Geneva Gazette 1836

I have a copy of a section of the paper wherein my gg-grandparents' marriage was announced.  Also on this sheet is the following information that you may find useful:

From "The Geneva Gazette" December 7, 1836:

New Post Masters:  Benjamin H. Mace for Newburgh, NY; Otis Perkins for Middlebury, Genesee County; Thomas Burton, Charleston, Montgomery County.


In this village, on the 8th of October, by Richard Hogarth, Esq., Mr. Jacob V. Shaft, of Canastota, Madison County, to Margaret Putnam, of Canajoharie, Montgomery County.

October 22, by the same, Mr. Alexander Grieve to Miss Mary Robson, both of Seneca.

October 25, by the same, Mr. Daniel Roberts to Mrs. Hannah Hurd, both of Varick.

November 3, by the same, Mr. George Goodrich to Miss Ann Larrey, both of Geneva.

November 19, by the same, Mr. George O. Peppinger to Miss Jane Sherwood, both of Geneva.

November 20, by the same, William H. Brown, of Waterloo, to Miss Eliza Sherwood, of Geneva.

November 25, by the same, Mr. Jonathon Devenport to Mrs. Sarah Estes, both of Geneva.

November 24, by the same, Mr. James C. Ross to Miss Mary Demming, both of Geneva.

December 4, by the same, Mr. George Miles to Miss Mary Mills, both of Seneca Falls.

In Manchester, on the 24th ult., Mr. Simeon Dennis to Miss Julia Ann Capron, both of that town.

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