From email of Dorothy Sargent, January 2013:

Now I have another addition I think you might like to add for a lesser known war: the "Mexican-AmericanWar of 1846-1848". Most people remember the Alamo, but that was just one battle...there were others.

The service man was Lawson R. Daskam enlisted 6 Jan 1847, still on the muster rolls as of April 13, 1847 when he was placed on det. service to Vera Cruz, Mexico. Unheard from so listed as deserted. Later declared dead at Vera Cruz. Enclosed in the file is the letter below indicating that the family had been informed of his death and wanting any pay due him.

1. US Army Registr of Enlistments 1798-1914: pg 64 Daskam Lauson K. 19 Grey
Light Fair 5'8" b. New York Ontario Co Laborer Enlisted 6 Jan 1847 Salina by
Lt Augus for 5 years 4 Inf D & K deserted 13 April 1847

2.Short Description: NARA M567. Unbound letters, with their enclosures,
received by the Adjutant General, 1822-1860. Roll: 0375 Year: 1848 Surname:
Daskam Given Name: Lawson R File Number: D469 State: [Blank]


Allan's Hill Nov 3rd 1848


Lawson R. Daskam 4th Inf


Hon Robt L. Rose


Desiring to be informed the amount due him


Lawson R Daskere\

Lawson R. Daskam s private

Compy K 4th Infantry

Enlisted 6 Janry 47

for 5 years, on the Roll for July & August '48, reported "Last heard from on
det. Services at Vera Cruz since April 13th 1847 Supposed to have deserted"
Born in Ontario Co New York aged 19 years grey eyes, light hair, fair
complexion, 5' 2(?)" high, by occupation a laborer. an'st 9 Dec /48 Rec'd
Nov 7 /48

Allans Hall, Nov 3, 1848

Dear sir, Will you do me the favor to inform me of the state of the account
of Lawson R. Daskam who belonged to the 4th Regt of the US Infantry. - His
family are informed of his death and now wish to close his acct with the
Govt ---- Yours Respectfully, Robt L Rose

R Jones

Ad Genl.

Thank you for any consideration you may give this matter. It seems little
enough to do for a native son of Ontario County who was not named other than
by slashes on any census and who died for his countries annexation policies
before he could be named on the 1850 census. I am fairly sure I know to
which family he belongs but proof is missing.

Dorothy A Daskam Sargent,
greatgranddaughter of Nathan and Hannah (Parker) Daskam