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June the 2 1855

Dear Brouther and Children is it possible that wea cant see each other agin it bids fare hope for it but bea contented with it you talk of beaing ould sow am i and this is all right if that i had all that i could wish for then i could give you a call and that i would doo my Dear Brother and children with joy and pleasure and joy you cant want to cea us more than wea doo you my mind is thare just all the time i have given up ever ceaing any of you and so has my children But hopes keeps the hart hole if it is in vane. Bless you for his goodness. my hands has bin sore this three years but i work some sore hands would give up but i cant But i must then all is done it is good that thare is a New heaven and a new Earth as it is true that wea must all dye young or ould you tell of being ould so am i and what has God spared us for is for good or bad when shall wea cay then may God may we all fall upon him hime o that our sins may bea for Christ. if not then wea are of most men miserable. We are in the gale of bitterness. God fordid that aney should perish. for i no lord doo all those things give mea food and rament and thare be content. What shall I say then. Wea louv you all and grater louv hath no man than this to lay down his life for his friends my mind is thare and ever will bea untill Death if that I had the means and helth i would cea you in one weaks but a lass i cant say good bye or fortell it is two hard for mea oh dear what shall i doo i excuse all things and forgiv all things and must stey active limer of mind lye moldren in the grave the day is past and gone the evening shades appear oh may wea all remember well that the Neight of Death is near wea lay our garments buy uppon our beds low next Death will soon disrob us all of what wea heare possess. keep us safe this night secure from our harm may angels gard us while wea sleap til morning light appears oh may wea in they boosum rest

Now my Dear Brouther and Children you may bea all but i hope not i cant think long a nuff to wright Dount get tird of reeding this for it may take you some time to find it out sow dount think how of so much bad work as this is. Emiline is in bad helth and i hav my douts of hir. What had wea but to prise most helth or welth i say i can tell for my self may the god of heavn Bless us all in Christ. Dount get tired for this may bea the last now weare well at presant and wea are in hopes these few broken lines will find you all well and enjoying the Blessing God our savier. This is the cry i wish i could cea uncle William. Well may God Bless us all i must stop. Wright when you get this if you please our louv to one and all

William Ludlow Thomas Ludlow
Cister Betsey they are all well but the old man they talk of celling last spring The boys is all gone they are of age
James H. Anders went last fall to th mishegan you and family his wife and mine was cisters she died this may the 17th 1855 this is the way of us all

William 2 children is on boy and gir they grow fine smart children is nine month old

Dount delay writing back for am a lone

Emiline wants to cea you the worst way if Mrs. Jeane has sold they will you this fall wright back as quick as you can waited for this

When when you get these few lines please to wright back haff th number if not more our crops all loock well in these parts Bin fare for good crops yours and sow you was fraid that wee should forget you Dount think it for it is in vane cir i must stop What doo you think of the mane law is this liberty or living or to you thant and shall i say liberty or death that is what or forttors foat for and that is my name Thomas Ludlow tel what you think of it

To: William Ludlow
Desha Co.
Laconia Ark

Dec 1856

My Dear Brother and Children Love to you all and i should like to ce you all but i can't i hope these few lines will find you all well and doing well hoping that you mite doo better and that is in Chriest the louve of god Ceak and you shall find Nock and it shall be open Come unto mea all that all that are heave laden and i will give you rest Come unto me and i will not in no wise cast out

My family is all and harty at pressent working out buy the day. But wea liv and move and havabeing in the Lord of the Living. My children all of them cend all of thare louv to you ouncle and coussons what more can wea doo my dear Brother we cant come thare if that wea could wea will come and bea glad it is a generl time of helth in these parts of the cuntry I would like to come out thare and get elk and som dear some turkey and gease

Wheat first b(tear) for at 10 shilling con(tear) oats 30 cents i had a letter from Margaret R. Dean Amos Dean daughter from her that they were all well and harty. Liv in mishgan ionia ionia county Amos Ludlow has had a young dauter now it is his wife cir.

Wish i die. Now what to wright i cant my mind is all over the wourld and how can i helpit My dear friends I long to cea you all i may stake a foot some time but my children think i am two ould to goy of sow far of a home i now it but think hard of it But i think you mite mov on can sea to it and you take the sons youngest and come to Canandaigua then inquir John G. Bradt on the East side of main stret at Grocr or at the tavern

Now my Brother and children it is to you all if that one cant wright let some one of you wright what you can if i had the meanes to come in forty eight ours if it is and how plessant it is for Bethern to dwell to geather and how mutch better in Christ

Elizabeth Ludlow in J marid John Eludlord or J marid

Anser these few lines as quick as you please cir you must begin in the moring to find This broken lines out an leave paciunts if that you can my dear friend I cant wright now how i got confus and i took my pipe and went at it a gin Crismas is near on the year fifty six and the year fifty seven is if that wea live to cea it. Who then shall bea able to stand the last day of this year i cant tell but bea yea reddy for you now not when the sone of man cometh strive to enter in at the strate gate for many will strive to enter in

My hands is all well but very tender it has bin all most five ye (tear) many for get (tear) in deade But once a man but twice a child oh dear i must stop thare is not one of us but what thinks of you all evry day And now may the god of heaven bless us all in Christ in God Amos livs in Genavia inquire for Wilson pant shop then for his house i liv right on the corner whare i did when you was at my house Parde the poor ould man if you can my dear friends for this is all wright Nome til next time Now more.

William Ludlow your friend to all Thomas Ludlow

I hope these few lines wish a Happy New year to you all in this Wourld and in the Wourld to come and i this mite bea the happy lot of us all Now i think that you should start off and come hear or elsewhare you mite get better and take one of the children with you and leav your bisness with Marvin 3 (?)ours will fetch you heare Electa livs in Canandaigua Buy the name John G. Bradt i wont wright bucant if that you hant got the meanes that is all that hinders your poor brouther two ours would start mea
William Ludlow and Thomas Ludlow
Now more at present from your friend in full

Have pacients if you can Parden if you can our louve to all in Christ yours

August the wage (torn) last letter that is sow please let mea you.

i Dount now whare Richard is dead or a live may God Bless him let him bea whare he is Giv him for last 7 years cence wea have cean him nowing whare hea is and wea must giv him up poor man.


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