Maps of Ontario County and New York State


ONTARIO COUNTY MAP showing town boundaries

Village of Stanley in the Town of Seneca

This partial map of Stanley is from about the 1880s and shows some of the following family surnames: BARDEN CARNEY CARTER CROSSESON? DRISCOLL DUGGLEBY FULTON HARVEY JEWETT LAWRENCE LUDWIG MOON PITT PUTNAM ROACH VAN GELDER WEEKS WHEAT.

City of Geneva

This partial map of Geneva is from about the 1880s and shows some of the following family surnames: COVERT GRODON KANE McNICHOLS MURPHY PLATNER ROSE SMITH SPARKS WRIGHT.

Settlement Flows of New York State

This map shows the general routes and modes of transportation that the families took as they moved west through New York State settling the New York City and Hudson Valley area - then into the Mohawk Valley and then into the Finger Lakes, Northen NY and the Southern Tier - before moving to Western NY and Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Illinois. Water and boats were an important transportation mode; and later, when paths and roads were created, wagon and oxen were used. 

Map of New York Native Peoples

This map
shows estimates of the boundries of Native Tribes of New York State. Including the five Iroquois tribes (Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, and Mohawk).

1874 Map of Town of Farmington

Thanks to Bill Allen for this donation.

1874 Map of Village of Gorham NY

Thanks to Martha Magill for this donation.

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