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From Geneva Gazette 14 February 1890


Deyo Rozey, a boy of 17, and Florence Alger, a girl of 19, pupils of the Naples Union School, eloped last week and got married.  Both are of good families -- they were only a little premature in their matrimonial alliance.  It is said the parents will accept the situation with a "God bless you."

From Geneva Gazette 9 May 1890


The marriage of Lulu W. Reynolds, daughter of Dr. R. L. Reynolds, to Shannon F. Newman of Philadelphia, was solemnized by the Rev. Dr. Remick of the Second Presbyterian Church at her home on Genesee street, at eight o'clock, April 16.  The bride was attired in a Grecian dress of white silk, and the groom wore the conventional evening dress.  Miss Marcellus of Amsterdam, N. Y., the maid of honor, wore a dress of Nile green silk.  Dr. E. E. Reynolds, brother of the bride, was best man.  The house was beautifully decorated with cut flowers and potted plants.  Mr. Newman and wife, of Atlantic City, brother of the groom, were present and accompanied the bride and groom on an extended western trip.  The bride was the recipient of many beautiful presents.

From Geneva Gazette 13 June 1890


-  A notable wedding took place at St. Francis deSales Church Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock.  Rev. Father Payne united in the holy bonds of matrimony William A. Collins, of New York, and Miss Gertrude Higgins of Geneva.  Jas. E. Durkin and Miss Grace Devine acted as groomsman and bridesmaid respectively.  The bride was dressed in a pale blue silk gauze imported dress, with white Neapolitan hat trimmed with blue birds and pink roses.  She wore diamond ornaments. Miss Devine was dressed in white moire silk, covered with white lace and trimmed with white silk ribbon.  Her hat was a white leghorn with white plumes, pearls for ornaments.  The gentlemen were dressed in conventional black.  A large concourse of people were present at the ceremony, and the bride, the cynosure of all eyes, appeared the embodiment of loveliness.  The groom is a rising New Yorker, prominently associated with the Cobb Heater Company of 48 Center street.  After the ceremony the young couple with their immediate friends sat down to a sumptuous lunch at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Higgins.  Mr. and Mrs. Collins took the 10:35 train for New York that same evening where they will make their home.  Miss Higgins is a charming young lady of rare accomplishment and beauty, a native of Geneva, but lately a resident of New York where she was met and wooed by Mr. Collins.  The best wishes of a host of friends accompany her on her life's journey with the companion of her choice.

From Geneva Gazette 27 June 1890


Hymeneal - Tuesday afternoon, at 5:30, James Sparrow and Miss Dora Groves were married at St. Francis deSales church, Rev. Father Payne officiating.  Thos. Manley was best man, and Miss Susie McDonough acted as bridesmaid.  The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow join in wishing them a happy and prosperous life's journey.

From Geneva Gazette 27 June 1890


Clarence C. Reed and Miss Mary H. Welch, daughter of our respected townsman, Charles T. Welch, were united in the holy bonds Tuesday evening by Rev. Dr. Stilwell.  Mr. Reed is an employee at Phillips & Clark's stove works, where he is held in high esteem by his associates.  Our most hearty congratulations are extended to Mr. and Mrs. Reed.

From Geneva Gazette 27 June 1890


Among the happy events of the week was the marriage of Mr. W. N. Smith and Miss Louise George, which took place Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock at the residence of the bride's parents on South Cherry street, the Rev. J. C. Nichols officiating.  The joyous event over, the bride and groom, surrounded by a host of friends, sat down to a well filled table and made merry over the good things provided.  Mr. Smith is an employee of the Adams Express Company, and a well known member of the Chas. J. Folger Hook and Ladder Company.  Will is popular, every foot of him, and that means a great deal. That means a great deal.  The happy couple were the recipients of many presents, and their entree into the business of housekeeping will be most auspicious.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith took the 10:05 train westward.  After a short trip, they will return to take up the duties of married life in the neat little home awaiting them.

From Geneva Gazette 19 September 1890


Hymeneal - Mr. T. F. Nylon and Miss Mary E. Toole, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at St. Francis de Sales church yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock, Rev. Father McDonald officiating.  Jas. Moylan acted as best man and Miss Katie Toole, sister of the bride, was maid of honor.  P. Hastings, M. Conneley, M. O'Connor and L. Reddy were ushers.  The ceremony over, the happy couple repaired to the residence of the bride's parents on Middle street, where during the evening the festivities incident to a wedding were indulged in.  A sumptuous banquet awaited the invited guests in the evening, and on a spacious platform erected on the lawn dancing was the order.  The wedding presents were many and costly.  Our best wishes are extended to Mr. and Mrs. Nylon in their journey through life.  

From Geneva Gazette 31 October 1890


Hymenial -
Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock at St. Francis de Sales church alderman T. A. Kane and Miss Mame Dwyre were united in the holy bonds of matrimony.  A nuptial mass was said by Rev. Father Payne.  Very Rev. Father McDonald performed the wedding ceremony.  A. M. Hennesey acted as best man, and Miss Allie Purdie of Auburn, niece of the bride, was maid of honor.  The choir of which Miss Dwyre is organist and leader assisted and rendered some choice music.  Sister M. Edwards presided at the organ.  Mr. and Mrs. Kane took the ten o'clock train east.  They will visit Boston and other eastern cities before returning.  A sumptuously furnished home on Genesee street awaits them.  The many friends of both contracting parties join in wishing the happy couple every blessing.

From Geneva Gazette 10 July 1891


Seneca Castle, N. Y. -  
On Monday afternoon last occurred the wedding of Miss Catherine L. Somersett to Wm. E. Bayard of Geneva, at the residence of the bride's parents, Mrs. Wm. Somersett of this village, the services being performed by the Rev. Wm. B. Edison, D. D., rector of St. John's and priest-in-charge of St. Paul's, Phelps.  The bride was given away by Dr. D. S. Allen of Seneca, only the near friends and relatives being present.  After all had partaken of a sumptuous wedding repast, the bridal party started on their tour to New York city.  The presents, although not numerous, were fully compensated for by their unusual value and fineness of quality, thus testifying the esteem and respect of her many friends for her.

From Geneva Gazette 31 July 1891


Hymenial -
Last Monday night at St. Francis de Sales church there was a very pretty wedding, the high contracting parties being Mr. Frank Dwyer of Cincinnati and Miss Maggie Broderick of Geneva.  At precisely 6 o'clock the wedding party arrived, alighted from the hacks and marched up the long aisle of the church while the organist, Miss Allie Purdy, caused the organ to peal forth those beautiful strains of Mendelssohn's Wedding March.  The bridal party consisted of the "best man," Mr. W. J. Broderick, the maid of honor, Miss Kittie Broderick, sister of the bride, and the bride and groom.  The party halted at the altar where the ceremony was impressively performed by Father Payne.  After the ceremony a reception was held at the home of the bride on Castle street.  Mr. and Mrs. Dwyer received many handsome as well as valuable presents.  The bride and groom took the 8 o'clock train for Cincinnati, bearing with them the best wishes of a large circle of friends.  Frank Dwyer is well known as Hobart's former famous ball tosser, now a member of the Cincinnati Association team.

From Geneva Gazette 18 September 1891


- A very pretty church wedding took place at St. Francis de Sales Church Wednesday evening last, the contracting parties being Mr. Thos. Manley and Miss Susie McDonough, both of Geneva.  Miss Minnie McDonough of Albany, cousin of the bride, acted as maid of honor,  Mr. Thos. McGuiness as best man.  The ushers were Ed. Broderick, Will McDonough, John Reddy and Ed. McDonough.  The ceremony was performed by Father Quinn of Rochester.  After the ceremony a reception was held at the home of the bride, at which place the guests enjoyed themselves in dancing until a late hour.  The bride and groom received many handsome and valuable presents, consisting of silver ware, bric-a-brac, and an unusual amount of household furniture.  Mr. and Mrs. Manley will immediately commence housekeeping in their new home on William street.  They have the best wishes of a large circle of friends.

From Geneva Gazette 2 October 1891


Hymenial - Charles S. Beard of Geneva and Miss Adelaide E. Shaw of Waterloo were married at the latter place Tuesday evening last, the Rev. Dr. Duff officiating.  The groom is an estimable and popular young man, enjoying an extensive acquaintance, one and all of whom will heartily wish him "much joy."  The lady who has become his wife is a niece of the late Judge Wm. H. Burton, and was left an orphan at the tender age of one year by the accidental deaths of both father and mother. When he owned the Observer Judge Burton gave her the opportunity to learn "the are preservative" and thus to enable her to become independent of relatives in earning a livelihood.  She became very proficient in her trade, and readily commanded a man's compensation thereat.  For several months past she has been employed in this office, and we found her faithful in the discharge of every duty.  If Mrs. Beard makes as good a wife as she was a compositor, Charles will never have cause to regret the choice he has made.  The wedded couple passed through Geneva Tuesday evening and thence south over the Fall Brook route on their wedding trip.  They will make this village their home.  The Gazette joins in with hearty congratulations to the worthy couple.  

From Geneva Gazette 13 November 1891


Robert Swallow
of Geneva and Miss Addie Whedon of Seneca were married at the home of the bride's father in Seneca Tuesday last.  They have the best wishes of numerous friends.

From Geneva Gazette 27 November 1891


St. Francis de Sales Church was the scene of a very pretty wedding last Wednesday at 11:30 o'clock, the principals to which were Mr. Martin F. Connelly and Miss Kate Kane.  Miss Bridget Kane, a sister of the bride, was maid of honor, while Timothy Connolly, brother of the groom, was best man.  The ushers were Edward Broderick, John O'Malley, Edward McCarthy and J. E. Durkin.  The ceremony making them man and wife was impressively performed by the Rev. Father McDonald.  The wedding march was played by Miss Allie Purdy.  At 5 o'clock P. M., a reception was held at the home of the bride at which time they received the congratulations of their many friends.  The bride and groom received many handsome and valuable presents.  Mr. and Mrs. Connolly took the 10 o'clock train west for a short wedding trip.  They have the best wishes of a large circle of friends.

From Geneva Gazette 10 June 1892


John Nary and Bridget Kelly were united in wedlock by Rev. Fr. Dougherty at St. Theresa's church, Stanley, last Wednesday afternoon.  Miss Margaret Kelly, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid, and John Murphy of Geneva acted as best man.  Mr. Nary is an employee of the stove works -- is a great favorite with those who have the pleasure of his acquaintance, and he is generally known as a steady, industrious and energetic workman.  His many friends will congratulate him upon the advent of his taking for a life-mate such a capable young lady as Miss Kelly is known to be, and will join in wishing the happy couple a long life of conjugal felicity.  Mr. and Mrs. Nary will eventually reside in one of Jno. Jordan's new houses on Middle street.

From Geneva Gazette 16 September 1892


The nuptials of Mr. John Ryan of Seneca Falls and Miss Theresa Hawkins of Geneva were solemnized with high mass by Rev. Father McDonald at St. Francis de Sales Church last Tuesday morning.  A large number of friends of the bride and groom were present.  Miss Mary Edwards of Seneca Falls officiated as bridesmaid, and Mr. Edward Young of Auburn appeared as best man.  After a bridal repast at the bride's home, the happy couple took train for a wedding trip to New York.  Friends remembered them by a lavish bestowal of suitable presents, and all wish them long and happy life.

From Geneva Gazette 16 December 1892


Merry Wedding Bells - Two Popular Young People Wedded at Phelps -
One of the most pleasant social events occurring in Phelps the past season was the marriage of Miss Louise M. Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abram Smith, to Frank L. Holbrook, both of that place, which was solemnized at the residence of the bride's parents on Church street, at 6 o'clock Wednesday evening last in the presence of a large number of friends and relatives of the contracting parties.  Promptly at the appointed time Miss Neva Vanderhoof struck the chords of the popular wedding march from Tannhauser, and four young ladies, Misses Julia Lamb, Nellie White, Leah Smith, (sister of the bride) of Phelps, and Marie Coolidge, of Williamsport, Pa., entered the room holding in their hands long white satin ribbons, which formed an isle through which, a moment later, the bridal couple passed, preceded by a picturesque little maid of honor, in the person of Miss Selma Holbrook, sister of the groom, who carried a basket of beautiful Marshal Neil roses.  Proceeding through the dining room and double doors they took their places under an arch of evergreens, from the center of which was suspended a huge floral bell, and with a brief but impressive ceremony the officiating clergyman of the Presbyterian church pronounced the words which made them man and wife.  Immediately at the conclusion of the ceremony elegant refreshments, consisting of three courses, were served with neatness and celerity under the direction of Caterer Ridley, of Newark.  An informal reception was then held when congratulations were the order of the day and merriment and festivity reigned supreme.  Vocal music by Misses Julia Lamb and Ella Kirk, and recitations by Miss Coolidge proved a pleasurable diversion until 10 o'clock, when, amid a shower of ancient foot-wear, rice, ribbons, and good wishes, the newly wedded pair departed on the east-bound train for a brief visit to Syracuse, Williamsport, and other cities.  The beautiful array of costly and useful gifts attracted universal attention and were evidence of the high esteem in which both parties were held by their many friends.  The bride appeared to excellent advantage in an elegant toilet of changeable blue brochie silk and orange blossoms, the only ornament worn being a handsome diamond pin, the gift of the groom.  The maid of honor wore a dainty frock of cream cashmere and silk, while the demure little miss of 12 years, who received the guests at the door, was also arrayed in a cream-colored gown.  Many elegant toilets were noticed among the guests but space will not permit of their description.

From Geneva Gazette 5 May 1893


Miss Grace L. Briggs
and Wm. H. Llewellyn, two popular young people of Clifton Springs, were united in marriage last Thursday, the Rev. John McKinney officiating.

From Geneva Gazette 25 August 1893


The marriage of H. C. Hatch of Cohocton and Miss Edith Armstrong of Oaks Corners was solemnized on the 21st inst., Rev. H. W. Maier officiating.

From Geneva Gazette 19 January 1894


The marriage of Horace K. Seybolt of Geneva to Lena Hoster of Seneca Falls, occurred at the home of the bride on Wednesday afternoon.  Mr. and Mrs. Seybolt will take up their future residence on Lyceum Ave.

From Geneva Advertiser 11 April 1893


A Pretty Wedding - The marriage of our worthy and hustling townsman Robert W. Henson and Miss Clara L. Ferguson, for weeks the subject of the thoughts of all the young folks of Geneva, occurred in the Presbyterian Church, Canandaigua, last Wednesday afternoon, April 5th, at 5:30 o'clock, which event attracted a large throng of friends, among whom Geneva was well represented.  Will Smith, our village clerk, was best man, and Miss Julia Ferguson, sister of the bride, was maid of honor. The service of the Episcopal Church was used.  After the wedding a reception was given at the home of the bride's parents, and at 8 o'clock the newly-married couple started on a brief wedding trip to the west.  It proved to be one of the prettiest weddings Canandaigua has seen in many a day.  A royal reception awaits the couple on returning to Geneva, where they will settle down for life; and may it be a long, prosperous and happy life.

From Geneva Advertiser 17 April 1894


The marriage of Stuart Flower Dey and Miss Mary Wilson, daughter of John Wilson of North Main street, will occur in St. Peter's Church tomorrow evening at five o'clock, Rev. Dr. Rankine officiating.  Edwin Siglar will be best man, and Miss Carrie Dey, sister of the groom, will be bridesmaid.  Mr. and Mrs. Dey have a home in waiting for them, having taken a lease of Chas. R. Mellen's new house on Castle street.  The young couple have a host of friends in Geneva who will wish for them a long and happy life.

From Geneva Advertiser 24 April 1894


The marriage of Miss Allie Crowell to Lewis Stewart was solemnized last Wednesday evening at about eight o'clock at the home of the bride's mother on North street.  It was just a quiet home wedding, Rev. Mr. Boardman officiating.  The couple have settled right down into home life, a proper thing to do.

From Geneva Gazette 10 August 1894


Hymenial - The marriage of Miss Carrie Thalman to Mr. Carl Anderson was solemnized at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Thalman, on Exchange St., Wednesday evening last.  Rev. Dr. Rankine, rector of St. Peter's Church, officiated.  The bridesmaid was Miss Linda Thalman of Rome, the bride's cousin, and Dr. J. F. Knapp attended the groom as best man.  Congratulations and refreshments followed, and the happy couple departed by the 10:10 train west on a bridal trip.  The bride received many and valuable presents making a rich display -- chief among which was an elegant upright piano, the gift of her father.  Geneva will continue to be the home of Mr. and Mrs. Anderson.

From Geneva Gazette 18 January 1895


Mr. Burton S. Westfall
and Miss Hattie Patten, two popular young people of this town (Phelps), were married by Rev. Dr. Ostrander at Lyons last Wednesday at noon.  The bride and groom left immediately for a two weeks' wedding tour. Phelps Citizen

From Geneva Gazette 18 January 1895


On Thursday last, at the the residence of D. Sears in Seneca Castle, W. D. Merriam was married to Miss Maud Saxton. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Howard Cornell in the presence of a few invited guests.  Mr. and Mrs. Merriam are numbered among our most popular young people, and their many friends wish them success in their new life.  Clifton Springs Press

From Geneva Gazette 17 May 1895


Mr. and Mrs. John H. Roy of Phelps have issued invitations to the marriage of their only daughter, Gertrude, to Schuyler C. Deady of Lyons, which will take place Wednesday afternoon, May 29th at 5 o'clock.

From Geneva Gazette 7 June 1895


The marriage of Mr. Thomas Slattery of Alliance, Ohio, and Miss Nora McLean of Seneca was solemnized by Father McDonald at St. Francis de Sales Church last Wednesday forenoon.

From Geneva Gazette 15 November 1895


At Clifton Springs Tuesday morning last, Mr. Lawrence Stapleton of Geneva and Miss Mary McGovern of the former place (formerly of Geneva) were united in marriage.  Rev. Father O'Hanlon officiated, assisted by the Very Rev. Father McDonald of Geneva, the ceremony taking place in St. Agnes Church.  The wedded pair have a host of Geneva acquaintances who extend hearty congratulations.

From Geneva Advertiser 19 June 1894


Notes from Stanley - A very pretty wedding occurred at the home of Wm. S. Liddiard, the bride's grandfather, on Wednesday, June 6th.  The ceremony occurred at 3 o'clock p.m., by lamp-light, in the presence of about thirty guests, Rev. A. B. Temple officiating.  The contracting parties were Miss Gertie E. Cameron and Fred. Terwilleger of Bruynswick, Ulster Co.  The grandfathers of both bride and groom were present.  The bride wore a blue silk, and was attended by her twin sisters.  A bounteous repast was served after the ceremony.  Guests were present from Buffalo, Walkill, Geneva, Newburgh.  They were serenaded a little later, and then took their departure for their new house amid a shower of rice and the customary old slipper. The bride is the fifth generation of the Stanley and Liddiard families and the groom is also of the fifth generation.  They received many beautiful presents, and depart with the best wishes of all.

From Geneva Gazette 10 April 1896


The first wedding occurred in the new Catholic Church at Clifton Springs on Monday last.  The newly wedded couple are James Connors and Miss Julia Loughnane.

From Geneva Advertiser 1 January 1895


Two prominent and very popular young people of Phelps, William H. Riley and Frances A. Meehan, were united in marriage in St. Francis Church, by Rev. A. M. O'Neill last Thursday evening, at 6 o'clock.  Miss Pauline Meehan, the bride's sister, acted as bridesmaid and her brother, Fred Meehan, as best man.  The bride is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Meehan of the Phelps hotel, and a reception was tendered the bride and groom and relatives at the hotel immediately after the marriage ceremony.

From Geneva Gazette 17 July 1896


The marriage of J. A. Gilmore, of Geneva, and Miss May Elton, of Lima, occurred Wednesday evening at the residence of the bride's mother.  The Rev. C. K. Bates officiated.

From Geneva Advertiser Apr 17 1894


The marriage of Miss Sadie, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Jacobs of Geneva, to Adolph Goldman of Syracuse, occurred here as announced last Wednesday afternoon, and it was a very pleasant affair notwithstanding the heavy snow storm. There was an army of friends from out of town invitations to Geneva people being very limited.  The guests were all of their own faith.  The Franklin House was the place of the reception, the spacious dining hall was covered with crash, and the party had refreshments and danced until nearly three o'clock next morning.  The future home of Mr. and Mrs. Goldman will be in Syracuse.

From Geneva Gazette 14 August 1896


The marriage of Flora E., daughter of W. E. Stubbs, to Myron H. Dusinbury of Churchville, took place Tuesday afternoon last at 3 o'clock at the family residence on LaFayette ave.  The best man was Willard F. Doolittle of Geneseo; the bridesmaid, Miss Lois M. Bennett of our village.  Rev. Dr. Remick officiated.  A largely attended reception was held in the evening at the bride's home.  The happy couple departed the same evening on a wedding trip.

From Geneva Gazette 30 October 1896


Hymenial -  Mr. John Heffron
and Miss Bridget Mahoney were married at St. Francis de Sales Church on Wednesday morning.  The bridesmaid was Miss B. Burns, of Lyons.  Mr. John Cron, of Waterloo, acted as best man.  Very Rev. Dean W. A. McDonald officiated.

From Geneva Gazette 13 November 1896


Mr. Henry B. Burtis and Miss Sernea Shear were united in marriage at the Presbyterian Church at Oaks Corners Wednesday afternoon.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. Fred C. Porter, assisted by Rev. Mr. Meyers.  A reception was afterwards held at the home of the bride at which nearly two hundred guests were entertained.

From Geneva Gazette 8 January 1897


A Former Geneva Man the Hero in an Elopement -
A Shortsville dispatch to the Rochester Herald details the incidents of an elopement recently occurring in that hamlet.  The man in the case is Clarence Reed, formerly of Geneva, and the lady Miss Lillian Russell, the 18-year-old daughter of Albert E. Russell of Shortsville.

Reed had been keeping company with Miss Russell for some time, contrary to her parents' wishes.  The young couple's plans had been well laid, for when Miss Russell's parents were away, Reed secured a rig and the couple started toward Palmyra.  In the meantime Mr. Russell was informed by a neighbor and immediately gave chase.  He overtook the elopers a short distance below Manchester and tried to persuade his daughter to return.  A heated conversation ensued. Mr. Russell came out second best, the young lady refusing to return.  The couple proceeded on their way, while the father returned home alone.

Reed kept a confectionery store in Geneva, first on Main st., and later on Seneca st.  His first wife was a Miss Welch, a Geneva girl, who died shortly after giving birth to a child.  Subsequently Reed moved away and few if any Genevans knew or cared about his career.  He left in debt, and it is said that when an officer sought to collect an account on a judgment, all he found was a couple of old trunks filled with rubbish of no value.  We fear Miss Russell has made a bad bargain in her matrimonial venture.  For her sake and that of her parents, we hope some good may be found in him yet.

From Geneva Gazette 15 January 1897


Geo. M. Fitch and Miss Mabel Hall Wilson, a popular young couple of Rushville, were married on the 13th inst. in the M. E. Church at that place.

From Geneva Gazette 5 February 1897


Saturday evening last Mr. Hiram Thalman and Miss Iva May Corwin, daughter of Irving Corwin, were united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents on Lewis street.  A short sleigh ride of five minutes took the wedded couple to their cozy home in the Burns house on South Main street.

From Geneva Gazette 23 April 1897


The marriage of Wm. A. Smith and Anna V. Howard was solemnized in St. Francis de Sales rectory Monday evening last, Very Rev. Dean McDonald officiating.  Miss Mary Carr acted as bridesmaid and Robert F. Howard, brother of the bride, as best man.  A reception followed at the bride's home on North Main street.  The couple left on the 8:25 train for New York, departing from home amid a shower of rice and old slippers and the good wishes of assembled friends.

From Geneva Gazette 2 July 1897


The marriage of Miss Mary Finnerty, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Finnerty, to L. J. Greenwood, occurred Wednesday at St. Francis de Sales Church, Rev. Father W. A. McDonald officiating.  Miss Kate Finnerty, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid and Thomas Corcoran best man.

From Geneva Gazette 1 April 1898


A very pretty church wedding took place Wednesday afternoon at the German Evangelical church when Miss Hattie Pauline Schnirel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Schnirel of No. 275 Pulteney street and Wm. Vogt of Geneva were married by the Rev. Jacob Burkhardt, pastor of the church.  The bride was attired in a gown of white silk mull with veil, and carried a bouquet of roses.  She was attended by Miss Emma Wichman as maid of honor and the Misses Olive Burkhardt and Minnie Nagle as bridesmaids.  Robert Schnirel acted as best man and the ushers were Paul Schnirel and Fred Vogt.  The wedding was largely attended and numerous and costly presents testified to the esteem in which the young people are held.  They left amid a shower of rice on an evening train for an extended bridal trip.

From Geneva Gazette 27 May 1898


Married, Wednesday, May 25th, at the home of T. B. Ottley, Pulteney street, Mr. John Van Vleet of Auburn, to Miss Louise Gilbert, daughter of the late W. L. Gilbert of Geneva.  Rev. W. W. Weller officiated.  The parlors were tastefully decorated with white and purple lilacs and lilies of the valley.  The happy bride received many and appropriate presents.  They left the same evening on a wedding trip, returning from which they will make their home at Auburn.

From Geneva Gazette 24 June 1898


Mr. M. H. Brennan of this city and Miss Maud E. Lackey of Clifton Springs were united in marriage at the home of the bride's mother in the latter place on Wednesday last at noon by the Rev. Father O'Hanlon. After the ceremony the happy couple were driven to Geneva to the home of Mrs. John Gleason, a sister of Mr. Brennan, where a wedding reception was given. The wedding presents were many and costly -- mute testimonials of the popularity of Mr. Brennan and his charming young bride.

From Geneva Gazette 12 August 1898


At St. Francis de Sales Church, last Tuesday morning, occurred the marriage of Mr. John Conniff and Miss Mary Broderick in the presence of a large congregation.  Rev. Father McPadden officiated.  The bride was attended by her sister, Mrs. J. W. White as matron of honor, and Mr. White acted as best man.  A wedding breakfast was served at the home of the bride on Grove street.  After a bridal trip the wedded pair will settle down in Geneva and enjoy a happy married life as we hope and believe.

From Geneva Gazette 16 September 1898


When tidings were received about two weeks ago that Capt. Stacey of Co. B. 3d N. Y. Reg't was dangerously ill at Washington, his fiance, Miss Bessie Langdon of Geneva, following her own affectionate instincts and obtaining the consent of relatives, hastened by rail to his bedside.  Her arrival had a beneficial effect upon the patient.  After a few days had elapsed his earnest wishes for a speedy marriage were complied with and in his sick room in the presence of physicians and nurses the union was duly solemnized in the ritual of the Episcopal Church.  Now the devoted wife can remain with him until "death do them part."  The soldier bride is a half-orphaned niece of Hon. S. H. Hammond of Geneva.

From Victor Herald 7 September 1895


One of the pleasantest social events that Victor has seen in some time occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Quigley Wednesday evening, the occasion was the marriage of their only daughter, Eloise M., to Edson D. Warren. About eight o'clock a company of sixty or more gathered, and a few moments after the bridal party, consisting of the bride with her maid of honor, Miss Maggie Hotaling, the groom with his best man, Mr. Warren, and the ushers, Messrs. Atkins and Bumpus, with Misses Brown and Ellis, entered the room and took their places in front of a bower of foliage plants and golden rods. Rev. Mr. Bard, of the Universalist church, then performed the ceremony of his church in a very pleasing manner. The wedding party immediately repaired to the dining room where a very appetizing lunch was served, and after a short time spent in congratulations, the newly married couple were driven to the depot where amid a baptism of rice, a shower of old shoes and innumerable congratulations, they took the train for Rochester; from thence they will go to the Thousand Islands for a brief wedding tour. On their return they will make their home for the present with the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Warren are well known and quite popular in this community and the hearty good wishes of hosts of friends are extended to them in their wedded life. A number of friends and relatives from Rochester and Rush were present.

From Victor Herald 30 November 1895


The residence of Mr. and Mrs. Weitzel on Maple avenue, was the scene of a very pleasant wedding Wednesday evening of this week. The contracting parties were Mrs. Weitzel's sister, Miss Lottie E. Dillman of this town and Wm. H. Ward of Rochester. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Peter Lindsay of Rochester. Miss Kate Ward and Mr. Robert Ward, brother and sister of the groom, acted as bride's maid and best man, respectively. Hattie Weitzel acted as flower girl, while Lewie Childs and Etta Ward, performed the part of ushers. The bride was attired in a very becoming gown of dove-colored silk with pearl trimmings, and carried bridal roses. The bridesmaid's gown was of pink landsdowne with chiffon trimmings, and she carried pink carnations. The decorations were abundant and beautiful, consisting of palms, ferns, etc. After the ceremony and congratulations, the guests, about one hundred in number, were served with a wedding supper. The happy couple were abundantly remembered with beautiful and appropriate presents by their numerous friends. The bride has a large circle of friends in this vicinity, one all wish the couple a full measure of happiness. They will be at home at No. 99 Driving Park avenue, Rochester, after Dec. 20th.

From Victor Herald 14 December 1895

Our esteemed friend, George Bliss, has made a new departure in life. On Thursday, the 10th inst., he was united in marriage to Mrs. E. A. Turner of this town, at the home of Mrs. C. M. Mattice in Canandaigua. Rev. Mr. Hudnutt performed the ceremony. We congratulate the newly married couple and wish them a full degree of happiness in their wedded life.

From Ontario County Chronicle 20 February 1901


Phelps, N. Y. - Louis Hanrahan and Elizabeth Doyle were united in marriage Tuesday afternoon at St. Francis Church by Rev. Father O'Loughlin. Andrew Doyle and Miss Mary Doyle, brother and cousin of the bride, were the attendants.

From Ontario County Chronicle 27 February 1901


Phelps, N. Y. - A quiet wedding occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marsh Ridley last Wednesday afternoon, when their daughter, Miss Nellie, was united in marriage to Albert Paush.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. A. J. Waugh, of the Presbyterian Church.

From Ontario County Chronicle 6 March 1901


East Bloomfield, N. Y. - Last Wednesday afternoon at this place occurred a pretty wedding, when in the presence of a large assemblage of friends and relatives, Miss Mabel May Conklin and Frederick G. Olmstead were united in the holy bonds. The ceremony was performed beneath an arch of evergreens, in the tastefully decorated parlors of the bride's home, by her uncle, Rev. N. J. Conklin of Rochester. Miss Myrta A. Conklin, cousin of the bride of Mt. Morris, was bridesmaid, and H. E. Olmstead of Buffalo, brother of the groom, acted as best man. Misses Emma Conklin of Ionia, Glenn Conklin of Rochester, cousins of the bride, and Miss Flora Olmstead, sister of the groom, of West Bloomfield, and Arthur Leaty of Ontario, acted as ushers. Miss Ida Conklin, sister of the bride, played the wedding music. The bride's gown was of cream cashmere, trimmed with cream lace and cream satin ribbons. She carried bride's roses. Her maid wore white muslin, trimmed with white satin ribbon, and carried white carnations. Guests were present from Auburn, Rochester, Buffalo, Canandaigua, Mt. Morris, Victor, Ontario, Ionia and West Bloomfield. Immediately following the ceremony there was a reception, and supper was served by Miss Rose Faber of Canandaigua, ably assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Conklin of Canandaigua, and Mr. and Mrs. William Conklin, Mr. and Mrs. Burton Conklin and Mr. and Mrs. Horton Tiffany of East Bloomfield. Mr. and Mrs. Olmstead received the heartiest congratulations of the many friends in this vicinity. They will reside in West Bloomfield.


North Bloomfield, N. Y. - At the home of Mr. and Mrs. George I. Rose, one mile east of North Bloomfield, occurred the marriage of their daughter, Norma Louise, to Frank Luther Duncan of Richmond Mills. The ceremony was performed in the presence of about sixty guests by Rev. B. B. Fairchilds, pastor of the Universalist Church at North Bloomfield. After congratulations a wedding dinner was served. Mr. and Mrs. Duncan left on an afternoon train for a brief trip.

From Ontario County Chronicle 20 March 1901


South Bloomfield, N. Y. -
The marriage of Mr. Lewis W. Gough of Bristol Center and Miss Anna M. Leighton took place last Thursday night at the home of Heber E. Wheeler, in South Bloomfield. The ceremony was performed by Rev. W. D. Robinson. Miss Nellie Leighton, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid and Mr. Mortimer Clement of Bristol was groomsman.


Last Thursday evening the home of Mr. and Mrs. Emory L. Van Wormer, on the lake shore road, was the scene of a pretty wedding, the occasion being the marriage of their daughter, Miss Florence Gail Van Wormer to Charles Wesley Darling. The Rev. H. Wyse Jones, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Canandaigua, performed the ceremony in the presence of the immediate relatives and friends of the contracting parties. Miss Annie Moore of Avoca was the maid of honor and R. D. Patterson of Canandaigua was the best man. The house decorations were carried out with green, cut flowers and potted plants. At the conclusion of the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served. Mr. and Mrs. Darling started on the evening train for a trip to Washington, Philadelphia and New York. After they return they will be at home at No. 47 Chapin street. The groom is a well-known and popular newspaper correspondent and his bride a young lady well and favorably known in Canandaigua. They have the best wishes of all who know them.

From Geneva Daily Times 20 February 1907


Elmer H. Dennison and Miss Mae Jean West, both of this city, were united in marriage Saturday evening at eight o'clock at the home of Rev. W. K. Towner, pastor of the First Baptist church. Mr. and Mrs. Dennison left for a short trip, after which they will be at home to their friends at N. 96 Lewis street.

From Geneva Daily Times 21 February 1907


A very pretty home wedding occurred yesterday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Eldridge of Macedon, when their oldest daughter, Grace Leo, became the bride of Stewart Allen Robinson of Flint. The groom is well known in this city, being a graduate of the Geneva High School class of 1904. The ceremony was performed in the presence of a large number of guests by Rev. R. L. Robinson of Clarendon, an uncle of the groom, assisted by Rev. B. D. Showers of Flint, pastor of the church attended by the groom. The bride was dressed in a gown of cream colored lansdown and carried a bouquet of white carnations. Among the guests was Mrs. C. A. Coase of Palmyra, a sister of the late Admiral Sampson, and a relative of the bride. Other out-of-town guests were Miss Phoebe Stewart of Penn Yan; Mrs. and Mrs. Merritt of Palmyra; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Robinson of Flint; Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Campbell or Rochester; Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Showers of Flint, and Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Campbell of Geneva. Following the ceremony, a wedding supper was served, after which the bride and groom left for a months' trip in the west. They will be at home after April 1st in Flint, where the groom is superintendent of his father's large heading manufactory.

From Geneva Daily Times 23 February 1907


Clifton Springs, N. Y. - Announcement has been received of the marriage of Mr. Harry Jay Van Dyne to Miss Martha Seaman at the home of the bride, Wednesday, February 20, at Canajoharie. Mr. Van Dyne is a popular young man of this village and a member of the firm of Homes & Van Dyne. After a short wedding trip the young couple will be at home to their friends after April 1 in this village.

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