniel Whipple, of the 126th N. Y. V.; John Dixon, 20th N. Y. Cavalry; Samuel Covel, 4th N. Y. V.; Charles Benjamin and E. C. Yaw, 67th N. Y. V. There may be others, but we have not received their names.

From Ontario County Journal 30 June 1893

The following citizens of Ontario County have signified their intention to Major C. A. Richardson, of attending New York Day at Gettysburg, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, July 1, 2 and 3. Rates have been placed from Canandaigua at $10.05 for the round trip:
Allen's Hill - Gilbert W. Peck, Richard M. Allen
Canandaigua - C. A. Richardson, George A. Smith, Dr. C. S. Hoyt
Cheshire - George Prouty, Peter Ginther
Clifton Springs - William Snyder, Charles D. Stephens, E. D. Derr
East Bloomfield - John C. Hanrahan, L. F. Partridge
Flint - Wesley D. Robinson, Abram M. Fiero
Geneva - Ambrose Bedell, Gilbert M. Bailey, George A. Carr, Thomas Costello, Daniel S. Durkee, Herman F. Fox, Oliver Fiero, Charles P. Gray, Edward Hindmarch, Abram D. Johnson, Charles R. Lisk, John R. Orman, Byron W. Scott, M. K. Simpson, William Springer, Alexander Thornton
Gorham - J. Arnold Yeckley
Honeoye - Bernard Logan
Italy Hill - John Harris, Cyrus Sherwood, Daniel Whipple
Miller Corners - Jeremiah Claflin
Naples - Barber Eldredge, George B. Johnson, William Long, Captain I. A. Seamans, J. Z. Sabin, C. Ward Watkins
Orleans - VanBuren Wheat
Oaks Corners - Edward T. Swan, Bennett L. Treadwell
Phelps - William D. Adriance, Charles D. Bigelow, Frank H. Spray
Port Gibson - Jordon Snook, W. D. Westfall, George B. Wilson
Reeds Corners - Levi Cole
Richmond Mills - John Barrett
Rushville - Fred Ebert, Charles W. Sterling
Shortsville - John Blausett, Edward Nelson, J. W. Overacre, James A. Young
Stanley - James P. Fulton, Charles H. Pondfit
Victor - Almond B. Cooper
Vine Valley - Alexander Mosher

From Ontario County Journal 8 September 1893

In August, 1862, Alvin L. Van Cott, now a resident of Shortsville, enlisted in Co. K, 1st New York Mounted Rifles. From that time until he was honorably discharged in June, 1865, he was continually in service. Not for bounty, not for the paltry pay of a soldier did Mr. Van Cott spend these years in the saddle, but from a sense of duty and a spirit of patriotism, such as was evinced by thousands of others who left pleasant homes and lucrative positions. He served through many arduous campaigns in order that this great nation might remain intact and unbroken. Co. K was employed largely in skirmish duty and reconnoitering. In the army of the James that company saw active service and every minute during those years of service Mr. Van Cott was found at his post of duty, not only ready but anxious to be where work was to be done and dangers encountered. At Bottom's Ridge, Va., his horse was shot under him, while again at the Isle of White Court House another horse was instantly killed beneath him. Fortunately for him he was never wounded, though so often in the midst of immediate dangers. Nevertheless, those years of hard riding and continual service in the saddle over the roughest kind of a country had told on even his hardy constitution. He incurred disabilities which have ever since been a source of annoyance, and have even prevented him from engaging in certain kinds of employment.

Shortly after the war Mr. Van Cott met with business reverses which compelled him to earn a livelihood for himself and family. For the past thirteen years he has been engaged as an iron moulder in the Empire Drill Works at Shortsville. Just after that company shut down work he received notice of the suspension of his pension. It was to cover just exactly such cases as this that the act of 1890 was passed, and under that act Mr. VanCott was drawing his pension. It was only $6 a month, but it helped out in hard times, such as the present. His friends told him that he was entitled to a larger pension, and acting under their advice he had already put in an application for an increase when the notice of his suspension arrived. Mr. VanCott has been a life-long Democrat of the old school. He voted the straight ticket last fall. Now, not only is he thrown out of employment by the business depression brought about by the elevation of the Democratic party to power, but his pension is suspended by the soldier-hating confederate who is in charge of the Department of the Interior. Such has been his reward.

From Geneva Gazette 8 September 1893

The following are the officers elect of the 148th reg't Veterans: President, Homer B. Webb, of West Bloomfield; vice-presidents, Thomas Beard, Geneva; John Rodney, Manchester; Leroy J. Harkness, Rushville; and L. P. Bird, Waterloo; treasurer, Charles Gilbert, Clifton Springs; permanent secretary, John Watkins, Phelps. It was voted to make Geneva the permanent place of meeting, and the last Thursday in August was fixed as the regular date of the reunions.

From Ontario County Journal 6 October 1893

On Saturday last Henry S. Squier, of this village, received a letter from Pension Commissioner Lochren, stating that the pension agent at Buffalo had been directed to resume payment in this case. It will be remembered by readers of the Journal that Mr. Squier's pension was suspended about the first of July. At that time a complete history of the case appeared in these columns. The facts then disclosed showed that a grave injustice had been done to a worthy veteran. In this case, as in many others, the Confederate Secretary of the Interior overstepped his bounds in his zeal to get even with the man who prevented the Southern States from seceding.

From Geneva Gazette 22 December 1893

Veterans' Meeting - At the regular meeting of Green Smith Command No. 6, U. V. U., Geneva, N. Y., held Dec. 12, 1893, the following officers were chosen for the ensuing year.

Colonel, Thos. Beard
Lieut. Col., John Dennison
Major, Alonzo F. Spears
Chaplain, John Vinn
Surgeon, Michael Campbell
Officer of the Day, Rob. B. Smith
Officer of the Guard, John J. Wheeler
Quartermaster, Chas. R. Lisk

The Adjutant, Quartermaster Sergeant and Sergeant Major will be appointed at the next muster.


From Ontario County Journal 8 June 1894

Port Gibson, N. Y. -
The Memorial Day address given here by the Rev. S. G. Hopkins of Palmyra, was excellent in every sense, and was one which tends to arouse patriotism and love and respect for the old soldiers. The following veterans were in line: The Rev. J. C. Hitchcock, Capt. Hiram Schutt, William S. Westfall, Geo. B. Wilson, C. L. Bartholomew, Jordan Snook, William F. LeMunyon, Jas. H. LaRue, Charles Miller, Dr. A. P. Throop, James H. Irwin, Daniel Knight, Elias Dailey, Farrington Ferguson, Maple Grove Lodge 418, A. O. U. W., and Ontario Tent, No. 160, K. O. T. M., were present in a body.

From Ontario County Journal 6 July 1894

In Academy cemetery are entombed the bodies of the following patriots, who did duty in the several armies mentioned: In the war of 1812, Jasper Housel, John Penoyer, Benjamin Haight, John Brown, John Gage, David Davis; Ira Price, who served in the regular army; in the war of the rebellion, Charles W. Housel, I. H. Trembly, Dr. Mitchel, John Dennis, George Bunnel, Francis Bunnel, Garrett Freeland, Asit A. Stetson. The following, if their bodies had been redeemed from the battle fields, would have been buried here: Joseph Housel, John Horn, David McJannett, Charles Johnson, Francis Sanford, Gould Benedict.

From Geneva Advertiser 18 September 1894

The Veterans Reunion -
On the third of September was held a reunion of the survivors of the old company of mounted Volunteers, disbanded in 1850.  It has been their custom for several years past to hold a reunion yearly in February.  The present occasion was the celebration of the birthday of one of the company, Alanson Ansley, aged 75 years, on Monday, Sept. 3d.  Every member was invited, and all responded but two, Thos. Densmore and William T. Barnes, who were unable to attend on account of sickness, especially Mr. Barnes.  They met at 10 a.m., at the beautiful country home of Mr. A., on the old Pre-Emption road south of Geneva.  It was, as every other reunion of the old company has been, a season of great enjoyment.

Friends and comrades, again here we meet
Our hands to clasp, each other to greet,
While here to-day we would not forget
That two* have passed over since last we met,
And there's another** who'll meet us no more,
For his feet are now treading that dark mystic shore,
Patiently awaiting the call to obey
From Earth's weary trials to hasten away !

The following is a list of those present and their ages:
Captain Thos. Hall - 82 years
John Wheaton - 79 years
E. N. Hall - 73 years
Paul F. Bill - 79 years
H. S. Barnes - 75 years
Alanson Ansley - 75 years
James Purdy - 78 years
C. S. Van Wyck - 73 years
A. T. Barnes - 72 years
At 1 p.m. we were summoned to the dining room where a table was spread "and all things were ready."  I will not attempt a description, but instead give an expression made by one of the guests.  He said, "It was one of the finest dinners I ever sat down to."  To say that the table was bountifully spread would be but faint praise.  Divine blessing was invoked by H. S. Barnes, after which the company tried their best to show their appreciation of the good things before them, being well served by Mr. Ansley's son and wife, who were present on a short visit, and who added materially to the pleasure of the occasion.

After dinner all adjourned to the cool and pleasant veranda on the east and north sides of the house where time sped rapidly away till the western sun warned us of the hour to separate.  A hearty vote of thanks offered by Captain Hall was given to our host and wife for their kind and generous hospitality.  We bade each other goodbye, hoping to meet again in the near future.

*   Captain Speelman and William Scoon
** William Barnes

From Ontario County Journal 14 June 1895

The seventh annual reunion of Western New York Veteran association of First N. Y. Mounted rifles was held Wednesday at the Webster House in this village. The officers of last year were all re-elected: President, Mortimer Sleght; vice-presidents, Charles D. Brooks, Willard Smith, A. G. Streavers, Jesse Miller, George B.Starbird; secretary and treasurer, Levi W. Totman. Those that were present were: Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer Sleght, Canandaigua; Truman Bishop, Livonia Station; Mr. and Mrs. George W. Farnum, Pittsford; Charles D. Brooks, Honeoye Falls; Mr. and Mrs. Levi W. Totman, Bristol Center; Alfred S. Van Cott, Shortsville; C. R. Cobb, Clifton Springs; John Halfer, Cold Water; Rufus W. Travers and E. W. Burge, Bristol.

From Ontario County Journal 20 March 1896

Ovid Chase,
a well-known resident of Canandaigua, who has for a long time possessed a very rare collection of historical relics and curios, noteworthy by reason of Revolutionary wartime associations, has parted with a portion of the collection, nine articles in all, that were shipped yesterday to form a valuable addition to the Smithsonian institute at Washington.

Among the articles sold for this purpose by Mr. Chase were the following, all of which were collected by Samuel Chase, a Continental soldier, and grandfather of Ovid Chase, who was also "life guard" to General Stark:
1. Ink bottle from which General Washington took the ink with which the death warrant of Major Andre was signed.

2.  Cover to the same ink bottle, made the day after the battle of Bennington, from a boot leg of Samuel Chase.

3.  Ink bottle once owned by General John Stark, and presented to Samuel Chase by General Stark in person, in 1819.

4.  A button cut from the coat tail of one of the parties who sallied out in the disguise of a Mohawk Indian at the "tea party" in Boston Harbor. The party having surreptitiously filled his coat tail pockets with tea, Jonathan Wilmarth, with his sword, cut off the coat tail, pocket and all, and emptied the tea in the harbor; this button was preserved and handed down from generation to generation, having passed from Jonathan Wilmarth to Sarah Wilmarth, Pike Chase, and thence to Ovid Chase, Sr., and lastly to Ovid Chase, Jr.

5.  Watch key, once owned by Colonel Williams, that was taken from his person after his death at the battle of Crown Point, in September, 1748, by Samuel Chase. The valuable stone that was in the key is now in the possession of the heirs of Kate Sprague Chase.

6.  Watch seal and stone worn by General Sumpter, the last of the Revolutionary generals, presented personally to Samuel Chase.

7.  Watch seal and stone worn by General Sullivan and presented to the niece of General Stark, who in after years disposed of it to Molly Stanley Chase for a dress.

8.  Watch worn by Samuel Chase during the Revolution and afterwards carried by President Washington.

9.  Pistol taken from "Old Grimes, that good old man," of ancient ballad fame, by Samuel Chase, justice of the peace of the town Unity, New Hampshire, in 1800.
The description of these curios and valuable relics was taken from an ancient catalogue, made by Ovid Chase, the elder, and in which are recorded many other curious mementos of early Colonial days, but of which disposition has been made heretofore, or which the present owner is loath to part with for money consideration. The correspondent was shown one of these, namely, the first map ever made of the township of Unity, N. H., the greater part of which land was owned by Samuel Chase, and who, as selectman of the township, recorded the map as official, and gave his hand and seal to that effect in 1806.

Other curios still in Mr. Chase's possession are a fife that was carried and played by Fife-major Jonathan Wilmarth from the commencement to the close of the Revolution; a breast-pin taken from the body of General Ransom, who was shot in battle during the Mexican war; "ear bobs" worn over in the "Mayflower," by Jonathan Wilmarth's wife, and which passed by descent to Ovid Chase; watch key, used by many Revolutionary officers, and owned and carried during the war by Samuel Chase; an epaulet worn by General Thurber in the war of 1812; several Masonic emblems of great antiquity, and other curiosities of lesser historical interest.  Democrat and Chronicle

From Ontario County Journal 22 May 1896

The following Canandaigua veterans have died within the past year, and their graves will be decorated for the first time on May 30: Daniel Prue, Alfred Bartlett, Louis Kauffman, Albert H. Stagner and John Collins. The body of Lansford O. Babbitt, who died in '91, has been removed to Canandaigua during the past year. The grave of another old veteran, Hugh McCann, who died in 1864, has been found in the old cemetery and will be decorated for the first time this year.

From Ontario County Journal 18 June 1897

The ninth annual reunion of the First New York Mounted rifles was held at the G. A. R. rooms Friday, June 11. Dinner was served at the Webster House. The following members were present: Mortimer Sleght and wife, Canandaigua; Charles D. Brooks and wife, Honeoye Falls; Willard P. Smith, Hemlock; L. W. Totman and wife, Bristol Center; Geo. W. Farnam and wife, Pittsford; Geo. W. Simmons and wife, Bristol Center; Geo. S. Gaines, wife and son, East Bloomfield; Truman Bishop, Livonia Station; W. H. Johnson, Canandaigua; A. S. Van Cott, Shortsville. Officers were were re-elected for the ensuing year as follows:

President - Mortimer Sleght
1st vice-president - Geo. B. Starbird
2d vice-president: Chas. C. Brooks
3d vice-president - Williard P. Smith
4th vice-president - A. G. Strevor
5th vice-president - Jesse R. Miller
Secy-treasurer - L. W. Totman

From Ontario County Journal 17 December 1897

Random Bits from Town of Bristol - James Clark Cahoon was a brother of Mrs. W. H. Martin and Mrs. L. A. Holcomb, of Seneca Point; became a sailor on the Atlantic and was lost by falling overboard. His body was not recovered. William Ingrham was a brother of Mrs. James F. Coy of Academy, and Mrs. John D. Trickey of Shortsville; was also a sailor, and has seen many foreign ports. James Currier moved with his father's family to Grass Lake, Mich., where he died at an early age. The Curtis Brothers were brothers of Mrs. John Johnson of Academy, and moved with their parents to Grand Rapids, Mich., and John was state senator one term. Ira Price served four years in the regular army, but returned and died here. Charles W. and Joseph Housel, Jr., were sons of Mrs. Caroline Housel of Academy. Charles H. Johnson was the son of John Johnson of Academy. John Dennis was a brother of Thomas Dennis of Academy. They enlisted in response to President Lincoln's call, and did noble service for the preservation of our union, and were all sacrificed. Joseph Housel had not been home more than 60 days when he was shot dead near Fairfax court house. His body lies in the foreign grave. Charles Housel was shot in the battle of the Wilderness and died in the hospital, but his body was sent to his parents and was buried in Academy cemetery. Charles Johnson was taken prisoner and starved to death in Andersonville prison. John Dennis was discharged on account of sickness and sent home to die. They all left homes of plenty and many appreciative friends.

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