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June 11 1858

Dear Brouther and Children    May the God of heaven bless you all in Christ our Lord and Savier and god   Death is all round    Joys whare it is cent.  Now i think that i would leave that place and git on higher land  Come back into some other parts of the world but remember wea must die and leave this Earthly tabernickle and joy hence to bea hear Nomore   What can i write more  My mind is all over   But i want you to come back if you can get back   Thank the Maker of this water and rejois at his works for i am god and thare is none else  i doo all these things   What can poor man doo     you morn for that you never had    When you get aney thing and loose  it then cay lost and not before   Doun your God for your hopes for you goes all things wright for you  Now that you cent make one hope white or black 

I receved your letter the 9 of June with great thankfullness to hear from you wonce more in life and that you will come and cea mea and the children in case you can   I had a letter from Margaret R. Dean the same time that i got yours and one from a friend in Washington Citty    oh cir what a Blessing it is to hear from relation and friends   May the god of heaven rejois All in Christ at the Latter Days  oh dear i am a great siner yet may God forgive us all at the last day   i must stop   Dount i make poor work of writing   i now it but i hope in murcy that i mite bea excuse for it    oh forgiv if you can   i mean to fetch your children too if you can   i could tell you more in half an our than i could in all by write but never mind  all things is write    our crops all loock well in genarl and a good time of helth in these parts and may the God of heaven Bless us all in Christ  Now doo come if you can  Pardon mea if you can and i will doo the same 

Now My Dear Brouther and Children this may bea the last wea send all the louv to you and children    if i never ceney of you may the God of heaven Bless you all in Our Lord and Savier Jesus Christ however 

Sister Betsey Dean family is all well and when you write to them send it Montrose ionia county Michgan Montrose Station ionia county Mich 

You are in my mind is thare and sound   All of us think of uncle   our louv to  My Dear Brouther children   i must stop and what can i cay more   My louv to all untill Death 

Write back when you get this 

    William Ludlow         Thomas Ludlow

i cant say good buy yet 

Parden if you can     we are all well and harty yet    i hav now papers but one letter 

May 27th 1888
Dear Cousin 

You no doubt wonder why I do answer your letter.  But hope to be pardoned for my long silence when I tell you.  Mother was still alive when your letter came the 14 ult, she was 80 years old that day.  But to far gone to talk.  I made her understand I had got your letter.  I asked her if she had any sisters.  She shook her head.  & wanted to know if you sent any money.  She always had it in her mind that Uncle Wm was well off. had plenty to do with.  & would send her something some day &  she was shure that was your motive in trying to find her & she talked about it dayly, after I got  your first letter, as long as she was strong enough.  Mother said Uncle Wm sold her mothers land & had the money for it.  I do not know how much land there was or how much he got for it.  But do not think there was much.  I think she said it was in Udica N. Y.  She was very weak & could not talk much.  But would not try to talk about much else.  I tried to make her believe that was why you wrote, but could not. she says "I hope they will send enough to burry me with so you won't have so much to stand".  It worried her a great deal to be dependant on us girls.  But I took good care of her & did all I all I could to make her comfortable.  she passed away like going in a sweet sleep April 17.  we burried her in the Cemetry 1 mile from here, whare I can see to her grave, & plant her choice flowers there while I last.  I have 3 brothers, living, Amos W., Daniel e. & Emery V.  they paid the exspences of mothers sickness.  she came here Jan 4 & was a constant care till she passed away.

this is the first time that I have had a chance to write to you since, mother left me,  I was nearly wore out taking care of her, as I was up nearly every night from the 4 of Jan till the 17 of April.  she seemed to think I must be by her if others were there,  I could understand what she said & avested A ri. 

I only have one sister liveing.  She lives 16 miles North west of me, at Sumner, her health is not very good.  Mother has made it her home with sister for the past 16 years,  she did not like to stay with  But has & thought sister needed her help more than I do.  I have to keep a hired girl the most of the time.  But sister never had any help but mother.  I tried to hire mother to stay with me for I thought sisters husband did not want her there.  But she thought sister could not get along without her & would never come to visit brothers & me only when there was not much of any work for sister to do.  then she would only stay a few weeks.  I dont know how sister will get along this spring without her, she has depended on her so. 

I havent seen sister since the day of the Funeral.  Amos, my oldest Brother lives 16 miles s.w. of me in the corner of Gratiot.  Darious lives 4 miles s.w. of Amos, in the N.E. corner of Ionia Co.  They both get their mail at Henbbardston, Ionia Co. Mich.  Emery, my youngest brother, lives 6 miles s. w. of me in a little town called Perington on the new R. R. that was just completed last summer.  The R.R. crosses the state rode that we live on.  Three miles south we can see the train when it crosses.  Thare is a little town starting up thare too called Pompeii.  I asked Amos when he was up there about Uncle Thomas'es folks & Uncle Richard & Robert.  He said they were both married but dont remember if he told me who they married.  Uncle Thomas had three girls that I know of, Elizebeth, Electa & Emeline & they were all married.  One of them married a man by the name of Hiram Braelt; they lived in Canandaigua, Ontario Co., N. Y.  When we came to Mich. 33 years ago, Amos told me who the other one married but I have forgotten.  She lived in Geneva, Ontario Co.  Emeline lived near home thare by Uncle Thomas.  Her huband George Wheaton was a Waggon maker.  I believe the 4 Boys names as I know them are Wm., Thomas, Amos, & John Emery.  John was never married to my knowlede, & I dont know who Amos or Wm. married.  Amos lived in Geneva & was a painter by trade.  Brother Amos was thare during the War & visited them.  Uncle Thomas always wrote to me as long as he lived.  One of Cousin Wm. Daughters has been out here since her Fathers death.  She was at sisters over to Sumner But I did not see her.  I never knew her.  She came thare to town with a family she was working for & by mere chance found that mother & sister Emma were her relation.  After she was gone, they were over here & told me.  Since then, she wrote to Emma & told her she was married to man by the name of Bachelor.  I was 15 when we came to Mich. & was never acquainted with any of Uncle Thomas folks, But Cousin Thomas & Cousin John, they use to come to our place Quite often.  I dont know if Cousin John is living or not.  Think Cousin Charley said he was at the time he was here.  I could told you all you want to know if I had got your letter sooner for mother could told me. 

Husband has been reading my letter & says I ought to tell you more about our home but I havent time nor room now but will tell you the rest next time.  I will say we have our 63 acres all cleared up.  I bought 40 more joining it on the west, all cleared up, 64 north on the other side of the road, 20 acres cleared.  I have a large brick house in place of the log one.  (no time for more. 


Author is female; 48 yrs old; her mother was born in 1808;  letter has been sent to Wm's offspring & Wm is dead.
Thomas is dead. 

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