Will of Jacob Reed, father of Philip Reed of Honeoye

In the Name of God, Amen.   A Jacob Reed of East Windsor in the County of Hartford and Colony of Connecticut being weak of body yet of Sound mind and Disposing memory Thanks be to God therefor. I do therefore make and Complete this my last Will and Testament in the manner following (viz) I give my Soul into the hand of God who gave it and my Body to the Earth Hopeing that I Shall Receive the Same again at the Resurrection of the Just Throo the Merits of Christ my Redeemer. And as to the Worldly Estate that it has Pleased God to give me, I Dispose of the Same as follows etta Imprimis my will is that my Past Debts & also all charges be first paid. Item; I Give and Bequeath to my well Beloved Wife Lydia, two good Cows, one good Riding Horse, & furniture, and Ten Sheep; and also Twenty Pounds Money to be paid within three years after my Decease.  Also my will is that my Sd wife have all my Household furniture During the time of her Natural Life: And at her Death to be Equally Divided between my Daughters Esther & Lucy. furthermore I give to my Sd wife a yearly Pension During the time of her Widohood: to be faithfully provided by my Executor here in after Named. (viz) Sufficient Hay & Pasturing to Requisit Creatures above mentioned. Seasoned & Piled Sufficient fire wood to maintain one fire, Eight Bushel Indian Corn, eight bushel Rie, four bushels Wheat, one half barrel good Pork, one half barrel good Beef, Two barrels laden, with as many Apples as She Shall want for her own use, one bushel Malt, one Gallon Rum, Two Gallons Molasses, Six pound Sugar, one bushel Salt, one pound Tea, one bushel Turnips, two bushel Potatoes, half Bushel Beans, twenty pound of flax, And also I give to my Sd Wife the Improvement (During her widowhood) of the North side of my now Dwelling House Beginning at the Double Door running (Front to back?) Throo the House West with a Convenient garden near Sd House, with Liberty to pass & egress to & from Sd garden, and to & from the Well. Item I Give and bequeath to my Son Jedediah, the farm that I bought of Mr. Ross (Stuarte?) in Toland: he the Sd Jedediah Paying Sixty Pounds as may appear by his Notes. Item, I Give and Bequeath to my Son Josiah Twenty Pounds Money to be paid out of the first note Jedediah gave me. Item, I Give and Bequeath to my Son Philip Eighty Pounds Money to be paid within one year after he shall be one & twenty years of age: he Sd Philip to Live with Silas until of age. Item, I Give and Bequeath to Each of my two Daughters, Esther and Lucy, Twenty Pounds Money to be paid to Each of them when they Shall be Eighteen years of age: Item, I Give and Bequeath to my Son Silas all the Land I own in the Parish of Ellington with all of the Rest & Remaining part of my Estate both Real & Personal he paying the Debts and Legecyes above. And I do hereby make and ordain my Sd Son Silas Sole Executor to this my Last Will and Testament hereby revoking all other said forms and testaments heretofor (made by me and I do?) declare this only to be my last will and Testament. Witness my name and seal this 23rd Day of May AD 1774. Signed Sealed Philip & Jedediah

Jacob X Read


in presence of

Jason Kingsbery

John Porter

Matthew Hyde

Hartford County East Windsor June 2nd: 1774

Personally appeared this day Simon Kingsberry, Matthew Hyde and John Porter the witnesses to the within will and made Solemn Oath that they Saw Mr. Jacob Read Sign and Seal the Same and Heard him Deliver Pronounce and Declare it to be his last will and testament and also that they signed same as witnesses in the presence of the testator and of Each other: and also that they then judged Him to be of Sound Judgement and Disposing memory.

Before me Charles Ellsworth Jr. Justs Peace

Thanks to James Reed for this donation.

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