Chronology of William King Family


Compiled by and Copyright 2001 Sue Rydberg Canavan
[Direct ancestors in BOLD. Sources in Italics.]

1790 Dec 8
MA Great Barrington, Birth to unknown parents. Possible name of father: Gideon.
[Source: Family records written by daughter or granddaughter]
His sisters: Laura and Lovica,  both of whom married Harry/Harvey MARSH. Laura died at age 22.
William King's  brothers: George, Anson, Gideon, Horace
[SOURCE: This written in daughter or granddaughter's handwriting.]

CLUES:     See CLUES at  end of chronology for list of Lovica and Harry's family.

CLUES: Early Marriages before 1850 Berkshire Co. MA Pub. By NEHGS Eddy Town Record Fund.
Marriage between KING, Gideon and HOOKER, Elisabeth on 22 May 1783 in New Marlborough [next to Great Barrington twp.] Possible  parents of William King.

1791 Oct 4
Birth Date: Date calculated by death date and age on tombstone in
Greenwood Cemetery, Canton Ill. Age 87 yrs. 7 mos. 12 da.
Discrepancy: Family records written by his granddaughter, Mary Jane SPROUL
lists birth date as 8 Dec 1790. Thought to be correct.

1800 ca
MA - NY Perhaps family move to Ontario Co.

1812/13 Oct 10
NY Ontario Co. East Bloomfield.  Marriage to Mary BROWN of Saratoga Co.? *NY
Married 10 Oct. 1812 by one Ayres Baptist Minister,
[ SOURCE: NARA Military Service Pension Record  #28095
28 June 1878 Bounty Land Grant Records from National Archives. War of 1812]
[*Mary's birthplace may be  elsewhere, perhaps Waterloo, Seneca Co. NY]

1813 Dec 20/23
NY Ontario Co. East Bloomfield. Enlisted in New York Militia as volunteer.
William gives date as 20th. Military records say 23rd. Capt. William B. Hamlin's Co.
7th Regiment, NY Militia. Another page says the 5 Dec. William says 1st Lt. Records say Ensign.
[SOURCE: NARA Military Service Pension Record  #28095
28 June 1878 Bounty Land Grant Records from National Archives. War of 1812]

Short time service prevented him from claiming Bounty Land of 160 or 40 acres. He used the following account to prove he had served long enough to be eligible for bounty land.]
13 Dec. 1813 to 6 Jan. 1814.  William King insists he was discharged in Buffalo, NY without discharge papers and kept on as a "Minute Man".  He fought in Battle of Black Rock, 3 miles from Buffalo.  Recorded are several of his memories of that battle." General Hall (a memory), Colonel Blakeslee (in the record), Capt. William B. Hamlin's Company 7th Regiment in New York Militia." Service Register #28922
[SOURCE: Affidavit for Bounty Land Claim, signed by William King]

1813 Dec 23 -
1814 Jan 6

NY served in War of 1812 near Buffalo, NY. Battle of Black Rock. No discharge papers.
1813 abt
NY Birth of daughter, Eliza Ann King. Nothing known; perhaps died young.
[Source: Family records handwritten by his daughter or granddaughter.]

?? Prob. NY birth of child, Anise. Nothing else known about this person.
[William's brother was named Anson and perhaps this is a name error]
[Source: Family records handwritten by daughter or gr daughter.]

1818 Dec 1
NY Birth of son, Horace B.
[Source: Family records handwritten by sister, Roxanne .1850 US Census Fulton Co. IL. 
DISCREPANCY: Military Records Mexican War: Age 22 in 1846 = b.1824, not 1818.
Service from 18 Jul 1846- 26 may 1847 Capt. Ross Co. Reg. 4 IL Inf.]

 Married Cornelia Coykendall Fulton Co. IL 12 Dec 1848.

 [Source: Marriage Records IL Fulton Co. 1824-1861 Index P.157 Lic. #184, Vol. B. p97]

NY Birth of son, William O. [probably Orson] King.
[Sources: Family record handwritten by sister, Roxanne. 1850 US Census IL Fulton Co.]
Married Harriet Slason in Fulton Co. IL  9 Mar 1845 [son Adelbert in IL and CA census]
[[Source: Marriage Records IL Fulton Co. 1824-1861]

OH Cleveland, Birth of daughter Roxanne Cordelia King.
[SOURCE: Family records, tombstone inscriptions, her own handwriting.]
 Married John Sproul in Fulton Co. IL 12 Dec 1848 [same date/place as bro. Horace]
[Source: Marriage Records IL Fulton Co. 1824-1861 #977.348 Vol 2j p. 236 ]

1829 abt
NY Cattaraugus Co. Randolph. Move from OH back to NY. Other members of his family moved to Randolph in 1829.
[SOURCE: Granddaughter Roxanne King Sproul's obituary. "When she was young they moved to Randolph, NY".]

NY or OH Birth of daughter Mary King.       
[Source: 1870 US Census IL Fulton Co.]
Married Stephen Thorp in Fulton Co. IL. 7 Dec 1844.
[Source: Marriage Records IL Fulton Co. 1824-1861. Lic. #133, Vol. B. p.15]

1829 Apr 12
OH Cleveland, Birth of daughter, Elizabeth Wells King.
[Source: Husband, John Bailey's biography. Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Fulton Co. pub. 1908 Chi Munsell Pub Co pp. 775-776.] [Also 1870 US Census IL Fulton Co.]
Discrepancy: Did family move back to Cleveland OH. 2 sources indicate b. in OH]
Married John G. Bailey in Fulton Co. IL 29 Dec 1844.
[Source: above.]


NY Cattaraugus Co. Randolph. P. 236 AIS Census  1830-1839  KING, William

1830 King, William, OH Cuyahoga Co. Newburgh p. 110 AIS Census *probably
        1830 King, Anson  in NY Cattaraugus Co. Great Valley  p. 191
        1830 King, Horace in NY Cattaraugus Co. Farmersville p. 146
        1830 King, George in  NY Cattaraugus Co. Cecilius p. 197
        1830 King, O. J. in  MA Berkshire Co. Egremont p. 260  [maybe Orson King]
        1830 King, Amos in NY Berkshire Co. New Marlboro
        1830 Several Kings in NY, Saratoga Co.
        [ 2x William, William Jr., Horace, Foster, George, Elizabeth, Ezequiel]

NY Birth of son, Walter George King. AKA George Walter King.
[Source: Handwritten family records by his gr.daughter, Roxanne]
[Source: US Census 1870 Il Fulton Co.]

 Married Elizabeth S. Wilson in Fulton Co. IL  [Marr. #2. to?]
 [Source: IL Fulton Co. Marriages 21 Oct 1861-1 Jan 1874 Vol D. p 163.

Census Search AIS FHL 1840-1849
 No William KING in Berkshire Co. MA or in Ontario or Cattaraugus Co. NY     

CLUES:  1840 King, Orson in MA  Berkshire Co. Sheffield p. 257
        1840 King, George in NY Cattaraugus Co. Mansfield p. 140
        1840 King, Horace in NY Cattaraugus Co. Randolph p. 166
        1840 King, Anson in NY Cattaraugus Co. Burton p. 184

NY-IL Thought to be permanent move of family.
[Source: John Bailey, son-in-law, indicates date  in affidavit. John Bailey's marriage to daughter, Elizabeth Wells King is Dec 1844. Therefore at least she is in IL.]

IL Marriage of daughter, Roxanne Cordelia to John Sproul in Canton Fulton  Co.
[Direct Ancestors of Submitter.]
[SOURCES: Actual Marriage Document and IL Fulton Co. Marriage Records.]

1850 Aug 28
IL Fed. Census p. 161. . Canton, Fulton Co. Dwelling 151 Family 151
William King,  age 57 [sic 1793?] Carpenter b. NY [sic b. MA]                         
 Mary age 52, b. NY. [b. 1798]
 George W.  age 13, b. NY [b. 1838]
 Dwelling 150 Next door to William and Mary is their son,
 Horace King,  age 30, [b. 1820] carpenter, b. NY 
 Cornelia [Coykendall], age 18, b. IL.
 Also in this census: John SPROUL and Roxie KING, William's daughter.
And John BAILEY and Elizabeth Wells KING, William's daughter.

IL Fulton Co. Signed affidavit for pension application in Canton. Signature: William King, Esq.
 [SOURCE: Copy of affidavit]

1855 Apr 2/3
IL  Marshall Co., Henry.
At age 55 William King made claim to Bounty Land  in Marshall Co. on  2 and 3 Apr 1855. He listed this place as address in his application. [unknown length of residence]
[SOURCE: Copy of affidavit]

IL, Canton, Fulton Co. US Census. House #5/5
KING, William ,age 69 b. Conn.[sic] [b. 1791] Supervisor  Real $300. Pers $300
KING, Mary, age 63 b. NY
SPROLES, [sic] John, age 34 b. Scot.[sic?] Carpenter Pers .$100.
SPROLES, [sic] Roxana [sic], age 34 b. OH
SPROLES, [sic] Mary, age 10 b. IL
SPROLES, [sic] Franklin, age 8 b. IL

1867 Oct 7
IL-CA William and Mary's daughter, Roxanne, and her  husband  and daughter's family, arrived in San Francisco. It is thought that William Orson King and his family went, also.

US Census 1870 IL Fulton Co. Canton,  Ward 3 Dwelling 78 Family 81
William age 80 and Mary age 73 are living with son, Walter King, and his family.
KING, Walter     33 b. NY day laborer
KING, Lizzie    27 b. OH
KING, William      6 b. IL
KING, Nellie      4 b. IL
KING, William    80 b. MA
KING, Mary    73 b. NY   

1873 May 10
IL Fulton Co. Canton.
Pension Application witnesses: Christopher Wilson/Charles Coleman [age 82]

1872 or 73
CA  Sonoma Co. Petaluma. Thought to have visited his family: Roxanne King Sproul and her children and grandchildren in Petaluma. [Unknown source.]

1874 May 16
IL Fulton Co. Canton. Death date according to Military Service  Pension Records. Thought correct]

1873 May 16
Discrepancy: IL Fulton Co. Canton. Greenwood Cemetery Records Vol. 14 p. 99.
"Died, Canton, Fulton Co. IL age 82 yrs, 7 months, 12 days,"
[SOURCE: Greenwood Cemetery Inscription Records Vol. 14 p.99
"William King, Soldier, War of 1812, died Canton, IL, May 16, 1873, 82y 7 m. 12 d. ]

IL Fulton, Canton, Greenwood Cemetery Buried Lot 178 Division A [north Half]
owned by Mrs. S. Thorpe [Their daughter Mary.]
Mary Brown, wife of William King, died March 25, 1882 [sic 1883] aged 85 yrs, 5 mos. and 27 days.
William King, Soldier, War of 1812, died in Canton, Illinois May 16, 1873, aged 82 years 7 months, and 12 days.
[SOURCE: Greenwood Cemetery Inscription Records Vol. 14  p.99]

1878 June 6
IL Fulton Co. Canton. Witnesses to Mary Brown's identity for pension claim:
James R. McQuaid and James M. Hortwick.  Indicates acquaintance with her.  Unknown relationship, if any.
[SOURCE: copy of affidavit.]

1878 June 28
IL Fulton Co. Canton. Mary Brown received Military Service Pension Record #28095
[SOURCE: Pension records]

1879 Jan 28
IL Fulton Co. Canton Mary Brown King pension claim dated.
[SOURCE: Pension records]

1879 Feb 4
IL Fulton Co. Affidavit of Mary Brown King [she made an X mark] notarized by Sands N. Breed and witnessed by her son-in-law, J. Bailey.
[Source: Copy of Affidavit]

1879 Feb 12
IL Fulton Co. Canton. Pension papers submitted for final action.
[SOURCE: Pension records]

1879 Mar 5
Il Fulton Co. Canton. Mary Brown King's Widow's pension re: certificate # 19508.
Witnesses: John Bailey [son-in-law] and Mary Thompson
[granddaughter, daughter of. John and Elizabeth Wells King Bailey.]
[Source: Copy of certificate.]

!BIRTH: Date calculated by death date and age on tombstone in
Greenwood Cemetery, Canton Ill. Age 87 yrs. 7 mos. 12 da.
Discrepancy in family records written by his granddaughter, Mary Jane SPROUL
which lists birth date as 8 Dec 1790. Thought to be correct.
BIRTH Place written in family notes written by granddaughter, Mary Jane SPROUL.
"Great Barnington MA or Podunck, MA" sic. [1860 Census lists Conn.]

!MARRIAGE: Bounty Land Grant Records from National Archives. War of 1812. #
William King and Mary Brown King. Married 10 Oct. 1812 by one Ayres Baptist
Minister, East Bloomfield, Ontario Co. NY

!DEATH :Tombstone inscription, Greenwood Cemetery, Canton, Fulton Co. IL. Vol. 14 p. 99
"William King, Soldier, War of 1812, died Canton, IL, May 16, 1873, 82 yrs. 7 mos. 12 days.

CLUES: Siblings of William King  [Sources: Family records and Randolph, NY Cemetery records.]
Sisters, Lovica and Laura King both marry Harry Marsh.  Laura died age 22.
Marriage probably  Ontario Co. NY  

Lovica KING     b. ca 1704             d. age 93 yrs. 14 Jan 1887.
Harry Marsh     b. 29 May 1787 Oblong, CT.      d. 16 Jul 1875 age 88 yrs. 
        Both are bur. Maple Hill Cemetery, Randolph, Cattaraugus Co. NY
List made about 1900. Birth, death and burial records from Randolph, Cattaraugus website 2003.
          1. Laura Ann m. Ben Taylor            ??b. 1836  d. 1904     Possibly this Laura Marsh             A listing of Laura Marsh m. Benjamin Marsh.
        Could this be an error and his name is Ben Taylor as listed in handwritten family records?
                     Both are Bur. Sample Cem. Randolph, Cattaraugus Co. NY.

          2. George King Marsh, lives in Randolph, NY    b. 30 Jul 1817 East Bloomfield, Ontario Co. NY       
          3. Gideon

          4. Caroline m.? Robert Hibbard, moved to Milwaukee, WI

          5. Marcus

          6. De Witt Clinton                        b. 18 Mar 1825 d. 7 Dec 1846
                    bur. Sample Hill Cemetery, Randolph, Cattaraugus Co. NY

          7. Horace                ?Maybe cem. Error? Hollis Marsh b.1838 d. 2 May 1867 bur.                         In Maple Hill Cem. Randolph, Cattaraugus Co. NY.

          8. Albert                b. 15 Feb 1831 d. 17 Sep 1895 bur. Maple Hill Cem.                             Randolph, Cattaraugus Co. NY.
                    Sgt. Co. B 64h Regt NY Civil War

          9. Emma, lives at 11 Melrose Place, Warren, PA

         10. Delia                            b. 26 May 1833 d. 28 Dec 1888
                    bur. Maple Hill Cemetery, Randolph, Cattaraugus Co. NY

         11. Isiah (sic)            died young        `b. 31 Jan 1835 d. 12 Aug 1836                         bur. Sample Hill Cemetery Randolph, Cattaraugus Co. NY

These records are in the SPROUL/KING file.  The witnesses for some of William King's affidavits are his son-in-law, John BAILEY Sr., and his granddaughter, Mary THOMPSON, daughter of Elizabeth KING Wells Bailey and John Bailey. Mary was wife of Lewis Thompson.

On a Pension Claim Affidavit signed witnesses are: Christopher WILSON and
Charles T. COLEMAN. Both of these men are found in Cemetery Records, Canton
Fulton Co. ILL.  It is unknown if they are related.  Considered a possibility
because widow, Mary, was unable to write and probably wanted a trusted family
member and her other affidavit witnesses were family. Other witnesses: J. R. McQUAID and James M. HORTWICK.  Another document witnessed by J. BAILEY and
Sands N. Breed who was the Notary Public.

in IGI fiche: Gideon King married Grasilva HENDRICKS in Palmer, Hampden Co, MA,[ which is close to Springfield], on 21 May 1778.  Two children to Gideon and Salva KING are also on this fiche: Gideon b.1780 and Walter b. 1797.

ANOTHER CLUE: 5 Dec 1791 Birth of William KING to Isaac King and Sarah ??? nr. Springfield MA

Many thanks to Sue Canavan for donating this family chronology.

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