From Geneva Daily Times 26 February 1915


The marriage of Miss Dorothy Crego to Harland Reese, both of this city, took place Wednesday afternoon, February 24th, at 6 o'clock in the afternoon. The ceremony was performed in St. Peter's Episcopal church by the rector, Rev. Kenneth A. Bray. They were attended by Miss Blanche Eighmey of Geneva, and Millard Pendell of Waterloo. Mr. and Mrs. Reese left for a short trip to Syracuse and upon their return will reside in this city.

From Geneva Daily Times 5 March 1915


At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Isenhour, of 16 Castle street, took place the marriage of Miss Ruth E. Hartranft, of this city, to Harry H. Isenhour. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Milton F. Negus, the pastor of the First Baptist church. Only the intimate friends of the bridal couple were present. A delightful repast was served and then the bride and groom started on an extended wedding trip. They will be at home after April 1st to their friends at 16 Castle street.

From Geneva Daily Times 8 March 1915


Seneca Castle, N. Y. - On Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the Methodist church the marriage of Robert Shipman of Flint to Miss Mable Kirk of Geneva took place, Rev. E. J. Brooker, the local pastor, performed the ceremony. Only the near relatives and a few invited guests were present. The bridal party entered the church attended by the brothers and sisters of the young couple and were met at the altar by the minister. The wedding march was played by the organist, Mrs. Helen Runyan. The ring service was used. Amid a shower of confetti and rice the bridal party left the church. They will enjoy a brief wedding trip among relatives in the western part of the state.


James A. Lyttle, inspector of electric meters at the office of the Empire Gas and Electric Company, and Miss Florence E. DePew of Camillus, were married at Syracuse on Wednesday of last week. After a brief wedding trip, Mr. and Mrs. Lyttle came to Geneva yesterday and have established their home at No. 198 Lewis street.


Stanley, N. Y. - Charles W. Hobblethwaite of Stanley and Miss Louise A. Swarthout of Rushville were married on Saturday at Seneca Falls by Rev. R. C. Hobblethwaite, pastor of the Methodist church, who is a brother of the groom. After a short trip Mr. and Mrs. Hobblethwaite will reside at Stanley.

From Geneva Daily Times 18 March 1915


Phelps, N. Y. - The marriage of Miss Lena Becker and Josias DeCann, both of Clifton Springs, took place Wednesday afternoon at the Methodist Episcopal parsonage in Phelps, the pastor, Rev. W. H. York, performing the ceremony. After a brief wedding trip, Mr. and Mrs. DeCann will reside at Plainsville, northwest of Phelps.

From Geneva Daily Times 19 March 1915


Naples, N. Y. -
The marriage of Miss Gertrude Hatch and Mr. Byron Pierce was solemnized at the home of the bride's brother, Fred Hatch, on Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Rev. Mr. Finger of the Methodist church officiated. The couple are well and favorably known here. After a wedding trip they will make their home in Naples.

From Geneva Daily Times 27 March 1915


Shortsville, N. Y. - The marriage of Miss Dora Emerson of Canandaigua and Frank Schrader of Shortsville, which took place in the Presbyterian Manse, Shortsville, on Friday evening, March 19th, has just been announced. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Donald H. MacKenzie, pastor of the First Presbyterian church of Shortsville. Mr. and Mrs. Schrader will make their home on the Schrader farm just west of this village.

From Ontario County Chronicle 16 July 1902


Naples, N. Y. - There was a quiet surprise wedding at the home of Mrs. Belinda Vermily, when her daughter, Mrs. Mary Maltby married Stephen C. Semans, a prosperous farmer of South Bristol. Mr. and Mrs. Semans are spending a week in traveling before settling down on the farm.

From Ontario County Chronicle 10 September 1902


The home of Mr. and Mrs. B. Franklin Knapp in the town of Hopewell, was the scene of a happy nuptial event on Thursday afternoon, the occasion being the marriage of their daughter, M. Mertice Knapp to Thomas H. Henry, of New York City. Miss Reba Boughton, an intimate friend of the bride, played the wedding march from "Lohengrin," after which appeared two little girls, each bearing a rope of sweet peas and asparagus branches, which were drawn to form an aisle. Following these came Master Clifford, bearing the ring on a cushion, the Rev. C. J. Clausen, rector of St. John's Episcopal Church of Canandaigua, and the bride and groom. The ceremony was performed under a large bowknot made of sweet peas and asparagus. After a brief trip Mr. and Mrs. Henry will reside in New York City. The bride is a sister of County Judge Walter H. Knapp of this village. Judge Knapp and family were among the guests present.


George Eugene Roper, of Academy, and Miss Constance Laura Gulvin, of Seneca Castle, were married Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Mack, North Pearl street, in the presence of 60 relatives and friends. The Rev. W. N. Thomas, of the Baptist church, performed the ceremony. Miss Emily Gulvin, sister of the bride, was the bridesmaid, and Grover Roat of Rushville, was the best man. Little Mabel Folts and Leah Stettinius were the flower girls. The wedding march was played by Miss Evelyn Wheeler of Geneva. The bride wore a gown of white lawn trimmed with valenciennes lace and libert satin ribbon, and carried white roses. After wedding breakfast the bride and groom left for a wedding trip, after which they will reside in Canandaigua.

From Ontario County Chronicle 17 September 1902


Shortsville, N. Y. - The marriage of Olive May, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Taber, to Mr. Charles Macomber of Shortsville, was solemnized at the residence of the bride's parents, the Homestead Farm, near Palmyra, at 2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, Rev. A. H. Cameron officiating. The bride was tastefully attired in white organdie and carried white roses. The ceremony was performed under a floral bell of white asters. The large parlors were decorated with evergreens and potted plants. After the ceremony an elaborate dinner was served, covers being laid for 35 guests. The presents were numerous and costly. Many out-of-town guests were present. Mr. and Mrs. Macomber left on an afternoon train for Niagara Falls. On returning they will make their home in Palmyra.


North Bloomfield, N. Y. - At the pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hopkins in North Bloomfield was celebrated Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock the marriage of their daughter, Cora Leech Hopkins to George Milton Tyler, of West Bloomfield, with only the members of the two families present. The rooms were prettily trimmed with plants and flowers, and the bride was charming in a gown of charming green silk trimmed with white chiffon and white applique. Rev. N. W. Bates, pastor of the Presbyterian church, performed the ceremony and after congratulations and refreshments, Mr. and Mrs. Tyler left for a trip to the Thousand Islands. On their return they will make their home at West Bloomfield.


Phelps, N. Y. - The marriage of Miss Estella A. Lester to Charles W. Frisbie, of Rochester, was celebrated at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Lester, on Wednesday afternoon. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. A. J. Waugh. The event was a brilliant one and attended by a large number of guests.


The home of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram T. Parmele, Howell street, in this village, was the scene of a brilliant nuptial event last evening, when their youngest daughter, Miss Mary Ida, was married to George Wright Hamlin, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Hamlin of Gibson street. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Lewis T. Reed, pastor of the First Congregational Church, of Canandaigua. There were ninety guests present, many of whom were from out of town. The house decorations were most beautifully carried out in pink asters and roses. Miss Sibyll W. Hamlin, of East Bloomfield, a cousin of the groom, played the wedding march from "Lohengrin." The groom was attended by his brother, Arthur s. Hamlin of Canandaigua; Mrs. George H. Parmele of Rochester was matron of honor, and Miss Frances Darby of Elmira, and Mrs. Montagn Howard of New York City were bridesmaids. Master Parmele Johnson and little Miss Elizabeth Johnson, Penn Yan, nephew and niece of the bride, were pages. The ushers were Percy W. Crane, of New York, and Henry W. Hamlin, brother of the groom, of Canandaigua. The bride wore a gown of white organdie with a tulle veil, and orange blossoms, and carried a bouquet of white roses. The matron of honor, Mrs. G. H. Parmele, wore pink crepe de chine, and the bridesmaids wore white. After a wedding trip, Mr. and Mrs. Hamlin will return to Canandaigua, where they will be at home for a time at No. 29 Howell street. The groom is a graduate of Yale, a member of the law firm of Hamlin & Hamlin, secretary of the firm of W. H. Bontelle & Co., of Rochester, manufacturers of apple evaporating machinery. His charming bride is a graduate of Vassar, and is one of Canandaigua's best known and most highly esteemed daughters. The contracting parties have the congratulations of a host of friends.

From Ontario County Chronicle 24 September 1902


Phelps, N. Y. -
The marriage of Abram S. Smith to Mrs. Anna M. Phillips took place at the home of the bride's brother, W. E. Cooper, Wednesday afternoon at 5 o'clock. The ceremony was performed by Rev. H. W. Maler of Schenectady, in the presence of only the immediate members of both families. After a short wedding tour Mr. and Mrs. Smith will be at home to their friends at Mr. Smith's home on Church street.

From Ontario County Chronicle 8 October 1902


Farmington, N. Y. - The home of Hon. and Mrs. Ellery G. Allen of this place was the scene of a very pretty wedding Wednesday evening when their daughter, Jennie May, was united in marriage to Frank Hawkins of Victor. Rev. Edwin P. Wood of the Quaker church officiating. The ring ceremony was used and as the bride and groom stood before green and white decorations and plighted their troth, an impressive scene was presented. The bride wore a beautiful creation of pearl gray lansdowne with lace and white trimmings. Miss Allen was very popular and widely known as a teacher of ability. She was graduated from Macedon Academy and Genesee Normal and has been principal of Macedon Academy. The presents were numerous and some of them costly, among which were an oak sideboard, the gift of the groom's brother and sisters; an elegant Morris chair from the groom's parents and a unique set of dishes presented by the bride's parents. A partial list of the out-of-town guests is as follows: Mr. and Mrs. William Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Aldridge, Mr. and Mrs. William Hil, Mr. and Mrs. George Bumpus, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gourlay, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams, Mr. and Mrs. John Osbourne, Chas. Dryer, Harry Pimm of Victor; Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Osbourne, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis C. Osbourne of Padelfords; George Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs. Anson L. Gardner of Canandaigua; Dr. J. Tillotson, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Youngs and daughter, Jessie, Charles A. Briggs, the Misses Cora and Verna Graves of Rochester; Mrs. Phoebe Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. George Reynolds, Dr. and Mrs. Geo. S. Allen of Clyde; Dr. Charles Ellery Allen of Brocton; Clarence Upton of Buffalo; Dr. Charles M. Briggs and family of Fairport; Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Hoag of Macedon Center; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hopkins of Macedon; Mr. and Mrs. George Bancroft of Lincoln. At a late hour the bride and groom departed for an extended wedding trip to the east.


West Bloomfield, N. Y. - Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock the Congregational Church was the scene of a very pretty wedding when Miss Grace Mayor Hall of this place was united in marriage to Roy D. Humphrey, of Hornellsville, N. Y. At the appointed hour the bridal party marched under arches of evergreen to the altar where, before a bank of ferns and cut flowers, the bride was given away by her father, Hiland S. Hall. Rev. N. W. Bates, pastor of the church, performed the ceremony, using the Episcopal ring service. The bride was attired in a beautiful gown of white satin trimmed with chiffon and silk applique, and carried bride roses. She was attended by Miss Susan Elizabeth Wood as maid of honor, who wore white braize over pink. Miss Florence Hall of Dansville, N. Y.; Miss Nellie Humphrey of Livonia, N. Y.; Mrs. Hiland G. Shepard of Rochester, and Miss Sibyill Hamlin of East Bloomfield, acted as bridesmaids, all of whom wore gowns of white chiffon. Donald M. Newlands, of Buffalo, acted as best man and Samuel Hall of New York City; Dr. Hiland G. Shepard of Rochester; Sears B. Wood of New York City and George E. Leech of Canandaigua, were ushers. Miss Anna Miller of Newark most gracefully played the wedding march, also several other selections during the assembling of the guests. About three hundred friends and relatives gathered to witness the ceremony. Among those from out of town were Correll Humphrey, Webster's Crossing; Elmer Major, Miss Major, Charles Humphrey, Mr. and Mrs. Travis, Hornellsville; Mr. and Mrs. William Humphrey, Ed. Humphrey, Mr. and Mrs. Black, Livonia; Mr. and Mrs. Francis G. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Oberdorf, Dansville; Mrs. Candace Hall, Myron Hall, Buffalo; Mrs. George Hamlin, East Bloomfield; P. F. Leech, Canandaigua; Mr. and Mrs. George Crosman, Miss Clara Crosman, Miss Beatice Crosman, Mr. and Mrs. George Shepard, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shepard, Rochester; Miss Irene Duncan, Fort Plain; John B. Clark, Geneva; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fairchild, Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Hamish, Dr. H. S. Benham, Miss Grace Martin, Honeoye Falls. A farewell reception was given at the home of the bride at which the young couple received congratulations from about seventy-five friends and relatives, after which they departed for an extended trip. On their return they will reside in Hornellsville, N. Y.

From Ontario County Chronicle 15 October 1902


Shortsville, N. Y. -
Married, April 6, 1902, in Rochester, by Rev. Dr. Sankey, pastor of the United Presbyterian church, Charles A. Fiero and Miss Maud M. Sisco, of Shortsville. The young couple occupy a high social position and for reasons best known to themselves have kept the fact of their marriage from the public until this time. The happy couple for the present will reside with the bride's parents.

From Ontario County Chronicle 22 October 1902


Manchester, N. Y. -
A quiet wedding took place at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Lucy Derr, at high noon on Thursday, at which time her only daughter, Miss Gertrude, was united in marriage to Page Hinman of Buffalo, formerly of this village. The nuptial knot was tied by Rev. G. A. Baldwin, pastor of the M. E. Church of this village, of which the bride is a devoted member. The party took the 3:30 train over the Lehigh for an extended western tour. Owing to the bride's mother being in feeble health, no one but immediate friends of the contracting parties were present at the ceremony.


Thursday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Thompson, West Gibson street, was the scene of a nuptial event of more than passing interest, the occasion being the marriage of their daughter, Miss Anna Isabelle, to Hadley C. Case. The contracting parties are well-known young Canandaiguans, who have been teaching school in New York City for several years. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Charles J. Clausen, rector of St. John's Episcopal Church, in the presence of relatives. Mendelssohn's wedding march was played by Miss Anna Finley. The house decorations were pink and white, the scheme being carried out with autumn leaves, potted plants, palms and cut flowers. Miss Martha Bennett was the bridesmaid and the groom was attended by Arthur Thompson, a nephew of the bride. The bride wore pearl gray moire aeolin, trimmed with white applique, and carried bride roses. Miss Bennett wore pink and carried pink roses. After a reception and a wedding breakfast, prepared by Miss Rose Faber, Mr. and Mrs. Case left on an evening train for their home in New York. They will reside at 204 West One Hundred and Thirty-third street.


Another pretty wedding took place Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Conklin, West Avenue, when their daughter, Miss Emma Laura Conklin, was married to Hiland Edward Shaddock of Canandaigua. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Frank Weeks of Rochester, in the presence of one hundred relatives and friends. During the ceremony the bride and groom stood beneath an arch in of evergreen, in front of a bank of ferns, evergreens, palms and potted plants. The house decorations were carried out in green and white. The bridal party were attended by two little flower girls, Misses Ruth Mack and Pearl Conklin, both attired in white silk and carrying baskets of flowers. The bride wore white Swiss, trimmed with Valenciennes lace, and carried white roses. The ushers were Misses Maizie Bloodgood of Ionia and Katharine Tracey, of this place, Clifford Peck and Vernon Griffin, West Bloomfield. Mendelssohn's wedding march was played before and after the ceremony by Miss Ida Conklin, sister of the bride, who also rendered "O, Promise Me," during the solemn rites. A reception followed the ceremony, and Mr. and Mrs. Shaddock left on an evening train for an eastern trip. They will reside in Canandaigua this winter.


In St. John's Episcopal church on Wednesday evening occurred the marriage of Miss Julia Wendall Failing to George Desmond Peck, two popular young people of Canandaigua. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Charles J. Clausen, rector of the church. The bride is the niece of Bradley Wynkoop, Esq., with whom she made her home. The groom is a well-known and promising member of the Ontario county bar.


Thursday afternoon Miss Ina Baker was married at the home of W. W. Baker, Gorham street, to Frank Smith. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Lewis T. Reed, pastor of the Congregational church, in the presence of immediate relatives. The groom is an employee of the New York Central railroad, and after a brief wedding trip, the young couple will reside in Syracuse.


Wednesday Mrs. Alice Woodruff, of Canandaigua, and J. C. Torrence, of Kansas, were quietly married in the Congregational church parsonage. They will reside in West Avenue.

From Ontario County Chronicle 29 October 1902



Allen's Hill, N. Y. -
A pretty double wedding was that of Miss Sarah Elizabeth Deal and James Martin Adsit, of Clifton Park, and Miss Mary Henrietta Deal and Stoughton Tracy Garlinghouse, of this place, which was celebrated at the pleasant home of the brides' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Asa N. Deal, last Wednesday at high noon. The house was daintily and artistically decorated with cut flowers and autumn leaves. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. J. S. Brown and Rev. David Hughes, brother-in-law of the brides, and was very impressive. Immediately after the ceremony an elaborate wedding breakfast was served. The brides were becomingly attired in dainty gowns of white Persian lawn trimmed with lace and carried bride roses. The beautiful and useful gifts, beside each received a sum of money. About 70 relatives and friends were in attendance and had a most delightful time. Mr. and Mrs. Adsit will make their future home in Clifton Park, where the groom is engaged in business. Mr. and Mrs. Garlinghouse are both popular young people, and have the kindly wishes of a host of friends; they will reside here. The guests from abroad were Mr. and Mrs. Welcher, Mr. Williams and Misses Maveret and Ethel Williams of Newark; Mrs. W. W. Brown and Miss A. Brown of Penfield, Mr. and Mrs. Patterson of Mertensia, Miss Raymond of Canandaigua, Mr. and Mrs. Deal and daughters of Lima, Mr. and Mrs. Dibble of Honeoye Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Ward and daughter, Irene, of Livonia, Mrs. Warren and Miss Synes of Rochester, Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur, Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Hoagland of Honeoye, Mrs. Frank Senn of West Bloomfield, Miss Alice Dubois and A. R. Deal of Victor, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Briggs and sons of Bristol, Misses Janette and Ruth Deal of East Bloomfield, Miss Minnie Norgate of Canadice, Mr. and Mrs. Holmes and daughter of Castile, Rev. and Mrs. David Hughes and children of Clifton Park.

From Ontario County Chronicle 5 November 1902


Last Wednesday evening the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Trafton, Bristol street, was the scene of a very pleasant nuptial event, the occasion being the marriage of their daughter, Miss Ada Alinda Trafton to James Hugh Cameron, a well-known young business man of Canandaigua. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Samuel Manning, of Auburn, in the presence of a large number of relatives and friends. The house decorations were elaborate and beautiful, consisting of a harmonious  grouping of palms, potted plants, autumn leaves and vines and evergreens. Miss Minnie L. Trafton, a sister of the bride, attended her as maid of honor, while the bridesmaids were Miss Donna Crane of Sharon Center, O., Miss Blanche Orr of Peoria, Wyoming county, Miss Genevra Bell of Berkley, Cal., and Miss Blanche Brockelbank of Canandaigua. The groom was supported by his brother, William C. Cameron, of Rochester. Messrs. Perry Pearce and H. William Doyle of this village, acted as ushers. The bride was exquisitely gowned in cream-colored mousseline de soie over cream-colored silk and carried a bouquet of cream-colored roses. The maid of honor was dressed in pale green mousseline de soie over cream-colored silk and carried pink roses. The bridesmaids were all attired in white gowns and carried bunches of autumn leaves. A reception was held immediately after the ceremony. Saxton's orchestra of Canandaigua furnished the wedding music, while the wedding breakfast which followed the reception was served by caterers Frone & Doyle of Canandaigua. The bride's table, where covers were laid for eight, was decorated in red and green. The guests were served by the following Canandaigua young people: Misses Minnie VanArsdale, Katherine Tracey, Julia Farnum, Inez Herrington and Caroline Aberle and Messrs. William Thompson, George Nicholson, Edward Rippey, Will Townsend and John O'Neill. A large number of handsome and appropriate presents were received, including gifts from the Merrill Hose Company, of which the groom is a member, and from the National Protective Legion, of which organization the groom is president and the bride an active member. The bride is one of Canandaigua's most attractive young ladies, while the groom is the manager of the Curtice undertaking business in this village. Mr. and Mrs. Cameron left on an evening train for a trip in the west. After November 17th, they will be at home at No. 130 Main street.

From Ontario County Chronicle 12 November 1902


Bristol Springs, N. Y. - The marriage of Miss Dora Standish, the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. T. Standish, to Geo. Hickox of Canandaigua, was solemnized at their home in this place last Wednesday, Nov. 5, at high noon in the presence of about fifty invited guests. We extend congratulations to the happy couple. We understand their future home will be in Canandaigua. We are very sorry to lose Mrs. Hickox, as she has been one of the leaders in our church and Sunday school, she being superintendent the past year and always taking active part in social work and the C. E. Society, etc.

From Ontario County Chronicle 26 November 1902


Thursday afternoon the home of Mrs. Carrie A. Cox, Telyea street, in this village, was the scene of a pretty nuptial event, the occasion being the marriage of her daughter, Ada Bell Cox to Wallace Frank Blake. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. J. Wallace Webb, of the Methodist Episcopal church in the presence of fifty guests. The decorative scheme of the house was carried out with evergreens, palms, ferns and cut flowers. The maid of honor was Miss Ada Park of Clifton Springs while the best man was Will Saxton, of Canandaigua. The bride's gown was of white and she carried white flowers. The bridesmaid was gowned in blue. Immediately following the ceremony an elaborate wedding breakfast was served by Caterer M. L. Frone. Mr. and Mrs. Blake left on an evening train for the west. Upon their return they will be at home at No. 6 Telyea street. Both are well and favorably known and have the best wishes of a host of friends.

From Ontario County Chronicle 3 December 1902


Naples, N. Y. - At noon Monday last at the home of Taylor Karnes, the only daughter, Susie, of Mr. and Mrs. Karnes, was united in marriage to Guy Powers of Middlesex. After a wedding trip the couple will take up their residence in Middlesex.

From Ontario County Journal 24 March 1893


Bristol Springs, N. Y. - The marriage of W. H. Cronk to Mary F. Hawkins took place on the 15th, at John Trembley's, Rev. Millard of Naples officiating. Although the day was a typical March one and roads bad, a goodly number of guests arrived in due season. The gifts were numerous, sensible and useful, including a fine gold watch to the bride from the groom's parents. After the ceremony and a substantial repast, the happy couple started for the railroad station, to be gone for a short time among the groom's relatives in Syracuse, Oswego and other points. The proverbial shower of old shoes occurred as the party left the house, but the groom objected to having an old shoe tied to the axle of the carriage, and as the roads were in a horrid condition, we presume he had in mind the story of the last straw that broke the camel's back.

From Penn Yan Democrat 14 December 1917


Mr. J. Cammon Bryan, of Geneva, and Miss Dorothy Bently were married at the bride's home in Penn Yan, Saturday, December 8, 1917, by Rev. Nevin D. Bartholomew, of the Presbyterian church. The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Martha Bentley, as bridesmaid, Dorothy Fox, a niece of the bride was ring bearer. The bride's gown was white crepe de chine with silver trimmings. She carried a bouquet of bride's roses. The bridesmaid was gowned in white voile with lace trimming. Her bouquet was yellow chrysanthemums. Miss Emma Jones, of Clifton Springs, was maid of honor. Her gown was of yellow crepe meteor. The groom was attended by Ellsworth Brown of Cornell University. E. T. Sheffler, of Shortsville, sang "O Promise Me." The house was effectively decorated with palms, greenery and chrysanthemums. Miss McMinn was caterer and the wedding luncheon was served by girl friends of the bride, viz: Misses Doris Clark, Olive Holmes, Sarah Butters and Lena Harrison. The groom will enter the navy as first-class machinist's mate, and will be stationed at Boston.

From Ontario County Times 10 June 1874


Victor, N. Y. - Miss Maria Clark, of Victor, and Mr. Geo. Sidway, of East Bloomfield, were married at the residence of Mr. David Clark, the bride's father, on Thursday morning last. The happy pair took the westward train, at 10:32 a.m., for Niagara Falls, and returned on Saturday. They have our best wishes for the future of their wedded life.

From Ontario County Times 8 July 1874


Victor, N. Y. - On Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Bolivar Ellis and Miss Francis M. Lobdell, daughter of Mrs. J. L. Lobdell, were married at the bride's residence, by Rev. Thomas Borden. They started the same day on their wedding tour, expecting to be absent some time, intending to visit the White Mountains, and other places of note. They have the congratulations and good wishes of their numerous friends in this vicinity.

From Ontario County Times 5 August 1874


Victor, N. Y. - Stephen J. Talmadge, Esq., and Mrs. Risley, were united in marriage by Rev. Wm. B. Marsh, on Thursday afternoon, at the residence of Cassius Vanness. The happy couple took the 3:50 p.m. train east -- going to Massachusetts on their wedding journey, expecting to remain a couple of weeks in that section with their numerous friends.

From Ontario County Times 2 September 1874


East Bloomfield, N. Y. - This week Tuesday, Mr. C. Rollin Simmons, of Canandaigua, and Miss Alice B. North, of this place, were married in Rochester, by Rev. R. D. Munger, former pastor of the M. E. Church here.

From Ontario County Times 30 December 1874


Victor, N. Y. - Mr. Gilbert Turner and Miss Mary Simmons were united in marriage on Christmas eve. The happy couple went to New York on their bridal excursion. They have our hearty congratulations on the auspicious event.

From Victor Herald 11 January 1901


The marriage of John I. Arnold, of this town, and Mrs. Frances Brooks, of Rochester, took place Saturday. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. W. T. Wees, pastor of the Free Methodist church of Rochester.

From Victor Herald 18 January 1901


East Bloomfield, N. Y. -
At the M. E. parsonage, Friday evening, January 11th, by Rev. H. B. Mason, Daniel Alexander of East Bloomfield and Fannie M. Buller of Bristol Center, were united in marriage. The best wishes of many friends will follow them.

From Victor Herald 8 March 1901


Mr. and Mrs. Jacob DeRew of Farmington, announce the marriage of their daughter, Nellie Caroline, to Allen B. Katkamier, which occurred on Saturday, March 2nd. The Herald and many Victor friends extend congratulations.

From Victor Herald 15 March 1901


Frank Augustus North, of this town, was united in marriage to Miss Annie Marie Collins, of Rochester, Tuesday evening. Rev. Dr. Stebbins performed the ceremony at the home of the bride in the presence of about thirty friends and relatives of the contracting parties. Mr. North is a prosperous farmer of our town, and the bride was formerly a teacher in the public schools of Rochester. They have the best wishes of a host of friends. Mr. and Mrs. North will be at home after May 1st, at the home of the groom southwest of this village.


East Bloomfield, N. Y. - At the home of Wm. H. Hicks, Wednesday, March 6, occurred the marriage of his youngest daughter, Sara, to Samuel Baker, of Mumford, N. Y. The ceremony was performed in the presence of a few near relatives by the Rev. H. B. Mason of East Bloomfield. Mrs. Baker is an estimable young lady, with hosts of friends here and in Bristol, where she has resided for several years. Mr. and Mrs. take with them the best wishes of all. After a short trip to Buffalo, they will reside in Mumford, N. Y.

From Victor Herald 10 May 1901


Married, May 7, at Livonia, by Rev. William Barber, Mr. Isaiah Horton of Victor and Mrs. Delia Barber of Livonia. After a short visit at the home of Dr. C. O. Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Horton will visit Coudersport, Pa., and Buffalo. They will be at home in Livonia after June 15.

From Victor Herald 17 May 1901


Allen's Hill, N. Y. - At the home of Mrs. Lucy Garlinghouse, Wednesday, May 8th, occurred the marriage of her daughter, Fannie, to Frank Hogland, of Honeoye. Mr. and Mrs. Hogland left the same afternoon for an extended western trip.

From Victor Herald 14 June 1901


Frank S. Williams, of this village, was united in marriage to Miss Leah Gold, of Rochester, Thursday, June 6. The wedding took place at the home of the bride in Rochester, Rev. W. E. DeYarnett, pastor of the Plymouth avenue Baptist church performing the ceremony. After a short stay at the Pan-American, Mr. and Mrs. Williams came to this village where they will reside at the home of the groom on East Main Street.

From Victor Herald 28 June 1901


A pretty wedding occurred at St. Patrick's church, in this village, at nine o'clock, Wednesday morning, when Miss Alice M. Welch of Farmington was united in marriage to Henry F. Wallman, a well-known New York Central engineer, residing in Rochester. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. J. Donnelly, and was largely attended. Mr. and Mrs. Wallman left on a wedding tour and upon their return will make their future home in Rochester.

From Geneva Advertiser Gazette 16 August 1906

A very pretty wedding was that last Tuesday afternoon when Miss Marie Leonard became the wife of Reginald D. McPherson of New York. Rev. Dr. Remick tied the knot in the presence of a large number of relatives and friends. Their presents were numerous and handsome. After a wedding dinner the couple left on the Black Diamond Express for a short trip west, after which they may return here for a day or two, then go to New York where they will make their home followed by the best wishes of all.

From Geneva Advertiser Gazette 4 October 1906


The marriage of Miss Emma M. Malette to William C. Wilson will occur next Saturday evening at six o'clock in St. Peter's Church. While the invitations are not numerous, the attendance at the wedding will be large, for the young people have hosts of friends. Charles S. Young will be best man, and Miss Olive Wilson, sister of the groom, bride's maid. Ushers, Messrs. Will Schell, Harry Worden, Harry Marshall, Harold Wilson. Bride's attendants Misses Carrie Coon, Florence and Edith Wilcox, Harriet Van Tassel. In the church the color scheme will be lavender and white. Several "showers" have been given the bride-elect by her young lady friends.

From Geneva Daily Times 7 July 1908


Clifton Springs, N. Y. - On Saturday evening, July 4th, at six o'clock t the home of the bride's mother on Crane street, in Clifton Springs, occurred the marriage of Miss Maude Armington of Clifton Springs to Clarence W. Benham, of Canandaigua. The ceremony was witnessed by only the immediate relatives and friends of the bride and groom. The bride was tastefully attired in a gown of white and was unattended. The ceremony was performed by Rev. W. H. Skeels of Victor. After the ceremony an elaborate wedding luncheon was served. After a short wedding journey, Mr. and Mrs. Benham will be at home at 138 Chapin street, Canandaigua, where the groom is engaged in business. The many friends of the bride extend good wishes.

From Ontario County Journal 14 April 1893


Shortsville, N. Y. - Zadoc Warfield and Miss Minnie Runyan, of this place, left for Detroit, Mich., last Tuesday, and were there united in marriage, returning to this place Thursday. They received the usual "serenade" by the small boys of the town Saturday evening.


M. D. Dugan, for several years bookkeeper in the hardware store of Theo. Perkins & Co., and Miss Elizabeth O'Brien were married in St. Mary's Church Wednesday afternoon at 2:45 o'clock. M. J. O'Brien, of Rochester, was groomsman, and Miss Julia Coyle, of Canandaigua, was bridesmaid. The wedded couple left Wednesday afternoon for a short eastern trip.

From Ontario County Journal 21 April 1893


Naples, N. Y. - Rev. W. B. King, a young Methodist pastor of Fremont, N. Y., was wedded to Miss Hettie Cleveland, one of Naples' honored daughters, on Thursday at 2 p.m. The wedding was successful in every detail. To the bride's parents, who now have seen four of their children married and have six more who will probably follow on, a wedding is not so much a novelty, but always an occasion of good cheer. Rev. E. G. Piper, pastor of the bride, officiated, aided by Revs. Sanborn and King (not the groom), but a brother. Several of the groom's family and friends were present, and the large house was full of guests on the day. Mr. and Mrs. King went to Fremont to begin life together in earnest.


Charles H. Brockelbank, an employee in the grocery house of W. W. Wilcox, and Miss Mary Kingsbury, daughter of Sherman Kingsbury, were married Wednesday afternoon by Rev. E. B. Gearhart, at their future residence on Bristol street.

From Ontario County Journal 28 April 1893


Lucas L. Smith, of the firm of Smith Bros., millers, and Mrs. Anna E. Cooley were married at the home of the latter, No. 34 Chapin street, Wednesday evening at 6 o'clock. Rev. N. M. Calhoun officiated at the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, after the reception at the house, took the 8:20 train west on the Central Hudson for Chicago where they will be present at the opening of the World's Fair.


Thomas E. Murphy and Mary L. Mack were married at St. Mary's church by Rev. D. English Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Following the ceremony a large number of invited guests enjoyed the hospitality of the newly wedded couple at their new residence, No. 18 1/2 Park street. Mr. and Mrs. Murphy left by a late evening train for a short bridal trip to Buffalo. Mr. Murphy is proprietor of the restaurant in the basement of The Canandaigua and Miss Mack was until recently type-writer in the office of J. S. Coe, Esq.

From Ontario County Journal 30 June 1893


One of the few June weddings of 1893 in Canandaigua, was solemnized at the Methodist Episcopal Church, Wednesday evening, when Conrad Louis Becker, Professor of music in Syracuse University, formerly of Vine Valley, led to the altar Miss Nellie Hawley, of Gorham street, daughter of Mrs. Lester Hawley Adams. The bride was arrayed in creme satin, en train, with lace. She carried roses. Miss Elizabeth Ingraham of Ontario street, the bridesmaid, wore a dress of white mull, with lace. Charles Becker, a brother of the groom, was groomsman. The ushers were Fred C. Hawley, a brother of the bride, Jesse T. Spaulding, of Clyde, Charles W. Darling and Irving J. Fields of Canandaigua. The wedding march, which was played by Prof. Charles Ball of Syracuse, had been composed for the occasion by Theodore Saul of Saratoga. Rev. E. H. Gearhart officiated at the service. Mr. and Mrs. Becker left Wednesday evening for the bridal trip, on which they will visit Albany and New York, later staying at Saratoga. After September 1, they will be at home to friends at their new home in Syracuse.

From Ontario County Journal 28 July 1893


East Bloomfield, N. Y. - A very pleasant home wedding occurred last Tuesday evening when Charles I. DeZutter of Williamson was united in marriage to Miss Louise A. Letz, at the home of the bride's mother. The Rev. Mr. Townley of the First Baptist Church of Canandaigua, officiated. The rooms were tastefully trimmed with smilax and flowers. Promptly at half-past five the bridal party entered. Miss Ida DeZutter, sister of the groom, was maid of honor, and the Misses Minnie and Gertrude Cooley, bridesmaids. Charles Fisher of Rochester acted as best man. The bride was attired in white silk mull and carried bridal roses. After the ceremony the guests partook of the wedding supper. The happy couple left for an extended tour in the West.

From Ontario County Journal 11 August 1893


Naples, N. Y. - Another interesting topic is the marriage of Dr. G. S. Gallagher to the daughter of his first wife, Miss Jessie V. Bliss. Miss Bliss had made her home with Dr. and Mrs. Gallagher for many years, though quite independent financially. She is a woman of lovely character, and very popular in society circles. Her mother died two years ago. The home has always been one of the most delightful in the town, as presided over both by Mrs. Gallagher, and by Miss Jessie after her death. the doctor, who is still a young man comparatively, did not care to introduce a stranger into his home, and this wedding seems a very nice affair to the friends of the family. It took place on Wednesday at 1 p.m. A large number of guests were invited. Rev. B. F. Miller officiated. Dr. and Mrs. Gallagher left for Chicago that afternoon.

From Ontario County Journal 18 August 1893


Miller Corners, N. Y. -
The marriage of William Conklin of East Bloomfield and Miss Lottie Bennett, of this place, occurred at the parsonage at half past two o'clock Wednesday afternoon, the ceremony being performed by Rev. Mr. Pasko. A few friends and relatives were present. The happy couple went to Canandaigua for a day's visit with the groom's brother. They returned last evening, when a reception was tendered them by Mr. Conklin's parents, with whom they will make their future home. Both bride and groom are much esteemed, and a happy life is wished them.

From Ontario County Journal 25 August 1893


Naples, N. Y. - The marriage of Philip Dinsler, Jr., of this place, to Miss Elizabeth Miller, of Perkinsville, took place at the Church of the Sacred Heart in Perkinsville, August 24, at 9:30 a.m. Mrs. Dinsler will be heartily welcomed here.

From Ontario County Times 6 January 1875


Seneca, N. Y. - Between two and three hundred guests assembled at the residence of Mrs. Hugh Black, on the evening of December 23d, to witness the marriage ceremonies of her daughter, Jennie, to Mr. John Halstead, of Geneva. Rev. A. B. Temple officiated, assisted by the Rev. B. M. Goldsmith of Bellona. The wedding was a very brilliant affair, and the bride was the recipient of many very elegant presents, consisting of a solid silver tea set of eight pieces, with a silver server; one dozen silver knives, one dozen and a half of tablespoons, two dozen tea spoons, a silver cake basket and decanter, and other articles too numerous to mention. The refreshments were very fine. Mead's band from Geneva furnished the music for the occasion. After the tables were cleared, the "dance" was opened by the bride and groom leading in the quadrille. They went to Chicago, and were to visit other western cities on their wedding tour.

From Ontario County Times 20 January 1875


Orleans, N. Y. - The first marriage of the season took place on Wednesday evening, at the residence of the bride's father, the parties being Mr. Henry D. Warner and Miss Frankie Spear. The happy pair have gone to Michigan to spend the honeymoon.

From Ontario Repository and Messenger 29 July 1874


Married at the residence of the bride's mother in Walworth, on Tuesday, July 28th, by the Rev. Wm. B. Marsh, Mr. Charles R. Dryer of Victor to Miss Alice Peacock.

From Geneva Daily Times 16 July 1908


Shortsville, N. Y. - Yesterday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reynolds, two miles north of this village, was solemnized the marriage of their youngest daughter, Bessie Irmingarde to Claude E. McMillen of Seneca Falls, Rev. S. S. Pratt of the Methodist church, officiating. The house was decorated with ferns, bridal wreath and nasturtiums. Mrs. Mattie Verplanck of Manchester played the wedding march. The best man was Ervin Reynolds, brother of the bride, and the bridesmaid was Miss Bertha McMillen, sister of the groom. They stood under a white wedding bell in front of a bank of ferns. The bride's dress was white batiste made princess and she carried a bouquet of bride roses. Miss McMillen's gown was white and she carried a large bouquet of pinks. The guests from out-of-town were Misses Bertha, Ethel and Marjorie McMillen and their father, Enos McMillen of Phelps; Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Williams of Rochester; Mr. and Mrs. Beatty and Albert and Miss Franc Reynolds of Palmyra. After a wedding dinner, Mr. and Mrs. McMillen took the 7:20 train for Elmira. They will be at home in Seneca Falls August 1st.

From Geneva Daily Times 17 July 1908


Naples, N. Y. -
The home of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Blake was the scene of a pretty wedding yesterday at 4 p.m., when the marriage of their daughter, Anna, to Mr. William E. Smith of Cedarhurst, R. I., took place. The bride was attended by Miss Jennie Smith of Naples. Professor George Dalgety of Rochester acted as best man. Elsie Blake, the young sister of the bride, was ring bearer. Rev. James Moss performed the ceremony. The wedding march was played by Mrs. William Kennedy, and Miss Florence Smith of Brooklyn, a school friend of the bride, sang "O Promise Me." One hundred guests were present, among those from out-of-town being Samuel D. Adams, E. W. Doolittle, George S. Dalgety of Rochester; Stanley A. Ball of Alabama, Miss Florence Smith of Brooklyn. The bride is one of Naples' most charming ladies and has a host of friends.

From Geneva Daily Times 24 July 1908


Canandaigua, N. Y. - Frank Henry and Miss Verna Rose, two well-known and popular young Canandaiguans, were united in marriage Wednesday, the fact being announced yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry are spending their honeymoon at the Thousand Islands. They will be at home after September 1st at the home of the groom in Gibson street.


George R. Missner
of this city and Miss Minnie Hogan of Penn Yan were married Tuesday afternoon at four o'clock at the Baptist church parsonage in Penn Yan by the pastor, Rev. Mr. DeGrachy. Mr. and Mrs. Missner are residing in this city, where he is employed at the George W. McCrea bakery.

From Geneva Daily Times 25 July 1908


Word was received here last night announcing that John B. Kenney of No. 67 High street was married on Thursday last to Mary Schenck of Brooklyn. The news came as an entire surprise to Mr. Kenney's friends as he had not previously announced his intentions to be married. Mr. and Mrs. Kenney are now on a wedding trip and it is expected that they arrive in Geneva next week. They will make their home in this city.

From Shortsville Enterprise 1 January 1914


The marriage of Miss Mary Leo, of Geneva, and Abbott Hessney, Jr., of Manchester, both Syrians, was solemnized in Manchester on Sunday night at the groom's home. The ceremony was performed in the presence of a number of relatives and friends by Rev. D. W. George, a Syrian priest from Geneva. The bridesmaid was Miss Louise Hessney and the groom's best man was Moses J. Abrahams, both of Manchester. According to Syrian custom, the groom does not go to the bride to be married, but the bride takes herself to him. The bride was attired in a gown of white satin, veil and orange blossoms, and her maid wore pink silk and carried carnations. Mr. and Mrs. Hessney will make their home in Manchester.

From Shortsville Enterprise 15 January 1914



At the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Frarey, Sr., of Seneca, Thursday afternoon, Jan. 1, occurred the double marriage of Miss Inez B. Hatch, niece of Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Stearman, of Farmington, to John Frarey, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. John Frarey, Sr., prominent fruit growers of Seneca. Also Miss Edith Frarey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frarey, to Walter Whitwood, also of Seneca. As the clock was striking four, Mrs. Bruce E. Pierce took her place at the organ and began the strains of Lohengrin's "Wedding March." The parlor was first entered by the ring bearer, little Elsie Frarey, followed by Rev. Bruce E. Pierce and the bridal couples. The latter took their places under a bower of smilax, evergreen and mistletoe, from the center of which hung a large white wedding bell. Miss Hatch was given in marriage by her father,William Hatch, and Miss Frarey by her father. After the ceremony, the young couples received congratulations and then proceeded to the dining room where covers were laid for ten at the brides' table, which was decorated with white carnations and ferns and lighted with green candles. The parlor and dining room color scheme was green and white. There were about 75 guests present and were served a six-course dinner by the Misses Grace and Mildred Stearman, Stella Bird, Mabel Hatch and Messrs. Lyle and Ralph Stearman, Arthur Bird and Walter Frarey, all cousins of the brides.

Mrs. Frarey's dress was light pink crepe de chene, trimmed with white fur and lace. Mrs. Whitwood's dress was light blue charmeuse satin, trimmed with Irish point lace and pearl bead trimming. Both couples received many and useful gifts, including silver, china, table damask and furniture.

Mr. and Mrs. Frarey left for a two weeks' wedding trip to Auburn, Syracuse and Cortland. Her traveling suit was dark brown serge, with a large white hat to match. Mr. and Mrs. Whitwood left for a few days' visit with relatives at Troy and Glens Falls. Upon their return both couples will reside at their new homes in Seneca. The out-of-town guests present were from Syracuse, Canandaigua, Farmington, Stanley, Hall, Penn Yan and Avon.


The marriage of Miss Edna Henrietta Elliott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elliott, of the town of Farmington, to Frederick J. Norman, of Wellsboro, Pa., took place last week Thursday at the Presbyterian parsonage in Victor. Rev. Frank W. Hill performed the ceremony in the presence of the bride's parents and brother, Irving Elliott, and his wife and two children. The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Inez Elliott, and Walter Exton, of Palmyra, was best man. The wedding march was played by Miss Elizabeth Hill, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Hill. Following the ceremony, Mrs. Hill served a lunch to the wedding party, the bride being a friend of the family. Mr. and Mrs. Norman left shortly after noon for the groom's home in Wellsboro, where they will spend six weeks. They will be at home after March 1st in Farmington.

From Shortsville Enterprise 5 February 1914


The marriage of Miss Katherine Tarminichik, of Elmira, and George Korlinick, of Manchester, a Polish couple, was solemnized at St. Dominic's church in this village on Monday. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Father Kavinch, of Auburn. Two best men and two bridesmaids assisted the couple to marital bliss. In the evening a dance was held in Manchester in celebration of the event, about 100 persons attending. Guests from out-of-town were from Elmira, Rochester, Hornell, Geneva, Auburn, Ithaca and Waverly. The music was furnished by Kiztrich's orchestra from Auburn. Mr. and Mrs. Korlinick are spending a week at Buffalo and on their return will make their home at Manchester.

From Shortsville Enterprise 12 February 1914


The marriage of Raymond Jeffrey of Palmyra street, and Miss Mildred Randall, daughter of Mrs. Ella Randall of Manchester, was solemnized at the Baptist parsonage in Manchester on Thursday evening of last week. The nuptial knot was tied by the pastor, Rev. A. A. Reed. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey departed in an auto for Clifton Springs, where they boarded a Lehigh Valley train for New York city. They will be at home to their friends after Feb. 20 in Manchester. Best wishes for a long and happy life are extended to the popular young couple.

From Shortsville Enterprise 26 February 1914


Announcement has been made of the marriage of two popular young residents of Farmington, Miss Jessie McLouth, daughter of Mrs. Gustavus McLouth, and James Howland, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Howland. The ceremony was performed at the rectory of St. Felix church in Clifton Springs last week Wednesday night by Rev. F. J. O'Hanlon in the presence of a few friends. After a brief honeymoon trip, Mr. and Mrs. Howland will return to Farmington to reside, where he has recently purchased a farm.


The marriage of Miss Ina Gunnison, daughter of Fred Gunnison, of Railroad avenue, and Clinton Sandford, of Newark, son of Mrs. Fred Gunnison by a former marriage, took place at the Gunnison home last week Wednesday evening. The ceremony was performed by Rev. C. C. Reynolds, pastor of the Shortsville M. E. Church, in the presence of immediate friends and relatives. A wedding luncheon followed the ceremony, and the bridal couple departed on an evening train for Syracuse. After a short tour they will make their home in Newark, this State, where Mr. Sandford conducts a motion picture theatre.


A quiet but pretty wedding took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher A. Kipp in Booth street last Thursday at high noon. The contracting parties were Miss Bernetta B. Kipp, and Frank Wadsorth, of Rochester, the nuptial knot being tied in the presence of only the immediate families. The ceremony was performed by Rev. C. C. Reynolds, pastor of the Shortsville M. E. Church. The maid of honor was Miss Maisie Kipp of Rochester, a sister of the bride, and the best man was Mr. Doyle, also of Rochester. After the ceremony a wedding luncheon was served and Mr. and Mrs. Wadsworth left on an afternoon train for an Eastern trip. They will reside at Rochester on their return and will be at home to their friends after March 1. The groom is an employee in the post office in that city. The out-of-town guests were: Miss Grace Kipp, Miss Maisie Kipp, James Kipp and Mr. Doyle, of Rochester; Miss Anna Harrington, of Geneva, and Roger Kipp of New York.

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