Mason Family Reunion

Mason Family Reunion Picture – August 1909 – East Bloomfield
15 in picture

Standing row

Thomas Mason

b. 1854

d. 2/23/1922

Husband of Julia Sullivan; son of William R. Mason (II)

Ed (Es) Norton

b. 1/2/1859
d. 4/24/1946

 Husband of Frances L. Mason

Frances Mason Norton

b. 10/11/1865
d. 5/15/1956

 Wife of Ed Norton; dau of William Mason (III)


Wife of Emory

Son of James

Emily Mason Cain

b. 1847
d. 10/9/1931

Wife of William Cain; dau of William  R. Mason (II)

Harley Mason

b. 8/?/1859
d. 1927

Husband of Jane K. Eddy; son of John (Jack) Mason

Jane Eddy Mason

b. 1867
d. 6/11/1954

Wife of Harley Mason

Effie Mason Knauss
b. 9/25/1882
d. 1955

Wife of Sidney Knauss; dau of Israel Mason

Seated Row

Samuel C. Mason

b. 5/9/1852
d. 1/27/1917

Husband of Mary Dunn; son of William R. Mason (II)

Mary Mason Gurnee

b. 1840
d. 3/17/1917

wife of Philip Gurnee; dau of William R. Mason (II)

William Adams Mason

b. 1/16/1883
d. Dec 1967

Son of Alice Eliza Mason; Grandson of William Mason (III)

Arthur B. (Barney) Mason

b. 1859
d. 9/8/1930

 Husband of Caroline Stoddard; son of William R. Mason (II)

Israel (Butch) Mason

b. 1845
d. 12/19/1910

 Husband of Euseba Smith; son of William R. Mason (II)

Susan Mason Murrell

b. 1842
d. 9/8/1930
Widow of Michael Murrell; dau of William R. Mason (II)

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Photo has been generously donated by Dick Helm.  If you are able to identify any of the un-named persons in the photo, Dick would be very grateful to hear from you.  Many thanks to Dick for sharing.

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