The post office addresses of the residents of this town are Chapinville, Hopewell and Hopewell Center, in the town, and Canandaigua, Clifton Springs, Flint Creek, Orleans, Seneca Castle, and Shortsville, in adjoining towns.


A post village and station on the New York Central Railroad, (Auburn Road). Daily Mail.

Andrews, Herman, farmer 175.
Ankles, James, farmer 28.
Archer, Austin, farmer 105.
Archer, Henry H., farmer 60.
Baker, Benj. F., farmer 102.
Benham, Jonathan, prop. Eagle House.
Brundridge, O.C., farmer 125.
Case, Nelson S., farmer, leases 140.
Chapin, James H., farmer 160.
Chapin, Robert, postmaster and farmer 140.
Chapman, Lewis, farmer 102.
Chapman, Phil B., farmer 84.
Clawson, J., farmer 380.
Crofut, Joel B., farmer 48.
Davis, Geo. F., laborer.
Foster, John H., farmer.
Francisco, M.J., farmer 165.
Gillett, James McB., farmer 157.
Haman, James, farmer 1.
Hanna, Chas. W., farmer 89.
Hanna, Miss Cordelia A., (with Miss Eliza A.) farmer 110.
Hanna, Miss Eliza A., (with Miss Cordelia A.) farmer 110.
Henry, Mrs. Clarissa A.J., farmer 64.
Henry, Geo. R., farmer 100.
Henry, Nelson P., (with Robert W.) farmer 30.
Henry, Robert W. (with Nelson P.) farmer 30.
Howess, Aboron, farmer 66.
Jones, Andrew J., farmer 140.
Knapp, Benj. F., farmer 100.
Knapp, John, farmer 12.
Knapp, Mrs. Keeren, farmer 130.
Knowles, Eber A., sawyer and farmer 1 1/2.
Marks, Walter, supervisor and farmer 83.
Marsh, Sally, farmer 2.
Martin, Jacob, saw mill, manufacturer of spoke and bent stuff and farmer 18.
Munson, James L., grist mill, saw mill, cooper, blacksmith, machine shop and farmer 150.
Murray, Wm., farmer, leases 130.
Odell, Hiram, farmer 108.
Parish, F., blacksmith.
Persons, Russell, farmer 91.
Quayle, John T., farmer, leases 125.
Ridley, Wm. W. (Canandaigua), farmer 50.
Sumersett, Wm., farmer 53.
Wadsworth, Horace, farmer 12.
Wadsworth, Mrs. Philena, farmer 12.
Wells, Walter, general merchant.
Wolcott, E.W., farmer 187.
Woodard, Geo. A., farmer 56 3/4.


A post office in the south part of the town, near the line of Gorham. Tri-weekly mail.

Aldrich, David S., farmer, leases 100.
Arnold, Welcome, farmer 95.
Babcock, Chas. T., farmer 120.
Barhite, John, farmer 58.
Birdsey, Ezekiel, frmer 120.
Birdseye, Gould (Gorham) farmer 190.
Burgess, JAmes, farmer 52.
Camment, Smith, farmer 116.
Childs, Austin S., farmer 100.
Childs, Elijah A., farmer 230.
Clark, Lyman, farmer 50.
Couch, Geo., farmer 82.
Davy, Samuel, farmer 124.
Decker, Alferd (Gorham) farmer, leases 190.
Dewey, J.S., farmer 100.
Estes, Benjamin (Gorham) farmer 183.
Evered, Joshua (Gorham) farmer 128.
Fallon, Thos. (Gorham) farmer 29.
Gardner, James B., farmer 115.
Garratt, Chas. (Gorham) farmer 105.
Hayden, Liberty, farmer 40.
Kisor, John (Gorham) farmer 54.
Kisor, Wallace (Gorham) farmer, leases 128.
Lewis, David, farmer 89.
Lewis, John, postmaster and farmer 160.
Lewis, N.B., farmer 30.
Link, Wm. W. (Gorham) farmer 156.
May, Pitt, farmer 144.
Miner, Daniel (Gorham) farmer 2.
Mitchell, Henry C. (Gorham) farmer 57.
Parker, Rev. Samuel, M.E. clergyman and farmer 83.
Peerson, John, farmer, leases 81.
Penn, Wm., farmer 52.
Perhamus, Wm., farmer 15.
Pollok, Robert P., farmer 108 1/2.
Pratt, Jonathan, allop. physician and farmer 87.
Pulver, John B. (Gorham) farmer, leases 103.
Shuemaker, Geo. A., farmer 100.
Shuemaker, Peter, farmer 70.
Smith, Augustus, farmer.
Smith, Colton, farmer 81.
Smith, Cyrus, farmer 40.
Smith, Henry A. (Gorham) farmer 90.
Smith, Isaiah B. (Gorham) farmer 50 and leases 70.
Smith, John A., farmer 76.
Smith, Nathaniel (Gorham) farmer 70.
Sturdevant, Levi (Gorham) farmer.
Thacher, Wm., farmer 100.
Thatcher, Alonzo, farmer 128.
Thatcher, Elisha, farmer 75.
Van Ostron, Ostron, farmer 30.
Watkins, Clinton, farmer 106.
Watson, Lewis (Gorham) blacksmith and farmer, leases 90.
Wells, Elijah D., Rev., Presbyterian clergyman.
Wilsof, D.G., farmer 67.
Wynkoop, Adam (Gorham) farmer 120.


A post village about the center of the town. Tri-weekly mail.

Ashley, Chas., farmer, leases 140.
Beech, David W., farmer 140.
Bradin, Winaford, farmer 18.
Buchan, Wm., farmer 210.
Carlo, Stephen P., farmer 300.
Carlough, David W., farmer 200.
Child, Enos, farmer 70.
Coburn, John, blacksmith.
Cone, James L., farmer 118.
Cross, Cyrus, farmer 65.
Davis, Henry M.,farmer 131 1/2.
Day, John H., Rev., M.E. clergyman.
Depew, Hiram, farmer 258.
Drake, Z.P., farmer 67.
Edwards, Chas., farmer 2 1/2.
Foote, Thos., farmer, leases 117.
Foskett, H., farmer 130.
Freshour, Wm. J., farmer 118.
Furman, Wm. D., blacksmith and farmer 2 1/2.
Grenow, Chas., farmer, leases 70.
Holden, Mrs.Wm., farmer 73.
Hyslop, David, farmer 20.
Knapp, Henry F., farmer 170.
Larkins, James E., farmer 94.
Martin, Norman R., farmer 91.
Newton, Ezra, farmer 130.
Newton, John, farmer 60.
Newton, Samuel G., postmaster.
Odell, Theodore, farmer 2.
Parsons, Elzer, farmer 66.
Price, Thos., farmer 5.
Reed, Wm. A., farmer 126.
Sawyer, Mrs. Ester, farmer 117.
Spangle, Abraham, carpenter.
Spangle, Geo., farmer 18.
Spangle, Mrs. Mary, farmer 18.
Spangle, Philip, farmer 50.
Spangle, Simon, farmer, leases 50.
Spangle, Wm. J., carpenter.
Spangle, Zachariah, farmer 50.
Stephens, Geo. W., farmer 55.
Stephens, John (with Ruleff) farmer 130.
Stephens, Ruleff (with John) farmer 130.
Thatcher, Salmon, farmer 142.
Wilt, Geo., cooper and farmer 1.
Wilt, Mrs. Poll, farmer 12.

Source: Gazetteer and business directory of Ontario County, N.Y. for 1867-8. Syracuse, N.Y.: Hamilton Child. 1867.

All spellings are exactly as in the original.

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