The Livonia Gazette Friday, August 20,1926

Fire Destroys Barn and Contents

The reflection which a good many people  round about Livonia saw on the sky Sunday night was caused by the fire which destroyed the barn of the George Tyler farm in North Bloomfield. With the barn were some 1,500 bushels of last year's oats, this year's wheat crop, several tons of hay, a horse, a heifer and  four calves. A silo was also destroyed and a hay loader and farm tools damaged. Little insurance is said to have been carried. It is thought spontaneous combustion caused the fire.

Patterson Family Reunion

Descendants of Alexander and Eliza Patterson will hold a reunion on Saturday, Aug. 28, at the home of Mrs. Mary Bennett of North Bloomfield.

Bald Hill Locals

Charles Blair of Richmond visited Wilford Willis Saturday night.

Mr. Donald McKay spent Saturday night and Sunday with his mother at Wayland.

Miss Ada Wells is spending the week at Honeoye Falls at the home of her brother, Lloyd.

Miss Adelle Marshall is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William Marshall of Rochester this week.

Mr. and Mrs. George Marshall and daughter, Adelle, visited at Elmer Canfield's in Rochester Sunday.

The Wells, Hoppough and Marshall families attended the grange picnic at Hemlock park Tuesday afternoon.

Miss Hattie Hickock and her niece and husband of Grass Lake, Mich., called at E. E. Coykendall's and A.S. Down's Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Edson Sleight and children of Dennison Corners and Maxwell Glover and Fred House of Geneseo were Monday callers at Burdette Hoppough's.

Bald Hill, Aug. 19.

West Richmond Locals

Mrs. Lewis Rowley spent Tuesday with Mrs. Millie Day in Livonia.

Henry Dantz spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. George Swingel.

Mr. and Mrs. John Crane of Webster called at T.W. White's Sunday.

Charlotte Cuatt of Rochester spend the week-end with Mrs. Dudley Reed.

Lewis Smith and family are entertaining friends from Canaseraga.

Belmont Swingel, who has been suffering with quinzy, is able to be at his work again.

Mr. and Mrs. George Flood have been spending a few days at Alva and Dudley Reed's.

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Johnson and daughter, Mrs. Burbank, of Lockport visited at Lewis Rowley's Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Haak and children, Donald, Nellie and Ethel, were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Johnson.

Gerald, Geraldine and Lucinia Johnson, who had their tonsils removed at Dr. Trott's office Sunday, are doing nicely.

Donald Strumbo's dog, Cubbie, was killed last Friday by an auto. We are sorry for Donald, as he and Cubbie were great friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Greenman, who were guests of the former's sister, Mrs. Nelson Johnson, at Lockport, have returned home.

Mr. and Mrs. George Flood of Boston attended the Flood reunion Saturday and spent Saturday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Clark.

Scott Morrell and family and Philip Rowley and family were entertained Sunday by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Jameson at their cottage on Conesus Lake.

Miss Margaret Somerville and her friend, Mr. Walker, and Mr. and Mrs. John Somerville of Geneseo spent Sunday with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Somerville.

West Richmond, Aug. 19

Allen's Hill Locals

Philenzo Bliss of Shortville, is a guest of his cousin, Harlan Fisher.

L.A. Mitchell of Fairport was a recent business visitor on the hill.

A flower carnival will be held in the church Wednesday evening, Sept. 1st.

Miss Helen Brown of Rochester spent last week with Mrs. F.L. Green.

Miss Marie Brown of Canandaigua is a guest of her aunt, Mrs. O. J. Simpson.

Miss Nellie Garlinghouse is visiting her sister, Mrs. Charles Ward, in Livonia.

Mrs. E.G. Briggs spent a part of last week with her sister, Mrs. Chas. Ward, in Livonia.

Miss Louise Fisher is spending a few days with her cousin, Miss Jane Fisher, in Canandaigua.

The Patterson reunion will be held Wednesday, August 25th, at Cottage City, Canandaigua Lake.

Mrs. Frank Bacon, while standing on a chair, recently, fell in such a way as to crack two ribs.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Holmes and sons, George and Vincent of Castile were guests of relatives here Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tellier and the former's father and brother of Naples were guests Sunday of Mrs. Jennie Abbey.

Mr. Cole, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mason and Miss Napier of Richmond Center were callers at G. E. Patterson's Sunday.

Mrs. Minnie Ogden and Mrs. Helen Ogden are the committee to furnish flowers for the M.E. church Sunday mornings during September.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pemmerening and the latter's mother, Mrs. Nettie Pierpont of Rochester were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Will Townes Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Patterson and sons, William and Myron, of Palisade Park, N.J., are visiting the former's mother, Mrs. Gertrude Patterson, and son, Wayne.

Mrs. Ruth Wiggins and son, Theodore, and daughter, Ellen, with her guests, Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Lillye of Angelica, attended services in the M.E. church Sunday morning.

Miss Thelma Bell was a guest of Miss Ruth Huff of Honeoye early last week. Thelma attended the Congregational Sunday school picnic held on Wednesday at Hemlock lake, with Miss Huff.

Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Green, son, Myron and daughter, Dorothy, Miss Helen Brown, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Green, Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Gell, Thelma and Jean and Miss Esther Francis, enjoyed a picnic dinner on the west side of Honeoye lake at the Miller's cottage.

Thirty-seven descendants of Frew and Jane Hays held the first reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Babbitt on Saturday, August 14. After dinner a business meeting was held, at which the society organized and elected these officers: President, William Hays of Bristol; secretary and treasurer, Harold Fletcher of Canandaigua.

Allen's Hill, Aug. 19.

South Livonia Locals

*** Mr. and Mrs. Charles Niver spent the week-end at Ontario Center with their cousin, Mrs. Ethel Steele.

Mrs. Perlie Priot and mother, Mrs. John West, attended the Doolittle reunion at Claude Doolittle's in Canadice Saturday.

Canadice Locals

Roy Swan and family spent Sunday at Loon Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Roblin spent Sunday in Naples.

Mrs. Harriet Seward is visiting her son, Carl, in Buffalo.

Mrs. Roberts of Wayland was a week-end guest of Marion VanDuyne.

Lemon Mastin and wife visited in Canaseraga last Saturday and Sunday.

Elizabeth Wright, who has been nursing in Springwater, has returned to her home here.

Reed Becker and sons, Carl and Harland, of East Bloomfield, were at Jay Becker's last Sunday.

The Ladies' Aid Society will have a picnic at Canadice lake at Peter Moose's, Saturday, August. 21.

Mrs. Esther Becker and her husband visited Mrs. Becker's mother at Hemlock last Sunday.

W.H. Preston and family were at Hornell last Saturday to see their niece, who is ill in a hospital there.

Miss Grace Allen, who has been spending some time at Martin Ross'
, has returned to her home in Corning.

Mr. Hagarry and family of Rochester and Harrison Becker and family of Hemlock were at R.R. Crooks' last Sunday.

The Rev. Mr. Olmsted and wife of Niagara, who are camping at Canadice lake, attended church services here last Sunday.

Harland Hayward and wife and George Affolter and wife attended the wedding of Miss Erma Darron at East Rush a week since.

Leslie Paine's mother and sister came last week. Mrs. Paine remained for a visit of some length, while Miss Paine returned the next day.

Notwithstanding the inclement weather about 60 from Syracuse, Honeoye, Naples, Allen's HIll, Dansville, Hemlock, Conesus, Rochester and Canadice gathered at Claude Doolittle's for the seventh annual Doolittle reunion. The usual picnic dinner was served in the large home, following which the regular business meeting was held. The following officers were elected: President, Mrs. Aleen Stevens, vice-president, Mrs. Bessie Caskey; secretary and treasurer, Miss Elsie Doolittle; historian, Miss Emma J. Winch. The historian reported one death and four births in the past year. The youngest person present was little Miss Ernestine H. Parsons of Rochester. She was two months old today.

Canadice, Aug. 19.

Honeoye Locals

Henry Clark is visiting relatives at Corning.

Mrs. Seth Wiard was a guest of friends in Avon this week. [Note: Wiard is how it's spelled.]

Mr. and Mrs. F.H. Huff attended the Caledonia Fair Thursday.

C.C. Eldridge attended a Maytag dealers' convention in Buffalo Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Woodard attended a family reunion at Prattsburg Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Woolover of Herkimer are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hannant.

Mrs. Eliza Savage of Holcomb is caring for Mrs. Arthur Treble and infant daughter.

Mrs. Idelle Brown was a recent guest of her son, Edward, and family, at Canandaigua.

Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Eldridge and daughter, Bessie, spent two days at Niagara Falls recently.

John Boyd moved the household goods of Dr. Tait to their new home in his truck last week.

Donald Pingrey of Alfred was a recent guest of his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Hicks.

Mr. and Mrs. Burdette Doolittle of Baldwinsville were recent guests of the former's brother, Adelbert, and wife.

Mrs. Joseph Mallaber and sons, Paul and Glenn, are spending the week at Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Barrett's in Brockport.

Miss Bessie Eldridge, who has been teaching library work in the summer school at Syracuse University, returned home last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lewis and two sons of Adrian, Mich., spent a few days at the home of their cousins, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Harris, recently.

P.A. Short and son, the Rev. John Short, who have been spending a few weeks at the old home here, returned to their home at Kenmore Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. William Allison and daughter Mary of Canandaigua were callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Plimpton Saturday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. DeGolyer, who have been visiting their daughter, Mrs. Solon Barnard and family, returned to their home at Gloversville Monday.

The Rev. and Mrs. M.R. Hartley and family left Monday morning for Niagara Falls, Canada, called there by the illness of Mrs. Hartley's mother.

Mr. and Mrs. T.S. Stevens and Adelbert and Burdette Doolittle attended the Doolittle reunion at the home of Claude Doolittle at Canadice Saturday.

Dr. Trott performed a successful tonsil operation at his home at Hemlock Friday morning on Leonard Hamilton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hamilton. Miss Lucia Smith is caring for him.

The Boy Scouts and their scout master, Earl Woodard, and assistants, Herman Wood and Charles Blackmer, held a meeting in the basement of the Congregational Church Wednesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Gray Warrington and family of Dansville and G.E. Daniels of South Livonia were callers at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Plimpton and Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Fox, Sunday afternoon.

The members of the Junior C.E. Society sang in the choir at the morning service in the Congregational Church Sunday with Miss Eleanor Treble, who trained the Juniors, at the piano.

Miss Jennie Murphy and Mrs. Blethen, who have been spending several weeks with relatives here and in Bristol, returned Monday to their respective homes in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

The Sunday School class, of which Mrs. M.R. Hartley is teacher, elected the following officers Sunday: President, Mrs. George Affolter; vice-president, Mrs.  Roy Bentley; secretary and treasurer, Mrs. C. Mason; chairman of committee to visit the sick, Mrs. J.M. Huff.

Mrs. Walter Hamilton entertained the Over-the-Top Sunday School class, of which her son is a member, and Mrs. Morey Ashley, teacher, on Thursday afternoon, as a surprise on the 11th birthday of her son, Donald, at their home on the east side of Honeoye Lake. After playing games a boat ride on the lake was enjoyed. Mrs. Hamilton served a fine supper.

Supervisor T.S. Stevens attended a highway meeting at Buffalo.

Wednesday the annual picnic of the Congregational church and Sunday School class was held at McPherson Point, Conesus Lake, with more than 100 in attendance. McPherson Point is an ideal place for a picnic and the day was perfect. A bountiful dinner, for which Honeoye people are noted, was served at 1 o'clock, to which all did justice. After dinner all who desired to go enjoyed a steamboat ride around the lake, a treat from Mr. John Buron. We had as guests at the picnic the Rev. and Mrs. Burns, Miss Elizabeth Burns of Toledo, Ohio, and Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Jerome of Livonia.

The marriage of Pauline Cochran, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Cochran of Honeoye, and Norris Clement, son of Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Clement of Honeoye, took place at Livonia Thursday morning, August 12. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. G.T. McColl. The bride was gowned in embroidered midnight georgette over radium silk, with contrasting hat of mauve velour. The wedding dinner was served at Spring Brook Inn, Caledonia. The bridal couple left for a motor trip to the Adirondacks and other points east, after which they will reside in Honeoye, where the groom is engaged in business. The attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bacon of Lima.

Honeoye, Aug. 19.

Back in the Files

August 17, 1906
Cora, the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Struble of Canadice died Monday night after a sickness of nearly three years.

August 18, 1911

Will Proctor's house at Hemlock burned Monday night.

Miss Marjorie Deal of Allen's Hill and Walter F. Lilly of Angelica were married last week Wednesday.

Maurice Olmstead of Allen's Hill and Miss Marguerite Ribbey of Seneca Falls were married Wednesday at 6 p.m. [Note: surname is probably Kibbey.]

Friends of Alva S. Reed and family of Richmond are rejoicing over the great improvement in the condition of their son, Raymond.

August 18, 1916

Clifford Hubbard of Naples and Miss Alice Stilman of Milwaukee were married at the home of the bride recently.

The building known as the Woodruff block, on the west side of Main street, Hemlock, was entirely destroyed last Saturday night by one of the worst fires in the history of the place.

Yates County Chronicle Wednesday, July 28, 1922


A very pretty wedding took place Saturday afternoon, June 24th, at four o'clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Black, of Hall, when their daughter Harriett Ansley, was united in marriage to Walter Mitchell Robson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Robson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Robson, of Hall. The ceremony was performed by Dr. A. B. Temple, pastor of the Seneca Presbyterian church. The bridal party entered to the strains of Lohengrin wedding march, played by Mrs. G. Willard Legerwood, and stopped beneath an arch of asparagus and ferns, pink rambler roses and larkspur.

The bride was lovely in a gown of white satin crepe with pearl trimmings. Her veil was caught with a bandeau of orange blossoms and she carried a shower bouquet of white roses and white sweet peas. Her only ornament was a string of pearls. She was attended by her sister, Miss Mary Black, who was gowned in blue organdie and carried a bouquet of pink rambler roses and blue larkspur. Little Betty Hoose acted as flower girl. She wore pink organdy and carried a basket of pink roses and larkspur. The ring was carried by Master James Hoose Jr. The groom was attended by his cousin, Joseph Robson, of Rochester.

Supper was served to about 70 guests, covers being laid for twelve at the bride's table. The color scheme of pink and blue was carried out throughout the house. Mr. and Mrs. Robson left for a trip by motor through the Adirondacks, after which they will be at home near Hall. Prenuptial events were a lawn party given by Miss Nettie McLane, Mrs. Howard Turnbull and Mrs. Willard Legerwood at the home of the latter and a variety shower given by Mrs. J. A. Robson and Mrs. J. W. Robson, and a kitchen shower given by Mrs. H. S. Taylor, of Geneva. [Article on p. 8. This is the Robson Seeds Company family.]

Vital Statistics

[Transcriber's Note: these b.m.d. records have Yates County, NY locations, but were typed up by the anonymous contributor to be made permanently available to online researchers. All are short notices, all on p. 4.]


REED - To Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Reed, of Penn Yan, June 22, 1922, a son.

JACOBSEN - To Mr. and Mrs. Sorney Jacobsen, of Benton, June 22, 1922, a son (name omitted for privacy). Mrs. Jacobsen was formerly Miss Mary Hudson of Penn Yan.


BUSH-KELLOGG - In Penn Yan, June 21, 1922, Warner E. Bush and Miss Mildred Gertrude Kellogg.

SHORT-THOMAS - In Torrey, June 21, 1922, Henry Short, of Penn Yan, and Miss  Helen Thomas, of Torrey.

FULLERTON-GENTRY - In Rochester, June 24, 1922, Geo. R. Fullerton, of Penn Yan, and Miss Ruth B. Gentry, of Rochester.


SHERWOOD - In Starkey, June 24, 1922, Edward W. Sherwood, aged  60 years.

NORTHRUP - In Rushville, June 15, 1922, Oscar F. Northrup, aged 83 years.

MORGAN - In Penn Yan, June 26, 1922, Mrs. Henry W. Morgan, aged 81 years.

HUNTER - In Jerusalem, June 23, 1922, Mrs. Belle Hunter, aged 86 years.

From "News of the County." [p. 5]

Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Sprague of Hall, entertained at their home Sunday, June 25th, in honor of her mother, Mrs. E. Decker, and cousin, Mr. Chambers, whose birthdays occurred a few days previous. The table was tastily decorated with pink roses, and a delicious dinner was served. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Decker, of Benton; Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Chambers  and Mr. and Mrs. John R. Sprague, of Penn Yan; Mr. and Mrs. John Tomion of Bellona, and Mrs. F. L. Stone, of Milo.

James Casterline slipped on a banana peel and fell downstairs to the basement one day last week while at his work at the Elmwood Theatre. An X-Ray showed the bone in one wrist was split.

Chronicle Express Thursday, August 15, 1957 (Yates County)

Vital Statistics

[Transcriber's Note: only Ontario County, NY death records were typed up.]

PIERSON - In Geneva, Aug. 1, 1957, Mrs. Frances Pierson, 70, of Hall. (p. 3)

WILKINSON - In Reed Corners, Aug. 12, 1957, Henry Wilkinson, 59. (p. 3)

Listed under "Scene and Heard in Gorham." (p. 6)

Mrs. Mildred Phillips McLane, widow of the late Frank W. McLane, died Saturday, Aug. 10, 1957 in Ypsilanti, Mich. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. George Stafford of Urbana, Ill., and Mrs. E. G. Pierce of Pontiac, Mich.; also one son, several grandchildren and one sister, Mrs. John Cleland of Gorham, who with Mr. Cleland left on Sunday for the funeral and burial service in Ypsilanti.

Transcribed and donated by Martha Perry Magill. Thank you, Martha.

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