From Geneva Gazette 6 May 1870

List of Jurors -
The following named persons have been drawn to serve as Grand and Petit Jurors at a Circuit Court of Oyer and Terminer, to be held at Canandaigua commencing Monday, the 9th day of May, 1870, at 10 o'cock A. M., Hon. Thomas A. Johnson, Justice, presiding:


John G. Briggs - Richmond
Joseph N. Sawyer - Farmington
Hollis J. Tyler - Naples
Seth Stanley - Seneca
Tomas Stokee, 2d - Seneca
James Chapin - Hopewell
Stephen L. Sterling - Canandaigua
George C. Mather - Canandaigua
Lester Story - Naples
Hamilton McBurney - Phelps
Volney Edgerton - Hopewell
Cornelius Horton - Phelps
Benson T. Hawkins - South Bristol
Charles McKelvie - Seneca
William C. Dryer - Victor
Hiram Short - Richmond
Elkanah S. Levalley - Naples
William W. Farnsworth - Manchester
L. B. Gaylord - Canandaigua
Sidney D. Jackson - Manchester
Reynold M. Peck - West Bloomfield
Addison Stearns - Gorham
James E. Larkins - Hopewell
Isaac Trembly - South Bristol


George A. Woodward - Hopewell
B. F. Adams - East Bloomfield
Charles Johnson - Gorham
James Hartsough - Gorham
Peter Silvernail - Canandaigua
Rufus Smith - Manchester
Lewis Holbrook - Phelps
A. J. Baker - Seneca
John Lay - Seneca
Stephen Miller - Canadice
Joseph H. Cook - Naples
Emory B. Remington - Canandaigua
John W. Trafton - Bristol
Daniel B. Harkness - Gorham
James McB. Gillet - Hopewell
James H. Knapp - Hopewell
Willard P. Smith - Richmond
John Moffat - Seneca
E. B. Tallman - Seneca
Alva Wheaton - Bristol
John H. Pickett - Seneca
Francis P. Waldron - South Bristol
Horace Bailey - West Bloomfield
Curtis Carpenter - Farmington
B. D. Spring - East Bloomfield
Edward Powers - Farmington
Henry A. Barnes - Seneca
Horace H. Gooding - Bristol
Ebenezer F. Barringer - Bristol
Oliver P. Lamb - West Bloomfield
Charles Hall - Canandaigua
Richard B. Gooding - Richmond
Joseph Wolverton - Canandaigua
Horace Gridley - Canandaigua
G. A. Gould - East Bloomfield

From Geneva Gazette 20 May 1870

List of Jurors -
The following jurors have been summoned to attend at a court of sessions for this county to commence June 13th:

John M. Wood - Seneca
John E. Clark - Seneca
Wm. Richardson - Seneca
John H. Robson - Seneca
Geo. E. Seelye - Seneca
Dr. F. Jackson - Phelps
B. T. Adams - Manchester
A. L. Dewey - Manchester
Ira E. Martle - Gorham
Allen Russell - Gorham
Geo. Harrington - Gorham
Bainbridge Douglas - Gorham
Geo M. Schweickhard - Gorham
James Dillon - Hopewell
Joseph Padgham - Farmington
J. N. Sawyer - Farmington
Brice Bowerman - Farmington
Henry Hulse - S. Bristol
G. S. Randall - S. Bristol
G. B. Simmons - Bristol
John Kent - Bristol
Oscar H. Huntington - W. Bloomfield
Robert Pierpont - W. Bloomfield
Frank P. Shuman - W. Bloomfield
C. P. Wemett - Canadice
F. G. Knowles - Canadice
Henry Wemett - Canadice
Parley H. Pierce - Naples
E. R. Norton - Canandaigua
Samuel Douglas - Canandaigua
Joshua Tracey - Canandaigua
David A. Pierpont - Richmond
Damon West - Richmond
Enos Gillis - Victor

From Geneva Gazette 10 June 1870

The following named Jurors were drawn to serve at the United States Circuit Court, commencing on Tuesday, the 21st day of June, 1870, at 10 A. M., at the Court House in Canandaigua:


Wm. H. Lamport - Canandaigua
T. B. Remington - Canandaigua
Oscar Tillotson - Canandaigua
Robert Smith - Canandaigua
John Johnson - Canandaigua
Augustus D. McLeod - Phelps
Norman Rockafeller - Phelps
David Cosad Jr. - Phelps
William A. Wilson - Manchester
Frank Chapin - East Bloomfield
Elisha Steele - East Bloomfield
Charles Buell - East Bloomfield
Luman P. Miller - Victor
Lyman Tobey - Naples
M. D. Sutherland - Seneca
Isaac L. Seeley - Seneca
William Cayward - Seneca
G. B. Sears - Seneca
William Ketchum - Gorham
Harvey Stone - Gorham
Orestes Case - Bristol
William Cobb - Bristol
Walter Brockelbank - Hopewell
George M. Shephard - West Bloomfield


Jefferson J. Whitney - Hopewell
William Thatcher - Hopewell
Nelson Ogden - Richmond
Charles E. Reed - Richmond
Henry Burgess - Seneca
W. D. Burral - Seneca
William N. Robinson - Seneca
William B. Foster - Seneca
F. E. Richardson - Seneca
J. Warren Cone - Seneca
William Pratt - Gorham
Gould Birdseye - Gorham
Emory C. Green - Gorham
Abijah Babbitt - Gorham
Lewis Wesley - Gorham
Ira R. Peck - East Bloomfield
Benjamin Park - East Bloomfield
William Mead - East Bloomfield
William C. Dryer - Victor
Thomas C. Turner - Victor
John A. Woolston - Victor
Clark Rix - Canadice
Luke Johnson - Canadice
John F. Becker - Canadice
Henry D. Edgcomb - Phelps
James B. Flower - Phelps
Robert B. Ferguson - Phelps
Webster Percy - Phelps
Charles Guernsey - Canandaigua
Frank D. Cook - Canandaigua
Robert E. Johnson - Canandaigua
Lyman G. Lapham - Farmington
Robert C. Crowell - Farmington
Jasper P. Thompson - West Bloomfield
James Worthington - West Bloomfield
George R. Whitham - South Bristol

From Geneva Gazette 3 February 1871

List of Jurors -
The following named Jurors were drawn to serve at the Circuit Court and Court of Oyer and Terminer, to commence on Monday, February 13th at 10 A. M.:


Jay Dorman - Seneca
Alonzo J. Farr - Seneca
Thomas W. Hall - Seneca
George Bland - Seneca
Harry G. Moore - Seneca
Jas. S. Fulton - Seneca
Thomas Stokoe - Seneca
Elijah Goodale - Seneca
John W. Griffith - Phelps
William C. Dryer - Victor
William R. Dryer - Victor
D. Henry Osborne - Victor
Legrand Hughson - South Bristol
George C. Mather - Canandaigua
Moses Cook - Canandaigua
John H. Benham - Hopewell
Jonas C. Putnam - Canadice
William S. Doolittle - Canadice
Nathan S. Aldrich - Farmington
Frank A. Ashley - Richmond
George Clafleu - West Bloomfield
Lewis Huntington - West Bloomfield
B. F. Adams - East Bloomfield


Freeman French - South Bristol
Wm. Forden - Seneca
John Fish - Seneca
Levi Glann - Seneca
Marion Snell - Seneca
James Dudley - Seneca
Sylvanus Barnes - Seneca
Sidney S. Mallory - Seneca
Arthur Hammond - Seneca
Enoch Dimock - Phelps
Harrison Pardee - Phelps
Humphrey H. Dillingham - Phelps
John Cross - Phelps
Benjamin H. Peebles - Phelps
Theodore Swan - Phelps
Geo. H. Fake - Gorham
John DeGraff - Gorham
Charles W. Morris - Gorham
John H. Benham - Hopewell
Welcome Arnold - Hopewell
Robert Smith - Canandaigua
A. C. Devol - Canandaigua
John J. Stebbins - Canandaigua
Bernard Meath - Canandaigua
Alonzo Sage - East Bloomfield
Wm. H. Chase - East Bloomfield
James Sheffield - East Bloomfield
Wm. W. Powers - Farmington
Phillip H. Meek - Farmington
Wm. Sawyer - Farmington
George Lombard - Farmington
Mark A. Case - Bristol
G. A. Tiffany - West Bloomfield
Elias Griffin - West Bloomfield
John P. Lucas - Canadice
Wm. R. Pitts - Richmond

From Geneva Gazette 3 March 1871

The following is the list of Petit Jurors drawn to serve at the Ontario County Court and Court of Sessions, to be held at the Court House, in the village of Canandaigua, in and for said county, commencing on the 13th day of March, 1871, at 10 o'clock A. M.:

Henry Maxwell - Seneca
Richard H. Herendeen - Farmington
Andrew J. Rogers - Farmington
Charles Humphrey - Phelps
S. D. Willard - Seneca
H. Clark Wood - Gorham
Nathaniel K. Cole - Manchester
Randolph Pennel - Richmond
James McKechnie - Canandaigua
Simeon L. Deyo - Naples
John Fisher - Naples
Norman Bently - West Bloomfield
Horace Outhouse - Canandaigua
Erastus Tiffany - Farmington
James A. Carpenter - Bristol
Melvin Davis - Naples
David Simmons - South Bristol
Jared Knapp - Hopewell
Clinton S. Ashley - Richmond
Jedediah Barnum - Canandaigua
E. W. Howell - Victor
Marion P. Worthy - Richmond
James Tubbs - Bristol
James R. Tozer - South Bristol
Oscar Remer - Richmond
Benjamin F. Phillips - Bristol
James C. DeBow - Farmington
Abram Vanderhoof - Manchester
Ransom Wood - West Bloomfield
Charles Buel - East Bloomfield
Wm. Murratt - Canadice
David Affleck - Seneca
Wm. Fox - Phelps
Daniel Barber - Phelps
C. C. Brundage - Seneca
Wm. Edson - Phelps

From Geneva Gazette 28 April 1871

List of Jurors
drawn to serve at the May term of the Circuit Court and Court of Oyer and Terminer, to be held at the court house, in the village of Canandaigua, commencing Monday, May 8th, A. D. 1871, at 10 o'clock A. M.:


Edwin A. Hamlin - Naples
Phineas Prouty - Seneca
James Cassort - Hopewell
Melvin M. Davis - Naples
H. Gridley - Canandaigua
Joseph Evarts - Phelps
Frederick A. Sackett - Canandaigua
Nathan W. Thomas - Bristol
D. Henry Osborne - Victor
A. S. Newman - Canandaigua
Seymour W. Case - Bristol
Chelette Collins - East Bloomfield
Robert Chapin - Canandaigua
William Humphrey - West Bloomfield
Almon H. Rowley - East Bloomfield
Albert C. King - Phelps
Eli M. Maynard - Seneca
George I. Eacker - Phelps
Nathaniel Sheldon - Farmington
Harris H. Hopkins - Phelps
Elisha F. Leach - West Bloomfield
Asahel B. Avery - Phelps
Sylvanus Barden - Seneca
Timothy C. Granby - Naples

Sidney Bell - Gorham
DeRoy J. Harkness - Gorham
Benjamin C. Hopkins - West Bloomfield
John Curtis - Richmond
Orin Preston - East Bloomfield
Sylvester Benham - Manchester
Edward K. Storms - Richmond
Hiram DePew - Hopewell
Frederick F. Hoecker - Naples
Chauncey Spear - Hopewell
Russell Brown - South Bristol
Alexander Turnbull - Seneca
Daniel M. Walters - Gorham
Thomas R. Reed - Richmond
Henry Smith - Gorham
Addison Clark - Seneca
Asher B. Norton - Canadice
Addison Stearns - Gorham
Oscar Norton - East Bloomfield
Jerome Sabin - Gorham
David A. Sutherland - Gorham
George C. Ransford - East Bloomfield
Nelson J. Babb - West Bloomfield
Philip Reed - Richmond
Henry M. Codding - Bristol
Nathaniel Sheldon - Farmington
George B. Dusinberre - Seneca
A. S. Adams - East Bloomfield
Charles G. Hemenway - South Bristol
Joshua Fitch - Canandaigua
Thomas W. Crozier - Seneca
Jerome Merrill - Naples
Nathan J. Milliken - Canandaigua
George H. Myers - Seneca
John McMillan - Canandaigua
Samuel Kenyon - Richmond

From Geneva Gazette 2 June 1871

List of Jurors -
The following named persons have been drawn to serve as petit jurors at a term of the County Court and Court of Sessions, to be held in Canandaigua, commencing on Monday, June 12th, 1871, at 10 o'clock A. M.:

John W. McCrossen - Richmond
Thomas Crittenden - Phelps
Samuel N. Pierpont - Richmond
Stephen G. Marsh - Naples
Oscar LeValley - Naples
Gardner L. Sheldon - Farmington
Leonard H. Jones - Bristol
James B. Gardner - Hopewell
Frederick Woodworth - Farmington
Samuel Griswell - South Bristol
Lewis P. Snyder - Naples
Lebbeus Phillips - Gorham
Lorenzo T. Bissell - Bristol
J. J. Loosie - Canandaigua
Peter French - Naples
Thomas McComb - Gorham
Henry Hutchins - Canandaigua
Abijah Simons - Canandaigua
George R. Long - Seneca
G. Granger Benham - Hopewell
Orlando Cummings - Naples
Peter Clemens - Richmond
Albion Ellis - Canandaigua
Gilbert W. Peck - Richmond
William H. Allen - Bristol
Jonathan Phillips - Seneca
Clinton DeWitt - Seneca
Marvin Furner - Seneca
George Crane - South Bristol
Billings T. Case - Bristol
John G. Wood - South Bristol
James Ackles - Hopewell
Freeman French - South Bristol
John J. Hanna - Canandaigua
LaFayette Gladding - Bristol
Bradford Remington - Canandaigua

From Geneva Gazette 3 November 1871

List of Jurors
drawn to serve at the November term of Circuit Court and Court of Oyer and Terminer to be held at the Court House in Canandaigua, commencing on Monday, November 13th, 1871, at 10 o'clock:


Robert E. Johnson - Canandaigua
Jas. S. Cooley - Canandaigua
John Maltman - Canandaigua
Geo. B. Sackett - Canandaigua
James Scoon - Seneca
Thomas Smith - Seneca
John L. Dorsey - Seneca
John Whedon - Seneca
John V. Snyder - Seneca
Wm. H. Dox - Seneca
Wells Hornbeck - Phelps
Humphrey Dillingham - Phelps
Peter Raner - Phelps
Ezra Peck - Phelps
Hiram Mussellman - Phelps
Benjamin Burnett - Phelps
Martin M. Smith - Farmington
Lewis M. Rushmore - Farmington
Gardner L. Sheldon - Farmington
Richmond C. Beard - Richmond
Gilbert Peck - Richmond
John G. Briggs - Richmond
William Kipp - Hopewell
William C. Dryer - Victor


Horatio B. Sission - Bristol
Walter S. Hicks - Bristol
Joseph Gilbert - Canadice
D. W. Beam - Canadice
Marcus A. Simons - Canandaigua
Lyman O. Lampman - Canandaigua
Homer Chase - Canandaigua
Horace Finley - Canandaigua
Edson Haskell - Canandaigua
J. J. Mattison - Canandaigua
Fred F. Thompson - Canandaigua
Lorenzo Tillotson - Canandaigua
Andrew J. Smith - Gorham
Chas. Roat - Gorham
Abram F. Kanouse - Phelps
Chester Gaylord - Phelps
Hamilton McBurney - Phelps
George Alexander - South Bristol
Jacob N. Hicks - South Bristol
Ezra V. Dean - South Bristol
S. P. Collar - Seneca
Thomas R. Robson - Seneca
Byron Whitney - Seneca
Alexander H. Halsey - Seneca
Charles H. Lewis - Seneca
Seth F. Wheaton - Richmond
Cornelius C. Briszee - Hopewell
Cyrus W. Ball - Victor
Byron North - Victor
W. Wheeler - East Bloomfield
William C. Tracy - East Bloomfield
Alonzo Mansfield - West Bloomfield
Henry Kellogg - Manchester
Alonzo B. King - Manchester
H. J. Tyler - Naples
Norman Hubbard - Naples

From Geneva Gazette 1 December 1871

The following persons have this day been drawn to serve at Petit Jurors at a County Court and Court of Sessions to be held in and for said county at Canandaigua, N. Y. on Monday, 11th December, 1871, at 10 o'clock a.m.:

John H. Cady - Gorham
Milton A. Fuller - E. Bloomfield
John G. Briggs - Richmond
Daniel S. Beam - Canadice
Jared Knapp - Hopewell
Makievus Huff - Richmond
John Page - Phelps
Joel Page - Seneca
Geo. W. Owen - Canadice
Wm. Fisher - Gorham
Jas. W. Lewis - Gorham
Geo. N. Swan - Richmond
E. H. Olmstead - Bristol
F. L. Plympton - Richmond
Z. F. Knapp - Naples
Ed. Kingsland - Seneca
L. F. Lincoln - Naples
M. Page, 2d - Gorham
J. B. Francis - Canandaigua
Chas. H. Sheldon - S. Bristol
Jas. L. Smith - Seneca
Benjamin Ogden - Richmond
P. N. Nicholas - Seneca
Otis Antisdale - Farmington
J. R. Grieve - Seneca
Elias Newman - Gorham
W. Westbrook - Canadice
Thos. Smith - Seneca
Joseph Wells - Farmington
Chas. Hornbeck - Phelps
Amasa Coy - S. Bristol
Moses Cook - Canandaigua
Thos. Eldridge - Canadice
H. C. Harmon - Manchester
S. H. Sutton - Naples
Eli H. Tallmadge - Phelps

From Geneva Gazette 2 February 1872

The following persons have been drawn to serve as Grand and Petit Juros at a Circuit Court and Court of Oyer and Terminer, to be held in and for said county, at Canandaigua, N. Y., on Monday, February 12th, 1872:


Milo Webster - Victor
Wm. R. Dryer - Victor
David H. Osborne - Victor
Alanson Sperry - Seneca
George Hipple - Seneca
Sidney S. Mallory - Seneca
Benjamin F. Phillips - Bristol
Wm. Cobb - Bristol
John Gregg - Bristol
Nathan K. Cole - Manchester
Jordan Spook - Manchester
Joshua Everard - Gorham
Henry Lincoln - Gorham
Volney Edgerton - Hopewell
James E. Larkins - Hopewell
Jonas C. Putnam - Canadice
Delos Doolittle - Canandaigua
Henry Brooks - Canandaigua
Bradford Hickox - Canandaigua
Thomas H. Williams - Naples
Russell Carpenter - Phelps
Gains S. Randall - South Bristol
David A. Pierpont - Richmond

Farm and Hotel
Justice of the Peace
Harness Maker

George T. Standish - South Bristol
Elliot Stid - South Bristol
L. S. Ayres - Seneca
George D. Churchill - Seneca
George Sutherland - Seneca
Wm. Pond - Phelps
Wm. H. Helmer - Phelps
Eli Potter - Canandaigua
Albert Sharpsteen - Canandaigua
F. L. Perry - Canandaigua
Oren H. Smith - Canandaigua
J. Harvey Mason - Canandaigua
George G. Paul - East Bloomfield
F. Cleveland - East Bloomfield
William Steele - East Bloomfield
Erastus Stoddard - East Bloomfield
Timothy D. French - East Bloomfield
William Cethrell - West Bloomfield
Henry C. Brown - West Bloomfield
Andrew J. Byington - Naples
Simon Smith - Naples
Oscar F. Ray - Canadice
Noah Tibbals - Canadice
John Newton - Hopewell
Robert J. Baggerly - Hopewell
Gardner L. Archer - Hopewell
John Cline - Hopewell
Harvey Bement - Manchester
M. A. Payne - Manchester
Cornelius Stevens - Manchester
Richmond C. Beach - Richmond
Veil S. Gould - Richmond
Nelson Garlinghouse - Richmond
Samuel Sweet - Gorham
Gain R. Smith - Farmington
Anson S. Tuttle - Farmington


From Geneva Gazette 1 March 1872

List of Jurors -
The following named persons have been drawn to serve at a term of the County Court and Court of Sessions in and for Ontario County to be held at the Court House in Canandaigua, commencing March 11, 1872, at 11 o'clock:

Solomon Longyer - Richmond
Smith Cammett - Hopewell
Delos Blodgett - Gorham
Peter H. McMillen - Canandaigua
Ira C. Williams - Naples
Charles Ottley - Seneca
Joshua J. Maxwell -Seneca
John W. Nicholas - Bristol
Louis Mutchler -Canandaigua
Charles E. Middaugh - Gorham
Shipley W. Bumpus - Victor
Eli Jacobs - Seneca
John W. Parker - Manchester
Nathaniel Phillips - Victor
Charles C. Waldron - Bristol
Bennett Munger - Canandaigua
George W. Cole, Jr. - Gorham
John T. Stevens - Seneca
George Clafflin - West Bloomfield
Alonzo F. Ranney - Phelps
James Haire - Canandaigua
Frederic Munson - East Bloomfield
Holman E. Woodruff - Manchester
Bradford Hickox - Canandaigua
John A. Yeckley - Gorham
Jay Dorman - Seneca
William P. Rupert - Seneca
Albert King - Phelps
Thomas McBlain - Seneca
John Knapp - Richmond
George W. Root - Seneca
Billings T. Case - Bristol
John S. Barrick - Phelps
Wells Hornbeck - Phelps
John S. Hamlin - East Bloomfield
Sylvester Harris - West Bloomfield

From Geneva Gazette 31 May 1872

List of Jurors -
The following named persons have been drawn to serve at a County Court and Court of Sessions, to be held in and for the County of Ontario, at the Court House in Canandaigua, June 10, 1872, at eleven o'clock A. M., Wm. H. Smith, Ontario County Judge, presiding:

Norman Shaw - Gorham
George Payne - Seneca
William Ridley - Canandaigua
Marcus Ansley - Seneca
Augustus T. Barnes - Seneca
Loomis Wright - Naples
William Ayres - West Bloomfield
Asher Blount - Phelps
Charles Cassort 2d - Canandaigua
Franklin Chapin - East Bloomfield
James H. Caldwell - Manchester
Samuel Griffith - Phelps
Alanson Tiffany - Bristol
William Pierce -Naples
Enos D. Booth - Manchester
Isaac Hall - Canandaigua
Hugh King - Canandaigua
James Gallup - Victor
George Fish - Seneca
James Vanbuskirk - Hopewell
George A. Gates - West Bloomfield
Benjamin T. Luther - Bristol
Robert D. Cook - South Bristol
William Cayward - Seneca
John Warfield - Manchester
W. V. B. Hoffman - Seneca
Francis Hatch - Naples
Edward Pearson - Gorham
Isaac M. Gardner - South Bristol
George A. Wilder - Bristol
Henry C. Balcom - Hopewell
James A. Cornell - Canandaigua
Erastus Tiffany - Farmington
D. H. Whiting - Seneca
S. S. Graves - Seneca
Irving D. King - Phelps

From Geneva Gazette 22 November 1872

List of Petit Jurors -
drawn to serve at the County Court and Court of Sessions, to be held at the Court House in Canandaigua in and for the County of Ontario, commencing Monday, 25th November inst. at 10 a.m.:

Andrew J. Robinson - Phelps
Seth Swan - Phelps
W. E. Smith - East Bloomfield
John C. Reed - Seneca
Erastus H. Chapin - West Bloomfield
Burton H. Lobdell - Victor
Sidney S. Merrill - Naples
Wesley W. Ray - Richmond
Fayette D. Short - Richmond
William Webb - Naples
Stephen G. Marsh - Naples
Jeremiah Rushmore - Farmington
Francis H. Frink - Naples
Seth Tubbs - Bristol
Marvin Ringer - Seneca
Lansing Beebe - East Bloomfield
Noah Tibbals - Canadice
Amos H. Gillett - Canandaigua
Seth G. Castle - East Bloomfield
Egbert H. Crosby - Gorham
Thomas c. Phinney - Canandaigua
Charles A. Richardson - Canandaigua
John Lacy - Gorham
William A. Young - Farmington
George G. Smith - Seneca
Cady E. Reed - Phelps
Cyrus G. Barden - Naples
William S. Liddiard - Seneca
D. Byron Waite - Canadice
Samuel C. Kimber - Naples
James Vandenberg - East Bloomfield
James Kennedy - Gorham
Thomas G. Rippey - Seneca
Levi Noble - Richmond
Leonard Anable - Naples
Frank L. Perry - Canandaigua

From Geneva Gazette 29 November 1872

Grand and Petit Jurors -
The following is the list of Jurors drawn to serve at a term of the Circuit Court and Court of Oyer and Terminer, to be held at Canandaigua, in and for Ontario County, commencing on the 9th day of December, 1872, at 10 a.m.:


Ira N. Deyo - Naples
Benjamin F. O'Dell - Phelps
Nathaniel K. Cole - Manchester
Henry S. Pierce - Canandaigua
Alanson Dorman - Seneca
Elijah A. Childs - Hopewell
Albion Ellis - Canandaigua
Samuel Stafford - East Bloomfield
Charles Quayle - Richmond
Robert Smith - Canandaigua
Chauncey Musselman - Phelps
George W. Powers - Seneca
Henry Housel - Naples
Holmes C. Lucas - Canandaigua
George C. Dorsey - Seneca
Asahel A. Brown - Canandaigua
Bani Bradley - East Bloomfield
A. Chandler Hathaway - Bristol
Jacob Westfall - Phelps
Edward H. Morse - Canandaigua
Henry R. Brown - Victor
Robert R. Sanger - Manchester
Elijah Wells - Naples
Thomas Henson - Seneca

Philip Reed - Richmond
Lewis Ketch - Naples
Hyland Mapes - Gorham
Algernon S. Newman - Canandaigua
Azariah Morris - Phelps
James Hartsough - Gorham
Dudley Case - West Bloomfield
William H. Vrooman - Seneca
Yates Stancel - Phelps
John B. Robertson - Canandaigua
Joseph Ringer - Seneca
William T. Scott - Seneca
Wilkinson A. Herendeen - Farmington
Aaron Bartholomew - Naples
James Pierce - Naples
C. L. Beals - Gorham
Oscar Remer - Richmond
E. W. Herendeen - Seneca
A. Chandler Hathaway - Bristol
John Newton - Phelps
Norris Bush - Naples
Elijah Arnold, Jr. - Naples
Albert J. Pierce - South Bristol
Amasa H. Plympton - Richmond
Duane Arnold - Farmington
Frank Bailey - Naples
U. M. Wheeler - East Bloomfield
Wm. P. Rupert - Seneca
Richard H. Herendeen - Farmington
John C. Berry - Farmington
Charles Briggs - Naples
Caleb Skilton - Canadice
Frederick F. Heocker - Naples
Christopher Bellinger - East Bloomfield
James Renwick - Seneca
Charles H. Herendeen - Farmington

From Geneva Gazette 3 January 1873

List of Jurors -
The following is the list of Jurors drawn to serve at a County Court and Court of Sessions, to be held at the Court House in Canandaigua, on the 13th day of January, 1873, at 10 a.m.:

George A. Gates - West Bloomfield
Charles W. Bunnell - Manchester
Henry Hazlett - Seneca
Jerome Reed - West Bloomfield
Anson G. Parker - Manchester
John Thompson - Gorham
Thomas McBlaine - Seneca
Daniel H. Whitney - Seneca
Eli Potter - Canandaigua
John Duncan - Seneca
Joseph Spier - Phelps
Luther Pomroy, Jr. - Bristol
James Hoagland - Canadice
William A. Reed - Bristol
Simeon C. Lyon - Naples
John J. Jordon - Naples
Charles Ottley - Seneca
John Briggs, Jr. - Naples
Jonas W. Archer - Hopewell
Curtis Parsons - Manchester
Nathan J. Milliken - Canandaigua
Benjamin C. Hopkins - West Bloomfield
Joseph Wells - Farmington
Thomas Scidmore - Canandaigua
George M. Chapman - Canandaigua
George N. Swan - Richmond
James F. Armstrong - Canadice
Marvin Wilber - Victor
Smith Crouch - South Bristol
James B. Ansley - Seneca
Edward Boughton - Victor
Romazo Hitchcock - Canandaigua
Amasa T. Warren - Naples
Jay Dorman - Seneca
James W. Herendeen - Farmington

From Geneva Gazette 31 January 1873

List of Jurors
drawn to serve at the Circuit Court and Court of Oyer and Terminer to be held at Canandaigua commencing Monday, Feb. 10th:


Lyman G. Lapham - Farmington
Evans Lord - Canandaigua
Cholette Collins - E. Bloomfield
George Higinbotham - E. Bloomfield
Henry Post - Manchester
Simeon Harmon - Phelps
A. L. Reed - E. Bloomfield
George C. Mather - Canandaigua
John Dorman - Seneca
John Doolittle - Seneca
Charles L. Leete - E. Bloomfield
Timothy C. Granby - Naples
George Gunnison - Canandaigua
Wm. Henry Wayne, Jr. - Manchester
C. F. Volney Barber - Canadice
Mason H. Reed - Gorham
Thomas Rippey - Seneca
John H. Renwick - Gorham
Lorenzo D. Gage - Gorham
Benjamin F. Phillips - Bristol
Hiram Burnett - Phelps
Leonard H. Jones - Bristol
Byron Johnson - Manchester
Thaddeus B. Remington - Canandaigua

George Snyder - Gorham
Edgar Hathaway - Hopewell
George O. Rippey - Seneca
Thomas M. Biddlecomb - Phelps
John H. Eacker - Phelps
John Newton - Hopewell
David C. Benham - Hopewell
John P. Cooms - Naples
Murray Benham - Hopewell
Lemuel Herendeen - Seneca
Timothy Hagany - Seneca
James Ketchum - Gorham
Stephen A. Smith - Bristol
William E. Lacy - Naples
Timothy Tobey Jr. - Naples
Arthur Root - Canandaigua
O. E. Adams - E. Bloomfield
Henry Dryer - Victor
Andrew J. Jones - Hopewell
Emory P. Dunton - Richmond
James Dailer - Farmington
Hiram F. Frazer - Phelps
George N. Short, Jr. - Manchester
Dominick Burns - W. Bloomfield
P. H. Sutton - S. Bristol
Thomas Ottley - Phelps
Frank Cook - Canandaigua
James D. Eldridge - Farmington
Richard Leach - Richmond
M. H. Wood - Seneca
Joseph Fulton - Seneca
Hiram Townsend - Seneca
George N. Powell - Manchester
William W. Case - Bristol
Curtis Camp - Farmington
Samuel J. Redfield - Manchester.

From Geneva Gazette 28 February 1873

List of Petit Jurors -
The following named persons were drawn to serve at a term of the County Court and Court of Sessions, to be held at the Court House in Canandaigua, in and for Ontario County, commencing Monday, the 10th day of March, 1873, at 10 o'clock a.m.:

William McGinnis - Canandaigua
James H. Brandow - Bristol
Bradford Hickox - Canandaigua
Anthony Swarthout - Seneca
Elisha Pratt - Gorham
Albion Ellis - Canandaigua
Samuel Stafford - East Bloomfield
John Reed - Richmond
John Burns - Farmington
Elisha North - East Bloomfield
James D. Patterson - Canandaigua
William M. Monagle - Gorham
Ira N. Deyo - Naples
J. G. Thomas - Seneca
Leonard H. Jones - Bristol
William Pierce - Hopewell
Isaac Ansley - Seneca
William P. Stevens - Seneca
Oscar H. Huntington - West Bloomfield
Thomas A. McCauley - Seneca
Thomas Bond - Seneca
Horace Greenleaf - Seneca
Russell B. Cobb - Phelps
Samuel Warth - Seneca
Wheeler Hippolite - Seneca
Marshall Finley - Canandaigua
George Washburn - Gorham
Samuel Taylor - West Bloomfield
Jeremiah B. Lyon - Naples
Henry F. Drake - Naples
Daniel P. Allen - South Bristol
Burton Rowley - Victor
Thomas Warfield - Manchester
Cholette Collins - East Bloomfield
James M. Gates - Seneca
Jedediah Barnum - Canandaigua

From Geneva Courier 30 April 1873

Jurors -
The following is the List of Jurors drawn to serve at a term of the Circuit Court and Court of Oyer and Terminer, to be held at the Court House in the village of Canandaigua, commencing Monday, May 12th 1873, at 10 A. M.:


Lewis Peck - Phelps
Marcus E. Pickett - Gorham
E. Wheeler Hippolite - Seneca
Elias Allen - South Bristol
Edward B. Halsey - Seneca
James M. Pulver - Gorham
Bennett Munger - Canandaigua
Alonzo Benson Jr. - Victor
Charles E. Reed - Richmond
James H. Baker - West Bloomfield
Melvin M. Davis - Naples
Truman W. Dewey - Phelps
Harrison Baggerly - Manchester
Charles Macauley - Manchester
Walter Antisdale - Farmington
Saul D. Tillotson - Canandaigua
Watson Griffith - Phelps
Barnard McKenna - Phelps
George Collins - West Bloomfield
John Smith - Bristol
Gilbert W. Peck - Richmond
Ira Clemons - West Bloomfield
Milton Stafford - Victor
George Sutherland - Seneca


James Biggins - Victor
Thomas Henry - Gorham
Edgar A. Griswold - Naples
Miles H. Green - Canandaigua
John H. Huie - Seneca
John L. Johnson - Canandaigua
Abram S. Smith - Phelps
Harvey Bement - Manchester
Walter S. Davis - Gorham
Charles C. Brundage - Seneca
Gardner P. Marble - West Bloomfield
John B. Trickey - Hopewell
Henry Post - Manchester
Stephen B. Hathamier - Farmington
John B. Cooley - Canandaigua
William J. Baird - Hopewell
Grover Patridge - Manchester
Richard Buckalew - Bristol
Lyman D. Niece - South Bristol
A. K. Tuthill - Seneca
Henry D. Dox - Seneca
William Dailor, 2d - Farmington
John Salisbury - Phelps
Robert Wells - Seneca
Tisdale Ashley - Richmond
Charles Warner - Seneca
John Fiero - Gorham
John Andrews - Seneca
Irving W. Coats - Hopewell
James B. Hornbeck - Phelps
Vincent Sears - East Bloomfield
James S. Putnam - Canadice
Hinkley Tay - Farmington
Russell Persons - Hopewell
Albert Judevine - Canandaigua
Dow D. Smith  - West Bloomfield

From Geneva Gazette 30 May 1873

List of Jurors -
List of Petit Jurors drawn to serve at a Court of Sessions to be held at the Court House in the village of Canandaigua, in and for Ontario County, commencing Monday, June 9, 1873, at 10 o'clock a.m.:

George A. Forden - Seneca
Edwin Weld - Naples
M. Dwight Munger - Canandaigua
Stephen F. Ambler - Canandaigua
Artemas Hippolite - Victor
Irving N. Anable - Gorham
Gideon B. Payne - Farmington
Edwin S. Norton - Victor
William Pratt - Gorham
Thaddeus Munson - Canandaigua
Alfred Matherson - Canandaigua
Benjamin H. Thompson - Gorham
Jerome P. Wood - Seneca
Bani Bradley - East Bloomfield
Albert L. Boyden - Phelps
Murry J. Bement - Manchester
Abraham Cronk - Seneca
LeGrand Hughson - South Bristol
James Cassort - Hopewell
Mark A. Case - Bristol
E. Vantine Phillips - Bristol
Harvey L. Harmon - Gorham
John Vermilyea - Naples
George S. Hickox - Canandaigua
Byron J. Tiffany - Bristol
Moses O. Smith - Farmington
W. M. Butler - East Bloomfield
Simon Spangle - Hopewell
Mathew Rippey - Seneca
Frederick Maggs - Canandaigua
A. B. Gauss - East Bloomfield
Elisha W. Sherman - Phelps
Cyrus H. Wilbur - Canandaigua
John J. Miller - Phelps
William N. Robson - Seneca
Henry Smith - Manchester

From Geneva Gazette 9 January 1874

List of Jurors
drawn to serve at a term of the County Court and Court of Sessions, to be held at the Court House in Canandaigua, in and for Ontario County, commencing Monday, the 12th day of January, 1874, at 10 o'clock A. M.:

Oscar Norton - East Bloomfield
Daniel Short - Richmond
David Brinkerhoff - Seneca
Frank D. Dickerson - Gorham
Sherman Mosher - Manchester
Addison Stearns - Gorham
Erastus Mead - East Bloomfield
Benjamin Purcell - Canadice
Isaiah Dillenbeck - Seneca
G. Granger Benham - Hopewell
Nathan W. Thomas - Bristol
William Lobdell - Seneca
Charles W. Norris - Gorham
Robert Billsborough - Seneca
Christopher Tilden - Manchester
Agustus Buell - East Bloomfield
Benjamin F. Hicks - Bristol
Myron Parks - Canandaigua
George I. Rose - West Bloomfield
George Bailey - East Bloomfield
Albert Middaugh - Gorham
Cyrenus McOmber - Manchester
Gabriel Adams - Canadice
Welcome Arnold - Hopewell
Edwin A. Stillman - Canadice
E. P. Birdseye - Gorham
William Dunton, Jr. - Naples
Seymour W. Case - Bristol
William Thatcher - Hopewell
Erastus H. Allen - Bristol
Levi W. Torman - Bristol
Levi Strong - Naples
William A. Ayres - West Bloomfield
John B. West - Richmond
George A. Carr - Seneca
Henry E. Griswold - Naples

From Geneva Courier 4 February 1874

The following is a list of jurors drawn at the Ontario county clerk's office, on Wednesday, January 21, 1874, to attend the Circuit Court and Court of Oyer and Terminer, to be held at the Court House, in Canandaigua, in and for Ontario county, commencing on the second Monday, 9th day of February next, at 10 o'clock A. M.:

GRAND JURORS Nathan Oaks - Phelps
David H. Osborne - Victor
William H. Allen - Bristol
Lewis Holbrook - Phelps
S. D. Willard - Geneva
James Cassort - Hopewell
Daniel B. Harkness - Gorham
Henry C. Hill - Manchester
Bordwell S. Billings - Canandaigua
Charles A. Coykendall - Canadice
Alonzo B. King - Manchester
Nelson M. Packard - Bristol
Sherman Mosher - Manchester
Daniel R. Smith - Farmington
Nathaniel A. Gifford - Canandaigua
Richard M. Green - Phelps
Orrin E. Crittenden - Canandaigua
William Cobb - Bristol
Henry Housel - Naples
Horace C. Gilbert - Richmond
George Aldrich - Manchester
Lorenzo D. Fuller - Naples
Francis J. Castle - Canandaigua
John Haws - Phelps
Henry M. Davis - Canandaigua - drawn in
 place of George Aldrich, above-named, deceased
PETIT JURORS Isaiah Francis - Bristol
Charles L. Bottom - Hopewell
Lorenzo F. King - Manchester
Edward C. Clark - Naples
Byron Whitney - Seneca
Henry Barringer - Bristol
George Dibble - East Bloomfield
A. L. Reed - East Bloomfield
Robert Gelder - South Bristol
David H. Anderson - Canandaigua
Lucius Wilcox - Canandaigua
Edwin E. Bond - West Bloomfield
Wesley D. Carlough - Hopewell
Elijah L. Baker - West Bloomfield
H. M. Boardman - Gorham
Adelbert F. Packard - Bristol
Amasa Coy - South Bristol
Thomas S. Gillett - Seneca
Walter G. Mason - Farmington
William B. Eldridge - Canandaigua
Philip E. Powell - Gorham
Asa D. Short - Manchester
John Peck 1st - Naples
George W. Wilkie - Seneca
William G. Packard - Bristol
Harvey Paddleford - Canandaigua
Addison C. Brown - Canadice
William A. Hasson - Seneca
Benjamin F. Pritchard - Phelps
James W. Watkins - Naples
John McClure - Canandaigua
Henry Batchelder - Seneca
Lorenzo Winch - Canadice
John C. Freshour - Gorham
John C. Ansley - Seneca
Levi Coykendall - Canadice

From Geneva Courier 25 February 1874

Jurors -
The following are the names of the Petit Jurors, drawn at the clerk's office on the 18th instant, to serve at a term of the County Court and Court of Sessions, to be held at the Court House, in Canandaigua, commencing on the 2d Monday, 9th of March, 1874, at 10 o'clock a.m.:

Abijah Simmons - Canandaigua
S. S. Mallory - Seneca
John Huber - Naples
Nathaniel Sheldon - Farmington
Andrew W. Montanye - Bristol
Abram Bucklew - Gorham
John C. Griffith - West Bloomfield
Wm. Culver - Richmond
John Wilkie - Seneca
B. P. Woodin - Seneca
James L. Smith - Seneca
Henry C. Harmon - Manchester
William Stokoe - Gorham
Lebbeus Knapp - Hopewell
Henry R. Taylor - Hopewell
George A. Wilder - Bristol
Ira B. Howe - Canandaigua
George B. Sackett - Canandaigua
Frederick Turk - Seneca
Abeal Allen - Manchester
Henry F. Wisewell - Naples
John Lay - Seneca
Ralph S. Wisner - Farmington
William Seamans - Naples
Orlando G. Brown - Canadice
William R. Dryer - Victor
S. S. Graves - Seneca
Gould Birdseye - Gorham
Edward Este - Seneca
David A. Pierpont - Richmond
Milo Webster - Victor
Damon West - Richmond
Alonzo Benson, Jr. - Victor
John Cline - Victor
Fred. A. Sackett - Canandaigua

From Geneva Gazette 1 May 1874

List of Grand and Petit Jurors
drawn at the Ontario Counry Clerk's Office, April 22d, 1874, to attend a Circuit Court and Court of Oyer and Terminer to be held in and for said County at Canandaigua, N. Y., commencing the second Monday, 11th day of May, 1874, at 10 o'clock A. M.:


Daniel E. Moore - Geneva
Ashman B. Gauss - East Bloomfield
David Pratt - West Bloomfield
William H. Durand - Canandaigua
William Johnson - Manchester
John E. Barber - Naples
Cyrus H. Wilbur - Canandaigua
Orville H. Hopkins - Richmond
William Ringer - Geneva
David B. Sweet - Phelps
George W. Cone - Seneca
Harrison H. Hopkins - Phelps
Ulysses Warner - Phelps
Caleb P. Kelly - Phelps
Robert R. Crowell - Farmington
John V. Snyder - Seneca
Thomas A. McCauley - Seneca
Charles Middaugh - Gorham
Elkanah Andrews - Bristol
Levi G. Thrall - Naples
Thomas H. Cost - Canandaigua
Joseph E. Fellows - South Bristol
Samuel Pillsbury - West Bloomfield
Allen Troop - Manchester


George W. Freshour - Hopewell
Andrew Brazee - Seneca
Luther Barber - East Bloomfield
Thomas Barden, Jr. - Seneca
John Taylor - Canandaigua
Prosser Jones - Seneca
Walter Antisdale - Farmington
Edward A. Jones - Naples
Oraemus Webb - Naples
John W. Mapes - Gorham
James Coats - Manchester
William Foster - Manchester
George M. Hemiup - Seneca
John W. Washburn - Gorham
Washington Barnes - Seneca
Abraham T. Nelson - Naples
Frank Pulver - Gorham
Linus G. Steele - East Bloomfield
George W. Southerland - Seneca
Volkert O. Hart - Naples
Charles Wemette - Canadice
Henry Vrooman - Phelps
Charles Bennett - Seneca
Daniel Fellows - South Bristol
Shepard Macumber - Canadice
Walter Ashe - West Bloomfield
Samuel Cooper - Manchester
Volney Edgerton - Hopewell
Charles Babbitt - Gorham
Lester Thatcher - Hopewell
Curtis Hitchcock - Bristol
Charles A. Coykendall - Canadice
Emory B. Remington - Canandaigua

From Geneva Courier 27 May 1874

Jury List -
List of Petit Jurors drawn at the Ontario County Clerk's Office at Canandaigua on the 20th day of May 1874, to serve at a County Court and Court of Sessions, to be held at the Court House in Canandaigua, commencing on Monday, the 8th day of June at 10 o'clock A. M.:

Joshua Everard - Gorham
Marcus Woodward - South Bristol
H. H. Marsh - Bristol
N. C. Herendeen - Farmington
F. S. Cooley - Canandaigua
I. R. Green - Richmond
Alvah Caskey - Canadice
Ruben P. Calkins - Naples
Henry D. Edgecomb - Phelps
H. T. Parmelee - West Bloomfield
Ephram W. Cleveland - Naples
Nathaniel Elliott - West Bloomfield
Anthony Jackson - Seneca
Horato B. Sisson - Bristol
John Mallaratt - Canandaigua
William Templer - S. Bristol
Henry Wheadon - Seneca
Elliot W. Baldwin - Phelps
G. Warren Cone - Seneca
Clinton S. Ashley - Richmond
B. T. Remington - Canandaigua
Lemuel L. Dunton - Richmond
James S. Cone - Hopewell
Billings H. Case - Bristol
Frank Gage - Gorham
John Down - South Bristol
Horace Gerould - Gorham
John Johnson - Canandaigua
H. P. Sturgis - W. Bloomfield
Stephen C. Mumford - Naples
Henry C. Brown - W. Bloomfield
Henderson Crozier - Seneca
Homer Chase - Canandaigua
John H. Crandall - Bristol
George Fish - Seneca
Charles Tompkins - Geneva

From Geneva Courier 3 June 1874 U. S. COURT -- The following is a list of persons drawn to serve as Grand and Petit Jurors, at a stated session of the Circuit Court of the United States, in and for the Northern District of New York, to be held at the Court House in Canandaigua, commencing on the 3d Tuesday, 16th June, 1874, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon:
Erastus H. Allen - Bristol
Thomas Smith - Geneva
William P. Rupert - Seneca
John P. Ray - Richmond
Robert Chapin - Canandaigua
Charles W. Goodrich - Farmington
A. Duncan Paul - Canandaigua
Horace D. Bennett - Geneva
Jonas Worverton - Canandaigua
Abram Forshay - Manchester
James Wilkie  - Geneva
Alfred Catchpole - Geneva
Edwin Brown - South Bristol
Frederick Ingersol - Phelps
Richmond C. Beach - Richmond
Simon Harmon - Phelps
Hill N. Green - Canandaigua
Elijah Goodall - Geneva
James Meteath - Canandaigua
Gaius S. Randall - South Bristol
Samuel Cooper - Manchester
O. Granger Benham - Hopewell
Jacob W. Vanderhoof - Manchester
D. Byron Waite - Canadice
Henry Morley - West Bloomfield
Homer Brown - West Bloomfield
W. Allen Reed - Hopewell
Isaac A. Cotton - Farmington
D. Dorchester - Seneca
Henry S. Pierce - Canandaigua
Edward McMaster - East Bloomfield
Marvin Furner - Seneca
Chester Dean - Seneca
Watson G. Potter - Seneca
John S. Dorman - Seneca
Thomas Eldridge - Canadice
Andrew Brown - Canadice
Elias Schermerhorn - Seneca
William Van Cleef - Phelps
James Worthington - West Bloomfield
William W. Ridley - Canandaigua
William H. Gatchell - Farmington
Martin N. Flowers - Naples
John Means - Seneca
Harrison Baggerly - Manchester
Aaron T. Orcutt - West Bloomfield
Sidney Bell - Gorham
Myron H. Shepard - West Bloomfield
Henry H. Loomis - Seneca
Morvaldin Monagle - Gorham
Clark Allen - West Bloomfield
William E. Bement - Manchester
F. C. Holcomb - South Bristol
George W. Root - Seneca
Frank Judevine - Canandaigua
J. Carlton Squires - Seneca
John Lewis - Hopewell
Peter Tibbals - Canadice

From Geneva Gazette 4 December 1874

List of Jurors -
Ontario County Clerk's Office, Canandaigua, Nov. 25th, 1874.  We the undersigned do hereby certify that the following persons have this day been drawn to serve as Grand and Petit Jurors, at a Circuit Court and Court of Oyer and Terminer, to be held in and for said County at Canandaigua, N. Y., commencing Monday, the 14th day of December next, at 10 o'clock A. M.:


Curtis Carpenter - Farmington
Charles E. Shepard - Canandaigua
Patrick Green - Geneva
Lyman D. Niece - South Bristol
James Blain - Canandaigua
H. Clark Wood - Gorham
John Lay - Geneva
David H. Osborne - Victor
Nathaniel Phillips - Victor
Marshall Finley - Canandaigua
Addison Stearns - Gorham
Jordon Snook - Manchester
Frank Seamans - Naples
Myron C. Thompson - Seneca
Charles Quayle - Richmond
George Hair - Geneva
Byron Whitney - Seneca
Nelson Proseus - Phelps
Nathaniel C. Herendeen - Farmington
Simon K. Bowker - Phelps
Lorenzo F. King - Manchester
George Curtis - Canandaigua
Edward McMaster - East Bloomfield
George W. Owen - Canadice


James La Rew - Manchester
Charles H. Johnson - Naples
David Pratt - West Bloomfield
Warren Reed - Seneca
Benjamin H. Perkins - Gorham
L. A. Dibble - East Bloomfield
Jos. Hopson - East Bloomfield
Henry E. Neafie - Canandaigua
Alphonso G. Fisher - Bristol
Peter A. Miller - Canandaigua
Benjamin R. Palmer - Seneca
Lincan W. Dixon - West Bloomfield
H. C. Simmons - West Bloomfield
Joseph Blythe - Phelps
Albert H. Tibballs - Canadice
Robert S. Chapin - West Bloomfield
Norman R. Martin - Canandaigua
Charles Hall - Canandaigua
Darius L. Covil - Victor
Charles G. Dunham - Bristol
Ira C. Williams - Naples
Jacob Rowe - Phelps
Cyrus Cross - Hopewell
Stewart Ewell - Gorham
Sparrow Mayo - East Bloomfield
Merfield Scott - Seneca
Melford Galloway - Manchester
Louis Mutschler - Canandaigua
Oliver P. Tiffany - Bristol
Marcus M. Francis - Bristol
Frank L. Plymton - Richmond
Seymour T. Swartz - South Bristol
Samuel J. Jones - Gorham
P. F. Bassett - Gorham
James S. Wilkie - Seneca
John E. Wager - West Bloomfield

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