From Huntington Genealogical Memoir: Author: no author; Huntington Genealogical Memior. Huntington family Association. Hartford, Connecticut 1915.

JEREMIAH MORTIMER HUNTINGTON, born May 6, 1831, in Onondaga Hill, N. Y.; married February 4, 1849, Louisa Bullard.  He married a second time, March 10, 1859, in Marion, N. Y., Amanda, daughter of Joshua and Polly (Culver) Howell.  She was born in Marion, N.Y., in 1833, and died there in 1867.  Mr. Huntington was a farmer, and lived in Marion, N. Y.  He moved to Shortsville, N. Y., in November, 1869, where he died January 8, 1898.


             * 1.  ANDREW CHARLES, born October 6, 1850.
               2.  MARY OLIVE, born September 8, 1852, in Onondaga Hill, N. Y.;
                     married Charles Caulkins; they live in Auburn, N. Y.
               3.  SARAH SALINA, born October 31, 1854, in Onondaga Hill, N. Y.;
                     married in Shortsville, N. Y., Wallace Curtis. She died at
               4.  CARRIE LOUISA, born October 3, 1856, in Onondaga, N. Y.; married
                     James Myette. They live in Kalamazoo, Mich.
             * 5.  HIRAM HOWELL, born October 9, 1860, in Marion, N. Y.

         ANDREW CHARLES HUNTINGTON, born October 6, 1850, in Onondaga Hill, N. Y.; married December 7, 1870, in Shortsville, N. Y., Celia Ann, daughter of Jenison and Esther Susannah (Batchelor) Bancroft.  She was born November 25, 1850, in Shortsville, N. Y., and died March 6, 1899, in Pittsford, Mich.  He was a carpenter and farmer, and moved from Shortsville, N. Y., to Michigan, in November, 1877.  He died in Pittsford, September 17, 1899. They were Presbyterians.


               1.  EVA ISORA, born July 27, 1872.
               2.  CHARLES WILLIAM, born March 8, 1874, and died June 24, 1874,
                     in Shortsville, N. Y.

HIRAM HOWELL HUNTINGTON, born October 9, 1860, in Marion, N.Y.; married, January 1, 1883, in Shortsville,
N. Y., Grace, daughter of Elijah and Susan Hollister (Jenkins) Upham.  She was born April 19, 1864, in Sherburn, N. Y.
He is a mechanic, a grain drill expert. He moved to Phelps, N. Y., in January, 1884; to Shortsville in April, 1888, and to Richmond, Ind., where he he now lives in October, 1908.  He is manager of the experimental department Richmond division of the American Seeding Machine Co.


             * 1.  VICTOR COURTLAND, born March 13, 1885.
               2.  THURLOW TITUS, born February 19, 1887, in Phelps, N. Y. He
                     is a graduate of Dartmouth College 1910, and of the Homeopathic
                     Medical College, N. Y., 1913, M. D., and is practicing in
                     Rochester, N. Y.
               3.  LEVI HOWELL, born December 27, 1888, in Shortsville, N. Y.

VICTOR COURTLAND HUNTINGTON, born March 13, 1885, in Phelps, N. Y.; married, July 16,1913, in Newark,
N. Y., Mina Miller.

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