From Geneva Gazette 27 April 1894

Teachers' Institute

One hundred and forty-one teachers of Ontario county attended and registered at the Institute held at Geneva this week, whose names and residence are hereto given:

Sara Burgess - Newark
Elizabeth J. Frethey - Newark
Edith D. Allen - Geneva
Bertha H. Brown - Geneva
Florence B. Henry - Reeds Corners
Mary E. Booth - Hopewell Center
Lena Huntoon - Hopewell
Bertha S. Hayden - Hopewell
Nellie L. Nieder - Phelps
Sara Alice Gaffney - Gorham
Elizabeth M. Kelley - Geneva
Anna Groden - Geneva
Marguerite E. McIntyre - Hall's Corners
Mrs. E. M. Morgan - Phelps
Isabella J. Renwick - Reeds Corners
Lida N. Coleman - Geneva
Louise E. Johnson - Geneva
Gertrude E. Whedon - Geneva
Alice B. Perry - Geneva
Wilda B. Schaeffer - Geneva
Harriet E. Jackson - Billsborough
Emma L. Gidding - Chapinville
Ursilla Tracey - Canandaigua
Minnie Daly - Canandaigua
Edith Burgess - Hopewell
Wm. H. VanDevoll - Hall's Corners
Lillian M. Chase - Geneva
Josephine M. Herendeen - Manchester
Wesley D. Robinson - Flint
A. L. Gardner - Farmington
John A. Jordan - Palmyra
Wm. H. Thacher - Hall's Corners
Lottie A. Tallmadge - Phelps
Estella A. Lester - Phelps
Carrie M. Blodgett - Rushville
Inez C. Fake - Rushville
Mary W. Green - Rushville
Margaret F. Toole - Geneva
Robert L. Slaght - Geneva
Walter S. Throop - Port Gibson
John H. Stephens - Clifton Springs
Nellie DeVaney - Geneva
Agnes Mulcahy - Phelps
Effie Herrington - Gorham
Margaret S. Page - Geneva
Anna Swift - Geneva
Lewis C. Lincoln - Canandaigua
Harry S. Taylor - Clifton Springs
Edwin F. Greene - Gorham
Anna G. Wetzel - Penn Yan
Maud Olmstead - Phelps
Albert J. Harris - Reed's Corners
Phoebe Robson - Gorham
Mary Thomas - Gorham
Ella M. Donovan - Clifton Springs
George W. Salisbury - Phelps
Nellie H. Wells - Manchester
Florence E. Wells - Manchester
Wm. S. Murphy - Gage, Yates Co.
Grace B. Dennison - Geneva
Anna C. Warfield - Shortsville
Frances Caffyn - Palmyra
Marion A. Barnes - Orleans
Laura C. Caffyn - Palmyra
Jessie C. Read - Stanley
Lulu L. Craft - Gorham
Fannie C. Noble - Rushville
Phoebe Blythe - Orleans
Susie M. Wilkie - Geneva
Nettie K. Whyte - Gorham
Etta M. Smith - Hopewell
Emma B. Atwater - Canandaigua
Lina W. Thomas - Geneva
Minnie Vanderbrook - East Palmyra
Herman Schulte Jr. - Geneva
Susan Moore - Seneca
Wm. H. McClelland - Port Gibson
Margaret T. Mansel - Seneca Falls
Jennie Kirkpatrick - Hopewell Center
Harriet L. Rippey - Stanley
Lena L. Gelder - Hopewell
Sadie W. Layton - Lyons
M. H. Brewer - Geneva
Rose F. McAniff - Phelps
Herbert H. Foster - Canandaigua
Louise H. Potter - Geneva
Jessie D. Riley - Geneva
Jennie P. Deuel - Marion
Lydia G. Camp - Padelford
Clara Barber - Geneva
Angie Reynolds - Shortsville
Maude Hallock - East Bloomfield
Anna M. Hammond - Geneva
Margaretta S. Taylor - Clifton Springs
Emma M. Thomas - Geneva
Hannah S. Knowles - East Onondaga
B. Louise Onderdonk - Seneca
Belle E. Knauss - Phelps
Margaret Coughlin - Phelps
Bertha M. Patridge - Palmyra
M. Adelia Lines - Port Gibson
Lulu A. Hazleton - Fitt's Mills, Jeff. Co.
Harriet H. Dennison - Geneva
Carrie R. Harmon - Geneva
Minnie L. Sadler - Farmington
Florence Bowerman - Farmington
Evelyne A. Feek - North Rose
Alice E. Greene - Benton
Helen M. Lating - Shortsville
Gertrude A. Smith - Canandaigua
Anna H. Stone - Manchester
Jessie V. Terry - Port Gibson
Jennie E. Holman - Geneva
Alice L. Boyes - West Junius
Carrie L. Mead - Geneva
Mary A. Leet - Flint
Mary F. Phillips - Geneva
Helen A. Cawfield - Geneva
Harriet M. Pratt - Manchester
Blanche M. Hunt - Manchester
A. Eva Weston - Oaks Corners
Elizabeth Chase - Avon, Livingston Co.
D. D. Edgerton - Phelps
Mrs. Helen W. Breed - Phelps
Waity E. Brayton - Geneva
Carrie E. Dillon - Phelps
Carrie E. Seager - Phelps
W. H. Truesdale - Geneva
Lizzie A. Benn - Phelps
Julia C. Caplise - Canandaigua
Emma Caplise - Canandaigua
Nellie S. Padgham - Farmington
Lillian Katkamler - Farmington
Albert C. Snell - Geneva
Fannie B. Doolittle - Oaks Corners
Wm. D. Hewes - Shortsville
Mary E. Hayward - Geneva
Mrs. Nellie L. Holmes - Clifton Springs

As will be noticed fully nine-tenths of our teachers are ladies.  Not a few of them are very young, but all evidence intelligence and a love for their chosen work.  They one and all gave close attention to instruction imparted by the able conductor, Prof. Stout, and his accomplished assistants, and in turn pupils of our public schools will greatly benefit by the new light imparted.  The time allotted to this work is well spent.  Its cost receives more than full compensation in improved methods of teaching.  How different, how very far in advance is the present over the old system (or rather lack of system) in common school instruction in vogue in our schoolboy days -- fifty-five to sixty years ago.  Our boys and girls, and parents and teachers, should appreciate the great progress made in the interim which makes easier and clearer the pathway to knowledge.  God forbid that any step backward ever be taken in our public educational system.

From Geneva Gazette 17 April 1896

About 160 teachers registered and attended the institute held at Geneva this week, fully two-thirds of the number females.

The following is a complete roster of the teachers in attendance:

Ethel Buel Allen - Geneva
Ella H. Potter - Geneva
Ursilla Tracey - Canandaigua
Anna B. McKenna - Canandaigua
Alma Elena Bishop - Manchester Center
Mary A. Dailey - East Bloomfield
Jennie Kirkpatrick - Hopewell Center
Augusta Knowles - Palmyra
Elizabeth M. Kelly - Geneva
Mabel E. Mercereau - Shortsville
Susan Moore - Seneca
Ellen E. Jones - Palmyra
Mary E. Nichols - Oaks Corners
Allena Haviland - Rushville
Carrie A. Riker - Canandaigua
Louise N. Coulter - Manchester
J. N. Wells - Gorham
Helen M. Bennett - Rushville
Maud Hallock - East Bloomfield
Nettie K. Whyte - Gorham
Mary Thompson - Clifton
Jennie Whyte - Gorham
Margaret S. Page - Geneva
Gertrude Wheedon - Geneva
Stella C. Brown - Geneva
Lottie S. Swart - Reed's Corners
Oscar B. Gardner - Farmington
Elizabeth J. Frethey - Newark
Hattie L. Fish - Farmington
Lizzie A. Benn - Phelps
Carrie E. Springstead - Geneva
Marion A. Barnes - Orleans
Clarence D. Bond - Steele
Martha L. Bowerman - Farmington
Emma Salisbury - Phelps
Margaret E. McIntyre - Hall's Corners
Nettie McIntyre - Hall's Corners
Mary Bond - Steele
Agnes M. Caughlin - Phelps
Mary F. Phillips - Geneva
Jessie Baxter - Geneva
Henry W. Raymer - Stanley
Harriet E. Jackson - Billsborough
Bertha H. Brown - Geneva
Isabel E. Van Eps - Stanley
Lene Louise Gelder - Flint
Carrie M. Blodgett - Rushville
Isabel J. Renwick - Reed's Corners
Emma L. Bircher - Geneva
Lulu A. Hazleton - Geneva
Laura L. Burritt
D. D. Edgerton - Phelps
Julia Howley - Phelps
Mary A. O'Neill - Geneva
Emeline W. Thomas - Geneva
Nellie E. Devaney - Geneva
Lucy Helen Booth - Shortsville
Margaretta A. Taylor - Clifton Springs
Nina H. Kipp - Shortsville
Alice E. Green - Shortsville
Anna C. Warfield - Shortsville
Mary E. Ryan - Chapinville
Grace Parrish - Phelps
Agnes Mulcahy - Phelps
Mary E. Eaton - Geneva
Elizabeth Quinn - Canandaigua
Margaret F. Mansel - Seneca Falls
Rose McAniff - Phelps
Lois M. Bennett - Geneva
Alice E. Perry - Geneva
Jennie E. Holman - Geneva
Mary A. Leet - Flint
Harriet H. Dennison - Geneva
Jessie M. King - Geneva
Fannie D. Duggleby - Stanley
James Mackey - Gorham
Kathryn E. Renwick - Hall's Corners
Charles J. Carr - Hopewell
Mary E. Booth - Hopewell Center
Nettie J. Preston - Stanley
Anna Esther Groden - Geneva
Mary A. Pomeroy - Palmyra
Julia C. Caplise - Canandaigua
Flora Van Winkle - Clifton
Agnes M. Wright - Macedon
Anna S. Boyce - Gorham
Ida C. Lincoln - Chapinville
Ella Faulstick - Gage
Ella Donovan - Clifton
Nellie Holmes - Clifton
Henry George Wolcott - Clifton
Carrie L. Mead - Geneva
Minne E. Preston - Palmyra
May B. Preston - Stanley
Nellie I. Craft - Gorham
Eva L. Thielen - Gorham
Clara Barber - Geneva
Bertha M. Partridge - Palmyra
Mae Stokoe - Stanley
Mae L. Williamson - Clifton Springs
Nellie S. Padgham - Farmington
Justin B. Ridenour - Canandaigua
Louise E. Johnson - Geneva
Lottie A. Tallmadge - Phelps
Elizabeth Gates - Phelps
Margaret Emeline Smith - Geneva
Edna M. Hicks - Phelps
Margaret Morrison - Geneva
Stella Anna Lester - Phelps
Margaret J. Caughlin - Phelps
Albert C. Mayham - Phelps
Anna Swift - Geneva
Lula Mae Torfar - Lyons
Lida Narika Coleman
Inez Darling - Shortsville
Mrs. Hubert Pratt - Rushville
Mabel Ernestine Brown - Shortsville
Gertrude Marie Robinson - Geneva
Marguerite Keyes - Geneva
H. Schulte, Jr. - Geneva
Ella May Bullard - Geneva
Carrie G. Dilton - Phelps
Nellie E. White - Phelps
Clara A. Barber - Phelps
Emma M. Thomas - Geneva
Mae E. Burlingham - Manchester
Jennie Robson - Hall's Corners
Julia M. Booth - Shortsville
Mae Miller - Shortsville
Margaret C. Burns - Manchester
Wm. H. Thatcher - Hall's Corners
John M. Ellis - Clifton Springs
Margaret Florence Toole - Geneva
Sara Alice Gaffney - Gorham
Gertrude A. Ely - Geneva
Victor John Chambers - Rochester
Mary Elizabeth Hayward - Geneva
Rubie T. Weyburn - Geneva
Jessie C. Riley - Geneva
Belle McMaster - Bellona
Ellen Beach - Cortland
Wm. D. Hewes - Shortsville
Anna M. Hammond - Geneva
Adeline Palmer - Lakeside
Florence J. Parker - Geneva

From Geneva Gazette 28 May 1897

Teachers Assigned -
The following teachers have already signed contracts to teach in the Geneva public schools the coming year.  Others will no doubt sign in a few days.  

Sara Hancock
Victor J. Chambers
C. W. Rice
Ella M. Bullard
Florence J. Parker
Alice L. Simpson
Harriet M. Dennison
Lois M. Bennett
Matilda H. Brewer
Jennie E. Holman
Mary E. Hayward
Clara Barber
Bertha H. Brown
Evalyne A. Feek - Teachers' class
Mrs. H. K. Clapp - Music
Carrie R. Harmon - Drawing
Emma M. West - Ungraded Department
Lida N. Coleman - Librarian


Emmeline W. Thomas
Mary F. Phillips
Nellie E. DeVaney
Margaret S. Page
Laura L. Burritt
Alice E. Perry
Carrie L. Hollister
Emma L. Bircher
M. Emeline Smith


Carrie L. Mead
Jessie M. King
Anna Swift
Grace Millard


Gertrude A. Ely
Catherine G. Kelly
Louise E. Johnson
M. Louise Reese
Adeline Palmer
Gertrude M. Robinson


Antoinette E. Snyder
Carrie E. Springstead
Rubie T. Weyburn
Belle Spraggon

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