The following information came from a decorative bride's matrimonial guest book, which the donor had temporary access to transcribe. Most of the book consisted of sentimental essays about the matrimonial state.


This Certifies That BURTON L. PHILLIPS of GASPORT, N.Y. and EDITH B. FRITZ of GORHAM, N.Y. Were by Me United in Holy Matrimony According to the Ordinance of God at Gorham, N.Y. on the Twenty First day of June in the year
of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and five.

Signed by Wm. G. Reed, Minister of the Gospel

Witnesses Page (original signatures)

Howard A. Fritz
Nora G. Rhodes
Mrs. Elizabeth Stape
Mr. Chas. F. Stape
Mr. Wallace Griffin
Mrs. Wallace Griffin

Guests Page #1 (original signatures)

Elizabeth Prendergast
Bessie M. Rhodes
Ella F. Van Devort
Maude Perkins
Lottle G.(?) Gillett
Bert Windnagle
Sarah E. Windnagle
Alice M. Fritz
Neil Rodman
Harry E. Fritz

Guests Page #2 (original signatures)

Hiram A. Phillips
Born June 17th 1817
in the Town of Gorham
Ontario Co. N.Y.

Elizabeth Smith
Born October 24
in the town of

Guests Page #3 (original signatures)

Chas. E. Gardner
Nellie Gardner
James W. Taylor
Kate N. Adamson
Jas. Adamson
Henry S. Holcomb
Mary E. Holcomb
F.W. Holcomb
H.L. Holcomb

Guests Page #4

James T.(?) Cook
Emma Cook
Amos Cook
Herman Eldridge
Mrs. Guy H. Detro
G.H. Detro

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