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From Geneva Gazette 20 January 1899


Edward C. Nichols of Geneva and Miss Jennie Teal of Waterloo are to be married at the latter place January 25th.  Ed. is a popular boy with his fellow mechanics and blue-coats of the 34th who will wish him all happiness.

From Geneva Gazette 27 January 1899


Mr. Edward D. O'Reily and Miss Catherine Dineen, were married in St. Francis de Sales Church Tuesday morning last, Rev. Father McDonald officiating.  The wedded couple have long been near neighbors, residing on Washington street.  The groom is the only son of the late Patrick O'Reily, a merchant.  The bride is an accomplished daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Dineen.  The event was celebrated with a nuptial mass.

From Geneva Gazette 27 January 1899


Wednesday morning, Mr. Joseph Lynch led to the holy altar at St. Francis de Sales Miss Fanny Broderick, when Very Rev. Father McDonald pronounced the solemn words that made them man and wife.  The ceremony was a nuptial mass. The bride is the daughter of Wm. Broderick of William St.  After the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served at the home of the bride.  Later in the day the happy young couple departed for the east.

From Geneva Gazette 10 February 1899


The marriage of Mr. John P. Rice, a well-known nurseryman of Geneva, and Miss Anna S. Dailor, formerly of Farmington, will be solemnized in St. Francis de Sales Church on Tuesday, the 14th inst.  Knowing both, we can extend hearty congratulations.

From Geneva Gazette 15 September 1899


Frank Beamish and Miss Mary Knight were united in marriage by Rev. Father McDonald, rector of St. Francis de Sales Church, at the parochial residence Wednesday evening.  After their return from a short wedding trip the happy couple will reside in this city.

From Geneva Gazette 22 September 1899


Miss Caroline Shelansky,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Shelansky, was married to Mr. James Shuttleworth at the residence of the bride's parents, 259 Lake street, Wednesday evening.  Rev. Charles DeWoody, pastor of the First Baptist Church, officiated.  Mr. and Mrs. Shuttleworth will reside on Genesee street in this city.

From Geneva Gazette 6 October 1899


At the First Presbyterian Church Wednesday evening last, Rev. W. W. Weller officiating, occurred the marriage of Alvin R. Persons (the accomplished chef at the Kirkwood) and Miss Ida Duff of Pulteney street.  The bride was attended by four bridesmaids very prettily costumed.  After the ceremony the wedded couple took cars for a bridal trip.  The bride was handsomely remembered by her friends in wedding presents.

From Geneva Gazette 10 August 1900


The marriage of Prof. Schulte, late a teacher in our High School, and Miss Margaret Keyes of this city, is an event looked for before the close of August.

From Geneva Gazette 15 May 1874


A Brilliant Wedding - St. Peter's Church was filled with a gay and happy throng on Wednesday evening.  The occasion was the nuptials of Mr. A. B. Ideson (of the firm of Halsey & Ideson) and Miss Sophie E. Roehrig, second daughter of Mrs. R. Knight, Sr., by a former husband, the late Henry Roehrig.  The wedding party entered the Church at half past 6 o'clock, consisting of the bride conducted by a brother-in-law; the bridegroom conducting the bride's mother; and eight bridesmaids - no groomsmen - which is according to the latest decree of fashion on such occasions.  With their varied and splendid toilettes added to natural personal charms, this party constituted the most brilliant and attractive one that ever stood before the altar at St. Peter's.

The bride, the central figure of course in the grand cortege, who is a dark blonde of slender form, was robed in white silk trimmed with tulle, and veil of the latter material.  The bridesmaids were composed about equally of blondes and brunettes, forming a pleasing contrast.

Miss Freddie Roehrig, sister of the bride, wore a white tarletan dress with silk waist.  Miss Ida, another and younger sister, just in her teens, wore also a white tarletan, made short.  Miss Louise Adams of Rochester appeared in a rich corn-colored silk with black velvet trimmings.  Miss Mary Adams, (a sister,) in white tarletan skirt, light blue waist, black velvet Marguerites.  Miss Libbie Nessel of Rochester, in light blue tarletan skirt and waist, trimmed with ostrich feathers and lilies of the valley.  Miss Anna Fairchild of Waterloo, blue tarletan with pink roses.  Miss Nellie Fairchild (a sister,) in light green tarletan with half-blown roses. Miss Kittie Hemiup, (an accomplished teacher at our Union School,) in white tarletan skirt, white silk waist, adorned with pink roses.  All the dresses were made with long trains.

We feel assured that every heart beat in unison with the full and joyous tones of the organ that ushered in the betrothed and sent them forth "twain of one flesh."  The Church ceremony was pronounced in the usually distinct, solemn and impressive manner for which Rev. Dr. Rankine is noted.  Our young townsmen, Chas. E. Young, Wm. G. Dove, Fred Southworth, John Ramsey and Wm. L. Young, efficiently officiated as Masters of Ceremonies, by whom all invited guests and other spectators were provided for without confusion or other discomfort.  

From 7 till 11 p.m. the wedded pair held a reception at the commodious residence of Mr. and Mrs. Halsey on Genesee street. Sincere and earnest were the congratulations extended to them by the large throng assembled.  The entertainment provided was prodigally rich in variety and quality of cake.  Dancing followed the generous repast, in which three quadrille sets at a time found opportunity to thread the mazy figures.  Mead's quadrille band furnished the music to Mr. J. C. Parker's distinct and intelligible calling.

A side table displayed an elegant array of wedding presents in silver, bronze and Parian ware - substantial and enduring mementoes from friends present and absent.  The following is a complete list of the presents with the names of the several donors:
Silver tea set, 7 pieces, from bridegroom's cousin, New York
Silver ice pitcher, from Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Halsey
Silver cake basket, jointly from G. C. Ramsey, Geo. Schell and A. Levy
Silver card receiver, H. Roehrig
Silver castor, Mrs. Thomas Baxter
Parian toilet set in silver holder, Wm. G. Dove and Chas. E. Young
Pair silver goblets, W. L. Young
Silver nut cracker and half dozen nut picks, W. Dennison
Silver butter knife, Miss Carrie Hemiup
Silver pickle fork, John Ramsey
Silver fruit knives, Miss Nessel of Rochester
Silver call-bell, Mr. E. Munson
Silver napkin rings and fan from bridegroom
Bronze pitcher-vases and statuette of deer and dogs from the Misses Adams of Rochester
Wax cross enclosed in glass case, Miss Lizzie Fowle
Oil painting, Miss Rose Baxter
Oil painting, Mr. and Mrs. Brickwedde
Book of prose and poetry, Miss Minnie Spendlove
Fancy chair, Mr. and Mrs. Stallknight
Mr. and Mrs. Halsey most admirably performed the duties of host and hostess, flitting here, there and everywhere to see that were provided for and enjoying themselves.  Mr. and Mrs. Ideson forego the customary bridal trip, settling at once very sensibly into home life and to the stern duties which devolve particularly upon a business man.  They are to make their home for the time being with Mr. and Mrs. Halsey.

From Geneva Gazette 1 February 1901


George Keyes and Miss Mary Smead were united in marriage at St. Peter's rectory Thursday night, by Rev. Dr. J. B. Hubbs.  The couple will reside in Geneva.

From Geneva Gazette 1 February 1901


William F. Forden and Miss Jessie Baxter were married at the residence of the bride's father in Seneca township, Wednesday, Jan. 30.  Howard Briggs acted as best man and Miss Lucy Forden was the bridesmaid.  The bride wore a beautiful gown of white silk.  After the wedding ceremony which was performed by Rev. Dr. Hubbs, of this city, a bountiful supper was served, after which Mr. and Mrs. Forden started on an extended trip in the west.

From Geneva Gazette 22 March 1901


Robert Murrin and Miss Jennie Grady, were married Sunday at St. Francis de Sales church, Very Rev. Dean W. A. McDonald performed the ceremony.  Miss Grace Devine was bridesmaid, John J. O'Malley was best man.  Mr. and Mrs. Murrin will reside at 624 Exchange street.

From Geneva Gazette 26 April 1901


Married at Bluff Point, April 24, by Rev. David Van Tuyl (uncle of the bride,) Arthur D. Marcellus, of Geneva, and Miss Nellie G. Van Tuyl, a graduate of the Geneva High school, class of 1900.  The groom is a clerk in Fitzwater's shoe store. The married couple will settle in Geneva, having leased a house on North Main street.

From Geneva Gazette 21 June 1901


On Wednesday last at 10:30 a.m. at St. Francis de Sales Church, a popular young Geneva couple, Timothy D. Mulcahy and Miss Eliza Broderick, (daughter of John Broderick of William street) were married with a high nuptial mass by Very Rev. Father McDonald.  The church was crowded.  The ushers were R. A. Griffin, E. J. Broderick, E. P. Broderick, E. J. Mulcahy. The bridesmaids were Misses Katherine E. Broderick and Mary Toole.  Special music was rendered by mixed voices led by Prof. Dousek with Prof. Huerter at the grand organ.  A reception was held at the bride's home on William street, and in the afternoon the couple departed on a wedding trip.

From Geneva Gazette 17 September 1875


Married at the residence of the bride's parents on the evening of the 15th inst., Frank Wright and Emma Gates, all of Seneca. This was a country wedding or a wedding in the country, and were we but well acquainted with the parties to the contract, it would perhaps not have been out of place to speak of the happy event more at length -- of the old time custom of chasing the bride about the house by the young gentlemen present -- of putting the groom to bed by the young ladies supposed also to be present -- of the slipper game where groans of pain and shouts of mirth commingle not unpleasantly.  But as we are acquainted with every family in Geneva and Seneca except this, our reticence is decidedly excusable.  We hope they'll waltz through life handsomely, and in their declining years, when the Great Harvester shall come to gather in the sheaves fully ripe, may they be found all WRIGHT.

From Ontario County Journal 3 July 1874


A Runaway Match - A man named Cargill, formerly a preacher of the Free Methodist persuasion -- but now sadly fallen from grace - was married in this village, on the 16th ult., to Miss Ada Wilson.  The parties reside in the town of Hopewell. The old sinner induced the young woman to accompany him to Canandaigua while her mother was away from home, and though the mother was in this place several hours while the couple were here, and while the ceremony was performed, she knew nothing of the transaction until she arrived at her home in Hopewell.  Mr. and Mrs. Cargill set out in the evening for a buggy ride homeward, but unfortunately the horse became frightened on Railroad Avenue, at a passing locomotive.  Cargill was thrown from the vehicle into a mud puddle, and Mrs. C. jumped to the ground, badly spraining her ankle.  She was carried into the house of Mr. Persons nearby, and kindly cared for.  This Carghill does not bear an enviable reputation hereabouts, and the mother is very much grieved at her daughter's course, as is quite natural, as it is the general opinion that she has thrown herself away upon a graceless scamp.  He is some 45 or 50 years of age, while his wife cannot be more than 16 or 17.  It is a great pity there cannot be provided a speedy dissolution of such mes-alliances.

From Ontario County Journal 11 September 1874


Married in Church - The M. E. Church at Hopewell Center was crowded to its fullest capacity on Wednesday evening last to witness the marriage of Mr. Augustus T. Smith and Miss Hattie Z. Harris, daughter of Rev. I. Harris.  After the ceremonies at the church, the invited guests assembled at the residence of the bride's parents to extend the usual congratulations and partake of the hospitalities incident to such festive occasions.  A number of citizens, we understand, were present from this place.  We cordially extend our best wishes.

From Ontario County Journal 2 October 1874


Bristol N. Y. - On Tuesday of last week, Mr. Edgar V. Benham, of Canandaigua, was married to Miss Altha L., youngest daughter of Darius Newton, of this place.  The ceremony was  performed at the residence of Mr. Newton, by Rev. S. M. Day of Honeoye.  That a long and prosperous life may be in store for the happy pair is the sincere wish of your correspondent.

From Ontario County Journal 27 November 1874


CUPID DID IT - At early twilight last Wednesday, at the residence of John Thomas, Esq., Farmington, occurred one of those joyous events that crown the dearest desire of every pair of true lovers.  The bride, Miss Lizzie Thomas, is one of the brightest of her sex, an ornament to the society in which she moved.  The groom, Mr. Adelbert Rugg, a resident of Victor, is a young gentleman of irreproachable character.  The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Wm. R. Benham, pastor of the Methodist church in this village, in the presence of a large circle of relatives and friends.  Rep. and Mes.

From Geneva Advertiser 10 September 1901


The marriage of Pat'k H. Toole, son of Michael Toole of Castle street, and Miss Rosella Murphy of Jackson street, was celebrated in St. Francis de Sales Church last Wednesday morning, Sept. 4th.  It was a pretty wedding, witnessed by a large number of their friends.  After a brief trip to the west the couple will return to Geneva and take up their residence on Castle street directly opposite his old home, where they will have the esteem of all their neighbors.

From Ontario County Journal 2 April 1875


Mr. William Gillis of Victor, and Miss Hattie Bundy of Rochester, late of Victor, were united in the holy bond of wedlock, on Tuesday, at the house of the bride's mother, in Rochester.  We hope their future will be as pleasant as their past.

From Ontario County Journal 13 May 1875


SILENT NUPTIALS - A novel and interesting wedding ceremony took place last evening at the residence of Mr. Wm. E. Featherston, corner of Vermont and Bright streets.  It was the marriage of Mr. Wm. W. Miles, of Canandaigua, N. Y. to Miss Ellen E. Williams of this city, both of whom are mutes.  The Rev. Mr. Cornelius officiated, assisted by Prof. H. S. Gillett, who acted as interpreter.  Among the most prominent personages present was the Rev. Henry Day, D. D., Prof. Thomas McIntire, Prof. Hashour, and a number of mutes from the deaf and dumb asylum.  The bride and groom were the recipients of many valuable and elegant presents from friends in this city and in New York.  The happy pair start off in life under pleasant circumstances, and with the best wishes of a host of friends.  Indianapolis Journal.

From Ontario County Journal 21 May 1875


Victor, N. Y. - A pleasant little matrimonial event took place Thursday afternoon, May 13th.  The happy parties being Charley Rawson, a young man of industry and irreproachable habits, and Miss Ella Benson.  It took place at the residence of David Heath, Rev. W. R. Benham officiating.

From Ontario County Journal 18 June 1875


East Bloomfield, N. Y. - The first marriage ceremony in the new Catholic Church was celebrated on Tuesday p.m. between Patrick O'Leary and Eliza J. Toomey of E. Bloomfield, by Rev. Wm. Hughes.

From Geneva Gazette 11 August 1876


Mr. F. K. Hardison, a young gentleman deservedly a favorite in our social circles, was united in marriage last Wednesday afternoon to Miss Rose Baxter, one of the most beautiful and fascinating of Geneva's daughters.  The interesting ceremony took place at the Memorial Church in presence of a large concourse of mutual friends of both bride and bridegroom.  The happy couple departed on the 5:37 train for Niagara Falls, where Mr. H. enjoys an extensive acquaintance, and who cannot but congratulate him as do his Geneva friends on the rare prize he has won in the court of hymen.

From Geneva Daily Times 31 May 1895



The Methodist parson at Phelps presided over two elopements yesterday and in his capacity as cleric caused two young couples to go on their way rejoicing.  The contracting parties who evaded the vigilant espionage of stern parents were Miss Satie Chase and Eugene Mason of Oaks Corners, and Miss Laura Laurie and Joseph Avery, the former of Waterloo, the latter of Phelps.  The brides are cousins.  After the ceremony the quartet came to Geneva on the 1:40 p.m. train, stopping at the house of a mutual friend.  In the evening Mr. Avery and bride departed for Waterloo, the other couple remaining overnight. This morning Mr. Chase, Satie's father, came to Geneva in quest of his daughter.  It is understood that a reconciliation took place between them and that at this writing everything is lovely in all families concerned.

From Geneva Daily Times 27 June 1895


James M., son of R. M. Kennedy, left this morning for Middlesex accompanied by his sister, Miss Alice P.  When Mr. Kennedy returns, he will bring with him as his wife one of Middlesex's fairest daughters, in the person of Miss Lizzie Underwood.  The marriage will take place today at 5 p.m. at the bride's home in Middlesex.  Rev. Mr. Gilland of that place will officiate. After a week's vacation, the bride and groom will return to Geneva where they will make their home.  The TIMES joins with the many friends of the young couple in wishing them a happy and prosperous future.

From Geneva Daily Times 29 June 1895

Clarence Louden,
of Gorham, and Miss Lena Belle Foster, of Rushville, were married at the bride's home on Wednesday, the 26th.

Charles E. Meyer, of Laceyville, Pa., and Miss Hattie E. Randall, were married at the bride's home in Canandaigua on Tuesday, by the Rev. C. H. Dickinson.

George Seymour and Miss Ida Porter, both of Naples, were married in Shortsville on June 21st.

From Geneva Gazette 16 November 1877

The matrimonial fever rages in Phelps.  The following is a single days' record of such alliances.  What town can match it?
Nov. 8 - Mr. John H. Young and Miss Ada Glimpe; Augustus Leach and Miss Madeline Glimpe; A. B. Pruyn and Miss Minnie Cuddeback;

Nov. 7 - Chauncey Mussleman and Mrs. Elizabeth Doxtater;

Nov. 14 - O. A. Middaugh to Miss Lucretia, daughter of John Hanes, Esq.

From Geneva Daily Times 9 November 1901


Miss Edna Marie Bullock, of Corning, and Charles W. Frank, of this city, were married at 7:30 o'clock last night by Rev. Dr. N. B. Remick, at the North church manse.  The bride was attired in a gown of white silk, trimmed with chiffon and lace. Only the immediate relatives and friends of the contracting parties were present.  Following the ceremony the bridal party was driven to the home of Mrs. William Henson, on East Lake road, where a wedding supper was served to the invited guests.  The newly married couple left on a Central Hudson train for a brief eastern trip.  Upon their return they will reside with Mr. and Mrs. Henson until next spring, when they will commence housekeeping.

From Geneva Daily Times 13 November 1901


The marriage of Miss Bridget Lavin to Maurice Spillane was solemnized at St. Francis de Sales church at 8:30 o'clock this morning.  Nuptial mass was celebrated.  The wedding ceremony was performed by Very Rev. Dean W. A. McDonald. The bridesmaid was Miss Catherine Lyons and the groomsman was Michael Spillane, brother to the groom.

The bride was attired in a travelling gown of brown finished serge, trimmed with white silk and lace.  She wore a hat of brown serge and white silk.  The bridesmaid was gowned in silver gray broadcloth, trimmed with light blue silk and cream lace and wore a hat to match.  The bridal party entered the church to the strains of the march from "Lohengrin" and left the edifice to the strains of Mendelssohn's wedding march.  After the ceremony the bridal party was driven to the home of the groom's father, Thomas Spillane, 44 North Exchange street, where a reception was held and a wedding breakfast was served to invited friends. Mr. and Mrs. Spillane left on the 11:20 o'clock Central Hudson train for a brief eastern trip.  Upon their return they will reside in the groom's new dwelling, 18 North Exchange street.

From Geneva Daily Times 3 December 1901


The marriage of Miss Grace B. Davie of this city to James Grant of Penn Yan takes place at 4 o'clock this afternoon, at the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs. Joseph H. Hutchinson, 12 Worthington avenue.  The ceremony is to be performed by Rev. C. O. S. Kearton, curate of Trinity church.  There are to be 25 guests present, including friends from Stanley.  After the ceremony a wedding supper will be served.  The bride and groom will leave on an early evening train for a short visit in New York.  On their return they will reside in Penn Yan.

From Geneva Daily Times 26 December 1901


Yesterday afternoon at 6 o'clock, Miss Lillian Campbell and William Waterman were united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents south of this city.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. Charles E. Jewell, pastor of the Methodist church, in the presence of only the family and a few intimate friends.  The bride was attended by Miss Bertha Radcliffe of Savannah. Jenness Waterman, brother of the groom, acted as best man.  The young couple left on an early train this morning for a trip in Northern New York, after which they will reside in this city.

From Geneva Daily Times 3 January 1902


Miss Nellie Claffey of North Street and Edward Bickle were united in matrimony at St. Francis de Sales church last evening at 7 o'clock.

From Ontario County Journal 14 January 1876


We are happy this week to chronicle the marriage of Mr. George Bement and Miss Mattie Smith, both of this place, on Tuesday the 11th ult., at the house of Mr. Geo. H. Smith, the father of the bride.  We wish the happy pair success.

From Ontario County Journal 28 April 1876



Married - At St. Bridgets, on Thursday, April 20th, by Rev. Wm. Hughes, Mr. Michael Crowley to Miss Mary Ann Bishop and Mr. Michael McMahon to Miss Kate Roche, all of Victor.

From Ontario County Journal 23 June 1876


Married, at Honeoye Falls, on Wednesday evening last, by the Rev. Mr. Brown, Mr. George Claflin of Miller's Corners, and Miss Maria Brown of the same place.  They have our best wishes.

From Ontario County Journal 4 August 1876


Married at East Bloomfield, by the Rev. ____ , Mr. Charles M. French, of West Bloomfield, and Miss Ida Dawley, of East Bloomfield.  No cards.  On Saturday night a serenade took place at the house, but it was pretty warm weather to be playing "instruments".  No harm done.

From Geneva Gazette 10 May 1878


Gorham, N. Y. - J. F. Watkins and Anna Ludlow were married at the Baptist church (after the morning service,) by the Rev. Frank Arnold, April 28th.

From Geneva Daily Times 22 January 1902


Albert H. Wheeler of this city, and Miss Allie M. Christian of Auburn, were married at 8 o'clock last night at the home of Rev. Charles DeWoody, pastor of First Baptist church, by Mr. DeWoody.  They will reside in this city.

From Geneva Daily Times 6 February 1902


The marriage of John Spraige to Mrs. Louise Moaw took place at 8 o'clock last night, at the bride's home in William street. The wedding ceremony was performed by Rev. Dr. J. B. Hubbs.  The bride was attended by her daughter, Miss Clara Moaw. She was attired in a blue lady's cloth traveling dress, trimmed with brocaded silk.  The bridesmaid was gowned in pink silk, trimmed with white chiffon.  The parlor where the ceremony took place was decorated with smilax and cut flowers.  Following the ceremony a wedding supper was served.  The newly-married couple left on the 8:40 o'clock Central Hudson train for a brief eastern trip. Upon their return Mr. and Mrs. Spraige will reside in William street.

From Geneva Daily Times 20 February 1902


Burton H. Richards, of Manchester, and Miss Laura Coleman, of this city, were united in marriage last evening at the First Baptist church parsonage by Rev. Charles DeWoody.  Mr. Richards is an electrician in the employ of the Lehigh Valley railroad with headquarters at Manchester.

From Ontario County Journal 15 October 1875


Geo. W. Hayward of this town and Miss Alvira Greene of West Bloomfield, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at the residence of the bride's parents, on Thursday evening of last week, the Rev. J. C. Hitchcock officiating.  A large circle of friends gathered to witness the ceremony, and wish the happy couple a long life of joy and prosperity.  Mr. Hayward has long been in the employ of T. H. Kellogg, our enterprising dry goods merchant, in the capacity of clerk and in that capacity won many friends friends.  May the blessings of a bountiful Providence follow him and his, not only to Michigan and return, but through life.

From Ontario County Journal 19 November 1875


Mr. Henry Fisher of Victor and Miss Lucy Bushman of Mendon Center were married on the 9th inst.  The happy couple have gone to Chicago on their wedding trip.  May their married life be a pleasant one.

From Geneva Gazette 3 April 1902


Miss Anna Somerset was united in marriage to Robert Ritchie, at the home of the bride's parents near Seneca Castle, at 9 o'clock this morning.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. H. B. Cornell of the Presbyterian church of Castleton.  The newly married couple left on the 12:17 o'clock westbound Central-Hudson for a brief western trip after which they will establish their home at Seneca Castle.

From Geneva Daily Times 9 April 1902


The first wedding since Lent at St. Francis de Sales church was solemnized at 10:30 o'clock this morning, when Miss Sara McNerney and Cornelius Lynch were united in marriage.  The wedding ceremony was said by Very Rev. Dean W. A. McDonald.  The bride was attended by Miss Bridget McNerney, sister to the bride.  The groomsman was Daniel Kelleher. The bride was attired in a suit of gray canvas cloth trimmed with applique and mousseline de sole, and wore a hat to match. The bridesmaid wore a dress of brown canvas cloth trimmed with white applique and mousseline de sole and wore a hat to match. Following the ceremony the bridal party was driven to the home of the bride's father, five miles west of this city, where a wedding breakfast was served.  Mr. and Mrs. Lynch will leave tomorrow morning for Pittsburg, Pa., where they will reside.

From Geneva Daily Times 26 February 1907


Phelps, N. Y. - William Hornbeck, who left here last week for an extended western trip, his final destination being Rogers, Ark., was married at that place Friday evening to Miss Fannie Conine. The bride is a cousin of George Conine of this place and visited here three years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Hornbeck are now on their way east and will visit at Chicago and Detroit before returning to Phelps where they will reside.

From Geneva Daily Times 14 March 1907


J. Norman Turverey of Cazenovia and Miss Lottie Craft of this city were united yesterday afternoon at two o'clock at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. J. W. Stillman, No. 89 Sherrill street. The ceremony was performed by Rev. David R. Watson in the presence of only the relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Turverey left on the 4:00 o'clock train for Cazenovia where they will reside.


John Recklinghausen of this city and Miss Mary Hess, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Hess of Clyde, were married Tuesday evening at the groom's residence, No. 68 Madison street. The ceremony was performed by Rev. M. Toewe, pastor of the German Lutheran church. The couple were attended by Mrs. Anna Smith of Clyde and F. C. Black of this city.

From Ontario County Journal 4 January 1889



Reed's Corners, N. Y. - Mr. Tom Conklin and Miss Helen Elwell were married at the home of the bride at this place, Tuesday afternoon, by the Free Will Baptist minister from Middlesex.

Mr. Frank Taylor and Miss Carrie Mosher were married a few nights ago. Mr. Taylor brought home his bride Monday night and introduced her to his mother and sister. This was quite unexpected.

From Ontario County Journal 11 January 1889


Academy, N. Y. - Miss Louise Rohlin, of South Bristol, was married by the Rev. Mr. Brown, in his church at Hornellsville, to Mr. Will Gams of Naples, on the morning of Dec. 26th, with impressive ceremonies -- the candidates standing under the spreading branches of their Christmas tree, whose fruits had been distributed the evening previous. The bridal party arrived at the home of the bride on New Year's eve, where they were greeted by friends and a grand reception given them by her brother, Mr. Martin Rohlin.

From Ontario County Journal 25 January 1889


Reed's Corners, N. Y. - The wedding of Miss Florence Shaw and Mr. John Jobson was held at the residence of Mr. N. B. Shaw, Wednesday, January 16th. There was a large gathering of 240 guests. She received a large number of very elegant presents. There was a number of friends from Canada, Rochester, Lyons, Scottsville and New York. Mr. Fred Smith and Miss Ella Shaw acted as bride's maid and groom, the Rev. Mr. Barber of Baptist Hill, officiating. The happy couple left amidst a shower of rice.

From Ontario County Journal 22 February 1889


Bristol, N. Y. - Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Short entertained a large number of their relatives and friends last Wednesday to witness the marriage of their daughter, Myra, to Arthur B. Newton of Henrietta. The wedding was a large and happy one. All were cordially received, and a bountiful repast awaited them. The bride and groom received many beautiful as well as useful presents and have the heartiest congratulations of all their friends.

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