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From Geneva Gazette 23 April 1880


Stanley, N. Y. -
The wedding of Mr. Luther Barnes and Miss Jennie Rippey, youngest daughter of George O. Rippey, was consummated last Wednesday evening. About sixty guests were present. The presents were various and useful and amounted to about $300. The wedding was a grand affair, and nothing to mar the occasion had it not been for some unprincipled young men and boys who think it the height of honor to make night hideous with tin pans and horns.

From Geneva Advertiser 6 January 1903


Married at Oakfield, near Batavia, January 1st, 1903, William Reed Temple, son of Rev. A. B. Temple of Seneca, and Miss Fern Lila Avery of Oakfield. A reception will be given the young couple by the groom's parents at the parsonage in Seneca tomorrow evening, where Mr. Wm. Temple is very well and favorably known, and he will be very warmly greeted. Their future home will be in Oakfield, where Mr. Temple is engaged in business. Among those who attended the wedding were Rev. Mr. Temple, who officiated, his wife, daughter and two sons, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Rupert of Seneca, and Murray Means of Geneva, the latter being best man to the groom.

From Geneva Advertiser 24 February 1903


A very pretty wedding took place Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Renwick of Hall Corners, when her daughter, Kathryn, was married to John Scott Clubb of Rochester. The bride wore a gown of white organdie trimmed with ruchings of satin ribbon and carried a bouquet of pink roses. She was unattended. The house was decorated with greens and pink carnations. Fifty guests were present. The groom is cartoonist on the Rochester Herald. After a brief trip to New York and Philadelphia, they will make their home in Rochester.

From Ontario Messenger 3 July 1844


In the city of Rochester, on the 20th ult., by the Rev. Mr. Edwards, Mr. Cyrus B. Ackley, late of this village, to Miss Eliza Gibson, of the former place.

BIGAMY - It is perhaps well to state that the Mr. Ackley above spoken of, has a wife and two children now living in this village. Ackley is about 30 years of age, straight built, blue eyes, heavy dark eyebrows, and is a painter by trade.

Since the above was in type, we learn that Ackley has been arrested.

From Ontario County Journal 6 September 1878


East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Married at the residence of Mr. Wm. Norton, last Wednesday evening, by the Rev. J. P. Skeele, Mr. E. C. Mayo to Miss P. Sidway, all of this place.

From Ontario County Journal 27 September 1878


Mr. Joseph Hathaway, of Farmington, and Mrs. Helen Beach, were united in holy wedlock Wednesday, September 25, in Victor, at the residence of the bride's parents. We are of the opinion that Joseph put off his trip to the seaside rather late in the season, but he has the pleasant reflection that he will have the beautiful Beach to console him in the absence of the wide, wide sea. We hope his future will fall in pleasant places, and that he and his accomplished bride may find no breakers in their life's journey.

From Ontario County Journal 4 October 1878


East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Married, at the Congregational church, by the Rev. J. P. Skeele, Wednesday afternoon, October 1st, Mr. Wm. Higginbotham to Miss Anna Hamlin.

From Ontario County Journal 1 November 1878


Canadice, N. Y. - Mr. Frank Salter and Miss Evvie Hyde were united in the bonds of holy matrimony at the home of the bride's parents on Tuesday evening, by Rev. Warren J. Hobbs of Springwater.

From Ontario County Journal 15 November 1878


Victor, N. Y. - Last Wednesday afternoon took place in this village, at the residence of Mrs. C. F. Dickenson, a most delightful and pleasing ceremony - the marriage of Henry Underhill, of Macedon, to Nellie A. Dickenson - the Rev. Thos. Borden performing the agreeable task. The affair was conducted strictly private, but few invited guests being present, and so we lose a chance to chronicle what might have been one of the most brilliant and fashionable occurrences ever in town, for there is respectability, position and wealth all combined in the contracting parties.

From Ontario County Journal 15 November 1878


East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Mr. Michael Ragan and Miss Ellen McCarthy were united in marriage last Saturday evening at the residence of and by Rev. Wm. Hughes.

From Ontario County Journal 29 November 1878


East Bloomfield, N. Y. - On Tuesday, Nov. 26th, at Saint Bridgets, by the Rev. William Hughes, Mr. Michael Smith of this place to Miss Kitty McCarthy of Victor.

From Ontario County Journal 13 December 1878


Victor, N. Y. - By an unaccountable mishap last week, we failed to mention the marriage of Miss Georgie A. Reed to Mr. Walter M. Norton, which was   tconsummated athe residence of the bride's father, Mr. A. L. Reed, on Wednesday evening, Nov. 27th. The happy occasion was enlivened by the presence of invited guests, and Rev. Thos. Borden united the silken chain that bound their destinies during life's journey. May their pathway in the future prove as bright as it has in the past, every obstruction disappearing like summer's mist in beautiful colors.

From Geneva Advertiser 2 June 1903


Arthur Kenny, who is coining money blacking shoes in Seneca street, was quietly married last Thursday evening to Mrs. Mary Kenny, eldest daughter of Benj. F. Cleggett. The couple took the Black Diamond Express for a brief trip to Buffalo. The affair had been so quietly arranged that some of their most intimate friends did not know of it until it was over and they were away, otherwise there would have been a stir and presents by the wagon loads.

From Geneva Advertiser 9 June 1903


A pretty but quiet wedding was that at the home of Richard Knight on Genesee street last Wednesday, June 3d, at noon, when his daughter, Miss Anna Knight, was married to T. Elliott Truesdale, the rising young lawyer. Rev. Dr. Hubbs of St. Peter's Church officiated. The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Louise Knight, and Harry W. Ward, a friend of the groom, acted as best man. After a fine wedding breakfast the pair took the train for a brief trip east. On their return they will take up their home in a nice house on Cherry street, a wedding gift from the bride's father. Only members of the families attended the wedding. The bride has a large circle of girl acquaintances formed at school and in St. Peter's Church, who are sincere in their congratulations.

From Geneva Daily Times 23 September 1903


A Quiet Wedding - Miss Sarah Livermore was married very quietly this morning to William Leager at the Methodist parsonage by Rev. C. E. Jewell. Both of the contracting parties are Genevans. After a short wedding trip they will live in this city.

From Geneva Daily Times 24 September 1903


Manchester, N. Y. -
A fashionable church wedding took place at St. Dominic's Church in Shortsville yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock, the contracting parties being Miss Margaret Flynn, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Flynn of that village and Mr. John Maley, formerly of Palmyra, but for several years a trusted clerk in the employ of F. L. Mink of Shortsville. At the appointed hour the organ, presided at by Miss Ruth Harlow, pealed forth Mendelssohn's Wedding March and the bridal party which consisted of Miss Theresa Brophy of Rochester, a cousin of the bride acting as maid of honor, while the groom attended by Mr. Arthur Barnhart of Palmyra entered the church. The wedding party proceeded down the aisle to the chancel rail directly in front of the altar, where they were met by Rev. Father Brophy of Rochester, a cousin of the bride, who assisted by Rev. Father O'Hanlon of Clifton Springs, performed the ceremony. The bride was charmingly dressed in a gown of white silk made entraine and carried a shower bouquet of white asters, while the bridesmaid was gowned in a creation of blue silk mull trimmed with lace. Immediately after the ceremony about one hundred invited guests assembled at the home of the bride, where a sumptuous wedding supper was served. The house was very prettily decorated in green and white festoons tastefully arranged with ferns and white asters. The bride was the recipient of many valuable gifts showing the appreciation in which she is held by her many friends. The happy couple departed later amid showers of rice on an eastern trip, and will be at home to their numerous friends after October 1 at Shortsville.


Phelps, N. Y. - The marriage of A. J. Clark of Geneva to Miss Rose McAniff of this place took place last evening. The ceremony was performed by Rev. C. F. O'Laughlin, pastor of St. Francis Catholic church, in the presence of a few intimate friends and relatives of the bride and groom. After a luncheon, Mr. and Mrs. Clark left on a wedding trip and on their return will make their home at Geneva. Both are well-known and popular young people.

From Geneva Daily Times 25 September 1903


Penn Yan, N. Y. - The announcement has been made of the marriage at the home of the groom's father, George Beebe, of this village, of Miss Mary Louise Peck of Geneva to George Monroe Beebe, also of that city. Mrs. Beebe is one of Geneva's best-known young ladies, and Mr. Beebe is a member of the firm of Peck & Beebe,  proprietors of the Seneca street cafe. The ceremony was performed by Rev. John Howard Perkins, pastor of the Episcopal church of this village  illness of the groom's father, was made a quiet function. Mr. Beebe was formerly of this village and is one of Geneva's successful business men. He has the best wishes of his many friends here. The wedding was solemnized at high noon Wednesday and the previous plans for holding the ceremony in Geneva were changed on account of the illness of the groom's father, making it impossible for him to go to Geneva.

From Geneva Daily Times 28 September 1903


Residents of Middle and Wadsworth streets were treated to a number of new sounds and a variety of new dances last evening. The occasion was a marriage in the Arabian colony, which has its headquarters in the Higgins block at the corner of Middle and Wadsworth streets. The contracting parties were Joseph Solomon and Mary Joseph. The ceremony was performed at St. Francis de Sales parsonage at about 9 o'clock and when the bridal party arrived home the festivities were started in full swing. The music was furnished by different members of the party on an instrument that produced a sound which was a cross between a flute and the bag pipes. The dances indulged in were also new to the crowd of spectators that gathered around the windows. Everyone danced and the main object of the dancers seemed to be to see who could hit the floor the hardest. The party attracted so much attention that Officer McDonald was detailed to see that the property in the neighborhood was not disturbed and the presence of the policeman probably kept things quiet for the only noise or disturbance was that caused by the music and the dancers. The festivities were carried on until almost midnight.

From Geneva Daily Times 29 September 1903


One of the prettiest of the home fall weddings took place at high noon today at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beach, 390 Exchange street, when their granddaughter, Ella Beach Spears, became the bride of William Edwin Gilbert of Canandaigua. The parlor of the house was turned into a bower of palms, roses and asters with a background formed of United States flags, the flags being used to commemorate the second anniversary of the groom's return from the Philippine Islands where he had served in the sixth artillery under Generals Otis, Chaffee and McArdle. The wedding ceremony which was performed in the room in which the bride was born, took place under an arch of evergreens with a white dove in the center. The wedding march from Lohengrin was played by George Roberts and the marriage ceremony performed by the Rev Charles DeWoody, pastor of the First Baptist church. The bride was dressed in pearl gray trimmed with lace and silk applique, she was attended by Miss Nellie McCarthy as bridesmaid. The bridesmaid was gowned in gaslight green voile trimmed with the same shade of lace and taffeta silk. The bride carried bride roses and the bridesmaid ferns. The groom was attended by Joseph E. Monto of Canandaigua as best man. Following the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served by Caterer Gillam. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert left this afternoon for an extended eastern trip. They will be at home in Canandaigua after October 15.

From Geneva Gazette 29 October 1880


Stanley, N. Y. - Married on the 20th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Aaron Black, Wm. Moody and Miss Ida Black, both of Seneca. May prosperity attend them.

From Geneva Gazette 7 January 1881


Mr. Lewis Burt and Miss Vina Blackman, both of Gorham, were married last Sunday evening.

From Geneva Gazette 14 January 1881


Phelps, N. Y. - A very enjoyable event took place at the residence of James M. Lester, Esq., Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 12th. It was the marriage of Mr. John W. Sweet of Aurelius, Mich., and Mrs. Charlotte Halstead of this place. The happy couple were united in the bands of holy matrimony by Rev. L. Bailey of the Baptist Church. About thirty relatives and friends were present, who were then invited to partake of the dinner so bountifully provided. The party left on the 5 o'clock train for the east, where several weeks will be spent visiting relatives of the bridegroom. Their future home, we are informed, will be in Michigan. The best wishes of a large circle of friends go with them.

From Ontario County Journal 6 June 1879


East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Married, Wednesday, June 4th, at the residence of the bride's parents, by the Rev. J. P. Skeele, Mr. Charles Wilkes to Miss Mary Shannon, both of this place.

From Ontario County Journal 20 June 1879


North Bloomfield, N. Y. - Mr. E. E. Bond returned home on Friday last, bringing with him a bride, whom he married at her home in Linden, Cattaraugus Co., N. Y., on the 13th inst. Mr. Bond's new house had been got in readiness to receive him and his bride, and on their arrival they were soon in full possession. It is somewhat rare to commence housekeeping so soon after marriage, but there was nothing to hinder in this case. We hope nothing will occur to mar their future happiness, thus so auspiciously begun. The maiden name of the bride was Miss Caroline Hibner.

From Geneva Gazette 11 March 1881


Mrs. Augustus McCartey, widow of the late photographer of that name in Geneva, was married on the 15th February last to Dr. Barden of Penn Yan.

From Geneva Gazette 13 May 1881


Stanley, N. Y. - The wedding ceremony of Mr. Lewis Lawrence and Mrs. Martha Briglin was solemnized at the residence of Mr. Geo. M. Whedon last Thursday evening at 8 o'clock, and as usual, the young hyenas, (the small boys), were around with the tin pan and horn and made night hideous with tin and rattle. We understand that there are others soon to follow, but we hope before the events occur the small boys will move out of town, catch the measles, or be otherwise indisposed - any way to abate the nuisance.

From Geneva Gazette 20 May 1881


At the residence of her parents on Castle street, last Wednesday evening, Miss Ida B. Taylor was united in marriage to Mr. P. R. Kirk of Albany. The bride is as lovely in person as amiable of mind, and greatly beloved in a wide circle of acquaintances, all of whom will wish her wedded life one of unalloyed happiness. She bears with her many tokens of esteem from such warm-hearted friends in beautiful presents. Among the timely gifts was a purse of fifty silver dollars contributed by members of the M. E. Church congregation as a slight recognition of her volunteer services for two years past as organist. Mr. and Mrs. Kirk will make Albany their future home.

From Geneva Gazette 10 June 1881


The marriage of Miss Alice Rose Dennison, daughter of Geo. Dennison, Esq., to L. L. Mead, formerly of Clyde, now engaged in the drug store of Geo. H. Myers, occurred at the residence of the bride's father, on Wednesday evening of this week. The happy couple took their departure for Buffalo on the late evening train, where they will visit friends.

From Geneva Gazette 12 August 1881


Our young townsman, Clarke B. Rogers, was married on the 4th inst., to Miss Carrie Louise, daughter of E. M. Cole, Esq., of Geneva. The happy couple are enjoying the honeymoon at Taughannock Falls.

From Geneva Gazette 25 November 1881


Married in Phelps on the 23d inst., by the Rev. Mr. Parmelee, G. Herbert Parmelee to Miss Lilian May Pond, all of Phelps. We are indebted to the bride for a kindly remembrance of this happy event. A friend who was present relates that it was one of the most pleasant and joyous he ever attended. The bride was generously remembered by congratulating friends, the presents being many and most elegant. The wedded couple left on the evening train for an extended trip, which will take in Chicago and New Orleans, where the bride as relatives.

From Ontario County Journal 12 September 1879


Married - At Springwater, on Wednesday, September 3d, by Rev. William Hunter, Mr. John D. Colburn of Battle Creek, Michigan, and Miss Mary J. Gay, of Canadice.  The happy pair left town for their home in the west on Friday.

From Ontario County Journal 7 November 1879


Dennis Neenan and Miss Mary Gleason were united in marriage at St. Bridget's church, by the Rev. Wm. Hughes last Thursday morning.

From Ontario County Journal 21 November 1879


East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Mr. Michael McInernay and Miss Margaret Toomey, all of this place, were united in marriage at St. Bridget's church last Wednesday morning, Rev. William Hughes officiating.

From Ontario County Journal 5 December 1879


Victor, N. Y. - Miss Bertha French and Mr. Lewis Simonds were united in matrimony on Wednesday evening of last week, the ceremony being performed by Rev. Mr. Borden. A large and pleasant company gathered at the residence of A. H. French, to enjoy the affair and bid the happy couple God speed at their start together for the journey of life. Many valuable presents testified to the appreciation in which they are held by their friends in this village and vicinity.

From Ontario County Journal 12 December 1879


Victor, N. Y. - Mr. George M. Shanks and Miss Ida Conover were married at the residence of the bride's parents in this village last week Wednesday evening. The happy couple started immediately on an extended wedding trip.

From Ontario County Journal 9 January 1880


Victor, N. Y. -
Rev. Mr. Babb performed the marriage ceremony last Tuesday at the residence of Benj. Brizee, by which act he made happy Mr. Chas. Wood of Perrington, and Miss Ada Brizee of this place.

From Ontario County Journal 30 January 1880



Victor, N. Y. - Mr. Chas. Brown and Miss Mary Camp were married on Tuesday at the residence of the bride's parents in this village. As we were not present we cannot mention anything about the ceremony. They departed for the west on the evening train.

Married at Rochester at the resident of the bride's parents on Tuesday, by Rev. Mr. Anstice, Mr. W. Frank Brusie of this village and Miss Jennie Putnam of Rochester. Mr. Brusie is well-known in this place, where he has a host of friends, who wish him joy in his departure from the ranks. The happy pair departed for the west on Wednesday.

From Ontario County Journal 6 February 1880


Bristol Center, N. Y. - Eugene Symonds and Miss Ida Allen, eldest daughter of Wm. H. Allen, were married a few days since at the residence of the bride, by Rev. Mr. Gates, of Baptist Hill.

From Geneva Daily Times 13 October 1903


The marriage of Henry W. Beatty to Miss Margaret E. Singsine was announced today to take place October 28. Both of the young people are well-known in this city.

From Geneva Daily Times 13 October 1903


Newark, N. Y. - The marriage of Daniel Eldridge of Marilla, N. Y., and Mrs. Sarah Gleason of Phelps, was solemnized in this village at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Elbert H. Conrad, pastor of the Baptist church, at the parsonage.

From Geneva Daily Times 28 October 1903


Vincenza Ligotto Takes Pretty Mary Raimone for His Bride - A large part of the Italian colony of this city is in holiday attire today and those of the colony who are at home are enjoying themselves as was their custom on their feast days in sunny Italy. The cause of the unusual midweek festivities arises from the fact that pretty Mary Rainone, one of the belles of the colony was married this morning. The lucky man is Vincenzo Ligotto and all day his friends have been congratulating him on the success of his courtship and drinking the health of the bride. The wedding took place at St. Francis de Sales church this morning and the blushing bride was resplendent in a gorgeous dress, the color of which was described by an interesting spectator as being fiery pink. Following the wedding ceremony the happy couple were driven to the photograph gallery of Theodore Wood in Seneca street, where they had their pictures taken in their wedding garments. These pictures will be kept as souvenirs of the occasion. The real wedding festival will be held this evening, after the many friends of Ligotto have returned from their day's work. All of the customs followed at a marriage feast in Italy will be followed and the dancing and feasting will last well into the morning hours. The Italian men in this country are considerably more numerous than the women so that when one of them is fortunate enough to get one of his country women to link her fate with his for life, it is considered an occasion that deserves all the feasting and fun that can be gotten out of it and such an occasion is never let slip without making the most of it.

From Geneva Daily Times 28 October 1903


Mrs. Margaret M. Hudson of Halls Corners was married to Frederick B. Bowers, an employe of the Yates Electric Light and Power Company of Penn Yan, at the home of Frank E. Berryman of No. 11 Pine street, at 6 o'clock last night. The ceremony was performed beneath a bower of Palms by Rev. William W. Weller, pastor of First Presbyterian church. Mrs. F. E. Berryman acted as matron of honor and Mr. Berryman was best man. The bride wore a pearl gray traveling dress trimmed with white point lace with hat to match. The matron of honor was also gowned in a gray dress trimmed with point lace. After the ceremony the wedding party, which consisted principally of their Geneva friends, partook of a wedding dinner served at the Nester hotel. Following a short wedding trip, Mr. and Mrs. Bowers will be at home on Main street, Penn Yan.

From Geneva Daily Times 28 October 1903


Rushville, N. Y. - Miss Stella C. Barnard and Mr. Jerome W. Bryant of Mansfield, Penn., were married at the home of the bride in this village Sunday, by Rev. A. W. Rice. They left Monday for a two weeks' stay at Mansfield, after which they will be in this place for a short time before going to Mansfield to make their home.

From Geneva Daily Times 29 October 1903


Phelps, N. Y. - The marriage of Miss Eva Filkins of this village to Arthur E. Smith of Newark took place at Newark last Thursday, Rev. Mr. McCall officiating.

From Geneva Daily Times 2 November 1903


Percy L. Lerch of No. 408 Main street, the well-known undertaker of this city, was married Oct. 27 in Sayre to Miss Pauline S. McMillan, who for a number of years has been stenographer in the law office of W. Smith O'Brien. The ceremony was performed by Rev. E. C. Petrie, pastor of the First Presbyterian church of that city. Mr. and Mrs. Lerch returned to this city Saturday evening. They will reside at No. 408 Main street.

From Geneva Daily Times 6 November 1903


The marriage of Miss Mary Cassidy of Hamilton street to P. J. Casey, a clerk at Keilty's, took place at St. Francis de Sales church Tuesday morning at seven o'clock. The marriage was a quiet affair on account of the recent death of the bride's mother. The bride was the recipient of many handsome gifts.

From Geneva Daily Times 9 November 1903


Mrs. Harriet L. Gaston, mother of Mrs. L. M. Foote of No. 51 Main street, was married at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon to George T. Mabey of Fleming, N. Y. The ceremony was performed by Rev. D. D. Moore, D. D., a retired Baptist minister. This is the third matrimonial venture for the bride as she has twice become a widow and the second marriage of the groom who has been a widower for a number of years. The former is fifty-five years of age and the latter is sixty-five years. After the ceremony the bride and groom left for Auburn, from which place they will go to the country home of Mr. Mabey, where they will start life anew.

From Geneva Daily Times 12 November 1903


Rosie Colsindo and Pasquilla Rotunda, the two young Italians who eloped from near Phelps yesterday, came to this city and were married here last evening. It seems that while Rosie's father and brother were hunting for her and her lover in this city, the couple were quietly waiting at the home of a friendly Italian for the shades of night so that they could steal away to a clergyman and be married. The couple arrived in Geneva early yesterday morning and went to the home of an Italian woman who was a friend of the girl. The woman was taken into the scheme of the lovers for outwitting the old folks and with her aid, the wedding was accomplished. She went with the couple to the residence of the Very Rev. Dean W. A. McDonald last night and by representing to him that the girl was over eighteen and that her folks had consented to the marriage, secured his consent to marry the couple. They were accordingly made man and wife. This morning Chief of Police Kane telegraphed Rosie's father telling him that the couple were married and that he might as well come along and congratulate the parties and take them home.

From Geneva Daily Times 13 November 1903


The marriage of Miss Ida Hazzard of Madison street to Mr. Anderson of Worcester, Mass., will be solemnized at the home of the bride next Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock. The wedding will be a quiet affair.

From Geneva Daily Times 16 November 1903


A quiet wedding was celebrated in the home of Mr. and Mrs. William O'Brien at No. 57 Elm street last Saturday evening. Their daughter, Miss Pearl, was united in marriage with Mr. Anthony J. Ringler of this city by Rev. C. E. Jewell. The ceremony took place at 8:30 o'clock and was followed by a dainty supper. The happy pair will take up their residence in Geneva.


Married - At the parsonage of the First Methodist church by Rev. C. E. Jewell, Nov. 13, 1903, Mr. Herbert E. Watts and Miss Mabel Van Riper, both of Geneva.

From Geneva Daily Times 24 November 1903


Earnest F. Mossey and Miss Mary Bolger, both of this city, were married at St. Francis de Sales church yesterday by the Rev. Stephen V. McPadden. The couple were attended by Francis Kelleher as best man, and Miss Julia Buckley as bridesmaid. After a short wedding trip, Mr. and Mrs. Mossey will reside in this city.

From Geneva Daily Times 25 November 1903


At 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the manse of the First Presbyterian church occurred the marriage of Miss Anna M. Catlin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Catlin of Bellona, to Robert C. Rippey, quartermaster sergeant and armorer of the Thirty-fourth Separate company. The wedding was a quiet affair, the only witnesses being Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Rippey. After a short wedding trip Mr. and Mrs. Rippey will reside at 117 Cherry street.

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