Early Liquor Licenses

From Geneva Gazette & General Advertiser 30 December 1829

Fair Warning -- List of persons to whom LICENSES have been granted in the village of Geneva, to RETAIL SPIRITOUS LIQUORS until the 9th June, 1830:

Anthony Hemiup
Harvey Hemenway
Holt & Chidsey
Asher Torrance
William Hudson
Abraham Turck
Peter Drake
Francis Armstrong
Warren Bryant & Co.
Michael Ryan

N. B. -- Those who retail ardent spirits without license, to be drank in their stores or shops, on on their premises, are liable to a fine of TEN DOLLARS for each offence.  The Revised Statutes make it the duty of District Attorneys and Poor Masters to see that this law is enforced.

From Geneva Courier 30 May 1860

Board of Excise -
The Board of Commissioners of Excise for Ontario County, commenced its session in this village on the 15th inst., and have been constantly engaged since, in examining the applications and deciding upon their merits.  We noticed last week, that Mr. Barclay had tendered his resignation to the Board, and that he was re-appointed.  Under his last appointment he still continues to act.  The following licenses have been granted since the Board commenced its session up to yesterday afternoon, viz.:


Sidney S. Mallory - Seneca
James E. Pritchard - Victor
Jacob Dennis - Hopewell
Simon P. Robinson - Phelps
S. N. Ferguson - Manchester
Albert Cleveland - Canandaigua
Rensselaer Gardner - Phelps
John H. Bennett - Phelps
James Moore - Gorham
Jacob Wormlsy - Phelps
Horace D. Mallory - Canandaigua
Stephen C. Hicks - Canandaigua
Jeremiah Burnett - Manchester
Ralph Swift - Seneca
John H. Ostrander - Seneca
Wm. Chipps - Seneca
A. Moore & K. Moore - Phelps
Ira G. Tompkins - Seneca
Wm. G. Payne, Manchester
Lester Spencer - Canandaigua
Thomas Veazie - Seneca
Charles B. Salisbury - Gorham
S. Oaks - Phelps
L. Kitcher - Phelps
D. A. Southerland - Gorham
Asa Hayward - East Bloomfield
W. C. Ross - Victor
W. J. Payne - Manchester
D. S. Wiggins & A. G. Gunnison - W. Bl'd
L. Crawford - Manchester
L. W. & W. P. Guan - Canandaigua
N. Boswell - Manchester
L. H. Codding - Bristol
S. H. Wilbur - Canandaigua
J. W. Kerney - Naples
Joseph Todd - Manchester


David E. Sizer - Victor
Absalom T. Secord - Naples
Henry Chesebro - Naples
Richard M. Green & Alonzo A. Green - Phelps
John Gibson - Phelps
Charles W. Snyder - Gorham
George W. Cook - Gorham
Wm. A. Dorsey - Geneva
Anson Wolcott -  East Bloomfield
Simon Brinkerhoof - Phelps
Thomas Green - Geneva
James Whitwell - Geneva
James McDonough - Geneva
J. & A. McKechnie - Canandaigua
Richard M. Green - Phelps
W. H. French - Geneva
Samuel Warth - Geneva
Daniel L. Lum - Geneva
George P. Mowry - Geneva
Joseph T. Smith - Canandaigua
Dayton & Smith - Geneva
W. T. Root & C. P. Mosher - Phelps
A. S. Newman - Canandaigua
W. F. Cheney - Canandaigua
J. Tracy - Canandaigua
J. McKee - Canandaigua
H. Richardson - Canandaigua
M. Dolan - Canandaigua
W. A. Smith - Phelps
T. Alsop - Geneva

$ 40.00


From Geneva Courier 19 June 1861

LICENSES GRANTED:  At the late meeting of the Board of Commissioners for this County, Licenses are granted to the following named persons:

James E. Prichard - Victor - Tavern
David E. Sizer - Victor - Store
Ira Reynolds - Bristol - Tavern
Seymour H. Gooding - Bristol - Tavern
Almon Pratt - Gorham - Tavern
James Moor - Gorham - Tavern
Davis A. Sutherland - Gorham - Tavern
George B. Cook - Gorham - Store
John White - Phelps - Store
William A. Smith - Phelps - Store
Richard M. Green - Phelps - Store
Simon P. Robinson - Phelps - Tavern
Edmund S. Gray - Phelps - Tavern
Nathan Oaks - Phelps - Tavern
John H. Bennett - Phelps - Tavern
Sylvester N. Norton - Phelps - Tavern
John Kitchen - Phelps - Tavern
Jacob Wormly - Phelps - Tavern
Davis S. Wiggins - West Bloomfield - Tavern
Robert Huntington - West Bloomfield - Tavern
Edwin F. Spaulding - Richmond - Tavern
Asa Hayware - East Bloomfield - Tavern
James McDonough - Seneca - Tavern
James Whitwell - Seneca - Tavern
Thomas Green - Seneca - Tavern
Wm. A.     G. C. Dorsey - Seneca - Tavern
D. D. Dayton & W. N. Smith - Seneca - Tavern
D. L. & W. T. Lum - Seneca - Tavern
Wm. H. French - Seneca - Tavern
Merritt M. Mallory Canandaigua - Store
Joshua Tracy - Canandaigua - Store
A. Duncan Paul Canandaigua - Store
Lyman O. Lampman - Canandaigua - Store
Joseph T. Smith - Canandaigua - Store
Holloway G. Hayward - Canandaidua - Tavern
Stephen C. Hicks -Canandaigua - Tavern
Horace D. Mallory - Canandaigua - Tavern
Lester Spencer - Canandaigua - Tavern
Cyrus H. Wilbur - Canandaigua - Tavern
W. P. & L. B. Gunn - Canandaigua - Tavern
Ambrose Worthington - Canandaigua - Tavern
Othniel W. Taylor - Canandaigua - Tavern
Myron L. Hoobs - Manchester - Store
Cornelius Salsbury - Manchester - Store
Nelson Harrison - Manchester - Tavern
William Failing - Manchester - Tavern
Leonard S. Pratt - Manchester - Tavern
Jeremiah Burnet - Manchester - Tavern
Nathaniel B. Boswell - Manchester - Tavern
John D. Huff - Manchester - Tavern
B. F. Burgess & J. W. Kearney - Naples - Tavern
H. J. Seacord & E. S. Levally - Naples - Tavern
Henry Chesebro - Naples - Store

From Geneva Gazette 29 May 1868

The second session of the Board of Excise Commissioners was held at Canandaigua on Wednesday.  Temperance organizations were represented by strong remonstrances against granting any licenses.  Such petitions were however ignored.  The following hotel licenses were granted, in each and every case by the votes of  Com'rs. Wheeler and Bonesteel - Com'r. Dox in the negative.

Franklin House, S. S. Mallory; American Hotel, J. K. Chipps; Geneva House, Wm. Chipps; Mansion House, Wm. Burton; Tompkins House, Ira G. Tompkins.


New Hotel, J. H. Tickner; Lawrence House, A. Lynch; Gypsum Hotel, _____Robinson; Oaks' Corners Tavern, Charles Crandall.


Hotel, James B. Moore.


American Hotel, Jas. Moore.
The uniform price of $30 was exacted for hotel license; druggist the same; grocer's, $40.

From Geneva Gazette 9 May 1873

Licenses --
At the first annual meeting of the village Board of Excise, held last Monday, the following licenses were granted:


Philip Becker, American Hotel
Ira G. Tompkins, Tompkins House
S. S. Mallory, Franklin House
William Chipps, Geneva House
Richard Knight, Seneca House


Augustus C. Bishoff, Saloon
John Lentz, Saloon
Lewis M. Miller, Saloon
D. A. Rudd, Saloon
John Ostrander, Saloon
John O'Neil, Saloon
Geo. H. Williams, Saloon
Dan'l Dempsey, Saloon

Maynard & Lanning, druggists
Willard N. Smith, druggist
Zobrist & Partridge, druggists
Grieve & Lefler, druggists
G. C. Dorsey, grocer
Sam'l Warth, grocer
Patrick O'Reiley, grocer
James Higgins, grocer
John Donnelly, grocer
John C. Flynn, grocer
Charles Clark, grocer

From Geneva Courier 1 April 1874

We give below the names of all persons to whom license has been granted in Geneva, and the kind of licenses granted as follows, viz:

Philip Becker - Hotel
Ira G Tompkins - Hotel
William Chipps - Hotel
Sidney S. Mallory -Hotel
Richard Knight  - Store Keeper
Maynard & Lanning - Store Keeper
Willard N. Smith - Store Keeper
Zobrist & Partridge - Store Keeper
Grieve & Lefler - Store Keeper
G. C. Dorsey - Store Keeper
Samuel Warth - Store Keeper
Patrick O'Riely - Store Keeper
James Higgins - Store Keeper
John Donnelly - Store Keeper
John C. Flynn - Store Keeper
Charles Clark - Store Keeper
John Leniz - Ale and Beer
Lewis M. Miller - Ale and Beer
Augustus C. Bishoff - Ale and Beer
John Ostrander - Ale and Beer
John O'Neil - Ale and Beer
Geo. H. Williams - Ale and Beer
Daniel Dempsey - Store Keeper
Peter Shanley - Store Keeper
Wm Knight - Store Keeper
Henry Ramsey - Hotel
John Burns - Hotel
Ernest W. Fox - Hotel
James Kewin - Hotel
Geo. W. Baker - Hotel
Daniel Sullivan - Hotel
John Sheehan - Hotel
Thos. Alsop - Hotel
Geo. W. Brown - Hotel
John Payne - Hotel
William H. Suydam - Hotel
Robert Wolfe - Ale and Beer

From Geneva Gazette 9 May 1884;

Geneva's Licensed Places - The Board of Excise met Monday and granted licenses to the parties named below.  They established rates as follows:  For hotels and store licenses, each $80.  For ale and beer licenses, $20.  It will be seen that the number is not in excess of last year, and that no new places have been opened since the first of April.


Geo. White - International
W. D. Giddings - Kirkwood (American)
Ira G. Tompkins - Tompkins House
Maggie A. Fox - Fox's Hotel
S. H. Remington - Franklin
W. H. Alleman - Mansion
Wm. Chipps - Geneva House
James Higgins
Wm. Van Sickle
Fred'k Breuer
Esther T. Hawkins
Geo. H. Williams
John H. Mehan - St. Nicholas
Catharine Frank
Wm. Burton


Wm. Knight
Diedrich Breuer
Peel & Proudfit
Michael Gannon
John McGloon
John Lavy
John Lantz
Margaret McGloon
Wm. H. Riley


L. E. King
Thos. A. Kane
Patrick O'Reilly
Sam'l Warth
G. & W. S. Baker
John Zobrist
A. L. Sweet
John Pembroke
Eliza Bryson
Andrew Desmond
Chas. H. Harris
John Kane
John O'Malley
W. H. Partridge
Haviland & Hemiup
Mary Higgins
G. & W. Patterson
John Donnally
Mary Dempsey

From Geneva Gazette 8 May 1885;

Licenses Granted --

The Excise Commissioners of Geneva, at their meeting last Monday, granted the following licenses:

Hotels -- Frederick Breuer; E. T. Hawkins, A. White; S. H. Remington; Wm. Burton; William Chipps; Geo. H. Williams;
W. H. Thomas; W. D. Giddings; Miranda Ramsey; Ira G. Tompkins.

Saloons -- Diedrich Breuer; John McGloon; Michael Gannon; John Patterson; J. J. Jenkins; M. Knight; M. Smith; John Lentz; M. McGloon; L. E. King.

Stores -- Mary Bryson; Patrick O'Riely; Mary Dempsey; Ellen Donnelly; Haviland & Hemiup; W. H. Partridge; Sam'l Warth; Geo. H. King; J. O'Malley; Andrew Desmond; Thos. A. Kane; J. Kane; John A. Zobrist; Geo. W. Baker; Richard Knight, Jr.; A. L. Sweet; Ann Mulcahy; George Patterson; Martin Gannon; John Pembroke.

The total amount of money received was $1220.  The next meeting will be held the first Thursday in June.

It will be seen that no license was granted to Mr. Alleman of the Mansion House -- which hotel is the oldest one in Geneva.  The rejection of Mr. Alleman's application has excited marked surprise and adverse criticism of the board of excise, inasmuch as the worthy proprieter has in the management of his house strictly observed the license laws in letter and spirit, and enforced order and decorum in and about his premises. We feel confident that at its next session, June 4th, the Excise Board will reconsider its action of Monday last as affecting Mr. Alleman. Meantime the Mansion will be kept open and guests handsomely provided for as usual except at the bar.

From Geneva Gazette 6 May 1887;

Forty-Nine Licenses for Geneva - The annual meeting of the Geneva Board of Excise was held yesterday, and forty-nine licenses were granted, for which $1360 in all were paid.  The following persons were licensed to sell:


S. H. Remington - Franklin House
Giddings & Blaine - Kirkwood
Wm. Chipps - Geneva House
Joseph White - International Hotel
M. Carroll - Mansion House
H. Ramsey - St. Nicholas
M. Hawkins - Hawkins House
John Fletcher
M. Gannon
Wm. Burton
E. W. Fox
A. H. Coleman
James Higgins
Fred Breuer


M. McGloon
R. Knight
D. Breuer
N. Veit
Ann McGloon
Frank D. Gannon
John Lentze
Herman Gudme
A. Jenkins


T. W. Hawkins
John Pembroke
Ellen Doran
Ann Mulcahy
D. Creedon
John Cane
Mary Toole
John O'Malley
Geo. W. Baker
Ellen Donnelly
P. O'Reily
Bryan Moylan
John A. Zobrist
Samuel Warth
W. H. Partridge
Mary Dempsey
John Tolan
Mary Brysen
Haviland & Hemiup
Geo. H. Myers
A. L. Sweet

From Geneva Gazette 11 May 1888

Licenses Granted - The Geneva Board of Excise met last Monday, and for a board elected on the platform of "limited and high license," it must be conceded that its action in the premises has been unexpectedly liberal.  In the first place it receded materially from the high price once fixed upon for the respective grades of licenses -- hotel from $150 to $100; saloon from $100 to $75; store from $100 to $50.  The following are the favored ones:  

Franklin House - S. H. Remington
Kirkwood - Giddings & Blaine
International Hotel - Geo. White
Burton House - Wm. Burton
Breuer House - Fred Breuer
Tompkins House - V. E. Tompkins
Geneva House - Wm. Chipps
Fall Brook House - Wm. H. Thomas
M. H. Hawkins - Exchange St.
Nicholas Veit - Exchange St.
F. D. Gagnon - Exchange St.
John Lentz - Exchange St.
Diedrich Breuer - Exchange St.
Wm. Knight - Exchange St.
Margaret Gannon - Exchange St.
Haviland & Hemiup - Seneca St.
A. L. Sweet - Seneca St.
W. H. Partridge - Seneca St.
J. A. Zobrist - Seneca St.
Geo. H. Myers - Exchange St.
Ellen Donnelly - Main St.
John Pembroke - Main St.
Geo. W. Baker - Exchange St.
T. W. Hawkins - Exchange St.
P. O'Riely - Exchange St.
Sam'l Warth - Exchange St.
T. A. Kane - Exchange St.
John Kane - Exchange St.
J. O. Malley & Bros. - Exchange St.
D. E. Dempsey - Castle St.

From Geneva Gazette 13 May 1892

Licenses Granted -
The town Board of Excise held a session according to the recess taken last Monday, when it was ready to proceed to business under the new law.  It is believed that if action had not already been taken fixing the fee in the respective classes of license, rates would have been adopted corresponding approximately to those enacted in Canandaigua, which are nearly double those of Geneva.  The following is a full list of those granted with the fee paid in each case.


H. C. Caney & Son - Franklin House
Philip Becker - Kirkwood
W. H. Thomas - Breevort House
Wm. Chipps - Geneva House
A. Bennett - 84 Exchange St.
Mich'l Brennan - 82 Exchange St.
Demming & Bergen - Exchange St.
S. Farnsworth - Mansion House
M. H. Hawkins - Club House
Wm. Van Sickle - Trotting Park
Geo. White - White House
Nicholas Veit - Wadsworth St.
Jno. Thornton - Exchange St.
Michael O'Malley - Hoffman House
John Broderick - Lake St.
Luke Reddy - Burton House
Clark & Codington - Exchange St.
John E. Gibson - Exchange St.
Mrs. E. L. Gilbert - Exchange St.
Thos. Campbell - Cor. Lewis & Exch. St.
Fred Brewer - Exchange St.
Jas. Higgins - Cor. Exch. & Tillman St.
V. E. Tompkins - Tompkins House
J. P. DeWitt - Lake St.

E. M. Dailey - Exchange St.
D. E. Dempsey - Castle St.
Bridget Riley - Exchange St.
Richard Knight - Cor. Exch. & Tillman St.
T. W. Hawkins - Exchange St.
Margaret McGloon - Exchange St.
Lantz & Alcock - Cor Exch. & Castle
Dennis Creedon - Exchange St.
Mary Ryan - Exchange St.
Thos. A. Kane - Exchange St.
Wm. Knight - Exchange St.
D. Brewer - Exchange St.
Geo. Baker - Exchange St.
Ellen Doran - Exchange St.
Broderick & Wright - Seneca St.
Thos. Manley - Exchange St.
Margaret Gannon - Exchange St.
Mary O'Malley - Castle St.
M. C. Pembroke - Cor Main & Castle
Roland & Brennan - Castle St.
John Kane - Exchange St.
Thompson & Schenck - Exchange St.
Michael Toole - Exchange St.
Mary Bryson - Exchange St.
John O'Malley - Exchange St.

Haviland & Hemiup - Seneca St.
Sam'l Warth - Exchange St.
Myers & Barkman - Exchange St.
A. L. Sweet - Seneca St.
W. H. Partridge - Seneca St.
Jno. A. Zobrist - Seneca St.

From Geneva Gazette 6 May 1898

Licenses for Ontario County -
Have been issued to the following applicants:

Geneva - City

Thomas A. Kane, store
George W. Baker, store
William Deegan, hotel
Cooney & Corcoran, saloon
E. M. Dalley, wholesale and retail
John O'Malley, store
James W. Ridley, hotel
Thomas W. Hawkins, wholesale and saloon
James W. Gallagher, wholesale and saloon
Michael C. Pembroke, wholesale and saloon
Wm. McCherry, wholesale and saloon
John D. Mulkin, saloon
Michael O'Malley, hotel
Michael Riley, saloon
James Guinon, saloon
Margaret Gannon, saloon
William Knight, saloon
Brooks & Peck, wholesale and saloon
Veit & DeWitt, saloon
D. E. Dempsey, wholesale and saloon
D. E. Dempsey, wholesale and saloon
Raymond Del Papa, hotel
P. J. Walsh, saloon
Michael Holiako
W. H. Partridge, druggist
Michael Toole, saloon

John E. Gibson, hotel
J. & M. Broderick, hotel
Geo. L. Tyler, saloon
W. E. Thompson, restaurant
Patrick R. Welsch, saloon
Kanadesaga Club
Wm. Van Tassel, hotel
George Carroll, saloon
Patrick D. Kane, saloon
M. A. Roberts, Nester hotel
Ellen Doran, saloon
Coxe & Glover, Kirkwood Hotel
James Higgins, hotel
A. L. Sweet, druggist
Samuel Warth, store
W. H. Thomas, Breevort Hotel
D. Breuer, saloon
Fred Breuer, hotel
H. M. Schenck, saloon
Susan C. Manley
Joseph W. White, saloon
Wm. Van Lew, saloon
Thos. Carroll, hotel Carrollton

Geneva town

Thos. F. Corcoran, saloon

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