Surrogate Record of Jonas Wilder

At a Surrogate Court held for the County of Ontario, at the Surrogate office in the town of Canandaigua, the 23rd day of April A.D. 1827

Present, Jared Willson, Surrogate.

In the Matter of the real  )
Estate of Jonas Wilder, dec’d )

 Whereas a petition has this day been presented to this court by William Warren, administrator and Christina Wilder, administratrix of Jonas Wilder, dec’d. setting forth that the said deceased was, at the time of his death, seised of certain real estate in this state, that the petitioners had made a just and true account of the personal estate and debts of the said deceased, as far as they had been able to discover the same, which said account verified by the oath of the said William and Christina was presented and filed with the said petition, whereby it appears that the facts set forth in the said petition were true.  And the said petitioners having requested the aid of this Court in the premises, and prayed that an order might be presented (?) in the said matter authorizing them to rent a part of the land whereof the said deceased died seised for such a length of time as will enable them to raise money sufficient to pay the debts of the said deceased; and upon hearing and due examination of the allegations and proofs of the said petitioners it being found, that the personal estate of the said deceased is insufficient to pay his debts, that the whole of the said personal estate has been applied towards the payment of the said debts, having outstanding and unsatisfied debts and demands against the said estate amounting to at least the sum of fifty dollars; and that there are infants interested in the said real estate_: and it further appearing to this court that it will be advantageous to the owners of the said real estate to have the same or a part thereof leased for the payments of the debts aforesaid.  It is therefore ordered adjudged and decreed, and the surrogate, by virtue of the power vested in him, doth order adjudge and decree that upon the said administrator and administratrix executing and filing in the office of the Surrogate of said County, a bond to the people of this state, with two or more competent sureties, to be approved by this court, in the penalty of One Thousand Dollars, conditioned that the said administrator and administratrix shall faithfully apply the monies to be raised on the lease hereinafter mentioned, to the payment of the debts remaining due from the said deceased; they, the said administrator and administratrix be and hereby are authorized and empowered to lease for a term not exceeding five years, all that part of the real estate of which the said deceased died seised, situated in the town of Bristol in the said county of Ontario, described as follows, to wit, about twenty-two acres of improved lands on that part of the farm of the said deceased which lies on the East side of the highway leading through Bristol Hollow, together with the appurtenances and such privileges as to wood and timber as may be necessary and proper to the advantageous enjoyment of the said land, and not injurious to the remainder of the real estate aforesaid.

In testimony whereof, the Surrogate hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal of office.  Done at the town of Canandaigua this 23rd day of April A. D. 1827.

Jared Willson

Many thanks to Lynne Holton for sharing this with us.

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